ALS50 Brochure


ALS50 Brochure
ALS50 Airborne Laser Scanner
Increase Your Profitability with LIDAR
Collect superior surface data with LIDAR
The Geospatial Imaging Chain
The Geospatial Imaging Chain SM consists of
geographic imaging solutions designed to capture,
reference, measure, analyze and present data in
a format that is useful to geospatial information
professionals. This end-to-end workflow turns
data into information and information into
knowledge. Leica Geosystems GIS & Mapping
offers the best solutions in the industry across all
links in the Geospatial Imaging Chain.
Elevation data from LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging)
is an excellent alternative to collecting stereophoto pairs
for the production of digital terrain models (DTMs) under
conditions that are challenging for aerial photogrammetry.
It can yield topographic details under forest and other
vegetative cover, capture data under adverse lighting
conditions, including total darkness, and it is superior
technology for capturing elevations in featureless terrain.
The Leica ALS50 Airborne Laser Scanner from Leica
Geosystems GIS & Mapping is a compact laser scanning
system designed for the aerial acquisition of topographical
and return signal intensity data. Using LIDAR technology,
the ALS50 enables you to perform aerial surveys more
profitably while increasing the detail of your results,
giving you a high return on your investment.
For over 80 years, geospatial information professionals
have looked to Leica Geosystems for the best in geographic
imaging solutions across the Geospatial Imaging Chain.
The performance and flexibility of the Leica ALS50 enables
you to gather more data more profitably to meet a wide
variety of aerial survey applications.
Increase the return on your investment
Although airborne surveying is a business with considerable
hardware costs, you can improve your profitability with
the right equipment. The Leica ALS50 not only helps you
to increase the success of your flights now, its modular
architecture actually reduces the costs of keeping up with
technology advances in the future. Moreover, it can be
fully customized by Leica Geosystems technical experts
to meet your specific requirements.
The Leica ALS50 perfectly illustrates the well-known adage
about using the right tool for the job at hand. The time-saving,
profitability-enhancing features of the Leica ALS50 include:
• 83 kHz maximum pulse rate
• Four-return range detection system
(1st, 2nd, 3rd and last)
• 2.8 meter vertical discrimination
• Low, 9.5 inch profile
• Flight altitudes up to 4 km AGL
• Automatic adaptive roll compensation
• Up to 75° field of view
• Optional integrated digital aerial camera
The Leica ALS50 is a compact and modular laser scanning system.
Each Leica ALS50 system includes mission planning,
post-processing and calibration software, and built-in
diagnostics. A touch-screen display provides convenient
in-flight access to recording functions as well as system
settings such as field of view, scan rate and range gate.
The display includes a message window that provides
constant feedback on the system’s status.
Meet a wide variety of aerial survey requests
The easy-to-use Leica ALS50 is a comprehensive and flexible
system that enables you to compete for many different types
of surveying projects. The low-profile scanner fits easily into
under-mounted pods on helicopters and light aircraft. Vertical
discrimination of approximately 2.8 meters increases the
probability of forest floor detection in both high canopy
and low vegetation cover. Multi-position attenuation allows
you to set laser output levels for any altitude and automatic
gain control extends the dynamic range of the sensor
for use at altitudes of 200 to 4000 meters AGL.
The Leica ALS50's high pulse rate allows you to achieve
high point densities. Its large collection optics mean wider
swaths by flying higher when using the narrow fields of
view needed to penetrate to the bottoms of "urban canyons."
Because your work environment can vary widely from
day to day and project to project, the Leica ALS50 was designed
to withstand a variety of rugged operating conditions. It is built
to withstand the variations in temperature, humidity and
altitude experienced during flight on unpressurized light
aircraft, including exposure to precipitation and blowing dust.
Exceptional value
The Leica ALS50 offers you superior technical performance
for detailed data collection. Even the worldwide technical
support services are superior. All Leica ALS50 system purchases
include three weeks of on-site installation support,
operator/data processor training and a one-year, full
coverage warranty. Extended warranties covering
replacement parts and labor are also available.
The Leica ALS50's fast pulse rate yields impressively-detailed
intensity images even at night, through haze or in other lighting
conditions that degrade photo data collection.
If you have specialized requirements, experienced and
knowledgeable Leica Geosystems professionals can
customize your system to fit your needs perfectly.
When it is time to incorporate new and improved
technologies, they can also upgrade your system affordably,
holding your “evergreen” costs to a manageable level.
Discover the potential of LIDAR
Increase the detail of your data profitably with the most
advanced laser scanning system currently available. Collect
more — and more accurate — data today. Call +1 877 463 7327
or send e-mail to [email protected]
for more information.
The ability to detect first, second, third and last returns
allows flood zones to be mapped, even in the presence of
vegetation, while still producing detailed DEMs to rectify
aerial photography of the canopy.
Eye Safety
When operated in accordance with the User Guide, the Leica ALS50
laser is eyesafe as described in ANSI Z136.1 for single shot exposure
when viewed through binoculars at all flying heights greater than
427 m (1401 feet) above ground level. It is also eyesafe for single
shot naked eye exposures at all flying heights greater than 200 m
(656 feet) above ground level.
Information subject to change without notice.
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