June 2014 - Pendle Hippodrome Theatre



June 2014 - Pendle Hippodrome Theatre
Pendle Hippodrome Theatre
What’s On www.phtheatre.co.uk
Pendle Hippodrome Theatre Company Wed 4th to Sat 7th June at 7.30
Listen carefully I shall say ‘zis only once, book early
for an hilarious evening with René and all his
friends at the Café - see page 3 for a full write up.
Celebrating 100 Years
June 2014
Saturday 14 June 2014 at 7.30 pm
‘The Man In The White Suit’
See page 2 for booking and more details.
Nelson Civic Ladies Choir with “MIDSUMMER MELODIES”
with Colne Orpheus Glee Union (see page 4)
in aid of SAMARITANS Sat 21st June 2014 at 7.30
Saturday 28th June 2014
7.30 pm start
See page 4 for more details.
6th, 7th, 12th, 13th & 14th September. From 9 am weekends and 5.30 pm Friday 13th
SAT 20th SEPTEMBER See page 5 for details
Pendle Hippodrome Theatre Company
7th to 11th October - see page 5 for details
Pendle Hippodrome Youth Theatre
29 Oct - 1 Nov 2014 see page 6
Saturday 22nd to
Sunday 30th Nov
at DISCOVER PENDLE Boundary Mill Stores Vivary Way Colne
Open daily 10.00 am - 8.00 pm Sundays 11.00 am to 5.00 pm
RING 01282 856186
ONLINE at www.phtheatre.co.uk
Editor; Milly Greenwood Tel: 01282 690598 e-mail [email protected]
Pendle Hippodrome Theatre, New Market Street, Colne, Lancs, BB8 9BJ
Tel. 01282 863210
Registered Charity No: 513275 Limited Co: 1664358
The winner of the competition was
Neil Ashley of who was declared
‘Mr Pennine’ 2014.
Never before have we
featured photos like this on
the front of the Footlight
Forum. Believe it or not these
photos were taken on the
Hippodrome stage. The ‘Mr
Pennine Body Building
Competition’ was held at
Pendle Hippodrome in April.
The theatre was a sell out.
The competition has been revived, after an absence of 25 years, by Michael
Coupe from the Fitness Factory and Margaret Duckworth from Intershape
Fitness, and the Hippodrome was their chosen venue. The whole day
proved to be a roaring success.
The men and the women athletes flexed their muscles
for the judges and the very appreciative audience in 15
competitive classes including under 23s, novice,
athletic, toned figure, physique, bikini class and a host
of men’s categories.
Not since ‘The Full Monty’ has so much muscle been
displayed on our stage! And if the competition returns
next year, which we very much hope it will, then
stewards positions will be at a premium so better put
your name down now! For more photos and to see
what happened in our dressing rooms and the Green
The winner of
room check out the Mr Pennine Facebook page.
Miss Pennine
Arrangements for ALL
Pendle Hippodrome
Boundary Mill Stores
Vivary Way Colne
Just call in to book your seats
Or ring 01282 856186
Open daily 10 am to 8 pm
Sundays 11 am to 5 pm
£1 per Booking - Fee Applicable
Theatre plan available
LOG IN TO www.phtheatre.co.uk
Follow the Online Booking Instructions
Theatre plan available
Online Booking Fee Applicable
10.00 am - 1.00 pm
from 10th May to 6th June
Call in and book your seats or ring on
01282 863210 during opening hours.
Booking Secretary 01282 612402
Evenings and Weekends only.
Call to book your seats or for block
booking information
‘The Man in the White Suit’
Saturday 14th June 7.30 pm
The Hippodrome is once again
to open its doors for a classic
heritage film night. Following
the success of the screening of
‘The Titfield Thunderbolt’ in April full
screen cinema will again return to Colne
on 14th June. ‘The Titfield Thunderbolt’,
for those of you that missed it, it was
great. A brilliantly funny 1953 production
and we hope you will enjoy ‘The Man in
the White Suit’ just as much. I just wish
someone would explain how a handful of
villagers managed not only to get a train
out of a museum but re-lay the railway
tracks all in one night. Superhuman in
those days no doubt!
The second evening in the series will
feature ‘The Man In The White Suit’ a
satirical comedy with a wonderful cast
including Alec Guinness, Joan Greenwood
and Cecil Parker and will be shown on the
big screen at 7.30 pm. Some of the
footage for this 1951 Ealing Classic was
shot in Colne.
“When dreamy eccentric inventor Sidney
Stratton develops a fabric that never gets
dirty and never wears out, manufacturers
and trades unions are terrified by the
threat it poses to their industry and their
jobs. It’s a comedy certainly, but threaded
through with seriousness.’
It will be accompanied by other short
documentaries and clips of local interest.
Tickets - £5 Adults £3 Concessions.
Book at Discover Pendle,
Boundary Mill, Colne, at ‘Allo Allo’
or online at www.phtheatre.co.uk
Tickets will also be available on the night.
The Theatre is to host an Open Day on
28th September 11am to 4pm when
anyone is welcome to come and see our
wonderful Theatre. Tell all your friends
and family. We would love to see them.
As you will have read in the
Theatre’s Annual report there is
always something going on at the Theatre
even when it is closed for the Summer. In
fact probably more goes on in the ‘Close
Down’, than at any other time of the year.
This year the Theatre will close on
12th July and re-open on 30th August.
Wardrobe and props hire departments will
also be closed. The last hire date is Monday
14th July at 7.00 pm and wardrobe will
reopen on Monday 1st September 7.00 pm.
This year the major task being undertaken is
to connect a new water and electricity supply
to the stables. They will not run in the same
pipe I am assured! Many other tasks, large
and small will be undertaken.
Each year we ask the same question. Will
you, yes we mean YOU, please give up a
precious few hours of your time and come
and lend a hand at the Theatre during the
Summer Close Down? There is so much to
catch up on and the more people who come
along the more will get done. Everyone likes
to perform on stage or attend the Theatre but
if it’s not maintained and kept clean and tidy
there won’t be a Theatre to go to!!!!!!!
We desperately need help. If you have any
spare time please give Keith Walton a ring on
01282 605538 or see him at the Theatre and
he will let you know what the plans are and
how you can join in. You don’t have to be
skilled in any particular field as full
instructions will be given. You don’t have to
be a member of the Theatre, Friends or
Theatre Company, willing hands are
welcome from any source and your help will
be gratefully appreciated. People are also
required to help clean the Theatre after the
maintenance is complete.
If you think you can spare some time there
are morning, afternoon or evening working
sessions. Keith is awaiting your call!!!! Or just
come along on Monday evenings (Stage
Door 7pm till 9 pm) and see any of the
maintenance team.
5TH JULY 7.30 PM
Their will be a very warm welcome
awaiting PYO as they return to
Pendle Hippodrome Theatre, after
an absence of several years, with
‘The Last Night of The Proms’ on
5th July. There will be a feast of
music from this extremely talented
young Orchestra.
Just to make the evening more
special The Arden Angels and The
Little Angels will also feature on the
The evening will end with all the
usual flag waving and hooter
blowing associated with ‘The Last
Night of the Proms’. Come along
in your red, white and blue and
Rule Britannia. A very enjoyable
evening is guaranteed.
Tickets: £10 Adults
£5 Concessions
To order your tickets ring
Lisa 864084 or Liz on 429714
after 6 pm
Book now to avoid disappointment
This will be a very popular event.
Company was nominated in the
NODA North West regional awards
in 6 categories. The Youth Theatre
received 3 nominations
Unf ort unat el y none of our
nominations went on to win an
Congratulations to all our
nominees. It is an honour to be
nominated and we will hope for
better success in the future.
John Edwards
Theatre Company Life
Member and Friend of
the Hippodrome Joyce
Whittaker and her
husband Norman have celebrated their
Diamond Wedding. Joyce and Norman
were married in the Spring of 1954 and
celebrated their momentous 60 years of
marriage in style with their family.
Norman said “To mark occasion I gave
Joyce a Diamond Ring and I got a new
golf driver, which I told her about later!!!!!”
Congratulations to you both
and may you enjoy many more
happy years together.
HAPPY 90th
celebrated her 90th
birthday in April.
Kathleen is a Life Member
of Pendle Hippodrome Theatre Company
and a Friend of the Hippodrome.
Congratulations to Kathleen
and Many Happy Returns.
Hippodrome people, Martin
Cleaver, was asked to
promote the Theatre’s latest
venture ‘Classic Heritage
Film Nights’ on Radio
Lancashire recently he did
the Hippodrome proud.
He not only talked to ‘Gilly in the
Afternoon’ about the films but covered
EVERY aspect of the Theatre. When
asked about his tie he even managed to
tell the listeners about our wardrobe
Well Done Martin!
Thank you. There’s nothing as good
as good publicity.
has served as
our Theatre
H o u s e
Manager for
many years.
John and Kevin
He has now
decided to step down for a well
earned retirement.
At the Theatre’s Annual General
Meeting in April, John was presented
with an engraved tankard by Theatre
Chairman Kevin Mason, in thanks for
the work he has done over the years.
John howev er is not retiring
altogether (no escaping so easily
from the Hippodrome) and he will still
be around as one of our team of Front
of House Managers in the future.
Thank you John for all your years
of Service to the Hippodrome.
Best wishes for the future.
Andrea Jackson, Pendle Hippodrome’s
very own Medium, held an evening of
Mediumship at the Theatre in May.
Around 40 people attended the event
as Andrea and her spirit guides,
conveyed messages to some of the
audience from the other side of the veil.
It proved to be a very enjoyable and
moving experience for all the people
thanks to
for an
7.30 pm nightly
You would be hard pressed to find a better comedy than 'Allo 'Allo!
Classic British humour at it’s very best! 4th to 7th June at 7.30 nightly
René the Café owner is allegedly the most wanted man in Occupied France:
Women want his body. The Resistance want his brain. The Nazis want his
sausage! And everyone wants the valuable stolen painting ‘The Madonna with the
Big Boobies’ by Von Clump, a portrait of his mistress painted while his wife was out
This uproarious comedy, based on the original BBC TV sitcom, will have you in
stitches. “Listen very carefully, I will say this only once, then I will disappear like a
phantom in the night, up your back passage”. If you never knew that sausages
were funny then stay tuned, but maybe not to the radio disguised as a Cockatoo!!!!.
With two British airmen hiding in his cellar, news that the Fuhrer is scheduled to
visit the town further complicates this hilarious plot and René must summon all the
wit he can muster to save his cafe and his life.
Oh ‘What a mistaka to maka’ to trust anyone
with the whereabouts of ‘The Madonna with
the Big Boobies’!
If you want a night out to remember and make
you not just smile but laugh your socks off then
‘Allo! Allo! is a “doont muss axpereeance” as
Officer Crabtree would say.
Andrea with members
of the audience
4th to 7th June
All Tickets £7
See page 2 for ways to book your seats.
Nelson Ladies Civic Choir
‘Midsummer Melodies’
Saturday 28th June at 7.30 pm
The Leader Times Stage Awards,
sponsored by Howard Rigg, will
celebrate it’s 25th Anniversary this year.
It certainly doesn’t seem 25 years since
the idea of Pendle’s very own Oscars
ceremony was first introduced. The
thespians of Pendle are thrilled when
they receive a nomination and we are
happy to report that some of the people
who have received the coveted Awards
during those 25 years have gone on to
fame and fortune.
On 28th June 2014 the prestigious
silverware will be presented to the best
productions and performers who have
graced the local stage in the last 12
months. Not just productions that have
taken place at the Hippodrome Theatre
but throughout the whole of Pendle.
Several of our local Theatrical
Companies will take part and will present
extracts from their productions over the
past year and from those yet to come.
Eric Beardsworth and Stuart James of
Pendle Hippodrome Theatre Company
will compere the show.
The nominations for the Awards will be
announced in the Nelson Leader/Colne
Times the week before the Awards Night.
Please Note: Other Awards connected
directly with Pendle Hippodrome Theatre
will not be listed in the newspaper.
Tickets are £6 and can be purchased at
the Box Office every Wednesday, Friday
and Saturday, 10am to 1pm, until Friday
6th June and any night at ‘Allo Allo’.
They will be available on the door or at
Discover Pendle, Boundary Mill Stores
Colne and online at www.phtheatre.co.uk
Note: Only seats in the stalls available as
the circle is reserved for performers.
Sat 21st June at 7.30 pm
The Nelson Ladies Civic Choir will
take to the Hippodrome stage on 21st
June, Midsummer’s Day, for an
evening of glorious music entitled
‘Midsummer Melodies’. They will be
joined, not only by the Colne Orpheus
Glee Union but also the Flat Cap Pack
- the lads who put Lancashire into Las
Vegas. The evening will be compered
by Eric Beardsworth and Stuart
James. Proceeds are being donated
to the Samaritans.
Tickets - £7 and £5 concessions
Ring 01282 867152
Ask any Choir member
or Tickets will be available at the
Box Office on the night .
A vacancy has arisen for an
Assistant Stage Manager
at Theatre events.
No experience is necessary as
full training will be given.
Would suit fit, able, young (ish)
Male or Female applicants
are all welcome,
(no sex discrimination at our Theatre!)
This will be occasional work, not full
shows! (But don’t quote me on that.)
Rates of pay.
Same as the rest of us.
We are all volunteers!!!!!
Good company and being part of the
Pendle Hippodrome Theatre Team.
Ring David Miller on 07940937929
Stage Door Keepers
Ring David on the above number.
Annual Report/cont
The following projects have been completed during 2013.
A major refurbishment of the Green Room was undertaken during the
summer shutdown with the removal of the old bar. A new sink, bottle
fridges and worktops were installed. All four walls were decorated and a
false ceiling installed.
A re-wire of some sound and lighting circuits was undertaken.
A new beer chiller was installed in the cellar.
New stage lighting and lighting control equipment, radio microphone
headsets, microphone stands, 2 hazers, 2 smoke machines, a monitor
for the Green Room and one large screen for advertising purposes in the
bar have been purchased.
This is just a list of the major work undertaken and many other tasks too
numerous to mention have been completed on a weekly basis. The list of jobs
waiting to be done is never empty.
The major sources of income for the running and upkeep of the theatre have
come from the Craft Fair, Wardrobe and the Bar. The Craft Fair again increased
its profit on last year to raise £11,000. A huge vote of thanks to all involved in the
running of this event from the Directors.
Youth Theatre:
The Youth Theatre performed 4 nights and a Saturday matinee of ‘Footloose’.
This flourishing group continued its work to educate and nurture young talent for
the future of theatre in a series of workshops and in rehearsals for the show
‘Bugsy Malone’’ staged in February 2014. Planning has also begun for the 25th
Anniversary celebration which takes place in 2014 with a special celebratory
show Disney’s ‘High School Musical’. In between all the rehearsals several fund
raising and social activities were undertaken to raise vital funds.
All of the work/events which I have mentioned were undertaken by a relatively
small but very committed group of volunteers who give up hours of their valuable
time to keep the Hippodrome running, and the Board of Directors is extremely
grateful for their hard work and commitment. Any help from others is always
welcomed to lighten the load.
In 2014 the Hippodrome will reach its Centenary, several Board members and
volunteers are working on an historical video to recognise this milestone and this
will be shown, followed by a Dinner Dance, during 2014
The Board of Directors would like to record their grateful thanks to all members,
helpers, hirers, Friends and visitors for their continued contribution to the
Prepared on behalf of, and authorised by, the Directors of Pendle Hippodrome
Theatre Ltd.
Kevin Mason, Chairman. 30th April 2014
Trustees/Directors Annual Report
Year Ending 31st December 2013
The Directors, duly elected by Pendle Hippodrome Theatre Company, met on a
monthly basis throughout the year to undertake the management of the Charity.
The Pendle Hippodrome Theatre very rarely has a quiet spell, Theatre events or
maintenance works are continually taking place. This year was no exception with
a healthy level of bookings and enquiries, some potential hirers were left
disappointed due to lack of available dates. The usual combination of public and
private usage comprised 22 performances by the Theatre Company and Youth
Theatre consisting of 3 full musicals and 1 comedy play. Add to these 4 video
nights, 3 members evenings, 7 social evenings plus rehearsals and committee
meetings, the Theatre has been well utilised by our members.
As well as these events we had to fit in Theatre and external events to generate
funds to keep the building running.
7 nights of musical shows
1 play
Several tours
Photo and video shoots
6 full days of Dance Festivals
A Ghost Hunting evening
7 separate evenings for school prize givings and concerts
The annual Stage Awards Evening
2 Open Days
2 Film Nights
9 full days and one evening for the Craft Fair
A Choir Concert
And of course the Christmas party
We also hosted Steward training evenings, Bar Staff training, Board meetings,
production meetings and weeks of preparation and cleaning. The wardrobe and
props departments opened at the very least once a week, some weeks many
more, and all the essential and non essential maintenance work had to be
undertaken. Countless rehearsals took place and the Theatre Box Office was
staffed 3 periods per week in the run up to shows.
So you can see we have yet again been extremely busy during the year.
Technical and Maintenance:
The Board ensures that the building is maintained to a high standard to conform
to all appropriate legislation and that all areas are developed as usage dictates.
The cat has finally
emerge from the bag
Company’s Autumn
show can now be
The power and the
glory of Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim
Rice’s sensational rock opera ‘Jesus
Christ Supers†ar’ will be staged from
the 7th to 11th October
(please note the new dates). *
Awaiting image
Set in modern times ‘Jesus Christ
Supers†ar’ dramatises the last seven
days in the life of Jesus of Nazareth.
Told from the point of view of Judas
Iscariot, this powerful and incredibly
moving story depicts the final gripping
climax of his arrest, trial and crucifixion.
We should all know the story and I’m
afraid there is no happy ending, the
resurrection is not included in the opera,
but the power of the music will leave you
From the ‘Hosannas’ of the triumphant
entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday to
the haunting and powerful ‘Gethsemane’
the refrains will linger in your head long
after the final curtain comes down. Who
amongst you cannot sing just a small
section of the title song ‘Jesus Christ
Howard Raw is to Direct this spectacular
production and Richard Patel will wield
the baton as Musical Director of the
Theatre Company’s first ever rock
A full cast list will be in the next edition
of Footlight Forum
Tickets will be on sale soon, see our
website www.phtheatre.co.uk for more
*Due to technical difficulties with
the Theatre Company’s spectacular
production ‘Jesus Christ Supers†ar’
the dates of several previously
advertised events have been changed.
Please alter your diaries.
We are sorry for any inconvenience.*
20th September 2014
Pendle Hippodrome
Theatre’s Gala Centenary
Celebration is now being
held on 20th September
(please note the new date)*
A specially commissioned film about
the Hippodrome over the last 100
years will be shown on the big screen
and this will be followed by a buffet
supper and dancing to live music from
‘12 Bars from Mars’ as the stage is
transformed into a Cabaret Venue.
Tickets are £10 Adults and £5 under
16’s. Available on-line or any time the
Theatre Box Office is open. This will
be a night to remember as we look
forward to the next hundred years.
Everybody is welcome
Come and help us celebrate
More details in the next edition.
A special exhibition is
being put together by
Colne Library Staff and
Pendle Hippodrome Theatre
to mark the occasion of
The Hippodrome Theatre’s
100 year history.
The exhibition will be on show
in September at Colne Library .
This a unique exhibition
about your Theatre.
Don’t Miss It!
Youth Theatre News
New Committee
The Youth Theatre held their Annual General Meeting on Sunday 11th May at the
Ambulance Hall, Colne. A report on the progress and achievements of the Youth
Theatre was given to the meeting up to 31st December 2013. The Accounts were
presented and a brief outline of the Theatre’s Year was put before the members by
Keith Walton, Vice Chairman of Pendle Hippodrome Theatre Limited.
The new Pendle Hippodrome Youth Theatre committee for 2014 will be:
President: Cecilia Harrison Chairman: Beverley Hemingway
Secretary: Julie Scott
Treasurer: Jen Lomax
General Committee: Jackie Edington Russel Piercy Angela Schofield
Lisa Manley Jenny Panesh Gill Cordeaux Phil Ely
Lisa Smith Neil Salway
Youth Representatives: Ryan Sparks Madison Pearson
Brogan Riley Georgina Smith
Board of Directors Representative: Dave Farrer
* Note; All appointments are subject to approval by the Theatre Board of Directors.
The Youth Theatre have held auditions for the Andrew Lloyd Webber
and Charles Hart epic musical ‘Phantom of the Opera’ which they are
staging in February 2015 as part of their 25 year celebrations.
We can reveal that the Phantom will be played by newcomer to the group Ronan
Pilkington. In the role of Christine will be Jade Brett and Lewis Bolton will play
Raoul. Jessica Balderstone will be playing Carlotta with George Berry and Marcus
Geldard as Firmin and Andre. The rest of the main cast are Ben Fontaine Piangi,
Laura Schofield Madame Giry, Sophie Councill Meg, Neil Salway Buquet, Morgan
Hughes Auctioneer, Ryan Sparks Monsieur Lefevre, Leighton Hunt Monsieur
Reyer, and Jake Cordeaux Don Attilo. There are many other cast members
including the dancers in the ballet sequence. This is an amazing cast which is
already in rehearsal and we look forward to a fabulous show.
29th October to 1st November 2014
The Youth Theatre have been very busy lately, not only have they held
auditions and cast ‘Phantom’ they have been auditioning for Disney’s
‘High School Musical’ and have come up with another amazing cast.
The cast list is Troy Marcus Geldard, Gabriella Paige Brett, Sharpay Olivia
Humpage, Ryan James Holt , Taylor Georgina Smith,, Chad Neil Salway, Kelsi Chloe
Richardson, Zeke Leighton Hunt, Martha Brogan Riley, Ripper Natalie Whitaker.
The adults and others parts will be played by Mrs Darbus Cassie Jones, Coach
Bolton Ryan Sparks, Jack Scott Jake Cordeaux, Jason Jack Parry, Mongo Morgan
Hughes, and Kratnoff Emily Bevan. Another fabulous cast for what will be an
excellent show.
More details to follow.
Theatre Company News
‘All Aboard’
Don’t forget that the Theatre Company are holding a trip on board
the Marton Emperor on the Leeds Liverpool canal on Friday 13th
June 7.30 pm from Foulridge Wharf. Don’t be late or you may have
to swim to catch up. Just as last year there will be a quiz set by our now resident
quiz master Geoff Horn
Last year the trip was held in September and it went dark very early and we only
had the boatman’s word that we had actually reached Barnoldswick! This time they
are doing it in daylight so everyone can appreciate the wonderful tranquillity of the
local country side (and see where they are going).
Numbers are limited and tickets will go very quickly.
The price is £12.50 per person Including quiz and supper.
Contact Geoff Horn on 01282 787447 or 07759 401 541 to order your tickets.
Treasure Hunt and BBQ
Saturday 9th August 2 pm to 2.30 pm start
The Theatre Company are to hold one of their excellent, brain challenging Treasure
Hunts on Saturday 9th August starting between 2.00 pm and 2.30 pm.
This will be followed by a BBQ
Full details will be in the next issue of Footlight Forum
Everyone is welcome including Members, Friends, Youth Theatre Members
and everyone’s family and friends but please order your tickets.
Tickets are £4 per Adult, £2 for Children
£10 per family ticket (2 adults and 2 children aged 18 and under).
Tickets available from Susan Thorp, ring 01282 722515 or 07454905569
Saturday 8th November 2014
Pendle Hippodrome Theatre Company’s Annual Grand Party Night is to be
held at the Calf’s Head Worston.
See the August edition of Footlight Forum for all the details.
This year’s Stage Awards Night will take place on 28th June.
For further details see page 4 of this issue.
You will be contacted if you are needed to appear in the Pendle Hippodrome
Theatre Company excerpts which are being showcased at the Awards Night
or check the relevant Hippo sites on our Facebook page.