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Tribotester - ASEC Kunststoffen
Pin-on-Disc and Oscillating TRIBOtester have been conceived
in an innovative way, with 18 years of experience
in the market and 30 years of tribological tests,
in order to reply to the needs of tribology
In order to increase performances and
reliability of mechanical parts, companies
and universities study more and more
friction properties and wear resistance
of coatings and bulk materials.
In order to reply to their needs, we have
developed versital tribometers, reliable
and easy to use.
Coatings, bulk material, ceramics, metals,
polymers, cosmetic, lubricants and oil
additives, etc...
Tests for research and development,
as to quality control.
In accord with standards ISO 7148 , ASTM G99-95a, ASTM G 133 - 95
Principle :
An original and patented deflection arm permits
the measurement of the coefficient of friction.
At the end of the test, user measures the disc wear
track profile with profilometer and the diameter
of the worn flat surface on the ball, by microscope.
Inserting these 2 parameters on TRIBOtester’s software,
the wear rate of each partenaires is obtained
Specifications of Pin-on-Disc
Specifications of Oscillating
Friction force : 6 N maximum
Rotation speed : variable from
2 to 300 rd/min.
Radius of friction : 1 to 25 mm
Disc dimension : diameter 10 to
60 mm max. (all shapes can be
squeezed in a diameter of 60 mm)
Thickness disc : 2 to 15 mm
Diameter of ball : 6 or 1,58 mm
Diameter of pin : 6 or 12,7 mm
(others on demand)
Friction force : 6 N maximum
Stroke : 2, 5 and 10 mm
Number of oscillations :
Speed : 4 to 3 600 mm/min
The content of this document is subject to change without prior notice. Copyright TRIBOtechnic
On the cutting edge of technology
Load and speed calibration
Calibration Kit
In order to adress the problem of costly at home calibration, we’ve developed a calibration kit,
which enables you to recalibrate the speed and force sensor.
New technological advances have allowed
TRIBOtechnic to provide our customer
with the highest quality and performance
at reasonable costs
TRIBOtester highlights
• Universal chuck to fasten all shape of samples
(for Pin-On-Disc model)
• Enclosure to control humidity and temperature
• Variable speed
• Variable wear, radius (for Pin-on-Disc), stroke
(for Oscillating)
• Container for lubricated test
• Granite frame ensures stability
• Recording of test data and export in ASCII format
• User friendly and multi language software
• Programmed calculation of wear rate
• Test report forms
• ‘Do it yourself ‘ calibration kit
• Pin on Disc and oscillating movment on one instrument
• Calculation of Hertzian pressure
Exclusive features of TRIBOtester
• Programmable and fully automated radius
of friction (1 to 25 mm) which stores
values on to reports.
• Humidity and temperature measurements
are automatically stored on to reports.
• Profilometer able to measure with high
precision the surface ware and
automatically calculate the coefficient
on Tribotester’s software.
• Interactive software allows you to avoid
costly errors.
Tank for lubricant
Heating module up to + 70°C
Temperature measurement
Humidity measurement
Load holder up to 62 N
Tribo corrosion cell
Specifications of TRIBOtesters
Standard loads : 1 to 12 N dry test (adjustable in steps
of 1 N) to 62 N with lubricant.
Friction : dry or lubricated
Duration test : programmable
Control : custom developed software for full
data reporting.
Dimensions : 500 x 400 x 300 mm
Power : 220 - 110 V/50-60 Hz
Material : granite and anodized aluminium,
with polyacrylate transparent cover
Complete storage of software data
Exemple of report for printing or exporting
TRIBOtechnic is recognized world-wide for it’s reliable products
TRIBOtechnic’s instruments are distrubuted world-wide
4, rue Valiton - 92110 Clichy-France
Tél : + 33 (0)1 42 70 50 27 • Fax : + 33 (0)1 47 31 62 70
e-mail : [email protected]

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