S3000 · 5121


S3000 · 5121
S3000 · 5121
S3000 (3L)
5121 (3L)
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S3000 / 5121 · calibration syringes
Calibration and verification syringes SIBELMED S3000 and 5121 are equipment based on a cylindrical chamber and a
piston;the manually forced movement from the outside expels the known air volume (3L) it contains, which allows the
calibration of spirometers.
With a standard calibration volume, the calibration method is easy and reliable. It checks the accuracy of respiratory volume
measuring equipment under normal conditions and satisfactorily fulfils the quality control program.
Technical specifications
Aluminum with hard anodized
Aluminum, Polyurethane Enamel, fireproof
Aluminum (black anodize), stanless steel or
polymide thermoplastic
Teflon (PTFE) or nitrile rubber
Teflon (PTFE)
Piston rod
Piston seals
Piston handle
ABS Plastic
Corrugated adapter hose
End plates
Polyurethane with PVC coil
POM, PET or PBT plastic
Total volume
Smallest graduation
3000 ml
Volume stroke
37.5 cm / 14.75”
17.3 cm / 6.81”
Cylinder bore
10.16 cm / 4”
15.1 cm / 5.94”
2.4 kg / 5.3 lbs.
1.1 kg / 2 lbs.
Diameter of the syringe nozzle
28 mm
28 mm
50x11.8x11.8 cm / 19.71x4.64x4.64”
34x15x18cm / 13.38x5.90x7.086”
Diameter of the hose nozzle
The 3L calibration syringe has been recommended as a standard by the ATS/ERS and the “Standardisation of Lung Function
Testing. Standardisation of Spirometr” as the minimum volume to check spirometers.
The regulations that apply to them, advise that spirometers be periodically calibrated. We should not forget that diagnoses
are made according to the data provided by this measuring equipment; therefore, it is essential to know if the equipment
measures correctly.
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FG SIB 1302 - Calibration syringes - V1.1 - 02/2014
Some manufacturers say that their equipment does not require calibration. However, even assuming that this were true,
there would have to be certain standards to verify that the device is measuring correctly even if it cannot be calibrated.