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ColorFacts 7.5 C3 Information_EN
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Datacolor ColorFacts™ Professional 7.5 – High end system for professional Home Cinema Calibration
Displays are rarely tuned before shipping. They may be
intentionally tuned for retail lighting in order to sell better on the
sales floor. Datacolor ColorFacts Professional™ 7.5 calibrates
displays to show images as they were intended.
Datacolor ColorFacts Professional™ 7.5 calibrates the display to
the entire video chain—all the way from BD to screen. It realizes
the film director’s original vision by calibrating to the same
industry standards that were used in the media creation. Displays
calibrated by
ColorFacts will display a higher-quality image with more detail in
the picture. The colors will be more natural and lifelike, details will
be present that might otherwise be lost. Viewing the image will
be more enjoyable, over a longer period of time.
Datacolor ColorFacts Professional™ 7.5 was designed to be fast, accurate and easy-to-use and to support many
different types of display devices, hardware instruments, color systems and reference illuminants. The system is
designed to hide the complexity and mathematics of color science behind an easy to understand interface. With
an intuitive, configurable, full-color user interface, ColorFacts reduces the time required to accurately calibrate
almost any display. It enhances realism by extending highlight and shadow detail.
It realizes the film director’s original version by using the same industry standard. Displays calibrated by
ColorFacts will display a higher-quality image with more natural and lifelike. The text will be more legible with no
colored outlines.
What is ColorFacts?
Datacolor ColorFacts Professional™ 7.5 is a windows based, easy-to-use professional color calibration
system for optimizing all front projectors, RPTV’s, Direct View TV’s, Digital DLP’s, LCD’s and Plasma video displays
to industry standards. With an intuitive, configurable, full-color user interface, ColorFacts Professional 7.5
reduces the time required to accurately calibrate almost any display. Professional calibration produces highquality images, lifelike colors, more detail, and an overall better viewing experience. ColorFacts Professional 7.5
calibrates displays to show images as they were intended and is vital for all professional calibrators or AV
installers who demand the best tools available.
Datacolor ColorFacts is an easy-to-use color calibration software system for analyzing and optimizing the
performance of video display systems. The system consists of hardware and a software component. The
software runs on a computer and displays the analysis results on the computer screen. Graphs, histograms, and
meters (collectively called „Instruments“) show your display’s characteristics in an easy to read manner. Wizards
Step you through common operations and video display tests. The results can be saved as files or can be printed,
if desired. ColorFacts is recognized by the Imaging Science Foundation (ISF). ( ISF is an
organization formed in 1994. It is dedicated to promote professional video standards and educate the industry in
the importance and the proper techniques of video calibration.
Datacolor. All Rights Reserved.
Product Features and Benefits:
- Optimize the RPTV, projector, plasma or direct view sets
- Enhance the depth and realism of the image by maximizing contrast
- Correct the new set from its „torch mode“ state used for display on showroom floors
- minimize unnatural black crushing
- Remove the „blue push“ present in many displays
- Improve „Dark Surround“ viewing when the display is watched in a dark room
- Calibrate the display to the entire video chain... all the way from BD to screen
- Reproduce the vision of a film director
- Turn business displays into home theater performers
Why calibration?
Displays are rarely tuned before
intentionally tuned for retail
lighting in order to sell better
on the sales floor. Datacolor
ColorFacts Professional™ 7.5
calibrates displays to show
images as they were intended.
It allows for the best possible
image in the room’s lighting
conditions and it calibrates the
display to the entire video chain
– all the way from BD to screen.
What’s the C3 Remote?
Datacolor offers the „C3 Remote“ as a brand-new way of performing display device calibrations. The ColorFacts
C3 Calibration Remote is an on-screen program that resembles a PDA or a remote control and directly controls
the displays. Pioneer is one of the manufacturers to support C3, the current version allows for direct
communication with the Elite displays.
What you get
Datacolor ColorFacts Professional 7.5 now ships with the new Spyder3 colorimeter, open support for over a
dozen other meters, direct integration with popular signal generators and the inclusion of the „C3 Remote“,
which can directly calibrate displays that support it. The kit itself includes:
- Datacolor Spyder3 Colorimeter
- ColorFacts Professional 7.5 Software CD
- ColorFacts Professional 7 DVD - NTSC (test patterns)
- ColorFacts Professional 7 DVD - PAL (test patterns)
- Spyder suction/tripod adapter
- hardware dongle
- RS-232 cable
- null modem adapter
- usb to serial adapter
- blue filter glasses
- access to password protected website with online training, moderated
forum, faq's, etc.
- aluminium carrying case (15'' x 10.75'' x 4.5'')
- colorfacts professional 7 manual
- 2 year Spyder3 warranty card
- Free technical support
- Free software updates
Datacolor. All Rights Reserved.
Supported Hardware
Datacolor ColorFacts Professional™ 7.5 Software will work with the Following Instruments:
* GretagMacbeth Eye-One Monitor (w/ spectral graphing)
* GretagMacbeth Eye-One Display
* GretagMacbeth Eye-One Pro (NEW)
* PhotoResearch PR-650 (w/ spectral graphing)
* ColorVision Spyder (originally resold slightly modified as the "Optimagery Sensor")
* ColorVision Spyder2
* Datacolor Spyder3
* Minolta CL-200 handheld chroma meter
* Minolta CA-210 LCD "box" colorimeter
* Minolta CA-100 colorimeter
* Minolta CA-110
* Minolta CS-100A through-the-lens colorimeter
* Minolta CS-200 can now be used with ColorFacts Professional (NEW)
* Minolta CS-1000 1 nm resolution spectroradiometer (w/spectral graphing)
* Milori Trichromat-1 (rebranded Sequel Imaging Chroma 4)
* Progressive Labs CA-1
* OCLI MicroPac
* Comprehensive Reporting
* Generic, non-password protected Sequel Imaging Chroma driver (supports Sencore ColorLabs probes cp-288
and cp-5000)
* Manual Meter (values may be typed in from any instrument for which XYZ or xyYvalues are obtainable)
* Simulated Meter (a "smart" random number generator produces software generated readings for display)
Signal generators supported by ColorFacts Professional™ 7.5:
* The Extron VTG-400 signal generator is now supported (NEW)
* Sencore VP300
* Sencore VP400, 401, 402, 403
* QuantumData 802 series
* Accupel HDG-3000
* Computer Video Card
* External test disc (Avia, Video Essentials, PF Test Disc)
Key features
- Goal-oriented, wizard-based color measurement tools
- Intuitive, configurable, full-color user interface
- Internally or externally generated test images
- Meter Training Wizard allows you to train one meter with another
- Automatically graphs all important display characteristics with no user involvement
- Calibration Wizard to assist with Cuts & Gains adjustments
- Measures and displays gamma
- Bulls-eye style correction targeting
- Measures and displays color gamut (device primaries)
- Selectable color system reference parameters (NTSC, ATSC/HDTV, PAL/SECAM, userdefined)
- Selectable calibration target (A, B, C, D50, D55, D65, D75, E, 9300 K, User-Defined Temperature or Coordinates)
- Import / Export ability (*.csv, *.bmp, *.jpg, *.pdf)
- Integrated address book
- Calibrate video walls and multi-display systems
- Comprehensive Reporting
- Integrates directly with test image DVDs (Avia, Video Essentials, Peter Finzel Test-Disc)
- Integrates directly with signal generators
- C3 capabilities
Datacolor. All Rights Reserved.
More on C3
The Datacolor ColorFacts C3 Calibration Remote is a
revolution in professional calibration systems. It is an onscreen program that resembles a PDA or a remote
control and directly controls the Pioneer Elite series of
displays. Instead of simply providing access to the raw
controls of the display, the C3 Remote provides features
beyond what the display is capable of, and even has
direct integration with the ColorFacts application. It
provides the power for a professional to carry out a
proper calibration while preventing the end-user from
accessing areas of the display that they were not
intended to see.
Allowing complete control over the calibration settings
via the calibration computer or laptop, and ONLY from
that machine, these sets are protected from
unauthorized tampering while still giving the
professional calibrator full control over the display.
The remote control is manipulated using a standard keyboard and mouse, at the computer that the remote
control is running on must be connected to the media receiver through a serial cable (straight through serial
The remote will “float“ on the top of other applications (ColorFacts, for instance), so the calibration can be easily
performed without the remote getting in the way of your collor analyzer or other applications.
1. Model specific features
The ColorFacts C3 Remote will determine what model of display it is connected to, and will automatically enable
the features for that set, taking all guess work out of the operation of the program.
2. Practice mode
You can use the program while you are not connected to a display in order to become familiar with how the
program works and to determine if it may be suitable for your purposes. Adjustments can only be made with
the program once it has been registred.
The application itself is freely downloadable, so you can evaluate the system completely before making any
purchase decision.
3. Calibration of any (or all) of 16 input combinations
By simply selecting one of
the eight inputs, and either
the Day or Night mode of
that input, any of the sixteen
modes can be quickly
displayed and calibrated. The
initial screen that is
displayed when the
program starts up will
provide a summary of which
modes have been calibrated
(see photo above), and the
calibrated settings can be
viewed if desired.
4. Input and display of calibrator name
The name of the company or individual providing the calibration can be entered through the C3 Remote. The
customer will always see who provided the calibration service and will be easily be able to recommend the
service to others. This name can not be modified by the customer without the C3 Remote.
Datacolor. All Rights Reserved.
5. Intuitive user interface
The C3 Remote has been designed for frequent use, and items have been placed for maximum performance in
the field. This intuitive interface ensures that your time is maximized while you are on the clock with a customer.
Plus, if your customer should choose to observe you at work, the highly professional interface will be a direct
reflection of the service that you are providing to them.
6. Tight ColorFacts integration
The ColorFacts C3 Remote can be used by anyone who is registred to use it, but there are spezial features built
into the remote that make it even more valuable when used with the Datacolor ColorFacts application. For
instance, while working with the remote, pressing the „F5“ key will take a new reading in ColorFacts, and
pressing the „F6“ key will put ColorFacts into continuous readings mode. You will not need to give the focus to
the ColorFacts application, and instead can work completely within the C3 Remote and allow it to drive ColorFacts
7. Backup / Restore functions
Two important components of any well designed computer application are „forgiveness“ and „recoverability“.
Both of these are covered with the ability of the C3 remote to backup any portion of the display (up to the entire
complete display) and selectively restore any part of it at a future time.
We recommend backing up the entire display to a file in it’s „factory“ state, and then backing up the calibrated
display to retain for safe-keeping. These files can be provided to your customers on floppy disk or CD-R as an
additional value-added service, although the customer will not be able to restore the settings without using the
C3 Remote.
In the event that you need to restore a portion of the display, you simply click on the Restore icon, select an
input and one of the Day/Night locations and ALL of the settings for that mode will be restored to the display.
Alternatively, you can restore entire inputs, or all of the inputs, back to any state for which you have made a backup.
8. Simultaneous viewing of all calibrated values
For ease of comparison between factory settings and calibrated settings, or for comparing different inputs, you
can view all of the settings for the different inputs. Although some of these settings can be viewed through the
on-screen display on the set itself, it is not easy to see all of the settings at once, or to perform comparisons
between settings.
9. Hiding on screen display for calibration
The C3 Remote allows you to turn off the on screen display so that your color measuring equipment can do a
proper analysis of the display.
10. Reinitialize feature
Finally, the C3 Remote has a complete „disaster recovery“ feature built in that allows you to reinitialize the display
back to factory defaults at any time. If your customer has attempted to previously set up the display, and has
rendered it nearly impossible to get to a solid „baseline“ in order to perform the calibration, a reinitialize will
bring you back to the factory default settings with which you are familiar.
Datacolor. All Rights Reserved.
Software Specifications:
User Interface
Intuitive, easily navigated user interface with fully resizable full-color graphs and
professionally presented data.
Display Devices
Analyzes Analog and Digital Front Projectors using DLP, LCD, LCOS/D-ILA/SXRD, GLV, CRT
and other display technologies.
Display Devices
Analyzes Analog and Digital Rear Projection and Direct View sets using DLP, LCD,
LCOS/D-ILA/SXRD, GLV, CRT and other display technologies.
Modes (Partial)
Automatic Grayscale Characterization and Display, Automatic Optical Spectrum Analysis,
Automatic Gamma Calculation and Display, Provides Real-time Analysis and Calibration
Mode, Contrast Wizard, More...
Color Space Data
Displays Yxy, XYZ, LCh, RGB, CIE Lab, and CIE Luv Color Space Data.
Calibration Assistance
Displays R,G,B Calibration Corrections, Bulls-Eye Target, Color temperature, Luminance,
Raw Spectrum Analysis.
Calibration Target Selection
A, B, C, D50, D55, D65, D75, E, 9300 K, User-Defined Temperature or User-Defined
Test Image Source
Internal or External Test Image Generation. Test Pattern Program is separate executable
that can be launched from ColorFacts.
All Data and Graphics Can Be Saved to Files for export to other applications, web sites,
reports or spreadsheets.
Video Walls and MultiDisplay Devices
Includes Chromacity and Luminance mode to calibrate video walls and multi-display
systems. Set Custom Targets to match primaries.
Datacolor. All Rights Reserved.
C3 Devices Supported by ColorFacts Professional™ 7.5:
* US Pioneer Models:
PRO-810HD, PRO-910HD, PRO-920HD, PRO-930HD, PRO-1010HD, PRO-1110HD, PRO-1120HD, PRO-1130HD,
PRO-1410HD, Elite PTV, PRO-FHD1, PRO-940HD, PRO-1140HD, PRO-1540HD
* EU Pioneer Models:
PDP-615EX, PDP-436XDE, PDP-506XDE, PDP-436FDE, PDP-506FDE, PDP-5000EX, PDP-427XD, PDP-507XD,
PDP-427XA, PDP-507XA, PDP-607XD
* Pioneer General Area Models:
PDP-427XG, PDP-507XG
* Pioneer CH Models:
PDP-427XC, PDP-407XC
* Pioneer CH Models:
PDP-427XC, PDP-407XC
* Pioneer AU Models:
* A desktop or laptop PC with Windows 2000, XP or Vista operating system near your TV Pentium Class CPU,
400MHZ or higher
* Computer: Pentium II 800 Mhz, 256 MB Ram, 100 MB Free Drive Space
* Video Card: 1024x768 resolution, 24 bpp color (16.7 million colors)
* Powered USB port
* DVD Player or Signal Generator
* Remote controls for both your TV & DVD
* 20 MB Drive Space for product, additional space for user-generated files (graphics, data files)
Instruments which are available through Datacolor:
Spyder2, Three channel colorimetric sensor
Hardware specifications
Accuracy (typical: Δx and Δy):
Dynamic Range:
Spectral Scan Measurements:
Chroma x, y: 0.0035
Black Point: 0.02 cd/m 2
White Point: > 5’000 cd/m 2
€ 115 excl. VAT
Spyder3, Seven channel colorimetric sensor
Hardware specifications
Accuracy (typical: Δx and Δy):
Dynamic Range:
Spectral Scan Measurements:
Chroma x, y: 0.0025
Black Point: 0.02cd/m 2
White Point: > 5’000 cd/m 2
€ 125 excl. VAT
Eye-One Pro, Spectral measurement device
(also usable for printer profiling)
Hardware specifications
Accuracy (typical: Δx and Δy):
Dynamic Range:
Spectral Scan Measurements:
Datacolor. All Rights Reserved.
Chroma x, y: 0.0020
Black Point: 0.02 cd/m 2
White Point: 3’000 cd/m 2
€ 1’199 excl. VAT