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management messages - GCS Medical College, Hospital
Issue : 03
APRIL - JUNE - 2013
GCSMCH News Letter
Opp. D R M Office, Nr. Chamunda Bridge, Naroda Road,
Ahmedabad - 380025 (Gujarat - India)
Ph. +91 79 66048000 | Fax +91 79 22201915 | [email protected]
Dear Members of GCSMCH,
“Three years ago we began our new journey towards excellence in medical education and patient-care. I am happy
to note that the GCS Medical College, Hospital & Research Centre is now a teeming hub of new initiatives, learnings
and expert care. This is a great start for any institution as it is the energy and enthusiasm of the members in the
initial years that creates a strong edifice for growth.
This institution is indeed a special one, born of a unique people’s participation in healthcare. While on one hand
our attempt is to create a fountainhead of medical knowledge and trained doctors who can serve the community,
we also attempt to reach out to the people from all walks of life with this knowledge and care. So it’s not just
knowledge for knowledge’s sake, our aim is to see how we can reach out, help communities around us and alleviate
their suffering with this knowledge and research.
It’s been a busy three years for us with new courses being floated, new members and experts joining us, organizing
medical conferences and symposia on different healthcare needs. All of this will help us evolve and grow as an institution of excellence in the coming years. I am happy to share my views through this newsletter which is an excellent
platform to connect and develop a shared understanding, as we contribute to this vision of excellence.”
Shri Pankaj R. Patel
Executive Chairman
On behalf of GCS and every one
in GCSMC, I take great pleasure in
presenting 3rd Newsletter of our
institute. We all know GCSMC conducts OPD activities for diagnosis,
treatment, prevention of diseases
and renders free or subsidized
treatment to needy patients without any distinction of cast, creed
or religion. It is modern hospital
serving majority of economically
backward people of East & North
Ahmedabad and nearby Talukas
and Districts.
I would like to grab an opportunity
to address my students of Medical
College. Discipline is highly recommended and essential during
studies as they play a vital role in
building personality and attitude.
I firmly believe that improving the
efficacy and classroom activities
in which students participate, is
an indirect approach to improve
“The only discipline that lasts is
self-discipline because it cannot
be taught, it comes from within”.
Wish you all the best to exam going students of 1st M.B.B.S.
While memorizing the excellent celebration
of “Nursing Day” at our Hospital, I could
think about amazing coordination and well
synchronized approach from all the level of
Nurses. I also noticed huge amount of enthusiasm and passion for the event.
While enjoying same, I was collecting something out of it and that was “Commitment
to the Cause”. Whenever, we are committed and dedicated towards any work, any
job or any task, we achieve success and
feel immense pleasure of hard work, we
have put in.
My message to all of you is of hope, courage, and confidence. Let us mobilize all our
efforts and hard work in a systematic and
organized way and bring in discipline in our
respective job. Let us put 100% DEDICATION & COMMITMENT at work in the organization and let our patients along with
us be satisfied and feel the pleasure of the
outcome of our services.
Dear Colleagues,
Technology penetration is
imperative to our personal
and professional life, balancing acceptance and resistance to translate into meaningful absorption challenges
rational community and all
of us are no exception. The
solid fundamental principles
of our institute motivate us
to be accommodative and
extend possible assistance
to everyone.
GCSMC IT Team considers
our ‘News letter’ as one
among the many initiatives
to channelize our energy
and offer common platform.
The steady progress our
institute makes would be
ready to accept accolades
as Centre of Excellence in all
domains. We reiterate our
commitment to be with you
assisting best Information
Systems resource usage and
drive as a phenomenal force
in functional effectiveness.
Our wishes to all of you, beloved family members & enjoy Happy Computing!
Dr Kirti M. Patel
“Don’t ever give up.
Don’t ever give in.
Don’t ever stop trying.
Don’t ever sell out.
And if you find yourself succumbing to one
of the above for a brief moment, pick yourself up, brush yourself off, whisper a prayer,
and start where you left off.
“But never, ever, ever give up.”
Be Optimistic always…!
Neha Lal
General Manager
Hospital Administration & HR
M. V. Saneesh
Sr. Manager - IT &
Nursing Staff
Ankita Vishnubhai Patel
Jasoda Virjibhai Modiya
Rashmika Rameshchandra Kalasawa
Bharati Ratilal Sangadiya
Arpit Semualbhai Chauhan
Kenethbhai Semualbhai Khristi
Priti Ashokbhai Parmar
Bindi Bhaskerbhai Patel
Mittal Badarbhai Mariwad
Sonal Rajeshbhai Macwan
Falgun B. Chaudhary
Selvina J. Christian
Hetal M. Chaudhary
Salvi Nilesh Kunjaraviya
Siyona Victor Christian
Juhi Anilkumar Macwan
Pratikkumar Vitthalbhai Prajapati
Janifer Yohanbhai Vaghela
Bhoomika Bharatbhai Panchal
Jayshree Ganpatbhai Parmar
Sanjay Kalidas Patel
Manisha Baldevbhai Patel
Ramesh Prabhudas Marwadi
Sa a Semsanbhai
a Christian
•In house training is normally provided to employees to improve the efficiency and skills. Training also increases job
satisfaction, moral, motivation, efficiency and new technique of doing work. Therefore, HR department has started
organizing training program of all the employees of GCSMCH & RC. Following are various of training conducted by HR
department. The regular monthly schedule is prepared in advance and
various departments are roped in training.
1. Occupational: This training helps to enhance job related skills and
competencies to employees.
2. Soft Skill Training: This training helps to improve Team Building
skill, Communication skill, Leadership skill, Etiquettes, Interpersonal
Relations & Self-confidence among staff.
3. Organizational Training: This includes training on precautions to
be taken at the time of Fire & other disasters, Segregation and Management of Bio Medical Waste in the hospital to provide inflectionless environment, Basic Life Support (BLS) training, Management and
Prevention from occupational hazards etc.
4. I.T. Training: This training includes providing Elementary Computing
to effective usage of IT resources.
•Induction is an opportunity to generate favorable attitudes with in the new employee about peers, superiors, subordinates and the organization & to be oriented with the organizational policies. Hence, HR dept. is organizing INDUCTION PROGRAMME on regular basis for New joiners. It helps to make them aware of the organization and its core
standards of regulation. It also aims to orient employees and to create the feeling of belongingness and loyalty to
build the confidence about self and organization. The induction program is MANDATORY to attend for all new Joiners.
•An Induction & Orientation program includes information about organization as a whole such as Information about
Medical College & Hospital, Management team of GCSMCH & RC, Hospital facilities & services, Information and updates
about Organization’s Milestones, Organizational Policies, HR Policies, Employee Benefits, Future Plans, Career Plan etc.
•Human Resource is considered as an important asset to the organization and hence, it is imperative to know employee’s strengths, competencies and work specification for many aspects. To fulfill this objective, HR department has
taken initiative to define the brief KRAs (Key Result Areas - Primary job function & Duties) for all employees, working
•Thus, now all employees’s roles are defined with us.
Sadvichar Parivar Hospital OPD Inauguration
GCSMCH & RC has ventured into collaboration
with Sadvichar Parivar
Hospital, Naroda for providing subsidized consultation services to community. The inauguration
ceremony was held on
28.04.2013 at Sadvichar Hospital. Our expert team of doctors visit Sadvichar hospital 5 days a week and contributes
towards this noble cause through providing their expert
consultation to patients.
MOU with Hemchandracharya North Gujarat
GCS Medical College, Hospital & Research Centre
(GCSMCH & RC) has added
another milestone in the
area of academic association. We have entered into
MoU with Hemchandracharya North Gujarat University, Patan (HNGU, Patan)
on 12.04.2013 for Masters in Hospital Management Programme. This MoU intends to remain associated professionally/ technically in the field of Academics, Research
and Capacity building of Hospital Management students.
The core outcome and benefits of signing the MoU are:
• The pool of semi-skilled Hospital Management students will get an opportunity of placement / training
at our institute.
• GCSMCH & RC will not have to incur additional cost of
training HNGU students for job related competencies
after employment.
We are the 3rd Hospital in Gujarat which has succeeded in signing MoU with Hemchandracharya
North Gujarat University, Patan.
Visit of State Health Minister
We had the privilege, having our Health Minister, Shri Nitin
Patel at our Medical College and Hospital on 30.03.2013.
Minister visited the entire facility and witnessed our services and approach towards patients. He had also appreciated the cleanliness and hygiene level maintained through
out the departments. During his round, he also got an opportunity to talk to few patients and to know about their
experiences. At last, we were given with much positive
feedback for being a state-of-the-art medical college and
large health care facility in
this part of Ahmedabad.
MCI & NCI Inspection
Inspection from Medical
Council of India (MCI) and
Nursing Council of India (NCI) inspection was witnessed
in month of April. All inspections went as expected and
result for confirmation is awaited.
Speciality Clinic
We are in the process of
commencing Super Specialty consultation OPD at
specialty clinic at 1st floor.
All amenities and requirements have been placed to
start the service. We have
also created two paying
wards at 6th floor and 12
Special rooms on 8th floor.
RSBY @ 1000: It is indeed delightful to share that we have
scaled up to 1000 patients, enrolled under RSBY (Rastriya
Swasthya Bima Yojna) scheme on 04.05.2013. We have
started this scheme in March 2012. This appreciation was
extended from District authorities also in the recent meet
held with them as we stood 1st in Ahmedabad district for
registering highest patients under this scheme out of 60
empanelled hospitals.
1. Empanelment with Mukhyamantri Amrutam Yojna
(MA Yojna) for Oncology services is in pipeline. All
required amenities and estimation of cost associated
to start the Yojna has been carried out. The empanelment is expected to be done by upcoming month.
2. We have also added few more insurance companies
in our list of empanelment. These companies are:
• Star Health Insurance
• HDFC Ergo General
• Max Bupa Health
• IFFCO –TOKIO General Insurance
Launch : GCSMC
On 14.06.2013, in presence of ERP Steering Committee members, Core users, End users & ERP Consultants,
Dr.Kirti M Patel (Dean, GCSMCH) announced the Go-Live
of 1st Phase GCSMC+, our ERP. This phase includes Back
office modules covering Accounts, Purchase, Stores,
Pharmacy & Maintenance. This would help the institute
to build towards an integrated software solution across
functional areas migrating from stand-alone legacy applications. Dean congratulated the efforts of every one
contributed towards this.
Customer Relation Management (CRM) & Patient’s Feedback Redressal System
A new system of CRM - Customer Relation Management &
Patient feedback redressal has been placed to strengthen
bond with patients. This system enhances relationship
with the patients and help resolve their complaints. In
this process, we collect feedback from Indoor Patients,
Out door Patients, Health
Complaint & Suggestion
box placed at various locations of hospital. These
feedbacks are discussed in
the Patient care Committee, if complaint is of serious nature it is brought to
the Management meeting. Meanwhile, a communication is made to patients on
receipt of complaint and after coming on conclusion or
solution, patients are being informed about the solutions.
The process ends when patient gives his / her green signal as a satisficed patient. We have been succeeded to
achieve more than 90% of patient satisfaction so far in all
major areas.
Department alloted by Counter Numbers
In order to ease the communication with patients all front
office departments i.e. Registration, Billing, Admission
– Discharge and new Casualty Registration has been allotted counter numbers instead of room numbers. Counter numbers have been allotted as under Registration –
Counter 1, OPD Billing – Counter 2, IPD Billing – Counter
3, Admission & Discharge – Counter 4 and New Casualty
Registration – Counter 5.
Union Bank of India ATM Facility
An ATM facility of Union
Bank of India (UBI) has been
installed at our premises.
Visitors, Patients and Staff
now can access the facality
for their own use.
Sr. No.
Objective :
To restrict visitor’s traffic as well as movement to avoid disturbance and for better administration for the admitted patients in the hospital
Visitor Hours in the Hospital
Monday to Saturday : 4:00 p.m to 7:00 p.m | Sundays / Holidays : 11.00 a.m to 1.00 p.m 4:00 p.m to 7:00 p.m
• Only two visitors are allowed at a time to visit the patient during visiting hours only.
• Only one attendant is allowed to stay with patient during the period of hospitalization.
• Visitors should maintain a quiet environment and avoid unnecessary noise to optimize
patient rest. Keep visits short and quiet.
• Please cooperate to the security personnel.
• Please follow Hospital policies & rules.
Objective :
The aim is to provide its employees with comfortable and professional uniforms that project a
good image and comply with occupational Health and Safety guidelines
Policy :
Uniform • Uniform will be provided on nonrefundable payment basis.
Charges • 2 pairs of uniform will be provided to employee at the time of joining the organization.
• The uniform is to be submitted at Linen Store at the time of leaving the organization. If the
uniform is not submitted at the time of leaving (no due), charges will be deducted from
employees’ salary /full & final settlement.
• New pair of Uniform will be provided to employees on completion of 2 years or as and
when require on verification by HOD.
We appreciate the bravery and courage of Ms. Bhartiben (Housekeeping staff), Mr. Shailesh Patni (Security
guard) and Mr. Sudhir Brahmin (Security supervisor) as
they were instrumental in trapping three thieves who
were involved in bath fitting theft case. We appreciate their dedication towards their responsiveness and
commitment for their work.
Ms. Darshi Shah
having one more excellency in painting.
She painted a beautiful nature picture.
Darshi Shah
Nurses Day
Annual General Body Meeting
Nursing day was celebrated on
12.05.2013 in the memory of Florence Nightingale taking in to consideration the nursing contribution
society and
Va r i o u s
p er fo r mances were presented by nursing
staff on different themes and best
was awarded with prize.
The Annual General Meeting of GCS was held on 30.03.2013
at GCS Medical
College premises.
Benival (Her Excellency,
Governer of Gujarat),
Shri Pankaj Patel
(Chairman) and
many other dignitaries attended
the meeting.
World No Tobacco day Celebrated
World Health Day
World Health Day
is celebrated on 7th
We celebrated this
day by creating
awareness among
society for Blood
pressure. 40 employees participated for the cause. 8
teams were formed and various locations were selected to
create awareness among community through campaign.
To award the volunteers for the cause, Appreciation certificates were presented by Management to all participants.
The outcome of this was remarkable.
Every year 31st May is being celebrated as World No Tobacco day. The purpose is to make the people aware regarding
various ill effects of Tobacco related products. Community
Medicine Department of GCS
Medical College has celebrated the World No Tobacco Day
2013 at field practice areas
of U.H.T.C & R.H.T.C. At Urban
Health Training Center Saijpur,
drawing competition on various tobacco related aspects
was arranged amongst school going children while in Rural Health Training Center,
Dabhoda, presentation was made by faculty member of
community medicine department on Tobacco use and its
Hazards and also short film was shown for awareness.
Clinical Meeting of
Psoriasis in Pregnancy
“A case of Psoriasis in Pregnancy”
was discussed by Dr Jigna Padhiyar, Dr Purvi Shah and Dr Pooja
Taneja during well attended clinical meeting on 07.06.2013. Faculties were made aware about recent reports of strong association
of psoriasis and other component
of metabolic syndrome like hypertension, diabetes and obesity.
Speakers also highlighted importance of diagnosing and proper
management of psoriasis in pregnancy of favourable maternal and
fetal outcome.
Paget Disease of Breast
A CME Programme was arranged at GCS Medical College, Hospital. Department of Pathology presented incidence and pathology of paget disease and
department of surgery professor Dr R. I. Dave discussed clinical picture, surgery and treatment of paget disease of nipple and areola.
Paget disease of breast causes skin and around nipple to be red, sore and
flacky, on scaly with itching and burning. Occassioanlly there may be yellow
or bloody dicharge. Diagnosis is clinically easy and can be confirmed by cytology and biopsy.
This uncommon disease (less than 1%) can be treated by mastectomy in
most of the cases. In about 5% of cases conservative breast surgery can be
employed. Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy has very little and only palliative role. Few cases can be offered reconstructive surgery if needed in young
In our experience in GCSMCH we had two cases of paget disease in advance
stage and both were treated with modified radical mastectomy with good
result. Both cases were presented in the CME programme with review of
Dr R. I. Dave (Prof. & HOD - Surgery)
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níkwt. su fkhýu {khe íkçkeÞík Ãký ÷Úkzðk ÷køke
yLku {kÁ ðsLk Ãký ÷øk¼øk 12-15 rf÷ku.
½xe økÞwt.
Ãkk÷eíkkýk{kt {U nðu zkuõxhkuLke {w÷kfkík ÷uðkLke þÁ fhe. ½ýk çkÄk
zkuõxhku yLku nkuÂMÃkx÷kuLke {w÷kfkík ÷R ÷eÄe. 2008 Úke {khk SðLk{kt
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ykuÃkhuþLk {kxu Mk÷kn ykÃke. Ãknu÷k íkku nwt ykuÃkhuþLkLkwt Lkk{ Mkkt¼¤eLku
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sýkÔÞwt. {khk{kt rnB{ík ykðe yLku nwt ykuÃkhuþLk fhkððk {kxu hkS ÚkR
{U òLÞwykhe 2012 {kt SMkeyuMk nkuÂMÃkx÷{kt {khk {kUZkLkwt ykuÃkhuþLk
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yksu ÷øk¼øk {khk ykuÃkhuþLkLku 1 ð»ko fhíkk
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çktÄ fhe s ËeÄk Au yLku MkkÚku MkkÚku nwt nðu {kÁ {kuZwt ÷øk¼øk yk¾w ¾ku÷e
þfwt Awt yLku s{ðk{kt Ëhuf [es ¾kR þfwt Awt. {kÁt ðsLk Ãký 14 rf÷ku
ðæÞwt Au.
zkuõxh fnu Au :
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yLku Mkk{kLÞ SðLk Sðe þõþu.
rLk:þwÕf íkÃkkMk fuBÃk
SMkeyuMk {ÕxeMÃkuþeÞk÷exe nkuÂMÃkx÷ y{ËkðkË þnuhLkk økheçk yLku sYheÞkík{tË rðMíkkhku{kt rLk:þwÕf {urzf÷
Mkuðkyku yLku ÷kufku{kt {urzf÷Lku ÷økíke rçk{kheykuLkwt
rLkËkLk yLku íkuLke Mkkhðkh {kxuLke ÷kufku{kt òøk]rík Vu÷kÞ
íku nuíkwÚke ÃkuBV÷ux rðíkhýLkwt fkÞo Ãký fhu Au. SMkeyuMk
nkuÂMÃkx÷u økík {rnLkkyku{kt y{ËkðkËLkk rðrðÄ MÚk¤kuyu
su{fu økwÁîkhk- MkhMkÃkwh, Mðk{eLkkhkÞý {trËh çkkÃkwLkøkh,
{MSË-Lkhkuzk, MkktRçkkçkk {trËh-MkisÃkwh, {eLke fktfheÞk,
Lkhkuzk økk{, siLk {trËh nðu÷e-çkkÃkwLkøkh yLku ò{k
{MSË-MkhMkÃkwh suðk rðrðÄ MÚk¤ku yu fuBÃkLkwt ykÞkusLk
fÞwo yLku ÷øk¼øk 650 sux÷k ËËeoykuyu íku{Lkk hkuøkkuLke
òýfkhe yLku íkuLkk ÞkuøÞ rLkËkLk {kxu yk fuBÃkLke {w÷kfkík
÷R íkuLkku ÷k¼ ÷eÄku níkku.
Editorial Board
Dr Kirti M Patel (Dean)
Chief Editor
Neha Lal (General Manager - Hospital Administration & HR)
Kalpesh Parmar (Asst. Officer) & Darshi Shah (Executive)
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