Dec 2005 Newsletter



Dec 2005 Newsletter
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Holiday Hours
The Think Tank
Food Drive
Brian Finigan Raffle
Vitamin C
Group Exercise Notice
Tuolumne County Aquatics
Holiday Water Polo Clinic
Words to Live By
Awesome Achievers
• Parent’s Night Out
• Group Exercise Jam
• Upcoming Specialty
• January Blood Drive
• Balance Weight Loss
• Mission Statement
Christmas Eve:
Sat. 12/24— 7 am to 1 pm
Christmas: CLOSED
Mon. Dec 26: 8 am to 6 pm
New Years Eve:
Sat, 12/31—
7 am to 3 pm
New Years Day: CLOSED
Mon. Jan 2: Regular Hours
Think Tank
December 2005
Tank and I would like to wish you a Happy
Holiday season. This is our favorite time
of year. We like it because it is a time to focus on giving thanks and spreading good will. It is a time
for reflection. We appreciate what we have and are thankful for our good health. A time to rejuvenate
and work for a better new year.
This past year has had its challenges. I feel very good about the job we have done. Tank and I feel
fortunate to be surrounded by a great team and great members. Next year brings excitement and
renewed enthusiasm about our place. We are proud to make a difference in your health. We are
most appreciative you have chosen Sonora Sports and Fitness Center as your place to improve your
Tank, the staff and I have spent the past week inspecting our facility. Additionally, some of you have
pointed out some areas that can use some attention. We intend to use this information to better serve
you. A priority list is in the works and we will implement an improvement schedule right away. Some
of the tasks are small and will go unnoticed; others are rather large and unfortunately will impact the
membership for short periods of time. We will work hard to minimize the impact.
Our history and track record is consistent. We re-invest in our facilities regularly. I mentioned in my
last letter to you that we have not been able to do some of
our regular projects due to a tight budget. You have been
gracious in accepting our rate increase and we aim to
Tis the season to be
please. Our goal is to be the best we can within our
forget to bring
means. We are looking forward to serving you this upcomin your canned goods
ing year.
We hope this holiday season finds your family healthy,
safe and happy.
Happy Holidays!
Tank and Tim
through the month of
December. Collection bins
are located in each lobby.
Brian Finigan Raffle
Fellow gym member, cyclist, swimmer, triathlete, and
overall exercise enthusiast, Brian Finigan suffered a work
related accident that nearly took his life.
In an effort to help, his Sonora Sports & Fitness
Center Family will be raffling a one year free membership
to raise money for his extensive rehab and
health care costs.
1 Ticket = $1
7 Tickets =$5
Vitamin C - Abundant with Benefits
You often hear conflicting information about the use of Vitamin C during Cold and Flu
season. We want to clear the vitamin’s good name and inform you that Vitamin C does
in fact lessen the severity and duration of colds and flu. Research shows that taking 1,000
to 6,000 mg a day at the onset of symptoms shortened a cold’s duration by one day on average. The
cold season is approaching; therefore we all want to consider incorporating vitamin C into our daily life.
This powerful vitamin also acts as a natural antihistamine which blocks the inflammatory substances some people
produce in response to allergies from pollen or pet dander. Numerous studies show vitamin C helps prevent or
improve asthmatic symptoms. Vitamin C has also shown to help exercise-induced asthma attacks, in some cases
preventing an attack entirely if taken in an adequate dose right before a workout. Adults with exercise-induced
asthma may want to experiment with doses from 500 to 5,000 mg immediately before working out.
Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, possesses an even broader variety of health benefits, from acting as a
cell proctector, immunity booster, and a powerful antioxidant. Research shows that the body’s ligaments, tendons, and collagen depends on vitamin C to stay healthy and strong. Like all antioxidants, vitamin C counters the
effects of cell-damaging molecules called free radicals. Vitamin C helps fight cancer by protecting healthy cells
and inhibiting the proliferation of cancerous cells. These antioxidant properties of vitamin C help combat the effects of aging and may extend life. Vitamin C helps protect skin from the deteriorative effects of aging (such as
winkles) caused by free radicals.
Vitamin C is one of the least stable vitamins, and cooking can destroy much of this water-soluble vitamin from
foods. Foods rich in vitamin C include dark leafy green vegetables, broccoli, asparagus, Brussels sprouts, tomatoes, yellow-red-orange bell peppers, citrus fruits, blueberries, strawberries, cantaloupe, and cranberries. Loss is
minimized when vegetables such as broccoli and brussel sprouts are cooked over water in a double boiler instead
of directly in water. Also note that the mineral copper in water or in the cookware, diminishes thevitamin C content in foods.
Vitamin C comes in chewable tablets and in capsule form. The recommended dose for adults is 60-90mg. The
strongest and best quality forms of vitamin C are Esterified calcium polyascorbate and Buffered C. These forms
have the highest absorption rate and help to alleviate gastric discomfort or laxative effects. For best results use
small doses split up throughout the day and consumed on a regular basis.
Apex offers Vitamin C in this quality form. The Apex product touts, “The Apex product uses a controlled release
formulation with the following characteristics:
Quick release of a portion of vitamin C for instant cellular availability.
Slower release of the remaining vitamin C to extend effectiveness.
The ability to utilize vitamin C both immediately and over a prolonged period is the result of advanced
technology that makes controlled release formulation possible.”
For the week of Mon, Dec. 26
to Sat, Dec. 31 members will
have access to BOTH our
Athletic & Adult Center
facilities - with no extra charge.
That means you will have a week of Full
Access FREE. Athletic Center Members
have access to Adult Center and vice versa.
Please note that age restrictions still apply
to Adult Center (ages 18 and over only).
NOTICE: There will be NO
Group Exercise Classes held Sat.
December 24 through Sun.
January 1. All classes will resume
on January 2. However, we have a
special treat planned for you on
Wednesday, December 28 to
help you get your fitness fix for
the entire week. Turn to the back page for
the details...
Tuolumne County
Water Polo Clinic
• Swimming Through the Holidays: With the holiday
season rapidly approaching, now is the time to keep swimming on a regular basis. Swimming three times per week
(four is even better) will let you breeze through the holiday parties gatherings, and family fun. You will feel much better and
will be ready for the 1650 free in January! Keep coming to
practice and encourage your lane mates to also swim on a
regular basis.
• 2006 Registration: Both the age group and Masters swimmers must re-register each year and soon that paperwork
must be completed. Beginning DECEMBER 1 we will start
taking 2006 registrations at the back desk. Please keep in
mind that each year registrations with Pacific Masters and Sierra Nevada swimming are required for all swimmers. All fees
must be paid by January 1 to continue swimming in January.
• Recent Schedule Changes: Don’t forget that we have recently made some minor changes to our workout schedule.
We have added a noon practice on Wednesdays and removed the noon practice on Fridays. Also, the evening
workouts will now begin at 6 pm instead of 6:30 pm.
Please note those changes and we will see you at
the pool. For a printable schedule, please visit our
website at
Ages 9 to 16
Dec. 19 to Dec 23
8:00 - 9:45 am
A five day water polo clinic will be held
the first week of Christmas vacation from
December 19 to 23 from 8:00 to 9:45
am. The class will be open to males and
females ages 9 to 16 and will include
skills, conditioning, and scrimmages.
Sign ups begin November 28,
class size is limited.
Cost: $20 current TCA members
$30 current gym members
$45 non members
“Be as quick to jump to
an opportunity as you do
a conclusion.”
Awesome Achievers
• Twain Harte Triathlon: Many athletes come to participate in this triathlon close to home. Of special mention are Hosea
Shepherd (48:18) who placed first out of the men, Ryan Levering (49:13) first out of the women, and Kellie Murphy (1:04:49)
who placed top female Master. Also of mention are youngsters Elizabeth Ordway and Orion Day who completed the race. Other
participants included Justin Calbert, Kyle Stock, Jim Lucich, Mitch Luce, Brad Zook, Richard Stone, Tom Gonzales, Marvin Ordway,
Brie Newton, Allison Autrey, Cindy Mudge, Candace Wilson, and Mary-Lou Gerber. There were also teams that participated in the triathlon. Mica Van
Noord was the swimmer on a team of out-of-towners who took care of the bike and run portion of the race; the team with Paul McIlroy (swimmer) and Mark
Azevedo (biker), runner unknown, came in first place; Megan Mills swam and Leanne Gentry ran (biker unknown) for another team; and Ed Friel and Sheila
Monaghan were also on teams. We were not able to find out the names of every person who participated, so for those of you we missed (and we apologize),
we congratulate you on your efforts!
Tahoe Half Marathon: Members Gina Montanez, Mike Miller, Mary Delgado, Kathy Mossen & Don Foster finished this challenging half marathon (13
miles. Most of the race was uphill and was very difficult, explained Gina. Even the web site calls one portion of the race, “the hill from hell.” Even though the
race was challenging, the spectacular views and beautiful sites made it worth running. Congratulations to everyone who finished!
Treasure Island Triathlon: This triathlon started off with a brisk swim in the bay, then biking several loops and a few climbs, and finished with a fairly flat run
around Treasure Island. John Brunolli, who completed the Olympic Distance, finished 12th in the 40 to 44 age group (2:33:51), which earned him his personal
best time. He also had his fastest run time ever. Ryan Layhee finished 15th in the Pro Division of the Olympic Distance (2:15:56). The Olympic Distance consisted of a 1.5k swim, 40k bike, and 10k run. There was also a Sprint Distance which consisted of a 500m swim, 20k bike, and 5k run. Margaret Axiak finished 2nd (20 to 24 year olds) with a time of 1:21:31, Mary Lou Gerber & Cookie DeGennero finished 4th and 6th respectively in their age group (50-54), Tom
DeGennero finished 9th with a time of 1:29:09 (ages 55-59), and Bette Axiak finished first within the 60-64 age group with her time of 1:30:56. Great job everyone!
TCA Masters Short Course Meters Championships in Walnut Creek: All nine swimmers who competed either swam personal bests at this meet or set new
team records. Dave Fairfield (66) led the team with 3 personal bests and set 5 new team records. Frank Helm (65) , who swam in Dave’s events, was close
on his heels and came in a close second & third in his freestyle events. Karl Kleman (65) set new team records in the breast stroke events for his age groups.
Dick Todd set new team records in all 6 of his events and personal bests in 2 events. Mike Jones (60) had 2 personal bests and 2 team records. Also, swimming in their first short course meter meet, Paul Fairfield (55), Allie Fairfield (48), Matt Gass (48), & Kelly Thalman (43) all set personal bests and team records. Great job!
9th Annual Salmon Duathlon & 5k Run at Knights Ferry: The duathlon consists of a 5 k run, followed by a 3k bike, ending with a 2.5 k run. Hosea Shepherd (age 19-29) finished in 1:35:49, Kyle Stock (age group 30-39) finished in 1:26:22, Tom Dunlap (40-49) finished with a time of 1:27:04 and Lynn Kemp
and Jeanette Emery (50-59) finished in 1:46:07. Along with this race they hold a 5k run. Of the many runners from this area that take part, of special mention
is member Patricia Tolhurst (30-39) who placed 1st in her age group and 2nd overall with her time of 25:00. Awesome job! Please note that many athletes
from our area that are not members (or we were unable to get your name) accomplished these events. We congratulate you as well!
Parent’s Night Out!
Friday, December 9
6 to 9 pm
Group Exercise Holiday Jam!
Take the evening during the busy season to do something with
a loved one or finish up last minute wrapping without the kids
around. Leave your kids with our childcare staff!
Santa will be stopping by and we will be having a
unisex gift exchange (under $5 please). There will
be plenty of supervised craft activities and healthy
snacks to last the evening.
Cost: $15 per child / $35 for families of 3 or more
Wednesday, December 28
9 am to 11 am
Come for a fitness extravaganza! There will be something for
everyone and every level. Join us for a sweatin’ good time as
we do low impact aerobics, step, enjoy a little resistance
training, add in a little cardio kick boxing, yoga,
Pilates, abs, and much more.
This is the event you won’t want to miss!
Come for a bit of fun, even if you can’t stay for the entire two hours.
Sign up today while spots are sill open
More of your Favorite
Specialty Classes Coming
your Way in January…
Both Starting Tuesday,
January 10
Rubberside Down
(further details about classes on
Start your New Year
off with a Bang!
Tuesday/Thursday 5 pm
Group Exercise Class
DECEMBER: Pure Step with Dee/Amy p
JANUARY: Body Blast with Erica
Mark Your Calendars!
Sonora Sports & Fitness will be hosting a
Replacement Blood Drive for Brian Finigan on
January 11 from 9 am to 1 pm.
Look for sign ups coming soon!
Proof it only takes one
ticket to be a winner!
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Keep in BALANCE after the Holidays
with Tammy Cahill
Coming January 5 …six weeks
Class times available Tuesdays at 9:15 am
Thursdays 12:15 pm & 5:30 pm (classes 45 min long)
Make a lifestyle change that will last!
COST: $100 members, $125 non-members, $75 returning, $10 drop-in
For more information about this successful program, view full description on our website at or talk with trainer, Tammy Cahill
Our mission is to provide an educational, nurturing, safe, and healthy environment for our members.