September 2015 Parents Newsletter


September 2015 Parents Newsletter
Over the summer we have had so
much fun meeting up at Stormont
Park, Seapark, a walk in Castle
Gardens and getting shelter from
the rain at Play Zone and
Welcome to the September edition of the Vineyard Kids Parents’
Newsletter. We hope that your families are in good shape for all of
the newness and return of routine that September brings!
Coming up next month, is a Saturday all – day event for our P4-P7’s. We're
joining up with CFC, City Church, Emmanuel and some of the other Vineyard
churches for a conference day where our kids can join together and enjoy tons
of activities including football, inflatables, cooking, video making, art and
dance classes. There’ll be great teaching and worship too! As a crowd, these
kids got on so well at the Castlewellan retreat that we wanted to create more
than one annual opportunity for them to hang out. Joining up with the other
churches means we can go bigger than what we ourselves have capacity for
We loved being able to have bigger
summer socials with our Mr
Hullabaloo and Ards Swimming
Pool afternoons.
and unite.
Made4More is on Saturday 17th October, at
Emmanuel Church, Lurgan. We’re hiring a
private bus to leave from Connswater car park.
It’s an open invite to our children and their
friends. Online booking goes live this coming
Sunday through the CFC website. The price is
£10 per child for the conference and to travel on
the bus will be £4 return. This is a chance for us
as parents to send our children to a day of
equipping, where they can encounter Jesus in
ways they may never have done before.
It’s called ‘Made for More’ because we want our kids to understand that they
are made for greater things than they have ever imagined!! In a busy term
time, this is one date that is worth prioritizing in your calendar as an
investment in your child’s journey with Jesus.
The family life group Supersize
BBQ’s at Ardnavally (pic top left)
were a real treat to be able to
gather as a big crowd, eat the
nicest hot dogs ever and worship
with our families. Thank you to
everyone for coming, for helping
tidy up, setting up worship gear,
bringing salads and for engaging in
We’re looking forward to more
hang out times throughout the
Katie & Sel
2’s & 3’s
Nursery – P2’s
We are excited to welcome some new arrivals to
our baby room this Autumn! This new term we
can’t wait for more opportunities to pray for our
babies as they grow and develop at such a fast
rate. One thing we love so much about your
little ones is their capacity to carry joy with
them everywhere they go. A smile from a little
baby is a contagious thing, and we are especially
praying that the Holy Spirit would fill them up
and equip them to carry joy throughout our
church community and beyond!
A huge welcome to the 13 boys and girls who have
moved from 2’s & 3’s to this room. This autumn
we will be learning about healing. We want to
make this very practical, so that our children are
empowered to invite the Holy Spirit and pray for
healing in a natural way. If you are sick, please
do talk to a team leader and arrange to call in and
have the kiddies pray for you during their
ministry time.
In October we will be learning all about the life
and adventures of the apostle Paul. Perhaps you
could read some Bible stories about Paul at home
together, and pave the way for the things your
child will be learning at church.
This autumn the 2’s & 3’s are kicking off the new
term with a topic on Creation - how everything
started and how God was in the middle of it all,
speaking, creating, making and acting. We will be
thinking about how God was here before anything or
anyone else and He decided to make something
amazing. It would be great if you could spend time at
home looking at things in nature that God has
created, going on walks and thanking Him for one
thing he has made every day. You could also chat
about how God did such a great job when he made
your little one!
We’re so excited to welcome all our P3 children who
have moved up an age group. In P3-7s, we are also
doing a topic that looks at people in the Bible who
were healed, and how to pray and serve practically
when people are sick. Just like in Nursery – P2s,
parents are welcome to come along for prayer from
the kids during their ministry time.
In October, we have a new series based around
hospitality, called ‘Eating with Jesus’ where we will
look at some people in the Bible who invited Jesus
over for dinner, and what happened while he was
there! This lesson will finish off with the parable of
the banquet, where the kids will learn that Jesus has
invited them for dinner… a banquet in Heaven!
Dedication Service on Sunday 11th October
We’re delighted to have our second dedication service coming up on Sunday 11th October. The one that
we had in April was a great day in the life of BCV and we know that we’re in for another treat next
month. If you would like to have your child dedicated please let us know and we’ll be in touch about
the order of service. You can email, use your response card or talk to Andy Smith or Katie Wilson.
This is a chance to pause before people who love you and are for you, and invite more of Jesus love and
presence in the core of your family. It’s a place to ask for abundance and favour and protection and
fruitfulness and it’s also going to be wonderful to celebrate the babies in our church family. There will
be buns!