Dec 2012 - Spring Hill Presbyterian Church



Dec 2012 - Spring Hill Presbyterian Church
Spring Hill Presbyterian Church, Mobile, Alabama
Volume 69, Number 10, December 2012
A Warm Bed on a Cold Morning
I like Christmas. I am not caught up
of the times and troubling edicts from Rome to ponder.
in a lot of gift buying, I delegate that
Herod, doing what paranoid Herod did best, terrorized
responsibility, and maybe that is the
the populace. On top of all that, there were the dreams
reason. For me Christmas is just
and strange visions Joseph and Mary had received.
comfortable and warm. The season
There was an unplanned pregnancy and unfamiliar
gives me all kinds of warm fuzzes. The
surroundings. What could it all mean? Luke records on
Christmas Eve Service is a favorite
several occasions that, Mary treasured up all these
worship experience of mine. The
things and pondered them in her heart.
candles, the crowds, the singing of
(Luke 2:19 NIV)
I am anticipating another good Christmas. All the
wonderful hymns, all add up to a very special worship
things I love about the season will be in place. Memories
experience. Christmas day is always laid back for us.
will be made and reinforced. The gas logs will be burning
When the boys were little, we got up at 3:00 or 4:00 AM
regardless of the temperature outside. We will turn the
(I had absolutely nothing to do with that!) to open
AC down if that is what it takes to set the right mood! It
presents with the dog in the midst of it all. What fun!
is going to be special. Yet somehow, I suspect that Mary
What a precious time. Monnie would cook turkey and
experienced and understood something much deeper
dressing. When we lived in upstate New York, Monnie s
than what my memories will encompass. All of her
cornbread dressing represented our effort to cling to
experiences, far from the comforts of my home, enabled
one aspect of Southern culture. Yankees do not know
her to know something of the meaning of the old
how to make dressing. The comfort of home, family, and
traditional English hymn. It was a comfort found in
food is a gift from God for me. While the setting and
God alone.
circumstances have changed over the years as the family
has grown, those basic ingredients have remained intact.
God rest ye merry, gentlemen, let nothing you dismay,
Remember Christ our Savior was born on Christmas Day;
To save us all from Satan’s power when we were gone astray.
O tidings of comfort and joy, comfort and joy;
O tidings of comfort and joy.
Like a warm bed on a cold morning, Christmas wraps me
in its joy and peace, its comfort.
Yet, how different that first Christmas was. No
comfort. No family. No warm house. No place of
welcome. Food? I doubt they enjoyed cornbread
dressing. There were cobwebs for curtains; the scent of
animal urine filling the air, not of pine and fragrances; dirt
for carpet; and filthy stable blankets for cover. The
comfort I know did not exist. There was the uncertainty
I know that Thanksgiving is over by now, but I cannot
Finally, I am
help but continue to be thankful.
grateful for all of the
participants. In the
I am certainly thankful to God for his faithfulness in all
past few weeks, I have
things, and particularly for his faithfulness in the Bible in
had a handful of
90 Days challenge.
people come up to me
I am also thankful to Judy Stout and the Christian
and say, You know, I
didn t want to do
Education Committee for all of their help in making this
this. I was really skeptical. But, I am so glad that I did it!
challenge happen. They really stepped up and made
Thank you! I have to say that the most wonderful thing
every effort to promote, encourage, and endure. Much of
about this was that I really did not hear a lot of dissension
their work was behind the scenes, but it was important
beforehand. If people were upset about us doing this
work that was necessary in order for us to succeed.
challenge, they didn t voice it. (I had been prepared for it,
too!) Every other church said, Oh, you ll have a hard time
I am thankful for the Bible in 90 Days facilitators. This
getting some people on board. But, we really didn t!
was a great group. They either volunteered or said yes
People may have been skeptical, but they not only
when asked, and for that I am so grateful. This was one
refrained from grumbling, they signed up and did it
time when it really wasn t THAT hard to find volunteers!
anyway! And look what happened! This should be a
They underwent training and put in so much extra time,
lesson for us all. It is certainly a testimony to what the
preparing at home and encouraging the members of their
church can do if we have faith, put ourselves last, and get
class. Perhaps the greatest challenge for them was that
out of our comfort zones. The Holy Spirit was at work
they had to keep up with the reading! If you haven t
nudging us all in the right direction, we succumbed to
taken the time to thank your facilitator for all of his/her
that nudging in faithfulness, and we have been blessed
hard work, please do so!
because of it.
I am also grateful for the SHPC staff, all of whom were
So…where is he nudging us now?
extraordinarily supportive. The encouragement of Mike,
Thank you to all of you and thanks be to God!
Randy, Shelton, and Susan was a huge blessing to us.
Mike s sermons were an important aspect of this
challenge that really brought everything together. Also,
did you know that our three secretaries and our
custodian all read the Bible in 90 Days with us? What a
Andrea Hall
great demonstration of their love for and dedication to
Director of Christian Education
our church!
Christian Education Schedule
Thursday, December 6,
Milestone #4
PrayingTogether : PJs and
Sunday School Sabbatical
on December 30
for 3 & 4-year-olds and their
adults on Sunday, December 30, 2012. Instead, we
parents 6:00 ‒ 7:00 p.m. in the
invite you to share the Christmas story at home
Bullard Building. Childcare provided for
with your friends and family before joining us for
There will be NO Sunday School for children or
siblings upon request. See Andrea Hall or
worship. Merry Christmas!
email her at
([email protected])
from prior years and have included some of the many
NEW! Adult Advent Sunday School Class:
outstanding reflections on the season used in the past.
A Clear View of the Birth of Jesus (DVD lectures)
by Presbyterian missionary and scholar, Dr. Ken Bailey.
We have also included our favorite Advent hymns, as well
Join Billy McLean on Sunday mornings during Advent
as some new entries from our church s capable staff.
All of these daily readings are grouped according to
(December 2-23), as we discover and discuss little-known
information about the most well-known story in the Bible.
the four themes represented by our Advent candles:
You ll never hear the Christmas story the same way
Hope, Peace, Joy and Love. We hope that taking the
again! (This is a great way to view the Christmas story
time to thoughtfully read the daily scripture passages
in light of the Bible in 90 Days.) Stay tuned for
and devotionals will prepare your hearts and minds
information on classroom location or contact
for Christmas.
Following the discipline of The Bible in 90 Days
Andrea Hall with questions.
perhaps you are eager to participate in another reading
plan we can share as a congregation. This is a great
Advent Devotional Guides
opportunity to do just that. Be sure to pick up a copy
The Worship Committee has prepared an Advent
devotional guide for use in your spiritual preparation
from the tables located outside the entrances to our
during this busy season. We reviewed Advent booklets
Getting to Know Our Physical Church - The Bullard Building
Our congregation of Spring Hill
Throughout the week, the main
The carpeted hallway around the
Presbyterian is very fortunate to
room, a gymnasium floor capable of
periphery of the upstairs lends itself
have an expansive campus with four
handling basket and volley ball
to an indoor walking track and leads
major buildings, a playground, and a
pounding, caters to little ones at
right past an exercise room with
large grass field for outdoor
Mothers Day Out and the Week-
equipment designed for
activity. In the coming months our
Day School. The children are
strengthening exercises. The corner
newsletter will include articles that
separated by age into class rooms
room is dedicated to craft activity
tell of the history and ways to utilize
filled with toys and learning tools.
and is well-equipped. A drama room
our buildings to full advantage.
Also on this level is the kitchen and
comes next with stage and seating
David s Diner for hosting luncheons
(folded chairs!).
For starters: The Bullard Building
is our next to newest addition to the
and the occasional Circle meeting.
church campus and is named for
Behind closed doors are a laundry
upstairs are the offices for the
the Joe Bullard family (multi-
room and restrooms with showers.
leaders of the Youth Program and
generational). The building serves
This equipment makes it possible to
College Ministry. Four more rooms
as a gathering place (multi-
host catastrophe teams when they
along that walkway serve as SS
functional) for all ages and all
come to the Gulf area to help after
rooms for older children. The
occasions. There is an elevator to
hurricanes. The building also houses
quilting group which needs a
the 2nd floor so that the entire
touring youth groups and mission
storage area for their sewing tools
building is accessible to all persons.
volunteers from time to time.
and donated fabric meets there
Children gather here for Sunday
Upstairs facilities are designed for
Passing to the other side of the
weekly. There is a large, multi-
School and the church nursery has
the youth and adults. The junior &
a designated room to that purpose.
senior highs have a lounge and
We have congregational meals and
recreation room complete with pool
such a facility to use and enjoy.
meetings, theatrical plays, and VBS
table and further down the hall is a
Plan to attend the next event
here. It is an area dedicated to
computer room housing multiple
scheduled for the Bullard Building.
many church activities.
computers and teaching tools.
purpose room in the corner.
Lucky are we at SHPC to have
Opportunities for Service and Fellowship
The Member Involvement Committee would like to
Now that we have officially completed the Bible in 90
remind all Supper and Lunch Club participants that
Days Church-Wide Challenge, get ready to celebrate!
their membership will stay the same through the year
Join us after worship on Sunday, December 9 in the
2013. Please enjoy your friends until the next
Fellowship Hall for a simple celebration and thanksgiving
reorganization, which will not occur until next Fall.
for God s faithfulness. We will share stories and
fellowship with one another. All B90 participants will
receive a special reminder of this challenge. Don t miss it!
(If you re still reading, see if you can finish the challenge
by this date!)
We Rejoice!
lst Thursday Luncheon
We rejoice with Mary Lou Kopf
in the birth of a great
granddaughter, Mary Austin
Brown, on November 1 (Parents
are Mary-Margaret & Austin
Brown); with Ted and Marcia
Autterson in the birth of a grandson, Jackson
Robert Long, on November 7 in Columbia, SC
(Parents are Amy and Michael Long).
Join us for a merry afternoon of good cheer.
1st Thursday Luncheon will meet on December 6th
at 11:45 a.m. in the Fellowship Hall. We are planning
a special holiday program, which will include a "singalong" lead by pianist, Bron Dixon and Eva Macon
will assist with the details of the "dirty santa game".
Participating in the game is optional. If you desire
We Share
in Sorrow.
to join in the fun, please bring a small gender-freegift and the cost must not exceed $10.00.
Remember to invite a friend, neighbor or church
The prayers and sympathy of
the congregation are with the
family of Edith Abrams in her
death on October 30; with
Norma Baymiller in the death of
member. The cost is $6.00 and Pat Stoll will be
her brother, Robert Stephens, on October 28
cooking. Reservation cut-off date is Sunday,
and with Roy Martino in the death of his mother,
December 2nd. Call the church office or use the
Mary Martino, on November 26.
tear-off in the bulletin.
Presbyterian Women
Presbyterian Women s
Coordinating Team will meet on
Wednesday December 5 at 9:30
a.m. in the Conference Room.
Circles will meet on Wednesday,
December 12 as follows:
Important Dates:
#1 at 10:00 a.m. TBA
#3 at 9:30 a.m. at the home of
Cassie Steele (121 Eaton Square)
#4 at 7:00 p.m. in the Parlor
Installation of Officers; Budget presented; Birthday
Offering Received.
Spring GatheringMarch 9, 2013
Trinity Presbyterian Church in Fairhope, AL
Birthday LuncheonMay 8, 2013
AL/MS Women’s Conference -July 17–19, 2013
First-Trinity Presbyterian Church, Laurel, MS
Joy Gift
Hurricane Sandy Relief
The Joy Gift Offering is taken annually at Christmas by
The Disaster Response commission of the Presbytery
Presbyterian congregations to support the Board of
of South Alabama sent $5,000 to Presbyterian Disaster
Pensions for the Assistance Programs and for the
Assistance (PDA) to help people and churches in the
Committee on Higher Education to support Presbyterian
Northeast affected by Hurricane Sandy. If you would like
racial and ethnic schools and colleges. Special envelopes
to contribute to the relief effort, you may do so through
will be in the pews on December 16.
the church. Make your check payable to Spring Hill
Presbyterian Church and designate it for Hurricane
Sandy Relief.
Christmas Wish List
We will forward the funds to help in
the recovery.
Our church is again participating in the Christmas Wish
List program in conjunction with Catholic Social Services.
Be A Special Friend
These children will be counting on us for Christmas gifts!
The cards are on the bulletin board outside the Fellowship
Stephen Ministers are church members who have gone
Hall. The deadline for delivering the wrapped and tagged
through an extensive training program that prepares
gifts to the parlor will be Sunday, December 9. If you have
them to work with those who need a special friend to help
any questions, please contact Pam Phillips.
them through difficult times. Our church will begin its
new Stephen Ministry class in January. If you feel that
this is a ministry for you or you would like to know more
Salvation Army Volunteers
about it, please contact Margaret Miller at 344-3937 or
The Service Committee will be ringing the Salvation
Army Bells in Bel-Air Mall on December 15. All collections
Nancy Adams at 342-6130. If you have questions,
in the Christmas Kettles on that day will benefit the
concerns, or are not sure, just pick up the phone and call
Children s and Women s Shelter. Can you ring the bells
us. Please give Stephen Ministry careful, prayerful
with us? Call Gwin Williams 342-2699
Christmas Angel Trees
Cancelled Stamps Ministry
SHPC has been participating in this ministry for several
The Service Center of Catholic Social Services
Christmas Angel Tree program. Set-up and distribution
years and it is very, very easy to participate. When you
of gifts will take place Dec. 10-13 at Prince of Peace
receive correspondence that has a glued on stamp
Catholic Church during the day. A Christmas grocery
affixed to the envelope (any class including non-profit
distribution will also take place at The Service Center Dec.
commercial stamps ), tear off the corner with the stamp,
13 &14 and Dec. 17 & 18. from 9am-4pm. Workers are
leaving a minimal border of ¼ inch around the cancelled
needed for both programs for at least 2 hour shifts. For
Deposit the stamps in a designated box hanging below
more information or to volunteer please contact Jamie
Landry at 434-1510 or email
the Educational Outreach bulletin board in the back
[email protected]
hallway. The stamps are prepared for resale to collectors
by volunteers and are sent to the Alliance Stamp Ministry
in Fort Myers, FL, which began in 1972. The income from
Heifer Project= 2 for 1
the stamp sales goes to support preparation, publishing,
The Heifer Project gives the
opportunity to give two gifts for the
and distribution of a Spanish language curriculum for
price of one. A gift of joy to a loved
Sunday Schools in Latin America. More than 50 lesson
one while helping families around the world receive
series have been published and are being used in
training and animal and plant gifts that help them become
churches of 40 different denominations and missions in
self-reliant. The gift can be any amount you wish and will
19 Latin American countries. Funds from the sale of
provide sustainable resources where they are most
these stamps (useless to us but of worth to others) has
needed. How can you make this happen?
averaged in excess of $21,500 for each of the past two
Come by the display in the Fellowship Hall or give a gift
This Christmas (and throughout the year!) put your
through the regular offering methods and mark it for the
Heifer Project. The Global Missions Committee thanks
stamps to work helping to spread the word of Jesus
you for your support.
Christ and His love.
Live Nativity
In lieu of a children s
Christmas play this
year, we invite
children, youth, and
adults of all ages to
New Worship Schedule Each Sunday in December
participate in a simple
One Worship Service at 10:30 a.m.
Sunday School at 9:00 a.m.
(No Sunday School on Dec. 30)
Live Nativity on Friday, December 14. Costuming
will occur on December 9. For more information
or to sign up to participate (we need actors,
Dec. 2 Cantata Sunday
helpers, and refreshment servers), please
Our Chancel Choir, 15 instrumentalists,
contact Stephanie Lindey at
and vocal soloists Sarah and Scott Wright
[email protected] by December 9.
On Christmas Night
A Suite of Eight Carols, with Scripture
Everyone is invited to the annual
Original Music by Bob Chilcott, interwoven
with Traditional Carols
Hanging of the Greens at
Dec. 9 Dr. Anderson, preaching
The Day is Saturday, December
15. We meet in the Bullard Building
Music by our Youth Chorale, Children s Choirs,
at 9 a.m. where we will make wreaths
and Chancel Choir
that will adorn the walls of the
Dec. 16 Dr. Anderson, preaching
It is always lovely with the
Music by the Spring Hill Ringers and the Chancel Choir
poinsettias, candles and greenery on the ledges all
around the church.
We bring simple finger food that is enjoyed by all at
Dec. 23 Service of Nine Lessons and Carols
lunch time. We are usually finished by early afternoon.
The Story of Salvation
This is a fun time of laughter and fellowship.
from the Garden of Eden through the Birth of Christ
The beauty of the sanctuary decorated for Christmas is
In Music and Scripture
truly a blessing.
Music by the Chancel Choir
and the Congregation Singing Carols
Dec. 24, Christmas Eve
Equip God’s people
to sing His Praise!
6:00 p.m. Family Worship Service with Candle Lighting
10:00 p.m. Service of Candlelight and Communion
Help Us Reach Our Goal̶ 45
Dr. Anderson, preaching
More Hymnals Needed ($20 each) Wow! We are nearly
Music by the Chancel Choir
Use Envelopes in the Pews or Order Forms in the Back
Hallway. If You Wish, You May Dedicate Your Gift in Honor
or Memory of a Loved One. Acknowledgment cards are
located on the Hymn Project Table in the back hallway.
Please make Your Gift by Sunday, Dec. 2.
Festival of Faith - Forty Acts of Hope - February 23-25, 2013
opportunities for all ages and
Dr. Cynthia Rigby, The W. C.
for February 23-25, 2013, and get
The Festival of Faith is scheduled
interests. Which one will you
Brown Professor of Theology at
ready for something different!
choose? Maybe your family would
Austin Presbyterian Theological
Forty Acts of Hope is the theme.
enjoy participating in a hands-on
Seminary will serve as our keynote
Forty ways to show we care. Forty
activity at L Arche of Mobile.
speaker. Dr. Rigby will be speaking
ways to make a difference in our
Maybe you can bring canned goods
at both services Sunday morning,
community and the world. Forty
for the Food Bank. How about a
February 24; Sunday evening with
opportunities to share our faith.
Prayer Walk? Preparing casseroles
dinner at 6:00 PM; and Monday,
Forty ways to grow together as a
for our shut-ins? Or collecting
February 25 at a noon lunch. She
congregation. Forty ways to
vitamins for Global Missions?
will lead us to understand how the
have fun!
Prayerfully consider what your
forty days of Lent can take on a
involvement will be in this exciting
richer meaning as we acknowledge
on the forty acts of service planned
event in our church s life on
Christ s sacrifice by reaching out to
for this year s Festival of Faith.
February 23-25, 2013.
help others.
Stay tuned for more information
There will be meaningful
Statement as of October 31, 2012
Robert Edington - Mobile's Veteran of the Year
MOBILE, Alabama -- Robert Edington has been named the
2012 Pledges
2012 Mobile Area Veteran of the Year. Officials say his
selection was based on dedicated service in the community in
Year to date
Other receipts
a variety of military related activities. He served on active duty
with the U.S. Navy from 1951 to 1955 and in the Navy Active
Reserve from 1955 until his retirement as a Commander in
1980. A Navy Air Operations Officer, Edington was awarded
Total Receipts
the Korean Service Medal with two Battle Stars, China Service
Medal, the United Nations Service Medal and the Korean
Denomination expense
Session directed gifts
Presidential Unit Citation.
Edington served in the Alabama House of Representatives
from 1962-1970, and as State Senator from 1970 to 1974. In
this capacity he authored the legislation which created the USS
Alabama Battleship Commission. A Past Chairman of the USS
Salaries and services
Alabama Battleship Commission, he served on the commission
for its creation in 1963 through 1972. During this time he
Office expenses
General & plant
Total Expenses
located and arranged for the transfer and relocation of the
Alabama s OS2U Kingfisher aircraft. In 2000 Edington was
reappointed to the Battleship Commission.
As a past state president and national director of the Navy
League of the United States, Edington has actively supported
the port visits of U.S. Navy vessels for Mardi Gras and other
occasions for decades.
Edington is President of the CSS Alabama Association USA,
where he has overseen fundraising and artifacts recovery
Excess receipts over
expenses (deficit)
including the magnificently restored cannon, which is now on
display in the History Museum of Mobile.
A member of the Mobile Kiwanis Club and the
For a complete report contact Nena Smith
in the church office.
Edington s long and outstanding service to the
American Legion, he was named Alumnus of the Year
community in a wide variety of capacities was
from Rhodes College in 2008. A graduate of the
rewarded in 2007 when he received the Mobilian
University of Alabama Law School, Edington is Director
of the Year Award.
of the Mobile Bar Association Volunteer
The Mobile area Veteran s Day celebration and Award
Lawyer s Program.
Ceremony took place Nov. 12.
lectionary for the Lord’s Day:
Memorials have been received for the following:
Martha Donald
Stony Price
George Saul
Duncan & Frances McDonald
Edith Abrams
Buck Trehern
Olive Kellum
Bill Harrison
1st Sunday of Advent
Jer. 33:14-16; Ps. 25:1-10; 1 Thess. 3:9-13
Luke 21:25-36
2nd Sunday of Advent
Mal. 3:1-4; Luke 1:68-79; Phil. 1:3-11
Luke 3:1-6
3rd Sunday of Advent
Zeph. 3:14-20; Isa. 12:2-6; Phil. 4:4-7
Luke 3:7-18
4th Sunday of Advent
1 Micah 5:2-5a; Luke 1:46b-55 or Ps. 80:1-7
Heb. 10:5-10; Luke 1:39-45 (46-55)
1st Sunday after Christmas Day
1 Sam. 2:18-20, 26; Ps. 148; Col. 3:12-17
Luke 2:41-52
From the following:
Liz Hill
Sue & Roy Martino
Sam & Judy Strada
Harriet Nihart
Will & Ruth Liddell
Bill & Laura Gewin
Mr. & Mrs. Everett C. Owens III
Andrew & Natalie W. Thomas
Dr. Eldon & Elizabeth Scott
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur W. Williams, Jr.
Alice Mighell Inge
Jack & Jane Phillippi Shannon
Mrs. G. L. King & Family
Marguerite Perry
Blewett Melton
Constangy, Brooks & Smith, LLP
Judge & Mrs. Frederick Mullis
& Jessica
Samuel & Laurie Sugg
Mrs. Guy C. Oswalt
Chris & Leigh Laatsch
Dr. & Mrs. E. D. Ozment, Jr.
William H. Ledbetter, Jr.
Jo Harrison
Kay & Carter Bryars
Cort & Susan Schlichting
Lisa & Tommy Clement
Katie, Brad & Forrest Smith
Carol & Richard Garrigues
Alice Morgan
Lila Dexter
Ann & Edward Barland
Officers, Directors & Staff of
Camden National Bank
Camille Luscher
Sue & Billy McLean
Betty Rambeau
Tamara & Michael Clancy
Mary Margaret McDonald
Chris & Ashley Brown
Jewel Nicholls
Hilda Gewin
Venetia Prince
Mack & Betty Graham
Ted & Mona Ferguson
Consular Corps of Mobile
Craig & Betty McKinnon
Bobby & Sara Ann Clark
Cheryl Y. Ward & Thomas Ward
Janie Sims
Helen & Alexander Holland
Mitch & Sally Cob
Lewis & Barkley Shreve
Joelyne Trehern
Gwin Williams
Dick & Harriett Pennington
Agnes & Jim Scott
Royce & Michelle Ray
Ann & Ben Rowe
Anne & Murray Meador
Nick Vrakelos
Ruth Fitzgerald
Pat & Royce Ray
Sara Long
Ferd & Sue Zundel
Bonney Jean, Cara Lynne &
Valrey Early
Cele & Jim Fibbe
Norman & Nancy McCrummen
Ed & Betty Sells
Betsy & Bill Thompson
Eva Macon
Sadie Smith
Bruce & Sylvia Weinard
SHPC Quilters
Ann Bedsole
Dick Bradley
Epiphany of the Lord
Isa. 60:1-6; Ps.72:1-7, 10-14
Eph. 3:1-12; Matt. 2:1-12
Baptism of the Lord
Isa. 43:1-7; Ps. 29; Acts 8:14-17
Luke 3:15-17, 21-22
2nd Sunday after Epiphany
2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time
Isa. 62:1-5; Ps. 36:5-10
1 Cor. 12:1-11; John 2:1-11
3rd Sunday after Epiphany
3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time
Neh. 8:1-3, 5-6, 8-10; Ps. 19
1 Cor. 12:12-31a; Luke 4:14-21
Update from the Spring Hill Presbyterian Church PNC
The following list contains the 22 steps that Pastor Nominating Committees throughout the Presbysterian
Church (U.S.A.) use in calling a minister. Steps 6 and 7 are in bold to indicate where the PNC is in this process. The
committee has worked on the CIF and will submit it to the Session this month.
1. Congregation elects Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC)
2. PNC meets with Representative of Presbytery.
(In our case, it was Samford Turner, South Alabama Presbytery executive presbyter)
3. PNC gets organized following Presbytery guidelines.
4. PNC gathers information for the Church Information Form (CIF)
5. Develop consensus within the PNC
6. Preparation of the CIF
7. CIF sent to Session and to Presbytery for review.
8. CIF approved by Presbytery. PNC sends CIF to the General Assembly.
9. Names of prospective ministers are gathered.
10. PNC reviews the Pastor Information Forms. (PIF)
11. PNC establishes a list of top candidates.
12. A list of top candidates, their respective PIFs and references is sent to the presbytery executive.
13. The candidate is contacted to determine interest and availability.
14. PNC interviews the No. 1 candidate and if in agreement, the committee proceeds to Step. 15. If there is no
agreement, the PNC returns to Step. 11.
15. PNC contacts Presbytery to arrange for a meeting of the candidate with the Committee on Ministry and
Presbytery will arrange for the candidate to undergo a background check.
16. Prospective minister meets with Committee on Ministry. If approved, proceed to Step. 17.
17. PNC meets with the Session to call a meeting of the congregation to hear the PNC report.
18. Contact Presbytery to appoint a minister to moderate the congregational meeting.
19. The congregation meets and votes. (In this step, the congregation is formally issuing a call to the prospective
minister to serve as pastor of Spring Hill Presbyterian Church.)
20. Minister is examined by Presbytery.
21. Minister is approved, received and Commission to Install approved.
22. Presbytery's Commission installs minister. PNC recognized and dismissed.
The Spring Hill Presbyterian PNC includes the following: Sue Martino, chair; Judy Stout, co-chair; Leslie Sweeney,
secretary; Sally Cobb, Rudolph Hall, Ashton Hill, Ann Magee, Ryan Mahtani, Peter Pearce, Rhoda Pickett and Susan
Schlichting, members.
Many of you responded to the surveys and returned them by the Oct. 31 deadline. We appreciate your
attention and your comments have helped us answer the questions on the Church Information Form.
The PNC will use a variety of means to keep the congregation informed throughout the search for a new
pastor: Updates in the church newsletter and weekly email, Sunday morning bulletins and Moments for Mission
prior to the worship service. In the future, we will have the steps listed in a bulletin insert for you to place on your
refrigerator or activity board to mark off the steps as we move through the process.
If there is any information you wish to send to the PNC or questions you want answered, please send us an
email, [email protected] or leave a note in the committee's mailbox in the church's mailroom.
Again, thank you for your prayers and patience as we walk on the path that leads us to the person God has
prepared to lead this congregation.
Church Calendar, December 2012
Presbyterian Women Coordinating Team ‒
9:30 am.
Notes from the
November 13,
1st Thursday ‒ 11:45 a.m.
PNC ‒ 6:00 p.m.
 Recognized Robert
Youth & Children Music
90 Day Celebration
Diaconate ‒ 7:00 p.m.
Session ‒ 7:00 p.m.
PNC ‒ 6:00 p.m.
Edington for receiving
the honor of Veteran of
the Year.
 Voted into
membership: Mr. Brian
David by transfer of
membership. (Becky
Jones was received into membership by transfer of letter
on Sunday, November 11.)
Live Nativity
Hanging of the Greens ‒ 9:00 a.m.
Service of Lessons & Carols
6:00 & 10:00 p.m. Candlelight Service
(Communion at 10 p.m. only)
Church Office closed
Committee, the session voted to change the Sunday
worship schedule to one service during December.
Church Office closed
Sunday School will be at 9:00 AM and worship at 10:30
January 2013
Church Office closed
Presbyterian Women Coordinating Team ‒
9:30 am.
PNC ‒ 6:00 p.m.
1st Thursday Lunch ‒ 11:45 a.m.
 Plant Services reported on work to be done on the
oaks on the church property. An arborist is being
consulted about pending tree maintenance.
 Upon a recommendation from the Worship
 Budget and Finance reported work on the 2013 has
started. A final budget will be presented after the
tabulation of pledges. The committee urges restraint in
spending between now and the end of the year.
Session and Diaconate meetings are always open to members
of the congregation to attend. The minutes of the session
containing all the actions of the session is on the bulletin board
across from the kitchen for your review.
Even though our faith may be 2000 years old, our thinking is
PNC ‒ 6:00 p.m.
Diaconate ‒ 7:00 p.m.
of a certain way of life and changing things that are not
Newsletter Deadline - 9:00 A.m.
essential. Christianity was born a revolutionary faith, and we
Session ‒ 7:00 p.m.
have preserved that . . . Paradoxically, we have succeeded in
PNC ‒ 6:00 p.m.
not. True progress is a balance between preserving the essence
not changing the faith that is itself dedicated to change.
- His All Holiness Bartholomew I,
- Ecumenical Patriarch of the Orthodox Christian World
Officer Retreat at Beckwith
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