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Local Edition of The Alabama Baptist
N o r t h S h e l b y B a p t i s t C h u r c h , P . O . B o x 3 8 0 8 1 6 , B i r m i n g h a m , A L 3 5 2 3 8 - 0 8 1 6
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E - m a i l : O f f i c e @ n o r t h s h e l b y b a p t i s t . o r g
w e b s i t e : w w w . n o r t h s h e l b y b a p t i s t . o r g
The North Shelby Baptist
Pastor Allan Murphy, Minister of Music & Administration Randy Tingle,
Interim Director of Preschoolers & Children Anita Hardy, Interim Student Ministry Coordinator John Murphy
Report from 12-7-14
ATTENDANCE: Sunday School – 344; Morning Worship – 375
GIVING: Budget - $22,048; LOTTIE MOON to-date: $1,238
Monday, December 1 - Wednesday, December 17:
Shelby Baptist Association Christmas Gift Shop outreach
Thursday, December 11, 10:00 am: Ladies Lunch Bunch,
Classic on Noble (meet at the church at 10:00 am)
Friday, December 12 - Saturday, December 13: SOPA
Sunday, December 14, 10:15 am: Tree of Remembrance;
6:00 pm: Adult Choir “Sing Christmas” followed by the
annual Christmas Goodies Fellowship
Monday, December 15, 6:00 pm: Graduation reception
for Julianne Mattox, Fellowship Hall
Tuesday, December 16, 6:30 pm: Sisters of Encouragement Reception
Thursday, December 18, 6:00 pm: YAH Game Night
Friday, December 19: Shelby County Schools end for
Christmas holidays; 5:30 pm: Youth “Polar Express” Progressive Dinner; 6:00 pm: S.N.O.W. Kids
Sunday, December 21, 10:15 am: Lottie Moon March to
the Manger, No Children’s Worship; 6:00 pm: Family
Christmas Showcase
Wednesday, December 24, 5:00 - 5:45 pm: Christmas Eve
Candles, Carols & Communion
Wednesday, December 24 & Thursday, December 25:
Church office closed for Christmas
Sunday, December 28, 10:15 am: No Children’s Worship;
6:00 pm: Evening Worship (Pastor preaching about Selfcontrol)
Wednesday, December 31, 6:30 pm: Prayer Meeting only
Thursday, January 1: Church office closed for New Year’s
Monday, January 5: Shelby County Schools in session
Thursday, January 8, 6:30 pm: Ladies Bound Together
Book Club
Saturday, January 10: Wedding of Meagan Carbonie (GA)
Monday, January 12, 8:00 am: Tiny Blessings Registration
(for current Tiny Blessings parents)
Saturday, January 17 - Monday, January 19: Strength to
Stand Conference, Pigeon Forge, TN
Thinking Allowed
One of my good friends died several
years ago at the age of 97. He had
been a visitation partner, a deacon, a
good and godly man. He had a hobby
other than church— flowers, specifically
camellias and rhododendrons. Even to
the end of his life he was experimenting
with grafts, developing blooms that he
would never see but others would enjoy.
As we give for international missions,
we participate in “one sacred effort” to
communicate the Gospel in places and
with people whom we will never meet
this side of Heaven. It is not for us, it is
for them that we give.
Someone got the Gospel to us. It came
in our language; we understood it and
we believed the Good News that Jesus
saves! Christ died for the sins of the
world, not just the sins of America.
December 11, 2014
Sunday, December 14, 10:15 am
Jo Lowden, Lydia Riggins, Debbie Roberts
Bailey Bullock, Nancy Bullock
Nadine & Deryl Seifried
Betsy & Gary Maddox
Sunday, December 21, 10:15 am
Babies Marna Cloutier, Carolyn Hubbard,
Peggy Mercier
Nicole Brooks, Ellen Hunter
Dian Perryman, Mary Schuelly
Threes Beebe Robinson, Paula Shivers
Danny Belk, Bill Blankenship, Matt Burns, Ken Carbonie,
Guy Curlette, Greg Houston, James Murphy, Scott Norton,
Wayne Simmons, Derek Woods
AM: Larry Huys, Jeremy McCormick, Larry Riggins;
PM: Jeff Hester
Greg Houston, Bobby & Diane McDaniel,
Dian Perryman, Billie Hiatt
To Our Church Family,
Thank you for your prayers, love and support
to us on the recent death of John’s dad. John
and I were able to travel to Idaho to be with
his stepmom and help her during this difficult time. Thank you for those that prayed
and lifted us up. We appreciate your care &
love for us.
With much love & thankfulness,
John, Amy, Julia & Jackson Theabolt
Pastor’s Thoughts to You
“One Sacred Effort”
Southern Baptists have been giving to
the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering since
1888. God has blessed the giving and
the sending of missionaries, but there
are still many who have never heard,
many who have not yet believed in
We will receive this offering through the
end of January, but our primary time of
giving will be Sunday, December 21,
when we march to the manger and
place our offering envelope on the hay.
Our giving goal is $40,000. How much
should you give? Ask the Lord and see
if He will prompt you. Since Christmas
is the celebration of Jesus birthday, you
may want to give an amount equal to
the most expensive gift you buy. You
may want to give an amount equal to all
you spend. You may want to give more.
God also may lead you personally to
serve on a mission project in 2015.
This week I travel to Trinidad to visit a
pastor and his church to see if we might
help them this summer. A group of
guys go to India in February. A team of
young adults go to Guatemala in May.
We plan to go to New York City the first
of June. A project in Ukraine is being
pursued for July. A nearby project is
being planned to help a Gospel camp in
Cullman during the March spring break
Continue to pray for the family of Ryan
Brooks. If you would like to help with
final expenses, see
and search for “In Loving Memory of
Ryan Brooks.”
Will you join the Lord in His One Sacred
This Sunday morning is our annual Tree
of Remembrance. If you plan to participate, call the office immediately.
I love you,
Brother Allan
PS: There are those coming to Christ
every day at the Christmas Gift Shop in
Calera. Thank you for providing clothing gifts for the kids of those families.
Last Sunday was the 73rd anniversary
of our nation’s second most devastating
foreign attack on our soil, the bombing
of our forces at Pearl Harbor, Oahu,
Hawaii. It was a Sunday, December 7,
1941, my mom’s 20th birthday. Pray
for today’s troops who serve to protect
Be sure to come to the choir Christmas
program this Sunday evening and bring
snacks or goodies for the after-church
D.O.C. (Deacon on Call)
December 14 - 20
Jim Morris: 441-2277 (C)

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