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Residence Life - D`Youville College
D’Youville College
D’Youville College
320 Porter Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14201
Phone: 1 (800) 777-3921
or (716) 829-7600
Fax: (716) 829-7900
E-mail: [email protected]
Web site:
Residence Life
Take a look at D’Youville
Thanks for your interest in D’Youville
College! We hope you’ll take a closer look at
who we are and the many advantages we offer.
Welcome to Residence Life!
What better way to experience all
that college life has to offer than by living
on campus?! You’ll enjoy the freedom and
responsibility of independent living. At the
same time, you’ll be surrounded by friends
and fellow students in a supportive, nurturing
Housing options
D’Youville has two on-campus residences;
Marguerite Hall and the Residence Apartment
Complex. In Marguerite upperclassmen may
request to pay for a double room and use it as
a single.
Full- and part-time residence is available.
Full-time, Marguerite Hall resident costs
include a mandatory meal plan. Part-time
residence is offered if you’d like to stay on
campus three or fewer nights a week. Food
must be purchased separately. The availability
of part-time residence status is limited and
cannot be guaranteed.
Life in Marguerite Hall
Marguerite Hall is a 12-story building with
breathtaking views of the Buffalo water-front,
downtown and Canada. The residence hall is
co-ed, but the floors are divided by gender.
Each floor houses approximately 28
students and has a study lounge, TV lounge,
and kitchenette. You’ll also have access to
vending machines, coinless laundry facilities
and a 24-hour computer lab which is located
on the first floor of the building.
Each room is fully furnished with standard
twin beds, dressers, desks and desk chairs, and
wall-mounted lighting fixtures. In addition,
every room has a microfridge, single phone
line, and is wired for cable and computer
connection to a college-owned network system
to give you in-room Internet access.
You’ll be responsible for personalizing
your room with your own phone, linens
and personal items such as TV, DVD, stereo
system, carpet, mirror, decorations and
anything else you need to make your room
feel like home.
For your safety and security, Marguerite
Hall is staffed by a security guard 24-hours
a day. Residents are required to present college
ID to enter the building. All visitors must sign
in and be escorted to their destination.
A resident assistant lives on each floor and
is responsible for programming activities,
enforcing rules, distributing information and
maintaining a positive living environment.
Resident assistants are available to answer
questions, listen to student concerns and help
with your adjustment at D’Youville.
Why live on campus?
Life in the
Residence Apartment
For more information
All apartments are roomy and fully
furnished. The four bedroom apartments
feature two full baths. Other amenities in the
apartments include; air-conditioning, full-size
refrigerator/freezer, microwave, and stove,
cable TV hook-up, local phone service and
Internet access.
Individual electronic cards for access to the
building, apartment and in each of the fourbedroom apartments, add to the students’
safety and privacy. A well-lighted, protected,
parking lot exclusively for residents makes it
easy to come and go at your convenience.
Students living in the complex will receive
a certain amount of “food bucks” that can
be used at any time in either Spartan Spot
Cafe or the Porterview Room dining facility.
Students will not be automatically enrolled in
the college residence hall meal plan but it is
available if they desire.
The Residence Apartment Complex is
for students who are over 21 or who at a
minimum hold 3rd year (junior) standing.
Living on campus fosters growth and
development outside of the classroom and
makes the transition from high school to college
smoother for you. You’ll meet and learn about
new people while forming friendships that will
last a lifetime. By living on campus, you’ll have
greater opportunity to become active in clubs,
student organizations and athletics because you’ll
be closer to the action. Also, you’ll likely find it
easier to form study groups and work on class
projects with fellow classmates who live near
you. Meals are available in D’Youville’s dining
facilities, so there’s no need to cook. With all that
our residences have to offer, it’s no wonder so
many students choose to live on campus year
after year.
To share in the experience of living on campus,
simply indicate on your application that you
are interested in living on-campus. You can also
contact the residence life department at
(716) 829-8500. We would be happy to answer
any questions and speak to you regarding living
Marguerite Hall
Residence Apartment Complex

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