Abundant Grace Ministries June 28, 2015



Abundant Grace Ministries June 28, 2015
“Almost Famous”
Gospel Singing
Fridays at 7:00pm
Cancelled July 3, 2015
July Birthdays
Kelly Winter– 2nd
Sara Carpenter– 9th
Lilly Wicker– 9th
Clark Horner– 10th
Billy Porter– 10th
Ed Floyd– 12th
Randy Smith– 18th
Bill Nace– 22nd
Shirley Carpenter– 23rd
Kyrie Commodore– 27th
LeRoy Scheurer– 27th
Susan Townsend– 27th
Lori Winter– 29th
July Anniversaries
Johnny and Nancy Webster– 11th
Ed and Pat Floyd– 12th
Fred and Sonia Burchett– 27th
On Friday, June 26, 2015, five justices on the
Supreme Court overturned the votes of 50
million Americans and demanded that the
American people walk away from millennia of
history and the reality of human nature.
It’s our belief that Americans will not stop
standing for transcendent truth and will never
accept the legitimacy of this decision. Truth is not
decided by polls or the passage of time, but by the
One who created time and everything that exists
Abundant Grace
June 28, 2015
The grass withers, the flowers fade, but the word
of our God will stand forever. Isaiah 40:8
—Tony Perkins and the Family Research Council
We must humble ourselves and pray and seek His face and
turn from our wicked ways, so that God will hear us, forgive
our sins and heal our land. (from 2 Chron. 7:14)
Today...4th Sunday
Sunday School: Kathy A. and Carlene
Ushers: O’Neal, Jim, Will, Dale
Greeter/Front: Carl Weaver and Betty Rowell
Greeter/Side: Charlene
Security: Curtis
Next Week…1st Sunday
Sunday School: David and Carlene
Ushers: O’Neal, Jim, Marvin, Dale
Greeters/Front: Betty Rowell and Amy
Greeter/Side: June Wier Security: LeRoy
Abundant Grace Ministries
Extraordinary Women’s Conference
coming to Southaven October 16-17th.
This event is well worth your money and
time. Invite someone to go with you and
be blessed!!!
9239 East Holmes Road
Collierville, TN 38017
Pastor Robbie Wier
Cell: 901-289-4913
Office: 901-753-8772
[email protected]
Welcome to AGM!! Let’s
worship our Lord together!
Schedule of Services
Sunday School
Morning Worship
9:00– 9:45 am
10:00 am
Our children ages 4-10 will be dismissed to
Children’s Church with Jennifer Massey
after our worship in song.
Call to Worship
Psalm 47 (NKJV)
Oh, clap your hands, all you peoples!
Shout to God with the voice of triumph!
For the Lord Most High is awesome;
He is a great King over all the earth.
Prayer Requests
Today is Fourth Sunday. Our
offering will go toward our
Church Note. If you’d like
yours to go to another fund,
please note it on the check or envelope.
Thank you for your giving!!
Last week, Thelma Pruitt delighted us with a poem she
had written about her husband, Bro. Pruitt. We
appreciate her sharing it with us.
Thelma’s Man
Mary had a little lamb.
Thelma has a little man
with flesh as white as snow
and everywhere Thelma goes
he is sure to show.
He followed her to the altar
one day as the father of Dee
But after he said I DO,
he was the father of three.
We love you!
Check out the calendar with
Phil and Dianne…..
June 28 GriefShare #10 at 12:30– Taco Salad
June 28 Youth stay for lunch and movie, then
to Bellevue for July 4th celebration
July 1 Mid-Week services at 6:30
July 3 Almost Famous Gospel Singing 7pm
July 8 Ladies Ministry at Olive Terrace at
11am, then to O’Charley’s at 11:45
July 16-19 TN State Convention in
Cleveland, TN
Today for the Youth!!
Please join us following the morning service for
lunch and a movie. The movie will be ‘The Grace
Card.” At 4pm, we will head to Bellevue for their
annual picnic and
fireworks. For
any others interested, the celebration at Bellevue is
from 6:30-10pm.
Gary Darnaby
Betty Davis
Bill Fortune
Diane Garrard
Rita Harrell
Gerald Henderson
Jamie Hollar
Roger Kelly
Curtis Maddox
The Meltons
Doug Mixon
Mary Pearson
Billy and Sharon Porter
Danny Hill
D. Pruitt
Anita Ray
Sandy Rhoad
Brad Smith/ Randy Shields
Jimmy Sparkman
Tony and Gary Stiles
Robert and Pat Hardin
Paula Graves
Madison Porter
Kerry Conroy
Carson Oliver
Trina Waters
Roy Bloodworth
Walker Arterburn
Betty Tabor
The Commodores
Larry Booth
Jonathan Daniel
Judy Orbke
Wilbur Goss
Eddie Webb
Helen Crain
Jerry Summers
Mark Summerville
Susie Weaver
Nancy and Johnny Webster
Our Soldiers
Tabitha/Emily Wicker
Jim Cardinal
Jeff Gandy
Phil Holland
Charlotte Rossea
Wes Sullivan
Ellen Reynolds
The Quarles family
Patricia Whitley
Lynn and John Bratton
Ashley Winter
Senior Saints to
Mildred Brooks
Velma Burnett, Susan’s mom
Ethelyn Carraway
Maxine Childress
Millard Finger
Pat George
Jean Hurley
Jean Kelly
Laverne Mills
Evelyn Parker
Louise Rodman
Rose Strange
Frances Weaver
Frances Windham
Helen Folks
Konnie Daniel
Laverne Collier
Next Sunday, we plan to have
Baptism. If you would like to
be baptized, please contact the
pastor this week.
GriefShare meets today.
Please join us for lunch and then Session #10.
There is room for

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