Friendship for life - CSG Willem van Oranje



Friendship for life - CSG Willem van Oranje
2012, September Edition 9
Friendship for life
Hello students of De Willem Van Oranje, I recently took part in an exchange program between my
school Appleby Grammar School and your school De Willem Van Oranje. It all started back in the late
summer of 2011 when we found out who our pen pal would be, Maaike and I emailed each other
over the summer holidays and we also used social network sites like twitter to keep in contact , it
made getting to know each other a lot easier.
When we finally met In November 2011 it was like we had known each other for years it wasn’t
awkward at all which made the whole experience a lot easier. It was also really good to meet all the
other exchange students I never knew we’d all become such close friends. The 3 days that the
students where all here for was filled with parties, cultural visits and many games of Twister!
This year in July the students from Appleby visited Holland to stay with their pen pals I was so happy
to see every one again. It was my first time in Holland and the first thing that I noticed was that it was
so flat not a hill in sight, but the country side was so pretty. The week was jammed pack full of things
to do and I loved every minute of it! I really enjoyed seeing how you all lived and one thing I did
notice was the number of bikes I’ve never seen so many before. Luckily for us the weather was
lovely, it was so hot and sunny, not like England. The week was filled with new experiences like pool
parties, a trip to Amsterdam and Anne Frank’s house and also riding on the back of a bike which I
have never done before.
Overall I loved every minute of the exchange program and I hope to stay in contact with all the
people I have met. Me and Maaike’s friendship has developed throughout the year and still is
growing I tell her about all the exciting things that have happened to me recently and she tells me
about all her holidays she’s been on.
If anyone is thinking about doing an exchange I say go for it, it was one of the best things I’ve ever
done I have made some friends for life and I have stories to tell people. It’s a brilliant way to meet
someone new and visit a different country.
Sarah Mason, 16 year old Appleby Grammar Student
Special Edition Internship
• for students from students
• for students from TTO-group
• for parents
• for teachers
In the summer of 2011, I received my first email from Sarah. I was immediately very excited and
we’ve actually been in contact quite much since then; first getting to know each other by email, but
later on via social network (twitter, facebook) and whatsapp as well.
Sarah and I had had a lot of contact before I first visited her in October last year. This made are first
meeting so much less awkward, it felt like we had seen each other a million times before and I really
enjoyed staying over with her and her family. After our trip to England, Sarah and I stayed in contact
and we talked quite often about school and the things going on in our lives.
I was really looking forward to Sarah visiting me and when I finally saw her again in June this year, it
felt like it had only been a couple of days since I last saw her. While Sarah was staying with us, we
showed her around some highlights in Rotterdam and went out for dinner. We also visited
Amsterdam and organised a pool party with some other English and Dutch students.
Sarah and I had so much fun together, not only laughing about all the stories we told each other, but
also serious talks about everything and nothing. Now, a couple of months after we’ve last seen each
other, we’re still in contact, telling each other about our friends, work and school.
I think this exchange programme didn’t only give me a lot of beautiful memories and experiences,
but also people I’ll never forget and friends for life!
Maaike Beemsterboer, 16 year old Willem van Oranje student
TTO News
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Special News
Welkom Lia!
Mijn naam is Lia van Gilst-van Tiggelen, ik ben 42 jaar oud. Getrouwd met Dick van Gilst en moeder van
Mark (15 jaar), hij zit in 4 TTO; Bart (13 jaar), hij zit in 2 MAVO en Jort (10 jaar), hij zit in groep 7 van de
Willibrordusschool in Oud-Beijerland. Ik ben al sinds 22 jaar werkzaam op een reisbureau, heb dus veel
ervaring met reizen.
Ik vind het heel leuk dat ik gevraagd ben om zitting te nemen in de stage commissie omdat ik het leuk
vind betrokken te zijn bij hetgeen er gebeurt op de school van onze zonen.
De eerste vergadering hebben we reeds gehad en ik was verrast over de stageplannen die we besproken
hebben. Ik vond het heel interessant te lezen wat voor stages er gelopen gaan worden en ik ben dan ook
heel nieuwsgierig naar de volgende stageplannen.
Lia van Gilst
Olympische uitreiking van IB certificaten
Op 14 september zijn de IB certificaten aan de tto-6 leerlingen van afgelopen jaar
uitgereikt. Alle tto-leerlingen hebben het felbegeerde certificaat gehaald op Higher
Level. Wij hebben dit jaar onze oud leerling Lennart Stekelenburg bereid gevonden
om de certificaten uit te reiken. Lennart heeft in augustus deelgenomen aan de
Olympische Spelen in Londen en wellicht heeft u hem op televisie gezien. Lennart
heeft veel goede herinneringen aan De Willem en hij heeft ook altijd veel hulp van
diverse docenten gekregen die het mogelijk hebben gemaakt dat hij de trainingen
en wedstrijden kon volgen.
Good results of
the CAE-exams
Op vrijdagavond 21 september jl. is tijdens een feestelijke bijeenkomst door docent N. Young het certificaat
Cambridge Advanced English (CAE) uitgereikt aan de groep leerlingen die vorig jaar aan deze studie hebben
meegedaan. De groep geslaagden bestond uit leerlingen uit tto-4 en tto-5 en enkele docenten die zich
bekwamen in het geven van tweetalig onderwijs. Sinds enkele jaren bieden wij deze mogelijkheid aan
tweetalig vwo-leerlingen die naast hun studie voor het IB-certificaat (International Baccalaureate)
gedurende één schooljaar onderwijs krijgen op het gebied van Cambridge Advanced English. Deze éénjarige
studie wordt dit schooljaar door docent O’Donovan gegeven en wordt afgesloten met een examen. Van
harte gefeliciteerd met dit resultaat.
Fly away in October
Onderstaande leerlingen gaan in oktober het internationale avontuur beleven.
Emma Breeman
Maaike Beemsterboer
Jasper Bergsen
Indah Hijmans
Marissa Kooij
Ellen Vellekoop
Jip Siebenheller
Jur Timmerman
Joris Rozemeijer
Lente Lerink
Koen Kuiper
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TTO News
Bangkok, here I come!
Location: Bangkok, Japan and Thailand
Period: Summer holidays 2012
On the 16th of August, 2012, I went on my international internship.
This internship was originally supposed to take me to Thailand.
However, I decided to have a short stop in Japan. I lived in Japan for 5
years, so I spent a weekend with my old friends. On Sunday night at
12:20, my friend Alex and I flew from Haneda airport to Bangkok
together, where her family’s driver was waiting for us at the airport. I
was going to be staying with Alex’s family, the Buckley family, for two
weeks. Her dad, Darren, is the CEO of CitiBank Thailand. Therefore, it
was easy for him to arrange a short internship at CitiBank for me.
During these two weeks I spent lots of time with my host family. I
have known this family since I moved to Japan. We spent several
holidays with them, and their oldest daughter, Alex, is one of my best
friends. As the three children had to go to school, their mum, Jane,
mostly showed me around. Since they had only been living there for
about 3 weeks, a lot of stuff was still new to them as well.
I got to see what it was like to live in Bangkok as an expat, and work
at an international office for several days. I didn’t spend as much time
working at Citi as I had planned, since there was not too much for me
to do at the office. Since I did not have a work permit, I wasn’t even
allowed to use the computer, for security reasons. I was mostly
shown around, and got to see what it is exactly that they do at this
bank. They showed me around all the different departments,
explained the structure of the bank, gave me brief overviews of both
marketing and HR, and had me do a few small jobs. To my
surprise, not a lot of people spoke English at the office, and there
were nearly no foreigners working there.
Overall, this was an amazing
My research question was: What’s it like to live in Bangkok as an
expat and how is this different from other countries. I found
answers to this question throughout my entire internship, even
in places I didn’t necessarily expect to find them. Big part of this
question was answered at my host family’s house. The Buckley
family lives in the house of the former Czech ambassador. This is
a huge house with a pool in the garden. They have two drivers
that simply wait around all day until somebody needs a ride.
They also have a maid that lives with them. She cleans the house,
does the washing, makes the beds, cooks the meals, babysit if
she’s asked, and pretty much does anything you ask her to do.
She goes home on Sundays to see her family, who live in a small
town somewhere far away from Bangkok. This all may sound
extremely luxurious and exclusive, but it’s really quite normal in
Bangkok. Most expats live in fancy apartments or big houses,
have drivers who take them around, because it’s simply very
dangerous to drive yourself, and have a maid if they can afford
one. I also found that this was quite different to a lot of other
countries. For example, I was able to compare this to Japan,
where expats live luxurious live as well. However, Bangkok was a
lot more extreme than what I was used to.
Overall, this was
experience! It was
both educational
and fun. I got to
friends, meet lots
of new people,
and see a whole
new part of the
world. After not
having spoken this
much English in a
while, it took me some time to get used to it again, but after a
couple of days, it was completely natural again. I’m so glad I got
the opportunity to do this internship, and I definitely hope to go
back to Bangkok some time again!
Annabelle van der Maarel
TTO News
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Farming in Canada
Location: Vancouver, Canada
Period: Summer holidays 2012
On the 28th of June it was finally the day that
I went on internship. I already planned
everything in January (which is very very
early for me) and I was really looking forward
to go to Canada, as that was the country
where I had to fulfil my internship. So I left
with the plane and this was maybe the worst
part of my internship as the women I sat
next to came from India ( or something
similar) and couldn’t speak a word of English
or Dutch, my legs had no space and the food
is not really good. But I arrived save and
probably that’s the most important part.
When I arrived there I stayed with a niece of
me who lives in Vancouver downtown. After
a few days over there we drove to the farm
(which was a six hour drive), where I would
stay for 4 weeks to work on the farm. So on
the farm I met my aunt. When it was
Monday I had to work there for the first
time. I had to milk the cows and clean the
pens. The work itself was not that heavy
the only thing, as it only took an hour and a
half but I had to get up at 5:20, which was
pretty early. But during my 4 weeks I think I
only had to get up 7 times.
Every day was a different day, There was
not one single day that I did the same thing
as my family always tried to come up with
different things to do.
My days consisted out of: a little bit of
working, and the rest of the day just fun
things, like driving with the quad, going to
the cinema, playing golf, fishing and a lot of
other things. So I wasn’t bored at all and it
was a pity that I had to leave again. But this
was not the end of my trip, because I also
went to the other side of Canada, to
Toronto. Because I also had my family
reunion over there. Over there we first had
the family reunion and after that I stayed
with some other family. Over there I ended
my trip with relaxing in the pool and seeing
the CN tower and the Niagara falls and more.
After 5 ½ weeks it was time for me to go
back to the Netherlands. It felt like only 2
weeks. I almost missed my flight (as I heard
them saying Mr. Gijsbert de Regt is delaying
the flight, immediate boarding please), but I
was still on time. I really enjoyed staying with
my family and they were all very nice to me. I
think this was an amazing experience and if
it’s possible I will go to Canada next year
Gertjan de Regt
De Willem helpt je graag een handje.
Naast je eigen sollicitatiebrief is het vaak gewenst dat vanuit de school een brief meegestuurd
wordt naar een potentieel stageadres. Vanuit de school hebben we een concept gemaakt welke
je kunt gebruiken. Het directiesecretariaat van De Willem zal de brief op briefpapier van de
Willem printen en inscannen voorzien van jouw gegevens en verdere variabelen. Neem hiervoor
contact op met [email protected]
In deze brief wordt er een persoonlijke toelichting gegeven op de doelstelling van de stage en
wat extra informatie gegeven over de strategie van het tweetalig onderwijs.
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Ozzies, Kangaroos and a Dutchman
Location: Perth, Australia
Period: Summer Holidays 2012
This would be the first time in my life boarding a plane, not just for an
ordinary trip but one which would take me to the other side of the
world: Australia.
Full of excitement, my parents and I sat in the train to Amsterdam
where I would eventually catch a plane which would take me first to
Dubai (UAE) and then onto Perth. As this was my first time flying I was
quite excited and slighlty nervous too. Fortunately, everything went
alright and after a seven hour flight I finally landed in Dubai. After
waiting for three hours, the ten and a half hour trip to Perth would
begin. I finally landed at about 17:30 local time (there is a six hour
“ More sheep than people”
So, there I was finally in Australia, a country bigger than Europe and
that has more sheep than people. I did my internship with two lovely,
kind people; Brian and Sheila Samsworth, who own their own gas
service company. Brian does all the servicing and Sheila does all the
company administration at home. Although servicing machines which
operate by gas ( such as gas heaters, cookers etc.) is his main
occupation, Brian was actually handy with everything from installing
airco to plumbing. Even though it was winter in Australia, it was still
around 18 degrees °C , we were mainly occupied with repairing and
installing gas operated heaters. Even though the Australian summers
can be very hot, almost the whole year round it is warm, so most
people don't have central heating like we do. Instead they use a gas
heater to warm up the room. Also, the boiler in which water is heated
often had to be repaired.
So this is basically what my day looked like. I got up at around
quarter past seven, had breakfast with Sheila and Brian, petted
their dog, Link, and went to work. Because I didn’t have the
correct work permits, I wasn’t legally allowed to do what Brian
was doing. That's why I was only allowed to do small tasks such
as handing over tools , sometimes welding pipes together and
of course speaking to the customers to practice my English!.
Mainly they were older than I was, but most of the people were
really nice and also very friendly and interested in me. They
couldn’t believe that I was still only 16 and had travelled on my
own all the way from the cold north to sunny Australia. Brian
(Sheila was still recovering from an operation) tried to show me
as much as possible as when we were working we drove
through a large part of Perth ( which was in my eyes a massive
city).I’ve been to the Indian ocean which is really beautiful and I
went to a zoo where they had exotic animals. Sometimes we
saw some of the exotic birds in the city and of course the
famous kangaroo. I thought the kangaroos where fantastic
creatures and I even petted some of them as well.
All in all, I had the time of my life and a huge life experience as
well. I saw a lot during my stay in Perth and met loads of nice
people with whom I was able to talk with in English of course. I
could only speak English even though there are many
immigrants living in Australia but this wasn't hard and I got
used to it quickly. If I get the chance to go back I will certainly
go and I definitely would recommend Australia as a holiday
Alex Gravendeel
Afhankelijk waar uw kind naartoe reist, kan het raadzaam zijn uw ziektekostenverzekering te raadplegen.
Voor een aantal landen kunt u op een European Healthcard Insurance Card aanvragen.
Controleer vooraf bij uw bank of de pas van uw kind geschikt is voor geldopname in het buitenland.
TTO News
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America for me!
Location: Lititz PA, USA
Period: Summer Holidays 2012
About two and a half years ago I started corresponding with my
somehow related cousin Amanda. Before, I never even knew of
her existence but apparently we had a lot in common, listened to
the same music, were of the same age and both very into sports.
Once I heard about the international internship I knew where I
wanted to go! I mentioned the internship to her and she seemed
very excited about it, so at the end of the summer of 2011 we
started arranging and a few months later my parents bought the
plane tickets. I decided to go in the summer holidays because I
was determined to stay in Pennsylvania for at least three weeks,
and I didn’t want to spend my Christmas break away from home.
My English teacher was slightly worried about the fact that I had
my plane-tickets before I got my internship approved. As a
matter of fact I didn’t even have an internship yet, but I knew it
wasn’t a problem because Amanda’s mother Lori was going to
help me. I found it very convenient to have someone helping me
from ‘inside America’, because she had lot’s of connections. This
way I didn’t have to approach any companies myself. Eventually I
ended up choosing to do work at the eye doctor in Lancaster
where Lori worked herself.
I think this also has a lot to do with the size of the country and the big
difference within it. For example the first day a horse and buggy
surprised me because I didn’t know that Pennsylvania was the home of
the Amish people! They actually speak German!
In my opinion a very important factor for the whole internship is to
stay with someone you get along with well. It really helped me to have
my friend Amanda to guide me, because being so far from home for
three weeks is not easy! I really enjoyed all the fun stuff Amanda and
her mum did with me. We went roller-skating, glamping (glamorous
camping), on a safari and the best of all: We went to a traditional
American Baseball game! That is definitely one of the highlight of my
1) “Do I want to be an eye doctor?’ 2) “Would I like to work abroad?’
During my stay in America I wrote a blog on I copied some posts of my blog and
combined them as a report.
Going to ‘The States’ all by myself was a big step and a great
experience. It was my first time flying and I was all on my own! It
made me feel very independent. For me America was quite of a
cultural shock. It wasn’t at all what I expected, because we never
really get a clear view of what America is about.
Did I get to answer my internship questions? Well, I do not want to be
an eyedoctor for certain and the answer to my second question is: I
might want to work in a foreign country some time but definitely not in
America. Their health regulation is shockingly bad and I couldn’t stand
the food for longer than a month. Also I wouldn’t want to leave my
family and friends behind.
As a conclusion I don’t think answering those questions is the main
goal of the internship. The experience itself is priceless and very hard
to compromise into a few words or into answers of some thought up
Anne de Weerdt, V5
Amish people, roller-skating, glamping and American Baseball game
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TTO News
Model United Nations Oud-Beijerland 2012
C.S.G De Willem van Oranje
Something new is coming up, MUNO! Model United Nations Oud-Beijerland. Three days of debating in
the most formal way.
All over the world, Model United Nations are organised. Each year a few students of our school go to
Zoetermeer for MUNA, Model United Nations Alfrink. This year we had a very enthusiastic team and,
together with Mr. Bouhuijs and Mrs. Manukiley, we decided to start up a MUN-event at our school.
This November it will happen. Each student will represent a country and will be placed in a debate group with a certain subject. They
will have to know what their country thinks about the subject but also what the relation between the different countries is. Maybe their
country doesn't agree with the resolution, but one of their most important economic relations does agree. Then they have to decide
what is most important.
Besides the new knowledge about politics, they will also be challenged to improve their debating skills. Last year at MUNA we
represented Pakistan and one of our female team members had to convince other people that woman are not allowed to get a drivers
licence or even leave the house. That is difficult. You are forced to look at things from a different point of view which is challenging.
It wouldn’t be referred to as Model United Nations if it wasn’t filled with formal things. There will be an opening and a closing
ceremony, local press, formal dress code but most importantly formal language.
Altogether we are very excited and we look forward to the MUNO event!
Esmeé Vermolen
MUNO Staff:
Secretary General
Head of Press team
Board Members
Esmée Vermolen
Jeroen Revelman
Wilger Andeweg, Amy van Groot-Battave, Lisa van Delft, Rianne Rompen,
Fleur Wellen and Marit Rijndorp
Naar de Verenigde Staten op stage?
Als je op stage gaat naar de Verenigde Staten dan moet je een ESTA-reistoestemming
aanvragen. Doe dit minimaal 14 dagen voor je vertrekt. De ESTA-reistoestemming vervangt
het groene I-94-formulier dat u voorheen aan boord van uw vlucht naar de Verenigde
Staten moest invullen. Het aanvragen van een ESTA-reistoestemming kost USD 14,
ongeveer EUR 10,50. U hoeft dit bedrag alleen voor uw ESTA-aanvraag te betalen als u een
nieuw paspoort heeft, of als uw vorige ESTA-reistoestemming verlopen is.
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TTO News
Do’s and Don’ts
Begin op tijd met het zoeken naar
een stage!
Praat veel met familie, kennissen
en vrienden over je stage. De
ervaring leert dat er iemand
binnen je kennissenkring wel
weer iemand kent die wellicht
belangrijk voor het vinden van
een stage adres kan zijn.
Maak een kopie van je
paspoort en
verzekeringspapieren en
noteer pasnummers
(handig bij verlies).
Zorg dat je belangrijke
telefoonnummers altijd
bij de hand hebt.
Verder is het belangrijk
dat het paspoort (of ID)
nog geldig is!
Aandachtspunten tijdens de reis
Tijdens de stage kom je in
contact met bedrijven en
instellingen. Wees je er van
bewust dat je op dat moment
het visitekaartje van de school
bent. School en leerlingen
hebben alle belang bij een
positief beeld naar buiten toe in
Gedraag je op het vliegveld en
bij de douane. Sinds de
aanslagen van 11 september
2001 zijn de veiligheidsmaatregelen verscherpt en
verzwaard. Het zou zeer
vervelend zijn als jouw gevoel
voor humor jou en je
medereizigers in vervelende
situaties zou brengen.
Vaak hebben personen die
connecties met een bepaald
bedrijf hebben, een stageplaats
voor je gezocht. Ook naar deze
personen toe, heb je een zekere
verantwoordelijkheid. Zij blijven
in de toekomst zaken doen met
deze bedrijven.
Let altijd goed op je bagage als
je reist, verlies het niet uit het
Vanzelfsprekend drink je geen
alcohol en rook je niet.
Vergeet je paspoort en je
verzekeringspapieren niet!
Belangrijke data voor
inleveren stageplan
Aandachtspunten tijdens het
Pas je aan bij de regels die
binnen het stagebedrijf gelden
en maak goede afspraken over
bijvoorbeeld werktijden en
Probeer van tevoren aan de
weet te komen wat er van je
verwacht wordt met betrekking
tot de kleding die je draagt.
Let op je taalgebruik. De directe
manier waarop in Nederland
vaak dingen gezegd worden,
wordt in het buitenland niet
altijd gewaardeerd.
buitenlanders als grof wordt
Breng nooit vertrouwelijke
informatie naar buiten van het
bedrijf waar je stage loopt.
Stel je positief op en bedenk dat
zelfverzekerdheid een goede
eigenschap is; eigenwijsheid
Je stageplan dient uiterlijk 6 weken voordat de vakantie begint, waarin je stage wilt gaan
lopen, ingeleverd te zijn bij het stagebureau. Je mag het natuurlijk ook veel eerder inleveren!
Raadpleeg voor de vakanties van dit schooljaar onderstaande vakantietabel:
Eerste dag
Laatste dag
Zaterdag 20-10-2012
Zondag 28-10-2012
Zaterdag 22-12-2012
Zondag 06-01-2013
Zaterdag 23-02-2013
Zondag 03-03-2013
Zaterdag 27-4-2013
Zondag 12-05-2013
Zaterdag 13-07-2013
Zondag 01-09-2013
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TTO News
News for parents
Het vinden van een stageplaats is voor de een zo geregeld, voor de
ander lijkt het een zeer moeilijke opgave. Als een 16-jarige schrijft naar
een bedrijf of organisatie levert dat vaak geen reactie op. De ervaring
leert dat het rondvragen op uw eigen werk, bij familie (in het buitenland), vrienden of buren uiteindelijk meestal wel een stageadres
Uw kind gaat in het 5e leerjaar van het TTO voor 2 weken op stage. De
uiterste mogelijkheid is hiervoor de schoolvakantie na het 5e leerjaar,
mits het ingeleverde stageplan voor het einde van het schooljaar
volledig is ingevuld en goedgekeurd!
Uw kind moet zelf, eventueel met hulp van u als ouder, actief op zoek
gaan naar een mogelijke stageplaats. Voorop staat dat u achter de keuze
van uw kind staat; school kan hiervoor geen verantwoordelijkheid
Als er een adres gevonden is kan begonnen worden met het invullen van
het plan, hierbij moet o.a. rekening gehouden worden met de periode,
er mag immers maar 5 dagen school verzuimd worden en de uiterste
inleverdatum, 6 weken voor vertrek.
Het is de bedoeling dat uw kind het stageplan ook even laat zien aan
zijn/haar mentor voordat het wordt ingeleverd, zodat deze ook op de
hoogte is. Voor eventuele vragen, zoals bijvoorbeeld het formuleren van
de onderzoeksvraag, kan hij/zij ook bij de mentor terecht.
De mentor speelt echter geen actieve rol bij het vinden van een
Een volledig ingevuld stageplan kan worden ingeleverd bij het
Stagebureau. Zij fungeert als spreekbuis namens school en toetst het
plan aan de gestelde criteria. Na bespreking van het plan neemt een van
de leden van het Stagebureau contact op met uw kind, om eventuele
opmerkingen of benodigde aanvullingen met hem/haar te bespreken.
En wat als het nu helemaal niet lukt om een stageplaats te vinden? Laat
uw kind dan contact opnemen met het Stagebureau, dan kunnen we
samen verder zoeken of een suggestie doen. Echter, het initiatief
hiervoor moet wel vanuit uw kind komen!
En als u de indruk krijgt dat uw kind niet zo heel erg actief bezig is met
vinden? Probeer hem/haar te blijven stimuleren of helpen, want het zou
toch zonde zijn als ineens blijkt dat het te laat is om nog op stage te
gaan en hij/zij niet over kan naar TTO-6?
Op zoek naar een stage!
Zie erop toe dat uw kind op tijd begint
Verken samen met uw kind de mogelijkheden en kies
daarbij een periode
Denk met uw kind mee; u bent en blijft verantwoordelijk
voor de reis, het stageadres, het logeeradres waar uw kind
naartoe gaat.
Zorg dat uw kind realistisch blijft over de bestemming.
U kunt anderen helpen als u beschikt over mogelijke
Als u uw ervaringen met anderen wilt delen, kunnen we
daar van leren voor de toekomst.
Het is van belang dat zowel u als uw kind de stage als een positieve
uitdaging ziet.
Afhankelijk waar uw kind naartoe reist, kan het
raadzaam zijn uw ziektekostenverzekering te
School beschikt over een doorlopende reis- en schoolongevallenverzekering. De precieze dekking/voorwaarden kunt u opvragen bij
de heer G. van Ruiswijk [email protected]
Voor een aantal landen kunt u op een
European Healthcard Insurance Card aanvragen.
Verder is het handig de voorwaarden van u eventuele eigen
(doorlopende) reisverzekering nog eens door te nemen, alvorens u
een verzekering afsluit.
Controleer vooraf bij uw bank of de pas van uw kind
geschikt is voor geldopname in het buitenland.
TTO News
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Wist u dat!
TTO NEWS is een uitgave
van het stagebureau van De Willem.
Stagebureau De Willem
Randweg 2
3263 RA Oud-Beijerland
[email protected]
Marjan Rozemeijer
Petra Verhagen
Bezoek onze website
Edition 9 – September 2012
New teacher Bryan O’Donovan
Greetings everyone! Allow me to introduce myself –
my name is Bryan O’Donovan, and I have the pleasure
of preparing this year’s group of TTO pupils for the
Cambridge Advanced English exam in June 2013.
As my name perhaps tells you, I am from Ireland
originally. I have been living in Rotterdam since 2005,
but my life has been quite pan-European in general. I
lived in Germany between the ages of 13 and 21,
before returning to Ireland for my Bachelors degree in
Law, Politics and Economics. The move to the
Netherlands came when I started my Masters degree
in International Relations and Diplomacy at Leiden
University. When people ask why I live here, the
answer is easy: “I came here to study, and I liked it, so
I stayed.”
My career as an English teacher began soon after my
graduation from Leiden, and I’m delighted to say it
has gone from strength to strength.
Over the past few years, I have taught Cambridge exam preparation classes – such as I am with the TTO
pupils – general English, Business English, Academic English and Medical English. To add to the variety of
classes, I have had the pleasure of teaching at an array of locations: the Centre for British English
(Rotterdam), Willem de Kooning Academy (Rotterdam), Rotterdam Business School, the International
Criminal Court (Den Haag) and Leiden University. And now I am delighted to add Willem van Oranje to
that list!
When I’m not teaching, I like to unwind by reading books – historical and (auto-)biographical – and
watching movies. I go running 2-3 times a week, as well as boxing twice a week. As a spectator, rugby is
my favourite sport.I think that covers everything. Let my wrap up by wishing all readers a happy and
rewarding 2012-13 school-year.
Maandag 14 januari 2013
Informatie avond stage voor 4e jaars TTO
Op maandag 14 januari, 19.30 uur is er een informatieavond voor alle 4 jaars TTO-leerlingen
en hun ouders over alle in- en outs van de stage in het 5 jaar.
Op deze avond zal de voorzitter van de toetsingscommissie, de voorlichting geven. U
kunt op deze avond ook meteen kennismaken met de overige leden van de commissie
en vragen stellen. Daarnaast zullen een aantal leerlingen, die al op stage zijn geweest,
een presentatie houden over hun ervaringen.
Mis deze avond niet. Reserveer deze avond alvast in uw agenda.

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