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FlyteComm was the first company to provide
flight tracking information on the Web.
What is WebTrax?
Designed to increase customer traffic and keep them
longer on your web site, WebTrax is a powerful solution
that enables accurate, real-time flight tracking.
WebTrax is a browser-based application that provides
graphical representations of commercial airline and/or
general aviation flight status and weather information. It is
in use by over 2000 travel, business, news, and weather
related sites.
Why flight information?
More than 670 million people flew in the US in 2000, three
times more than in 1980.1 In 2000, more than one in four
flights (27.5%) were delayed; canceled; or diverted, which
affected approximately 163 million passengers.2 There is
insatiable demand by the flying public for accurate and
timely travel information from an independent non-biased
A WebTrax enabled web site guides travelers through the
clutter of chronic flight delays, and gives them up to the
minute information on the actual location and status of all
commercial/general aviation flights in the US and Canada.
It provides accurate flight status and prediction of flight
arrival times.
Benefits for your business
• Increased traffic and customer retention
• Turnkey deployment
• High reliability and low administration
Benefits for your Web site visitors
• Powerful flight search
• Real-time flight tracking
• Same day Weather data
• Arrival time estimate
• Accurate flight status information
• Independent non-biased source of flight status
• Convenient
Source: FAA
Source: DOT
“The Weather Channel has found FlyteComm’s
flight solution to be one of our biggest traffic
Greg Lewis, Director of Vertical Products
The Weather Channel
“Welcome to our flight tracking section,
where you can track the status of any
flight arriving or departing the United
States or Canada. Get updates on
flight arrival and delay times, and
remaining time en route for departed
flights, updated every 5 minutes.
Additional flight details include
departure time, aircraft type, current
altitude, and current groundspeed,
along with the forecasted weather
conditions for your selected
Flight Conte nt
Airline, Flight number
Speed, Altitude
Aircraft Type
Departure Time
Estimated Arrival Time
W ea the r Content
W eather Graphics
Arrival Current Day W eather
Ca pa bilities
Search by Flight ID (airline/flight number)
Search by Arrival Airport
Search by Departure Airport
Search for current day Enroute Flights
Time remaining until Arrival
Image with an Airplane
About FlyteComm Flight Intelligence Products
Contact Information
FlyteComm applies proprietary algorithms to data from sources including
the FAA National Airspace System, flight plans, airline schedules, and
weather databases to produce the most accurate real-time solutions
FlyteComm, Inc.
1043 North Shoreline Blvd.
Suite 201
Mountain View, CA 94043
About FlyteComm
FlyteComm was founded in 1994 by former FAA employees involved with
the development and implementation of the flow control system from which
real-time aircraft data is obtained.
tel: (650) 404-8100
fax: (650) 404-8108
[email protected]
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