Tire Control and Body Control



Tire Control and Body Control
Tire Control and Body Control
What are the differences between Tire Control and Body Control on your
vehicle relative to shocks and struts?
Tire Control
When the tires can’t grip the road, for any reason at all, the result is
a loss of control due to poor traction. This can occur during braking,
accelerating, or cornering. There are multiple reasons that cause loss of
tire control, including worn tire tread, improperly inflated tires, or worn
shocks or struts. Properly functioning shocks and struts will help to keep
the tires planted firmly on the ground, making sure you’ve got good contact
pressure and good control of the vehicle during steering, stopping, and
accelerating maneuvers.
Body Control
During cornering, the vehicle body weight tries to lift and roll toward the
outside of the turn. Controlling the weight shift or slowing the vehicle
speed are the only ways to reduce this effect. During braking, the tires begin
stopping but the vehicle body inertia tries to keep going forward. The result
thrusts the front end downward and the back end upward. Similarly, during
initial acceleration, the front end rises and the back end lowers. Worn
shocks and struts exacerbate these conditions, reducing traction,
steering control, and braking performance.
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Tech Tip
If you’re experiencing any of the above
problems, it may be time for new shocks
and struts.
For safer handling, control, and braking, it
is recommended that shocks and struts
be replaced every 50,000 miles.
S003 - E003
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Shocks Struts
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