Spreading the Good News



Spreading the Good News
Spreading the Good News
St. David's Episcopal Church
The Rector’s Desk—Father Bill Oldland
Dear Brothers and Sisters in
―Suddenly a sound like the blowChrist,
ing of a violent wind
came from heaven and
filled the whole house
Wind and fire are two
where they were sitting. The message of of the symbols of the
They saw what seemed
presence of God’s
the Gospel
to be tongues of fire
Holy Spirit. In the
shared at
that separated and
book of Genesis the
came to rest on each of Pentecost is the Spirit of God hovers
them. All of them were
same message over the waters in the
filled with the Holy
we share today. second verse of the
Spirit and began to
first chapter. In the
speak in other tongues
second chapter God
as the Spirit enabled
breathes life into
them.‖ Acts 2:2-4, NIV
Adam. Yet again, as the people
of Israel are at the Red Sea,
―But the fruit of the Spirit is love,
God kept the Egyptians away
joy, peace, patience, kindness,
from the Israelites with a pillar
goodness, faithfulness, gentleof fire while a strong east wind
ness and self-control. Against
separated the waters to allow
such things there is no law.‖ Gathe Israelites to cross. Is it any
latians 5:22-23, NIV
wonder then that the symbols
of the coming of the Holy Spirit
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An Update on the Stained Glass Window Restoration
n Friday April 25th the
artisans from Bovard
Studios completed the
majority of the work on
the windows. The windows have
been cleaned thoroughly and
caulked. Repairs to the wood
frames and windowsills including
patching and painting have also
been completed. The new
aluminum frames and glass
coverings are now in place and
the baptismal window is in
Iowa being cleaned and refurbished. It will take approximately three to four months for
the window to be returned, a
final inspection to occur and
the project to be declared complete. Please take a moment to
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May 2012
Important Dates to
May 4th—Relay for
Life in Chesterfield.
May 6th—Founder’s
Day– York Place.
May 7th-11th—
Teacher Appreciation
May 7th, 14th, 21st,
28th– 7:00pm–
Women’s Bible Study–
Parish Hall.
May 8th— 7:00pm—
ECW Branch Meeting— (ALL Women invited) The Wine Factory.
May 13th—Mother’s
Day Luncheon following 11am service.
May 13th– St. Christopher Day,
May 20th– CPC Ingathering.
May 20th—5:00pm
Fish Fry hosted by
Men’s Club for parish..
May 20th—9:00amDaughter’s of the King
May 27th — Pentecost
and Memorial Day
June 1st—7:00pm—
St. David’s Day
School graduation.
An Update on the Stained Glass Window Restoration (Continued)
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review the work on the windows and see how beautiful they are and the quality of the work
we have received.
Our financial campaign is also moving forward quite well. The total of our Church funds,
gifts, pledges and payments to date is just under $86,000.00. We have written one grant
and we are in the process of writing a second. The total for these two grants is $35,000.00.
We hope to hear about our first grant very soon. If we receive both of these grants we will
still be shy of our goal by approximately $14,000.00. We are very grateful for everyone who
has made a pledge to this project. We hope everyone will be able to participate to some
degree in this wonderful endeavor. If you happen to know of anyone who was or is connected to St. David’s that we might not have informed about this project, please let us
know. Our goal is to complete the financial phase of this project as quickly and as easily
as possible.
These artisans were so impressed with the hospitality offered by St. David’s. They felt the
genuine love and concern of a Christian community. This speaks highly of each of you who
reached out to them in any way.
Church Periodical Sunday (CPC)
May 20th
Thank You’s
uring the last month we have had several projects that were completed with
the help of various members of the parish and the community. We would like to
On Sunday, May 20, 2012 we will have an in-
gathering for the Church
Periodical Club
(CPC). Please consider supporting this ministry in its
mission to spread the Good
News through the printed
Word and related materials. Currently we have nine
diocesan seminarians who
receive funds to assist with
the purchase of their
books. Various local and worldwide missions
for adults and children are also recipients of
God’s Word because of your support of the
Church Periodical Club. The only way Church
Periodical Club is able to fulfill these requests is
through your donations. Envelopes will be
available for your donations. Thank you.
Mr. Wilbert Cassidy for clearing away the tree
taken down by Progress Energy. We also want to
thank the many people who helped get wood for
the barbecue and also hauled away the smaller
limbs. We are grateful for the use of Marty Dubois’ dump trailer.
Larry and Gayle Davis and Cathy Martin for
the lunch they provided for the clergy at the deanery meeting.
Doug McFarland and Wilbert Cassidy for helping spread the mulch and refill the sandbox in our
playground area.
Our staff, the parents, and all who assisted
with the school carnival.
Father Bill for many hours of manual labor above
and beyond in all of the above activities.
Spreading the Good News
Rector’s Desk
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Because they are looking for large and grandiose signs what they don’t see is the very
presence of God in every day life. In his letter to the Galatians Paul describes the fruits
of the Spirit. These nine fruits of God’s presence are listed above. These fruits are ways
that we can recognize the presence of God in
the life of the Christian community. They
help us see and feel God’s presence in our
lives. Of course God can still do signs such
as the crossing of the Red Sea, but God has
another purpose for each of us. God empowers us with the Holy Spirit to share the Gospel. Those who recognize this mission receive the fruits of the Spirit in their lives as
well. When these fruits are present people
see them in our lives and in the life of the
Christian community. They are drawn to the
community by the fruits and can begin to see
the work of Christ in their lives. In fact, it is
not necessary for grandiose actions if the
people of God are doing the work set before
them with love and joy.
to the disciples are a wind and tongues of
Yes, the disciples are in the upper room and
the Holy Spirit is sent to them. The presence
of the Spirit of God is noted by the ancient
symbols of God’s presence, wind and fire. It
is important for us to recognize that God’s
Spirit comes for specific tasks. We have already seen the tasks of creation, life, protection and salvation in the stories from Genesis
and Exodus. Now, God’s Spirit is coming to
the disciples. They are to be empowered by
God to go and share the story of salvation
through Christ. They are given the utterance
of various dialects. On this day of Pentecost
they will experience the fullness of God’s empowering Spirit as they begin to share the
Gospel to the crowd in Jerusalem. The story
of God’s salvation through Christ has to be
shared. As we know Peter will explain to the
crowd what has occurred. Upon hearing the
story over three thousand are converted to
the faith that day.
The message of the Gospel shared at Pentecost is the same message we share today.
We have been given the ability to share it by
recognizing the fruits of God’s presence in
our lives. As we walk by faith God will increase the presence of the Spirit within us
enabling us to be better witnesses of the
glory and the power of our loving God.
Often I hear people say that they have trouble
believing this occurred on Pentecost. They
want to know why this type of occurrence
doesn’t happen every day. However, God
doesn’t do the same thing in the same way
twice. The crossing of the Red Sea is a onetime experience. The many tongues on Pentecost is a one-time experience. People want to
see similar actions, large actions, taken by
God today.
Peace be with you,
Father Bill
A Joanne Ellison 4 week mini-course -
Monday Nights—7:00pm - Beginning May 7th.
Join us for a Women’s Bible Study.
No workbooks needed—Invite Friends.
Please remember in your prayers the following members of our family of faith
and friends who have asked for our prayers for healing and wholeness:
Gerald, Zeke Alford, Gus Anderson, Alta Brown, TW Brown, Larry Burton, Mary Carpenter, April Chappell, Robin
Chavis, Jill Crawford, Jeff Davis & family, Debbie, Tommy Dixon, Henry Duvall, Carl Forman, David Fort, Jim
Galletly, George & Alexis, Frank Gilbert, Bobbie Godwin, Ashley Moore Hart, Julia Hodge, Jimmy & Julia Hunt,
Laurie Hunter, Emsley & Debbie Ingram, Kay Jenkins, Cathy Johnson, Kenneth, Larry, Bobbie Latham, David
Leviner, Sandy Linton, Dan Marsh, Misty McCormick, Deborah McQueen, Loretta Meggs, Our Military and their
families, Jennifer Morris, Larry & Brenda Myers, Cynthia Nolan, Pat Odom, John Owen, Patrice Palmer and her
sons; Jaylen, Dontavious, & Davion, Lois Poston, Gerry Rogers, Martha Rogers, Paige Rogers, Debbie Rourke, the
family of Virginia Sarra, Gloria Sawyer, Bernie Simpson, Larry Spears, Thorn Tucker, the Unemployed and their
families, and Brian Williams.
Those in active service: Will McGuire and Matt Throgmorten.
Father of goodness and love, hear our prayers for the sick members of our community and for
all who are in need. Amid mental and physical suffering may they find consolation in your
healing presence. Show your mercy as you close wounds, cure illness, make broken bodies
whole and free downcast spirits. May these special people find lasting health and deliverance,
and so join us in thanking you for all your gifts. We ask this through the Lord Jesus who
healed those who believed. Amen
Please remember our home bound members. They have difficulty getting out, but they are so vital to
our ministry—our contact means so much to them. We need to keep in touch:
Please send cards or call or visit.
Jim Beales—304 Scotia Hall, 220 Elm Avenue, Laurinburg, NC 28352
Dorothy Bullard—609 Market Street, Cheraw, SC 29520
Mary Carpenter, Wadesboro, NC
Thelma Cottingham—Chesterfield Convalescent Center Rm. 104, 1150 State Rd, Cheraw, SC 29520
Margaret Davis—401 Third Street, Cheraw, SC 29520
Jim Galletly—103 Patterson Street, Cheraw, SC 29520
Julia Hodge—504 Christian Street, Cheraw, SC 29520
Virginia Moore– Cheraw Healthcare, 400 Moffat Road, Cheraw, SC 29520
Elisabeth Owens—152 McIver Street, Cheraw, SC 29520
f you wish to have a card sent to those that are placed on the Prayer List, when
you submit their names, please also give an address so we can mail them a card.
This outreach card ministry is being done by members of Daughters of the King.
Spreading the Good News
Attention All Parents and Members
Children’s Service and Christian Education
Christian Education for our younger children begins with the Children’s service at 9:30 am in the
church. The lesson for the service follows the lesson in Sunday School for the day. All children,
infants and older, and their parents are invited to attend.
Adult Sunday school takes place in the Parish Hall. The class begins at 10:00 am. This month we
will be studying the following stories:
May 6th – Matthew 14:13-21 – The Feeding of the Five Thousand.
May 13th – Matthew 1529-39 – The Feeding of the Four Thousand.
May 20th – Matthew 17:17-30 – The Last Supper
May 27th – Acts 2:1-13 – The Coming of the Holy Spirit
Suggested Books
I have recently finished Suzanne Collins trilogy: The Hunger Games, Catching Fire and Mockingjay.
This trilogy has really been accepted by the youth and young adults of today. The first book has
already been made into a very popular movie. There are many similarities between these texts and
the history of ancient Rome with the gladiators and games in the Coliseum. The stories place the
reader in a modern version of those ancient events. One has to ask the question how does a Christian act in an event where the state has absolute control?
In addition to these texts I am also reading The Gifts of the Jews by Thomas Cahill. This text was
published in 1998. It traces the history of the Jewish people from Abraham to just beyond the Babylonian exile. His main point is that the Jewish history and its influence have made Western civilization possible. The major influence for the west was the belief in one supreme God. From that theological understanding all of western culture has its root. The argument is very interesting and compelling. The book is an excellent read.
Father Bill
ECW Pledge Reminder
Lobie Hammond, ECW Treasurer, asks that ladies consider making a pledge to the ECW
before our final joint meeting on May 8th. This money will be used in next year’s budget. If
writing a check, make the check payable to St. David’s Episcopal Church. On the ―for‖ line
please note: ECW Pledge. These could be given to Lobie or placed in the collection plate.
The Upper Room
Birthdays & Anniversaries
Youth Ministries
Sarah Hartzell
Lobie Hammond
Barb & Jim Hill
Carol Sawyer
Jim Galletly
Frank Baker
Upper Room meets at 212 Virginia Ave
(Father Bill’s). Our plans for May will include:
May 6th –
Meet after church to go to Greensboro for a Grasshoppers Baseball game. The
game starts at 4:00 pm. We will leave right after the service.
Gloria Sawyer
Frank Watson
May 13th –
Mother’s Day!! No Meeting.
11th Noel & Stephanie Briggs
15th Will Oldland
May 20th –
5:00 pm Youth Group attends fish
fry and shrimp dinner at the church.
Gus & Gamble Anderson
16th Tommy & Nellie Laney
May 27th 5:00 pm – Youth group meets at
the Rectory for Upper Room.
19th Zeke Alford
Tommy Laney
Harry & Renee Easterling
21st Gracyn Jackson
Mary Ann Polson
Lissa Waring
22nd Emily Hartzell
28th Frank & Terry Davis
29th Anne Watson
30th Eugenia Davis
St. David’s Men’s Club
31st Jimmy Spruill
Larry Tapp
Cordially invites everyone
in the Parish
The parish is invited to a
To a Fish Fry
Mother’s Day Luncheon
Following the 11am Service
Sunday—May 20th—5:00pm
Sunday—May 8th, 2012
Come and enjoy fellowship and the
bounty of fish some of these men
have caught and prepared.
Sponsored by
St. David’s Men’s Club
Attendance for Sundays, Holy Days and Healing Services
03/21 Healing Service
11:00 am
04/04 Healing Service
04/05 Maundy Thursday
Children’s Service
03/25 HE I
Children’s Service
Remarks or Comments
Lent 1
03/28 No Healing Service
04/01 HE I
Children’s Service
04/06 Good Friday
04/08 HE I
Palm Sunday
Holy Wednesday
04/11 Healing Service
04/15 HE I
04/18 Healing Service
04/22 HE I
Children’s Service
Children’s Service
04/25 Healing Service
Easter Wednesday
Easter 2
Easter 3
Attention ALL Ladies
St. Luke’s Chapter is hosting a Spring Meeting for all women
at the Wine Factory
Tuesday—May 8th—7:00pm
Lisa Baker of Pee Dee Coalition Against Domestic & Sexual Assault will present
a program on personal safety.
Come and join us for an evening of fun!
Saintly Echoes
420 Market Street
Cheraw, SC 29520
May 2012
Dates for your
Dear Parents,
We had a very, very successful
Spring Carnival! THANK-YOU for
ALL that you did to support our
We are still collecting pennies
and small change. I’ll send a note
home soon to let you know which
class wins the pizza-pajama party.
ALL of the children think they are
going to win and can’t wait!
This year, the kindergarten
class read past their goal of 180
read aloud books. The last count
was 216! They learned print concepts, did author studies, and became familiar with the Caldecott
Award. The ―read aloud‖ was the
students favorite part of the day .
The kindergarten class visited
McLeod Farms and had a great
The 4’s program ―The Story of
Peter Rabbit‖ will be held at the
Theater on the Green on May 4th
at 9:30 a.m. If you missed the 3’s
program you missed a great play
and an enjoyable time. The 3’s
program was at the First Presbyterian Hall on Friday, April 20th .
Birthday Chapel will be May
16th. May, June, and July birth-
days will be honored. Field
Day, class parties, and many
other activities will also be
taking place in May.
May - Field days TBA
Summer Camp will begin
on June 4th. If you haven’t
signed your child up, it’s not
too late. Give us a call at 5370544.
June 1st - Last Day
of School **No ASC**
It is difficult to believe that
our students will be leaving us
for the summer; some permanently to move on to higher
grades. Your children have
truly become ―our children‖
and they will always have a
special place in our hearts.
We are proud of their development and so thankful for
the opportunity to care for
For those of you coming
back in the fall, you will receive a schedule and information about the new school
year the first week of August.
School will begin for students
August 22nd.
May 16th - Birthday
Chapel for May, June
and July Birthdays
June 1st - Kindergarten Graduation @
7:00 p.m. in the Sanctuary
June 6th - SummerCamp begins—It’s
not too late to sign
We have a few slots
available in 3’s, 4’s
and kindergarten
classes this fall.
Have a Safe
In God’s love,
Marjorie Johns
Happy Summer
Spreading the Good News
April School Snapshots
April Birthday Chapel
Spreading the Good News
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*Lay reader & Chalice Bearer Coordinator:
*The Rector: The Rev. William D. Oldland
[email protected]
*The Organist & Choir Director: Curtis Swallow
[email protected]
*Office Administrator:
Rita Forman 537-3832
[email protected]
Deborah McQueen 537-4367
Sally Powell—537-9889
[email protected]
*Men’s Club President: Phil Powell
[email protected]
*Newsletter Editor: Gayle Davis
[email protected]
*St. David’s Day School Director:
Marjorie Johns
Ximena Perez
*St. David’s School Board Chairman: Debbie Davis
[email protected]
*Altar Guild Chairman:
Margaret Duvall
921-4095 & Barbara Anderson 537-9439
*Daughters of the King:
*Usher & Greeter Coordinator: Marshall Kline
*ECW Presidents:
Barbara Hill,
Carol Newsom
[email protected]
*Vestry Clerk:
[email protected]
*Flower Coordinator:
Doug McFarland
Margaret Duvall
[email protected]
Sarah Spruill
Need volunteer
537-3387 [email protected]
Lane Brown
P.O.Box 817, Cheraw
[email protected]
Senior Warden
Joyce McGirt-Hickey 156 Second St., Cheraw
[email protected] 622-4339
Debbie Davis
Junior Warden
729 Juniper Rd., Cheraw
[email protected]
Peggy Michaux
413 Kershaw St., Cheraw
[email protected]
Gus Anderson
614 Church St., Cheraw
[email protected]
Carol Newsom
416 Greene St., Cheraw
[email protected]
Doug McFarland
265 Laurel St., Chesterfield
[email protected]
Mary Ann Polson
125 McIver St., Cheraw
[email protected]
Calendar Of Weekly and Monthly Worship and Meetings
Worship—HE I
Children’s Service
Sunday School
Worship—HE II
6:00 pm Healing
Service /HE
Children’s Chapel
Vestry and
Organizations and
Board Meetings:
Finance Meeting: The 3rd
Thursday at 5:30pm.
Daughters of the King
(DOK) - 2nd Sunday –9:00
kindergarten classroom.
ECW Chapter Meetings:
Bishop Thomas—1st Wed.
Vestry: 3rd Thursday at
St. Luke’s Chapters
Tues. 7:00pm.
School Board Meeting: 1st
Tuesday after the 10th of the
Choir Practice: 7:00pm—Wednesdays
Sunday School 10:00 Sundays—
+Adults—Parish House
The above meetings are held
in the Parish Library.
+Children & Youth—
assigned classrooms
Men’s Club— 2nd Sunday—9:00am breakfast.
Prayer Shawl Ministry—
”Knit Wits” - Tuesdays at
1:30 pm and the 2nd Saturday of the month at 9:30
am—in the Parish Library.
Youth—Upper Room—
Sundays at 5:00 pm—
St. David's Episcopal
Non-Profit Organization
U.S. Postage
Corner of Market and Huger
P.O. Box 926
Cheraw, S.C. 29520
Cheraw, S.C.
Permit No. 49
Return Service Requested
Phone: 843-537-3832
Fax: 843-537-4848
[email protected]
[email protected]
Gayle Davis
Spreading the Good
News Since 1768
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