Jerr-Dan 19 or 21 Steel BIC5 Ton



Jerr-Dan 19 or 21 Steel BIC5 Ton
Features to Meet
Your Specific Needs.
Remote Throttle
is available with
Jerr-Dan “Spec’d”
truck chassis
and automatically
increases engine
speed when a
carrier hydraulic
function PTO is
Customize your
Carrier for Storage
Space: Select either
two large, water
resistant, double
safety latch
toolboxes; one large
toolbox and storage
basket or just one
toolbox. All storage
options are mounted
independently to the
truck frame for easy
on/off installation.
A pair of Stainless
Steel Quarter
Fenders looks
great and helps
keep road debris
from the chassis.
Jerr-Dan “Spec’d” International Truck Chassis
6-Function In-Dash Switch Panel
Add a set of
Steel Wheel
Simulators to
make your
carrier really
stand out.
A Jerr-Dan 3 or 5-Function In-Dash Switch
Panel is Available (shown installed in a GM dash).
The Jerr-Dan panel can also be mounted underdash as well (not shown).
Best In Class
Steel Carriers
Standard Equipment
Cab to
B.I.C., Shark, Rustler
• Capacity
• Winch Line Pull
• Width
• Length
• Decking
10,000 lbs.
8,000 lbs.
19’, 20’, & 21’
80 KSI 10 GA Smooth Steel
10,000 lbs.
8,000 lbs.
19’, 20’, & 21’
80 KSI 10 GA Smooth Steel
10,000 lbs.
8,000 lbs.
19’, 20’, & 21’
80 KSI 10 GA Smooth Steel
Required CA’s
120” , 124” , 126”
144” , 150”
Required CA’s
120” , 124” , 126”
144” , 150”
Required CA’s
120” , 124” , 126”
144” , 150”
• Deck Lengths (most popular shown*)
• Standard Bolt on Steel Headboard
• Deluxe Bolt on Steel Headboard
• 8,000 lb. Hi-Speed Worm Gear Winch with Remote Free Spool
• 8,000 lb. Planetary Winch with Remote Free Spool
• Permanent Raised Deck Rails
• Removable Steel Raised Rails
• Removable Aluminum Raised Rails
• Reinforced Tapered Approach Tip
• Dual Angle Deck
• Two Keyslots Front of Deck, Two Mid, Four At Rear
• Zinc plated “D” Rings (4 per side)
• FMVSS Light Group with Wiring Harness and Packard® Weather Pack Connectors
• Two Chain & Binder Trays
• Hydraulic Counter Balance Dual Locking Valve on Tilt Function
• Dual Lighted Control Stations
• Built in Safety Chain Storage Pockets
• V-Chain w/Cluster Hooks
• Tie Down Chains & Strap Package
• Rigid Tubular Steel Subframe with No-Lube Subframe, Includes All Moving Joints*
• Replaceable High Performance Polymer No-Grease Slide Pad System
• Heavy Duty Deck Lock / Hold-Down
• Paint Finish - Black
• Mudflaps
• Abrasion Resistant / Thermal Resistant Hydraulic Hoses
• Chrome Plated Cylinder Rods
• Direct Mount Pump & Cable Shift PTO w/ Warning Light
• Hydraulic Rear Dock Stabilizer
• Hydraulic Rear Dock Stabilizer w/ Reese or Pintle Hitches
• 24” long / 36” long / 48” long / 60” long x 18” wide x 18” deep Toolboxes w/
Stainless Steel Door & Mounting Brackets (Pair)
• Galvanized Steel Toolbox Shelf
• 29” Long Storage Basket (15” wide x 19” deep / 24” wide x 19” deep) w/
Mounting Brackets
• Various Assortment of D-ring Combinations available
• Various Assortment of Keyslot Combinations available
• 8,000 lb. Planetary Winch w/ Remote Free Spool (in lieu of Worm Gear)
• 10,000 lb. High Speed Worm Gear Winch w/ Remote Free Spool
(in lieu of 8,000 lb. Worm Gear)
• Wireless Remote for Winching Function
• Cable Roller Guide / Tensioner Plate
• Lectra Shift PTO
• Air Shift PTO
• Clutch Shift PTO
• Wheellifts - Includes Receptacle for Rear Towlights &
Safety Chains w/ Storage Pockets
- 3,000 lb. Capacities IRL
- 3,000 lb. Capacities ZOD
- T37 Pivoting Wheel Grid
• Towbars - 3,500 lb. Capacity
• Tow Hitches
- Various Ball Hitch Configurations / Capacities Available
- Reese and Pintle Hitch Configurations / Capacities Available
• Deluxe Headboard
• Stationary Headboard
• Custom Paint Colors Available
• Emergency Light Package (Rotator or Strobe)
• LED Light Package
• Rubber Work Lights @ rear of truck
• Magnetic Tow Light Kit
• Work Lights @ Winch/Headboard
• Rubrail Overlay (B.I.C. only)
• Outside Stake Pockets w/ Rubrail (B.I.C. only)
• Aluminum Removable Raised Rails (B.I.C. only in lieu of steel raised rails)
• 102” Wide Deck
• Diamond Decking
• Stainless Steel Wheel Simulators
• Stainless Steel Quarter Fenders
• Stainless Steel Cover Plate for Storage Basket
• Jumpstart Kit
• “ On-Demand” Remote Throttle Control (Currently on International Chassis Only)
• Required Chassis GVWR (w/ Towing Option)
• Required Chassis RGAWR (w/ Towing Option)
• RBM (Total Both Rails Combined)
19,500 lbs.
13,500 lbs.
1,000,000 in.-lbs.
19,500 lbs.
13,500 lbs.
1,000,000 in.-lbs.
19,500 lbs.
13,500 lbs.
1,000,000 in.-lbs.
* Winch gearbox and underlift L-arm release pins require occasional lubrication.
The Tow Rating of your recovery equipment is limited by the GAWR’s (Gross Axle Weight Ratings); the GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) and the
GCWR (Gross Combination Weight Rating) of your recovery vehicle as established by the final stage manufacturer. Specifically, the total weight of all loads,
(cars,SUV’s, pickups, etc.) placed on the recovery equipment including it’s wheel lift PLUS the actual empty weight of the recovery equipment including
driver, passengers, fuel, tools and miscellaneous equipment MUST NOT exceed any GAWR’s, the GVWR nor the GCWR of your recovery equipment.
Patents: 5,782,596 & 5,839,775 and Other Patents Pending
The load-carrying capacity of any truck is determined by the GVWR of the cab chassis. It is important that you determine that your truck has satisfactory
carrying capacity and axle ratings for your specific application. Jerr-Dan’s® authorized sales representatives are available to assist you in this regard.
Specifications subject to change without prior notification. Some equipment shown may be optional.
1080 Hykes Road•Greencastle, PA 17225
Best In Class
Standard Duty Steel Carriers
B.I.C., Shark, Rustler
Steel B.I.C.
Steel Shark
Steel Rustler
Some Equipment Shown May Be Optional
Best In Class
Steel Carriers
B.I.C., Shark, Rustler
The stylish formed Steel
Headboard is deck or frame
mounted and available with
Jet Stream light bar complete
with your choice of rotator
or strobe lights. The deluxe
headboard shown here
features a protective screen
over the window opening.
Steel B.I.C.
Deck capacity: 10,000 lbs
Deck lengths: 19’, 20’, and 21’
Deck width: 96” & 102”
Flagship of the Jerr-Dan fleet
Utilizes as standard 80,000 psi steel decking
Removable siderails (both steel and polished
aluminum are available)
• Versatile all purpose carrier
Steel Shark
Deck capacity: 10,000 lbs
Deck lengths: 19’, 20’, and 21’
Deck width: 96” & 102”
Rugged, stylish carrier
Utilizing a patented dual angle deck that provides a
low approach angle to maximize loading clearance
• Polished aluminum raised rails are standard
The combination Roller Guide and Cable Tensioner
helps the cable wrap evenly on the winch spool to
prevent bird-nesting problems which is detrimental
to cable life and performance. Winch mounted
work lights shown here are also available.
The Free Spool Release
is accessible with the
deck in any position.
Steel Rustler
Deck capacity: 10,000 lbs
Deck lengths: 19’, 20’, and 21’
Deck width: 96” & 102”
Ideal for operators that don’t require removable
side rails
• The perfect match for strength, durability, and
cost effectiveness
• Like the B.I.C. it also features 80,000 psi steel decking
8 Keyslots are
positioned along the
deck for maximum
operator tie-down
The B.I.C. tailboard
assembly incorporates
chain storage pockets,
anti-theft L-arm storage
receptacles, and adjustable
tilt stabilizer bumpers.
Polished Cast Aluminum
control levers and illuminated
control station put you in control,
day or night. Optional two-function
remote controller available for
winching functions.
The optional ZOD (Zero-Degree) Underlift provides maximum
clearance to towed vehicles regardless of ground profile.
The Hydraulic
Reservoir can be
mounted on either
side and includes a
gauge plus internal
baffles to increase
fluid cooling, and
supply/return fluid
All Jerr-Dan
carriers feature
PTO’s with
Direct Mount
Heavy Duty
reinforced front
Holddown Bracket
IRL Cylinders
have hydraulic
locking valves
for safe
Flexible Hose
supports and
protects the
wiring harness
and hydraulic
hoses throughout the entire
of the deck.
Dual Tilt
Valves keep your
deck angle right
where you want it.
LED Light
shown with
rear hookup lights.
Setting the Standard
for Advanced Subframe
Every Pivoting Connection on Today’s Jerr-Dan Best-In-Class
Subframe Utilizes a Greaseless Bushing and Pin Design.
The Heart of Jerr-Dan‘s
Carrier System is
the Subframe. Every
Moving Joint Location is
Shown Here.
Slide Pads*
Tilt Cylinder
IRL Cylinder
IRL Strut Arm and
Adjustable Link Pivots
Ball Hitch Angle
available for
wheel lift option.
The 2 3/4” diameter heat treated steel
Cross-Bar Pivot Pin is the largest
and most durable in the industry.
All Jerr-Dan Underlifts are equipped with standard
L-arms or with optional T-37 pivoting grid arms.
(L-Arm quick release pins require occasional lubrication)
Wheellift Crossbar
*Requires a light coating of clean
hydraulic or motor oil on slide
pad contact surfaces ONCE
before initial operation.