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Westwood College offers degree programs in
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Only a handful of students from around the
country were allowed into the Democratic National
Convention, and those selected were Cisco
Networking Academy students from Westwood
College. Exclusively invited by Cisco, these
Networking Academy students helped install
the modern technology that did everything from
enabling the media to send their news articles back
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If you’d like to know more about how you can
be on your way to earning a bachelor’s degree in
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Accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges of
Technology (ACCSCT). Candidate — The Higher Learning Commission; Affiliate
— North Central Association Telephone: (800) 621-7440 or (312) 263-0456 Website:
(1) U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Occupational Employment
and wages, May 2007
Autograph Sessions
It’s cool to see your favorite actors on stage during the Q&A sessions,
but to meet them face to face and get a personally signed item from
them takes your convention experience to a whole other level. While
some guests are contractually prohibited from signing unlicensed
photos, for the most part, what you have signed is up to you.
New & used video games for buy, sell, or trade.
16 PC LAN featuring dozens of titles, including:
Team Fortress 2 • Left 4 Dead • Call of Duty 4 •
Countrerstrike • World of Warcraft • Starcraft
• Command and Conquer series
Please keep your items within the
bounds of good taste. You can bring
something from home, get a photo
or some other item from the Dealer’s
Room, get your program book signed,
or, in many cases, you can even
purchase a special photo from the
guest at the autograph table.
For those actors charging for
autographs (most do), tickets can be
purchased at the Autograph Ticket
Booth near the Photo Session Booth
outside the Dealer’s Room. Autograph
times will be posted at the autograph
tables during the convention. You
are entitled to one autograph per
autograph ticket, but there is no limit to
the number of tickets you can purchase.
Each guest is scheduled to sign for a limited amount of time. Guest
autograph tickets are fully refundable prior to 6pm on Sunday, April
19. Ticketed guests have two autograph lines – one for Platinum
Members and the other for everyone else. The lines alternate to keep
things moving.
Computer diagnostic and repair services,
as well as custom builds or upgrades.
Video game disc resurfacing.
Regular events and monthly tournaments:
Street Fighter IV Tournament - April 25
10101 E. Hampden Ave. #108
Denver, CO 80231
(303) 337-1600
M-Th. 10a-10p, Fri. 10a-2a, Sat. 10a-4a, Sun. Noon-6p
ComicFest Activities Page 26
2009 StarFest Entertainment Festival - StarFest - HorrorFest - ComicFest - GameFest
Stardate 200904.17
Welcome to the convention! Now that you are here, we want you
to read through this program to get an idea about what you can
expect to see this weekend. If this is your first convention, please
just dive in. Don’t get frustrated that you can’t possibly see everything - that is part of the plan. The convention is like an all-youcan-eat buffet of entertainment. Don’t overload on the Main Events
Room or you’ll miss a lot of great side dishes that might be new
and interesting to your palate. The convention is all about diversity
and choices. If you haven’t tried a taste of everything, you’ll be
missing out on an opportunity that only comes around once a year.
Stephen & KathE Walker
Photo With The Stars
Take home a professional 8x10 photo print of you with your favorite
star from the convention!
Photo tickets entitle you to pose with the guest of your choice for
a photo. We’ve timed many of the photo sessions so you’ll have
an opportunity to have your picture signed after the photo session
(requires a separate ticket) at the guest’s autograph session.
Groups are allowed to pose in photos, but each person in the
group must purchase a photo ticket (they each will receive a
photo). Tickets for some guests may sell out. Photo session tickets
are fully refundable prior to 6pm on Sunday, April 19.
Note: You can take pictures of the guests at the convention outside
of the photo sessions when you encounter them.
Video taping is NEVER allowed at StarFest.
House Call
Saturday Night
Robert Picardo and
Ethan Phillips together
on the Main Events Stage
StarFest Saturday Night
will feature a special play
presentation on the StarFest
Main Events Stage. This
performance will star Robert
Picardo and Ethan Phillips
reprising the Star Trek Voyager roles they created. The one act
comedy will be a separately ticketed event at 7:00pm. Tickets are just
$24.95 and can be purchased at StarFest Registration.
Page 4
Activities Page 30
2009 StarFest Entertainment Festival - StarFest - HorrorFest - ComicFest - GameFest
Brent Spiner
Interestingly, Brent Spiner was booked
to appear as our very first Star Trek: The
Next Generation guest back in 1988. Due
to a scheduling mishap, he was unable
to come at that time and Patrick Stewart
came in his stead. Since that time, Brent’s
been to StarFest twice - most recently in
1996. Thirteen years is way too long. We are
very happy that he’s consented to return
to Denver and meet a whole new
generation of fans.
Brent Spiner is best known for his
portrayal of Data the android from
STNG. Remarkably, his other TV,
movie and stage work is just as
impressive. His first genre role
was an appearance in an episode
of Tales from the Darkside
as the Reverend Peabody. He went on to appear in The Twilight Zone,
Sledge Hammer!, Night Court, Chronomaster, Deadly Games, The Outer
Limits, Gargoyles (voice), Phenomenon, and notably as the head scientist
in the feature film Independence Day. He also appeared in The Aviator
and the short-lived but well-regarded TV series Threshold. He appeared in
the Superhero Movie as Dr. Strom & provided the voice of Coach Mackey
in Quantum Quest: A Cassini Space Odyssey, which will be released this
Although he feels his days of playing an android who never ages are
behind him, Mr. Spiner is willing to lend his voice talents to various Trek
projects and isn’t adverse to playing interesting non-Data characters which he did in the Star Trek series Enterprise.
He recently appeared as Cervantes/Don Quixote in a production of Man
of La Mancha in Los Angeles and has released an album of musical radio
drama titled Dreamland with Maude Maggart and Mark Hamill.
Ethan Phillips
For seven seasons on Star Trek:
Voyager Ethan played the ship’s cook
and counselor during the crew’s trip
through the Delta quadrant.
Prior to Trek, Mr. Phillips spent five
seasons playing Pete in the sitcom
Benson,, and has guest-starred
on scores of other shows,
most recently Arrested
Development, Law and
Order, Criminal Minds,
Bones, Numb3rs, Eli
Stone, and Boston Legal.
He also appeared on the
Star Trek Enterprise
His film roles include:
For Richer Or Poorer,
Star Trek: First Contact, Greencard, Jeffrey, Man Without A Face, The
Shadow, Critters, Rain Without Thunder, Wagons East, Ragtime, Lean
On Me, and Endsville. His most recent films include: Family Tree, Bad
Santa, Chestnut: Hero Of Central Park, The Babysitters, The Island,
Hallowed Ground, Out Of Omaha, Keith, and Big Game. He has three
features that will be coming out soon: A Night at the Silent Movie Theater,
Trim and Dahmer vs. Gacy.
Mr. Phillips spends summers at Robert Redford’s Sundance Institute
as both an actor and writer. He is also a participant in Brave New
Works and the Emory University New Play Development Festival.
His play Penguin Blues is published by Samuel French and has had
hundreds of productions in the U.S. and Canada. Ethan is a co-founder
of Hollywood’s First Stage, a playwright’s group based on principles
developed at Sundance, and he is on the board of the Wordbridge
Playwrights Laboratory, which helps young playwrights. He’ll be
performing in a play at this year’s StarFest with Robert Picardo entitled
House Call. It’s a comedy in which they reprise their Star Trek: Voyager
roles as Neelix and The Doctor.
Katee Sackhoff
Even before Katee appeared in a single
scene of Battlestar Galactica she was
creating waves: when news was leaked
that the role of Starbuck (made hugely
popular by Dirk Benedict in the original
series) was going to be played by a
woman. She not only rose to that challenge,
but she surpassed it to the point that the
show’s producers decided to expand
and enhance her character’s
role once the mini-series went
Katee played another character
with plenty of attitude - in the
Halloween Resurrection thriller
with Jamie Lee Curtis. That
role hit screens just one year
before her big Battlestar break.
Seemingly killed mid-series on
Battlestar, her character Kara ‘Starbuck’ Thrace returned from the dead
to claim she kinda knew the way back to Earth. Incidentally, during the
time she was dead, she starred in a remake of Bionic Woman as the
same sort of complicated yet vulnerable rebel she’s made famous on
BG. Also during that time she appeared in the genre features The Last
Sentinel and White Noise 2: The Light.
Game fans might recognize her voice as the female marine in Halo
3. She’s also made voice contributions to the highly popular web and
cable show Robot Chicken. Recently she starred in the Dick Wolf (Law
& Order) pilot Lost and Found which may be picked up for TV this fall.
In that series she plays a troubled young officer that prowls through the
John and Jane Doe files and breaks rules solving her cases.
Silent Auction
Visit Phil and Sharon at the
Convention Information table
Bid Early and Bid Often
2009 StarFest Entertainment Festival - StarFest - HorrorFest - ComicFest - GameFest
Page 5
Robert Picardo
Incredibly, Robert Picardo hasn’t
been to StarFest since 1995.
Perhaps it’s because he’s been too
busy! After finishing his successful
seven-season run on Star Trek:
Voyager in 2001, Bob has been
performing in concerts, conventions
and doing a lot of acting. He has
worked extensively on genre productions
including: Stargate: Atlantis, Smallville,
Ben 10: Race Against Time,
Pirates of the Caribbean: At
World’s End (VG), Stargate
SG-1, Rocketboy, A.I. Assault,
Masters of Horror, E-Ring,
The 4400, Justice League,
Star Trek: The Experience - Borg Invasion 4D, Roddenberry on Patrol,
Looney Tunes: Back in Action,Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, and The
Dead Zone.
Coming soon you’ll see him in Legends of Nethiah: The Nameless and
you’ll hear his voice in the animated feature Quantum Quest: A Cassini
Space Odyssey with Brent Spiner and Samuel L. Jackson.
Mr. Picardo will be appearing at StarFest the entire weekend. He’ll be
performing with the Castle Rock Orchestra Jazz Ensemble on Friday;
On Saturday, he’ll be performing with Ethan Phillips in House Call; and
on Sunday he’ll appear on the StarFest Main Events Stage for a Q&A
session. He’s also tentatively scheduled for a panel or two.
William Katt
Actor, singer and Comic Book Publisher. The son
of actors Bill Williams and Barbara Hale, William
Katt is perhaps best known for his portrayal
as the star of the 80’s TV show The Greatest
American Hero.. GAH was not William’s first
touch with Sci-Fi – as footage from his audition
for the role Luke Skywalker in Star Wars
After Greatest American Hero,
Hero Katt continued
act and has appeared in numerous
projects on stage, screen and
film. He starred in the very
successful horror/comedy film
series House and then again
in House IV. Additionally, he
has appeared on the genre
shows Andromeda, Justice League and Gamers. More recently, he starred
in The Man from Earth, Alien vs Hunter and had a memorable role on the
current hit series Heroes. You’ll see him next in the science fiction film
Deadland and he’s slated for the upcoming horror film Room and Board.
In June of last year he started a comic book company with Christopher
Folino, the writer/director of the cult comedy film Gamers, called
Catastrophic Comics. Their first title is Sparks – a proposed six-issue
series. They just released their second title, The Greatest American Hero
co-produced by Arcana Studios.
Patricia Tallman
Patricia worked her way through college
performing in eighteen musicals at the Pittsburgh
Civic Light Opera. She continued her stage work
in New York and added television to her resume
with a recurring role on the CBS soap opera,
Guiding Light and roles on virtually every New Yorkbased daytime serial.
An opportunity to audition for George Romero for
a lead in his new feature, Knightriders,
Knightriders starring
Ed Harris, arose and Pat was on her way back
to Pittsburgh, acting in her first film. She was
subsequently cast in Monkeyshines and
Creepshow II.. Horror effects wizard Tom
Savini cast her in the series Tales from
the Darkside twice. He must have liked
her work, for he then cast Pat in the film for which she is perhaps best
known: Romero’s 1990 remake of the 1968 cult classic, Night of the
Living Dead, which Savini directed.
Moving to L.A., Pat was soon cast as an underwear model, Billie,
on the NBC soap, Generations. They loved her and created a new
character for her, undercover cop “Christy Russell,” which she played
for several months. Her fencing skills landed her the role of an evil, sexy
swashbuckler in the film, Ring of the Musketeers. Other films include
Bewitched, Sweet Justice, Benefit of the Doubt, Army of Darkness,
and two Austin Powers films.TV shows include Valentine, Without A
Trace, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Deep Space 9 and Voyager,
Star Runners (a USA Network pilot), Dark Skies, Babylon 5 and, most
recently, the female lead in the horror film Dead Air starring Bill Moseley
and directed by Corbin Bernsen.
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Page 6
Set a- new
course today:
2009 StarFest Entertainment Festival - StarFest
- ComicFest
- GameFest
Scarlett Salem
Scarlett Salem is an independent actress and
model who specializes in the horror genre.
She’s been in numerous amounts of films
including: the NFTS Productions’ Pajama
Party Massacre and Terror Overload;
Haunted Autumn Productions’ Tales of the
Dead; Mike Etolls’ Mutilated Movies;
Regan Reddings’ Killer Biker
Chicks; Roflak Studios’ Resist
Evil! Trilogy; Sean Hopkins’ short
fan film Friday the 13th; and Deer
Creek Productions’ Camp Kill, to
name a select few.
Scarlett is a representative for
Troma Entertainment as Tromette
of the Month for December 2007. She is constantly keeping herself busy
with acting, modeling, and attending film conventions. Keep sharp and
you’ll see her all over the place, she has many projects in the works and
several films are in production or out soon!
Jed Rowen
This is Jed’s third straight appearance at the
StarFest/HorrorFest convention dating back to
2007, when his movie, Zombie Farm,
had its world premiere here. Last Chance
Lance of Rue Morgue magazine later
commented in a review of the film that
Jed’s “…role as an inbred farmer gives
Michael Berryman’s Pluto a run for his
creepy cannibalistic money...”
Jed returned to HorrorFest in 2008
with the premiere of the award-winning
rock and roll horror film he starred in,
Attitude for Destruction, a resounding
StarFest crowd favorite.
Jed is bringing the extended trailer
of the latest feature he’s completed,
Dahmer Vs. Gacy, to be screened at the convention. Jed has amassed
nearly 70 credited parts in films, and is a frequent guest at conventions,
most recently at the Phoenix Comicon in January ’09 and The Tulsa
Defcon 7 last August. He just finished shooting his first TV pilot, The
Horror Ghetto, in Los Angeles this past February and is currently thrilled
to be acting with Academy Award winner Margaret O’Brien in Bruce
Morgan’s 35 mm sci-fi epic, Project Lodestar. Jed says he is very happy
to once again be a part of one of the premier venues for the horror genre
in the land, HorrorFest 2009.
Ari Lehman
The First Jason Voorhees! A native New Yorker,
Ari grew up in Westport, CT, where he trained
in classical music and jazz piano. He was
also actively engaged in performance and
theatre. Ari snuck into an audition for a new
movie, Manny’s Orphan’s,, directed by Sean
S. Cunnngham. This role led to Ari
getting the call for Friday the 13th
- and the rest is history.
After his film experience, he
returned to New York and enrolled
at NYU studying big band
orchestration and jazz piano. He
received acclaim with his world
rock and reggae band, the Ari Ben
Moses Band,, and then moved to
Chicago where he was “discovered”
by horror fans who actively sought his
attention. In response to their enthusiasm,
Ari drew upon 20 years of experience as
a professional musician and recording artist and created First Jason
specifically for Horror Fans, especially the fans of Jason Voorhees and
Friday the 13th. First Jason performs in clubs, festivals, and conventions
throughout the Chicago area.
Jeremy Make
Jeremy is a fixture of the Denver film and
theatre scene. He has appeared in three
notable feature films, including Suburban
(Cinequest Audience Favorite), Skills Like This,
(SXSW Audience Award) and most recently
as Jacob the blind Pathfinder in Ink. Jeremy
recently returned from a 6,000 mile, 108-day
journey around the country on a golf kart
seeking out artists and promoting the creativity
of the American spirit. His feature length
documentary, kART Across America, is due out
this summer.
Rachel Graham
Rachel is a Denver native who has been performing
since her teens. Her theater credits include Puck
in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Mary in The
Children’s Hour,
Hour, and personal youth theater
favorites Alexander in Alexander Who’s
Not...Going to Move and Red Dog in Go, Dog.
Go! at the Arvada Center for the Performing
Arts. In her spare time, Rachel is pursuing
an acting degree at the University of Northern
Her movie, Shaqani, is a simple story
of a young alien girl looking for love far
from home. Last summer, with filmmaker
Robert Berg, Rachel Graham helped
create the story and character that became Shaqani. The film will be
shown in our Main Events room on Saturday with a short question &
answer session hosted by the film’s director, Robert Berg, and Rachel.
2009 StarFest Entertainment Festival - StarFest - HorrorFest - ComicFest - GameFest
Page 7
Artists, Illustrators and Animators
Jeff Benham
Jeff is a freelance artist who combines words
and pictures in multiple mediums and styles.
His illustrations have won regional and national
awards, and his theatrical designs have been
chosen best of the year by critics from
San Diego to Seattle. He self-publishes
handmade books and comics, and works
for other publishers including Dark Horse
Comics and 8 Eye Press. As a long-time
member of 7000 BC Comics, he both
produces and teaches comics.
Scott Bieser
Scott began his comics career drawing stories,
coloring covers and designing logos for Malibu
Graphics’ various imprints in the 1980s. He left
comics in 1992 to work in computer games for
Interplay Productions but has since returned to
his first love, graphic storytelling. Previous
graphic novel credits include A Drug War
Carol, The Probability Broach: The Graphic
Novel, and ROSWELL, TEXAS. He is currently
drawing Odysseus The Rebel, written by
Steven Grant. Scott grew up in Garland, Texas, and is a University of
Texas at Austin alumnus. He now lives on Mars, which bears a close
resemblance to Cheyenne, Wyoming.
Page 8
John Cboins
John began his professional career
in ‘95 working with DC/Vertigo for
a brief period before discovering
the video game industry. After more
than 10 years working as a lead artist
for numerous game companies, he
had the pleasure to illustrate a novel
for young readers from Actionopolis
titled Prototype, written by Alan
His works in comics
and illustration include
Frazetta’s Freedom
from ImageComics/
Frazetta Comics, the
4 issue mini-series,
Graveslinger from
with writers Shannon
Eric Denton and Jeff Mariotte, new work for the Graveslinger TPB, a
short story titled The Bounty Killers written by Steven Grant for Outlaw
Territory from Image Comics and several children’s books including
Shipwrecked! Swiss Family Robinson Tales and The Fox and the Grapes
from Magic Wagon.
John is currenlty an art director at a Denver area video game company
and takes on the various comic projects when he can. He is also working
with Graveslinger writer, Shannon Denton, on another upcoming book.
2009 StarFest Entertainment Festival - StarFest - HorrorFest - ComicFest - GameFest
Daniel Crosier
Dan is the wood burning comic book artist of
Bartholomew of the Scissors for Bluewater
Productions. Daniel is also a sculptor, special
effects artist, writer, director of the samurai demon
performance group OFM:OdAm fEI mUd,
filmmaker, and all around sugar-sweet, nice guy.
His work can be seen on, daniel, and the four issue series
of Bartholomew of the Scissors may be viewed (for free) at
- just put the book title in the search field.
Armando Durruthy
Armando is a 2D / 3D illustrator and artist. He was
mentored by Scott Williams at WildStorm on a variety
of titles like the Fantastic Four: Reborn, Iron Man:
Heroes Reborn, X-Men Vs. Wild C.A.T.S., Gen-13,
Danger Girl and Divine Right: The Adventures of Max
He subsequently worked with Erik Larsen on Nova:
The Human Rocket Marvel Comics; as inker on The
New Defenders: Starring Dr. Strange, in various roles
on Marvel titles like Wolverine, X-Man, X-Men and Deathlok. Later he
helped DC Comics with Justice League of America and The Adventures
of Superman. A more complete list of his credits can be viewed at
Mike Geiger
After Mike started out doing storyboards
for two television movies for TNT
and NBC and sketch layout
for Kevin Costner’s
Tatanka Project. Mike
then fell sideways
into concept art for
the game industry and
met Shannon Denton
and Patrick Coyle at
ComicCon. They
invited him to put a
short story in their
comic anthology, Thrills
and Chills from Komikwerks.
He then illustrated the
children’s chapter book,
Blackfoot Braves Society
from Actionopolis, written
by Christopher Long. Since
then, Mike has done a
number of comic book pin-up illustrations, including work for Image
Comics / Shadowline’s Gutwrencher, Arcana Comics Grunts & Grunt II,
Graveslinger TPB from IDW and Aces, Curse of The Red Baron from AiT
/ PlanetLar!
Kevin Gentilcore
Kevin is an illustrator, animator, filmmaker and
graphic designer. His previously published works
include a 4 issue mini series for Blue Water Comics
entitled Back To Mysterious Island. His work has
also been seen in the Marvel Masterpieces
sketch cards as well as various online sites,
DVDs and animation. Upcoming film work
includes the soon to be released Body in A
Dumpster. Currently working as an Interactive
Digital Artist for a large advertising company
and working on his creator owned comic Teenage
Love Zombies.
Amy Reeder Hadley
A Colorado native, Amy draws comics full time
and is known for writing and drawing Fool’s Gold
for Tokyopop, and for drawing Madame Xanadu
for Vertigo/DC Comics. Breaking in through
Tokyopop’s Rising Stars of Manga competition,
her art is best described as a mixture of realism
and Japanese comicking sensibilities.
Tom Hodges
Tom has always been hooked on comics with
Star Wars was his main focus. After college, he
focused his attention on character design and
storyboarding. Together with his wife, Terri, Tom
has created a Superhero family called MidKnight
that is being shopped as a network/studio project
with a promo trailer currently in production.
Tom’s day job is working with Lucasfilm. He
started doing Star Wars illustrations for Topps
and moved into producing website comics on He currently spearheads the
Clone Wars web comic. The weekly feature on leads into each week’s new episode on the
Cartoon Network series. Tom says he’s honored to be
entrusted with the comic. He’s been allowed to hand
pick a couple of great artists to work with on the
project and the whole thing has been a wonderful
Zach Howard
Zach draws comic books and hates himself
fulltime. He has worked for everyone in this
industry and gets bored rather easily. He’s
currently working on the re-launch of Aliens
for Dark Horse. Zach has also worked on
Star Wars, Star Trek, Angel, Hulk, Batman and
Mike is the Senior Concept Artist on PAIN (PS3 and PSN) for Idol
Minds and Sony Console Entertainment of America (SCEA), illustrator
on a number of cards for the Everquest: Legends of Norrath and the
Star Wars Galaxies trading card games for Sony Online Entertainment
(SOE). Mike is also working on an upcoming comic project.
2009 StarFest Entertainment Festival - StarFest - HorrorFest - ComicFest - GameFest
Information on page 31
Page 9
Jason & Heather Martin
Jason’s career officially began in 1993 when
he impressed fellow artists and editors with his
slick inking style, and became a highly soughtafter talent in the comic industry. Jason has
collaborated with all the major U.S.
comic book companies (Marvel, DC
Comics, Image, etc.), and his resume
includes books like Battle Chasers,
X-Men, Witchblade, GEN-13, and
Thundercats to name a few.
Heather started attending comic/
anime conventions as a freelance
artist and fan contributing artwork to
the independent publication Rhonda,
and created promotional illustrations for Neko Con Ichi. She became a
colorist after meeting Jason and together they have developed a unique
artistic style that merges their talents. They have created illustrations for
Image Comics, PSM Magazine, and Official U.S. Playstation Magazine.
Their character designs, pinups, and illustrative artwork clients include
Ziff Davis, Paizo Publishing, Blimpie International, Play Magazine, and
Future Network USA. They also designed our cool ComicFest T-shirt.
See more about Jason and Heather at
Bram Meehan
A New Englander by birth, a graphic
designer by training, a worrier by
nature, and a Santa Fean by some
really good luck. Under the Panel
Press imprint — along with his wife
Monica and some other talented
artists — he produces the comic
Raised By Squirrels and wrote the
graphic novels Death, Cold As Steel
and The Darkness From Warsaw.
Monica Meehan
Monica has been arranging words and
pictures for pay since 1991. Please
stop telling her to make your logo
bigger. She is the artist and co-creator
of Raised By Squirrels and the letterer
and designer for Death, Cold As Steel
and The Darkness From Warsaw.
Thomas Rasch
I’ve been drawing since before I can remember...
At an early age I had a growing interest in the
modern mythology of pop culture. I loved
comics: Batman and Spider-Man were my
favorites. I watched TV shows like Giant
Robot, Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica. I
went to the movies as often as I was allowed.
In 1977 when Star Wars premiered,
something happened. It dawned on me
that this is what I wanted to do. I began to
realize that there were people behind all
this stuff I was so crazy about.
I started to read comics for the artists, instead of the characters. John
Byrne, Michael Golden and George Lucas were my new inspirations.
Since then I have had the opportunity to work as a graphic designer,
flash animator, and penciler for Marvel Comics’ Punisher 2099. I
currently work as a concept artist for the video game industry.
Nick Runge
My professional illustration career
started in 2003. I was doing
small local things here and there
(paintings) in my home town of Fort
Collins, CO, until I had a chance
meeting with Comic book veteran
Mike Baron. After penciling/inking
for various Baron comic strips, I
penciled/inked five pages of Image
Comic’s Detonator #4. It was a small
gig, but a start nonetheless. I then
worked on a graphic novel called
Black Ice for (online)
and illustrated covers for Mike
Baron’s Badger.
The Badger covers got me noticed, and eventually I was offered a chance
to work on Joss Whedon’s Angel comic book, first with interiors and then
covers. I feel very fortunate to finally have the time (with each piece of art)
to put in the amount of detail I’d like. Currently I’m working primarily on
cover art. The last couple of years have included: Angel, GhostbustersThe Other Side, Terminator Salvation, Gene Simmon’s Phantasmagoria,
Star Trek, Gutwrencher, and Peter David’s Fallen Angel.
Lee Oaks
After studying sequential art on this continent, LEE OAKS! decided
to try the next comic loving land mass. He ended up drawing for six
years in the kingdom of comics, otherwise known as Belgium. Imbued
with ancient secrets of the IXth art, LEE OAKS! has come back to share
in his enlightenment. His work includes Confessions
of a Cereal Eater, Tales of Tralodren: The Beginning,
Black Ice, Idris, and his own creation: Thunder
Monkey. He is currently illustrating the sci-fi
adventure strip called Escape from Terra.
Page 10
2009 StarFest Entertainment Festival - StarFest - HorrorFest - ComicFest - GameFest
Scorpio Steele
Scorpio first made marks on paper at the age of
one. At age three his parents gave him Secret
Origins of the DC Superheroes,
Superheroes introducing him
to the idea of parallel earths and alternate
realities. This book warped him for life
and he now spends more of his time
involved in “fantasies” of his own
creation than in consensus reality.
Since he gets paid do so, all is well.
His most recent work is in partnership
with Stefano Gaudiano, co-inking
Spider-Man: With Great Power #5
and Secret Invasion Aftermath: Beta Ray Bill - The Green of Eden #1.
2010 sees the release of Greet the Loa Volume One: The Yesterday
After All This Time, a graphic novel he is writing and illustrating, while
2012 fulfils the prophecy as he is hailed the new Messiah. Check out his
weird art at
Noah Van Sciver
Noah is a failed painter who began his career in
comics after some gentle nudging from his older
brother Ethan (DC Green Lantern Rebirth). Since
then he has quickly become a favorite cartoonist,
with a unique approach to self-effacing
humor in the vein of Woody Allen and
Robert Crumb. His work can be seen
in his scatterbrained comic Blammo
and his weekly Westword comic strip
4 Questions.
Noah’s work has also appeared in Mineshaft, MaximumRocknRoll, and
Fantagraphics publications MOME and The Comics Journal.
Brian Wood
Brian released his first series, Channel Zero, in 1997
to considerable critical acclaim and has continued
to produce comics and graphic novels at a brisk
pace ever since. Focusing almost entirely on creatorowned works, he’s become one of the most important
indie creators of the last decade. Standout works
include his The Couriers and Channel Zero
series, Demo, Local and Supermarket.
He’s earned multiple Eisner Award
nominations and editions of his work
have been published in close to a
dozen foreign markets. Currently under
an exclusive contract for DC/Vertigo, Wood continues to write his unique
brand of iconoclastic creator-owned work with DMZ, Northlanders, Demo
and The New York Four.
Stan Yan
Stan grew up in Denver, Colorado, and went to
school at the University of Colorado in Boulder
where he got his bachelor’s degree in accounting.
Due to the lack of sex-for-recruiting for accounting
students, Yan’s life took the tragic turn into sales for
the securities industry, where he wallowed in ethical
poverty on-and-off for thirteen years.
Yan takes his frustrations out by penning graphic novels such as The
Wang. In 2005, Yan gave up on financial security and become a fulltime freelance cartoonist, illustrating SubCulture for Ape Entertaiment,
creating comic strips for the financial and sales industry, and picking
up odd illustration and teaching jobs when folks are feeling agonizing
pity for him. Do your conscience a favor and hire him. Yan is also the
organizer of the Denver comics cooperative, Squid Works. For more
information see
Authors & Writers
Mario Acevedo
In the Army he flew attack helicopters.
In civilian life he worked as an engineer.
Later, flexing his art muscles, he
became an artist in residence for Arte
Americas in Fresno, California. He
was called up during Operation Desert
Storm and served as a combat artist.
After many publisher rejections, Mario
finally got some much needed advice
about his writing and then got two books
published. He is now prepared to share
those nuggets of advice and help you get
your work published too.
Mario is the author of the Felix Gomez vampire-detective series from
Eos HarperCollins. In his latest adventure, Jailbait Zombie, Felix fights
zombies for the ultimate undead smackdown. His previous books include:
The Undead Kama Sutra, The Nymphos of Rock Flats and X-Rated Blood
Suckers. For additional details, visit his website at
Kevin J Anderson
Kevin is the author of more than 90 novels,
41 of which have appeared on national or
international bestseller lists. He has over 20
million books in print in 30 languages. He
has won or been nominated for numerous
prestigious awards, including the Nebula
Award, Bram Stoker Award, the SFX Reader’s
Choice Award, the American Physics
Society’s Forum Award, and New
York Times Notable Book. By
any measure, he is one of the
most popular writers currently
working in the science fiction genre.
Anderson has coauthored eight prequels and sequels to Frank Herbert’s
classic Dune, with Herbert’s son Brian. The initial deal with Bantam Books
was the largest single science fiction contract in publishing history. The
first novel, Dune: House Atreides became a #1 international bestseller and
was voted “Book of the Year” by the members of the Science Fiction Book
Club. All of the subsequent Dune novels have also been bestsellers, each
one peaking even higher on the lists; the most recent, Hunters of Dune, hit
#3 on the New York Times bestseller list. For Hunters, he and Brian signed
and numbered 10,000 copies of the hardcover.
Anderson has scripted numerous bestselling comics and graphic novels,
including Justice Society of America for DC, Star-Jammers for Marvel,
Star Wars and Predator for Dark Horse, X-Files for Topps, and Star Trek
for Wildstorm.
2009 StarFest Entertainment Festival - StarFest - HorrorFest - ComicFest - GameFest
Page 11
Mike Baron
Mike broke into comics with Nexus, his
groundbreaking science fiction title co-created
with illustrator Steve Rude. He has written for
Creem, The Boston Globe, Isthmus, AARP
Magazine, Oui, Madison, Poudre Magazine,
Popular Polar Bear, The Big Picture,
Picture and many
others. Nexus is currently being published in
hardcover from Dark Horse.
A prolific creator, Baron is at least partly
responsible for The Badger, Spyke, and
Feud. Baron lives in Colorado.
David Boop
Denver-based author David Boop is a single dad
and returning college student. Dave was a journalist before turning to fiction. He’s published a dozen
short stories and written two short films. His stories
have appeared in magazines like Tales of the
Talisman and SF Trails and in the anthologies Wondrous Web Worlds and Space
Pirates. A former StarFest staffer, Dave is a
regular fixture on the convention circuit having spoken at cons in Denver, Phoenix and
Seattle. Dave’s first novel is She Murdered Me with Science.
Kevin Dilmore
Kevin has found ways to turn geek into cash for
more than a decade. It all started in 1998 with
his eight-year run as a contributing writer to Star
Trek Communicator
Communicator, for which he wrote news
stories and personality profiles for the bimonthly
publication of the Official Star Trek Fan Club.
Since that time, he also has contributed to
publications including Amazing Stories,
Hallmark and Star Trek magazines.
Kevin, with his writing partner and
heterosexual life mate Dayton Ward,
has put more than 1 million words into
print. Among their most recent shared
publications are the novella Things Fall Apart in Star Trek: Mere Anarchy
(March 2009), the short story “Ill Winds” in the Star Trek: Shards and
Shadows anthology (January 2009) and Wet Work, a novel based on
the television series “The 4400.” On his own, his first children’s book,
Superdad and His Daring Dadventures with illustrations by Tom Patrick
will be published by Hallmark in May 2009.
Christie Golden
Award-winning author Christie Golden has
written over thirty novels and several short
stories in the fields of science fiction,
fantasy and horror. She has over a million
books in print. In 2009 she will have three
novels published: a World of Warcraft
novel, Athas: Rise of the Lich King
(StarFest attendees will get a chance
to purchase it, signed, before its official
publication date); Golden’s first Star
Wars novel, Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi—Omen; and the conclusion of
Golden’s StarCraft: The Dark Templar Saga with the release of Twilight,
the third book in the series.
Golden has written over a dozen Star Trek novels as well as original
fantasy novels and a whole host of books set in a variety of media
worlds. She launched the TSR Ravenloft line in 1991 with her first novel,
the highly successful Vampire of the Mists, which introduced elven
vampire Jander Sunstar. Christie followed up Vampire with Dance of the
Dead and The Enemy Within (see
Joe Knetter
Joe is a writer and an actor with many credits
in the horror genre including everything from
books (Twisted Loneliness, Zombie Bukkake,
Sucked up Fhit) to films (Monsterpiece Theatre,
Pajama Party Massacre, Terror Overload) to
magazines (Gasp, Cryptic). His short story
collection Twisted Loneliness, which featured an
introduction by Sid Haig has spawned one short
film already, with two others in the pipeline. He
currently has over a dozen scripts in various
states of production.
L. Neil Smith
Mr. Smith has been writing & publishing sciencefiction and alt-universe stories since 1979, starting
with publication of his The Probability Broach prose
novel. He has written and published 24 other prose
novels, and has three more in the works.
His comics credits include a short story for the
Open Space series published by Marvel
Comics in 1991, adapting his first prose
book as The Probability Broach: The
Graphic Novel for Big Head Press
in 2004, Time Peeper (illustrated by Sherard Jackson and serialized
on-line) in 2007 and co-authoring (with Rex F. May) the graphic novel
ROSWELL, TEXAS in 2008. His next graphic novel, Phoebus Krumm,
will begin art production and serialization on the Big
Head Press website in 2009.
Jeanne Stein
In the last 20 months, national bestselling author Jeanne C. Stein has had four novels and two short
stories published. The novels are part of the popular Anna Strong Vampire Chronicles, of which the fourth,
The Legacy, was released in September. One of her short stories, The Witch and the Wicked, appeared
in the NYT bestseller, Many Bloody Returns, and a new short story, Better Lucky Than Good, in At The
Scene of the Crime, an anthology with a forensic theme.
Her fifth Anna Strong Vampire Chronicle, Retribution, is scheduled for a fall 2009 release. She recently
accepted a contract for books six and seven and is currently at work on the sixth Anna Strong adventure.
Page 12
2009 StarFest Entertainment Festival - StarFest - HorrorFest - ComicFest - GameFest
Carrie Vaughn
Carrie is the New York Times bestselling author
of a series of novels about a werewolf named
Kitty. The fifth and sixth installments were
released earlier this year.
She has also authored many short stories
found in Weird Tales, Realms of Fantasy,
Talebones, and others. She is a contributor
to the online blog Warp Section. It’s
about Science Fiction and covers a large range of subjects: movie
developments, reviewing past television show episodes, merchandise,
and video games.
Dayton Ward
Author. Trekkie. Writing his stories and searching
for a way to tap into the hidden nerdity that all
humans have. Then, an accidental overdose of
Mountain Dew altered his body chemistry, and
now when Dayton Ward grows excited or just
downright geeky, a startling metamorphosis
occurs. Driven by outlandish ideas and a
pronounced lack of sleep, he is pursued by
fans, editors as well as funny men in bright
uniforms wielding tasers, straightjackets
and medication.
In addition to the numerous credits he shares with friend and co-writer
Kevin Dilmore, Dayton is the author of the Star Trek novels In the Name
of Honor and Open Secrets, the science fiction novels The Last World
War and The Genesis Protocol as well as short stories which have
appeared in the first three Star Trek: Strange New Worlds anthologies,
the Yard Dog Press anthology Houston, We’ve Got Bubbas, Kansas City
Voices Magazine and the Star Trek: New Frontier anthology No Limits.
Dayton is also proud to represent Denver-based publisher Flying Pen
Press this year, as editor of the new Full-Throttle Space Tales anthology
Space Grunts, which will make its debut at the convention and includes
all-new work by several authors from in and around the Denver area.
Ray Harryhausen Tribute At StarFest
Harryhausen is one of the greatest stop-motion animators of all time. His films contain
visual images that are burned into the minds of everyone who has seen them. Our
StarFest MC, Kevin Atkins, invites you to spend some time with him on Saturday and
Sunday as he presents an illustrated look at the man and his movies.
On Saturday morning in Main Events Kevin will present The Ray Harryhausen
Chronicles narrated by Leonard Nimoy. This 1997 documentary of Ray’s life and works
includes appearances by Ray Bradberry, Dennis Muren and George Lucas. All of Ray’s
films are covered from Mighty Joe Young through Clash of the Titans. You’ll also get a
rare look at his early work as well. After the
film we’ll take a look at some of Ray’s “Lost
Projects” and what he’s up to today.
On Sunday in Main Events you’re invited
to view The 7th Voyage of Sinbad. Ray’s
first full color production celebrated its 50th
anniversary last year! Kevin will introduce
the film and afterwards will present a look
at the production of the special effects.
2009 StarFest Entertainment Festival - StarFest - HorrorFest - ComicFest - GameFest
Page 13
Marc Gunn
Marc Gunn is an accomplished professional
performer, songwriter, and producer who brings a
powerful and expressive voice to Celtic music.
He is accomplished on an unusual instrument - the autoharp – and has expanded his traditional work in Irish
and Scottish music to fuse the
roots of Celtic with blues, jazz
and folk music. Gunn delivers
exciting live shows as well as compelling and original recordings. Gunn
has 12 solo albums to his credit to date. His early background in folk and
rock music led him to discover the roots of both genres in Celtic music.
He worked for many years at Renaissance festivals and events across
the country as lead vocalist of the Brobdingnagian Bards. Gunn headlined
a “Lord of the Rings” Oscar night party, and is a regular at Dragon*Con,
the world’s largest fantasy and science fiction convention. Recent work
includes parody albums setting cat-inspired lyrics to traditional Irish music, and adaptations of traditional Celtic music to contemporary rhythms
and forms.
Gunn has performed in Germany, Ireland, Italy, and Switzerland. He
combines his love of travel and music in leading small tour groups of
music lovers to Ireland and Italy. In addition to being a working musician,
Marc Gunn is a podcaster of note; his Irish and Celtic Music Podcast
is one of the most popular of its kind on iTunes, with over three million
downloads. His Renaissance Festival Podcast is extremely popular
in that focused market. He produces three other podcasts, and was
a pioneer in viral marketing through MP3 downloads, giving away
Page 14
10,000,000 over the past several years. Marc Gunn will be performing three shows at the convention. There is sure to be something for
everyone. Visit Marc’s website at
Federation Ball
The Federation Ball is back in the Atrium this year. The Ball starts at
9pm Saturday, so be ready! It doesn’t matter if you’re in costume or
not, it’s always fun. Every member of the Federation needs to have
a place to party! Come join Feddies, Klingons, Vulcans and more
(including the occasional celebrity) at the Ball. Door prizes awarded;
you must be present to win! Enter the dance contest for a chance to
win some fabulous prizes. The audience gets to help with the judging!
Cost is only $3.00 each or 2 for $5.00. Music is provided by professional
DJ company ACES, and the Ball is sponsored by The USS Pioneer and
the USS Omega Glory. Help us name our alien!! We’ll have our giant
alien at the Ball this year, and he needs a name! Come tell us your
choice of name, and have your picture taken with him.
2009 StarFest Entertainment Festival - StarFest - HorrorFest - ComicFest - GameFest
Directors and Producers
Robert Berg, III
Bob is an Emmy Award-nominated Producer,
Director/Cinematographer, and a Contributing
Emmy Award-winning Editor, who has worked
in the television and motion picture industry
since 1987.
In 2000, Bob and colleagues in Denver created City’s Edge, one of the world’s first
made-for-Internet television shows,
with 27 episodes streamed to over 30
countries. Bob’s background includes
feature motion pictures, national
television commercials (aired on MTV and Nickelodeon), industrials, and
more recently, short films. Bob’s award-winning science fiction shortfilm, Orthogenesis, was screened at StarFest 2006. This year he’ll be
screening his latest sci-fi short film titled Shaqani.
Jaume Collet-Serra
Jaume made his feature film debut
directing House of Wax, starring Elisha
Cuthbert, Chad Michael Murray and
Jared Padalecki. He then helmed Goal
II: Living the Dream. He is currently in
development on another Dark Castle
thriller, Unknown White Male. ColletSerra moved from Barcelona to Los
Angeles 12 years ago. After graduating
from film school, he began his career in
the entertainment industry as an editor.
He then moved into directing music videos, and he subsequently
became an acclaimed commercial director with a wide range of credits,
including Socom: Navy Seals for Sony PlayStation; Skipping CD for
Budweiser; MasterCard’s The Cat in the Hat; Delta’s Seat; Lowrider for
Miller Lite; NASCAR for Pontiac; Cell Phone for Smirnoff Ice; Missile for
Renault; Mermaids for 7UP; and JT Root’s Office, starring Brad Pitt.
Here at HorrorFest he’ll be introducing us to his latest film, Orphan.
Sky Conway
Sky is the President of Renegade Studios
and producer of the fan favorite Roddenberry on Patrol. He is the creator, writer
and producer of the award-winning web
film Star Trek: Of Gods and Men. His ability to create high-quality entertainment on
a minuscule budget led to his production
of Walter Koenig’s script InAlienable. He is
currently finishing the script for a sci-fi TV
series: Free Space.
Kevin Myhre
Kevin started his love of movies at a
very early age making horror movies
down in a friend’s basement when he
was only 12. His love of movies, horror
movies in particular, led him to attend
the Tom Savini program for special
make-up effects briefly in Pennsylvania
and he just finished his degree in Digital
Video and Media Production from the
Minnesota School of Business.
Myhre is now working with NFTS
Productions as a Producer, Director
(Dinner Date), and editor for the film Terror Overload. Be sure to stop by
the HorrorFest Indie Film room to check out NFTS Productions and also
get a chance to meet Kevin and other cast and crew members as well
throughout the weekend at HorrorFest.
Free Concert
The Castle Rock Orchestra will be presenting the Star Wars
Experience concert with over forty minutes of music with a slide
show. The group will have a fund-raising auction of vintage Star Wars
toys (ca. 1977-1983) after the concert. The concert is 3pm Sunday,
May 3, at the First United Methodist Church of Castle Rock, 1200
South Street, Castle Rock. Admission is free. For more information
2009 StarFest Entertainment Festival - StarFest - HorrorFest - ComicFest - GameFest
Page 15
Jason Stephensen
Jason is head honcho of the low-budget
horror film group NFTS (Not For The
Squeamish) Productions based out of
St. Paul, Minnesota. He takes care of
everything from script development, casting calls and promoting to producing,
filming, directing and more!
Trailer Park Movie Studio Previews
Phil Watson will be presenting trailers, footage and commentary on
this year’s upcoming blockbusters. This presentation - it’s always
one of the most interesting and popular events at the convention.
Saturday at 1:30pm and Sunday at 4:30pm
His movie credits include the
upcoming Terror Overload
YN3: Pajama Party
Massacre, Doomed
to Consume and Off The Beaten Path, amongst numerous other short
horror films. Along with his wife Dina, this is Jason’s 2nd straight appearance at HorrorFest and for this years festivities he and the NFTS
Productions gang will be premiering their latest down and dirty sleazefest, Terror Overload: Tales from Satan’s Truck Stop, for the first time
anywhere!!! Be sure to stop by the HorrorFest Indie Film Room to meet
Jason and the NFTS gang!
Aristomenis “Meni” Tsirbas
“Meni” was born in Montreal, Canada, where
he majored in film production at Concordia
University. After several years of working as a
graphic designer and film editor, Meni moved
to Los Angeles to work on visual effects. His
first major project was working as a visual effects artist on the Academy Award winning film
Titanic and national advertising spots for Nike,
7Up, and Coca Cola. He then graduated to Visual
and Digital Effects Supervisor for such projects as Miramax’s A Wrinkle in Time, and Paramount’s
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Meni made the jump to writer/
director with a string of highly
successful animated short films including Siggraph’s Ray Tracey in Full
Tilt, Microsoft’s Mech Warrior: Vengeance, and the acclaimed The Freak,
which is the recipient of over a dozen international awards. Meni was the
visual effects director on the Tears For Fears music video Closest Thing
To Heaven and then went on to direct the music video for the Brazilian
band Udoras Fade Away. Meni went into production on his first feature
length film Battle For Terra,, based on the short he made by the same
title, for Fox Searchlab and will be teasing us with
footage on Saturday.
Jamin Winans
Jamin is a 31-year-old writer/director living and
working in Denver, Colorado. He established
Double Edge Films there nine years ago and
has made several critically acclaimed shorts
and a feature film 11:59,, which has worldwide
distribution. His last short film Spin won over
40 awards and played at over 80 film festivals.
Spin has 3 million hits across YouTube and
has played on television in the US,
Russia, Germany, France and
Page 16
His latest film, Ink is described as It’s a Wonderful Life meets Sin City.
The film is a high-concept visual thriller. In it, the film’s stars John and
Emma, a father and daughter, are thrust into a fantastical dream-world
battle between forces of good and evil in this allegorical tale of love,
loss and the search for redemption. Winans wrote the screenplay and
directed the film, which was entirely shot, produced and cast out of
Colorado. For more information visit
Kiowa K. Winans
Graduating with a degree in
Finance at Colorado State
University in 2000 and
a law degree from the
University of Denver in
2003, Kiowa was eager
to find a creative outlet.
She joined forces with
Jamin in 2005, coproduced his short film
Spin,, helped promote
its festival run
around the
world and
negotiated several foreign distribution contracts for the film. Spin was
featured on the PBS show The Short List and has played on television in
Russia, France, Germany and Belgium.
Kiowa helped pull together financing on Ink starting in the fall of 2006
and was instrumental in both the creative and business aspects of preproduction, production and post-production. Ink was a huge undertaking
but Kiowa successfully brought the project in on time and on budget.
2009 StarFest Entertainment Festival - StarFest - HorrorFest - ComicFest - GameFest
Prime Dimension Studios
A Denver-based small press comic book
company started with an eye towards creating a film based on the Sunset storyline.
In 2007 they decided to present it as a
comic book instead. Sunset Issue 01 debuted at WonderCon 09 in San Francisco.
Patrick Koepke is the writer and co-creator
of Sunset. He has worked as a freelance
writer and artist, and is best known for his
FASA-published book Pride of the Republic.
Robert P. Seavello, artist and co-creator of
Sunset has done professional art both in 2D and 3D. His work includes
commercials, comic book concepts, and marketing design. Doug Miller
is the co-creator of Sunset and the online development director for Prime
Dimension Studios. He has a history of web design and community management. Brett Vinduska is the Colorist for Sunset and has a degree in
Art from Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design.
Angry Commuter Comics
Ink Screening
This independently produced sci-fi fantasy is described as It’s a
Wonderful Life meets Sin City. It is set in a fantastical dream-world
battle between forces of good and evil, an allegorical tale of love,
loss and the search for redemption. The film will be shown on
Saturday, April 18th at 10pm in the StarFest Main Events Room.
Following the screening, the movie’s Writer/Director Jamin Winans,
his producer/wife Kiowa Winans , and Jeremy Make, one of the
film’s stars, will be available to take your questions.
Friday Kickoff Party and Concert
Artist Patrick Hoover pursued a job in comics
by sending portfolios to the big companies and attending conventions. Receiving praise but no job offers, Patrick
shifted focus to his own work and moved into
the world of Web Comics. Teaming up with
friend and writer Ryan Hatch,, the two created
Mr. Wrinkles and a website to showcase it at He works on personal fine art studies, as
well as the illustrative work on a children’s book project with fellow Mr.
Wrinkles co-creator Ryan Hatch, entitled Marshmallow Saves the Circus.
Ryan Hatch is the co-creator and author of the web comic Mr. Wrinkles
which can be read at In addition to writing
a web comic, he has also performed stand-up comedy at numerous
venues in the Denver Metro area as well as being a former radio personality who worked in both Laramie, Wyoming and Boulder, Colorado.
Currently Ryan works as a cable television programmer scheduling
and marketing films for two premium pay movie channels. He also has
a children’s book in the works currently titled Marshmallow Saves the
Circus in which he will be teaming up with Mr. Wrinkles artist Patrick
Hoover, who will be drawing the illustrations.
Friday, April 17, 2009 7:00pm-9:30pm
Come meet our guests face to face and to get to know them a bit at
the start of the convention. Scheduled to attend
Master of Ceremonies
this special get together are: Robert Picardo,
Ethan Phillips, Patricia Tallman, William Katt,
Kevin Atkins
and many more. You’ll enjoy desserts and
Our beloved Master of Ceremonies, Kevin, has been
nonalcoholic beverages while you have the
with the convention for over 30 years, but he amazopportunity to chat in a relaxed atmosphere.
ingly shows very little wear and tear. Kevin is
Desserts include cookies, brownies and an
famous for his corny internet jokes which he
assortment of raspberry
unleashes whenever there is a pause in
and chocolate mousses.
the action onstage. Please pray there are
After the desserts, you’ll
no pauses!
be entertained by a
Kevin has been working on the “technical” side of space science his
special musical concert
whole life, building models for NASA, developing planetarium shows,
featuring Robert Picardo
and animation. He’s currently working with a national photography
and the Castle Rock
company, handling their computer installation issues.
Jazz band. Tickets are
just $44.95 per person.
2009 StarFest Entertainment Festival - StarFest - HorrorFest - ComicFest - GameFest
Page 17
StarFest Activities, Panels and Events
Airbrush Experience
Cost $10 per person. Teen and
Adult con members can paint
and keep their own version of an
original piece designed by instructor Tom Grossman. Airbrushes and
paints provided by Iwata. Templates
provided by Artool.
Jedi Mind Tricks
Read the schedule and map carefully. Many
rooms have changed since the last convention.
The programming schedule is subject to
change. Unforeseen events will occur: the
future is difficult to predict. Stuff happens.
Weapons can be worn but must be PEACE
BONDED by the 501st. They have a table
located in the atrium. If your weapon is not
PEACE BONDED, security will escort you to
their table or take it away.
Speaking of Security, we love all of our
Stormtroopers, especially the “I’m the Head of
Security” Trooper. StarFest reserves the right to
escort anyone to the door with NO REFUNDS.
Report anyone using the dark side of the force,
dark arts, or black magic to Convention security
immediately - we don’t like sharing power!
After Hours Modeling
Bring your stuff and work on a kit or come hang out with Colorado’s
highest concentration of highly skilled imaginative scifi modelers, the
Commies! Come talk models at StarFest! All con members welcome!
Alien Crafts
Come join the USS Pioneer for some fun alien-crafting activities. Along
with coloring for the smaller cadets, bigger cadets and adults can participate in making paper people and creatures, paper bag puppet aliens, furry
aliens, origami and who knows what else! We welcome participants of all
ages, but those under 10 need to be accompanied by a responsible party.
An Introduction to Podcasting
Dave from ScreenGeeks Radio is joined by Billy Flynn from Geek Radio
Daily and Chris from The Jesus Geeks to talk about what you need to
start a podcast. From finding a topic, to getting equipment to finding
someplace to host your podcast and marketing it, we’ll answer any questions and have some fun along the way.
The StarFest Japanese animation room presents today’s hottest and most
exciting Anime. Check out the Anime Schedule for all the titles and times.
Art Show
We want to encourage all you budding artists to enter the StarFest 2009
Art Show. Past entrants have included Peri Charlifu, Jim Humble and
Tim Kuznair, whose work is pictured here. The Art Show will be held
in the Conifer Ballroom next to the Dealer’s Room. No pre-registration
for the Art show is necessary; your artwork can be entered at any time
during the convention. Enter your science fiction, fantasy, portraits, 3-D,
sculpture or any related artwork.
B9 Robot Builders Club
The B9 Robot Builders Club ( is a group of dedicated and
talented people who have focused their passion for the 1960’s “Lost in
Space” TV icon into something more than just a hobby. To the members, the Robot is a life-long project that is never “really” finished. With
the ongoing development of new technology, continual upgrades and
improvements are constantly required. Sometimes, when a deadline
looms on the horizon, there is nothing that will stop the building frenzy.
One member described it as feeling like a “Robot-building junkie with a
screaming monkey on my back!” The club’s unoffical motto is “Out Sand,
Out Spend, Out Build,” and their results demonstrate the dedication to
accuracy and superb building techniques used on every Robot. The
Club has a world-wide membership with talented builders in Australia,
Brazil, Canada, England, Greece, Japan, Spain and the US. Come visit
with us and our Robots in the Model Room.
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Look For Yellow Armbands
You always have friends at the StarFest Entertainment
Festival. If you want to know where things are, if you
are courious about kid-friendly activities, if you just want
to know what time it is, just look for someone wearing a bright yellow armband. Our convention staff are
ready, willing and able to help you with any questions or
assistance you might require. And if they don’t have the
answers, they know where to get them.
StarFest Activities: Special Thanks
If you want to stage an event at StarFest, Susan Anderson is the
person you need to talk to. She puts in long hours in preparation for
the convention coordinating the activities, authors and events that are
put on at the show. She proofreads and corrects all sorts of stuff that
gets onto the website and tries to prevent us from making mistakes
that could lead to our ruin. Thank you Susan... and here’s a little thank
you from Susan to those that help her:
I’d like to thank my peeps Kelley C and Carole G -- Kelley for helping
with the costume contest and the A/V setup for the panels; Carole for
helping with anything that needs helping with and not complaining
... ever! Thanks to Ken and Judy for sitting at the Freebie Table
all weekend, and thanks to everyone who comes to help with the
Costume Contest -- I really couldn’t do it without you.
2009 StarFest Entertainment Festival - StarFest - HorrorFest - ComicFest - GameFest
9 Balcony Challenge
Everyone with balcony rooms in the
Atrium of the Marriott Hotel is encouraged to decorate their balconies. The
last few conventions we have handed
out prizes to the best decorated
balconies. Prizes are awarded for the
“Choose Your Own” and “Sponsored”
theme catagories.
This year, the “Sponsored” category
is the number 9 - for the movie 9. You
might want to visit the 9 movie website
for ideas. The studio is putting together
an incredible prize booty for anyone
that participates in this category.
Additionally, the winner will be able to take home an incredible prize
package. Special consideration will be noted for subtle and fun design
elements incorporated into your decorations.
Bat’leth 101
Learn the basics of Bat’leth and Mek’leth combat. Prepare yourself for the
tournament and have a good time. We promise not to hurt you - much.
Battle For Terra
Aristomenis “Meni” Tsirbas will be presenting special footage from his
3D animated feature at StarFest on Saturday in the Main Events Room.
Meni was the Digital Effects Supervisor for A Wrinkle in Time, and
Paramount’s Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Battle for Terra is his first fulllength animated feature film.
Battlestar Galactica Discussion
All this has happened before... but will this all happen again? One hour
open mike discussion on BSG including the upcoming pilot to Caprica
and the two-hour movie “Battlestar Galactica: The Plan” coming in the
fall. Got praise? Gripes? Satisfaction? Were you let down by the finale?
Join Denver’s premiere Galactica Fan Group, the Battlestar Stormbringer, as we show you that it’s not over... til it’s over. Cylons welcome.
Battlestar Trivia Contest
Think you know your BSG? Brush up on your skills, and join us as we
stump you with the easy, not so easy and totally obscure trivia. Get your
geek on with members of the Colonial Defense Forces and match wits
with experts in the BSG community. Prizes will be awarded. Sponsored
by the Colonial Defense Forces and the Battlestar Stormbringer.
Bellydance Workshop with Serpent Moon
Join the ladies of Serpent Moon (aka Terran Empire Dancers), and learn
the slinky, seductive art of bellydance! This workshop will teach you
basic moves to light up the dance floor, and we’ll even work on a short
choreography. Be ready to shimmy, shake and undulate!
BSG Costuming 101
Join award winning costumer Frances Simmons for a discussion on
making costumes from the show. Costumes will be on display for your
close inspection, and photos are welcome. Tips and hints from one of
the best BSG costumers in fandom are yours to be had. We’ll tell you
where to find the props and hard to find items like buttons and buckles.
Model Make-N-Take
Junior and teens
can build a FREE
Polar Lights or
Hawk scifi model
and paint it with an
Iwata Revolution
Airbrush and Model
Master Acryl Paint. Templates from Artool. Brought to
you by TAG Services and the
Colorado Modeling Militia.
In the Make n Take Training
Room on the second floor
near the Atrium.
Bleeding Ear Theater with Kevin and Dayton
Come on in and unwind from the Convention Chaos! Spend an hour
with authors Kevin Dilmore and Dayton Ward as they offer readings
from their recent work— perhaps even a special little thing they put
together just for StarFest! Once they’re done divesting themselves of
all remaining dignity, they’ll hold a Q&A about their upcoming projects
and whatever else they might be working on, as well as answering any
and all questions from aspiring writers looking to bend someone’s ear
(whether it’s still bleeding or not).
Board Games and Puzzles
Need some time to unwind? We’ll have an assortment of board games
to play and puzzles for you to work on. Bring your favorite games ... you
may just find some new gaming friends!!
Browncoats Trivia Challenge!
How big is your brain-pan? Test your Firefly/Serenity knowledge against
other Browncoats for fun and shiny prizes. Not playing? Everyone is
welcome to watch, cheer, and, in true Browncoat spirit.... mock!
Chapa’ai of Fortune
Join us for an exciting game show where you spin the wheel and guess
the puzzle on the board. All puzzles are based on Sci Fi. We will be choosing players from our studio audience to play in each round. The winners of
each round will be awarded fabulous prizes. We will be handing out tickets
at the door to randomly draw our contestants, so don’t forget to pick up
your ticket. Your ticket is good throughout the entire show, so be sure to
stick around -- you might get chosen to play.
Creating A Parade Float
The Rocky Mountain FanForce have been participants in Denver’s St.
Patrick’s Day Parade for the past several years. Last year, we built our
own float in the form of Luke Skywalker’s landspeeder. And this year, we
brought both the speeder as well as the LucasFilm X-wing. Join us as
we explain how we did it and show you what a great time was had both
by us and the spectators.
Conspiracy Theories in SciFi
X-Philes and conspiracy theorists UNITE! Come join us for a discussion
about how conspiracy theories have been used in your favorite TV shows.
2009 StarFest Entertainment Festival - StarFest - HorrorFest - ComicFest - GameFest
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Cross Genre Detectives Investigated
Info Session: International Plastic Modelers Society
Crypto Science Society
Intergalactic Karaoke
From Jim West to Harry Dresden, detectives don’t always wear fedoras
and don’t always chase human criminals. Who are the best, the worst,
and the forgotten?
The members of the Crypto Science Society will explain the tools and
techniques for conducting investigations into all manner of strange and
unusual phenomena. They will discuss the everyday endeavors of these
dedicated college students to make science fiction into science fact. The
Crypto Science Society is a student organization from the Metropolitan
State College of Denver.
Digital Destiny Reading and Discussion
Jeromie Carr & James Dunn, Denver-area authors of the futuristic crime
thriller Digital Destiny will be reading a selection from the novel and have
time for open discussion afterward. Fans of Blade Runner and Minority
Report won’t want to miss this.
Doctor Who - Torchwood ... Past, Present, and Future
Discussion of both original and new series of Doctor Who and the
spin-off Torchwood. What is the history of Who and how did it get to be
such a phenomenon? Who is your favorite doctor or villain? What is your
favorite episode? What is coming up next year? All this and more will be
discussed. Beware -- you may encounter some spoilers if you haven’t
seen everything up to date.
Fan Clubs
All the local science fiction fan clubs will be at the convention. Various
presentations will be made in the panel rooms during the convention. If
you want to make your science fiction infatuation more of a social thing,
be sure to check into the club activities at the convention. They will be
more than happy to let you know what kinds of activities are available
throughout the year.
Farewell to Arms, a Galactica FRAK Party
What is a FRAK Party? A FRAK Party is a celebration thrown at cons
across the country celebrating our favorite scifi series. The Battlestar
Stormbringer is pleased to sponsor this get together of costumed fans
from the local community. Join us on the bar patio Saturday night for a
Colonial themed Mixer. The Atrium bar serves some of the finest drinks
and snacks from around the galaxy. Presentations will be made and
fun will be had. Cigars optional. Remember, you must be 21 to imbibe
alcoholic beverages served by the hotel bar staff and also... don’t forget
to tip your waitstaff.
Members from several of Colorado’s IPMS chapters will be on hand to answer questions about the IPMS experience and how to become a member.
Come by and talk modeling! 3pm Saturday in the Model Show room.
It’s all about transforming from a meek, mild-mannered individual into a
singing star... or just having some great fun trying! Yes, American Idol
wannabe’s, we have a home for you at StarFest 2009. Sponsored by the
Intergalactic Fleet of Honor.
SPECIAL 10th Anniversary 2nd Karaoke Show
Do you have little singers in your family that have a song in their heart?
Addicted to Karaoke? Need another fix? Come join us for Intergalactic
Karaoke II, Saturday afternoon in the Atrium. Lite snacks provided in
honor of our anniversary.
Kids Klingon Warriors’ Tournament
Join House VamPyr as we teach the young warriors how to use a
bat’leth. This is the junior version of the Klingon Warriors’ Tournament.
Prizes for the top three winners and all participants under 12.
Klingon Kulture
Admiral K’Var and friends are back to educate all on Klingon kulture
-- among other things! Come see Admiral K’Var in his element and come
asking questions that need answers.
Klingon Language for Earthers
Learn Klingon with General VamPyr. He will teach you the language of
warriors. You will be learning phrases and words that will impress Martok! Learn to count to 10 in Klingon! Learn the Skill of Klingon Cursing.
Star Trek: Of Gods and Men
Star Trek: Of Gods and Men is a three-part mini-series featuring many
Trek alumni, with a cast that spans all 5 Star Trek TV series, as well as
the Star Trek feature films. Directed by Tim Russ (Tuvok on Star Trek:
Voyager), We’ll be showing the entire film on the big screen of the Main
Events room Noon on Sunday.
Star Trek: Of Gods and Men stars Walter Koenig, Nichelle Nichols, Alan
Ruck, Grace Lee Whitney, Lawrence Montaigne, Garrett Wang, Ethan
Phillips, Cirroc Lofton, Chase Masterson, JG Hertzler, Gary Graham,
Crystal Allen, Herb Jefferson, Daamen Krall, and William Wellman, Jr.
Fiction in Print, Past, Present and Future
Round table discussion with authors of today’s Sci-fi/fantasy/horror. How
has it changed and how do they compete with the visual world of the
genres today? Q&A if time allows. Presented by
FREE Paper Models for Kids of All Ages
Come sit with Brad Guy and other CoMMiES and build a free paper
model. Several styles available. All materials are provided.
Gorram Browncoats!
Join the Mile High Browncoats, Colorado’s Official Fan Group, for a
lively discussion centered on Joss Whedon’s Firefly / Serenity ‘verse.
Learn about our upcoming group activities, monthly shindigs, and the
June CSTS screening of Serenity. Share with us your love of this shiny
tv series and film. Visit us at
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2009 StarFest Entertainment Festival - StarFest - HorrorFest - ComicFest - GameFest
Battlestar Galactica
Filming Miniature Replicas
Model Builder Sean Sides will have
an exact replica of the original
Battlestar Galactica model used in
the original TV series on display.
The model is fully lighted and
consists of thousands of the same
model kit parts used on the original.
There will also be three “rag tag”
ships -- Colonial Movers, Livery
Ship and Picon Maru -- on display.
These replicas can be seen in the
Model Show room where he will
also be available for question and
answer sessions during the show.
(not Sean, by the way)
Klingon Warriors’ Tournament
Come test your physical and mental combat skills in the Klingon Warriors’ Tournament. All skill levels invited to participate in one or all of the
three events: Curse Warfare (if time permits), Mek’leth Combat, and
Bat’leth Combat. Win or lose, everyone always has a good time. Brought
to you by the Galactic Warriors Academy.
Kookin’ with Kroesh
Kroesh Septaric, the Klingon Da’Har Master of Battle and Food has returned to StarFest for another year of what he enjoys to share most – his
view on how to enjoy cooking by looking at it as therapy, not a chore.
Come see Kroesh entertain the audience with his wild and spontaneous
style of cooking. Share in the one hour frenzy as volunteers from the
audience will participate in the preparation of these culinary adventures.
Watch as they transform earthly ingredients into dishes that will satisfy a
Klingon yet delight the human taste buds … and when it’s all done these
foods will be shared with his loyal fans and the audience. Oh yes, there
always is food.
Looney Labs “Little Experiment” with the Maquis
Come and play Monty Python Fluxx, Aquarius, Nanofictionary, Volcano,
Are Your a Werewolf? . . . We have them all! Come relax and learn a game
or two and maybe win a prize.
Marc Gunn, Celtic Geek
Experience Celtic music the way you do in the movies with a Geek
theme. Celtic songs inspired by Star Wars, Firefly, Red Dwarf, Lord of
the Rings and more. Marc will also present selections from his hit cat
CDs, “Irish Drinking Songs for Cat Lovers” and “Whiskers in the Jar.”
Mask Decorating Workshop
We’re back again this year! All are welcome to attend. One mask per
person. Supplies will include, but not be limited to: ribbons, foam cut
outs, glitter, feathers, and much much more. A group of helpers will be
on hand to help with little hands. Donations are welcome to help expand
choices for decorations, but are not required. Hope to see you there!
MileHiCon Challenge: Who is Sci Fi’s Top Fashionista?
Clothes make the man (and woman), they say—and what they wear in our
favorite movies and shows says a lot about the characters and the world.
What’s your pick for the best-dressed character in SF/fantasy? From the
comfortable military khaki of Gen. Jack O’Neill to Seven of Nine’s va-va-
Costume Contest
Saturday Night 8:00PM
Our Costume Contest takes place on Saturday night in the Main Events room. Prizes
will be awarded in several categories,
including a brand-new X-Box 360 and $100
gift card for 1st Place. It’s fun and exciting.
Imagine appearing on the same stage as our
Hollywood Stars and getting the chance to get
exposure in front of thousands of fans - it’s a
night you will never forget!
va-voom catsuit, the casual elegance of David Tennant’s Doctor Who or
Halle Berry’s black leather fetish-friendly Catwoman, choose your favorite
and come prepared to champion their sartorial honor!
Model Show
Do you build models? If so, bring it by the Model Show and share
your work with the world! Our show includes science fiction, science
fact, fantasy, and horror subjects. Are you amazed by detailed artwork
in miniature? Come on by and cast your vote for the People’s Choice
Award! Do you want to improve your skills? Our friendly staff of qualified
volunteers will be happy to talk to you about your work. There are a lot of
model-related events at this convention. Be sure to check them out!
Mystery Science StarFest
Do you enjoy bad films? Do you enjoy making fun of them? Do you
think that these activities are even better with friends? We do. Come to
Mystery Science StarFest and have a good time with a bad film and join
us as we endeavor to make the best of the worst even better by shouting
hilarious comments at it.
The Next 50 Years in Space
Karl Henriksson of the Denver Space Society will discuss man’s next
step into space. Space-based solar power satellites will permanently
solve energy and climate change issues on Earth; humanity will be
enabled to do other things in space, becoming space-faring. Come see
this exciting future!
Open Filking
If music is the language of the soul, then what a geek sings must be pretty
weird stuff. At open filking we explore that aspect of the uber nerd in-depth,
discovering songs about cats, computers, interstellar battles, Vampires,
tribbles and whatever else takes your fancy. Everyone is encouraged
to join in, and often the best parts are when we get everyone singing
together. Bring whatever material you like and help us sing the Fest down.
2009 StarFest Entertainment Festival - StarFest - HorrorFest - ComicFest - GameFest
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People with Disabilities at Conventions
People with disabilities at conventions and the challenges they face
with costuming, parking, crowds and accessibility to activities. What
can be done to make conventions more enjoyable for all?
Pirate vs. Ninja OLYMPICS!
This event is a follow-up to our popular Pirate vs. Ninja voting event
two years ago -- only now we are going to settle the age-old question of
Pirates vs. Ninjas once and for all through a series of tests: agility, endurance, strength, smarts, and more! Come cheer for your favorite team or
even have the chance to compete for your side. Feel free to show your
support at our fantable throughout the weekend, and witness firsthand
the results of the Pirate vs. Ninja OLYMPICS 2009! Join us at the Atrium
Stage at 2pm on Saturday for a short Pirates vs. Ninja swordfight!
Pocket Books Previews -- Star Trek and Other Fiction
2009 is a banner year for Star Trek! In addition to the all-new film coming
in just a few weeks, this year also marks the 30th anniversary of Star
Trek: The Motion Picture, the 20th anniversary of Star Trek V: The Final
Frontier, and the 10th anniversary of the series finale of Star Trek: Deep
Space Nine. Since the release of that first movie thirty years ago, Pocket
Books has kept the spirit of Star Trek alive in print. What’s new this year?
The 24th century has seen great upheaval, and the Federation has finally
defeated its greatest enemy. The rebuilding process begins in 2009 with
all new adventures featuring the U.S.S. Enterprise-E, the U.S.S. Voyager,
and the U.S.S. Titan under the command of Captain William Riker.
Elsewhere, the ongoing post-series stories of Deep Space Nine continue
to unfold, whereas the mystery deepens in the 23rd century for the crew
of Starbase 47 in Star Trek: Vanguard. As for the 22nd century? It seems
Captain Archer and his crew also will have their hands full, as the fledgling
Starfleet soon finds itself on a collision course with The Romulan War. Join
authors Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore to get a preview of Pocket Books’
plans for the entire year along with sneak peeks into 2010. Find out what’s
happening with books based not only on Star Trek but also Warcraft,
Starcraft, and other hot gaming properties, and television shows like CSI
and The 4400. Star Trek lives! Read the proof!
Quick-Build Costume Workshop
Fourth annual event!! Formerly Quick-Build Costuming Contest is now
a Quick-Build Costume Workshop for all who want to attend. This is
an on-site costume workshop -- do it yourself or get help from costumers on-hand. We have the equipment and supplies. You can bring your
project to complete, or, if you need to start one, you can start, complete,
and wear your works of art. Donations are accepted to add to the variety
of costume/fabric items. Come and see what kind of costume you can
come up with. Kids are always encouraged to come up with a costume.
R2-KT Make-a-Wish SciFi Auction
R2-KT was created in 2005 to honor Katie Johnson, who tragically
passed away from brain cancer at the age of seven. Her father founded
the 501st Legion, a Star Wars club that performs charity work around
the world. The R2 Builders Club created a unique R2 unit especially for
Katie, R2-KT ( ). The 501st Legion approached Hasbro with the
idea of producing a figure to commemorate R2-KT, which they unveiled
at Comic Con in 2007. This inspired Hasbro and Lucasfilm to help make
more wishes come true for children like Katie through the Make-a-Wish
Foundation. Bid on great items ranging from Star Trek books, posters,
kits and other great donated scifi items, including the new R2-KT coins!
All proceeds will benefit Make-a-Wish Colorado.
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Avistrum returns StarFest with wand-waving fun to everyone.
Some of their events planned for the weekend are the
Quidditch Tournament and Tri-Wizard Tournament. There is
an exciting schedule for this year’s curriculum. Space is limited
to 30 students for each class, so you will need to register for
classes early! Courses offered are: Auror Training: Forensic
Magic, History of Magic: The Salem Witch Trials, Charms,
and Herbology. The Avistrum Academy is located just off the
atrium in the Marriott hotel.
Charlotte Herring of About Face Painting will be in the Avistrum
Lounge Friday and Saturday! Stop by and see her work!
Researching Your Paranormal Fiction
Author David Boop takes you down the darkest drives, the creepiest
crypts and oldest nursing homes? He’ll show you how to find supernatural ideas and paranormal facts in places you wouldn’t expect. With Mario
Acevedo, Jeanne Stein and Carrie Vaughn.
Resident Evil: Dark Side Unveiled
The Geeked fan club will provide a close look at Resident Evil 5 and the
future of the game franchise. We will discuss the events that lead up to the
fifth installment of the survial horror franchise and beyond as the characters from the franchise. We also will be giving away a Resident Evil 5 snow
globe to the best dressed Zombie or Resident Evil character attending our
panel. We will be showing trailers and clips from Resident Evil 5.
Resident Evil: Degeneration
Resident evil Degeneration is a new CGI film based on the Resident Evil
game saga by Capcom. Geeked will be conducting an open discussion
about the film after its showing in the Anime Room Saturday evening.
Rune Stones -- Fortune, Fame and Glory
Come have your questions answered in the reading of the Rune stones.
Liz will help you interpret what they are trying to tell you.
SciFi Modeling Live!
Con members of all ages!!! Ever wanted to build scifi models? Want to
build better scifi models? Come to the CoMMiES table in the atrium on
Saturday and Sunday from 10am-3pm, and chat with some CoMMiES
about the models they are building on the spot! Their experience covers
a wide range of modeling subjects. These award winning modelers are
eager to share their knowledge with anyone interested. From beginners
to advanced builders, the CoMMiES will have something to share!
Scratch Build Spaceship Contest
This FREE event is open to anyone interested. Come express your
creativity with kits and parts from the CoMMiES stash! You will have two
hours to construct a spaceship of your design from the parts provided.
Winner chosen by staff and participant voting at the completion of the
contest. Limited to six participants. All materials are provided. Keep your
creation when it’s over!
2009 StarFest Entertainment Festival - StarFest - HorrorFest - ComicFest - GameFest
Sith and Targ
The Order of the Grey brings a Star Wars twist to the long-running
Renaissance Fair act Puke and Snot as we honor the late Joe Kudla,
who was such a central part of the Colorado Festival. Our live action
sci-fi spoof of the comedy duo will be the centerpiece of an afternoon of
fun and Star Wars trivia. We will unveil our latest commercial parodies,
unwrap a new edition of Weekend Update, retrospect the ten years of
the Order of the Grey Jedi and ask our audience to create headlines for
Week in Pictures. Compete for prizes in our own Star Wars Trivia game
where we reward bonus points for correct spelling of answers. May the
best Jedi win. And may the Farce be with you.
Space Grunts!
Pre-release party for Flying Pen Press’ newest collection of exciting Full
Throttle Space Tales, edited by none-other-than Dayton Ward! Dayton will
discuss his selection process, and several authors will read snippets from
their stories. There will be give-a-ways, so please join the Space Grunts!
Star Trek Comics
The history of Star Trek comics, choice stories as well as some bad ones,
the companies who released them then and now. Samples will be shown.
Star Trek IQ Test
Test your Star Trek IQ to determine whether you are a Star Trek Imbecile
or a Star Trek Genius! Star Trek fans of all ages are welcome to take a
written exam to determine their Star Trek IQ. The exam will test knowledge regarding the TV series and movies of original Star Trek and Star
Trek Next Generation. The questions begin at an easier level, but get
progressively harder and harder. Can you score over 150 to be called a
Star Trek Genius? This is a chance to really show off your knowledge of
the Star Trek universe. Each participant takes the test individually, not
having to rely on yelling out the answer or being called on to answer a
question. All participants will receive a ribbon showing their Star Trek
IQ level and score, and a special “trophy” (that any Star Trek fan would
love) will be awarded for top score. This is a family friendly activity, but
the test will be guaranteed to be challenging to any Star Trek fan.
Star Trek: The Movies
Since the 11th Star Trek movie “Star Trek” is coming out on May 8th,
this panel will celebrate the occasion by discussing the greatest sci fi
franchise movies ever. We will talk all about the ten Star Trek movies
that have come out and about the upcoming movie. We will talk about
the storylines, special effects, music, costumes, villains, trivia, profitability, etc. We will also see how the films have effected us socially and
culturally. Then we will have a final vote on which were the best two Star
Trek movies that were ever made. Live long and prosper!
Star Trek Trivia
Test your knowledge against other fans. Prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd
place. Trivia questions based on all TV series and movies.
Star Trek vs Star Wars
This panel will discuss the greatest on-going sci-fi debate: which one
is better, Star Trek or Star Wars? The presentation will contrast and
compare the two sci-fi adventures in various ways, such as who had the
better special effects, space gadgets, space ships, storyline, characters, and music? Which made the most money? Which affected us
more socially and culturally? Which was more realistic? In the end, the
audience’s final vote about which is the best will speak for itself.
The Star Wars Experience
In celebration of over 30 years of Star Wars and the anticipation of the
Clone Wars Animated Series and the upcoming live action show, the
501st Mountain Garrison will be presenting the Star Wars Experience at
StarFest. Come and join us for this momentous occasion of one of the
most influential science fiction sagas in our generation.
Meet your favorite Star Wars characters in a replica interior of the Death
Star and get an opportunity to take your picture with stormtroopers, bounty
hunters, and even the menacing Darth Vader. If you are lucky, you can
even meet a couple of our captured R2 units, maybe R2-D2 himself!
Throughout the weekend, you can also try to outwit the Imperial Troopers in the Droid Hunt. The Empire will be trying to capture you and
prevent you from finding the droids, but you will have an opportunity
to beat them for various prizes including many Star Wars props and
replicas donated by the Mountain Garrison, the Rocky Mountain region’s
premiere imperial costuming group.
The StarFest Panel
Have you ever wondered how you can run a panel at StarFest? Have
you wondered how to become a volunteer? Do you have a great video
that you’d like to show at the Fan Film Festival? Then come to this
panel! Susan, Treecy, and Kelley (and anyone else we can talk into coming) will answer what questions we can for you. Who knows -- perhaps
next year you’ll be the star of our show!
2009 StarFest Entertainment Festival - StarFest - HorrorFest - ComicFest - GameFest
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The StarFest Talent Show
The StarFest Talent Show is back!! Have a song you need to sing? A skit
you need to perform? The Atrium Stage is the place to do it on Sunday
morning. Sign up Friday and Saturday at Convention Information. Walkons will be accepted on Sunday if time permits. Please keep performances
to under 5 minutes each. Prizes awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.
Starfleet/Region 17 Get to Know You
Members of Region 17 (AZ, CO, UT, WY) will be gathering for an awards
program and to share stories of what their chapters are up to. Everyone
(Starfleet member or not) is welcome to drop by to say ‘Hi’. We’ll share
information about Starfleet and our 12 chapters in the region.
Stargate Huminiatures
Come play or watch your favorite Stargate characters in a live action board
game with human playing pieces. You can play a character or direct the
action of Stargate Command members versus goa’uld system lords, or
other enemies of Earth. The game is based on WOTC Star Wars/D&D
miniatures (D20 system). Play a pre-selected army or create your own
unique force. All materials are provided. Audience participation is encouraged, even if all you do is cheer on your favorite Stargate character. If you
are interested in playing, please come to the SG-14 fan table to sign up.
Studio Giveaways
Starfleet Academy Courses
Join the hundreds of StarFest attendees who’ve attended Starfleet Academy
– StarFest Campus now in its Eighth year!
Starfleet Academy is an entertaining opportunity to experience life as a Starfleet cadet.
Multimedia presentations, audience participation, a little education and a lot of fun are
what the classes are all about. The classes
are taught by Andorian Ambassador Indra Ivari, Lt. Commander
Stevl and a host of other professors including Romulans, Vulcans,
Andorians, and even the occasional human. There are always plenty
of surprises, since every year all the classes are brand new. Everyone
is invited to attend one, two or all four classes. Diplomas and other
rewards will be given to those who complete all four courses.
Security 101: How to Survive Your First Away Team Mission
An introduction to the exciting and challenging opportunities in being
a Starfleet Security Officer, including do’s and don’t’s and how to take
advantage of the constant opportunities for replace... er, advancement.
Don’t miss out on all the free posters and swag given out at and around
the show. Some of the stuff is really cool.
Astronomy 101: Earth Solar System – Be a Star, or a Sun or a
Planet in a Hands-On Astronomy course
Superhero Cinema
Students will begin their exploration of the universe by learning how
Earth’s solar system works. When is the full moon visible in the day
time? Why is Venus only seen as a crescent? Why is the planetary
Grand Tour so rare? And Why isn’t Pluto a planet? Discover the answers for yourself as you take the role of the different heavenly bodies
in a technique called kinesthetic astronomy. Last one there has to be
Uranus! (Note from Stevl: Stop having Rec Deck crew write course
The quest to show the best, the brightest, and, yes, even the “cheesiest”
examples of Superheroes in Movies and TV continues.
Tom Hodges -- Lucasfilm Artist
Star Wars/Clone Wars artist Tom Hodges will discuss his work past,
present and future in a galaxy far, far away. He will also take questions
on art and what could be up next for the Clone Wars web comic!
UFO’s: A SciFi Drama Unfolds In Real Life
Real life scientific studies of the UFO phenomenon and its correlations
with modern media and Sci-Fi entertainment. Presented by Mutual UFO
Network (MUFON), the largest UFO research organization in the U.S.
Under the Bucket -- Join the 501st Stormtroopers
Have you ever thought about being a stormtrooper? Darth Vader? Or
any of the other “bad” guys from Star Wars? Join us as we discuss the
501st and how you can become a member of Vader’s Fist! We will go
over what is the 501st, costuming references, trooping, membership and
how to do what we do! The panel will conclude with a Q&A session so
come ready with any questions you have for members in costume!
Utopia Planitia-Build Your Own Spaceship
We’re looking for a few Junior Engineers!! Build your very own spaceship
(not to scale, of course) out of ordinary household items with the crew of
the USS Pioneer. Children of all ages will have a blast, but those under 10
should be accompanied by a responsible companion. See you there!!
Website Giveaway,, and
have teamed up to give away some great prizes! The grand prize will be
an autograph and photo ticket for whomever the winner chooses. We’ll
also be giving away books from various authors and more. Enter to win
at Kevin Dilmore and Dayton Ward’s table in Author Alley before 10am
on Saturday morning.
Page 24
Interspecies Relationships 235: Love and Friendship Under the
Stars - Literally
Want a fling with a Ferengi? A date with a Deltan? A tryst with a Trill?
This is the course for you. Students will be introduced to the wide
variety of relationships available in the quadrant, focusing on the
potentials and pitfalls. The relative merits of different species will be
considered, and students will be able to determine which species
would be best for them.
Engineering 101: Spaceship Design and Development
This is the class that made Scott, LaForge, O’Brien and even Trip legendary Engineers. If you want to save your ship or station, you have
to be prepared to make what you need out of what’s available. Now
is your chance to practice this important skill. In this hands-on class,
students will have the chance to demonstrate and hone their design
and construction techniques in competition with their fellow students.
Main Events Seating Instructions
It is your responsibility to be seated 5 minutes before
Reserved Seating Events so that our stars don’t have to
talk to empty seats. Please be courteous and get to your
assigned seat on time.
2009 StarFest Entertainment Festival - StarFest - HorrorFest - ComicFest - GameFest
Whose Ship is it Anyway?
Explore depths of interphasic extradimensional improvisational space. The
Improvatons always venture forth with an audience (holographic or live),
so be prepared to think up new ideas, quotes, and situations for our hilarious and talented cosmic adventurers.
Texas Hold-’Em
Battle For Terra Presentation
Aristomenis “Meni” Tsirbas will be presenting
special footage from his 3D animated feature at
StarFest on Saturday in the Main Events Room.
Meni was the Digital Effects Supervisor for A
Wrinkle in Time, and Paramount’s Star Trek: Deep
Space Nine. Battle for Terra is his first full-length
animated feature film. It is a story about Senn
(Justin Long) and Mala (Evan Rachel Wood), two
rebellious alien teens living on the beautiful planet
Terra, a place that promotes peace and tolerance.
A planet that has long ago rejected war and
weapons of mass destruction.
Looking for some action Friday night? Join the USS Pioneer for a free,
no-limit Texas-Hold-’Em Tournament! The game starts at 9:30 pm,
with set-up starting at 9 in Panel Room 2. Players must be at least 18
years of age to play. You’ll have fun even if you haven’t played much!
Prizes will be given for those who reach the final table and for the
tournament champion. We’ll also draw for door prizes throughout the
game. Registration begins at 6 pm at the Grand Alliance check in near
the Dealer’s Room and goes until 8:30--after that, just come to Panel
Room 2 and sign up there. We’ll also be selling StarFest commemorative poker chips to benefit the Dumb Friends League for $2 each
throughout the weekend. Shuffle up and deal!!!
When Terra is invaded by human beings fleeing a
civil war and environmental catastrophe, the planet
is plunged into chaos. During the upheaval, Mala
befriends an injured human pilot (Luke Wilson) and
each learns the two races are not so different from
one another. Together they must face the terrifying
realization that in a world of limited resources, only
one of their races is likely to survive.
2009 StarFest Entertainment Festival - StarFest - HorrorFest - ComicFest - GameFest
Page 25
ComicFest Activities and Panels
Local Creator Spotlight
An inside look at the Rocky Mountain Region’s finest Comic Creators.
Members of 7000 BC Comics, Angry Commuter Comics, Fort Collins
Comics Collective, Prime Dimension Studios, and Squidworks will all be
on hand to discuss their work as well as how to get involved in the local
comics creator scene.
Comics and Prose with Kevin J Anderson
International bestselling author Kevin J Anderson joins us to discuss his
work both in and outside of comics, including Dune, The Last Days of
Krypton, Star Wars novels, and his original works, including a new rock
CD/fantasy novel crossover, Terra Incognita.
Beyond the Cape and Tights: The Best of Indie Comics
Join Charlitto, from the Indie Spinner Rack podcast, Patrick Hoover from
Angry Commuter Comics, Sean Anderson from the I Want More Comics
Shop, as the best comics outside of the Big Two are discussed. If you’ve
been looking to go beyond the world of Superhero Comics but didn’t
know where to start, this group of Indie Comics Fans will help to point
you in the right direction. It’s also a great time to talk about what you love
about Indie Comics and debate the best Indie Comics on the rack today.
Mike Baron Through the Years
Join Eisner, Harvey, and Kirby nominated writer Mike Baron as he
discusses his award winning work on Nexus, Badger, The Flash, and
others. Mike will be joined by some of his current collaborators at Big
Head Press and IDW including Scott Bieser and Nick Runge.
The Fun and Challenges of Drawing Comics
Learn from artists of varying styles and techniques some of the methods
and tricks they use when producing their comics.
How To Break into Comics
As Comic book fans most of us have dreamed of breaking into the industry, but where do you start? Learn from industry pro’s the routes that
they’ve taken and what it takes to help earn your big break.
Vertigo Panel
Join Vertigo stars Brian Wood and Amy Reeder Hadley as they discuss
whats to come in Madame Xanadu, DMZ, and Northlanders. This will be a
great time to get all of your questions answered about these great series.
The Best of Webcomics
Is your budget tapped out but still want to read more comics? Have you
seen webcomics while surfing the web but didn’t know where to start?
Join web comic creators to learn about the evolving world of webcomics.
Continuity: Friend or Foe
Continuity in Comics is one of the longest held
debates amongst comic fans. Does continuity help to tell good stories or just make
readers angry when mistakes
are made? Is it possible to tell
stories about a character for 30
years without continuity?
Join our group as the
debate continues.
From the Store Front
Perspective of Comic Shop Owners
Join local comic shop owners as they weigh in on some of the most talked
about issues in comics today including: Event Comics, Diamond’s new
dollar threshold for publishers, price increases, late comics, and more.
Licensed Property Comics
William Katt, Nick Runge, and Zach Howard
When the show is canceled or the movie is over, it’s time for the comic
books to continue the stories. However creating these comics is never
easy as fans have preset expectations on both storylines and characters. Join William Katt (Writer The Greatest American Hero, Arcana),
Nick Runge (artist for Ghostbusters, Angel, and Terminator
), and Zach
Howard (Star Wars, Star Trek, and Aliens)) as they discuss both the fun
and challenges of creating these comics. Artist Zach Howard will also be
debuting the first page from Dark Horse’s upcoming Aliens comic.
Creating Dynamic Faces with Amy Reeder Hadley
Rising star Amy Reeder Hadley (Fools Gold and Madame Xanadu)) is
prepared to answer all your questions about facial expressions, angles,
and variability complete with demonstration.
The Art of Storytelling: With Brian Wood
The first of what will become a tradition at ComicFest. Join Brian Wood
as he shares the nuts and bolts of his storytelling process. A question
and answer session will follow.
Silver SurferComic Book Movies: Threat or Menace
Comic book movies have been some of Hollywoods biggest money
makers as well as some of there most anticipated films. Has this helped
or hurt the comic book industry? Has it generated new readers? Is it a
trend or a fad? Join in on this great discussion.
Page 26
2009 StarFest Entertainment Festival - StarFest - HorrorFest - ComicFest - GameFest
An Evening With Brian Wood
DrawerBoxes® would like to invite you to an Evening with Brian Wood
on April 18th at 8pm. This is your chance to sit down and talk with
one of comic’s most talented writers (DMZ, Northlanders, Demo, and
Local). Space is extremely limited. Tickets are $25 and a portion of the
proceeds will be donated to the Hero Initiative. Tickets will be available
at the door at ComicFest based on availability. Please don’t bring your
comics or cameras. This is strictly a social event and there will be plenty
of time for pictures and signing during the convention.
Hero Initiative Silent Auction
The Hero Initiative is an organization designed to provide monetary
assistance to former comic book creators requiring supplemental health,
medical, and quality-of-life assistance. This organization has given us
the opportunity to give back to the creators that have given us so much
enjoyment throughout the years.
At the first Denver ComicFest you will have the opportunity to give back to
those that have given so much to you through a series of silent auctions,
featuring exciting collectors items, throughout the weekend. We have a
variety of items donated to us, such as library bound volumes of DMZ,
Madame Xandau, and Nexus (donated by Library Bindings). There will
also be rare signed items such as a framed Green Lantern Poster signed
by artist Ethan Van Sciver (donated by I Want More Comics ), signed
trade paperbacks by writer Matt Sturges (donated by Matt Sturges), and a
Michael Turner 2007 New York Comic Con signed sketchbook (donated by
From This Day Forward Photography) and many others.
For more information about the Hero Initiative go to We hope that these great collectors items will
inspire generosity for this wonderful charity.
Marvel Mondo Panel
Teleconference with Brian Michael Bendis and Jeph Loeb: Have you
always wanted to go to a Marvel Mondo Panel, but haven’t been able
to make it to New York, Chicago, or San Diego? Well stay tuned True
Believers because it’s landing right here in Denver. Do you want to know
what Bendis is going to do next with the Marvel or Ultimate Universe?
What will Loeb do next with the Hulk? This will be an exciting question
and answer session live via teleconference with Marvel Comics Creators
Brian Michael Bendis (Secret Invasion, New Avengers, and Ultimate
Spider-Man) and Jeph Loeb (Hulk and Ultimatium)
Panel Theory and Page Lay-out
For the aspiring cartoonists one of the most difficult hurdles is where to
put the panels. How to successfully layout a comics page from script to
finished pencils so that your pages are given a professional look will be
discussed in detail.
Portfolio Review
Is your submission for that never before told tale of The Batman just
about ready to be sent off to DC comics? Are you sure you have what it
takes to blow Joe Quesada’s mind with your latest sketches of SpiderMan and The Hulk? If you are more than just a fan of comics, and are
working to start your comic book career, you will have your chance to
receive an honest evaluation of your work by creators such as Armando
Durruthy, John Cboins, and Mike Baron. Availability is limited.
All weekend long there will be a chance to win some great items, such
as movie passes to the Cinebarre, Comics, Sketchbooks and much
more. Don’t miss out on your chance to win these great prizes.
Live Podcasting
Charlito from the Indie Spinner Rack podcast is making the trek back
home from New York to Denver to cover the con and talk comics with
anyone he can. Charlitto will be podcasting live throughout the weekend
as well as moderating an Indie Comics Panel and Webcomics panel.
Listen to Indie Spinner Rack for free on iTunes or go to indiespinnerrack for more details. Indie Spinner Rack is a podcast geared
towards the indie comic book publishing world, not only for veterans of
Indie publishing, but new readers as well. Charlito and Mr. Phil bring
you the smackdown of Indies, from the past to present, with extra tidbits
of info and current happenings throughout the industry. In addition the
show also features interviews, contests, and plenty of silliness to go
around. So sit down, take a spin and join the boys for your latest info
from the outer edges of comicdom! Special thanks to the good folks at
Library Bindings for bringing Charlito out for this great event!
Other Podcasters in attendance at ComicFest will be Charles O’Neil
from the Fanboy Face-off Podcast and Mike Myers from the DC Noise
Podcast. Both shows are available for free on iTunes. For more information on Fanboy Face-off goto
2009 StarFest Entertainment Festival - StarFest - HorrorFest - ComicFest - GameFest
Page 27
ComicFest: Special Thanks
We wanted to give a special thanks to Jason Page for his tireless
efforts on behalf of our inaugural ComicFest this year. Without his
help it would have definitely been much less of an event. His hard
work and devotion to comics is without parallel and we just can’t thank
him enough. Knowing that such effort comes with the help of others whom we might not be aware of. We asked that Jason say a couple of
things about the people that helped him put ComicFest together:
With any event there are always people working behind the scenes
to make it function smoothly. Bruce MacIntosh created flyers, printed
sketchbooks, promoted the show near and far, and so much more.
Thanks to Matt McLean, Ben Cameron, and Charles O’Neill for all that
you did. Thanks to Rich Vincent from DrawerBoxes(tm) for sponsoring
Brian Wood’s trip, and for all of his great advice. Thanks to James
Jasek from Library Bindings for bringing Charlito back to Denver for
the con and to see his parents. Thanks to Barb and Mike Meyers for
the tour of Colorado Springs comic shops.
Special thanks to everyone who donated items to the Hero Initiative
Silent Auction including Library Bindings, Marc Andreyko, Brad Meltzer,
I Want More Comics, Riccardo Burchelli, Matt Sturges, and Anginet
Photography. To all of the ComicFest writers and artists, thanks for
your love of comics and your support of the show! Special thanks to
Armando Durruthy, Tom Rasch, and Jason and Heather Martin for
the art you did to promote the show. Thanks to all of the comic shops
that promoted the con. Thanks to my wife Anginet for all of her hard
work including sketchbooks, flyers, posters, and listening to me talk
endlessly about comic books. Finally thanks to all of you who took
time out of your weekend to come to ComicFest. I’m already looking
forward to next year!
Page 28
Hug a r
2009 StarFest Entertainment Festival - StarFest - HorrorFest - ComicFest - GameFest
5x10 Utility Trailer $2495.00
8.5’x24’ Race Car Trailer $13,995.00
8’x18’ Utility Trailer $5195.00
501st Photo Booth
Perhaps it
is your
destiny to
get your
See them in
the Atrium
2009 StarFest Entertainment Festival - StarFest - HorrorFest - ComicFest - GameFest
Page 29
The Art of No Budget Filmmaking
Join our attending filmmakers for a discussion of creating exciting
independent films with little or no budget. With Jason Stephenson
and Joe Knetter of Not For the Squeamish Productions, Richard
Taylor of Bizjack Flemmco Productions, and others.
The Two-Fisted Female in Fiction
Author Jeanne Stein invites you to join in the discussion of
the women who kick butt in fiction.
Dead Air
Patricia Tallman talks about her upcoming horror film!
The Pro’s and Con’s of Slasher Films
A discussion with your host Reggie McDaniel. Can slasher
films be done well? Have they been?
Colorado X – Case Files of the Paranormal
HorrorFest Activities
HorrorFest Extras Room
This is the room at HorrorFest where you’ll find all the extra
fun stuff! We’ll have contests, author signings, a freebie
table, and more!
Independent Film Screening Room
New this year to HorrorFest! This is where you’ll see screenings from all of our independent film companies attending
HorrorFest. We also show independent films from other companies and up-and-coming new directors. See the schedule
for all the films we will be screening over the weekend.
HorrorFest Panels
This year we have some great panels in store for you! Rocky
Mountain Paranormal Research Society returns with crowd
favorite the “Paranormal Game Show” and a brand new panel
“The Science of the Paranormal.” All of our authors will be
presenting panels as well. For the younger crowd, we have
our kid-friendly event, “Make Your Own Horror Coloring Book”
and of course “Horror Trivia” will be returning with your host
Peri Charlifu. See below for a listing and description of some
of our fabulous panels!
Stop in and learn all about this exciting new show being shot
right here in Colorado!
Warning Radio
The extremely popular web radio show will broadcast live
from HorrorFest with you as a live audience!
What Would You Like to See in Horror Fiction?
Carrie Vaughn hosts this discussion on what you the fan
would like to see in horror fiction that hasn’t been done yet.
Horror Video
Friday night we are pleased to present “The Rocky Horror
Picture Show” with Cast in the Aspen Theater at midnight!
Saturday we celebrate 30 years of “Friday the 13th” and pay
tribute to camp slasher films all day and into the night ending
with “His Name Was Jason – 30 Years of Friday the 13th”.
We’ll also take time out to premier the new film from NFTS
Productions, “Terror Overload – Tales From Satan’s Truckstop” starring Ari Lehman and Scarlet Salem.
Sunday we’re digging up some films starring StarFest and
HorrorFest guests, Patricia Tallman, William Katt, Robert
Picardo, and Ethan Phillips.
Making Dahmer vs. Gacey
Jed Rowen and Ethan Phillips present an extended trailer
for this new film and talk about the making of the film.
Page 30
2009 StarFest Entertainment Festival - StarFest - HorrorFest - ComicFest - GameFest
Saturday Tournaments - Play Starts at Noon
Street Fighter 4 - Singles Event. Entry $10 per person. Prizes: 1st
- $150, 2nd - $30.
Smash Bros. Brawl - Singles event. Entry $10 per person. Prizes: 1st
- $150, 2nd - $30.
HALO 3 (2 v 2) - Two person team event. Entry is $10 per person, $20
per team. Prizes: 1st - $440, 2nd - $60 (per team).
Sunday Tournaments - Play Starts at Noon
Soul Calibur 4 - Singles Event. Entry is $10 per person. Prizes: 1st
- $150, 2nd - $30
NBA 2K 2009 - Singles Event. Entry is $10 per person. Prizes: 1st
- $180, 2nd - $30
Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm - Singles Event. Entry is $10 per person.
Prize: 1st - Gift Card from Gamestop.
Casual Play
Cash &
There is open game play all three days, all day at no charge. Included
games are: Street Fighter 4, Smash Bros. Brawl, Halo 3, Soul Calibur 4,
NBA 2K 2009, Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm, Little Big Planet (PS3), Gears
of War 2 (360), Mortal Kombat VS DC Universe (360), Smash Bros. Melee
(Wii/Gamecube), and Mario Kart Double Dash (Wii/Gamecube).
Tournaments and
3 Days of Gameplay
About GameFest
GameFest is brought to you with great help from Game Stop and Colorado Cutthroat Gaming this year. Together, we’ll be providing you with
the ultimate gaming experience in SciFi, Horror, Comics and Gaming.
Our gameplay will feature today’s most popular games and the chance
to win cash and prizes in six different tournaments over the weekend. If
you are looking for good competition, new rivals, new friends, and the
BEST GAMING you’ve ever experienced, then you found the right place.
How It Works
The convention takes place at the Hilton Garden Inn Hotel April 17-19,
2009. The hours are (roughly) Friday from 6pm-10pm, Saturday and
Sunday from 10am-8pm. In order to get into the convention you will
need to get a membership of some kind. There are several kinds of
memberships available from as low as $10. Any of the memberships
will give you access to both GameFest and ComicFest. Once you have
purchased a convention membership, you are able to take advantage
of Casual Game Play at GameFest. In order to play in the individual
Tournament Events, you will have to pay an additional fee for each event
you enter ($10 per person).
Tournament play will take place on Saturday and Sunday. All day Friday
is devoted to open Casual Play. GameFest is convenient (next door) to all
the StarFest activities at the Marriott Denver Tech Center. Between your
matches, you’ll be able to partake in all sorts of other great stuff that will
be happening at the StarFest Entertainment Festival, depending on the
membership you purchase. ComicFest is also located at the Hilton and is
included in any of the membership tickets you decide to purchase.
2009 StarFest Entertainment Festival - StarFest - HorrorFest - ComicFest - GameFest
Page 31
April 16-18, 2010 - Marriott & Hilton DTC - Invited Guests
Summer Glau
Firefly - Terminator: SCC
Marina Sirtis
Star Trek: The Next Generation
Simon Helberg
Big Bang Theory
Who do you want to see? Let us know!
Visit the message board to suggest your favorites.
Discount tickets to StarFest 2010 are on sale at Registration now!
Starland is the Official website for Denver entertainment news and
information. It’s also the home of StarFest, HorrorFest, GameFest, and
Haunted Houses. Make sure you fill out and turn in your email address at
registration so we can keep you informed about all the great events we
have planned in Denver and throughout the Rocky Mountain region.