Annual Report Design 2b.indd



Annual Report Design 2b.indd
Regional Food Bank of Northeastern New York
2008 Annual Report
26 Years of
Alleviating Hunger...Together
Regional Food Bank of Northeastern New York
Table of Contents
Board of Directors
The Need
Addressing the Need
Helping Agencies
Community Initiatives
Financial Statement
Member Agencies
2008 - 2009
President: Christy Calicchia
Citizens Bank
1st Vice President: Nancy Wurth
Berkshire Bank
2nd Vice President: Mary Seeley
Secretary: Norm Massry
New York State Senate
Treasurer: Jay Lafond
Jill August
Scott Russell
Norampac Schenectady
Stacey Barrick
Roger Saillant
Whiteman Osterman & Hanna
Jessica Chittenden
Scott St. George
NYS Dept. of Agriculture &
Seton Health System
Fred Erlich
Community Volunteer
Living Resources Corp.
Greg Spuhler
Julia Filippone
Center City Parish Social Ministry
Parsons Child & Family Services
John Stewart
Mona Golub
Bank of America
Price Chopper Supermarkets
Deborah Syron
Ron Ladouceur
Citizens Bank
Media Logic
Frank Tambasco
Mike Merrow
Levonian Brothers
Hannaford Supermarkets
Paul Tesoro
Tim Nichols
Central Hudson Gas
& Electric
New York State Assembly
Mike Pitnell
Trustco Bank
Mary Beth Sonne
Christine Tramontano
Malkin & Ross
Kevin Reilly
The mission of the Regional Food Bank is to
alleviate hunger and prevent food waste.
We work toward this mission by ensuring that
all products available for donation reach the
Food Bank and are distributed judiciously to our
member agencies.
Food Bank of the Hudson Valley
2008 Advisory Board
Barbara E. Ostrander, Chair
Vanacore, DeBenedictus, DiGovanni & Weddell
Mariann Cheney
C&S Wholesale Grocers, Inc.
Nick Citera
Cosimo’s Restaurant Group
Frank Clinton
Vanessa Darmochwal, D.P.M.
Elisa DiBrizzi
Cosimo’s Restaurant Group
Barney DiStanislao
Victoria Langling
Brian McKenna
Cumulus Broadcasting
Eric Nelson
Wyeth Pharmaceuticals
Lorianna J. Nizolek
TD Banknorth
Howard Protter
Jacobowitz & Gubits
John F. Rath, III
TD Banknorth, NA
Pamela Resch
Pamela’s Traveling Feast/Pamela’s Hudson Valley
Brian Riddell
Dutchess Outreach
Paul Tesoro
Central Hudson Gas & Electric
Dear Friends,
When the need is greatest, people always seem to respond with the greatest generosity.
That was the story of the Regional Food Bank in 2008. We experienced
unprecedented challenges, with record high fuel and energy prices straining our
financial resources in the first half of the year, and the collapse of the economy
forcing record numbers of people to seek emergency food assistance in the second
half. We knew we needed to expand our services dramatically, and that it wouldn’t
be easy. But we had faith people would once again find new, creative, and generous
ways to support us so others would not go hungry.
Even we underestimated the response. Food drives sprung up all over the place. Businesses and individuals increased
their annual gifts and many new donors sent in contributions despite the fact they had less to give themselves.
Volunteers called constantly to lend their services. It was all needed and will continue to be needed during this
extended period of economic strife.
We thank everyone who responded so generously in this time of crisis. We provided 19.6 million pounds of food to help
our hungry neighbors in 2008, and we are committed to do even more in 2009.
Mark Quandt
Executive Director
Dear Friends,
Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures! So many people, businesses and organizations have stepped up
to assist the Food Bank during this difficult economic period in our nation’s history.
We are grateful for the flood of new donors who want to help their neighbors in need. We are heartened by new ideas
which have become successful first time promotions: Chris and Kevin Schneider of Mother Earth’s Storehouse created
a valued customer card earning $25,000 for the Food Bank this year. Long-time friends like Assemblywoman Nancy
Calhoun continue to support the Food Bank’s mission. Many groups and businesses assist our member agencies with
“Adopt a Program” funding: Partners in Caring from ShopRite, Markertek, the Royal Order of Hibernians, United Way
of Dutchess County, and the Dutchess County Community Foundation help emergency feeding programs in several
Young people from area schools are pitching in. The Dyson Foundation offered seminars about fundraising in a
recession and gives financial support.
Let us look forward to better days, knowing that the generous spirit of good
friends and neighbors will sustain us, as it always has.
Jan Whitman
Food Bank of the Hudson Valley
Regional Food Bank
The Regional Food Bank of Northeastern New York is a private, not-for-profit organization that has been helping to feed
the poor and hungry in our communities since 1982. It is the only organization
of its kind in all of northeastern New York. The Food Bank collects large
donations of food from the food industry for distribution to charitable
agencies feeding the needy in a 23 county region of northeastern
New York.
The Food Bank works in partnership with all segments of the
food industry. Manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, growers, and
brokers donate food that may be mislabeled, overproduced,
short weighted, or close to expiration. These circumstances
make the food unmarketable but do not affect quality. This
food is stored at the Food Bank’s 62,000 square-foot warehouse
in Latham, and then distributed to food pantries, soup kitchens,
emergency shelters and other charitable agencies. The Food
Bank helps these agencies increase the number of people
they serve and expand the quantity and variety of food they
provide to people in need.
In 1990, the Regional Food Bank opened a branch
facility in the lower Hudson Valley to increase
donations from food companies and improve services
to agencies in this region. This branch, called Food Bank
of the Hudson Valley, is housed in a 55,000 square-foot
warehouse in Cornwall-on-Hudson in Orange County.
The combined service area of the Regional Food Bank
and Food Bank of the Hudson Valley encompasses 41%
of the landmass of New York State.
In 2008, the Food Bank provided nearly 20 million pounds
of food to 1,000 member agencies in its service area, and
actively worked to increase awareness of hunger and poverty.
The Food Bank is a responsible steward of its resources, providing
$10 - $12 worth of food per every dollar it spends.
The Need
2008 was a difficult year for our agencies and their clients. The need for emergency food assistance has risen anywhere
from 10-50%, depending on the agency, and many people were forced to seek help for the first time in their lives.
Despite the economic stress that was felt by nearly everyone, our generous community helped out in a big way. Food
and monetary donations continued to flow in, and many people who could not help out financially donated their time
and services to assist us in the office or sort food in the warehouse.
The Regional Food Bank of Northeastern New York and Food Bank of the
Hudson Valley are grateful for the time, energy, and resources our
generous community provided in 2008 to ensure that we were able
to help as many people as possible during a time when it was
needed most.
Nearly 2 million
individuals were served
by our member Food
Pantries, Soup
Kitchens, and
Shelters in 2008.
Hunger is a more
serious problem in
our community than
many people realize.
With almost 20%
of New York State
families living in or
near poverty, it is easy
to understand how so
many people are just
one step away from
Addressing The Need
Food Donations
Over 250 food industry businesses donated food and non-food grocery items, and hundreds of individuals
generously contributed through food drives and other efforts to make it possible for the Food Bank to serve its
member agencies. Donations were received from food companies throughout our
23 county service area and from national companies through our relationship with
Feeding America (formerly America’s Second Harvest).
Many of the Food Bank’s donations come in bulk or are cosmetically damaged.
Volunteers and staff work in the warehouse to make these donations usable for
our member agencies. The Repack Program involves repackaging bulk items into
smaller packaging. The Salvage Program uses trained staff and volunteers to sort
cosmetically damaged product and re-box it for distribution to member agencies.
The Moveable Feast Program focuses on acquiring donations of prepared and
perishable food from local grocers and food service operations, which makes it
possible to provide more fresh, nutritious food to our member agencies.
oop Program
The Food Bank purchases items in bulk that are not typically donated
and resells them to member agencies at discounted prices. This program
allows the Food Bank to offer a more comprehensive inventory of products
that provides greater convenience and tremendous cost savings for its
member agencies.
he Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP)
The Food Bank contracts with the New York State Office of General
Services to administer the distribution of commodities provided by The
Emergency Food Assistance Program of the United States Department of
Agriculture (USDA) for emergency feeding programs.
19,549,912 Total Pounds of Food Distributed in 2008
to Agencies in 23 Counties of New York State
1. Albany – 3,067,429
2. Clinton – 297,944
3. Columbia – 249,202
4. Delaware – 115,351
5. Dutchess – 1,255,379
6. Essex – 209,242
7. Franklin – 1,088,186
8. Fulton – 155,020
9. Greene – 263,912
10. Hamilton – 31,053
11. Montgomery – 286,033
12. Orange – 2,371,463
13. Otsego – 540,802
14. Putnam – 576,620
15. Rensselaer – 1,329,057
16. Rockland – 1,566,765
17. Saratoga – 1,035,358
18. Schenectady – 1,722,173
19. Schoharie – 255,459
20. Sullivan – 842,135
21. Ulster – 1,446,542
22. Warren – 674,282
23. Washington – 170,505
The Patroon Land Farm
The Food Bank completed its third year of operating the Patroon Land Farm in 2008. The Farm
provided over 86,600 pounds of produce for the Regional Food Bank’s member
agencies, all through the efforts of four employees and 463 volunteers.
Many infrastructure improvements and equipment upgrades were made
at the Farm in 2008. Drainage tiles were laid in two fields to eliminate
flooding from heavy rains, farm roads were improved, a well was
drilled, power was installed, and an office for the Farm Manager
was built in a renovated camping trailer. On the equipment side,
a new tractor was purchased, a pick-up truck was donated, and
many other items were acquired to improve the Farm’s growing
One of the most exciting new initiatives at the Farm in 2008 was
the creation of a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program.
A CSA is a partnership between families and farms where members
make a commitment to support the farm by buying a “share” in
the season’s harvest, while sharing the farm’s risk due to nature’s
uncertainties. In return, they receive a weekly supply of fresh, locally-grown produce during the harvest season.
The Patroon Land Farm CSA is unique in that the money paid by
members for their shares is used to support the Farm’s primary
purpose of growing food for the hungry. Thus, members not only
receive beautiful fresh produce throughout the growing season,
they have the satisfaction of knowing they are helping hungry
people at the same time. The CSA provides financial stability for
the Patroon Land Farm and allows it to expand to grow even more
fruits and vegetables for people in need.
In the CSA’s first year, shareholders received a large variety of
produce from early July through October that included broccoli,
cucumbers, summer squash, cauliflower, melons, tomatoes, peppers,
cabbage, potatoes, beets, greens, and much more. Members were
thrilled with the quantity, quality, and variety of the produce they received
and pleased to be part of the Farm’s mission.
Helping Agencies Help The Hungry
The Regional Food Bank’s member agencies experienced unprecedented demand in 2008. To help agencies meet
the need, the Food Bank expanded its outreach and training to ensure agencies are maximizing their use of the Food
Bank’s food supplies and taking advantage of other community resources.
Regional Coalitions
Due to the regional nature of the issues our agencies face, we began to develop Regional Coalitions in 2008. By networking with
fellow emergency food providers in their region, agency representatives benefit from collaboration, learn from others facing
similar challenges, and overcome obstacles. Coalition meetings also provide an opportunity for our member agencies to meet
representatives from organizations eager to provide information on topics such as Food Stamps and free or low-cost health
ummer Food Service Program
The Food Bank became a sponsor of the Summer Food Service Program for the first time in 2008. As a sponsor of this Federal program, the Food Bank partnered with community agencies to provide nutritious breakfasts and lunches to low-income school aged children
throughout the summer, when school breakfasts and lunches are not available (SFSP is an equal opportunity provider and employer).
ackPack Program
The mission of the BackPack Program is to help alleviate child hunger in America by
providing hungry children with nutritious and easy-to-prepare food at times when other
resources are not available, such as weekends. The program provides bags filled with food
that is child-friendly, shelf-stable, and easily-consumed. The Food Bank is currently partnering
with Ark Community Charter School in Troy and Schoharie Elementary School to provide
weekly bags to children in need.
ids Cafe
In 2003, the Food Bank launched its Kids Cafes, which are soup kitchens for children. In addition to providing healthy meals in a safe atmosphere, Kids Cafes provide
athletic activities, homework assistance, and nutrition education to disadvantaged youth.
xtra Helpings
Extra Helpings is a cooperative food-buying program offered by the Regional Food Bank. It is
designed to increase the food buying power of low-income people and decrease their reliance on emergency feeding programs
by offering them the opportunity to purchase low-cost, nutritious bags of groceries each month through a network of over 90 host
sites throughout the Food Bank’s service area.
The Food Bank expanded its commitment to its member agencies in 2008 by providing a wider variety of workshops on a monthly
basis. Workshops offered at the Food Bank included:
• Client Choice for Food Pantries
• Food Bank Orientation
• Food Safety
• Fundraising 101
Menu Planning
Outreach Opportunities
Salvage Spectacular
What’s in a Bag?
Community Initiatives
Food Drives
In 2008, more than 300 groups and individuals collected food for the Regional Food Bank. These creative, resourceful people
donated more than 65,000 pounds of food for hunger relief. We gratefully acknowledge all our Food Drive partners and give special
recognition to those who collected 500 pounds and above.
Regional Food Bank Food Drives Raising Greater than 500 Pounds
Afrim’s Sports
Albany Broadcasting Company
The Ayco Company
Kathleen Busch and Neighbors
Capital District Cruisers
Colonie Republican Committee
Combined Life Insurance Company of
New York
Rick Dzembo and Friends
Enterprise Rent-A-Car
Farm Family Insurance
Stacey Fontanelli
General Electric
General Electric Quarter Century Club
Greater Capital Association of Realtors
Hearthstone Village
Ingersoll Place
Keller Williams Realty Capital District
Lia Auto Group
Liberty Mutual
Monro Muffler
NYS Offices Participating in the Dr. Martin
Luther King, Jr. Food Drive
NYS Dept. Of Labor
NYS Dept. of Taxation & Finance
Pine Bush Elementary School
Public Employees Federation Tax Local
190 (PEF)
Schalmont High School Key Club
Shaker High School
Time Warner Cable
USDA Farm Service Agency
Veeder Elementary School
Food Bank of the Hudson Valley Food Drives Raising Greater than 500 Pounds
C&S, Newburgh
Monroe Temple of Liberal Judaism
Newburgh / New Windsor Post Offices
Star 93.3 “Stuff The Bus”
Temple Beth Jacob
WRRV’s “Show us Your Cans and Give
Us the Bird”
Other Community Events
arkertek Open
Markertek hosted its annual Markertek Open at Casperkill Country Club in Poughkeepsie in July with all proceeds benefiting
the Food Bank of the Hudson Valley. 148 golfers spent the day golfing, dining and bidding on auction items. The Markertek Open
donated close to $18,000 to the Food Bank.
ave a Heart for Hunger
Throughout the month of February, Hannaford Supermarkets encouraged shoppers to “Have a Heart for Hunger” by adding $2
or $5 donations for the Food Bank to their grocery bills.
other’s Earth Storehouse
Chris and Kevin Schneider, owners of Mother’s Earth Storehouse, donated $25,000 to the Food Bank of the Hudson Valley as
a result of their Customer Rewards Cards campaign. The program contributes 1% of customers’ purchases to the Food Bank when
they use their cards at the checkout.
ound-Up from the Heart
The Food Bank received over $15,000 from The Pampered Chef’s national
Round-Up from the Heart campaign. This campaign has contributed over
$172,000 to the Food Bank in the past 17 years.
The Regional Food Bank hosts many special events and appeals throughout the year. Ranging from fundraising appeals at grocery
stores and shopping malls to elaborate dinners and auctions, the funds raised each year from our events help us fulfill our mission
of alleviating hunger in our community.
Regional Food Bank of Northeastern NY Events
olf Classic
On June 12, over 225 golfers came
together to take a swing against hunger at
our 25th Annual Golf Classic held at Western
Turnpike Golf Course in Guilderland.
The day was filled with contests, a live
and silent auction, raffle, great weather
and lots of fun! The event raised over
hefs & Vintners’ Harvest Dinner
Photo by
Charlie Clock
On September 25, the Regional
Food Bank held its 14th Annual Chefs & Vintners’ Harvest
Dinner to benefit the Moveable Feast program. It was an extraordinary event, with guests sampling from nine tasting stations and
six New York wineries during the cocktail hour, and then enjoying a six-course meal prepared by some of the area’s most renowned
chefs. The event raised over $83,000!
nnual Auction - An Evening of Friends, Food and Fun
The 19th Annual Auction was held on November 5, and once again it was a great success raising over $86,000 for the Food
Bank! Nearly 400 guests filled the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Albany for a cocktail reception and silent auction, followed by dinner, a live
auction, and drawings for spectacular raffle prizes. As always, it was a memorable and wonderful opportunity to do some holiday
shopping and help the Food Bank at the same time.
all Harvest Ride
The Food Bank inaugurated the Fall Harvest Ride in 2008. This charity motorcycle run included a 75-mile ride through the scenic
hill towns of Albany and Schoharie counties, a BBQ and pig roast, great raffle and auction prizes, live music, and more. The ride raised
over $2,500 in its first year.
Photos by T.R. Laz
Food Bank of the Hudson Valley Events
asino Royale
The Food Bank hosted its Casino Royale dinner fundraiser in September at the Holiday Inn in Fishkill. There was a cocktail hour,
buffet dinner, numerous gaming tables, silent auction, and entertainment for the guests.
unger Walk
The Food Bank of the Hudson Valley held its annual Walk to Fight Hunger at Chadwick Lake Park in Newburgh, Orange County.
A satellite walk was also held on the Wyeth Pharmaceuticals campground in Pearl River in Rockland County.
Appeals Conducted at Both Food Banks
oliday Hunger Appeal
The holidays brought out the best in people throughout northeastern New
York as thousands donated to the 24th Annual Holiday Hunger Appeal. Shoppers
made contributions at the Food Bank’s Holiday Hunger Appeal booth in Crossgates
Mall from November 19 to December 24, and more than 30 companies matched
each day of Mall collections. Other individuals and groups participated in special
events such as the Ornament Pin-Up Program and Dress Down Days. Still others
sent generous contributions through the mail to support the holiday effort. In
total, the Holiday Hunger Appeal raised over $423,000 to benefit the Food Bank.
heck Out Hunger
Throughout the fall and winter months of 2008, Price Chopper, ShopRite, A & P,
Adams Fairacre Farms, Pathmark and Foodtown helped the Food Bank “Check Out Hunger” by allowing shoppers to add $1, $3,
or $5 donations to their grocery bills. Check Out Hunger raised over $88,000 to benefit the Food Bank.
om Kippur Hunger Appeal
The Jewish community has been a loyal partner with the Regional Food Bank in the fight against hunger through the Yom
Kippur Hunger Appeal for 24 years. Members of the Jewish community generously donate the cost of meals not eaten during the
High Holy Day of Yom Kippur as a way to share with their hungry neighbors. In 2008, nearly $32,000 was donated through this
Grants help the Food Bank accomplish many projects. We are thankful to each of our grant partners, whose generous support in
2008 helped make our work possible.
Adirondack Community Trust - Evergreen
Albany County FEMA Board
Allen Foundation
Bank of America Charitable Foundation
Bender Family Foundation
Berkshire Bank Foundation
Charles R. Wood Foundation
Church of St. Clare
Citizens Bank
Clif Bar Family Foundation
Cooperstown Rotary
CPEF Idol Gives Back
C&S Wholesale Grocers
Dutchess County FEMA Board
Feeding America MSG Settlement Grant
Hasbro Children’s Fund
Hudson River Bank & Trust Foundation
M&T Bank
NYS Legislate Grants
Assemblywoman Nancy Calhoun
Assemblyman Tim Gordon
Assemblywoman Aileen Gunther
Assemblyman Jim Tedisco
Senator Joseph Bruno
Senator Hugh Farley
Senator Betty Little
Orange County FEMA Board
Reformed Church World Service
Regal Foundation
Rensselaer County FEMA Board
Rhodes Memorial Fund
Rockland County FEMA Board
Saratoga County FEMA Board
Saratoga Gaming and Raceway Foundation
Schenectady County FEMA Board
Standish Family Fund
Standish Fund Mini Grant
Stewart’s Holiday Match
Troy Savings Bank Charitable Foundation
Walmart Brunswick
Walmart Cobleskill
Walmart Glenville
Walmart Gloversville
Walmart Halfmoon
Walmart Hudson
Walmart Plattsburgh
Walmart Queensbury
Walmart Rotterdam
Walmart Saratoga
Walmart Ticonderoga
WGY Christmas Wish
William Gundry Broughton Charitable
Statement of Activities and Change in Net Assets
Year Ended December 31, 2008
Public Support and Other Revenue
Public Support
HPNAP Administrative Fees
Gains & Losses on Capital Activity
Fund Raising / Direct Mail Appeals
Fund Raising Events, net of expenses
United Way
USDA Commodities Contract
Net Assets Released from Restrictions
Total Public Support
ther Revenue
Shared Maintenance Income
Coop Revenue, net of expenses
Public Warehousing
Rental Income
Realized and Unrealized Gains
Interest Income
Total Other Revenue
Total Support and Other Revenue
Employee Benefits
Payroll Taxes
Building Maintenance & Repairs
Conference Fees
Consulting Fees
Equipment Repair & Maintenance
Expendable Equipment
Feeding America Membership
Fundraising Appeals Expenses
Membership Fees
Payroll Processing
Public Relations
Staff Travel
Food Transportation-Commercial Carriers
Vehicle Expenses
Waste Disposal
Interest Expense
Total Expenses
Change in Net Assests
$ 485, 780
$ 780,411
$ 1,614,562
$ 2,122,434
Food Donors
A.J. Rinella & Co., Inc.
Ace Endico
Adirondack Beverages
Advantage Sales And Marketing
All State Distributors
Apple & Eve
Armour-Eckrich Meats, LLC
Authentic Mexican Valley
Basic American Foods
Beech-Nut Nutrition Corp.
BJ’s Wholesale Club
Black Horse Farms
Bobrow Distributors
Borders Books
Brickman’s Inc.
Broad Acres Farms
Buhrmaster Family Farms
Bunzl, PLC
Burke Brands, Inc.
C & S Wholesale Grocers, Inc.
Canteen Vending Corp.
Cappiello Dairy Products
Captn’s Pack Product
Caribbean Food Delights
Carioto Produce
Casa Visco
Charles Reinhart Farms
Cheesecake Factory
Church & Dwight Co., Inc
City Harvest
Coca-Cola Bottling Of Albany
Coca-Cola Company
Codino’s Italian Foods
Conagra Foods Company
Conn’s Freezer Warehouses
Cott Corporation
Dagele Farms
Dannon Yogurt Co., Inc
Decker’s Produce Co., Inc.
Dolan Orchards
Dole Fresh Vegetables
Dunkin’ Donuts
Elihu Farm
Embar Farms, LLC
Engel’s Farm
Esposito’s Flowers & Produce
Fage USA Dairy Industry
Farnsworth Middle School
Feeding America
Finkle Distributors
First International Health Foods
Fischer Foods Of New York, Inc.
Fix Brothers, Inc
Food Bank of the Southern Tier
Food Bank for Westchester County
Food Source International
Freedom Farm
Freihofer’s/George Weston Foods
Frito-Lay, Inc.
Garelick Farms
General Mills, Inc.
Gertrude Hawk Chocolates, Inc
Girl Scouts of Hudson Valley
Glebocki Farms
Godiva Chocolatier, Inc.
Green Mountain Coffee
Green Valley Onion Co., Inc
Greenline Foods
Griffin Family Farm
Hannaford Distribution Center
Hannaford Reclamation Center
Hannaford Supermarkets
Harvest Cut
Heinz North America
Hepworth Farms
Hershey Chocolate Co.
Hespirides Organica
Highland Central School District
Hillside Organic Farm
Hoeffner Farms
Hudson Valley Lab
Hyde Park Central School District
Indian Ladder Farms
Irving Tissue
Island Harvest
J.R. Simplot, Co.
JCB Specialties
Karrat Brokerage
Kellogg Company
Keystone Foods, LLC
KFP International
Klein’s Kill Fruit Farms Corp.
Kraft - Nabisco Division
Kraft, Inc.
Kreher’s Farm Fresh Eggs
Kriel Farm, LLC
Land O’Lakes, Inc.
Latham 76 Diner
Lawrence Farms
Le Gourmet Chef
Levonian Brothers
Lewin Group, Inc.
M&M Mars
MB Consultants
McCain Foods, Inc.
McLane Company, Inc.
Mead Orchards
Mento Produce Co., Inc.
Mid-State Food Brokers
Minard Farms
Minute Maid Foods
Missy’s Greenhouses & Farm Stand
Mohawk Packing
Morgiewicz Farms
Moses Farm
Mountain Fresh Farms
Mountain Service Distributors
National Freight, Inc.
Newburgh Banana, Inc.
Nonni’s Food Corporation
Northern Orchard Company
NY Farm Bureau
NYS Office of General Services
NYS Office Of Mental Health
Ocean Spray Cranberries
Old World Provisions
Olive Garden
Otto Foods
Palmer Bros. Produce
Patroon Land Foundation
Pawelski Farms
Pennings Orchard
Pepperidge Farm
Pepsi-Cola North America
Pepsi-Cola Bottling of Albany
Pepsi-Cola of the Hudson Valley
Philip F. Tozzi & Associates
Pine Hill Farms
PJ’s Saratoga Style Barbeque
Popeye’s Chicken
Price Chopper Store #183- Guilderland
Price Chopper Distribution Center
Price Chopper Reclamation Center
Procter & Gamble
Quaker Foods & Beverages
Quandt’s Foodservice Distributors, Inc.
Railex, Inc
Red Lobster
Roadway Express
Roe’s Orchard
Royal Acres
S&SO Produce
Sam’s Club
Saratoga Apple
Saratoga Eagle
Saratoga Hotel
Saratoga Warehouse
Save-A-Lot Distribution Center
Scattered Acres Farm
Schnare Apple Farm
Schoharie Valley Farms
Schonwetter Enterprises, Inc.
Shaul’s Farm
Sheldon Farms
Smithfield Packing
Smokey Bones
Snapple, Inc.
Sodexo-Empire Plaza
SPPG, Inc.
Star Kay White
Stewart’s Marketing Corp.
Stoneledge Farm
Stop & Shop
Sunrise Farms, Inc
Sycamore Farms
Sysco Food Services
Target Distribution Center – Amsterdam
Target Distribution Center - Wilton 12
Target Stores
Tantillo’s Farm Market
The Dial Corporation
Thomas O. Miller & Co.
Tierra Farm
Tree Of Life
Tropicana Product
Tyson Foods, Inc.
U.S. Foodservice
Unified Foodservice Purchasing Coop
U.S. Mint at West Point
USDA Wildlife Services
Utah Food Bank Services
Venison Donation Coalition
Wakefern Food Corporation
Wal-Mart/Exel #9196
Wal-Mart Distribution Center #6096
WAM Commercial Associates, LLC
In Kind Donors of $500 or More
4C Foods Corporation
Adirondack Beverages
Adventure in Food & Coach Farm
AirTran Airways
Albany Steel
Angelo’s 677 Prime
Apple Greens Golf Course
Bardavon 1869 Opera House
BBG&G Advertising & Public Relations
Black Belt Embroidery Designs
BlueShield of Northeastern New York
Bradford Renaissance Portraits Group
Budweiser/Anheuser-Busch/Ruch Distributors
C & S Wholesale Grocers, Inc.
Cabot Creamery
Capital Tractor
Central Market Samples & Sales
Century House
Charles Merrill Office Supplies & Equipment
Cobleskill Stone Products
Commercial Offset Printing
Constellation Wines-Vines One
Cosimo’s Management Group
Crossgates Mall
Crowne Plaza Albany Hotel
Cuisine Custom Catering
Cumulus Broadcasting
Dad’s Product Company
DeCrescente Distributing Co., Inc
Dino Petrocelli
Dr. Flanders
Eagle Bridge Custom Meats & Smokehouse
EATS Gourmet Marketplace
Empire Merchants North
Empire Merchants North and Harmony House
ESM - Albany
Exit 9 Wine & Liquor Warehouse
Filet 7 West
Flores Fine Art Gallery
Fox 23 News
Fox Run Vineyards
Frank Adams Jewelers
Freihofer’s/George Weston Bakeries
Golden Gift Jewelers
Goose Watch Winery
Gorman Brothers
Gourmet Magazine
Hannaford Supermarkets
Harmony House Market Place
Heron Hill Winery
Holiday Inn, Fishkill
Horizon / Bradco
Hudson Valley Renegades
Hunt Country Vineyards
JCB Specialties
John Ireland - The Wine Bar
KISS-FM 96.1
Levonian Brothers
Magic 100.9
Mansion Hill Inn & Restaurant
Media Logic
Mid-Orange Correctional Facility
Mona Golub
Netguistics, Inc
Newkirk Printing
New York Renaissance Faire
Norampac of Schenectady
One Day Signs
O’s Eatery An American Diner
Orange County Choppers
Paul Rother - CEC
Penguin Bay Winery
Pepsi Bottling Group
Pepsi Cola of the Hudson Valley
Philip J. Hopp
Price Chopper Supermarkets
White Wave Foods
Whitson’s Foodservice - E. Ramapo CSD
Zafar Produce, Inc.
PYX 106
Quandt’s Foodservice Distributors
Questar III
Ric Orlando - New World Home Cooking
Richard & Margaret Becker
Richard Toth
Rondout Golf Club
Ron Ladouceur
Section 518
Slattery Marketing, LLC
Southern Dutchess Country Club
Star 93.3
Stop & Shop
Subtle Energies
Swedish Hill Vineyards
The Business Review
The Creative Advantage
The Glen Sanders Mansion
The Inn at Erlowest - Chef Dale Miller
The Mallozzi Group
The Printing Company
Time Warner Cable/Capital News 9
Track Sales & Marketing, LLC
US Airways
Wakefern Food Corporation
Western Turnpike Golf Course & Pro Shop
WGNY Hits 103.1
Will Brown - The Glen Sanders Mansion
WNYT - News Channel 13
Woodbourne Correctional Facility
Woodstock Golf Club
WPDH 101.5
WRWD/Country 107.3
WYJB B95.5
Yankee Trails World Travel
Yono Purnomo - Yono’s Restaurant
Financial Donors of $500 or More
Regional Food Bank Organization Donors
Academy of the Holy Name
Accent Health Care
Action Window Cleaning Co.
Adirondack Beverages
Adirondack Community Trust-Evergreen Fund
Advantage Sales & Marketing
AFLAC New York
Aidmatrix Foundation
Albany College of Pharmacy
Albany County FEMA Board
Albany ENT & Allergy Services
Albany International Corp.
Albany Pegasus Corp.
Albany River Rats Booster Club
Albany RV
Allen Foundation
American Idol
American Legion - Halfmoon
Anchor Agency
Ancient Temple Lodge No.14, F. & A.M.
Association of Government Accountants
ATA Retail Services
Aurora, Inc.
Austin & Co.
Averill Park Central School
Ayco Charitable Foundation
Ayco Investment Services Group
Ballston Spa National Bank
Bank of America
Bank of America Foundation
Barnes & Noble College Bookstores
Barjan LLC
BBL Development Group
Beltrone Family Foundation
Bender Family Foundation
Berkshire Bank
Bethany Reformed Church
Birchez Associates
BJ’s Charitable Foundation
Blackrock Financial
Boies, Schiller & Flexner
Boscov’s Department Store
Breakell Law Firm
Brunswick Presbyterian Church
C&W Marketing Associates
C.T. Male Associates
Calvary Christian Fellowship
Calvary United Methodist Church - Latham
Canteen Vending Services
CapBen Consulting
Capital Cities Leasing Corp.
Capital Communications Federal Credit Union
Capital District Insurance Community
Capital District Physicians’ Health Plan
Capitaland Material Handling
Cappiello Dairy Products
Casa Visco Finer Foods
Charles R. Wood Foundation
Chartwells at the University at Albany
Chet-5 Broadcasting LP
Chicago Title Insurance
Church & Dwight Co.
Church of the Holy Trinity
CIR Associates
Citizens Bank
Citizens Bank Charitable Foundation
Clif Bar Family Foundation
Coca Cola Enterprises of Albany
Codino’s Foods
Cohoes Savings Bank Charitable Foundation
Colavita USA
College of St. Rose Employees
Colonie Elks Lodge #2192
Commercial & Industrial Real Estate Brokers
Communications Workers of America Local
Community Care Physicians
ConAgra Foods
Concerned for the Hungry
Cooperstown Rotary Club
Coors Brewing Co.
Coxsackie Community Unity Food Pantry
Cranial Solutions, LLC
Culinary Celebrations
Dad’s Products Company
Daily Gazette
Davies Office Refurbishing
Dean Foods/Garelick Farms
DeCrescente Distributors
Delmar Reformed Church
Del Monte Foods
Dell Direct Giving Campaign
Design & Disaster Recovery Consulting
Digesare Group
Dolfi Bullock Team/Merrill Lynch
Double A Provisions
DR Group
Eastern Heating & Cooling
Eastern Sales & Marketing
Edith VanBenthuysen Trust
Energizer Battery
Environmental Design Parternship
Erie Insurance Group
Esperance BPOE Elks 2507
Exit 9 Wine & Liquor Warehouse
EYP Mission Critical Facilities
Federal Highway Administration Sunshine Club
Feeding America
Feenix Brokerage
Felice Brothers
Fenimore Asset Management
Fidelity National Title Insurance
First Baptist Church of Troy
First Congregational Church Albany
First Pioneer Farm Credit
First Unitarian Universalist Society of Albany
First United Methodist Church - East Greenbush
Food Pantries for the Capital District
Fortitech, Inc.
Freight Distribution
Fritz Research Management
Ganz Wolkenbreit & Friedman
Garden Homes Charitable Foundation
GE Foundation
General Mechanical Systems
General Mills
Genesys Consulting Services
George Weston Bakeries/Freihofer’s
Glenville Knights of Columbus
Goldman Sachs & Co.
Golub Foundation
Greater Berkshire Foundation
Greenberg Traurig LLP
Grimm Building Material Co.
Guenther Management
Guptill’s Car Show
Hannaford Foundation
Hannaford Supermarkets
Hannay Reels
Hamilton Printing
Hartgen Archaeological Associates
Hero/Beech-Nut Nutrition
Homestead Funding Corp.
Hudson River Bank & Trust Foundation
IBEW Local Union 236
J.M. Smucker Co.
Johnson O’Hare Co.
Jumpin Jack’s Drive-In
Jupiter Environmental Services
Keeler Motor Car Co.
Key Foundation
Knights of Columbus - Waterford
Last Drop Club
Law Firm of Alex C. Dell
Legacy Banks
Leroy Holding Co.
Levonian Brothers
Lia Auto Group
Liberty Mutual
Lionsgate Ingram Entertainment
Lishakill Reformed Church
Lombardi Walsh Wakeman Harrison
Amodeo & Davenport
Lubbe & Hosey CPAs
M&T Bank
M&T Charitable Foundation
Macy’s Foundation
Malkin & Ross
Malone & Tate Builders
Marra’s Pharmacy
Masten Construction
McLeod Systems
McNamee, Lochner, Titus & Williams
Mechanical Dynamics & Analysis
Media Logic
Mohawk Fine Papers
Mohawk Valley Medical Associates
Monroe Wheelchair of the Capital Region
Morgan Linen Service
MSG Settlement Grant
Mt. Ida Community Baptist Church
Mullally Bros.
Nancy Schultz Consulting
Nature’s Bounty
NBT Bankcorp
Nestle Infant Nutrition
New Baltimore Reformed Church
New Scotland Presbyterian Church
New York Business Development Corporation
Newkirk Products
Nigro Companies
Norampac Schenectady
Northway Transport Refrigeration
Novartis Consumer Health
NYS Dept. of Environmental Conversation
NYS Department of Labor Employees
NYS Department of Transportation Employees
NYS Division of the Budget Employees
NYS Legislative Grants:
Assemblyman Tim Gordon
Assemblyman James Tedisco
Senator Joseph Bruno
Senator Elizabeth Little
Senator Hugh Farley
NYS Office of Temporary & Disability
Assistance Employees
NYS Public Employees Federation
Old World Provisions
Omni Management Group
Onesquethaw Reformed Church Food Pantry
Our Lady of the Assumption Church
Paychex Employees
PEF Division 305
Phoenix Life Insurance Company
Picotte Companies
Pitney Bowes Employees
Pitney Bowes MapInfo Corp.
Polar Beverages
Price Chopper Supermarkets
Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
Professional Planning Group
Pure Adapt, Inc.
Quandt’s Foodservice Distributors
Quickie Manufacturing Corp.
R.A. Hunsdorfer Foundation
Radiographic Testing Services
Rebuilding Together - Capital Region
Red Pine Ridge
Reformed Church in America
Regal Foundation
Rensselaer County Chapter NYSARC
Rensselaer County FEMA Board
Retail Service Associates
Rhodes Memorial Fund
Rose & Kiernan
Rosenblum Companies
Rotary Club of Glenville
Rotterdam Sunrise Rotary
S.D. Carruthers & Sons
Sam’s Club Foundation
Saratoga County FEMA Board
Saratoga Harness Racing
Saturday’s Bread
SC Johnson
Schenectady County FEMA Board
Schodack Central School
Schoharie Reformed Church
Schuyler Companies
Shenendehowa Helping Hands
Shop to End Hunger
Shoprite Partners in Caring Fund
Sidney & Beatrice Albert Foundation
Siena College Athletic Dept.
Smart Shipper
Specialty Silicone Products
St. Catherine of Siena Church
St. Clare’s ROman Catholic Church
St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church, Latham
St. Peter’s Church
St. Vincent DePaul Society of St. Peter’s
Staritch Foundation
Stein Fibers
Stewart’s Holiday Match
Sunmark Federal Credit Union Employees
Taxpayer Services Strategies
TD Banknorth
TD Charitable Foundation
Teamsters Care Program Local #294
The Community Foundation for the Greater
Capital Region
- Thomas J. Gorman Fund
- Judith Fetterley Donor Advised Fund
The National Union Bank of Kinderhook
The Pampered Chef
The Woodward Co.
Thrivent Financial for Lutherans NENY Chapter
Time Warner Cable
Touhey Associates
Tri City Rentals
Troy Savings Bank Charitable Foundation
Trustco Bank
UBS Financial Services
UHY Advisors NY
United Group of Companies
United Way of Clinton/Essex Counties
United Way of the Greater Capital Region
University at Albany Athletics Dept.
University Auxiliary Services at Albany
Upstate Air Cargo
U.S. Foodservice
Venison Donation Coalition
Viscusi Wholesale Grocers
Voorheesville Village Quilters
Wakefern Food Corporation
Wal-Mart Foundation
Webster Direct Marketing
Wellpoint Associate Giving Campaign
West Charlton United Presbyterian Church
WGY Christmas Wish
Whitemen Osterman & Hanna
William Gundry Broughton Charitable
William Vasil Jr.
Wolberg Electric Supply Co.
Wynit, Inc.
Regional Food Bank Individual Donors
Adams, George & Erin
Agrusti, John
Aikens, David & Kathleen
Akins, Phyllis
Alcide, Peter
Alessandrini, Joyce
Allen, Terri
Almstead, Ryan
Alonge, Guy & Dorothea
Altes, Wally & Jane
Andrews, Philip & Denise
Armstrong, Rosemarie
Attwood, Richard & Dorothea
Awramik, Sharon
Baily, Sheelagh & Frederick
Bakal, Peter
Barron, Donald
Barton, Theresa & Mark Morris
Basloe, Evelyn & Joseph
Bazinet Jr., George
Beckman, Andrew
Bell, Susan
Bellinghausen, Robert & Joyce
Bergamini, Herbert & Laurie
Bernadett, Marie & Daniel
Bissell, Sandy & Arthur
Bitner, Dr. William and Wylla
Bivona, Gary & Charleen
Blond, Gary & Sandra
Boelio, Marsha & David
Bohl, Charles & Anne
Bono, Paul & Pauline Sue Liebig
Bonomo, Ralph
Bosworth, Theodore & Barbara
Brezner, Howard
Briggs, Bruce
Brown, Larry
Bucci, Cesare & Blanche
Bucci, Joseph & Margaret
Bunkoff, Adam & Carolyn
Burditt, Lisa
Burkowsky, Ruth
Burnett, William & Nancy
Campbell, Grace
Campbell, Helen
Cariati, Stephen
Carley, Margaret & Harry Dunn
Carlson, Marilyn
Carnahan, Eileen
Carso, Brad
Carter, Lisa
Casella, Joan & Robert Lind
Catlin, James
Christensen, Karen & Kevin Jablonski
Clairmont, Marguerite
Clark, David and Judith
Cline, John & Mary
Clyne, Jr., James & Shauneen McNally
Collins, John & Elizabeth
Comstock, John
Corbin, Alice R.
Corcoran D’Aniello, Ellen
Corneil, Thomas & Martha
Crisafulli, Eugene & Ann
Csaposs, Don
D’Ambra, Thomas & Constance
Danaher, William & Alison
Davis, Roger & Joan
Dennis, Deborah
Derwig, Carl
Desautels, Daniel
Desell, Arthur & Nancy
DeSieno, Gloria
Diacovo, Michael
Dobson, Kathleen
Dollinger, Katherine
Dos Santos, Maria
Drislane, Susan
Drucker, Thomas & Ann
Du Bois, Susan
Durr, William
Eberle, Betty
Edmunds, Nancy
Edsall, Norma
Edwards, Joan
Elliott, Joan
Ellis, John & Judith
Engel, Peter & Anna
Esposito, Dr. Michael & Joanne
Evans, Aaron
Farina, Warren & Agnes
Farrell, Diane
Feinman, Evan & Renee
Fields, Alfred
Foley, William & Christine
Frederick, Roberta
Freed, Marc Stuart
French, Harriet
Fritz, Alan
Fromm, Frances
Gardineer, Edward
Geffert, Terri
Geiger, Marjorie
Gerron, Daniel & Elizabeth
Giroux, Thomas & Carol
Goldbecker, Peter & Caroline
Golub, Mona
Golub, Neil & Jane
Greger, Gene & Helen Weltin
Gregg, Heather & Peter
Guile, Alison
Guyette, Maria & Richard Medvetz
Haggerty, Robert
Hallowell, L. Hunter
Hancock, Barbara
Hannay, David & Margaret
Harrison, Ann
Hartgen, Karen
Hasso, Stephen & Laurie
Hawes, John & Nanette
Haynes, Roscoe & Joanne
Hebert Jr., Lloyd
Heffernan, Gary
Hellmich, James
Higgins, Michael & Judy
Himes, Susan
Holzhauer, Glenn & Irene
Huber, Will
Hull, Catherine
Hull, John
Hyary, Rami & Andrea
Ingalls, Robert & Naomi
Ingalls, Robert & Joan
Irany, Margo Hamilton
Jackling, Samuel & Roseann
Jacques, Sharon & Steven
Jessen, Thomas & Kristen Case
Jimenez, Hernan & Eva
Joachim, Frank & Carol Saginaw
Johnson, Daniel & Rosemarie
Johnson, Matthew & Rebecca
Jordan, Bruce
Kahn, Stewart & Sherry
Karmel, Jonathan Ball
Karowe, Marjorie
Keet, Ernest & Nancy
Kielty, Sharon
Kilbride, Julie
Klee, Elaine
Kleinberger, George
Klingbeil, Kristina
Kotlow, Lawrence & Ellen
Krause, Martha
Kuon, Charles & Theresa Standish
Kurtik, Edward & Elizabeth
LaCour, Anina
Ladouceur, Ron & Jane
LaGrave, Bernard & Barbara
Lampi, Mary & Bernard Melewski
Langlais, Tracylynn
Lannon, Peter
Lassiter, Joseph & Christine
Lemons, Lorraine
Lindburg, Michael & Eileen
Lindsay, Christine & Thomas
Lippstreu, Anne
Lodico, Philip & Marguerite
Lorang, Wendell
Louie, Arnold
Lupien, Pamela
Lynch, Charles & Judith
Mahoney, Les & Tina
Marino, Ralph & Jacqueline
Martin, George
Martone, Patrick & Lynn
Mastriani, John & Debra
Matkowski, Charles & Patricia Nelson
Mattsson, William
McDonnell, James
McElligott, Matthew & Christy
McKinlay, Alfred & Anna
McMillen, Donna
McNamara, Margaret
McNamara, William & Greta
McPherson, James & Ann
Meacham, Norma
Mecca, Michael & Patricia
Meckler, Diane & Peter
Melkonian, Caroline
Meyer, Mary
Millea, Matthew
Miller, Mary
Miller, Naomi & Thomas Williams
Miller, William & Claire
Milton, Maryanna
Moffitt, Richard
Montarello, Joseph & Ann
Mosher, Sheila
Mullen, Luke
Mulvaney, Michael & Janet
Murray, John
Myers, James
Neer, Dawn
Nichols, Rob
Niles, Bernice
Oakes, James
Ogle, Jane & Steve
Oppenheimer, Joshua
Orsini, Christian
Pagnanella, Sharon
Palmer, Richard & Judith
Patry, William
Payne, Brian & Lisa
Peck, Jean
Perry, John
Pouch, John & Virginia Whitcomb
Pusateri, Frank & Rosemary
Putnam, Randy
Quay, Bruce
Quinn, James & Elaine
Quist, David
Rack, Helen & Erwin Guetig
Rajter, John
Ramsey, Carolyn
Rapoport, Daniel
Reed, John & Janet
Reickert & Roarke Family
Reschovsky, Sandra
Riberdy, Pamela
Ridenour, Jim
Romanchuk, James & Rebecca
Rozier, Elena
Rulon, Diane & Christopher
Rummel, David
Saeed, Aliya & Najmus Saqib
Saillant, Roger
Salinski, Chester & Regina
Sanford, Kathleen
Santorelli, Robert
Sapia, Richard & Margaret
Savage, Anne & Michael Myers
Schadler, Harvey & Margaret
Schick, Lois
Schmid, Christopher & Beryl
Schmidt, Lawrence & Jennifer
Schroeder, Hallie
Seastrum, Edwin
Selby, Nick
Semonchik, Robert & Kathy
Shain, Stanley & Fern
Shanks, Laurie
Sharts, A.M.
Shawhan, Peter
Sheraw, Donald & Sheryl
Shulan, David & Mollie
Simon, Randy & Rachel Cohon
Singer, Judith & Leonard
Sleeter, David
Sleicher, Richard & Sharon
Sliwinski, Robert
Sonne, Dr. Leonard & Mary Beth
Sossei, Steven
Staley III, Ellis Judd
Stamm, William
Stewart, Cecile,
Stewart, Jr., Norman & Carolyn MacDonald
Stevenson, Debra
Stone, Kevin
Strong, Karen & Todd
Swartfigure, George
Sweeney, Robert & Mary
Szmyr, Richard & Sandra
Tate, Judith & Christopher
Tebbano, Niel & Christine
Tenney, Laura
Teumim, Phillip & Martha
Therrien, Francis & Elizabeth
Thiel, Kathlene & Eric King
Thomas, J.P.
Thomas, Mark & Francesca Sommer
Thornton, Esther
Timmins, Victoria & Patrick Ketz
Touhey, Carl
Tyler, Humphrey
Tynan, James & Judith
Tyrrell, Thomas
Tyrrell, William & Anne
Underhill, Scott & Lynne
Vasil, William
Vaughn, Thomas
Visalli, Joseph & Matie Flowers
Viscusi, Joe & Marcia
Wait, Jr., Samuel & Carol
Waite, Orville
Warden, Joseph & Carolyn
Webster, Harold & Helen
Weinstein, Natalie
Wentland, Mark & Clara
Wheeler, Kay
Widlund, William & Elise
Williams, Kevin & Gwen
Williman, Pauline
Wilson, Suzanne
Winterberger, Thomas & Lynn
Woellmer, Michael & Cynthia
Wollowitz, Michael
Wood, Robin
Wurth, Nancy
Younger, Mark & Kristina
Zacek, Karl & Vera
Zanotta, Andrew & Maria
Food Bank of the Hudson Valley
Corporate Donors
A&P Markets
Adams Fairacre Farms
AJA Video Systems
Ambac Assurance Corp.
American Shoring
Ancient Order of Hibernians
Argenio Brothers
Avon Products
B & B Pool Service Co.
Bangall United Methodist Church
Bank of America Foundation
Barton Birks Chevrolet
B-Dry System of Suburban New Jersey
B-Dry Systems of Southern NY
Benjamin Moore & Co.
Berardi, Lindgren, Gottsine & Miller, CPAs
C& S Wholesale Grocers
Caplan-Bensley Foundation
Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of
New York
Central Hudson Gas & Electric
Citizens Bank
Claire Josephine Shapiro Foundation
Community Foundation of Dutchess County
Cor-Lin Construction
Cornwall United Methodist Church
Cosimo’s Management
Crystal Run Village
Culinary Institute of America
Ditron, Inc.
Dutchess County Ironworks
Eastern States Electric Supply
Eaton Sales & Marketing
Ed Islip, Inc.
Empire Management & Productions
Empire Merchants North
Empire State Bank Charitable Trust
Empty Bowls 2008
Environmental Consultants
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
First Niagara Bank
First Reformed Church - Fishkill
H&H Environmental
H. Houst & Son
Hannaford Supermarkets
Hopewell Presbyterian Church
Hudson Health Plan
Hudson Software Corporation
Hudson Valley Crossing
Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union
Hurley Reformed Church & Consistory
IBM Employee Services Center
Inserra Supermarkets
Insite Engineering, Surveying & Landscape
Jacobowitz & Gubits
Key Foundation
Kramer Electronics USA
We are
grateful to all our
donors for their
generosity to the Food
Bank and the people we
serve. We will always
strive to honor the
trust they have
placed in us.
Land Family Foundation
Leadership Orange
M&T Bank
M&T Charitable Foundation
M.A. Day Engineering
Marshall & Sterling, Inc.
Meadow Hill Reformed Church
Mediacom Communications
Meyer Contracting Corp.
Middle Atlantic Products
Mid-Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union
Mobile Life Support Services, Inc.
Monroe Woodbury High School
Mount Saint Mary College
Net Sales of Upstate New York
Newcombe Foundation
New Hackensack Reformed Church
New Market Transportation Services, Inc.
Nexans Energy USA
Nugent & Haeussler
Nutrik USA
NYS Legislative Grant - Assemblywoman
Nancy Calhoun
NYS Society of CPAs
Orange County Chamber of Commerce
Orange County FEMA Board
Panera Bread
Pine Bush Central School
Portfolio Solutions
Prestige Financial
Price Chopper Supermarkets
Prince in New York Music Corp.
Professional Computer Associates
Project Hope of Rockland
Rapco Horizon Company
RCI & Associates
Reuter Pallet and Packaging Systems
Rhinebeck Savings Bank
Ridgewood Foundation
Riverside Bank
Rockland County FEMA Board
Rondout Valley High School
Royal Pools & Spas
Sam’s Club Foundation
Shri Krishna Enterprises
Sloatsburg United Methodist Church
St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church
Stop & Shop Foundation
Stop & Shop Supermarkets
Sunrise Broadcasting
Sybase Classic
Sysco Food Services
TD Banknorth
TD Charitable Foundation
TEAC America
Technical Fibre Products
TEG Federal Credit Union
The Feinstein Foundation
The Mid-Hudson Valley Corvette Association
The Ronald & Joan David Foundation
The Selective Group Foundation
The Trinity Foundation Charitable Trust
Thendara Foundation
Thruway Food Markets
Tower Products - Markertek
Trade Risk Group
Tri-State Associated Services
Ulster Savings Bank
United Parcel Service
United Way of Dutchess County
United Way of Orange County
United Way of Sullivan County
United Way of Westchester & Putnam Counties
Vanacore, DeBenedictus, DiGovanni & Weddell
Veolia Environmental Services
Wachovia Bank, N.A.
Wakefern Food Corp.
Wakefern Partners in Caring
Walden Savings Bank
Wal-Mart Foundation
West Penn Wire
Woodstock Chimes
Wyeth Pharmaceuticals
Food Bank of the Hudson Valley
Individual Donors
Alessi, Tim & Jeanne
Atlas, JoAnn
Barlow, Jason & Jane
Berk, Brett
Berlinghoff, Clayton & Dolores
Bolger, Mark & Aimee
Borrello, Dennis
Bose, Robert
Brady, John & Jacqueline
Bruce, Donald
Caplan, David & Maria
Clizbe, Mark & Martha
Cohen, Michael & Jenny
Degen, Jeffrey & Jill
Delaney, Timothy & Susan
Dohrmann, Ann
Doty, Barbara
Dreichler, Anita & Laurie Gross
Dulaney, Deborah
Eckhardt, Thomas & Irene
Farley, Stacey & Peter Davoren
Fishkin, Paul
Frain, James
Gentry, H. Becki
Gilbert, Lorraine
Hedlund, Johan & Laurie
Jensen, Kristin & Paul
Kahn, Stewart & Sherry
Kasap, Nicholas
Kastner, Deborah
Kershaw, Clinton
Kimes, Jacqueline
Kingseed, Cole & Mary
Kinney, Linda
Klein, Ruth
Knight, Sara & David Duff
Kovalcik, Carolyn
Krein, Erick & Tina
Leatherwood, Dale
Levin, John & Antoinette
Littman, Constance & David
Lukasik, Kristine
Maloney, V. Keith
Markey, William & Elinor Love
Martin, Andrew
Meyer, Christian & Mary Beth
Meyer, Tom & Julie Stevens
Miller, John
Moebus, Diane
Moffat, Rosemary
Moore, Lawrence & Brook
Morrison III, John
Mr. Muldoun
Neitzel, Cornell & Darlene
Newton III, Blake
Nyswaner, Ron
O’Brien, Daniel & Wendy
Ouzonoff, Gregory & Carla
Patel, Hemiata
Patel, Narendra
Ritter, Mark & Phyllis
Robinson, Melanie & Thomas
Rosenberg, Steven
Rowley, Richard & Marianne Murray
Sears, David & Kim
Serino, Jr., Carmine & Caroline
Smith, Kendall & Kathryn
Stroup, Timothy & Alice
Struzzieri, Thomas
Stuart, Elizabeth
Van Norstrand, Kevin & Hilary
Vandenberg, Karen & Gregory
Veltrie, James & Hope
Vereb, Phyllis
Vergnes, Jane
Villchur, Edgar
Webber, David & Maria
Willig, Laurence
Winters, Charles
Zieden-Weber, Linda
Time and Talent Donors
Volunteers play a vital role in the Food Bank’s work and allow us to accomplish more than we ever could on our own. In 2008, more
than 2,000 people donated over 36,000 hours of service to the Food Bank—the equivalent of 18 full-time employees. We appreciate
the gifts each person brings and recognize those individuals and groups that come back time and time again. We are stronger for
their many contributions.
Regional Food Bank Volunteer Groups of Merit
Alpha Phi Omega, University at Albany
Berne-Knox-Westerlo School
Bank of America
Calvary United Methodist Church
Center for the Disabled-Charles Park
Church of the Good Shepherd
Citizens Bank
Colonie Key Club
Colonie Reformed Church Youth Group
Congregation Ohav Shalom
Chartwells, University at Albany
Hudson Correctional Facility
LaSalle School
LRI Albany
LRI Schenectady
New Visions
North Chatham Ladies
NYS Teacher’s Retirement System
Office of the State Comptroller
Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
Rensselaer County ARC
Roots and Wisdom
Regional Food Bank Individuals who contributed a significant number of hours
Marilyn Anderson
Roger Barnes
Tom Berens
Terry Burke
Frank Carlino
Phyllis Carlino
Jim Catlin
Jackie Danner
Carol Dorn
Ray Durivage
Katie Falconio
Maureen Farley
John Geoetze
Judy Gates
Joyce Haggerty
Susan Hayes
Barb Hrachian
Bill Lasak
Regina Lombardo
Nancy Matteson
Frank Marchesini
Fran Marchesini
Rita McKee
Dave Nicotera
Mary Anne Nicholas
Ron Priest
Al Roeser
Barb Stampfli
Amy Thompson
Adelaide Thompson
Saratoga Bridges
Schenectady ARC
Scotia Glenville School District GIVE
St. Henry’s Church
Summit Correctional Facility
Temple Gates of Heaven
Town of Colonie Youth Court
Union College Wells House
Wildwood Young Adult Program
Ted Thompson
Pauline Williman
Patricia Youmans
Mike Zavisky
In 2008, more than
2,000 Regional Food
Bank volunteers
contributed over 36,000
volunteer hours--the
equivalent of 18 fulltime employees!
The Food Bank of the Hudson Valley is extremely grateful for the time and effort of all of its volunteers and would like to recognize
the efforts of those groups and individuals who contributed a significant number of hours in 2008 to help us in our mission.
Food Bank of the Hudson Valley Volunteer Groups of Merit
C&S Wholesale Grocers
Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corp.
Citizens Bank
Clarkstown High School
Clear Channel Communications
Cumulus Broadcasting Co.
Garrison High School
Mid-Orange Correctional Facility
Newburgh Free Academy
Occupations, Inc.
Orange County 4-H “Hare-raisers”
Pine Bush High School
Star 93.3
Sunrise Broadcasting
Transformation Life Center
Upstate Awakenings
Wachovia Bank
Washingtonville High School
Woodbourne Correctional Facility
Wyeth Pharmaceuticals
Food Bank of the Hudson Valley Individuals who contributed a significant number of hours
Kenneth Bell
Lisa Bonita
Linda Contarino
Ron Cosentino
Thomas Curcio
Amy Lynn Cutright
Ken Devine
Barbara Dugan
Theresa Dwinall
Pam Freeman
Jack Goerke
Brenda Goldstein
Barbara Gross
Barry Gruber
Gabriella Gucci
Tami Gunsch
Danielle Gutter
Erika Gutter
Dennis Hafeman
Jill Hall
Stephanie Hamis
Michael Hoffman
Mike & Martha Iacalucci
Sandi Lombardi
Ida & Walter Loren
Jan Marotta
James Nee
Eric Nelson
Stacey Nelson
Lori Nizolek
Mitchell O’Neill
Barbara Paxton
Joshua Phillips
Katherine Radaso
Rocco Romeo
Maria Santiago
Joan Smith
Elsie Steinglein
Paul Tesoro
Member Agencies
Albany County
820 River Street Altamont House
820 River Street St. Joseph’s Terrace
ACCA Community Residences
AIDS Council of NENY Albany
Albany County Opportunity Inc. Food Pantry
Albany Damien Center
Albany Residential Stabilization Program
Albany United Methodist Food Pantry
ALG Watervliet Shaker CR
Alpha Pregnancy Center Albany
Altamont Community Food Pantry
Arbor Hill Community Center Afterschool
Arbor Hill Community Center Food Pantry
Arbor Park Day Care Center
AUMS Afterschool Program
Beth Emeth Soup Kitchen
Blessed Sacrament Food Pantry
Boys and Girls Club of Albany
CACC Emergency Overflow Shelter
Camp Colonie
Capital Area Peer Services
Capital City Rescue Mission
Cathedral Social Service
Catholic Charities Jules Drive
Catholic Charities Personal Care Closet
Catholic Charities View IRA
Catholic Charities Wellington
Center City Parish Social Ministries Food Pantry
Children’s Center at Family Court
Christians That Love Center Food Pantry
Church of St. James Food Pantry
Clearview Cohoes Residence
Clearview Holt House
Clearview Potpourri Social Club
Clearview Recovery Residence
Clearview Sherman Street Empowerment
Clearview Supported Case Management
Cohoes CAP Food Pantry
Cohoes Child Development Center
Cohoes Multi-Service Senior Center
Cornell Cooperative Extension EFNEP
Early Childhood Education Center
Emmaus ESOL Afterschool Program
Equinox Domestic Violence Shelter
Equinox Independent Living Program
Equinox Thanksgiving Dinner
Equinox Youth Shelter
Families Together Albany
Families Together Colonie
Families Together Hilltowns
First Church in Albany Food Pantry
FOCUS Breakfast Program
FOCUS Interfaith Food Pantry
Food Pantries for the Capital District
Frank Chapman Youth Program
Friendship Table
Girls, Inc.
Good Grounds Community Meals
Grace and Holy Innocents Soup Kitchen
Guilderland Interfaith Council Food Pantry
Hilltowns Community Resource Food Pantry
Homeless Action Committee SRO
Homer Perkins Center
Hope House Women & Children
Horizon Center
Hospitality House, T.C. Inc.
Immaculate Heart of Mary Food Pantry
Immigrant Intervention Project Closed Pantry
In Our Own Voices
Interfaith Partnership Shelter
Israel AME Church Food Pantry
Israel AME Church Lunch Program
Jay McDonald Food Pantry
Loudonville Presbyterian Church Food Pantry
LRI Afterschool Program
LRI Albany Supportive Apartments
LRI Brookside
LRI Cardinal Avenue
LRI Cuyler Avenue
LRI Delafield Drive
LRI Dowling Road
LRI Lancaster Street
LRI Lincoln Avenue
LRI Longmeadow Drive
LRI Marion Avenue
LRI Mill Road
LRI New Loudon
LRI New Scotland
LRI Orchard Street
LRI Pine Knob Drive
LRI Site Based Day Hab
LRI Terry Court A
LRI Terry Court B
LRI Woods Edge Court
Marillac Shelter
Mercy House
Mohawk-Hudson Humane Society
Morton Avenue Shelter
Mother Theresa House
Mt. Moriah Food Pantry
Mt. Moriah Soup Kitchen
New Scotland Community Food Pantry
New Visions Alfred Street
New Visions Commodore
New Visions Femminella
New Visions Ford
New Visions Fuera Bush
New Visions Gert
New Visions Kent
New Visions Krumkill
New Visions Lefevre
New Visions Madison
New Visions Marriette
New Visions Myrtle Avenue
New Visions Oakbrook Manor Supervised
New Visions Rapp Road
New Visions Rosemont
New Visions Supportive Living Apartments
New Visions Van Rensselaer Blvd.
New Visions Western Avenue
Onesquethaw Reformed Church Food Pantry
Our Lady of Hope Residence
Our Lady of Mercy Food Pantry
Parsons Delaware Avenue
Parsons Hudson Avenue
Parsons Miriam House
Parsons New Scotland Avenue
Parsons Orissa Healy House
Parsons RTF
Richard J. Conners Veterans’ Home
RSS Lancaster Street
RSS Northern Blvd.
RSS South Lake
RSS South Main Avenue
Sacred Heart Food Pantry
Salvation Army Albany ARC
Salvation Army Albany Food Pantry
Salvation Army Albany Mobile Canteen
Salvation Army Cohoes Food Pantry
Salvation Army Cohoes Soup Kitchen
Samaritan Shelters Carmela House
Samaritan Shelters for Boys
Samaritan Shelters Lee House
Schuyler Inn Shelter
Senior Projects of Ravena
Serena House
Sheridan Hollow Drop-In Center
St. Anne’s Institute
St. Catherine’s Center School
St. Catherine’s Sherman Street
St. Charles Lwanga Center
St. Clare’s Food Pantry
St. Frances de Sales Food Pantry
St. John’s St. Ann’s Food Pantry
St. John’s St. Ann’s Welcome Table
St. Mary’s Outreach Food Pantry
St. Maximilian Kolbe Soup Kitchen
St. Patrick’s Food Pantry
St. Peter’s Addiction Recovery Center
St. Teresa of Avila Food Pantry
St. Vincent DePaul Church Food Pantry
TASC for Women
TASC of the Capital District
The Next Step
The Open Table
Trinity Institution Food Pantry
Trinity United Methodist Church Food Pantry
In 2008, our network
of Food Pantries, Soup
Kitchens, and Shelters
provided 14,046,024
United Church of Cohoes Food Pantry
Veteran House
Victory Christian Church
Watervliet United Methodist Food Pantry
Whiskers, Inc
Whitney Young FACTS Program
Wildwood Latham Apartments
Wildwood Marshall Street
Wildwood Park Lane
YMCA Afterschool Program
Clinton County
AIDS Council of NENY Plattsburgh
Behavioral Health Services Cornelia Street
Behavioral Health Services Court Street
Behavioral Health Services Twin Oaks
Champlain Home for Children
JCEO Food Pantry
Mooers Wesleyan Food Pantry
Plattsburgh Interfaith Food Pantry
Salvation Army Food Pantry
Salvation Army Soup Kitchen
Columbia County
AIDS Council of NENY Hudson
Berkshire Farm Center
Catholic Charities of Columbia and Greene
Charlie’s Pantry
Chatham Area Silent Pantry
Clermont Community Residence
Columbia County Domestic Violence Shelter
Columbia County Group Home
Columbia County Mental Health Center
Columbia Opportunities Head Start Program
Columbia Opportunities Inc. Food Pantry
Dinner and a Movie
Ghent Food Pantry
Mellenville Philmont Food Pantry
MHA Columbia Greene Apartment Program
MHA Columbia Greene Columbia Street
Red Door
Salvation Army Hudson Friendly Kitchen
Special Needs Joslen Blvd.
Special Needs Michael Court
Special Needs Nathan Lane
Special Needs Taconic
Special Needs Wallace Road
Zion Community Food Pantry
Delaware County
Christmas Feeling Fund
CitiHope International
Delaware County ARC Community Living
Delaware County ARC Day Hab
Delaware County ARC Elm Street
Delaware County ARC Hamden Hill
Delaware County ARC Kelly Corners
Delaware County ARC Main Street
Delaware County ARC Mount Pleasant
Delaware County ARC Union Street
Delaware Opportunities Food Pantry
RSS Creekside Social Club
RSS Delhi Residence
Stamford Baptist Church Food Pantry
Stamford Sacred Heart Food Pantry
Dutchess County
Beulah Baptist Church Soup Kitchen
Community Resource Service Center Food
Dutchess CAP Beacon Food Pantry
Dutchess CAP Harlem Valley Food Pantry
Dutchess CAP Red Hook Food Pantry
Dutchess County Coalition for the
Dutchess County YMCA Afterschool
Dutchess Horizons Four Seasons
Dutchess Outreach Food Pantry
Dutchess Outreach Soup Kitchen
First Reformed Church
Gannett House
Gateway Beacon Community Residence
GIFTS Soup Kitchen
Grace Smith House
Grace Smith House Aftercare
Grace Smith House Shelter II
HLPC Missions Supper Kitchen
Hyde Park Baptist Church Food Pantry
Hyde Park Food Pantry
Love Reaches Out Food Pantry
Maplewood Residents Association
MARC Bolger House
MARC Dowling House
MARC Florence Manor
MLK Afterschool Program
Mother’s Cupboard Food Pantry
New Horizons Clinton IRA
New Horizons Overlook IRA
New Horizons Pleasant Valley
Pine Plains Community Food Locker
Pleasant Valley Ecumenical Food Pantry
Ramapo for Children
Reach Out Food Pantry
Red Hook United Methodist Church Food Pantry
River Haven ILS Food Pantry
River Haven Shelter
Salvation Army Beacon Food Pantry
Salvation Army Beacon Soup Kitchen
Salvation Army Poughkeepsie ARC
Salvation Army Poughkeepsie Breakfast Program
Salvation Army Poughkeepsie Food Pantry
St. Anthony’s Counseling & Health Center Food
St. Columba Church Food Pantry
St. Joseph’s Rehabilitation Center
St. Paul’s Poughkeepsie Food Pantry
St. Vincent De Paul Society Food Pantry
To God Be the Glory Ministries Food Pantry
Trinity Temple Food Pantry
Verbank Holiday Basket Program
Vineyard Community Church Food Pantry
Zion Episcopal Church Food Pantry
Essex County
Community Food Shelf
First United Methodist Church Food Pantry
Jay Wilmington Ecumenical Food Pantry
Lake Placid Ecumenical Food Pantry
Minerva Food Pantry
Mountain Lake Services 22 Jersey
Mountain Lake Services 86 Jersey
Mountain Lake Services Bessboro Lane
Mountain Lake Services Birchwood
Mountain Lake Services Broad Street
Mountain Lake Services Brookside
Mountain Lake Services Church Lane
Mountain Lake Services Dora Arnol
Mountain Lake Services Dugan Lane
Mountain Lake Services Ferry Blvd.
Mountain Lake Services First Lane
Mountain Lake Services Hillside
Mountain Lake Services Jay IRA
Mountain Lake Services Jay Peaks
Mountain Lake Services Lord Road
Mountain Lake Services Meadows Way
Mountain Lake Services North Road
Mountain Lake Services Old Furnace Road
Mountain Lake Services Park Street
Mountain Lake Services Pearl Street
Mountain Lake Services Smith House
Mountain Lake Services Soper Road
Mountain Lake Services Spring Street
Mountain Lake Services Supp Apt
Mountain Lake Services Village Lane
Mountain Lake Services Wells Hill
Mountain Lake Services Meacham Street
Mountainside Food Pantry
Schroon Lake Food Pantry
Town of Moriah Food Pantry
Westport Food Shelf
Franklin County
Bangor Baptist Chapel Pantry
Bangor Community Food Pantry
Barnabas House
Brandon Wesleyan Food Pantry
Brushton-Moira Food Pantry
Burke Adult Center
Burke Food Pantry
Catholic Community Constable Food Pantry
Chateaugay Food Pantry
Comlinks Domestic Violence Services Shelter 1
Comlinks Domestic Violence Services Shelter 2
Comlinks Food Pantry
Dickinson Food Pantry
Duane Center Food Pantry
Emmaus Soup Kitchen
First Baptist Church Malone Food Pantry
Fort Covington Helping Hands Food Pantry
Good Samaritan Food Pantry
Moira New Hope Food Pantry
Saranac Lake Ecumenical Food Pantry
St. Joseph’s Rehabilitation Center
St. Paul’s Assumption Brighton Food Pantry
St. Paul’s Assumption Vermontville Food Pantry
Town of Bellmont Food Pantry
Tupper Lake Community Pantry
Waverly Food Pantry
Fulton County
Catholic Charities of Fulton County
Catholic Charities of Fulton Residential Programs
Community Free Meals NOAH
Fulmont Gloversville Food Pantry
Fulmont Northville Food Pantry
Fulton County Family Violence Shelter
Fulton County Leisure Lounge
Gloversville Council of Churches Food Pantry
Johnstown Churches Council Food Pantry
Salvation Army Gloversville Food Pantry
Salvation Army Gloversville Soup Kitchen
The Gathering Soup Kitchen
The Manor Community Residence
Victorian Manor
Greene County
Athens Community Food Pantry
Cairo Food Pantry
Community Action of Greene County Food
Coxsackie Community Pantry
Girls’ Vacation Fund, Inc.
God’s Storehouse Food Pantry
Greene County ARC Jack Griffin
Greene County Domestic Violence Program
Greenville Food Pantry
Jewett Food Pantry
MHA Columbia Greene High Cliff Residence
Twin County Recovery Catskill
Ulster Greene ARC Red Apple
Hamilton County
Indian Lake NOC Food Pantry
Montgomery County
Amsterdam Calvary Food Pantry
Catholic Charities of Montgomery County Food
Domestic Violence Services
Fulmont Amsterdam Food Pantry
Fulmont Fonda Food Pantry
Fulmont Fort Plain Food Pantry
Montgomery County Drop-In Center
MTS Division Street
MTS Fonda Residence
MTS Highland Road
MTS Lakeside
MTS the Lighthouse
Salvation Army Amsterdam Food Pantry
The Comfort Zone
Orange County
ARCS Newburgh
Big Brothers Big Sisters
Bridges of Greater New York
Camp Deerpark
Chester Presbyterian Pantry
Community Emergency Food Center
Country Kids Food Pantry
Crystal Run Arcadia Road IRA
Crystal Run Carter Road IRA
Crystal Run Cipollone IRA
Crystal Run Conklingtown IRA
Crystal Run Corbett Rd IRA
Crystal Run Crawford IRA
Crystal Run Eatontown IRA
Crystal Run Goshen Rd. IRA
Crystal Run Jacobs Road IRA
Crystal Run Jorrie Court IRA
Crystal Run Little Britain IRA
Crystal Run Minisink
Crystal Run Mountain Road IRA
Crystal Run Nashopa CR
Crystal Run New Windsor IRA
Crystal Run Pine Tree IRA
Crystal Run Sarah Wells Trail
Crystal Run Stony Bar IRA
Crystal Run Toleman Road IRA
Crystal Run W.R. Pitt IRA
Crystal Run Walden CR
Cuddebackville Reformed Church Food Pantry
Easter Seals Food Pantry
Easter Seals Project Discovery
Ebenezer Baptist Church Soup Kitchen
Ebenezer Baptist Food Pantry
Emergency Housing Adult Shelter
Family Empowerment Project Food Pantry
Fed By Grace Food Pantry
It wouldn’t be
possible to meet our
mission without our
valuable partnership
with our member
First Assembly of God Food Pantry
First Presbyterian Church Food Pantry
Florida Community Food Pantry
Friend’s House Youth Shelter
GHV Family Health Center
Glenn Hines Boys & Girls Club
Good Samaritan Food Pantry
Goodwill Church Food Pantry
Goshen Ecumenical Pantry, Inc.
Grace United Methodist Food Pantry
Greenwood Lake Food Pantry
Guild of St. Margaret Soup Kitchen
Holy Deliverance Apostolic Temple Food Pantry
Holy Innocents Food Pantry
Holy Trinity COGIC Food Pantry
Homes for the Homeless
Hoops Express, Inc.
Hope Center Food Pantry
Humane Society of Walden
HVCC Food Cupboard
Independent Living Food Pantry
Kiryas Joel Community Council Food Pantry
LINKS Aftercare Program
Local Awareness and Development, Inc.
MACC Middletown Addiction Crisis Center
New City Food Pantry
New Hope Missionary Baptist Food Pantry
New Hope Missionary Baptist Soup Kitchen
Newburgh Tabernacle Food Pantry
Newburgh Tabernacle Soup Kitchen
Newburgh YMCA Y-Scoop
Operation Compassion Food Pantry
Orange County AHRC Robert Young Residence
Orange County Safe Homes
Pennies for Provisions Food Pantry
Project FAN Food Pantry
Project LIFE
RECAP Alcoholism Day Rehab
RECAP New Life
RECAP Nutrition Program
Rural Opportunities Middletown
Salvation Army Middletown Food Pantry
Salvation Army Middletown Soup Kitchen
Salvation Army Newburgh Food Pantry
Salvation Army Newburgh Soup Kitchen
Salvation Army Port Jervis Food Pantry
Salvation Army Port Jervis Soup Kitchen
Shepherd’s Kitchen
SOS Education Program
St. Francis of Assisi Parish Food Pantry
St. George’s Church Food Pantry
St. James COGIC Food Pantry
St. James COGIC Soup Kitchen
St. Patrick’s Soup Kitchen
St. Paul’s United Methodist Food Pantry
Stephen Saunders Residence
TASA Planned Parenthood
THRIVES Nutrition Program Food Pantry
TOUCH Nutrition Program Middletown
Town of Montgomery Food Pantry
Trinity United Methodist Church Food Pantry
Union Presbyterian Church Food Pantry
Warwick Community Bandwagon
Warwick Ecumenical Council Food Pantry
World Wide Missionary Movement Food Pantry
Otsego County
Catskill Rural AIDS Services Oneonta
Child and Family Development
Cooperstown Food Pantry
Crisis Intervention and Support Shelter
Maryland Baptist Church Food Pantry
Migrant Education Outreach Food Pantry
OFO Community Connection Food Pantry
OFO Emergency Housing Shelter
OFO Holiday Basket Program
Richfield Springs Food Pantry
RSS Elm Street Residence
RSS Mountain View Social Club
RSS Otsego Residence
Salvation Army Oneonta Food Pantry
Salvation Army Oneonta Sunday Special
Saturday’s Bread Food Pantry
Springbrook Averill Road
Springbrook Broad Street
Springbrook Chellis Nichols
Springbrook Community Connections I
Springbrook Community Connections II
Springbrook Community Connections West
Springbrook Cook Street
Springbrook Dayhab Four
Springbrook Elm Street
Springbrook Ford Avenue
Springbrook Glens Ridge IRA
Springbrook Hayes Street
Springbrook Kelly’s Corner
Springbrook Loomis Center
Springbrook McDowell House
Springbrook Milford IRA
Springbrook Morris IRA
Springbrook Otsego
Springbrook Parker House
Springbrook Pierstown IRA
Springbrook Resident. School
Springbrook Snell House
Springbrook Stone Quarry
Springbrook Sunshine House
Springbrook Taylor House
Springbrook the Penthouse
Springbrook the Pines IRA
Springbrook Walnut Street
Springbrook West Oneonta
St. James Food Pantry
St. Mary’s Church Food Pantry
The Lord’s Table Soup Kitchen
Unadilla Community Food Pantry
Putnam County
Brewster Community Food Pantry Inc.
Delancey Street Foundation
Gilead Food Pantry
Green Chimneys Arbor House
Hillside Food Outreach
PARC Birch
PARC Brimstone
PARC Day Habilitation Program
PARC Foggintown
PARC Kelly Road
PARC Mooney Hill IRA
PARC Patterson 311
PARC Patterson IRA
PARC Wiccopee CR
Patterson Presbyterian Food Pantry
Putnam CAP Food Pantry
Putnam CAP Soup Kitchen
Putnam Valley Community Food Pantry
Salvation Army East Putnam Food Pantry
Salvation Army Phillipstown Food Pantry
St. Christopher’s Inn
St. John the Evangelist Food Pantry
Walter Hoving Home
Women’s Resource Center
Rensselaer County
820 River Street Supportive Living Troy
820 River Street Troy
AIDS Council of NENY Troy
Ark Community Charter School
BackPack Program Ark Charter School
Berlin Community Food Closet
Bethany Hospitality Center
Boys and Girls Club Southern Rensselaer County
Boys and Girls Club Troy
Camp Scully
Catholic Charities of Rensselaer County Food
Circle of Life Camp
CONSERNS-U Food Pantry
Continuing Treatment Services
COPES Network Center, Inc.
Doors of Hope Food Pantry
Faith and Love Fellowship Food Pantry
Faith and Love Fellowship Soup Kitchen
Nearly half of all people
served in food pantries
are children. Children who
don’t eat properly don’t
develop properly.
First Baptist Soup Kitchen
Hoosick Area Church Association Food Pantry
Hope 7 Community Center Food Pantry
Hudson Mohawk PAHL House
Hudson Mohawk Recovery Center
Joseph’s House Shelter
Kids Cafe Lansingburgh
Lansingburgh Boys and Girls Club
Lansingburgh Church Hot Meals
LRI Elmwood Drive
LRI Hays Road
LRI Jefferson Avenue
LRI Schodack
Mt. Ida Food Pantry
Nassau Resource Center Food Pantry
Peer Support Center, Inc.
Pittstown Area Food Pantry
REACT, Inc. Food Pantry
Rensselaer County ARC Biscayne Blvd.
Rensselaer County ARC Brookview Avenue
Rensselaer County ARC Maple Avenue
Rensselaer County ARC North Greenbush
Rensselaer County CEO Food Pantry
Roarke Center Food Pantry
Salvation Army Troy Food Pantry
Salvation Army Troy Soup Kitchen
San Damiano Family Support Food Pantry
St. Augustine’s Food Pantry
St. Joseph’s Church Troy Food Pantry
St. Mary’s Troy Food Pantry
St. Patrick’s Church Food Pantry
St. Paul’s Center Shelter
The Anchor Food Pantry
The Gathering Place Food Pantry
The Morning Star
TLP Food Pantry
Troy Damien Center
Unity House Peer Activity Center
Unity House 14th Street Residence
Unity House 7th Ave North
Unity House 8th Street MICA
Unity House 8th Street Residence
Unity House Domestic Violence Shelter
Unity House Street Ministry
Unity House Sunshine Program
Vanderheyden Hall Best Road
Veggie Mobile Taste and Take Program
Victorious Life Christian Church Food Pantry
Volunteers for Distressed Wildlife
Wildwood Castleton CR
YWCA Community Meals
YWCA Food Pantry
Rockland County
ARCS Spring Valley
Beth Rapha’s Outreach Program
Canteen Feeding Program
CAPROC of Haverstraw Food Pantry
CAPROC of Spring Valley Food Pantry
Catholic Community Services of Rockland Food
Charismatic Church Outreach Food Pantry
Christ Church of Ramapo Food Pantry
Christ Church of Ramapo Soup Kitchen
Church of Christ Food Pantry
Community Kafe’ Soup Kitchen
Crystal Run Bayard ICF
Crystal Run Chestnut Ridge ICF
Crystal Run Greenhill IRA
Crystal Run Seymour Drive
Crystal Run Summit IRA
Crystal Run Tennyson Drive IRA
Epilepsy Society Food Pantry
Fairmount Baptist Church Food Pantry
Faith Temple Food Pantry
Faith Temple Soup Kitchen
French Speaking Baptist Church Food Pantry
GAINS Afterschool Program
Good Counsel Spring Valley
Greenbush Food Cupboard
HACSO Food Pantry
Harvest Care After School Program
Haverstraw Head Start
Haverstraw Parent Group Food Pantry
Kids Corner of Rockland
Lexington Center for Recovery
Loeb House Davis
Loeb House Keahon
Loeb House Lukens
Macedonia Baptist Food Pantry
MHA Rockland Bernstein House
MHA Rockland Nanuet House
MLK Multipurpose Center Afterschool Program
MLK Multipurpose Center Food Pantry
New Beginnings Afterschool Program
New Generation COGIC Alliance Food Pantry
North Rockland Food Pantry @ Trinity UMC
North Rockland School Age Care
Nyack FOOD Program
Nyack Head Start
Nyack Parent Group Food Pantry
Open Arms
Parish Care & Concern Ministry Food Pantry
Pearl River SDA Community Service Food Pantry
People to People Food Pantry
Pilgrim Baptist Church Food Pantry
Pilgrim Baptist Church Soup Kitchen
Project Hope Food Pantry
Project Turning Point
Rhoda Bloom Kosher Food Pantry
Rockland Community College Food Pantry
Rockland Family Shelter
Rockland Interfaith Breakfast
Salvation Army Spring Valley Food Pantry
Sloatsburg Community Food Pantry
Spring Valley Parent Group Food Pantry
Spring Valley SDA Church Food Pantry
St. Ann’s St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry
St. Paul’s Community Dinner
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church Food Pantry
St. Paul’s Parish Pantry
St. Stephen’s Episcopal Pantry
Summit Children’s Residence Center
TOUCH Food Pantry
Upper Room House of Worship Food Pantry
Visions Vacation Camp for the Blind
West Street Parent Group Food Pantry
Women of Tomorrow Food Pantry
Saratoga County
Ballston Area Community Center
Captain Outreach
CAPTAIN Youth Shelter
Catholic Charities Donovan House
Charlton Food Pantry
Christ Church Food Pantry
Christ’s Cupboard Food Pantry
Corinth Community Cupboard
CWI Reynolds Rd
Eat Smart NY
ECHO Food Pantry
Edge Ministry Food Pantry
Faith Baptist Church Pantry
Grace Church Food Pantry
Greater Galway Food Pantry
Greenfield Center Food Pantry
Harvest Church Food Pantry
LRI Charlton Road
LRI Division Street
LRI May Apple
LRI Michael Drive
LRI Mitchell
Malta Open Bible Baptist Church Food Pantry
Mechanicville Emergency Food Pantry
Moreau Community Center Food Pantry
North Country Wildcare
Pine Knolls Alliance Church Food Pantry
Rural Preservation Company Vet’s Shelter
Salvation Army Saratoga Food Pantry
Salvation Army Saratoga Soup Kitchen
Saratoga Domestic Violence Shelter
Saratoga EOC Food Pantry
Saratoga EOC Mobile Food Pantry
Saratoga EOC Soup Kitchen
Saratoga EOC Summer Lunch
School Age Child Care
Schuylerville Food Pantry
Shelters of Saratoga
Shenendehowa Helping Hands Food Pantry
St. Mary’s St. Vincent’s Waterford Food Pantry
The Charlton School
The Upper Room Thrift Shop Food Pantry
Transitional Services Edgewood
Transitional Services Hammond
Transitional Services Hedgerow
Transitional Services Kaydeross
Transitional Services Stone Bridge
Wildwood McLean Street
Schenectady County
AIDS Council of NENY Schenectady
ALG Afterschool Program
ALG Fredericks Rd
ALG Hillside Avenue
ALG Lexington
ALG Stevenson
ALG Warwick Way
ALG Wendell
Alpha Pregnancy Center Schenectady
Animal Protective Foundation
At the Table Food Pantry
Bethesda House Light House
Bethesda House of Schenectady
Birthright of Schenectady
Booth Home
Boys and Girls Club Craig Street
Boys and Girls Club Mt. Pleasant
Boys and Girls Club Steinmetz
Boys and Girls Club Yates Village
Braman’s Hall Food Pantry
Bridge Center of Schenectady
Carver Community Center Youth Dinner
Carver Early Childhood Education Center
City Mission of Schenectady
Community Meal Program
Concerned for the Hungry
Duanesburg Afterschool Program
Family Life Center
Girls Inc.
Hamilton Hill Arts Center
Jerry Burrell Day Program YMCA
Keepers of the Circle Pantry
Kids Cafe Mt. Pleasant
LRI Balltown Road
LRI Birch Lane
LRI Catherine Street
LRI Connor Court
LRI Corlear
LRI Gifford
LRI Glenwood
LRI Heather Lane
LRI Lolik
LRI Lone Pine Road
LRI Main Office
LRI Merlin Drive
MOMH ACT Team Lunch
MOMH Closed Pantry
MOMH Curry House
MOMH Dominion House
MOMH Emmanuel House
MOMH Jones Home
Neighborhood Meal
New Choices Day Treatment
New Choices Perrin House
New Choices Purcell House
New Choices Smith House
New Visions Pinewood
Northeast Ministry Fund Food Pantry
Oak Hill School
Our Lady of Fatima Food Pantry
Parson’s Early Head Start
Sacred Heart St. Columba Food Pantry
Safe House
Salvation Army Schenectady Breakfast Program
Salvation Army Schenectady Food Pantry
Salvation Army Schenectady Soup Kitchen
SCAP Head Start Program
SCAP Sojourn House
Schenectady Damien Center
Schenectady Residential Stabilization Program
Scotia Glenville Food Pantry
SICM Food Pantry
St. Luke’s Food Pantry
The Lord’s Pantry
Westminster Presbyterian Food Pantry
Wildwood Alplaus CR
Wildwood Delta House
Wildwood N. Country Club
Wildwood Waverly Place CR
X-Quest, Inc.
YWCA Children’s Center
YWCA of Schenectady Shelter
Schoharie County
Afterschool Tutoring Program
BackPack Program Schoharie CSD
Catholic Charities Food Pantry
Cobleskill United Methodist Food Pantry
First Baptist Church Pantry
Good Samaritan Food Pantry Summit
Jefferson United Methodist Food Pantry
Keith Nelson Food Pantry
Middleburgh Ecumenical Food Pantry
North Blenheim United Methodist Food Pantry
Schoharie Community Food Pantry
Schoharie County ARC High Street
Schoharie County ARC Union Street Extension
Schoharie County ARC West Main
Schoharie County CAP Food Pantry
Schoharie County Domestic Violence Program
Schoharie County Head Start
St. Mark’s Lutheran Food Pantry
Sullivan County
ARCS Monticello
Bread of Life Food Pantry
CACHE Food Pantry
CACHE Safe Passage
Crystal Run Burr Road
Crystal Run Cold Spring IRA
Crystal Run Country Road IRA
Crystal Run Crystal Lake
Crystal Run Digby IRA
Crystal Run Grahamsville IRA
Crystal Run Haring Road
Crystal Run Landman IRA
Crystal Run Mamakating IRA
Crystal Run Pinekill IRA
Crystal Run Silverman IRA
Crystal Run Valley View IRA
Crystal Run Walters Farm
Crystal Run White Lake
Daytop Village
Dynamite Youth Center
Federation Food Pantry
Federation Soup Kitchen
First Presbyterian Church of Jeffersonville Food
New Hope Manor
Our Lady of the Assumption Food Pantry
Project Angel Camp
Recovery Center
St. Andrew’s Mission Food Pantry
St. John’s Food Pantry
The Blessing Food Pantry
THRIVES Monticello Food Pantry
Veritas Therapeutic Community
Ulster County
Angel Food East, Inc. Soup Kitchen
ARCS Kingston
Caring Hands at Clinton Avenue Soup Kitchen
Catholic Charities of Ulster County Food Pantry
Change Your Luck Food Pantry
Chiz’s Heart Street
Daily Bread Soup Kitchen
Darmstadt Shelter for the Homeless
Ellenville SDA Food Pantry
Ellenville United Methodist Food Pantry
Family House
Family Inn
Family of Ellenville Food Pantry
Family of New Paltz Food Pantry
Family of Woodstock Food Pantry Food Pantry
Family Outreach Food Pantry
Family Shelter of Kingston
Gateway Manor
Gateway Penrose Manor
God Given Bread Food Pantry
God Given Bread Lunch Program
Good Neighbors Food Pantry
Heart Street Pantry
Helping Hands Ministry Food Pantry
His Love Unveiled Food Pantry
Hosanna Assembly of God, Inc. Food Pantry
In Flight, Inc.
Loaves and Fishes Food Closet
New Day Food Pantry
People’s Place Food Pantry
Pine Bush Ecumenical Food Pantry
Pointe of Praise Food Pantry
Renaissance Project
Rochester Food Pantry
RSS Multi-County Abel House
Rural Opportunities Food Pantry
Salvation Army Kingston Food Pantry
Samaritan Village
Saugerties Area COC Food Pantry
Shiloh Baptist Church Soup Kitchen
St. John the Evangelist Church
St. Joseph’s Food Pantry
St. Mary’s Rectory Food Pantry
St. Simon’s Sitdown Soup Kitchen
St. Vincent DePaul St. James Food Pantry
The Queens Galley Soup Kitchen
The Vineyard Church Food Pantry
THRIVES Kingston Food Pantry
Transformation Life Center
UCP of Ulster County Hillcrest ICF
UCP of Ulster County Koenig CR
UCP of Ulster County Lasher
UCP of Ulster County Oberkirch ICF
UCP of Ulster County Yankee Folly ICF
Ulster CAP Ellenville Food Pantry
Ulster CAP Highland Food Pantry
Ulster CAP Kingston Food Pantry
Ulster Greene ARC Glasco IRA
Ulster Greene ARC Joalyn IRA
Ulster Greene ARC Linnabary
Ulster Greene ARC Reed ICF
Ulster Greene ARC Scardefield
Ulster Greene ARC Strauss IRA
Ulster Greene ARC Alison IRA
Ulster Greene ARC Brookside
Ulster Greene ARC Gardiner IRA
Ulster Greene ARC Market Street
Ulster Greene ARC Meadow Lane
Ulster Greene ARC Rousner
Ulster Greene ARC Woodstock
Ulster Greene Palmer ICF
Wings on Wheels Mobile Food Pantry
Warren County
820 River Street Road to Recovery
Chestertown Food Pantry
CWI Harrington Rd.
CWI Bay Road
CWI Faxon Street
CWI Flat Rock IRA
CWI Knapp Hill
CWI Schroon River Dayhab
Domestic Violence Project
Double H Hole in the Woods
Family Services Association Food Pantry
First Presbyterian Church Warrensburg Food Pantry
Johnsburg Food Pantry
Lake George Ecumenical Food Pantry
Maxfield Community Food Pantry
Non-Secure Detention Home
Open Door Soup Kitchen
Sacred Heart Community Dinner
Sacred Heart Food Pantry Lake George
Salvation Army Glens Falls Food Pantry
Salvation Army Glens Falls Soup Kitchen
Voices of the Heart Food Pantry
Warren Hamilton Community Action Agency
Food Pantry
Washington County
820 River Street Granville
Argyle United Presbyterian Food Pantry
Cornerstone Soup Kitchen
Emerald Ridge
Employees Food Pantry
Fort Edward Community Food Pantry
Granville Ministerial Food Pantry
Hartford Food Pantry
Salem Food Pantry
Voices of the Heart Respite Program
Washington County EOC Food Pantry
The Regional Food Bank of Northeastern New York is a
private, non-profit organization that depends on the
support and generosity of the community. Thank you
for the important role you play in helping us address the
food security needs of our vulnerable neighbors.
Regional Food Bank of Northeastern New York
965 Albany-Shaker Road
Latham, NY 12110
(518) 786 - 3691
Food Bank of the Hudson Valley
195 Hudson Street
Cornwall-On-Hudson, NY 12520
(845) 534-5344

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