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Crispy Muesli Rabbit or Guinea
Pig Premium Diet, 2.75 kg bags
Marina Betta EZ Care Aquarium,
Save $5.00
Crispy Muesli for Rabbit and Guinea pig diets are
high quality complete foods specially designed
and produced to suit their nutritional needs.
Crispy Muesli Rabbit
No Mess
No Stress
• Contains hay stems, many flakes and
vegetables...Real Veggie!
• Keeps intestines and teeth in great shape.
EZ Care
Crispy Muesli Guinea Pig
• H
igh proportion of plant matter makes it similar
to the natural diet of wild guinea pigs.
• Contains crunchy dried vegetable for variety.
(Reg. $15.99)
Hunter’s Mallard and Pheasant
15” long, 75% Off
Designed for you and your
pet to enjoy together.
This Magnificent Mallard is designed to
be the perfect retrieval toy and hunting
trainer. Its realistic appearance is sure to
elicit your dog’s natural hunting instincts,
while the ultra-durable construction ensures
long term use.
• T
he perfect retrieval toy and hunting trainer!
• Realistic appearance stimulates natural
hunting instincts.
• EVA foam core is super-durable, yet soft on
dog’s teeth.
• Hard rubber head and feet stimulate gums.
• Floats for added versatility in training and
play routines.
Retrieve Toss
(While quantities last)
(Reg. $39.99)
Only $9.99
Marine Betta EZ Care Aquarium provies a no mess, no stress
maintenance solution. No need to get your hands wet; disturb
your Betta or disrupt your aquarium decor in order to perform
routine water changes. Simply add clean water and the EZ care
self-cleaning feature does the rest.
Aquarium Kit includes:
• 2
.5L clear plastic cube aquarium with frame and EZ care
• Decorative double-sided background.
• Deocrative pebbles.
• Water change cup.
• Available in white, black and blue.
• Dimensions: 15.8 cm L x 15.8 cm H x 15.8 cm D
(Reg. $19.99)
Only $14.99
Coastal Dog Collars, All varieties
20% Off
From the world leader in Dog Collars
• Variety of colours and sizes available.
• Strong, weather proof collars are designed
to last.
• Manufactured from the highest quality
• Specially processed to prevent fraying.
• Metal d-ring for attaching identification and
a leash.
(All sizes)
20% Off
Living World Spray Millet, all sizes
from 100g - 500g
Q Holistic Diatom Powder, 250g
Buy 1 Get the 2nd 50% Off
Helps to naturally control fleas
and ticks on your pet.
• Birds love spray millet
• Suitable for finches, canaries, budgies and
• All-natural millet is freshly harvested and
contains no additives.
• Vacuum packed to stay fresh longer.
No chemicals
No oily residue.
Natural organic product.
Convenient shaker top makes dispensing
powder easy.
(Save up to $7.00)
Only $6.99
All sizes 100g - 500g Litres
(Buy 1 get 50% Off)
Sergeant’s Flea & Tick Shampoo
for dogs and cats Save $4.00
Cat it Super Mix Clumping Cat Litter
18 kg
• C
ontains sodium bentonite for
solid, durable clumping action.
• Offers superior odour control
while the clumping action helps to
reduce litter pan cleanings.
• Just scoop and remove the urine
or solid waste clumps daily and
replace the volume of clumps with
a similar amount of new super mix
cat litter
Sergeant’s Flea & Tick Shampoo kills
fleas and ticks.
• Helps to prevent skin inflammation
• PH balanced shampoo with protein to help
repair damaged fur.
• Highly concentrated formula: 8 to 1 water/
shampoo mix ratio.
Only $7.99
(Reg. $13.99)
Avenue Cable tie outs from 10’ to
30’, 20% Off
Only $9.99
Spot Lite LED Clip-on Pet
Tag Light
Stay safe while out for evening walks with
Spot Lite high quality compact clip-on pet
Avenue dog tie-out provides strength and
durability in all kinds of weather.
• Can be seen from over 500m away.
• Glow or flash modes by touching center
• Water resistant and weighs only .6 ounces.
• Strong Stainless steel spring clip.
• 15-20 hour replaceable batteries included
inside light.
• Available in a variety of colours.
• Allows freedom with safe restraint.
• Strong, durable longer lasting
weatherproof vinyl coating.
• Tangle-free heavy duty snaps.
• Easy to clean and store.
• Avalable in 10’ to 30’ lengths.
(Off all sizes 10’ to 30’ length)
50% Off
Save 20%
(Reg. $7.99)
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