Three Butterflies brochure



Three Butterflies brochure
PROtotyypit presents:
Neitoperhonen (Inachis io) Peacock butterfly
Bright blue eyespots shine in the brownish red wings of
Peacock butterflies. The lower half of the wings are
dramatically almost black, which distinguish the Peacock
butterfly from other daytime butterflies. If you see a Peacock
butterfly in spring, the colors are often pale because the
Peacock butterfly hibernates as an adult. As a caterpillar the
Peacock butterfly changes its pupa three times before the
final chrysalis. You can find the thorny and glowing chrysalis
of a Peacock butterfly in a nettle stem or in a wall by a barn.
Isohangokas (Cerura vinula) Puss moth
It's challenging to find an adult Puss moth because this fuzzy,
light-colored and almost transparent fellow flies only at night.
On the other hand the Puss moth's pupa is very conspicuous.
If a caterpillar is threatened, it lifts its head up and freezes its
body. At the same time, two red threads become visible in
the caterpillar’s tail. The Puss moth’s final change is unusually
long. It often hibernates as pupa through two winters. The
chrysalis is so hard and strong the outbreaking butterfly has
to secrete a special fluid to dissolve its way out.
Ritariperhonen (Papilio machaon) Swallowtail
If you come across the handsome, black and yellow
Swallowtail, it's easy to recognize. Also, the caterpillar is
something to feast your eyes on. There is a frightening orange
projection that sticks out of the neck, if the caterpillar is
threatened, and oozes an odor that even a human can smell.
The Swallowtail hibernates as a chrysalis hanging in
underbrush covered by snow. If you look carefully, one of the
shriveled leaves is the home of a little Swallowtail!
Neito, Ritari
Three Butterflies
Director: Eija Hanhiniemi and Tommi Saha
Actor: Kati-Aurora Kuuskoski
Manuscript: Eija Hanhiniemi, Kati-Aurora Kuuskoski
Visualisation: Kati-Aurora Kuuskoski
Music and sounds: Juha Kaijomaa, Jukka Pajuvirta, Janne Hast
Choreography counseling: Jukka Virtala
Metalwork: Karmo
Leaflet and poster: Krista Kuuskoski
Producing, photography: Helena Pohjosmäki
We would like to thank:
The Culture Department of the city of Tampere,
Teija Hanhiniemi, Marja-Liisa Kaitala, Tero Koivisto,
Hanna Paavilainen and all of you who have
helped us to make this show come true.
Dear audience,
Metamorphosis is one of the most fascinating
phenomena in nature. Puppet theatre is in
turn an effective way to express drama. Now
we would like to perform a story for you about
the life of butterflies. This wordless play shows
you the perfect four-stage metamorphosis as
a scientific event. We have combined
biological facts and our own imagination to
create an interesting, fascinating and even
educational spectacle.
Enjoy the show!
Duration: 30 min
Age recommendation: over 4 years
Premiere: 10th March 2007, Tampere, Finland
In cooperation:
Contact: Kati-Aurora Kuuskoski
+358 (0)40 564 1228
[email protected]

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