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the st. andrew messenger
St. Andrew Lutheran Church, 908 Murfreesboro Road, Franklin, TN 37064
In Christ, We Worship, Love, Grow, Serve, and Send.
Vol. XXV No. 10
The Rev. Dr. Michael A. Lippard
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Pastor Emeritus
The Rev. Eric C. Pearson
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Director for Youth & Children’s Ministries
Sandy Vollmer
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Dr. Darryl Miller
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Director of Music
Kimberly Sprinkle Hopkins
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Parish Administrator
Newsletter Editor
Jolene Richardson
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Administrative Assistant
Jean Pryzborowski
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Children’s Choir Director
Katherine Mansouri
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Sunday Schedule
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5:00 p.m. SLY & STAKK
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Christy-Lee Lowe
Nick Hafner
Beth Lindsay
Linda Strickland
M ason Schey
Lindsey Brown
Have you noticed that the days have been getting ever-soslightly shorter for some time now? The early morning air
has had a cooler, crisper perfume; trees are already
beginning to let go of some of their leaves while others cling
to these final days of summer; gardens are yielding the last
of their summer fruits; and corn fields have been harvested.
Apples are ripening, beckoning to be picked and baked into
pies. The harvest is upon us. It is time to set our houses in
order and prepare our larder for the winter.
It is also time to think about the apple story that Wanda
Jasper read to us recently. Did you know that there are
7,500 varieties of apples grown throughout the world, and
2,500 of those varieties are grown right here in the United
States? Some of those varieties are naturally occurring and
others have been created by farmers, but have you ever
wondered why God would have bothered to create more
than one variety of any given fruit? It’s just a guess, of
course, but I think God loves variety and wants to share that
love with us.
God shares His variety with us, He shares his love, and
gives lavishly of His creative efforts. He gives ample
provision for our bodies and hearts and provides salvation
through the death and resurrection of His son Jesus.
Ultimately God asks very little in return for His abundance,
but He does ask. He asks us to trust Him by giving back
the first fruits of our labor. He asks us to give this freely,
with an open and joyous heart so that He might multiply our
giving and bless others with it. Please join with your
brothers and sisters in Christ and think about Wanda’s story
this fall as you gather your own harvest. Please give of
your time, talent, and treasure according to what you have
already been given, and enjoy the fruits of your giving as
much as you enjoy the fruits of your labor.
Wishing everyone God’s Peace,
Christy-Lee Lowe
Stewardship Chair
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I need someone who likes eating apples and can
eat them quickly!
Once upon a time there was a man who had
nothing and God gave him ten apples.
God gave him the first three apples to eat. The
man ate the first three apples.
God gave him the second three apples to trade for
a shelter from the sun and rain. The man traded
the second three apples for a shelter from the sun
and rain.
God gave him the third three apples to trade for
clothing to wear. The man traded the third three
apples for clothing to wear.
God gave him the tenth apple so that he might
have something to give back to God to show his
gratitude for the other nine. Then the man looked
at the tenth apple... and it seemed bigger and
juicier than all the rest. He knew that God had
given him the tenth apple so that he might return it
to Him out of gratitude for the other nine. Yet the
tenth apple looked bigger and juicier than the rest.
And he reasoned that God had all the other apples
in the world...So the man ate the tenth apple... and
gave back to God...the core...
God really has given each one of us enough apples
to supply our needs - plus one with which each of
us may show our gratitude to Him. The choice is
ours. Will you return to God the largest and juiciest
of your apples The focus of tithing is…
--not the tithe but the tither
--not the gift but the giver
--not the possession but the possessor
--not your money but…your relationship with God.
Consecration Sunday Is Coming
Congregations that approach financial stewardship
from a biblical perspective do not view the money
Christians give to their church merely as a way to
pay its bills. Rather, such congregations see
financial contributions as a way to help people grow
spiritually in their relationship with God by
supporting their church's mission and ministry with
a percentage of their incomes.
Our congregation's stewardship committee has
selected the New Consecration Sunday
Stewardship Program as a way to teach the biblical
and spiritual principles of generous giving in our
stewardship education emphasis this year.
New Consecration Sunday is based on the biblical
philosophy of the need of the giver to give for his or
her own spiritual development, rather than on the
need of the church to receive. Instead of treating
people like members of a social club who should
pay dues, we will treat people like followers of
Jesus Christ who want to give unselfishly as an act
of discipleship. New Consecration Sunday
encourages people toward proportionate and
systematic giving in response to the question,
"What percentage of my income is God calling me
to give?"
During morning worship on Consecration Sunday,
we are asking our congregation, members and
non-members alike, to make their financial
commitments to our church's missionary,
benevolent, and educational ministries in this
community and around the world.
Everyone who completes an Estimate of Giving
Card does so voluntarily by attending morning
worship on Consecration Sunday. However, we
also urge people to attend who do not complete a
card. The procedure is done in such a way that no
one feels personal embarrassment if he or she
chooses not to fill out a card. What we do ask,
however, is that you complete an Estimate of
Giving Card realistically based on your anticipated
ability to contribute. The Estimate of Giving Cards
provide council with valuable information as we
plan a proposed budget for 2015.
We will do no home solicitation to ask people to
complete cards. During morning worship our guest
leader will conduct a brief period of instruction and
inspiration, climaxed by members making their
commitments as a confidential act of worship.
We will encourage participation in Consecration
Sunday events through the Consecration Sunday
team and congregational council members. Since
we will make no follow-up visits to ask people to
complete their cards, we will make every effort to
inform, inspire, and commit everyone to attend
Consecration Sunday worship.
Thanks in advance for your enthusiastic
participation in Consecration Sunday events.
In Christ’s service,
Mitch Counts
Congregation President
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The First Mark of Discipleship
The Companions in Christ Sunday School class
currently is reading a book about six marks of
discipleship. The first mark of discipleship Michael
W. Foss identifies is daily prayer. He tells how he
once was riding in a car with a church member who
had a green dot attached to his rearview mirror.
When Pastor Foss asked the man why he had a
green dot there, the man replied, “When I see that
dot, it reminds me to pray. And I drive less
aggressively, more graciously.”
Luke's Gospel tells us that when the disciples
asked Jesus to teach them how to pray, he taught
them a prayer we use every Sunday in worship: it
begins with the words “Our Father.” (Luke 11:1-4)
Maybe all of us need to learn or re-learn how to
pray every day. It is, after all, a spiritual discipline
that needs to be practiced.
Many of us receive invitations through email to pray
not only for St. Andrew members, but also for
individuals in the lives of our members. Sometimes
these requests are for people we know, but many
times, they are for people we have never met. Of
course, we pray for people we know and don’t
know every Sunday in church. Praying for others,
interceding with God in behalf of others, is an act of
During 2003, 2004, and in May of this year, I spent
a few days at the Monastery of Christ in the Desert
in New Mexico. The monks usually gather for
liturgy and prayer in the church seven times every
day: the total amount of time they spend daily in
community worship can exceed four hours. Ten
years ago when I was at the monastery with two
other Lutheran pastors, we took a walk right after a
worship service. One of my friends noted that
monasteries keep the Liturgy of the Hours all
around the world. Even if there are not
monasteries in every time zone, he reasoned, it
was likely that an hour of the day or night doesn’t
go by without some community of Christians
somewhere meeting to pray together. Not only are
there Roman Catholic monasteries, there also are
Orthodox, Anglican, and Lutheran ones throughout
the world.
Near the end of the first letter to the church in
Thessaloniki, St. Paul encourages the people to
“pray without ceasing.” (1 Thessalonians 5:17)
While it may be impossible for individuals literally to
do that (after all, we do need to sleep), we can
cultivate a growing attitude of prayerfulness, like
the man with the green dot on the rearview mirror
of his car. Taken as a whole, the members of the
body of Christ around the world are in perpetual
prayer: we pray with and for each other and the
world all the time. No wonder Pastor Foss says
daily prayer is the first mark of discipleship.
Sometimes we may struggle to pray in our own
words. Many Christians feel shy about thanking
God for food in the presence of others.
Fortunately, we are not dependent upon our own
devices in prayer: through the centuries, the
church has developed a vast array of prayers for all
occasions. A good daily prayer in this time of so
much war and conflict in the world is another
ancient prayer of the church. It’s also one that we
pray every Sunday, right before we receive food:
“Lamb of God, you take away the sin of the world;
grant us peace.”
As we think about all the people of the world and
the world as one place, the following prayer takes
on new meaning: “Lord, listen to your children
praying, Lord, send your Spirit in this place; Lord,
listen to your children praying, send us love, send
us power, send us grace.” (Ken Medema,
Evangelical Lutheran Worship, hymn 752) Amen.
Yours in Christ,
Pastor Lippard +
Newsletter Deadline
ALL articles and
photographs for the
NOVEMBER newsletter
must be submitted
to the Parish Administrator at
[email protected]
The deadline for submissions is
Wednesday, October 15, 2014
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Something From Sandy
Time goes by very quickly, and the
older I get the more relevant this
statement is. It seems like just
yesterday I was chasing a pack of
toddlers around my house and yard, stepping on
toys in the middle of the night, and watching
Sesame Street on television. Now four out of five
of my children are teenagers, one is off to college,
three are driving, or at least learning how to drive,
and the youngest will be 10 in a little over a month.
It seems like I am hardly keeping up and I am
afraid to close my eyes for fear of missing
something special. The busyness of life with
children can be exhausting, and exciting at the
same time. It keeps me young, and I would not
change it.
As I write this article, my husband Chuck and I are
in the process of cleaning and sorting out things
that have accumulated over the years — mostly
toys, children's furniture and clothing that can no
longer be handed down to the next child in line. It’s
kind of fun to remember back to the past when a
particular toy was received as a gift, or outfit was
worn and how much enjoyment these things have
brought to our family. Memories are wonderful
things to accumulate and keep, especially the
really good ones.
Memories are made here at church, too. We
worship together and share very special intimate
parts of our lives. We celebrate milestones like
baptisms, confirmations, Bible presentations, and
back to school blessings. Our children form
friendships through Sunday school, youth groups,
choir, Vacation Bible School, retreats, camps and
service projects.
Next summer, the high school youth will participate
in the ELCA National Youth Gathering. The
Gathering takes place every three years. The last
was held in 2012 in New Orleans, LA. This year
the Youth Gathering will be held in Detroit, MI July
15 - 19. "RISE UP TOGETHER" is the theme for
the 2015 youth gathering. I remember attending
the 1994 "2 BE ALIVE" youth gathering in Atlanta,
GA as a youth advisor with my husband Chuck.
Being in one place with over 40,000 youth
worshiping and serving together can be a powerful
experience and something that you don't forget.
40,000 youth going out into the communities and
sharing their gifts and the love of Jesus is a really
good thing. It will be something that the city of
Detroit will remember, and something that I'm
confident our youth will, too.
As we support and lead our children and youth in
their faith walk, I hope that you too are enjoying
and sharing in the memories that are being made
growing in faith together.
Sandy Vollmer
Director for Youth & Children’s Ministries
Just when things seemed to be settling down a bit
after the flurry of hurry-up and get ready for fall
activities, the excitement of a new call committee
beckons with the prospects of a new Associate
Pastor in the offing. But wait, there's more. Just
around the corner is Reformation Sunday followed
the next week by the Rite of Confirmation on All
Saints' Sunday. Before you know it we will be
immersed in the so-called holiday season. But
before we get too far ahead of ourselves I want to
remind you that later this month we will receive new
members into the Body of Christ here at St.
On October 26, another fine group of people will
step forward during Sunday morning worship to be
introduced to the congregation. A reception will be
held in their honor between services on that day,
giving everyone the opportunity to welcome these
new folks into our community. I have been
privileged to teach this class, or one similar to it, for
more than four decades, and each time I am
impressed with the quality of people God sends our
way to join with us in the Body of Christ. Most of
the class participants have been worshiping with us
regularly and after prayer and deliberation are now
anxious to become members in the congregation
called St. Andrew Lutheran Church.
If you have not yet taken the opportunity to
introduce yourself to these people, please take a
moment or two some Sunday morning and tell
them how pleased you are to have them as a part
of our church family. If you are uncertain of who
they might be, take a chance and reach out to
someone you have not met. Perhaps that person
might be among those joining and if not, you've
made a new friend. Make them feel at home,
welcome them into your comfort zone, and let them
see and feel how good it is to be living out the
Gospel here at St. Andrew.
Oh yes, don't forget to wear your name tag!
Grace and peace,
Eric C. Pearson+
Pastor Emeritus
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Fall Celebration and Trunk or Treat
Fellowship for All Ages
October 26, 2014
Mark your calendars for some early Halloween fun
on Sunday, October 26, 2014 from 3:00 to 6:00
p.m. at St. Andrew for Fellowship's "Trunk or
Treat." Everyone is invited to join in the fellowship,
fun, and food!!
Come dressed in your favorite Hallowe’en costume
or come to enjoy the outdoor games and activities,
contests, and food but most importantly, don't
forget to decorate the trunks of your car so the
children can go from trunk to trunk in costume to
Trick or Treat! For those of you who are not
familiar with "Trunk or Treat," please check out to get a better
idea about what it is. Make sure you bring candy
or other Halloween treats to pass out to the
children. Even if you don’t want to decorate your
trunk, you can set up your lawn chairs and give out
treats. This event is for all ages, from St. Andrew’s
littlest ones, the playgroup, youth to adults youngat-heart.
Following Trunk or Treat, the Fellowship committee
will provide grilled hamburgers and hot dogs for our
dinner and request those attending to bring a side
dish to share with others. Please sign up on the
sign-up sheet on the fellowship hall sign-up board
or on a yellow card in the pew and drop in the
offering plate. Let us know how many are
attending and what side dish you can bring.
If you have ideas or questions, or would like to help
set up or clean up the meal, or to help with the
games, please do not hesitate to call me at 615482-7281 or email me at [email protected]
Hope to see everyone in costume on October 26 at
3:00 p.m. In case of rain on October 26, we will
hold the Trunk or Treat only (no food or games)
on Friday, October 31 starting at 6:30 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Beth M. Gross
Fellowship Committee
Our Littlest Group Having Fun Together!
Our littlest group
enjoying popsicles
and water fun at the
August St. Andrew
If you are parents
with small children,
we would love your
participation in our
playgroup events.
Join us for Trunk
or Treating in
October and watch
communications at St. Andrew for November and
December dates and events. For more information
or questions, contact Claire Harris at 615.347.2940
or [email protected]
SASSY Saint Andrew Seniors Staying
Young ~ October 2
All retired people are invited to come on the first
Thursday of the month, October 2 at 11:00 a.m. to
St. Andrew for lunch. Our special presentation will
be by Franklin Whole Foods. Please sign up on
the sheet at the SASSY bulletin board or on a
yellow card so we can prepare enough food. For
questions, contact Hank or Micki Fengler at
[email protected] or 615-472-1977.
Companions in Christ (CIC)
CIC will hold their Fall Gathering at the home of
Nick and Amy Hafner on Friday, October 11 at
6:00 p.m. All are welcome to come and meet the
CIC class, enjoy a meal together and have an
evening of fun. Please call Judy Mowery at 615585-5301 by October 5 if you would like to attend.
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Have no anxiety about anything, but in everything
by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let
your requests be known to God. Philippians 4:6
Flu Season It is Time to get Vaccinated!
Each year at this time I am compelled to write
about the upcoming flu season and the ever
prevailing need to get a yearly flu shot. This year is
no exception because you and I know by now that
every flu season is different and there is never any
way to predict whether it is going to be a mild
season or one that sends many individuals
scurrying to the doctor for treatment of flu
symptoms. The best protection from the flu is to
get vaccinated and to do it soon!
Influenza usually comes on fast and strong with
multiple symptoms including aching muscles, pain,
fever, headache and exhaustion. Even healthy
young adults may be unable to function at an
optimal level of health for weeks following a flu
illness. The elderly, those with weak immune
systems, and young children are especially
vulnerable to developing pneumonia or other
The flu season begins in October and can last as
late as May. The vaccine prevents influenza in
about 80 percent of those younger than 65 and
about 50 percent of older individuals. If an
individual does contract the flu the chances of
having a much lighter illness is greater if one has
had the flu vaccine. The flu vaccine is considered
to be a part of preventative health care. This
means that health insurance should fully cover the
cost of the vaccine with no additional cost to the
There are a variety of flu vaccines available for the
2014-2015 flu season. I find this information very
interesting because I did not know until I began to
read about influenza that there were so many
varieties. One new influenza vaccine variety
known as the quadrivalent shot includes an
addition B virus strain which had not been
previously included. The quadrivalent vaccine
protects against two strains each of type A and
type B influenza. The B strains are those that are
more likely to cause illness toward the end of the
influenza season in February and March.
While there are several options of influenza
vaccine for individuals to choose from, the Center
for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has not
given a preferential recommendation for any except
the nasal spray vaccine for healthy children ages 2
years through eight years of age. Recent studies
may show that the nasal spray vaccine may work
better than an injection for young children - thus
the new recommendation by CDC. The most
important CDC recommendation regarding flu
vaccination is that all individuals ages 6 months
and older receive a flu vaccine each year. A list of
available influenza vaccines is detailed on the CDC
site referenced below. Your health professional
can determine which vaccine is best for you based
on your age and health status.
Due to the fact that it takes about two weeks after
vaccination for antibodies to develop in the body
and provide protection against the flu, individuals
are encouraged to get vaccinated as soon as the
vaccine becomes available. Early vaccination for
young children is especially important because they
may require two doses of vaccine four weeks apart
to be fully protected.
Additional preventative steps to avoid becoming a
flu victim include staying away from individuals who
are exhibiting symptoms of the flu and washing
your hands frequently to reduce the spread of
germs. If you have flu symptoms, cover your nose
and mouth when you sneeze or cough (using the
elbow method), and stay home from work, school,
shopping, etc, to prevent the spread of germs to
Make an influenza vaccine part of your wellness
plan for 2014-2015! Stay well!
Connie Pearson, Chair
Health Ministries Team
References: Flu-Shot Shopping Made Easy, Consumer
What you should Know for the 2014-2015 Influenza
Season, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,
Harold Catron Memorial
American Red Cross
Blood Drive
It’s not the fanciest accessory.
Nor the most expensive.
But to someone in need of lifesaving blood,
it’s the most important.
Will you answer the call to help save lives?
We all have the opportunity to help save lives with
a donation of our blood. The Harold Catron
Memorial American Red Cross Blood Drive will be
held at St. Andrew Lutheran Church on Sunday,
November 23 from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Please schedule your appointment by signing up
on the sheet located on the sign-up board in the
fellowship hall or by calling the church office.
Thanks for giving the gift of life!
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Warm Up Safely
Space heaters are an excellent way of warming
isolated spaces without turning up the thermostat
to the entire house. With that, space heaters are
notorious for causing fires and burns. The U.S.
Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates
that more than 25,000 residential fires every year
are associated with space heaters. There are
many kinds of space heaters, warming by either
convection or radiant heat and powered by either
electricity or fuel (propane, kerosene or wood).
Aside from the obvious fire potential, fuel systems
can produce poisonous carbon monoxide or
deplete available oxygen in the room. Space
heaters are safe if installed and used properly.
Following are safety tips gleaned from various
on-line and credible resources.
All Model Space Heater Safety Tips:
• Clear the area around the heater to a distance of
three feet and set it on a non-combustible, level
surface. Child-proof the area!!! Never use
space heaters to dry clothing.
• Avoid using extension cords. If you must, the
short GFCI cord should be marked 14 or 12
AWG. A regular household extension cord is 16
or 18 gauge - a serious risk for electrical fires.
Do not cover cords with carpet. Yes, if the wiring
to a high wattage appliance is not sufficient to
carry the load, it will heat up to ignition
• If the plug becomes very hot, this could be a sign
of a potential home wiring issue.
• The heater should have been independently
tested (UL© or similar). You get what you pay
• Choose a brand with an anti-tip automatic
• Use space heaters only as a supplementary
source of heat.
• Unless the heater is specifically designed for
moist environments, do not use outdoors or in
bathrooms. Never touch it with wet hands.
• It is recommended to turn heaters off and unplug
when you go to sleep or leave the room. At least
turn them to a low setting.
Fuel System Space Heater Safety Tips:
• If you have a liquid-fueled space heater, use only
the fuel recommended by the manufacturer. The
wrong fuel could burn hotter than the equipment
was designed for.
• When refueling, turn off the heater and let it cool
down completely. Refuel outdoors. Store fuels
outdoors in approved containers. Do not overfill;
cold kerosene will expand upon warming.
• Before you buy a kerosene heater, check with
your local fire department to ensure it is legal.
• Make sure your smoke and carbon monoxide
detectors are working properly.
• Purchase a unit with a low oxygen shut-off
• Ensure proper ventilation. Most ventless models
print disclaimers regarding their use in enclosed
spaces while sleeping. Adequate outdoor air is
necessary for combustion; the model will specify
the amount, generally in square inches.
Respectfully submitted,
Bruce Clark
SALC Safety Coordinator
Note: If congregational members have topics in
mind they would like to see in print, please contact
me. I am eager to post articles of interest.
Prayer Shawl Ministry
St. Andrew Prayer Shawl ministry is starting up
again! It’s Fall sweater weather going into winter.
With our lives so busy going here and there, it’s a
perfect time to stop and reflect on Psalm 10:46,
“Be still and know that I am God.” This psalm
helps to center ourselves, to take time and look
within. Our time and talents are always needed
here at St. Andrew.
If you know how to knit or crochet or want to learn,
please consider joining the Prayer Shawl Ministry.
Our angels make shawls, baby blankets, and lap
blankets for those in need of prayers and comfort.
As you knit or crochet your piece, you pray asking
God for healing, comfort, and love for the person
who will receive the shawl.
The Prayer Shawl Ministry furnishes the yarn,
needles, and crochet hooks. In the Administration
entry, there is a brown bin marked Prayer Shawl
Ministry. Please choose a bag of yarn with an
instruction sheet out of the bin.
The Prayer Shawl Ministry is set up in the narthex
on the third Sunday of every month to answer
questions and show you what the ministry is about.
Please stop by and see me.
Again, thank you to all the angels who have worked
diligently for this ministry. We couldn’t do it without
all of you. If you wish to give a prayer shawl to
anyone you feel will benefit from it, please call my
cell phone at 615-512-4055.
Josette Starkey
I can’t thank you all enough for the beautiful
shawl and little blanket for little Jordan. They
meant the world to me and I will keep them forever.
I will explain to Jordan one day the reason the
blanket was made, because some very nice ladies
were thinking “just about her and sending special
prayers up, just because she was loved so.”
Thank you from the bottom of my heart. May
God bless each and every one of you ladies.
Andrew Schnares
Page -8-
“A ministry of U.S. Lutherans, serving
communities living in poverty overseas.”
Tuesday, October 21
All women of St. Andrew and their friends are
invited to join us on Tuesday, October 21 for a field
trip to explore the wonders of West Main Antiques
with St. Andrew member Kris Nethercutt. Kris will
give us a guided tour of his new store and provide
plenty of background information on the techniques
he uses to create the beautiful works of art he has
fashioned from (often) scrap metal. Those of us
who know Kris have had the pleasure of admiring
his work over the years, from the cross that adorns
our bell tower to the inventive works he provides for
the Haiti auction each year.
We will begin our evening at 6:00 p.m. for dinner at
a great Mexican restaurant, Pueblo Real, located at
1340 West Main Street. After dinner, at about
6:45, we will go to West Main Antiques, which is
nearby at 1182 West Main Street.
Please RSVP Joni Donegan by Monday, October
20 for your dinner reservation at
[email protected] or you may leave her a
phone message at 615-584-9309, so they can
prepare a table for us. If you need a ride or would
like to carpool, please let Joni know as well.
October 6 October 19 October 20 October 21 -
Quilting 9:00-11:00 a.m.
Quilting 9:00-11:00 a.m.
WELCA Potluck - 6:30 p.m.
Magic with Metal by
Kris Nethercutt - 7:00 p.m.
As you are probably well aware by this time, the St.
Andrew women who meet as WELCA, are very
involved in projects in support of Lutheran World
Relief. We have been doing this for many years
and it continues to be a very rewarding endeavor
for us. Won’t you consider joining us? There are
so many ways you can help.
First, we make quilts which are a special gift to
those in need. All fabric for our quilts is donated.
Thanks so much for all the recent donations of new
and used sheets. Also, thanks for the great cotton
fabric that came to us which will be cut into squares
for the quilts. WELCA purchases the batting for
the inside of the quilts but the tops and backs are
all made from your donations. Thanks for your
If you are free on Monday mornings, please join us
as we assemble these quilts. See the weekly
bulletin for the quilting dates. No sewing skills are
needed to help quilt; just a willingness to
participate. We collect soap which is shipped and
distributed to third world countries. When
purchasing soap, please use care. Only full size
bars are requested, which would be a bar that is
either 4 or 5 oz. of soap. There are brown
bins in the administrative entry to place your bars
of soap. The third Sunday of each month is our
SOAP SUNDAY where you may bring it and place
in the narthex. Thanks for your generosity.
WELCA has a published a cookbook which we are
selling for just $10. These funds are reserved for
our Kitchen needs at St. Andrew. Over the years
we have been able to purchase many supplies for
our kitchen including an ice maker, a full set of
silverware, coffee makers, and of course many
smaller items. Have you purchased your cookbook
or bought one for a gift? It has many great recipes!
WELCA meets the third Tuesday of each month at
6:30 p.m. Please come and join us. We take a
freewill offering and from these donations, we
support the following ministries:
• Quilt batting (LWR)
• GraceWorks
• Bridges
• 15% of offerings to our Southeastern Synodical
WELCA organization
• Our ELCA Missionary – Rev. Michael Parker
currently serving in Cairo, Egypt
Page -9-
Jesus Loves Me is undoubtedly one of the first
songs our parents taught us and we teach our
children about our faith. Quite a few years ago the
St. Andrew Adult Choir took part in a choral
workshop held in Nashville and lead by Anton
Armstrong, conductor of the St. Olaf Choir. We
sang and rehearsed a beautiful four-part
arrangement of Jesus Loves Me, edited by Anton
Armstrong and arranged by John Ferguson.
I will never forget the words Anton shared with us
about this anthem. His mother asked him, shortly
after his father passed away, “What hymn
proclaims God’s truth and faith that every child
learns to sing?” And so Anton wrote this
arrangement in loving memory of his father. He
reminded us that “Jesus Loves Me is not just for
kids; it’s for all of God’s children. We all need to be
childlike in our faith. This anthem has our faith at
the middle.” As the choir was rehearsing, we were
encouraged to sing with confidence and show it in
our faces, our hearts and our eyes, showing others
that we believed what we were singing.
On September 7 and 14 the St. Andrew Children’s
Choir sang a beautiful arrangement of Jesus Loves
Me by Margaret Tucker with the congregation
joining in on the third verse. It was a deeply moving
experience for me to direct and watch our
choristers share their faith singing this beloved
anthem. Isaiah 11:6 says, “And a little child shall
lead them.” Our hearts and minds are deeply
moved when we watch and listen to children sing
songs of our faith with so much joy and confidence.
Let us live each day with faith, hope, joy,
confidence and assurance that we are beloved
children of God and let us never forget that Yes,
Jesus loves me, the Bible tells me so.
Katherine Mansouri
St. Andrew Children’s Choir Director
Fall Work Day at St. Andrew
Rain or Shine on Saturday, October 4
As we contemplate our stewardship and giving,
perhaps some time and talents could be given on
the church workday. Come and help spruce up the
church, inside and out on October 4. We begin at
8:30 a.m. and work until we finish. Bring outside
hand trimmers or loppers to clean up shoots off the
trees, garden gloves, weeding tools, and inside
window cleaning spray and cloths for low windows.
We are seeking donations of winter pansies or
ornamental cabbage for the flower beds. Mark
your calendars now to help spruce up the church
until it “shines!” With many hands, we will get the
church ready for fall in record time.
All helping hands are needed & appreciated--thanks!
Respectfully submitted,
Chuck Campbell
Administration Chair
JUGS ~ Recycle them at St. Andrew!
Please continue to bring in your ½
gallon clear/frosted plastic milk or juice
jugs to replace the Christmas
Luminaries. Thank you to all who are
collecting half-gallon milk or juice jugs for
our Christmas Luminaries. We are almost
there so please keep them coming. We
will need 800 total.
Help out by rinsing them out and peeling the label
off if possible. Hot water works really well.
Carefully fill the the 1/2 gallon jug with hot water
up to the label. Let it sit for a few minutes, and
then carefully peel off the label. If you have any
questions, please contact Sandy Vollmer.
Fall Meeting October 3
Church Women of Franklin and Williamson County
will hold their Fall Meeting on Friday, October 3 at
1:00 p.m. at Shorter Community Life Center, 263
Natchez Street in Franklin (corner of Natchez St.
and W. Fowkles St.). Susan Shannon will be the
speaker and present “Butterfinger.” All are invited
to attend the program. There will be refreshments
following; bring a snack to share if you wish. If you
have questions, call Meredith Frantz at 615-7941203.
Page -10-
Welcome to our
youngest member of
St. Andrew, Hadley
Colette Franks,
newborn daughter of
McClain and
Christopher Franks,
who was born on
Saturday, August 9.
Hadley and her parents are healthy and doing well!
In Memoriam:
Romaine Smith, age 91 years and member of St.
Andrew Lutheran Church, joined the Church
Triumphant on Friday, August 28. Our thoughts
prayers go out to Jack and Kathy Smith; Shane;
Sean and Debbie, Courtney, Sean and Zachary.
Services were held for Romaine in Fort Wayne, IN.
Romaine joined our congregation on Sunday,
October 14, 2012 from Beautiful Savior Lutheran in
Marietta, GA. She had moved to Franklin to be
closer to son and daughter-in-law, Jack and Kathy
Smith. We give thanks for the life of Romaine.
On Saturday, September 6
and Sunday, September 7,
Pastor Lippard held
Acolyte Training for
several youth who are
ready to assist in worship.
Peggy Frost was on hand
to help fit robes and show
how to vest and tie the
cincture. Pictured are
Chloe and Emma,
modeling their robes!
Thing One and
Thing Two got into
the shaving cream
(a.k.a. Mason and
Brandon; Collin in the
Linda and Peter
celebrate their
30th Wedding
“bucket list”
They hiked up
Mt. Washington
(known for its
terrible weather)
and stayed
overnight in a
hiker's hut (with 90
other people) and
hiked back down
the next day!
Rugged 14 miles
including ledge and
elevation of 6,288ft!
Congratulations and way to go Peter and Linda!
Hunt Memorial
installed the Christ
Statue in our
Meditation Garden at
St. Andrew on a
beautiful but hot day!
The statue is a bronze
and is German made
by Strassacker. Many
thanks to Charlie Hunt
and the Hunt Memorial
SLY FUN - A whole lot of good clean fun was had
as SLY shaved the bases during a friendly yet
slippery game of shaving cream wiffle ball.
Page -11-
August 29, 2014
Dear VBS Children of St. Andrew,
Thank you so much for your gift in the amount of
$181.98, given July 7, 2014, designated for Disaster
Response in the Southeastern Synod.
Through the generosity of caring people like you
help can be given to those devastated by the recent
storms. You are a blessing.
What an incredibly wonderful gift. God bless
you for your spirit of generosity.
Holly Liersch
Office Manager
Dear St. Andrew Family,
Your love and support during the unexpected
loss of my father has given our family strength and
comfort. My dad enjoyed building the ark just this
past spring for the children’s “A Technicolor
Promise.” Thank you for the opportunity to create
those memories with him.
With love,
Carla Thurman
God's Work. Our Hand's
Thank you to all who had helped in any way with
God's Work Our Hand's Sunday. We collected
monetary donations totaling $484.68 and in-kind
donations for two of the ministries that we support
at St. Andrew; Room In The Inn and the Caring
Closet at St. Paul's. We delivered many rolls of
toilet paper, paper towels, laundry detergent, and
dish soap. Bars of soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes,
disposable razors, dental floss, combs, children's
allergy medication, bottles of 409 cleaner, and an
assortment of other hygiene products. When the
items were delivered to St. Paul's church, the
ladies there were very appreciative, especially for
the toilet paper. 60 health hygiene kits were
assembled to distribute to the men during Room In
The Inn. Each kit contained 2 pairs of socks.
Many thanks to Ken Sersland for donating all the
socks needed. The health hygiene kits also
included a toothbrush, toothpaste, shaving cream,
and a razor, a bar of soap, shampoo and lotion.
Thank you to STAKK, 5th and 6th grade youth, for
assembling the kits during their last youth meeting.
Dear Friends,
Our family wishes to say thank you to everyone
who sent up prayers for my Dad, Edice Smith.
We were so touched by all the cards and folks who
came to the visitation and funeral. It is such a
blessing so feel so loved and prayed for during
times of grief and sadness. Thank you for being
present and for your kind words and thoughts.
Rand and Beth Smith
Dear St. Andrew Congregation,
I want to thank you for your generous donation
of household and personal care items for the
families in our Building Healthy Families program.
Once again your congregation has demonstrated
your love for those in need and your commitment to
being the hands and feet of Christ to those less
fortunate. Your partnership with us for the last three
and a half years has been so important to those we
serve together.
We have a full fall and winter program ahead as
we continue to provide arts and music for the
children of Cheatham Place during the school
breaks with MyCanvas. We are looking for
volunteers to join us for one or more days from
October 6-10 from 10:00 a.m.-noon each day as we
bring healing and creative arts programs to at-risk
youth. We will also have special holiday events like
Shop for Mom and the Stocking Stuffer Store for
the families and invite you to participate.
Again, thank you for your commitment of time
and treasure to Lutheran Services in TN and may
God richly bless all you do!
Janet D. Arning
Program Director
Liz Strickland learns about self defense from
Officer Rose Steagall, with the Franklin Police
Department at the September WELCA gathering.
Please join WELCA in October for our field trip.
More information can be found on page 8.
Page -12-
Animal Welfare Ministry
Our deepest gratitude to everyone who donated
such wonderful items this past month! We thank our
Anonymous Angels and our Known Angels (Marge
Fottrell, Bill & Peggy Frost, Thomas Hunt, Eric &
Stephanie Randa, Jolene Richardson, Bill Robinson,
Rand and Beth Smith) for your kindness and
generosity. Our thanks also to Anne Fottrell, her coworker Nicole Madore and The Chewy Corporation
of Mechanicsville, PA for donating a new extra-large
crate that we gave to Collie/Sheltie Rescue (Juli-Kay
Baumann). We received a very generous cash
donation which was sent to People For Animals for
their spay/neuter assistance program. More thanks
to Mardy Fones of Greyhound Rescue for donating
a domed kitty litter box, large container of litter, 4
bags of treats, 2 cans “wet”, and a soft cat carrier.
And your wonderful gifts keep coming! Dogs: 16
cans “wet” food; 7 lg. boxes treats; bag of puppy
chow; pkg. training pads; gentle leader
collar. Cats: 28 (total) cans “wet” food; bag of kitten
chow; 2 new fleece blankets. Other: jumbo rolls
paper towels; lg. luxury comforter; 12 lg. towels; 11
hand towels; 6 wash cloths; 1 sheet; 4 cases; 2 bath
mats; assorted coupons.
We are happy to report that puppy Clover
Richardson is recovering nicely from her intestinal
issues. She is bouncy, perky and her usual
adorable super-cute self!
Please join us in prayer and get well wishes for
Daisy May Strickland, Peter and Linda’s precious
and precocious Golden Retriever puppy, who
recently got into a scuffle at doggie day care. She’s
recovering nicely at this writing, but blessings for a
complete recovery are welcome. Puppies will be
Bill and Peggy Frost are foster parents to a darling
kitty rescued from Happy Tales! What a kind and
loving compassionate thing to do! (Although Jack
might have another opinion!)
Special Event: Please bring your beloved pets to
the Blessing of the Animals on Sunday, October 5th
at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, 510 West Main
Street, Franklin beginning at 2:00 p.m. The event is
held rain or shine. Please be sure to have your pet
on a leash or in a suitable carrier or crate, and upto-date on all applicable shots. St. Paul’s has been
honoring this special occasion for the past 19
Annual blessings of the animals is a Christian
tradition that has filtered into the mainstream,
attracting interfaith and non-denominational
participants. Christians celebrate “Blessings” in
remembrance of the patron saint of animals, St.
Francis of Assisi on the day of his feast, October
4th. St. Francis is noted for his love for all
creatures, and wrote a Canticle of the Creatures, an
ode to God’s living things. Here is a meaningful
excerpt: “All praise to you, Oh Lord, for all these
brother and sister creatures." The soulful teachings
of Jesus and his love of mankind extend to animals.
Christians believe that Jesus watches over their
pets as He watches over them. Clergy from many
Christian denominations have embraced their
congregants' need to include their pets in spiritual
life and have created animal-inclusive rituals and
ceremonies to satisfy those needs. Please bring
your cherished pets to St. Paul’s inspirational
ceremony for worship, prayers and blessings.
The coordinators of St. Andrew’s animal ministry are
deeply grateful for the compassion and support
given to the animal ministry by our pastors, the
administration, councils and our fellow
congregants. Thank you for helping us help God’s
most needy animals.
Respectfully submitted,
Tom and Suzanne Berrey and
Pastor Susan Springer
It is not too early to begin thinking about our
Christmas Food Basket out-reach to families in
need in our community.
St. Andrew will adopt 36 families whose names are
provided to us by Gracework Ministries. Last year
the average cost per basket was $112.00. Watch
for more information in future newsletters and
bulletin announcements. All members are invited to
share in this ministry through monetary donations
(any amount is appreciated and needed) and/or by
volunteering to pack and deliver the baskets to our
families. Coordinators for this program are Wayne
and Jeanette Higbe and Hank and Micki Fengler.
You are invited to join us for an evening of
fellowship and music. We will have wine tasting and
light appetizers while enjoying the music of the Ted
Wilson Jazz Quartet.
Friday, October 24, 2014 at 7:00 p.m.
Hosted at Look Away Farms
1850 Lewisburg Pike
Franklin, Tennessee
The event will benefit Lutheran Services in
Tennessee. $75 per person or $100 per couple
A special thank you to Darrel Reifschneider for
allowing us to use his beautiful home for this event.
RSVP at or contact
Beth Smith([email protected]) or
Pastor Morgan Gordy ([email protected])
Page -13-
Dear Members of St. Andrew,
Do you have the spiritual gift of evangelism? I
do not and for most of my life I felt I was lacking in
my fulfilling the Great Commission to “go and make
However, all that began to change in 1999. It
was then that God began to show the way for us to
use the gifts He has given us to engage with the
Christian Churches and Schools in Haiti to partner
with them and the Holy Spirit in bringing Good News
to the children. These children in turn shared their
faith in Christ with family and friends.
The daily noon meal you provide makes it
possible for the children to become healthier and
learn. (There is a Haitian proverb which says, “A
hungry person has no ears.”) Secondly, this food
attracts those who would not otherwise attend the
school to come and then hear of Jesus and His
love. And, this is huge, especially for the children
from homes that aren’t Christian (about 65%); they
see the food as a powerful witness of the truth of
Christ’s love for them.
The pastors in Haiti constantly tell us that our
programs are not only a tremendous blessing for the
children being able to learn, but it is perhaps the
most effective evangelistic tool of their churches.
Thank you so much for sponsoring the feeding
program at Acquier School.
This year has had its challenges.
* Governmental attendance initiatives (with
promised support which never materialized) caused
some tremendous attendance shifts. Many of these
increases drove expenses well above expectations.
* Food costs (driven by the last two of poor
agricultural commodity production-mostly weather
related) remained at an all-time high.
However, in addition to the enhanced learning
and the tremendous numbers who were being led to
Christ, there is more good news as well. This year’s
mission trips and on site monitoring showed our
programs to be at perhaps their highest level of
efficiency. This, the Shared Support results (local
Haitian participation in financial support of the
programs) and our constant state side efforts to run
efficient, economical programs combined to
effectively lower the cost per meal from last year’s
level of $.27 to $.26. We celebrate and thank God
for each of these.
Save the Date
Friday, November 21, 2014
at St. Andrew Church
“Yes, Absolutely, Yes!”
Mark Twain once said the coldest winter he ever
spent was a summer in San Francisco. Those who
have felt the biting, windy chill even during times of
fairly moderate temps in San Francisco, know
exactly the discomfort he meant.
I have had the same reactions and feelings in Haiti.
There the humidity is often just below rain actually
having to fall, the temperature is egg-frying hot on
the baked earth, poverty is off the charts and dirt,
well how do you describe a place so dusty that
everything has multiple layers?
Now let me, before I go any further, tell you that
there are people who actually love going there. I’m
not one of them. According to my best recollection,
I have been there 37 times and every one had a
carefully calculated and clearly marked hump-day.
And every post hump-day was just a little more
enjoyable than its companion pre-hump-day just
because of its position in the trip.
So, you ask, “If things are so dreadful, why do you
go?” There is only one reason…my (and other
mission team members) being there and the work
we do through our donors is a way God has chosen
to use us to bless the children. Our teams go from
school to school encouraging the Christian brothers
and sisters, of all ages, sharing Scripture and life
experiences and monitoring the programs we run
which provide a noon meal for the children in our
schools each day.
We hope you will continue to bless the children
in these ways by sponsoring the program at Acquier
in the coming year of 2014-2015. We anticipate the
total fed daily will be 84 at an annual cost of $3,997.
Yes, there are enjoyable parts: being with the
children, reconnecting with friends and Haitian team
members, enjoying the local food and of course the
day of departure. However, one great thrill is to see
children who had been hungry, malnourished and
struggling to live getting healthier, learning and
growing. And the greatest thrill…seeing children
(and adults) who had been mired in the
hopelessness and fear of Voodoo being free and
HOPEFUL in the love that is the Good News of
Jesus Christ.
Thank you for being a part of changing lives,
one bowl of beans and rice at a time.
Is it worth 37 wearisome tours? The answer is,
John Hall
Denise Gudlin, Keith Logan
In Christ,
John Hall
Page -14-
St. Andrew
Lutheran Youth
• Sunday, September 28 - SLY 7th-12th grades,
Bowling 5:00-7:00 p.m. Bring $10 to cover cost of
bowling & pizza. Meet at St. Andrew and pick-up
at St. Andrew.
• Sunday, October 5 - STAKK 5th & 6th
grades,Bowling 5:00-7:00 p.m. Bring $10 to
cover cost of bowling & pizza. Meet at St. Andrew
and pick-up at St. Andrew.
• Sunday, October 19 - SLY, 5:00-7:00 p.m.
• Wednesday, October 15 - Registration opens for
2015 National Youth Gathering
• Sunday, October 26 - Trunk or Treating for All
• Saturday, November 1 - Confirmation Banquet
Set-up at 4:00 p.m. Dinner served at 6:00 p.m.
• Sunday, November 2 - Rite of Confirmation, 8:30
a.m. Worship Service
If you have any questions about youth activities,
please contact Sandy Vollmer at
[email protected]
Confirmation will be held on Sunday, November 2,
2014 during the 8:30 a.m. worship service. A
banquet will be held on Saturday, November 1,
2014 for the confirmands and their families.
Confirmands are asked to arrive at 5:30 p.m. on
Saturday to review the Sunday morning worship
service. Dinner will be served at 6:00 p.m. with a
program directly after dinner. 7th and 8th grade
confirmation students and parents are expected to
help set up, prepare, and clean up for the
confirmation banquet. Set up will begin at 4:00 p.m.
on Saturday, November 1.
“I have called you by name. You are mine.”
Page -15-
at 9:50 a.m.
Every Sunday!
i Parents and adults who helped with the SLY
youth lock in and then service project at Grace
Works; James and Stacey Stiles, Will Gordy,
Kimberly Hopkins, Sandi Schey, Amy
Hafner, Julie Hunt, Pastor Lippard.
i Lindsey Brown for helping coordinate the
i Beth Fikejs for her help with STAKK and our
service project for God's Work Our Hands
i Ken Sersland for donating over 120 pair of
socks to place in the Room In The Inn health
hygiene kits that were assembled on God's
Work Our Hand's Sunday by the STAKK youth.
Monday Evening Bible Study
The Monday night study of the book of Daniel
continues through October 13. Beginning on
October 20, a new session begins with I John, a
book of comfort and challenge. I John comforts us
with the reminder that we are children of God. It
challenges us to make our faith genuine by
expressing in our lives what we believe in our
hearts. Study books are available on Monday
nights or in the church office. Pastor Springer is
leading the classes, which begin at 7:00 p.m.
Studies of the Sunday Lectionary
This adult class meets at 10:00 a.m. in Pearson Hall
and studies the scripture readings appointed for the
Sunday. Bring your coffee and join the pastor.
Companions in Christ (CIC)
Companions in Christ is continuing their study of the
book Power Surge: Six Marks of Discipleship. a look
at the world church moving from a membershiporiented church to a discipleship-oriented church
and how we can attain that vision in the 21st
century. Questions Michael Foss, the author of the
book, asks us to think about: "The goal is
discipleship. The critical issue is leadership. How
shall leaders in Christ's church grow disciples of
Christ in the next decades? What can or ought
leaders expect of those who claim membership in
the congregations or ministries? How can the
ministry of Christ's church equip God's people to
participate in God's love for the world in all the
places where they live and work and play? What
spiritual disciplines can support the leaders of the
church so that all people will know they are Christ's
disciples....not by their titles, but by their love? What
are the marks of discipleship that characterize both
those who lead the church and those who follow
Peaked your interest? An easy read, it is not to late
to pick up a copy (I have two left) or order directly
from Amazon and join in the "lively" class
discussion. Class starts promptly at 10:00 a.m. in
Room 124, our classroom off the Fellowship Hall.
Bring a cup of coffee and a friend!
Wednesday Women’s Bible Study
Active Parenting Class
All women of St. Andrew Church, friends and
neighbors are invited to join us in October as we
continue a twelve week study entitled, "The
Christ-Centered Woman." This study is based on
Ephesians 3, and is written by Kimberly Dannon
Reisman. Please join us in the Fellowship Hall
each Wednesday morning from 10-11:30 a.m., as
we strive to find a more peaceful, hopeful, and
meaningful life through biblical insights and lively
The Sunday morning parenting class continues to
meet on the first and third Sundays of the month.
Meet at 9:50 a.m. in the Cry Room off the nave to
discuss current topics. New parents are always
welcome! For questions about the group, please
contact Matt & Melissa Coleman at
[email protected]
For more information, contact Sue Hartman at
615-224-9876 or [email protected] Please
contact us in advance if a sitter for preschoolers or
other specific needs are required.
New Member/Inquirer’s Class
The New Member/Inquirer's class continues in
October with new members introduced to the
congregation on October 26 during Sunday morning
worship. A reception will be held in their honor
between services on that day, giving everyone the
opportunity to welcome these new folks into our
community. If you would like to learn more about
the New Member/Inquirer’s class, please talk with
Emeritus Pastor Eric Pearson some Sunday or call
the office during the week.
Page -16-
Please Remember in Your
Mary Smith
Sandie Belcher
Pat Patterson
Sandy Bennett
Julie Anderson
Judith Anderson
Clint Willer
Art Lebahn
Jerry Frantz
Sarah Lewis
Liz Combiths
Wayne Masters
Edith Higgins
Raleigh Fisher
Connie Pearson
Bobby Torrence
David Huneryager
Margaret Lorenzini
Lee Harms
Kim Nowell
Jeanne Parr
Judy Gandee
Joe Tallyn, father of Steve Tallyn
Wade Smith, son of Don & Mary Smith
Foster Ward, friend of Anna Kate Quinn
Dolores Bateman, sister of Libbie Quinn
Diane Buckberg, friend of Cheryl Chamberlain
Pam Dieterle,, daughter of Marty & Al Dieterle
Peter Keese, father-in-law of Ken Cockerham
Sylvia Cockerham, mother of Ken Cockerham
Roz McQuire, friend of Cindy Hale
Jael Mwakipaki, Elizabeth & Swiga
Barnie Bennett
Phyllis Downey, relative of Lisa Blanchard & Peggy Downey
Phillip Downey, relative of Lisa Blanchard & Peggy Downey
Deby Johnson, niece of Susie Miller
The Grimm family, friends of Patty Norem
William Tousignant, Sr., father-in-law of Karen Tousignant
Crystal & Brandon, friends of Beth Fikejs
Chris Boike, brother-in-law of Bijan & Katherine Mansouri
Arik Rogers, nephew of Sandy Vollmer
Jerry Craig & family, friends of the Fisher family
Lynette Vansickle & family, friends of the Fisher family
Paul & Braelyn, heart hero friends of the Fisher family
Mary Ratzlaff, mother of Cheryl Chamberlain
The Carlenius family, Cari & Johanna
Tim Hutchison, nephew of Laura Rogers
Charlene Jones, mother of Marlene Boshears
Bob Engvaldsen, friend of Al & Marty Dieterle
Mona, cousin of Cheryl Tallyn
Lee Rice, nephew of Tim & Libbie Quinn
Roz McQuire, friend of Cindy Hale
Crystal Brown & unborn son, co-worker of Beth Fikejs
The Derrick family
The Henry & Thurman family
Lisa Titone, friend of Laura Rogers
Erma, cousin of Jeanette Higbe
Tatsuo & Hideko Abe, friends of Suzanne Berrey
David Eyer, friend of Eric & Connie Pearson
Janelle Owens, mother of Libbie Quinn
Keith Setchell, father of Julie Bednar
The Grills family, friends of the Hunt family
Gwen Hampton, sister of Jeanne Parr
Chris Vaugh, former student of Shirley Swan
Michael Paul Lewis-Cooper, nephew of Cathy Miller
Harold Squires, father of Sandy Bennett
Gerry Melendy, friend of Jennifer & Aaron Walton
John Allen Hundt, son of Vic & Susan Hundt
Mike Silas, friend of Jolene & Mike Richardson
Gloria Ladnier, mother of Morgan Gordy
Matt Capell, cousin of Connie Pearson
Carolyn Galegor, friend of Ken Cockerham
Janice Williams, friend of the Blanchards
Cody Brown, great-nephew of the Richardsons
Matthew Hodge & family, friends of the Vollmers
Dianne McClendon & family
John Rogers & familly, friends of Ken Cockerham
Steve Reckard, brother of Julie Anderson
David Downey, cousin of Lisa Blanchard
Mary Brogan, friend of Connie Pearson
Brita Besnard, mother of Tina Hill
Bishop H. Julian Gordy, Pastor Morgan & family
Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton
Area ELCA congregations & those in transition; Holy Trinity
Mission Partner - Peace Lutheran Church in Springhill
The Trinity/HOPE Feeding Program & the people of Haiti
Onward, Fulfilling the Vision Campaign
Pastor Palmer Clemmer
Those unemployed, under-employed, or seeking jobs
For countries in turmoil
Peace in the Middle East, especially for Israel & Hamas
For communities to mend and for peace, especially for
Ferguson, Illinois
For communities and countries suffering from natural disasters
For those suffering from domestic violence
For caregivers who care for loved ones
For service men & women who defend our country & their
families who have lost loved ones
For those battling depression & mental illness
For those contemplating surgery
Mistreated, abandoned & homeless animals
Romaine Smith, member of St. Andrew
Linda Melz, grandmother of Ashlee & Rachel Melz
Edice Smith, father of Rand Smith
Newborn son of Crystal & Brandon
Betty Tyner, aunt of Mike & Jolene Richardson
The Rev. Deacon Francis Cole, cousin of Josette Starkey
Pauline Wagner, friend of Mike & Jolene Richardson
If you know of someone who is in the military or has been
deployed for duty, please let the church office know so that
we can list them in prayers.
Jacob Moxley, great nephew of Jim & Pat Pitt
Michael Chamberlain, son of Cheryl & Chris Chamberlain
Gino Duponti, friend of Christy-Lee Lowe
William Lehmann, nephew of Diane & Art DeVooght
Joey Ladnier, nephew of Morgan Gordy
Jeffrey P. Hill, son of Jeff & Tina Hill
Nick Smith, son-in-law of Jeff & Tina Hill
Tony Wirth, cousin of Dana Nethercutt
Cole Huskey & Seth Tompkins, children of Bob Catron
Matt Parr, grandson of Jeanne Parr
Matthew Rutter, nephew of Kirk Rutter
**Please note that all names will be removed after two
months on the prayer list. If you would like for
someone to remain on the prayer list indefinitely,
please let us know.
Page -17-
October Birthdays
October 1
October 2
October 3
October 4
October 5
October 6
October 7
October 8
October 9
October 11
October 12
October 13
October 14
October 15
October 16
October 17
October 18
October 19
October 20
October 21
October 22
October 23
October 24
Renee Brown
Tom Chapman
Hannah Terrell
Katelyn Terrell
Rachel Melz
Addison Girtman
Meg Graves
Eric Jorgenson
Brenda Farrell
Tara Bennett
Kalli Parr
Emily Adams
Savannah Alday
Marlene Boshears
Helen Moseley
Carl Moeck
Carolyn Moon
Ruth Schreiner
Pat Harms
Beth Fikejs
Kyle Bednar
Pamela Lukens
David Rose
Kaye Williams
Mari Yamada
Katherine Mansouri
Anna Quinn
Betsy Fleetwood
Dale Torrence
Jim Caughorn
Bruce Clark
Sandi Skibbie
Richard Starkey
Sherre Wicks
Julianna Franks
Rachel Haltiwanger
Jesse Jones
Libby Felker
Alice Gordy
Denise Koutsoukos
Allyson Miller
Bob Gemeny
Ashton Kwarciak
Elizabeth Schreiner
Tyler Shaub
Jason Boshears
Abrielle Creath
Pam Terrell
Brian Abrahamson
Tina Hill
Hannah Sylva
Clint Willer
Connor Bauman
Lauren Bauman
Lucas Bauman
Chad Butler
Gabriel Chapman
October 24
October 25
October 26
October 27
October 28
October 29
October 30
October 31
Maislynn Koss
Lori Karriot
Bob Mowery
Mike Richardson
Ethel Meyerhoff
Beth Smith
Lucas Seitz
Trish Ellis
Michele Richardson
Jorja Trocino
Corinna Vollmer
Hank Fengler
Breme Springer
Jackie Walters
October Anniversaries
October 1
October 2
October 3
October 4
October 6
October 7
October 9
October 10
October 13
October 14
October 15
October 17
October 18
October 20
October 21
October 22
October 24
October 28
October 29
Stewart & Donna Stallings
David & Peggy Lowder
Nick & Amy Hafner
Al & Marty Dieterle
Scott & Barbara Adams
Bernie Anderson & Lynn Samuelson
Chris & Kristy LaFave
Mark & Beth Wainner
Wayne & Jeanette Higbe
Doug & Beth Paton
Sam & Megan Ferrise
Dale & Carol Strubbe
Jim & Heather Adams
Jonathan & Kathryn Ayers
Bill & Susan Kurtz
Tim & Libbie Quinn
John & Joan Lillie
Gene & Debby Evenson
Tom & Lori Karriot
Alex & Renee Brown
Clayton & Melanie Robertson
Jim & Debbie Caughorn
David & Jordan Rimkus
**If we have inadvertently left your name off the
birthday or anniversary list, we apologize. Please
write on the back of a yellow pew card the date
and year of your special event, place it in the
offering plate and we will correct the information
in our data base. Thanks!
Page -18-
On Saturday, September 13, 45 members and
guests of St. Andrew met to discuss matters relating
to end-of-life issues. The gathering lasted about 2
½ hours and covered a wide range of topics related
to decisions and directives that all of us will need to
make at some point in our lives.
Doug Hale, Attorney-at-Law, presented and
discussed legal issues and certain documents that
we should consider executing prior to our death to
protect our estates and loved ones. Carol Austin of
Austin Funeral and Cremation Services spoke next
and discussed all of the fine details and decisions
that need to be made with regard to the use of a
funeral service provider at the time a loved one
passes. Many questions were asked of both
individuals and a lively discussion was held.
After a short refreshment break, Pastor Lippard
covered the topic of planning your funeral service –
individual history, music, scripture, service
participants, etc. A service planning brochure
entitled “Celebration of Life – My Wishes,” was
distributed for member use. Jolene Richardson
encouraged members of the church to use this
booklet to plan your service now and keep on file at
the church. Revisions can be made anytime you
desire. She also discussed other decisions that a
family will need to make – visitation schedule,
flowers, remembrance table, meal after the service,
etc. Ron Hartman went over details about the St.
Andrew Columbarium and how this process is
handled during a funeral service.
Kirk Rutter distributed and spoke about a booklet
entitled “Preparing and Planning for Life’s Final
Chapter.” The Council on Aging of Greater Nashville
made the publication available to us. Carl Moeck
discussed and distributed a pamphlet entitled “The
25 Documents You Need Before You Die.” Another
pamphlet was also distributed entitled “Five
Wishes.” All of these publications help individuals
with the end-of-life decisions that need to be made
and how to communicate those decisions to loved
Sue Hartman spoke about the Celebration of Life
Committee that will coordinate a meal following
a funeral service for family and friends. She also
addressed options for memorials that members can
All in all, it was a very informative morning. One of
the attendees stated that “Each speaker gave us
some much needed information about planning our
future.” Everyone left with an abundance of
information to read, review, and process. If you
were unable to attend the session, copies of the
pamphlets handed to attendees can be ascertained
from the church office.
Sunday, October 26, 10:15 a.m.
in Pearson Hall
The Worship & Music Committee is developing a
survey to be distributed to the congregation to gauge
how much interest and support exists to begin
offering an alternative worship service at St. Andrew.
The Worship & Music Committee hopes to complete
the survey in October and distribute it to the
congregation before the meeting on October 26. A
second interest meeting in this regard may be
scheduled in November.
Have you been on our website at and checked out the
new Online Giving options? For those who like to
accumulate sky miles, case rewards back, or who
like to use credit or debit cards, you will love this new
way of giving your tithe to the church. Click on the
Online Giving on the homepage or you can go to
Giving tab at the top and click on Simply Giving to
find the donation form.
Other options new to our automatic giving program;
members can manage their own Simply Giving
donations if they wish. Or you may still have the
Parish Administrator manage the amount, account,
and frequency of your giving. We hope with these
new options, members will find it easy to keep up
with your giving.
The round dove window was installed in the St.
Andrew nave on Wednesday, September 3 by
Emmanuel Stained Glass in Nashville. We anticipate
that the 28 clerestory windows along the Meditation
Garden side of the nave will be installed soon,
although no date has been set yet. Please continue
to follow the progression of our windows at Click on Active Projects
and find St. Andrew Lutheran Church.
Some very exciting news for our congregation; the
stained glass donation requests are now complete
and we are ready to have the rest of the windows
created! There is no target date on completion and
installation for the remainder of the windows at this
date so continue to watch the bulletin and newsletter
for updates. And don’t forget to go online to look at
Emmanuel Stained Glass as they fabricate our
Many thanks to Dennis Harmon for designing these
gorgeous windows. And many, many thanks to all
who have generously and lovingly given in memory,
in honor of, or to the glory of God to the stained
glass windows. These beautiful, one-of-a kind,
symbolic windows will enhance our worship space for
years to come.
Page -19St. Andrew Lutheran Church
Designated Funds
January 1 to August 31, 2014
Designated Fund
Disaster Relief
World Hunger
Memorials - General
Meditation Garden
Youth Fund
Wedding Deposits
Total Designated Funds
Beg Balance
Financial Update
Total Revenue
Total Expenses
Surplus (Deficit)
48,396.70 $ 144,302.27
August Budget
Aug Actual
Mortgage #1
Mortgage #2 (Onward)
Beg Balance
End Balance
$ 124,263.36 $
YTD Budget
YTD Actual
End Balance
Cash Balances
Stained Glass Window Memorials:
In honor of Jim & Pat Pitt’s 60th Wedding
Anniversary by Ron & Sue Hartman
To the Glory of God by Bill & Peggy Frost
Meditation Garden Memorials:
In honor of Ron & Sue Hartman’s 50th Wedding
Anniversary by Mike & Jolene Richardson to the
Meditation Garden
In memory of Romaine Smith, member of St.
Andrew, by Marty Dieterle to the Meditation Garden
In memory of Edice Smith, father of Rand Smith,
by Chris & Cheryl Chamberlain to the Meditation
In memory of Edice Smith, father of Rand Smith,
by Marjorie Dietsch
In memory of Edice Smith, father of Rand Smith,
by Jimmy & Susan Shannon
In memory of Sally Randa, mother of Eric Randa,
by Eric & Stephanie Randa. (Sally coordinated the
purchase & installation of stained glass windows in
her church!)
In memory of Donald A. Fottrell, husband of
Marjorie Fottrell, by Marjorie
In honor of our children & grandchildren, by
Jimmy & Rhonda Franks
Sunday, October 19
908 Murfreesboro Road
Franklin, Tennessee 37064
(615) 794-1624

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