World Refugee Day 2011 Romania



World Refugee Day 2011 Romania
World Refugee Day 2011
Bucharest events
16 June
The UNHCR – Magnum photo project
produced on the occasion of the 60th
anniversary of the UN Refugee Agency was
screened at an event called SlideLuck PotShow,
a play on words between slide show and
potluck. Some 700 persons attended.
The event is based on the idea of combining
eating and visual arts, bringing together
Bucharest's most known bistros and culinary
artists, as well as Romanian famous
photographers and advertisers.
“SlideLuck Pot Show” has been previously
done in New York, London, Milan, Los Angeles, Barcelona, Chicago, Copenhagen,
Toronto, Rome, San Francisco, Madrid, Stockholm, Rio de Janeiro, Berlin, Detroit, and
Seattle where it all started some 10 years ago.
19 June
20 June
A Congolese refugee singer, going by the name of Johnny King organised a concert
"EXODUS: way 2 freedom” on the Sunday before WRD in Bucharest.
The Romanian Parliament (largest
civilian administrative building) was lit
in blue at 10:15 live on Romanian
National Television TVR 2. This took
place during the night news, when the
station also broadcast a 3-minute
reportage which included interviews
with the HCR Representative in
Romania, the management of the
refugee reception center in Bucharest,
as well as with a refugee family talking
about their integration into Romanian society. The reportage was followed by a 15-minute
debate on refugees issues in Romania and the meaning of WRD.
The reportage can be seen in Romanian
UNHCR - Representation in Romania, 48 A, Primaverii Bd., Bucharest, Romania
tel.: +40 21 201 78 73, fax: +40 21 210 15 94, e-mail: [email protected]
Also on WRD, the UNHCR Representation in Romania organised a photo exhibition by
photographer Mugur Varzariu on photos of refugees from Libya (in camps such as
Choucha) as well as refugee arriving at the ETC. The event targeted the diplomatic and
donor community and took place at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Bucharest at 18h00.
Timisoara, Emergency Transit Center
With the contribution of local implementing
parteners and the Lions Club Timisoara Branch,
refugees accommodated in the Timisoara Center
had a picnic out at “Baile Calacea”. They have
had different sports activities, played in the
swimming pool or simply relaxed, chat and took
advantage of the sunny weather.
Public Social Announcement
The two Romanian companies that did “1 thing” for
refugees on the occasion of WRD were:
1. Tarom (Romanian national airlines) decided to place
the PSA free of charge on all their flights around the
world between 20 June and 20 July.
2. SalesExpress is the company in charge of media
buying for the LCDs located on public transportation in
Bucharest. They decided to air the PSA on 500 buses, 13
times/day/bus between 14 to 26 June, thus totalling
84,500 screenings for a period of 13 days. The number
of daily passengers is estimated at 1.400 persons/bus.
UNHCR - Representation in Romania, 48 A, Primaverii Bd., Bucharest, Romania
tel.: +40 21 201 78 73, fax: +40 21 210 15 94, e-mail: [email protected]

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