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A yurt sized to fit your backyard at a price that fits your budget!
The Sparrow Yurt is available in both a 12' and 14'
diameter, Sparrows are ideal for short term use as
they are compact, lightweight and portable. Or, it can
be installed on a platform for longer use. Both sizes
feature a custom metal door frame, a door with a
full-light window, and a one piece cover with three
screened windows and weather flaps!
Yurt Size
Square Feet
168 lbs.
200 lbs.
Center Height
8'– 4"
9’– 0”
Yurt Price
Floor Price
Heavy Duty
Rainier is now offering our Sparrow Yurts with an
optional Heavy Duty Upgrade!
The Heavy Duty Upgrade from the standard Sparrow
•19 oz. roof vinyl (the same roof fabric
offered on our Eagle Yurt model)
• 15 oz. vinyl laminated polyester wall fabric
• Raven style short windows with 20 mil clear vinyl
• Roof insulation and polyester liner
• Wall insulation and polyester liner
• Perimeter wall posts for rafter support
Call today for more information, and to ask
about custom printing options for your roof!
(800) 869-7162
Rainier Industries, Ltd.
18375 Olympic Avenue S., Tukwila WA 98188

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