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Vitavox (a division of Secomak Ltd) has been
providing military communication systems,
including loudspeakers, microphones, headsets
and other sound reproducing equipment to MoDs
for over 80 years and remains one of Britain’s very
few true remaining defence manufacturers of the
highest specification audio equipment.
It is our belief that ‘Shout before you Shoot’ should
be required doctrine and mounted as standard
on all types of military vehicles in order to reduce
risk, escalation of violence and collateral damage
to both operational and civilian personnel. We are
contracted to supply our system for the new Scout
SV Program.
Complete through life support from manufacture
to disposal ensures that Vitavox is the primary
choice for the first contact communications systems
deployed in today’s modern battlefield.
Bespoke Communication Systems
Military PA Systems
Intercom Systems
Microphones & Handsets
a division of Secomak Ltd.
330 Centennial Park,
Elstree, Hertfordshire.
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Fax + 44 208 732 1301
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Intercom Systems
Vitavic 400
• Solutions for vehicles with up to 21
crew members and 6 combat radios
VITAVIC 400 is a true Software Defined (SD) fully digital intercom. The SD
• Supports the heads up operation via
system is a DSP & FPGA design with the end user in mind, allowing control
the Vitavic 409 Personal Extension Unit
and manipulation of functionality at user level in the field as and when
Dismounted personnel may be
needed. The system comprises a Central Communication Unit (CCU), Basic
remotely connected via a short
Communication Unit (BCU), Cable Set and Personal Headset and is suitable
range soldier radio or field
for heeled and lighter tracked armoured and patrol vehicles.
telephone interface
Vitavic 407
With a rugged design for integration with existing intercom and on-board
warning systems (BMS, NBC, Shot Detection), the Vitavic 407 provides clear,
intelligible, controlled and reliable reproduction of all on-board signals
and warnings. Currently in operation on the UK MoD’s Foxhound
Main Broadcast and Intercom
Vitavox Main Broadcast and Intercom Loudspeakers are current stock
items for Royal Navies of UK, Australia and New Zealand. Two versions
are available with the same form, fit and function; 2183 Main Broadcast
Loudspeaker or 2184 Intercom Loudspeaker. Main loudspeaker used on
Type 23 and new compact version for Type 26 Global Combat Ship.
in 10 steps
• Built
Compact Submarine Loudspeaker
• Solutions for vehicles with up to 21
Watertight, pressure-tight loudspeaker and talkback microphone designed
for use in hyperbaric conditions on submarines including the bridge and
dive chamber areas. Deployed on the Astute Class Submarine.
• Corrosion free (no terminals exposed to
A mobile vehicle mounted tactical public address system for use on the
Scout SV armoured vehicle currently being built for the British MoD.
Comprising 2 x Compact Loudspeakers, 1 x Vitavic Amplifier and Noise
Cancelling Microphone. This system is capable of contact over 300 mtrs and
compounds the requirement for doctrine on all armoured vehicles.
Magnetic Loop
• On/Off, out of range and
sea water) and fully functional when wet
• Will withstand maximum dive pressures
• Protection from sound pressure
levels above 80dB
• Operates at 864.5MHz to satisfy
the exacting EMC requirements
• Up to 60 hours receiving
transmitted signal
• EMC and Environmentally tested
to DEF-STAN 59-411; 61-5; 00-35.
Stanag 4236 and MIL-STD 810F
• Weapon mounted for directional
• Compatible with Bowman Headset
Military PA Systems
A mobile vehicle mounted tactical public address system for use on all
tracked and wheeled armoured fighting vehicles to reduce the risk of
unnecessary collateral damage, reduce the probability of unnecessary
escalation of violence and allow safe control of public order. A standalone
or integrated system it can provide direct communication up to 300 mtrs
from the vehicle and is compatible with the Vitavic Intercom Systems.
low battery audio and visual
• For protection above 80dB
• User selectable digital or
analogue filtering mode
Microphones and Handsets
Type B60
Watertight Microphone
Vitavox Type B60 Microphone is completely watertight, is intended for use in
exposed conditions and designed for use in the gloved hand. The construction
is particularly robust therefore able to withstand heavy handling.
Type B90
• Can be weapon mounted for
directional speech
• Fully watertight withstanding
complete immersion in water
• Will operate with cable length
up to 150 metres
• Submarine Bridge Microphone
version under trial with MoD
• 4 versions available; Rocking
Vitavox Type B90 Noryl hand-held Microphone, with ‘Press-to-Talk’ switch
is fully watertight (except for noise cancelling version) and proofed against
shock and vibration. They are specifically designed to accommodate
different types of microphone inset. 300 ohm Noise Cancelling version
in use on new Scout SV.
Emergency Handset
explosions and destructive blows
crew members and 6 combat radios
and submarine bridge shock rating
Scout SV Public Address System (PAS)
high noise areas
• Survives close proximity
or GVA
• Maximum 4W output controlled
Bespoke Communications Systems
Designed and manufactured as a ship’s main broadcast magnetic loop
system replacement with comfortable, passive attenuation manufactured
from the highest grade ABS attenuating plastic. Already in use on the
Astute Class of Submarine.
by UK MoD
• Used above and below deck in
• Can be driven by intercom system
Designed and manufactured as a ship’s main broadcast magnetic loop
receiver system with comfortable, passive attenuation and cost effective
future upgrade to UHF receive if required.
UHF Headset
• Type shock tested to 70G force
Vitavox Battery-Powered Emergency Handset is based on previously
employed handsets but with significant enhancements reflecting user
requirements. Multiple handsets can be connected to a dual copper wire
forming a stand-alone, non-interfering communication channel. Versions
of this handset are in operation on Trafalgar, Victoria and Astute
Class Submarine.
Armature, Carbon Inset, Moving
Coil inset, Noise Cancelling inset
• All watertight apart from Noise
Cancelling version
• Manufactured from moulded
nylon ‘NORYL 738’ black
• No requirement for power from
any vessel systems
to 50 handsets used in same
• Handset still operates if ship/
boat/ submarine incurs power
• Up
• Blastproof, shockproof and
weatherproof (IP67)
• MIL-STD 461E, MIL-STD 861F and
DEF-STAN compliant
Vitavox has developed an extensive range of naval and land communications systems
and audio equipment for use in defence and commercial applications.