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Sep 16 2013 - The Aurora Newspaper
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Vol. 34 No. 35
SEPTEMBER 16, 2013
Team effort
for charity
14 Wing GreenPolice and 14 Wing
wood’s protective
Fire and Protective
services partners
Services will offer a
are teaming up for
freewill offering cartheir second annual
wash and a set price
charity car wash and
lunchtime BBQ in
the CANEX parking
“We go to a lot of
lot, between 10 a.m.
calls together, and
and 2 p.m.
it’s nice to be able
“We have about
to do this together
20 volunteers from
and make a differboth branches helpence for people,”
ing out that day,
says Corporal Steve
and whatever peoBultinck, with the
ple want to give for
base’s Military Police.
their carwash – it all adds
September 27, the Military up.”
The Military Police will use
its half share of the event’s
proceeds to support its longstanding charity of choice,
the Military Police Blind Children’s Fund. The firefighters will donate their share
to the Fallen
No Interest
Credit Plan
Your choice of
Month terms
Thanks in a
Canadians know they have
a whole lot to be thankful for,
and who better to thank a
veteran than one of 14 Wing
Greenwood’s serving Royal
Canadian Air Force members?
Personnel are invited to join
an October 12 Thanksgiving
meal with the residents of
Camp Hill Veterans’ Hospital
in Halifax, hosted by the Kingston Legion. Legion members
will be cooking a traditional
holiday meal for the Camp
Hill residents, and 14 Wing
members will have the chance
to visit, talk and enjoy the
event with the residents that
The bus leaves the Kingston
Legion at 11:30 a.m. for the
city, and will return to the
Valley for 7 p.m. Wing organizers are hoping up to 45
personnel will join the group.
To volunteer, contact Able
Seaman Brett Ross, 765-1494
local 3501, before October 9.
There will be a quick meeting
October 11 with volunteers to
Jeremy Gautreau demonstrates a few tricks before the skateboard competition
September 7 at the Greenwood skate park. See pages 8 and 9 for all the fun from go over plans for the trip and
Wing Welcome 2013.
Private M.MacIsaac, 14 Wing Imaging afternoon activities.
Wing Welcome
Greenwood Auto Sales
$500 Military Discount
14 Wing Greenwood
830 Central Ave., Greenwood
(former Canadian Tire location)
Office: (902) 765-1184
Open Sunday
1997 Ford Mustang GT
Final Fall Clearance | 2 door Convertible,
4.6L, V8, 5 Spd. Standard
Paul Tidman Garth Rafuse
765-0806 (h) 765-4960 (h)
auto group
994 Central Ave., Greenwood 765-1305
[email protected] or [email protected]
Page 2
the Aurora | 14 Wing Greenwood, NS
September 16, 2013
Life at the edge turns
into success story
Soldier’s journey with PTSD
comes to Greenwood September 24
Lieutenant-Colonel Chris
Linford’s road to health following a long experience with
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
is a personal and inspirational
He recounts his experiences
in his book, Warrior Rising - A
Soldier’s Journey to PTSD
and Back. Linford deployed to
Rwanda in 1994 and became
quite ill almost 10 years later.
He went on to stay and work
within Canadian Forces Health
Services as a nurse and then
a health services operations
officer and commanded 1
Field Ambulance in Edmonton,
as well as the NATO Role 3
Hospital in Kandahar from
2009 to 2010. He became
very ill again. Traumas that
impacted him dramatically lead
him to what he describes as
the very edge of his personal
and professional competence.
All this significantly impacted
his family life, which further
eroded his health.
He was treated at CFB Esqui-
malt and has since become involved in peer counselling and
ongoing support to veterans
who need assistance. His ability to sustain his relationships
has vastly improved and his
connection with his family has
never been better. Over the past
two years, he has achieved the
best health he has experienced
in almost 20 years.
He and his wife, Kathryn,
jointly present their experience as a family of five dealing
with his PTSD over the past
19 years.
“I have discovered the power
and importance of being honest and frank with this injury,
and I now speak to others
who are suffering and have
not yet discovered what to do
about it.”
Linford will speak at the Annapolis Mess September 24, 2
p.m. to 4 p.m., presented by
the Greenwood Military Family
Resource Centre. The event is
In “Warrior Rising,” Lieutenant-Colonel Chris Linford
free and open to the commu- describes life with and recovering from Post Traumatic
nity. A book signing will follow. Stress Disorder.
Aux prises avec le trouble de stress posttraumatique : un bel exemple de courage
Greenwood accueille le 24 septembre le récit du soldat atteint du TSPT
L’histoire du lieutenantcolonel Chris Linford, qui se
remet d’un trouble de stress
post-traumatique, est une histoire personnelle et inspirante.
L’auteur raconte son expérience dans son livre « Warrior
Rising - A Soldier’s Journey
to PTSD and Back ». Déployé
au Rwanda en 1994, Linford
tombe malade environ dix
ans plus tard. Il travaille ensuite dans les Services de
santé des Forces canadiennes
comme infirmier, puis comme
officier des Opérations des
Services de santé, et dirige la
1re Ambulance de campagne,
basée à Edmonton, ainsi que
l’hôpital de rôle 3 de l’OTAN à
Kandahar, de 2009 à 2010. Il
est très malade à nouveau. Les
troubles dont il souffre l’amènent inexorablement à ce qu’il
décrit comme la limite extrême
de ses aptitudes personnelles
et professionnelles. Tout cela a
une incidence considérable sur
sa vie familiale, ce qui altère
encore davantage sa santé.
Il est traité à la BFC Esquimalt et participe depuis aux
programmes d’entraide par
les pairs et de soutien continu
aux anciens combattants ayant
besoin d’aide. Sa capacité à
maintenir ses relations s’est
considérablement améliorée et
ses liens avec sa famille liens
n’ont jamais été aussi étroits.
Au cours des deux dernières
années, il a atteint son meilleur
état de santé depuis près de
20 ans.
Sa femme, Kathryn, et lui
présentent ensemble leur
expérience en tant que famille
de cinq personnes aux prises
avec son TSPT au cours des
19 dernières années.
« Grâce à mon TSPT, j’ai
découvert le pouvoir et l’importance d’être honnête et
franc, et je parle maintenant
à d’autres personnes qui en
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CD, commandant de l’Escadre.
souffrent et qui ne savent pas
quoi faire ».
Linford parlera de son expérience lors d’une conférence
au mess Annapolis le 24 septembre de 14 h à 16 h, présentée par le Centre de ressources
pour les familles des militaires
de Greenwood. L’évènement
est gratuit et ouvert au public.
Une dédicace de livre suivra.
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Canadian Air Force website
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14 Wing Greenwood Site
Site de la 14e Escadre Greenwood
Personnel Family Support Services
Services de soutien au personnel et aux
familles des Forces canadiennes
National Defence and the Canadian Forces
Défense nationale et Forces canadiennes
Combat Camera | Caméra de combat
Recruiting | Recrutement
Military Family Resource Centre
Centre des ressources pour les familles
des militaires
the Aurora | 14 Wing Greenwood, NS
Page 3
September 16, 2013
squadron both visitors flew
with 70 years before, during the
Second World War.
Murphy and Major Bernie
Thorne, commanding officer of
Maritime Proving and Evaluation
Unit, gave the men an opening
briefing on what today’s Royal
Canadian Air Force does out of
14 Wing Greenwood. They then
turned over 413’s hangar and airfield, where an Aurora, Hercules
and Cormorant were staffed for
inspection by Hardy and Ward.
A morning coffee break was also
open to the squadrons’ personnel to visit with the men.
“It is an honour to share our
story with you, and an honour
to have you here,” Murphy said.
Ward and Hardy are part of a
diminishing group of Typhoon
pilots, which has met several
times a year since 1992 to “tell
the same stories,” Ward says.
“We all also liked the same
kind of beer!”
There are about 23 members
of the group from across Canada:
three were supposed to make
the visit to 14 Wing, but one
withdrew due to his health.
“We decided that we’d go on a
tour of all the military museums
Harry Hardy, centre, and fellow Typhoon pilot Wally Ward, right, tour with Major General in Canada, and Greenwood’s
(retired) Ian Patrick at the Greenwood Aviation Museum.
Corporal G.Cormier, 14 Wing Imaging is the last one for us,” Hardy
said. “Next year, we’re going to
France for the 70th anniversary
of Dieppe, and that will be it.”
Hardy describes the Typhoon
as an airplane that did most of its
work for the army during the war.
“We were right on the army’s
tail, bombing and strafing. The
Sara Keddy,
September 9.
Mississauga, he described the
Managing editor
As Lieutenant-Colonel Scott honour he felt meeting them.
Murphy, commanding officer
“I remember my squadron
14 Wing Greenwood air crews of 413 (Transport and Rescue) history,” said the former 440
rolled out the red carpet for two Squadron, greeted Harry Hardy, Squadron member, the same
veteran Canadian wartime pilots Vancouver, and Wally Ward,
Greenwood milestone
on Typhoon pilots’ tour
strips were ready for us in France
June 12, and we operated off
the beachhead from them. I
flew one for eight months from
D-Day, and, from there, it didn’t
take long.”
Ward added soldiers would
“’whistle for a Tiffie,’ and we’d
be there. It was a very powerful
plane, a flying tank, with two
1,000-pound bombs, four canons and eight rockets.
“The danger wasn’t with other
aircraft – it was the buggers on
the ground shooting up at us. We
lost a lot – my squadron, over
half didn’t make it out of Europe.”
Hardy joked later in the day
at the Greenwood Military Aviation Museum, as a copy of his
autobiography was presented to
Wing Heritage Officer Major Bob
Johnson, that it was “all about
how I won the war, fellows.”
Ward shared a story of how
he and another pilot, Johnny
Lippert, were asked to take two
Typhoons up after coming out of
“July 29, 1944 was a beautiful
day, we were up to 10,000 feet
and I noticed Johnny was lagging – he was normally tucked
right under my wing. He looked
slumped over in his seat, and
that was odd: flying straight
ahead, losing altitude. I flew over
and under him – not a mark on
the plane, and that was the last
time I saw Johnny Lippert.”
Years later, in Ottawa for his
60th wedding anniversary, Ward
visited the Canadian War Museum and looked up Lippert’s
“There he was, ‘shot down
by enemy aircraft.’ I thought
it wasn’t possible, and I didn’t
know what to do.”
His own theory: Lippert’s
plane’s oxygen wasn’t connected
properly coming out of the shop,
and, as he descended, the plane
became a target for enemy fire,
giving rise to the story Lippert
was shot down.
“I’ll never know, but that’s my
Harry Hardy, born in
Verden, Manitoba; joined the
Royal Canadian Air Force and
flew Tiger Moths, Cranes,
Lysanders, Bolingbrokes,
Hurricanes, Kittyhawks and
Harvards. Posted to England
in 1943, he flew Spitfires: in a
mid-air collision, he was left
with only his seat! He then
transitioned to Typhoons and
was posted to 440 Squadron, operating from Cruelly,
France. He flew during the
Battle of the Bulge, in which
eight Typhoons were shot
down. He was the only surviving pilot. Hardy’s aircraft was
“Pulverizer.” Hardy had 96
sorties and was awarded the
DFC and CD.
Wally Ward was flying P 40
Kittyhawks off Annette Island,
Alaska with 118 Squadron in
1943, when there was a fear
of Japanese subs attacking the
west coast of North America.
In 1944, Ward was sent to
England to join 440 Squadron,
which soon left for Normandy
B9 Cruelly airfield. Ward flew
during the D Day invasion. He
demobbed in 1945 as a flight
Remember not all
agents offer the same
expertise and
negotiating skills.
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Pulverizer 440 Typhoon at B 100 Goch, Germany.
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Proud Supporters of the Children’s Miracle Network and the Breast Cancer Foundation
Page 4
the Aurora | 14 Wing Greenwood, NS
September 16, 2013
services & trades Life for family,
Contact Anne at 765-1494 local 5833 for rates
country and the RCAF
Lieutenant (Navy)
Dwight W. Houser,
Deputy commanding
officer and CFRC Atlantic
Detachment Halifax
9594 South Farmington
RR1 Wilmot, NS B0P 1W0
S p e c i a l i z i n g i n R o o f i n g • Free Estimates
Cambridge, Kings County B0P 1G0 1-877-538-7214
Licensed Mechanic Available on Site
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820 Main Street, Kingston • 765-2555
Durland, Gillis & Schumacher Associates
Barristers, Solicitors, Notaries
W. Bruce Gillis, Q.C. • Blaine G. Schumacher, CD
(Also of the Alberta Bar)
Counsel: Clare H. Durland, Q.C. (Non-Practicing)
Phone (902) 825-3415 • Fax (902) 825-2522
74 Commercial Street
P.O. Box 700, Middleton, NS
B0S 1P0
Now offering
Driveway Sealing and Repair
Waterville, N.S.
1-888-338-0331 (Oil delivery 6 days a week)
$10.00 off
450 Litres
with card
William (Bill, Slim) Michael
Houser, CD, Colonel (retired),
RCAF: pilot, commanding officer 405 Squadron – RCAF
Station Greenwood, base
commander CFB Edmonton,
deputy chief of staff Operations Maritime Command,
husband, father, grandfather.
There was a time when
the Royal Canadian Air Force
was mighty, and a great bird
of prey stood guard over all
directions of land and sea
leading to Canada. The CP-107
Argus (giant with a hundred
eyes) was power personified.
Often flying low over Greenwood and Summerside, where
we lived in the 1960s, it helped
to feel the vibration hitting you
in your chest, while walking
to school, to understand that.
Through 20 years of long
range sovereignty patrols,
Ocean Safaris, Carib Ops,
search and rescue, Cuban
Missile Crisis and others, the
Argus guarded the enemy at
the gates.
Our dad, Bill Houser, was
one of its pilots.
If anyone regretted the end
of the Second World War,
it might have been Bill. He
wanted to fly Spitfires. Born
January 22, 1928, he fell in
love with flying at a young age.
He was raised in Woodstock,
Ontario, spaced by a failed
family attempt at grain farming in Saskatchewan during
the Great Depression. Back
on the family farm in Ontario,
Dad passed as an average student while gaining his pilot’s
licence, more or less at the
same time he learned to drive
in his early teens - all financed
by a bicycle delivery job with a
local store. As the war raged,
Bill dreamt of the RCAF, while
his father planned for him to
take on the family construction
business. The war ended while
Bill was still in high school.
Finally, in 1948, the first
class of RCAF pilots after the
war was recruited. After defying the odds of a rigorous and
draconian selection process,
he was in, at the ripe age of
19. His early career involved
a multitude of aircraft types:
Canso, P-51, B-25, Meteor,
T-33, Harvard as an instructor,
Hawker Hunter, Jet Provost.
Bill used say he could “fly the
crates they came in.”
While an instructor in RCAF
Trenton, he met the face of
RCAF recruiting posters for
women in the early 1950s,
Leading Air Woman Lorraine
King of Yarmouth, and they
married in 1954. Soon after,
Mum and Dad were posted to the U.K. at RAF Little
Rissington. Their two years
in England were highlighted
by Lorraine’s invitation to a
garden party with the Queen,
but she could not go, being
too pregnant with their first
son, Dwight.
Bill distinguished himself by
writing an evaluation that may
have contributed to preventing
the Jet Provost from being
bought by the RCAF, resulting
in the development of the Tutor jet trainer. He also wrote off
a Hawker Hunter after a brake
failure caused it to run out of
runway. It was a good thing
there were no ejection seats
in those days, as Bill was 6’7”.
Back in Canada in 1956,
Dad was instructing on Harvard and T-33 Silver Star in
RCAF Trenton. Second son
Derek (Mike) arrived early in
1958. The advent of the ejec-
The late William Houser,
CD, Colonel (retired), Royal Canadian Air Force.
deployed with 415 Squadron
(although it was just standing
up and barely operational) for
six weeks during the Cuban
Missile crisis, in the fall of
1962. Later, the entire 415
Squadron (8 Argus) would
overfly Greenwood from Summerside on Bill’s suggestion
as a demonstration of operational readiness.
Our first transition to the
“outside” came in 1963, when
Dad was sent to staff school
in Toronto. Then it was on to
Air Requirements in Ottawa.
Our family grew again in that
posting, when our cousin,
Charleen, came to live with
us. Then, back to Greenwood
in 1966, where Dad took com-
He loved his family, country and the Royal
Canadian Air Force and would likely have
been happy to have been mentioned in the
same company as the tens of thousands of
others who came before him, were with him
and will come after him - and felt the same.
tion seat put an end to Bill’s
single seat jet career. He was
among the first to convert to
the four engine long range
patrol aircraft Argus, with 404
Squadron at RCAF Greenwood
in 1960. The Argus was also
destined for Summerside and
Comox as it was brought into
service. In the early ‘60s, the
Housers bounced from Greenwood to Summerside. Third
son Jeffrey came in 1962.
As the operations officer, Bill
mand of 405 Squadron. A year
earlier, an Argus had been lost
in the Caribbean with an entire
crew of someone’s fathers,
husbands or friends, and the
base was still reeling.
Bill’s command of 405
Squadron, and earlier days
with the Argus, seem today
like his glory days. The years
that followed involved staff
appointments as deputy chief
of staff operations Maritime
Command in Halifax (twice)
and base commander of CFB
Edmonton - plus a year on a
second language course in Ottawa. While base commander,
Dad believed his aspirations
for promotion to brigadier
general came to an end as a
result of controversy revolving
around the Martin Hartwell
Search and Rescue operation
in 1972. By 1978, faced with
a posting to Belgium he could
not accept, he retired with 30
years of service. He had a year
of Reserve service after this
but, by this time, the work
focus shifted to building hiss
and Lorraine’s own business.
Opportunity knocked when
a property in Black Point,
Nova Scotia, became available. From this, Puddle Bay
Antiques was born, a business Bill and Lorraine would
operate for the next 25 years.
During those years, dad built
houses for friends, buildings for himself, looked after
grandkids and dabbled in
homebuilt aircraft, producing
a radical amphibian design
(the Wooduck) he never had
a chance to build. The leading
edges of dementia started to
show in Lorraine about four
years ago, and Bill poured his
energy into her care. By 2012,
it was too much and Lorraine
went to long term care. Not
long after, dementia caught
up with Bill, and he joined
Lorraine in April 2013.
Bill Houser passed away in
his sleep September 4 in his
86th year, and after 59 years
of marriage - to the day. He
steadfastly would have refused any attempt at obituary
writing; this is not intended to
sound like a normal one. He
loved his family, country and
the Royal Canadian Air Force
and would likely have been
happy to have been mentioned
in the same company as the
tens of thousands of others
who came before him, were
with him and will come after
him - and felt the same. At an
appropriate time, an informal
gathering of family and friends
will observe the internment of
his remains at the Beechwood
Canadian National Military
Cemetery in Ottawa. Donations are encouraged to the
national Alzheimer’s Society.
the Aurora | 14 Wing Greenwood, NS
bravo zulu | promotions & presentations
Flight Lieutenant Keith Bissett (RAF) was presented with a Wing Commander’s Commendation by
former Wing Commander Colonel Jim Irvine and Wing Chief Warrant Officer Pierrot Jetté. This
commendation was for Keith’s outstanding leadership, community involvement and diplomacy
during his exchange with the RCAF. At left is Major Kurt Lalonde, former commanding officer of
Maritime Proving & Evaluation Unit.
The optometry clinic of Dr. Brett
Kinney and Dr. Michael Duffey
has been a staple in Middleton for
over 60 years. Dr. James Stoddart
originally opened the office in
the early 1950’s in a building on
Bridge Street. Dr. Duffey took over
operations in 1978 and operated it
on his own until joined by Dr. Kinney
in 2006.
The office is
located at
fittings, ocular emergencies (eye infections and injuries),
LASIK surgery consultation and follow-up care.
As well, they boast a newly renovated dispensary
which offers the latest in fashion eyewear for women,
men and children including prescription sunglasses.
The office will be soon offering direct insurance
They are proud to offer full-service billing for their patients who have Blue Cross.
eyecare and are able to accept new
patients and referrals from infancy
to seniors. In addition to performing
comprehensive eye examinations, they
also offer digital retinal photography,
testing for glaucoma, contact lens
1518 Bridge St.
Kingston, NS
242-PINK (7465)
[email protected]
You’ll be...Tickled Pink!
14 AMS, Wing Imaging unless otherwise indicated
Private Orchard, promoted to Corporal by Wing
Master Corporal Kelly Hammond receives Fire Chief Captain Paradis.
his promotion to Sergeant from Major
Michael Hirst, Commanding Officer of Wing
Telecommunication and Information Support
business of the week
Dr. B.L. Kinney & Dr. M.P. Duffy
Unique Gifts
Ladies’ Fashion
Jewelry and Accessories
Gourmet Delights
Garden Décor...AND MORE!
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September 16, 2013
291 Marshall St.
and is open
Monday to Friday
with evening
available every
other Thursday.
For more
or to book an
please call
Dr. B.L. Kinney & Dr. M.P. Duffey
Eye Exams
New Patients Welcome
 Contact Lenses
 Fashion Eyewear
We now offer Retinal Imaging
291 Marshall St., Middleton NS
Open 8:30-4:30 Weekdays
Cheryl Tardif, CD, CH, nd
Naturotherapy Consultant
Certified Hypnotherapist
Reiki Master
Take control
of your life!
Quit Smoking
Give hypnosis a try.
Sessions covered by
private medical insurance.
Bob’s Brewtique
UBrew On Site Winery
Make your own Wine on Premise.
Bottle Washing service available.
627 Main St., Kingston | 765-2103
11 am to 5 pm
11 am to 7 pm
11 am to 5 pm
Sun closed
“No Better Time to Buy”
~ Daily Summer Specials ~
2 Green Fees and a Power Cart
anytime of the day $80.00 tax in
Buy One Get One FREE Green Fee Daily after 12:00 p.m. $36.00 plus tax
Here at 14 Wing Greenwood Golf Club your green fee is good for the entire day
Visit our web site at
for a complete list of rates.
Ph: 242-7355
805 Central Ave
Military Relocation Approved Agents
Page 6
the Aurora | 14 Wing Greenwood, NS
September 16, 2013
big week
Greenwood CANEX manager Ken Keddy, left, was
the “host with the most”
as his team celebrated its
45th business anniversary
September 11. Acting wing
commander LieutenantColonel Brian Richardson,
commanding officer of
14 Wing Logistics and
Engineering, centre; and
Wing Administration Officer Lieutenant-Colonel Ted
Cosstick were put to work
cutting the day’s birthday
cake. A week’s worth of
events, prize draws and
special sales was held September 11 through 22.
Religious education
classes underway
Registration is now open
for Queen of Heaven Chapel
religious education classes
(grades primary to grade six).
Free classes include sacrament preparation for First
Communion, First Reconcilia-
tion and Confirmation.
If you have a child eligible
for religious education at the
Queen of Heaven Chapel,
please pick up a form at the
chapel any Sunday, or call the
14 Wing Greenwood chap-
lain’s office at 765-1494 local
5883. Registration forms will
also be available at the Wing
Welcome Rexpo event September 7, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., or
contact coordinator Samantha
Ford, 765-6525.
Inscription en cours pour les
classes d’éducation religieuse
L’inscription aux classes
d’éducation religieuse de la
chapelle Queen of Heaven
(de la maternelle à la sixième
année) est maintenant ouverte.
Les classes incluent les
préparatifs aux sacrements
de la première communion,
de la réconciliation et de la
confirmation. Il n’y pas de frais
Si vous avez un enfant admissible à l’éducation religieuse à la chapelle Queen of
Heaven, vous pouvez prendre
un formulaire d’inscription à
la chapelle tous les dimanches, ou appeler le bureau
de l’aumônier de la 14e Escadre Greenwood au 765-1494,
poste 5883. Les formulaires
d’inscription seront aussi disponibles lors de l’expo Bienvenue à l’Escadre le 7 septembre,
de 9 h à 13 h ou en communiquant avec la coordonnatrice
Samantha Ford au 765-6525.
Insert your flyers in The Aurora Newspaper
We distribute 5,900 copies from Bridgetown to Kentville.
What better way to promote your business or service?
Call Anne at 765-1494 local 5833
the Aurora Newspaper presents
10% per week.
Save 15% if
you commit to
all three
Advertise in The Aurora Newspaper
September 30 (deadline Sept. 25, 4 p.m.)
October 7 (deadline Oct. 2, 4 p.m.)
October 14 (deadline Oct. 9, 4 p.m.)
in our full colour lifestyle promotion.
Contact Anne Kempton
[email protected]
765-1494 local 5833
Safe Ride Program will be conducting services within the geographical area
(Middleton to Berwick)
All ad
the Aurora | 14 Wing Greenwood, NS
Fall into fitness with
new F&S class schedule
Sara Keddy,
Managing editor
Fall is a good time to get
back into routine, and finding
time for fitness is easy with a
new schedule of classes being
offered at the 14 Wing Greenwood Fitness & Sports Centre.
There are a number of new
offerings, all free to people
who hold a 14 Wing Greenwood Community Recreation
Pass (available at various
membership prices and packages from the 14 Wing Greenwood Community Centre,
Church Street). Things kick
off with a Thursday pilates
class with instructor Jennine
Prochera-Best, beginning
September 19 and running
weekly, noon to 1 p.m.
September 20, Debbie Turpie is back with noon hour
yoga, a popular class from last
year’s weekly free offerings.
Around the corner in October, the full slate of classes
roll out: October 1, join F&S
Centre staffer Eric Plante for
a weekly stability ball class,
noon to 1 p.m. Plante will
also lead indoor spin cycling
classes Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, noon to
12:45 p.m., underway from
October 2. There are two more
free indoor cycling classes
to come in October as well:
Tuesdays, 6 p.m. to 7 p.m.,
and Saturdays, 9 a.m. to
10:30 a.m.
There are also a number
of additional classes on the
schedule, available at an extra
participation fee: Turpie will
offer a second yoga class
Tuesdays, 9:30 a.m. to 10:30
a.m. There are three pool
classes: Mondays, from 6:30
Youth Happenings
p.m. to 7:30 p.m., you may
register for aquajogging; and
aquafitness will be offered
Wednesdays at the same time.
Morning aquacise classes
are now underway Mondays,
Wednesdays and Fridays, 8:45
a.m. to 9:45 a.m.
All program information
is available at Class
participants are reminded to
show their rec cards at the
F&S Centre front desk as
they arrive, and indicate they
are there for the scheduled
spotlight of the week
Kellocks Licensed Eatery
Kellocks Licensed Eatery at 160 Commercial Street, Berwick celebrated 8 years in July. With Chef Jacob Duboy-Fitch at the helm with
Sous Chef Eric Godin Kellocks continues to bring new and exciting
dishes to the table. As we prepare to launch our Fall-Winter menu
the team at Kellocks have worked diligently to develop new recipes
that will taunt your taste buds. At Kellocks we strive to do things with
a twist, to step outside the box
providing our customers with
new culinary tastes. The Liver &
Onions (most say the best they
have ever eaten), Whisky Fired
Pork Chops, Seafood Medley
with beautiful pan seared Scallops, Coconut Shrimp, Keiths
battered Haddock & Calamari,
Chicken Soulvaki, Linguine Pescatore with fresh scallops tossed
in blue cheese or pesto sauce
will surly delight all. Baked
Onion Soup, signature salad
dressings, Caramelized Onion
Dip with toasted pitas & a new
Kickin Pork sandwich. Lunches
are amazing at 8.95 with a
selection of homemade soups,
sandwiches, quiches, stir fries & your favorite Keiths battered fish &
chips. Kellocks take pride in the freshness and made to order manner
they serve their food.
Kelly & Jenn have made their careers serving and along with Megan
& Laura have developed friendships with their regular customers
and are always excited to share their dining rooms with new faces.
Original tin ceilings, antique mantels, stained glass windows and
interesting art meld to make your dining experience relaxing & inviting.
Seating for 60 people including a dining room upstairs with seating
for 18, provide the perfect venue for meetings with wifi, weddings,
anniversaries , birthdays &
Christmas parities all have which
become specialities at Kellocks.
Kellocks signature Grape
Martini made with grapes grown
on site lead the way in a full
service bar. Featuring Local &
International Wines, Import &
Domestic Beers. You can top off
your evening sipping a special
coffee & a homemade delicious
desert. Sole Proprietors Colleen & Rand Kellock have the
flexibility to change the menu
at least twice a year, buy local,
support local organizations &
have staff that are an extension
of their family. They enjoy their
Eatery & love decorating it for all
seasons. “There is nothing better than sharing a meal with our family, friends & the many customers we have met over the last 8 years
& the many more we look forward to welcoming.” Kellock’s open
6 Days a week at 11:30 am. & Saturdays 9 am. serving breakfast.
Taco night
September 20
Pre-teen 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.
Teen 8 p.m. to 10 p.m.
We will enjoy a yummy taco
dinner, so come on down! Be
sure to pre-register, cost is $3.
Swimming & movie night
September 21
Swimming pre-teen and teen,
1 p.m. to 3 p.m. (free with a rec
card, $3 without a rec card).
Movie – pre-teen 6 p.m. to 8
p.m., teen 8 p.m. to 10 p.m.
Pizza and games
September 22
Pre-teen 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.
Teen 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.
Trivia and pizza tonight! Please
pre-register, cost is $3.
Open 6 Days a Week 11:30 am and Sat 9 am Breakfast
Evenings • Mon Chef’s Choice • Tues Burger Lovers
Wed 2/Dine • Thurs Tour of Italy • Fri & Sat Chef Creates
Kellocks where family & friends gather for great food & service
902-538-5525 • 160 Commercial St., Berwick
Greenwood, Nova Scotia
The Valley’s Premier Hunting
& Firearms Pro Shop
730 CENTRAL AVENUE • GREENWOOD • 902-765-6338
Celebrating Over 20 Years of ...
Yard Sales
s Splendou
Providing solid wood furniture for families
nities & Local Product
Supporting Commu
Draw your Discount at the Door
September 21st
and Save 10~25% Storewide!*
Being a prou
d maritime
family owne
d business
on Shopping
t at the door!
Largest producer of solid wood furniture in Eastern Canada
Draw Your Discoun
*Excludes Furniture, Keurig Coffee, Brewers & Accessories. Regular priced merchandise only.
Yummy Sampling, Free Gifts, and a $500 Gift card to one lucky customer!
518 Shaw Road, Berwick, NS (Exit 15 North off Hwy 101) 902-538-9793
Great Outdoor
Special offer
Laser Hair
Petting zoo, apple golf,
100’s of acres to roam, play ground
and U-pick fun
Buy underarms
treatment and
have bikini done
for FREE!
Like us on Facebook
There’s lots going on for
youth at the 14 Wing Greenwood Community Centre.
Boys Club
September 16, 5 p.m. to 6 p.m.
Come enjoy a yummy pasta
supper. Don’t forget to preregister, cost is $2.
Pre-teen walking club
September 17, 5 p.m. to 6 p.m.
Bring some warm clothes and
your walking shoes for a walk
around Greenwood for some
fresh air and exercise.
Active Chicks
September 18, 6 p.m. to 7:30
We will be making some fall art
tonight. Please pre-register for
this activity, cost is $2.
Offer expires
September 30, 2013
Page 7
September 16, 2013
Wilmot, 13995 Highway # 1
‡ Improves flexibility, strength, concentration and self esteem
‡ Classes for Adults & Children are held in Kingston & Halifax
‡ Advance to Black Belt through an established curriculum
used in Japan and worldwide
‡ Instructor is a 5th Degree Black Belt registered in Japan
with 20 years experience
“Come play in our back yard”
Dempsey Corner Orchards U-Pick and Farm Market
Open 7 days a week • 10:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.
Just North of Exit 16 and follow our Signs.
For more info call 847-1855 •
Page 8
the Aurora | 14 Wing Greenwood, NS
September 16, 2013
the Aurora | 14 Wing Greenwood, NS
Page 9
September 16, 2013
Iron Kids
bike, run
it in
The 2013 Wing Welcome
Iron Kids Triathlon took place
September 7 at the 14 Wing
Greenwood Fitness & Sports
Centre. The event was a great
success, with over 40 enthusiastic participants.
Thanks to everyone inStaff and volunteers with the Greenwood Military Family Resource
volved, including volunteers
Centre stocked up on balloons as they got set to show off their
centre’s programs at the September 7 Rexpo.
Jordan Chenier, Trevor Seyforth, Corporal Wagner, Andre
Aquino, Son Aquino, Desirea
Holt, Vince de Boer, Susan
Ball, Lauren Walton, Jena
MacLeod, Eric Plante, Adele
Robert, Josh Leddicote, Corporal Henman and Fitness &
Sports Centre staff.
The overwhelming support
from volunteers and participants made this event a fun Wing Welcome golf organizer Major Allan Baillie, left;
Lieutenant-Colonel Dave Proteau, Master Warrant Oftime for all.
ficer David Chevalier and Captain Mary Cameron-Kelly,
7 and under
right; get set to tee off at the Greenwood Golf Course
Cole Costain, 16:53; Na- event September 10. Top team, with a score of 58, was
thalie Cromwell, 12:31; Alex- Stu Nauss, Doug Carpenter, Scotty Cooper and Mike
Corporal J.Therrien, 14 Wing Imaging
andra Dockery, 14:36; Max
Norris, 13:35; Elliot Perreault,
12:06; Justin Perreault, 14:22;
Alexandre Samson, 12:15;
14 Wing Greenwood families take up movie-viewing spots on the Apple Bowl field for the Wing Welcome outdoor movie.
Maya Hocguard, 14:38; Gabriel Salley, 13:12; Isaiah
Vallillee, 15:59; Marguerite
Parent, 14:08.
Community centre staffer
and Wing Welcome vol8 and 9
William Brake, 16:21; Devon unteer Eric MacKenzie
Chalifoux, 24:16; Haily Costain, worked the bingo room
September 5, selling tick28:06; Maya Costain, 30:05; ets on what turned into a
Jasmine Couturier, 25:41; Wil- lucrative $450-plus 50/50
liam Dockeray, 16:31; Frederic pot.
Gilbert, 20:21; Owen Hines,
28:03; Gabriel Marchand,
16:44; Christophe Samson,
22:53; Kaleigh Whitelaw,
17:09; Emmet Dixon, 14:52;
Luke Robert, 25:41; Faith
Donovan, 30:02.
10 and 11
Justin Chalifoux, 36:30; Max
Doucette, 30:17; Samuel Doucette, 31:02; Etienne Gagnon,
29:40; Connor Hines, 39:53;
Hannah Hines, 41:32; Raphael
Marchand, 44:32.
12 and 13
Jason Chalifoux, 59:34;
Savannah LeBlanc, 55:08;
Willyam Marchand, 1:06:35.
Wing Welcome committee
co-chairman Lieutenant
Nathan Trail, right, and
141 Construction Engineering Flight volunteer
Corporal Joe York ready
some big-time lights at
the Apple Bowl for family
movie night September 6.
Jeremy Gautreau demonstrates a few tricks before the
skateboard competition September 7 at the Greenwood
skate park.
Private M.MacIsaac, 14 Wing Imaging
Wheels success
Lindsay McCormack,
Recreation Youth Worker
Corporal C.Roche, 14 Wing Imaging
This year’s Wing Welcome
skateboard and BMX competition September 7 was a
great success at the 14 Wing
Greenwood Community Centre
Between the beginner, inBingo caller Bruce Gillis keeps the letters and numbers in termediate, advanced, 19-plus
order for the September 5 Wing Welcome bingo evening.
and BMXers, 16 competitors
showed off their awesome
skills. Congratulations to all
of the winners.
Thank you to all of the individuals who helped with
getting things ready, taking
things down and keeping
things running as smoothly
as possible during the event.
Thanks to Theo Saunders,
Mitchell Carey and Evan Banks
for playing the parts of event
DJ and MC, and to Evan for
providing the prizes. Thanks to
all the spectators, and to those
who competed.
Thanks to all!
Jill Jackson,
Wing Welcome co-chair
September’s Wing Welcome, ”Discover Your Adventure,” was just that - an
14 and 15
Jenna O’Brien, 1:25:00;
There were several days of
Mercedes LeBlanc, 1:25:02.
great events, great volunteers
16 and 17
Corporal Mailhot, a cook at the Annapolis Mess, dishes and great sponsors from SepSage Dixon, 1:29:20; Adam up a fresh batch of pancakes at the September 7 family tember 5 through 10. I am sure
Private M.MacIsaac, 14 Wing Imaging all would agree it was a fantasDeutsch, 1:36:37.
tic time, showcasing all of what
14 Wing Greenwood and the
wider community has to offer.
Thanks to all for coming out to
the scheduled events.
Thanks to all of our many
volunteers who worked so
hard to make this year’s Wing
Welcome such a great success, and special for everyone.
All our volunteers took time
from their own busy schedules
to give back to the event.
Much appreciation and
thanks is also extended to all of
our sponsors and businesses
which donated items and
financial contributions, gave
prizes and showcased displays
at Wing Welcome. Without
their support, we could not
host events such as this.
Finally, a big thank you
to the Wing Welcome 2013
Committee, which worked tee members’ dedication and
very hard for several months commitment.
to make the event a success
We are already planning for
- and it showed in commit- 2014 - see you next year!
Wing Welcome Committee 2013
Jill Jackson, co-chairwoman
Lieutenant Nathan Trail, co-chairman
Michelle Smith
Bruce Gillis
Eric Mackenzie
Major Allan Baille
Sara Keddy
Captain Rob Anderson
Nicole Peppard
Michelle Thibodeau-Wagner
Garrett, left, and Jonathan, Gaulton sport vintage leathGreenwood Curling Club volunteers set up a mini-‘spiel er jackets to take the wheel of the Greenwood Military
in the Fitness & Sports Centre concourse September 7, Aviation Museum’s 1940s Willys Jeep, a popular parked
showing off their sport to potential players.
S.Keddy display at the September 7 Rexpo.
¤Based on 2013 EnerGuide highway fuel consumption estimates. Government of Canada test methods used. Your actual fuel consumption will vary based on powertrain, driving habits and other factors. See retailer for additional EnerGuide details. 2013 Dodge Grand Caravan Canada Value Package – Hwy: 7.9 L/100 km (36 MPG) and City: 12.2 L/100 km (23 MPG).
2013 Dodge Journey 2.4 L with 4-speed automatic – Hwy: 7.7 L/100 km (37 MPG) and City: 11.2 L/100 km (25 MPG). Wise customers read the fine print: €, •, *, ), ♦, 9, § The All Out Clearout Event offers are limited time offers which apply to retail deliveries of selected new and unused models purchased from participating retailers on or after September 4, 2013. Offers subject to
change and may be extended without notice. All pricing excludes freight ($1,595 – $1,695), licence, insurance, registration, any retailer administration fees, other retailer charges and other applicable fees and taxes. Retailer order/trade may be necessary. Retailer may sell for less. €Up to $10,750 in Cash Discounts are available on new 2013 Ram 1500 models (excluding Reg Cab) and consist of
$9,250 in Consumer Cash Discounts and $1,500 in Ram Truck Loyalty/Conquest Bonus Cash. See your retailer for complete details. •$18,995 Purchase Price applies to the new 2013 Dodge Grand Caravan Canada Value Package (29E) and includes $8,100 Consumer Cash Discount. $18,995 Purchase Price applies to the new 2013 Dodge Journey Canada Value Package (22F) only and includes
$2,000 Consumer Cash Discount. *Consumer Cash Discounts are offered on select 2013 vehicles and are deducted from the negotiated price before taxes. )Ultimate Family Package Discounts available at participating retailers on the purchase/lease of a new 2013 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT with Ultimate Family Package (RTKH5329G). Discount consists of: (i) $2,500 in Bonus Cash that will be
deducted from the negotiated price after taxes; and (ii) $775 in no-cost options that will be deducted from the negotiated price before taxes. Some conditions apply. See your retailer for complete details. ♦4.99% lease financing of up to 60 months available on approved credit through WS Leasing Ltd. (a wholly owned subsidiary of Westminster Savings Credit Union) to qualified customers on applicable
new 2012, 2013 and 2014 models at participating retailers in Ontario, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. Retailer order/trade may be necessary. Retailer may lease for less. See your retailer for complete details. Examples: 2013 Dodge Grand Caravan Canada Value Package (29E)/2013 Dodge Journey Canada Value Package (22F) with a Purchase Price
of $18,995/$18,995 leased at 4.99% over 60 months with $2,669/$3,669 down payment, equals 130 bi-weekly payments of $99/$99 with a cost of borrowing of $3,518.80/$3,243.50 and a total obligation of $14,610.70/$14,565.20. 22,000 kilometre/year allowance. Charge of $0.18 per excess kilometre. Some conditions apply. 9Ultimate Journey Package Discounts available at participating
retailers on the purchase/lease of a new 2013 Dodge Journey R/T with Ultimate Journey Package (JCES49 28X with AGV, AV1, AS4, GWG). Discount consists of: $2,500 in Bonus Cash that will be deducted from the negotiated price after taxes; and (ii) $1,125 in no-cost options that will be deducted from the negotiated price before taxes. Some conditions apply. See your retailer for complete details.
§2013 Dodge Grand Caravan Crew Plus shown. Price including applicable Consumer Cash Discount: $30,345. 2013 Ram 1500 Crew Cab Longhorn 4x2 shown. Price including applicable Consumer Cash and Bonus Cash Discounts: $41,945. 2013 Dodge Journey R/T AWD shown. Price including applicable Consumer Cash Discount: $30,045. &Based on Automotive News classification and 2013
Ram 1500 3.6 L V6 4x2 and 8-speed transmission. 11.4 L/100 km (25 MPG) City and 7.8 L/100 km (36 MPG) Highway. Based on 2013 EnerGuide fuel consumption guide ratings published by Natural Resources Canada. Government of Canada test methods used. Your actual fuel consumption will vary based on powertrain, driving habits and other factors. Ask your retailer for complete EnerGuide
information. The Best Buy Seal is a registered trademark of Consumers Digest Communications LLC, used under license. ^Based on 2013 Ward’s Middle Cross Utility segmentation. ❖Real Deals. Real Time. Use your mobile device to build and price any model. ®Jeep is a registered trademark of Chrysler Group LLC. TMThe SiriusXM logo is a registered trademark of SiriusXM Satellite Radio Inc.
Page 10
September 16, 2013
DAT_131151_MC_CARA_JOU_RAM_AOCO.indd 1
the Aurora | 14 Wing Greenwood, NS
NCLUDES $3,275
$3,625 IN
7.9 L/100 KM HWY
2013 Dodge Grand Caravan Crew Plus shown.
7.7 L/100 KM HWY
2013 Dodge Journey R/T AWD shown.
669 DOWN
2013 RAM 1500
2013 Ram 1500 Crew Cab Longhorn 4x2 shown.§
669 DOWN
Just go to to easily find special offers, incentives
and current inventory from your nearest retailer.❖
9/9/13 6:08 PM
the Aurora | 14 Wing Greenwood, NS
Page 11
September 16, 2013
Le major Rob Pitcher, président du Conseil Communautaire de la 14ieme
Escadre, présentant
l’adjudant-maître Darrell RHU row first.
Ellis avec 200 $ que le
gagnant de l’unité de logement 2013 du concours
d’embellissement à la fin
août. Caporal Kent Billingham remporté le deuxième
prix de $100 et le caporalchef Guy et le caporal
France Durand a gagné
$50 pour la troisième prix.
Le mieux maison en rangée a été remporté par le
caporal Joe Jesso ($100) RHU row second.
et le caporal-chef Randell
Hobbs a gagné $50 pour le
deuxième prix. Des mentions honorables aller à:
caporal Tracie Gaudet, le
Lisa Cross, Nail Technician
sergent Charles Mearns,
(902) 242-2043
adjudant-chef Pierrot
Jette, le captaine Sundus
• Manicure $22
Shamsi, le caporal Matt
• Shellac Manicure $30
Lacy et le sergent Rosaire
• Pedicure $35
Violette. Merci à tous ceux
tax included
qui ont participé et bonne
chance pour le prochain
754 Greenwood Road
concours de décoration de
Pampered & Polished Nail Spa
Major Rob Pitcher, president of the 14 Wing Community Council, presenting
Master Warrant Officer
Darrell Ellis with $200
as the winner of the 14
Wing Residential Housing
Unit beautification contest
held in late August. Corporal Kent Billingham won
second prize of $100 and
Master Corporal Guy and RHU second.
Corporal France Durand
won $50 for third place.
The top row house was
won by Corporal Joe Jesso
($100) and Master Corporal Randell Hobbs won $50
for the second best row
house. Honourable mentions go to: Corporal Tracie
Gaudet, Sergeant Charles
Mearns, Chief Warrant Officer Pierrot Jette, Captain
Sundus Shamsi, Corporal
Matt Lacy and Sergeant
Rosaire Violette. Thanks
to all who participated and
best of luck in the upcoming Halloween decorating
RHU third.
Stock Number 13-313A
2010 Toyota Rav4
Stock Number 13-365A
18,995 2011 Toyota Rav4 Limited
Automatic, 4WD, 2.5 L, 4 door SUV, A/C,
80,961 kms • $ 175 BIWEEKLY!
Automatic, V6, 4WD, 4 door, SUV, A/C,
79,333 kms • $195 BIWEEKLY
Stock Number 13-89B
Stock Number 13-24A
2009 Toyota Venza Premium
Saturday, October 5 | 7-10pm
23,995 2011 Nissan Sentra
Automatic AWD, V6, 3.5L, 4 door wagon, A/C,
66,769 kms • $ 256 BIWEEKLY
Automatic, 4-Cyl, 2.0 L, 4 door Sedan, A/C,
70,021 kms • $ 99 BIWEEKLY
Prizes awarded for Best Zombies
$6 Entrance Fee
Large Zombie Accessories For Sale
Stock Number 13-49A
2009 Toyota Corolla Sport
Now open extended hours
The largest Corn Maze in the Valley
13808 Hwy 1 Wilmot • 825-3878
Automatic, 4-Cyl 1.8 L, 4 door Sedan, A/C,
Sunroof, 75,372 kms • $ 149 BIWEEKLY
Stock Number 13-245A
2005 Toyota Sienna LE
Automatic AWD, V6, 4 door Minivan, A/C,
124,226 kms • $ 199 BIWEEKLY!
840 Park Street Kentville, NS • Toll-free 1-888-466-2702 • (902) 678-6000
Page 12
the Aurora | 14 Wing Greenwood, NS
September 16, 2013
The Aurora publishes items of interest to
the community submitted by not-for-profit
organizations. Submissions are limited to
approximately 25 words. Items may be submitted
to our office, 83A School Road (Morfee Annex),
14 Wing Greenwood; by fax, (902)765-1717;
or email [email protected] Dated
announcements are published on a first-come,
first-served basis, and on-going notices will be
included as space allows. To guarantee your
announcement, you may choose to place a paid
advertisement. The deadline for submissions is
Thursday, 9:30 a.m., previous to publication
unless otherwise notified.
Le commandant publie des avis d’intérêt public
soumis par des organisations à but non lucratif.
Ces avis doivent se limiter à environ 25 mots.
Les avis peuvent être soumis à nos bureaux,
au 83A, School Road, (annexe Morfee),
14e Escadre Greenwood, par fax au (902)
765-1717 ou par courriel à l’adresse [email protected] Les annonces avec
date sont publiées selon le principe du premier
arrivé, premier servi, et les avis continus seront
inclus si l’espace le permet. Si vous voulez
être certain que votre avis soit publié, vous
voudrez peut-être acheter de la publicité. La
date de tombée des soumissions est à 9 h 30
du matin le jeudi précédent la publication, à
moins d’avis contraire.
Cancer support
September 16, 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.,
the Kingston/ Greenwood Living
with Cancer Support Group will
start its regular monthly meetings
in the St. Mark’s Protestant Chapel
annex. This will be an orientation
gathering for current members
and an opportunity to meet and
greet new ones. Cancer patients,
family and friends or anyone
seeking information on cancer are
encouraged to attend. For infor-
mation: Lloyd Graham (765-6133)
or Lynda Pierce (765-3055).
Middleton Girl Guides
September 16 is the first meeting
for all returning girls and new
members, 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.
Sparks and Brownies will meet
at the Middleton Baptist Church;
Guides, Pathfinders and Rangers
at the Emmanuel Congregational
Church. Registration information
will be available for parents that
evening. Registration is online
metro crossword
87 Cornwallis Street PO Box 100
Kentville, NS B4N 3W3
solution page 15
TENDER 13-20
Canning 2013 Capital Upgrades
The Engineering and Public Works Section of the
Municipality of the County of Kings invites tenders for
the replacement of water, sewer and sidewalk
infrastructure along Main Street (between Civic 9789
and Pleasant Street) in Canning, Nova Scotia.
Specifications and tender forms may be viewed and
picked up upon receipt of a non refundable deposit of
$50.00, at the Municipal Complex, located at 87
Cornwallis Street, Kentville, NS. Office hours are
Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. Tenders
may also be viewed at the Nova Scotia Construction
Association, located at 260 Brownlow Avenue – Unit 3,
Dartmouth, NS.
Specific inquiries pertaining to this tender may be
directed to Dave Bell, P. Eng.; Hiltz and Seamone Co.
Phone: (902) 678-2774
Email: [email protected]
1. Peruvian province
5. Mama __, rock
9. Elephant’s name
14. Yellow edible Indian
15. Arabian Gulf
16. Lucci’s Kane
17. Minstrel poet
18. Huxley’s fictional
19. Atom-bombed
20. Strangenesses
23. Mortar’s crushing
24. Kilocalorie
25. Very efficient light
26. Slow oozing
31. Corpses
35. Abounding in trees
36. Total destruction
37. About aviation
38. Reveres
41. Lymphatic throat
(1 of 2)
43. Monarch seats
45. Macaws
46. Icahn’s airline
47. City railways
51. Able to be put out
56. Imitative
57. Conclusions
58. Grizzly, black or
59. Bitstock
60. Six
61. The largest continent
62. Study or work tables
63. Young children
64. Large integers
1. A French abbot
2. Civil Rights group
3. The third hour, about
9 a.m.
4. Am. ventilation
5. A prince’s fortified
6. Felt deep affection for
7. A tractor-trailer
8. Noshes
9. British auto maker
10. Wild sheep of
northern Africa
11. 2-wheeled transport
12. Breezes through
13. Radioactivity unit
21. Neocortical temporal
lobe epilepsy (abbr.)
22. Frosts
27. A design or
28. The class of birds
29. Pickled ginger
30. Alkenes
31. A spoiled child
32. Arabic agarwood
33. Christian __,
34. Japanese waist
39. Lures with desire
40. Joined by stitching
41. Locks of hair
42. Solemn pledge
44. Most wise
45. Among
48. Capital of Morocco
49. Excessively fat
50. Murdered
51. Ireland
52. Yuletide
53. Sound of a clock or
54. Freshwater mussel
55. Amounts of time
56. Million barrels per
day (abbr.)
metro crossword brought to you compliments of
954 Central Avenue
The Municipality reserves the right to reject any or all tenders, not necessarily accept the
lowest tender, or to accept any which it may consider to be in its best interest. The
Municipality also reserves the right to waive formality, informality or technicality in any
Tel: (902) 678-6141
Fax: (902) 679-0911
Toll Free: 1-888-337-2999
Three easy ways to enter.
on the Girl Guides of Canada
Aylesford Scouting
September 16, registration for
Aylesford Scouting (Beavers,
Cubs, Scouts and Venturers) will
be held from 6:30 p.m. to 8 pm
at the Auburn Lions’ hall.
Volunteer training
September 17, 11:30 a.m. to 1
p.m., 35 Webster Street, Kentville;
learn about how to recruit board
members and governance, being
effective, assessing risk and liability as a board member and
assessing skills your board needs.
This is a free learning opportunity
for volunteers and those working with volunteers, presented
by the Valley Volunteer Coalition, (902)678-1398 or [email protected]
Registration required.
Kids’ library fun
September 17, 10:30 a.m. “Under The Story Tree” resumes at
the 14 Wing Greenwood Library
(Morfee Centre, School Road,
Greenwood). Bring your little ones
to enjoy some stories and crafts.
September 18 marks the return
of the community lunch, at New
Beginnings in Greenwood. The
lunch is for everyone in the community. The purpose is to feed the
hungry, help the poor and provide
a place of support and love for all.
Please come! Sponsored by the
Open Hand.
Autism event
September 19, take part in an
info session on reflexology and
autism, presented by Catherine
Hiltz, reflexologist, 6:30 p.m. to
8:30 p.m., at Kingston Elemen-
Find & Win
1. Through our website:
2. Fax: 765-1717
3. Drop into our office located on 83A School Road (Morfee Annex)
Entry deadline:
Noon, September 19, 2013
tary School. Contact 375-3031,
[email protected]
Variety show
September 21, the Kingston Lions
Club presents a variety music
night, 7 p.m. Cost is $5.Ticket
sales at the door, commencing at
6 p.m. Canteen and 50/50 ticket
sales. Featuring performances
by Ron Muise, Just For Fun and
Wanda Beaudoin.
September 21, 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.,
HART will host a pet luck dinner
at the Berwick fire hall. Acoustic
music by Dagmar, cash bar,
raffles, auction, jewellery sales
and more. All proceeds to the
vetting of HART’s animal rescues.
Adults $15, seniors $10. For
more info: 341-HART or www.
Ticket auction
September 21, the Kingston and
District Health Auxiliary will be
holding a ticket auction at the
Kingston fire hall, 10 a.m. to 1
p.m. Tickets are 25 for $1. Canteen available. Please help support
Soldiers Memorial Hospital and
district health care: it benefits
September 21, enjoy breakfast at
the Aylesford United Church from
8 a.m. to 11 a.m. Freewill offering.
Sponsored by the Committee of
Stewards. Everyone is welcome.
September 22, Rev. Sarah Scott
will deliver the message at the
Kingston United Baptist Church,
11 a.m. All welcome.
Card party
September 23, Funds for Fuel
bridge party, 1 p.m,, at Macdonald
Museum, 21 School St, Middleton. Cost is $4 per person. All
welcome. Phone 825-6116 for
Full name
Phone number
Complete the following questions from ads in this week’s issue and win a large 2-topping pizza
from Pizza Delight, Greenwood. Coupon valid for 30 days.
What can you buy if you call 825-3361?______________________________________
Who will pamper and polish your nails?_______________________________________
What is back by popular demand?___________________________________________
What business is having their 23rd anniversary?_______________________________
Who has a Ford Mustang GT for sale?_______________________________________
Limited to one win per family in a TWO MONTH PERIOD.
The winner will be drawn randomly from all correct entries. Only one entry per family per week.
Pizza Delight, Greenwood
Congratulations to last week’s winner: MARG BROWN
Sunday, 1:30 p.m.
Tuesday, 7:30 p.m.
Regular Games - $100
• 3 Specials - 60/40
• Letter H - 80/20
• 1 Lucky 7 - Progressive
• 1 Bonanza - Progressive
• Jackpot - 3 Chances
Consolation $300
• Double Action
Lic.# 115910-08
the Aurora | 14 Wing Greenwood, NS
September 24, come join the
Middleton & Area Fireflies at the
fire hall, 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., for
a delicious lunch of homemade
turkey burgers, corn chowder,
salad plates, pumpkin dessert or
gingerbread (one selection from
first course and one from the
desserts). $7, and arrangements
may be made for free delivery to
individuals or businesses within
Middleton by calling Bonnie at
825-3062 by Sept. 23.
Argus Lodge meeting
September 24, 1 p.m., at Markland Lodge Hall, Kingston, a
committee meeting will be held,
proposing to re-open Argus Lodge
#133 as a day lodge. Argus went
into darkness in 2008. It had been
chartered as a military lodge, and
we welcome all Masonic military
and non-military Masons interested in becoming a member to
attend this meeting. For information, contact Rocky Hendrickson,
765-0621 or [email protected]
Nouvelle coordonnatrice des services
d’aide à l’emploi et à l’éducation au CRFMG
Margaret Reid,
CRFGM Directrice exécutive
les deux langues officielles.
Nous sommes excités de
chaleureusement accueillir
Je suis très heureuse d’in- Tremblay à notre équipe au
troduire Ludmilla Tremblay, CRFMG. Lisez son introducnotre nouvelle coordonna- tion ci-dessous:
trice des services d’aide à
l’emploi et à l’éducation au
C’est tout un plaisir pour
Centre de ressources pour moi de joindre l’équipe
les familles militaires de dévouée du CRFMG comme
votre nouvelle CoordonnaTremblay sera très heu- trice des services à l’emploi
reuse de servir les familles et à l’éducation. Je travaille
militaires dans le dévelop- en éducation d’adolescents
pement de carrière dans et d’adultes depuis cinq ans
et je suis très heureuse de
pouvoir poursuivre ma carrière avec vous. Ayant travaillé avec des membres
du militaire pour trois ans
comme coordonnatrice de
langues officielles, et ayant
été élevée dans une école
peuplée de familles militaires,
j’ai une grande appréciation
pour les défis uniques qui
accompagnent les mutations
et les déploiements. Si vous
avez besoin de l’aide avec le
développement de votre CV
et votre lettre de motivation,
votre recherche d’emploi, la
préparation aux entrevues ou
si vous cherchez à poursuivre
de l’éducation supérieure ou
de l’entrainement particulier,
j’aimerais vous rencontrer.
Ce sera mon grand plaisir de
vous servir en français ou en
Vous pouvez me rejoindre
au 765-1494 poste 1816,
ou vous pouvez simplement
Ludmilla Tremblay
passer me voir au CRFMG.
New bilingual coordinator of MFRC employment, education services
Margaret Reid,
MFRC executive director
I am very happy to introduce Ludmilla Tremblay as
our new Freenwood Military
Family Resource Centre coordinator of employment and
education services.
Tremblay will be happy
solution page 15
to work with military family members to assist with
career development, in both
official languages. We are excited to warmly welcome her
to our GMFRC staff team. See
her self-introduction below:
the GMFRC as your new coordinator of Employment and
Education Services. I have
worked in adolescent and
adult education for five years
and am very glad to be able to
continue my career with you.
Having worked with military
It is such pleasure for me members for three years as
to join the dedicated team at wing coordinator of official
sudoku brought to you compliments of
Middleton - 902-825-5525 • Greenwood - 902-765-2267
development, or if you would
like to pursue particular education or training, I would
love to talk with you. It will
be my great pleasure to serve
you in English or French.
You may reach me at 7651494 local 1816, or please
feel free to stop by.
Sept 15 - Sept 21
solution page 15
ARIES - Mar 21/Apr 20
Aries, the week ahead is looking
pretty good, as you will find people
are more sensitive to your needs.
Work with those willing to work
with you.
TAURUS - Apr 21/May 21
Taurus, your visions of how things
should be might differ from how
things really are. Work toward
improving those things that need
some work, and things will turn
out just fine.
GEMINI - May 22/Jun 21
Some surprises come your way
this week, Gemini. But things will
soon begin to fall into place. Just be
patient before you make important
CANCER - Jun 22/Jul 22
Things may seem a bit strained this
week, Cancer. But all it takes is a
little cooperation and an increased
focus on teamwork, and things will
quickly return to normal.
LEO - Jul 23/Aug 23
Leo, stay prepared and well organized
and this week should fly by without
a hitch. Feel free to try some things
that go against the grain.
VIRGO - Aug 24/Sept 22
Virgo, don’t feel badly about the
things over which you have little
control. Go out and have a good
time this week, and eventually
things will run their course.
patrick’s puzzle brought to you compliments of
Introducing Team Share plans.
Footlong Breakfast Egg & Cheese,
& Classic Menu Subs Only
languages, and having grown
up in a school populated with
military families, I feel a deep
appreciation for the unique
challenges that come with
postings and deployments.
Should you need assistance
with CV and cover letter
development, job searching,
interview coaching, career
patrick’s puzzle horoscopes
Fun By The Numbers
Here’s How It Works: Sudoku puzzles are formatted as a 9x9 grid,
broken down into nine 3x3 boxes. To solve a sudoku, the numbers
1 through 9 must fill each row, column and box. Each number can
appear only once in each row, column and box. You can figure out
the order in which the numbers will appear by using the numeric
clues already provided in the boxes. The more numbers you name,
the easier it gets to solve the puzzle!
Back by
Page 13
September 16, 2013
Now you can easily manage costs by sharing
data and minutes across devices and between
team members.
Greenwood Mall | 765-2415
LIBRA - Sept 23/Oct 23
Libra, it may prove challenging to
sit still the next few days. People
may be pulling at you from many
different directions, and you will not
know which way to lean.
SCORPIO - Oct 24/Nov 22
Scorpio, try not to be overly
protective of your secrets this
week. A friend or family member
is offering their help and guidance,
and such insight will prove
SAGITTARIUS - Nov 23/Dec 21
Sagittarius, a seemingly
insurmountable obstacle presents
itself this week. Some creativity and
quick thinking will be necessary, but
you will enjoy the challenge.
CAPRICORN - Dec 22/Jan 20
Keep your feet on the ground this
week, Capricorn. Even if you prefer
to have your head in the clouds,
keeping your cool will pay dividends
in the long run.
AQUARIUS - Jan 21/Feb 18
Aquarius, enjoy some quiet time
so you can regroup after a hectic
couple of weeks. You earned some
rest and relaxation, and this time
away will recharge your batteries.
PISCES - Feb 19/Mar 20
Pisces, you have a lot of good ideas,
and it’s time to share those ideas
at the office. Your star will soon
start to rise.
horoscopes brought to you compliments of
Home Centre
BERWICK • 1-800-959-3727
KINGSTON • 1-902-765-3111
KENTVILLE • 1-902-678-8044
BRIDGETOWN • 1-902-665-4449
Page 14
the Aurora | 14 Wing Greenwood, NS
September 16, 2013
October 8, 2013
Nova Scotia
General Election
On Tuesday, October 8, 2013, a provincial general
election will be held to elect a member in each of the
51 electoral districts to serve in the House of Assembly.
Take note of the following dates and times:
Deadline for Revision of the List of Electors
Thursday, October 3, 2013
6 pm
Nominations Close
Tuesday, September 24, 2013
2 pm
Write-In Ballot Application Deadlines (in district)*
*Conducted every day except Sunday during the hours the returning office is open to the public
By mail
Saturday, September 28, 2013
In person and by agent Saturday, October 5, 2013
6 pm
8 pm
Write-In Ballot Application Deadlines (out of district)*
*Conducted every day except Sunday during the hours the returning office is open to the public
By mail
Saturday, September 28, 2013
In person and by agent Thursday, October 3, 2013
6 pm
6 pm
Returning Office Continuous Poll
Conducted every day except Sunday during
the hours the returning office is open to the
public until Thursday, October 3, 2013 at 6pm
Advance Poll
Friday, October 4, 2013
Saturday, October 5, 2013
10 am to 8 pm
10 am to 8 pm
Tuesday, October 8, 2013
8 am to 8 pm
Pink day!
Just a few of the many
students dressed proudly
in pink at Dwight Ross
Elementary School September 12, with principal
Ms. Hewson, in support of
the Pink T-shirt Day “Stop
Bullying” initiative.
Roll up your sleeves
for blood donor clinic
Canadian Blood Services
returns to Greenwood September 30 and October 1 for
another two-day donor clinic.
Donors may book an appointment (call 1-888-2366283) between 1 p.m. and 3
p.m. and 5 p.m. and 8 p.m.
either day. Please ensure you
bring identification with your
full name and signature or full
name and photograph. New
donors are welcome.
Canadian Blood Services
is aiming to collect 130 units
in Greenwood each day: in
order to collect do that, 220
donors must book an appointment.
DND was Canadian Blood
Services’ first national Partner for Life, and 14 Wing has
set a goal of 100 registered
donors in 2013. All DND and
defence team members are
encouraged to complete a
member registration form:
once you do, CBS will track
how many times you have
donated on behalf of 14
Wing, and what percentage
of the base’s collective goal
has been achieved.
For further information, call
Eric MacKenzie at 765-1494
local 5337.
David A. Proudfoot
Barrister * Solicitor * Notary
811 Central Avenue, PO Box 100
Greenwood, NS B0P 1N0
Email: [email protected]
T: 902-765-3301 F: 902-765-6493
• Real Estate
• Wills / Estates
• Consultations /
Election Day
Official Addition Commences
Thursday, October 10, 2013
To vote you must be an eligible elector:
· 18 years of age or older on October 8th, 2013
· A Canadian citizen
· A resident of Nova Scotia since March 6, 2013
For information contact Elections Nova Scotia
at 424-8584 or, toll-free at 1-800-565-1504
TTY: 424-7475 or toll-free TTY 1-866-774-7074
Richard Temporale
Chief Electoral Officer
Saturday September 7, 2013
Minor Basketball Registration
10 am
14 Wing Community Centre
Registration September 16-27, 8 am - 4 pm & September 25, 6 pm - 7:30 pm
The following age groups will be offered:
Cost $85 with Rec Card
Cost $85 with Rec Card
Cost $85 with Rec Card
Cost $65 with Rec Card
Cost $45 with Rec Card
$100 without
$100 without
$100 without
$80 without
$60 without
Please bring your rec card, health card and cash, credit or debit with you.
*Please note that a $20 shirt deposit is required at registration for U14, U12 and U10.
To register contact the community centre at 765-1494 ext 5341 or contact
Alain Chalifoux at 765-0999 or email [email protected]
the Aurora | 14 Wing Greenwood, NS
Classified advertisements, 35 words or less, are $7 tax included. Additional
words are 10 cents each, plus tax. Bold text $8, tax included.
Classified advertising must be booked and prepaid by 10 a.m. Thursday
previous to publication. Payment methods include VISA, MasterCard,
AMEX, debit or cash. The Aurora is not responsible for products and/ or
services advertised. To place a classified, contact 765-1494 local 5440, visit
the office, 83A School Road, Morfee Annex, Greenwood; email [email protected] or fax 765-1717.
To place a boxed, display ad, contact 765-1494 local 5833; email [email protected]
Les annonces classées, 35 mots ou moins, sont vendues au prix de 7 $,
taxes incluses. Chaque mot additionnel coûte 10 sous, plus taxes. Texte
en caractères gras 8 $, taxes incluses.
Les annoncées classées doivent être réservées et payées à l’avance avant
10 h, le jeudi précédant la publication. Les modes de paiement acceptés
incluent VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, débit ou comptant. L’Aurora n’est pas
responsable des produits et/ou services annoncés. Pour faire publier une
annonce classée, vous pouvez nous appeler au (902) 765-1494 poste 5440,
visiter notre bureau au 83A, School Road, annexe Morfee à Greenwood,
nous envoyer un courriel à [email protected] ou nous
transmettre un fax au (902) 765-1717.
Pour faire paraître une publicité dans un encadré, appelez-nous au (902)
765-1494 poste 5833, ou un courriel à [email protected]
crossword solution
sudoku solution
patrick’s puzzle
FOR RENT – Rent reduced to $750.00,
Bright One Bedroom Apartment for rent
to a single person in a quiet country
setting. Rent includes all utilities,
Wi-Fi and Cable. Apartment is fully
furnished and equipped with washer,
dryer, fridge and stove. Apartment is
air conditioned in summer. Please no
pets and no smoking. Call Joe at 7651898 or e-mail [email protected]
for photos. (3415-ufnb)
FOR RENT – Kingston, small two bedroom
house. Heat & lights, fridge and stove
included. $725.00 per month. Phone
847-5046. (3432-ufn)
FOR RENT – Four bedroom plus one with
kitchen/living room/dining room & den.
Large porch with panoramic view. One
car garage on 10 acres in Paradise.
$550.00 a month plus utilities. Available Sept 1, 2013. Phone Ronald at
584-3267 or cell 1-647-763-1202.
FOR RENT - Very clean, modern two
bedroom apartment. Fridge, stove and
Dishwasher. Washer Dryer hook-up.
Close to everything in Greenwood. $800/
month, heat/lights incl. Available Oct 1st.
No dogs. References required. Call Ross
840-0534. (3434-ufn)
FOR RENT – Three bedroom mobile
home with large 11 by 11 add on
located on Trout Lake Road on own
land near elementary School. $450.00
a month plus utilities. Phone Ronald
at 584-3267 or cell 1-647-763-1202.
FOR RENT - Very clean, modern three bedroom apartment, quiet S/D in Nictaux.
Fridge, stove and Dishwasher. Washer
Dryer hook-up. $850/month, heat/lights
incl. No dogs. References required. Call
Ross 840-0534 (3434-ufn)
Booking Fall/ Winter Classes Now.
Time Slots are Limited.
All Ages All Styles. Comfortable in home
studio. Have fun learning from
established instructor and professional
studio/ touring guitarist Steve Fall.
Call Steve 825-8248
Valleywide In-Home
Computer Repair
Offers a full range of services
in the comfort of your home
By the piece or lot.
We do local moving
Hardwood, $220 a cord
Softwood, $180 a cord
Cut, Split, Delivered
812 Maple Street Ext., Kingston
• Upgrades • Sales •
• Networking • Tutoring •
• Pickup/Return •
• Laptop Repair •
• Eve-Weekend Appointments •
• Drop-off in Aylesford •
For Fast, Economical,
Convenient Service
~ Call Valleywide ~
FOR RENT – Four bedroom house with
garage on 2 acres located in Lawerenceton. 1½ baths, has chimney to install
woodstove. $550.00 a month plus utilities. Phone Ronald at 584-3267 or cell
1-647-763-1202. (3435-ufnb)
FOR RENT - Newly Renovated three
bedroom apartment in Wilmot, Fridge
Stove incl. $650.00 plus utilities. References required. Call Ross 840-0534
FOR RENT – Two bedroom in Middleton on
Taylor Drive. Fridge and stove, clean. No
pets. $550.00 plus heat & lights. Phone
825-3424 or 840-1780. (3434-3tp)
FOR RENT - Two bedroom Duplex apartment in Aylesford, Fridge Stove incl.
$595.00 plus utilities. References required. Call Ross 840-0534. (3434-ufn)
FOR RENT - Spacious Executive Condo.
Completely furnished and Equipped
with everything to make your stay
as comfortable as your own home.
Includes all utilities, Cable TV, Internet, and Parking. Available by the
week or month. Close to everything.
No smoking or pets. Phone 825-5800.
FOR RENT – Two bedroom in Middleton
on School Street. No pets. Fridge, stove
and dishwasher. $650.00 plus heat &
lights. Phone 825-3424 or 840-1780.
ROOM FOR RENT - Looking for a mature
employed non-smoker to rent a large
fully furnished room in Fales River
subdivision. (Greenwood Area). Close
to all amenities. $130.00 per week.
Meals can be included with adjusted
agreed upon rent. Phone 242-5182.
FOR RENT – Two bedroom located in
Middleton on Glen Drive with garage.
Quality living with lawn care & snow
removal. Paved driveway, heated floors,
A.C. summer, heat pump winter. Front
and back decks. Ready now for viewing.
$1095.00 plus heat & lights. Phone 8253424 or 840-1780. (3434-3tp)
BOARDER WANTED – Non smoker to
share a home in Wilmot. 5 minute
drive to Base. Large private furnished bedroom, own bathroom
with stand up shower, large sitting
room with TV. Wireless internet,
telephone, electricity, heat and laundry facilities included. Own private
entrance and lots of parking. Ideal
for IR Personal. $600.00 a month.
Available October 1st, 2013. Call
840-3008. (3435-2tpb)
FOR RENT – Two bedroom lower level
apartment. Fridge/ stove included.
Washer/dryer hookup outside deck.
Lawn care and snow removal provided.
Located in subdivision behind Greenwood Mall. $550.00 per month plus
utilities. Call Sue 765-4206. (3434-ufn)
FOR RENT – Four bedroom house five
minutes from Greenwood (Millville).
Outbuilding and nice yard in quiet
area. No pets. References required.
Available October 1st, 2013. $850.00
a month heat and lights extra. Phone
680-2686 or 847-0530. (3435-2tpb)
FOR RENT – Spacious five bedroom family
home in Ravenwood Subdivision. Three
bedrooms up and two down with master
having access to the main bathroom.
Half bath on lower level with laundry.
Hardwood/ceramic tiles throughout,
eat-in kitchen with plenty of oak cabinets
and 3 appliances included. Separate
dining room with large dining deck of
back. Large family room on lower level
with woodstove. Available October 1,
2013. Call Mike or Kathy at 765-8881.
FOR RENT – Apartment for rent located
on 517 Pleasant Street, Kingston.
Apt 2 in a 4-unit building. Main floor,
kitchen/living room, upstairs bed/
bath. Patio deck and fenced outdoor
space. Heat & lights included. No pets.
Clear Hardwood
Cut, Split and Delivered
Quality Guaranteed
Steve Lake’s
Light Trucking
Please Phone
Looking for a mature and
responsible couple/individual to
rent a very comfortable private
house on a large landscaped
lot. The house contains
3 bedrooms and 2 baths.
Rent - $1,400.00/MO PLUS
UTILITIES. No Pets Please.
For information call
Spurr Brothers Farms
Come right to the farm to buy
fresh fruits and vegetables
~ Now Available ~
Gravenstein apples, peaches, squash, potatoes,
cucumbers,garlic, peppers, green, yellow & purple beans,
strawberries, raspberries, blackberries & tomatoes
Check us out on Facebook for daily updates!
Craig Daniels
185 Hwy 360
Berwick, NS
Logging & Contracting
Firewood For Sale
(902) 538-5618
(902) 848-1692
Moving & Deliveries
16’ Cube Van
844 0551
Future Glass
and Mirror Ltd.
Sampson Dr., Greenwood
ALSO: • plateglass
• plexie & lexan
• mirrors • vehicle accessories
• window & screen repairs
• replacement thermo-pane
Page 15
September 16, 2013
Auto-Truck Storage
Stockage D’Automobile
Call: 847-0490
or 847-5074
Also Heated
Storage Units
‡Military Discounts
‡2 kms from Base
$670.00 per month. Available October
1st, 2013. Phone 902-250-0181 or
[email protected] (3435-2tpb)
FOR SALE – Solid Oak Cabinet located in
Greenwood, custom made by Decoste.
80” high by 43” wide. In mint condition. $750.00 local move included in
price. Phone 765-2381. (3435-2tpb)
LAND FOR SALE - 3.5 acres of land at Waterloo Lake not on the lake. Treed, close
to railway line 13,000 serious inquiries
only please. Call 825-3607. (3435-ufnb)
FOR SALE – 2009 Case IH Tractor. 31
hp with loader 6 foot bucket 3 range
hydrostatic all hydraulic lines have
been upgraded 500 hrs. Phone 6802284. (3435-1tpb)
SERVICE – Bilingual handyman carpenter
available, 25 years of experience with
finish work, flooring, stairs, tile work
and more. Reasonable rates – flexible
hours. Call Mike at 242-2465 or 8400529. Greenwood/Kingston (3413-ufn)
CHURCH SERVICE – “The Peoples 25:40
Church” There will be a church service
held every Sunday at the New Beginnings Centre 1151 Bridge Street Greenwood provided by Pastor Leon Langille.
Pre Service music at 2:50 pm. Service
3:00 pm. Doors will open at 2:30 pm. All
are welcome. (3425-ufn)
EMPLOYMENT – Dairy Queen Greenwood
is hiring full time kitchen position for
cooking, cleaning and food prep, 35
hours per week, days, evenings, weekends. Must have at least one year’s prior
restaurant experience. Starting wage
$10.30 per hour. Please submit resume
to Dairy Queen 1135 Bridge Street, attn
Manager. (3430-6tp)
REQUIRED – Law firm in the Kingston/
Greenwood area requires a legal assistant. Applicants must have good
reception and typing skills (Microsoft
Word) with related office experience.
Valid driver’s license and own vehicle
required. Only qualified candidates
will be contact for an interview. Your
cover letter with detailed resume to:
Proudfoot Law Office, Inc., P.O. Box
100, Greenwood, Nova Scotia, B0P
1N0, Attn: Gail. (3434-2tpb)
Barristers, Solicitors, Notaries
Chris Parker L.L.B
Ronald D. Richter
(B.A. Hon.), L.L.B.
Southgate Court,
Greenwood N.S.
Phone: 902-765-4992
Fax: 902-765-4120
“Serving the Western Valley Since 1977”
Church Musician
For Holy Trinity Anglican
Church, Middleton.
Play Yamaha Clavinova for
1 service per week plus 1
rehearsal per week, beginning
January 2014 or earlier.
Salary negotiable. Send
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Ride to remember
the Aurora | 14 Wing Greenwood, NS
September 16, 2013
Darren Williams,
2 CAV Fortress Europe
Over 100 bikers joined a ceremonial run from Digby to
Hebron, part of the annual Digby Wharf Rat Rally. Attention for the event surprised and moved many involved,
as people lined the route with flags, signs and vocal
With the Wharf Rat Rally in
full swing, the morning of August 31 started wet and rainy,
deterring many riders from
participating in the planned
ride to the Maple Groove Education Centre in Hebron to visit
the community Afghanistan
Memorial erected by Yarmouth
memorial club youth.
Still, 112 bikers showed up,
and the group departed Digby
at precisely 9:30 a.m., led by
an RCMP motorcycle, road
captain and ride coordinator
Darren “Willy” Williams, national Canadian Army Veterans
president Paul “Trapper” Cane,
members of the Canadian Army
Veterans, ride participants and
74th Crusaders members acting as the sweepers.
As soon as the group
reached Highway 101, the rain
stopped and the clouds started
to thin. The route extended to
exit 28, where riders followed
the French Shore Highway 1
route. Almost immediately,
riders were astounded to see
local residents lining the route,
waving Canadian flags and
Riders stand together after a successful run and service at the Afghanistan Memorial
in Hebron August 31.
cheering. There was not likely
a dry eye among riders when
we passed a retirement home
which had all its residents out
as the convoy passed, or the
vet who had to be in his 90s
wearing his maroon beret,
waving a Canada flag in one
hand and saluting with the
In Hebron, riders were
thrilled to see the memorial
club kids lining the drive into
the school holding Canadian
and Nova Scotia flags (each
Nova Scotia flag had the name
of one of the province’s 14
Afghan fallen embroidered
onto it). All were greeted by
a crowd made up of Silver
Cross families, MLAs, media
and local residents - well over
250 people in attendance. A
donation pail in front of the
monument raised close to
$500 for the memorial club
for its monument upkeep fund.
The dedication started almost to the moment the sun
actually broke out, and what
followed was a very moving
ceremony with singing of the
national anthem, speeches
from local MLAs, the memo-
rial club advisor, Joe Bishira;
CAV president Trapper and a
very moving speech by one of
the Silver Cross mothers. After
the speeches, Trapper gave out
some appreciation and dedication plaques to memorial club
After the ceremony, riders
and guests were cut loose to
make their own way back to
Digby or to take in the sights
around the Yarmouth area,
where many of the local businesses were offering discounts
to riders. All in all, a very successful and emotional day.
Toastmasters ready to talk to newcomers
Edward Wedler,
Annapolis Valley
Edie Murray, Christine Fernie and Edward Wedler hosted
the Annapolis Valley Toastmasters Club’s booth at this
year’s 14 Wing Greenwood
Wing Welcome in Greenwood
September 7. Wing Welcome
draws hundreds of new base
personnel and their families
to a fair that showcases clubs,
organizations and businesses
in the surrounding area.
The club handed out many
welcome packages to interested prospects, including a
Toastmaster magazine, the
club’s newsletter, a pamphlet
explaining Toastmasters, a
membership application and
a business-card sized personal
invitation to attend a meeting.
Members also had the chance
to discuss cross-club activities with others, including
the Greenwood Camera Club
about a joint meeting, where
both visual communication
and verbal communication
could be explored. They also
talked with an excited owner
of a local coffee shop about
hosting a regular soapboxstyle evening, where members of the community could
have their voice heard on any
topic of interest, whether it
be social, political, poetic,
oratorical or lyrical; entertaining, informative, motivational
or inspirational. An offer was
made to some groups to have
Toastmasters deliver speeches
of interest their members.
It is exhilarating when peo-
ple get excited about Toastmasters’ communication and
leadership programs to help
improve people public speaking skills. It is no accident
Toastmasters is “where leaders are made.” Annapolis
Valley Toastmasters meet
Tuesdays, 6:30 p.m. to 8
p.m., at the Birchall Training
Centre at 14 Wing Greenwood.
Guests and visitors are always
welcome to attend an evening
of fun and education. Visit
the club’s website at 8104. Club president Edie Murray explains Toastmasters.
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