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Click the image below to access our Ultimate Summer Ÿ
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Forget fall, brush off spring, and give winter the cold shoulder, because every
betch knows that ‘tis the season to take molly. It’s the time of year dedicated to
day drinking, scandalous outfit planning, and calling in sick. From Bonnaroo to
Lollapalooza, summer 2015 has plenty in store. Start pretending you’re a hippie
and grab the summer clothes from the back of your closet, because this festival
season just might be better than the holidays. Although we’re super sad that we already missed Coachella, here are our 6 picks
of the music festivals that anybody who’s anybody will be attending.
Electric Daisy Carnival Ÿ June 19-21
Las Vegas, NV
Headliners: Alesso, Kaskade, Tiesto, Calvin
Harris, Dada Life, Above & Beyond
Firefly Ÿ June 18-21 Ÿ Dover, DE
Across North America
Headliners: Varies by city
Moonrise Festival Ÿ August 8-9
Headliners: Kings of Leon, The Killers,
Morrissey, Snoop Dogg
Baltimore, MD
Headliners: Bassnector, Dillon Francis,
Above & Beyond, Cash Cash, Porter Robinson
Lollapalooza Ÿ July 31-August 2
TomorrowWorld Ÿ September 25-27
Chicago, IL
Headliners: Paul McCartney, Metallica,
Florence + The Machine, Sam Smith
Warped Tour Ÿ June 19-August 8
Chattahoochee Hills, GA
Headliners: All Gone Pete Tong, It’s a Trap!,
ATL, Future House Ÿ
ŸFanny pack - Because the 90’s are always in style and it’s impossible
to enjoy yourself while holding shit.
ŸMetallic tattoos - Trust us, you will feel severely out of place if you
ŸHats - Bucket, snapback, floppy, whatever. If it blocks the sun you will
be eternally grateful.
ŸSupportive bikini tops - Because shirts are overrated and nip slips
are unnecessary.
ŸSelfie stick - It’s better than asking strangers to find the good lighting
for you. Do it for the insta.
ŸPortable phone charger - There’s nothing worse than killing your
roll with the 5% blues.
ŸWaterproof makeup - You will sweat, and you will be sprayed. By
what, we can’t say, but it’s always good to give your face a firm shield.
ŸSPF lip balm + sunscreen + bug spray - The only enemy fiercer
than the burning sun is the biting mosquito.
ŸMini deodorant - Because other people smell bad enough, you don’t
need to also.
ŸBand-aids for blisters - No matter how comfy your neon kicks,
you’re still going to get blisters.
ŸJewels + eyelash glue - This is your one chance to get blingy and be
socially acceptable, and we suggest you take it.
ŸPortable snacks - Fainting is only unsightly and embarrassing in
front of thousands of people.
ŸKleenex packs - The port-a-potty will run out of toilet paper, and you
will be laughing at all the losers in line.
ŸA marker to identify your group - Whether it’s a whistle,
bejeweled sign, or unsightly hand gesture, make sure you have
something in place in order to find your friends. Just don’t lose your
group. Don’t do it.
ŸCash - Two words: food trucks.
ŸBaby powder - If you chafe, this is your holy water.
ŸDurable phone case - You wouldn’t let your baby go on a roller
coaster without a seatbelt on, would you?
ŸExtra hair things - You don’t want to be asking a dirty stranger to
By: Hannah Chubb Ÿ
(Answer: probably not forever.)
He’s the one who you stick around, drag to social gatherings, and advertise in all of
your snap chat stories. If you could, you’d spend every day with him. But when your
friends curiously pose the question: “So, what, are you guys dating?” you don’t
exactly need Patti Stanger’s dating advice to know you’re probably kidding yourself.
Because here’s the thing about summer: it’s drenched with noncommittal. That’s
why people love it so much. However, that gets a little complicated when a guy steps
into the picture. As we all know, people love to label things. Nerds, jocks,
hipsters, gay, straight, the girls who eat their feelings. So of course they want to label
a relationship.
To be clear: the definition of “fling” is different for everyone and isn’t always a
negative. Even so, it makes it easier to go on with your relationship if you yourself
have come to terms with how you define it. So, is it a fling?
you only hang out at parties, concerts, or bars…he’s a fling. He’s constantly
inviting you out, and the drinks are always on him. At first you think it’s sweet, until
daylight comes around and you never hear from him again. If you never see him in the
sunlight, either you’ve been swapping spit with a vampire, or he’s a fling.
If you avoid talking future plans…he’s a fling. You don’t need Miss Cleo’s crystal
ball to know there’s no future.
If you don’t know his friends…he’s a fling. It’s not that he openly refuses to
introduce you, but the subject never seems to come up. Or he doesn’t have any friends.
We’re not sure which is worse.
If you avoid letting him see you get emotional…he’s a fling. Even in this
wonderful little world we call summer, bad things can happen. When “shit hits the fan,”
you avoid telling him about it. It’s not that you’re embarrassed, the thought just never
occurs. Your mindset is “He wouldn't care, it’s not his problem.”
If he talks about other girls…he’s a fling. Sometimes it’s clear things have become
too casual when he brings up the hot waitress at his favorite restaurant. Often times, a
fling will come to you for advice on how to get a girl, without knowing it might affect
you it a not-so-nice way.
If he doesn’t treat you with respect… you get the picture.
By: Mallory Arnold Ÿ
How To Sweat-Proof Your Summer Look
We all have a love-hate-borderline-worshipping relationship with the summer
sun. Who can complain about beach days, tanning, and an opportunity to wear
basically nothing? But as the temperatures rise, makeup begins to melt. It
took some research, but there are definitely ways to make it to 3pm without
transforming into a raccoon. And we’re here to tell you what they are.
Use a toner Ÿ If you have oily or combination skin, using a toner with salicylic
acid after washing your face will clean your pores without drying out your skin
too much, helping you minimize or reduce breakouts and clogged pores.
Moisturize with SPF Ÿ Need I say it? Cancer isn’t chic. Most moisturizers
will offer some SPF protection, so be sure to lather on some form of sunscreen
to keep your skin from becoming leather.
Use a primer Ÿ A BB cream will also work well as a lighter cover. The primer
will bind your foundation to your skin, sealing in your look. You can also use a
primer on your eyelids if you’re using eye shadow.
Set with mineral powder Ÿ Get rid of shine by dusting mineral powder over
your foundation. This will give you a finished look, and help to absorb any
excess moisture on your skin.
Finish using a makeup setting spray Ÿ A setting spray is the finishing
touch that will lock in your look. It will prevent makeup from fading, melting,
or creasing, even after a few hours in heat.
Use waterproof mascara and eyeliner Ÿ You don’t need to splurge on
mascara, just buy the waterproof variety of your favorite brand. It will stay in
place all day without streaking.
Carry blotting papers Ÿ If all else fails, blotting papers will be your best
friends this summer. They erase any extra shine while leaving your makeup in
So go forth, betches, and enjoy your summer looks, without the shine of sweat.
By: Annie Rubin Ÿ
Bikini Waxes Are The Least Fun A Girl Has Naked
Summer: the season of sunglasses, sundresses and sex in the sun. Do you know what
all of those have in common? They are all made much less attractive when excess
body hair is involved. Every girl knows by her 15th birthday that waxing is the best
and the worst pain of being a woman in the western world. It’s like losing those
last couple of pounds, or getting ready for the bar: it fucking sucks until you get the
final product, then nothing (and I mean, not even that guy ignoring your text) can
bring you down.
Why do we do it? No one knows. Not even your mom. Especially not the guy you’re
hooking up with, because he actually really enjoys your body in the state it was in
when you were a child. He’s not about to explain why and you’re not about to ask.
But really, why waxing as oppose to shaving? There are other, less terrifying
ways to rid your body of the absolutely useless hair. But all betches know everything
but waxing is a waste of time. It lasts longer, it makes us as smooth as we were
straight out of the womb, and tbh, the adrenaline from ripping little hairs out of our
body beats our venti Americano any day.
Your expectation is that you have a waxist who also happens to be your BFF. The
reality? You only had a ten-minute break from work and you found the closest
salon. The wax is hot as hell. The staggering pain that comes from millions of your
hairs being pulled out of your body ALL AT ONCE makes you want to transport
your body to that weird 3-dimensional wonderland Matthew McConaughey ends up
at in that fucked up space movie. The weirdest part is that you smile through your
tightlipped grimace, thank the wax lady for basically ruining your day and then pay
her a ridiculous amount for her services. Ugh, I need a drink just thinking about it.
Like they always say: no risk, no reward. You got rid of that soul patch you’ve
been rocking as protection from the winter cold and you are good to go. Every postwax betch has considered wearing their bodysuit sans pants to the bar, Miley style.
And why wouldn’t you? The WORLD has to appreciate the new clean beauty
In short – waxes suck the MOST, but we adore them. If you haven’t taken this
risk, and you’ve never reaped this reward, you are not a true betch. Report back
when you have lost your wax-inity. Happy bikini (wax) season!
By: Meghan Collie Ÿ
Before we get into how exactly you’re going to sweat out that freshman 15 this
summer, it’s important to keep in mind that staying in shape this summer can be
rewarding for both your mental and physical health. But mostly for your waistline,
because no one actually goes to the beach to see a whale.
1. Be “Spiritual”
Teach yourself yoga. Yoga is a fantastic way to begin a workout because it
prepares your body both mentally and physically. Stretching can make all the
difference with flexibility and reducing muscle pain. Plus, you can easily do
yoga at home, meaning no yoga class snobs critiquing your down dog.
2. Social Workouts
Try getting some of your guy friends to play a sport with you. They probably
won’t, but it’s fun to pretend. Competition is always good motivation.
3. Go clubbing
Dancing with your besties at a club can actually be a great workout. But this is
where a true test of your discipline comes into play. Remember, only vodka
soda to keep calories down.
4. Try something new
Try something spontaneous like white water rafting or rock climbing. Just a
few hours of white water rafting could burn over 300 calories per hour on
average, and that pretty much involves just sitting in a raft. 5. Work out during commercials
No need to leave the house. Do as many crunches and push ups you can do
before your show comes back on, or see if you can do wall sits while brushing
your teeth every day. Try using that 2L of Diet Coke as a free weight instead of
drinking it... no pain no gain, right?
6. Destination workouts
Hiking works your glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, abdominals,
obliques, and lower back. Go hiking with friends or on a date. You could rock
some cute work out clothes, watch the sunset, and then insta it for all your
worthy followers #fitlife.
By: Rachel Connell Ÿ
Instead of the classic mixed drink, who says you can't kick it up a notch and get
your buzz from popsicles? So don't be the boring friend who brings the six-pack of
Coronas this summer.
French 75
12 oz. Of your favorite champagne
4 oz. Of your favorite gin
4 oz. Simple syrup (can be bought in stores or recipes found online)
3 oz. Fresh squeezed lemon juice
Combine all ingredients in a bowl. Pour into popsicle molds and freeze.
1 cup sliced strawberries, ½ cup blueberries, ½ cup red raspberries
1 bottle of your favorite fruity red wine
1 cup lemon lime soda, 1 cup orange juice
1 shot brandy
In a blender mix strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries. In a bowl, whisk together
the berry puree with all of the liquid ingredients. Pour into popsicle mold and freeze.
Tipsy Tequila Sunrise
2 cups pineapple juice
1 pound pineapple: peeled and pureed
¾ cup tequila (gold or silver)
¼ cup grenadine
Mix all of the ingredients except the grenadine. Pour the mixture into the popsicle
mold. Leave room at the top for one teaspoon of grenadine. Add the grenadine,
freeze and enjoy.
Peach Sangria Poptail
• 1 cup white wine, 3 tablespoons Grand Marnier (or substitute with orange
• 2/3 cup peach juice, 1 Tablespoon freshly squeezed lime juice
• ¼ cup club soda
• 1 and 1/3 cups diced peaches and strawberries
Put diced fruit into popsicle molds. Mix all liquid ingredients together and pour over
diced fruit. Freeze and get drunk!
By: Molly Krause Ÿ

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