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Patient Documentation Module
EZ Notes Patient Documentation Module is Ready!
Implementation Required by October 1st, 2011
For HITECH Act Participation
HSWorx is pleased to incorporate the best-selling patient
documentation system, EZNotes, into its robust patient
management and billing system.
By partnering with the incredible team at EZ Notes,
HealthSource was able to shape the software to follow your
patient flow and care models. HSWorx brings everything
together with synergy!
There are no duplicated charges or patient data. Patient and
billing data flow seamlessly between HSWorx and EZ Notes.
After the HealthSource doctor sees the patient and indicates
the services for the day, the data will be automatically
queued to theHSWorx Charge Entry Wizard!
EZnotes was designed:
To save doctor and staff
valuable time.
To increase office profits.
To promote patient
To avoid litigation.
To provide accurate record
keeping for HIPAA.
For More Information:
(888) 505-6961 or
Save Time, Save Money
Save the Environment
Go Paperless
Patient Documentation Module
The HSWorx EZ notes Difference!
This patient documentation system is 3 years in the
making…here’s what makes it different than any
other system on the market:
Custom Development - The daily note, examination
form, and treatment plan are all based on the paper
documentation system that has made HealthSource
the chiropractic leader in the area of documentation.
Compliance - The documentation required to
demonstrate medical necessity is specific and MUST
be followed to the letter. Input from multiple
compliance sources are utilized in the creation of
each element within the system.
Flexibility/Adaptability - The system can be utilized
for a variety of techniques and can be customized!
Updates are done as often as needed to make it work
seamlessly for HealthSource offices.
Completeness - All elements of documentation are
included. This includes everything from the patient
history and examination to Specific Objective
Measurable Goals, pictures and descriptions of
orthopedic tests, and much more!
For Immediate Release:
The HSWorx Paperless Office Suite (HSPO)
has been designed to completely automate
the storage of all paper-related data in your
office. HSPO includes:
Patient Documentation EZ Notes Module
Your fully CCHIT certified Patient notes
system completely designed for the special
needs of the HS office and integrated with
Scan and Attach Module
Upload and Scan ALL your office paperwork.
Store by Patient, Vendor, Employee, or
Check-In Module
Your patients will check-in with this module
at your front desk. Updates your Schedule
Today's tab, captures their photo, and
updates their communication options. Save
time and money.
HSWorx EZ Notes received its CCHIT certification and
makes it eligible for HITECH Act Participation!
Save Time, Save Money
Save the Environment
Go Paperless