nceca seattle 2012 exhibition guide



nceca seattle 2012 exhibition guide
There are over 190 exhibitions in the region mounted to coincide with the NCECA conference. We offer
excursions, shuttles, and coordinated openings by neighborhood, where possible. Read this document on line or print it out. It is dense
with information and we hope it will make your experience in Seattle fulfilling. Questions: [email protected]
NCECA Shuttles and Excursions
Consider booking excursions or shuttles to explore 2012 NCECA Exhibitions throughout the Seattle region.
Excursions are guided and participants ride one bus with a group and leader and make many short stops.
Tue, Mar 27
Tue, Mar 27
Tue, Mar 27
Wed, Mar 28
Wed, Mar 28
Wed, Mar 28
8:30 am
8:30 am
2:00 pm
9:00 am
1:30 pm
9:00 am
Ret. Time
5:30 pm
5:30 pm
7:00 pm
12:45 pm
6:15 pm
6:15 pm
Destination/ Route
Bellevue & Kirkland
Northwest Seattle
Northeast Seattle
Northwest/Northeast Seattle
combo ticket
Departure Point
Sheraton Seattle (Union Street side)
Sheraton Seattle (Union Street side)
Convention Center
Convention Center
Convention Center
Convention Center
*All* excursion tickets must be purchased in advance by Tuesday, March 13. Excursions with fewer than 15 riders booked may be
cancelled. If cancelled, those holding reservations will be offered their choice of a refund or transfer to another excursion.
Overview of shuttles to NCECA exhibitions and CIE openings
Shuttles drive planned routes stopping at individual venues or central points in gallery dense areas.
All Shuttles depart from and return to the Washington State Convention Center.
Tue, Mar 27
Dep. Time
1:00 pm
Ret. Time
8:30 pm
Destination/ Route
Pioneer Square/Seattle Design Center
Wed, Mar 28
10:00 am
5:30 pm
Inner Circle
Wed, Mar 28
10:00 am
5:30 pm
Pioneer Square/Seattle Design Center
Thurs., Mar 29
4:30 pm
8:30 pm
Inner Circle (receptions)
Thurs., Mar 29
6:00 pm
8:30 pm
Fri, Mar 30
4:30 pm
8:30 pm
Bellevue & Kirkland
(Push Play reception at BAM)
Seattle Design Center (receptions)
Fri, Mar 30
5:30 pm
8:30 pm
University of Washington
(NCECA NSJE and other receptions)
Price/ Purchase Deadline
$20 by 3/23/12
$25 on-site
$20 by 3/23/12
$25 on-site
$20 by 3/23/12
$25 on-site
$20 by 3/23/12
$25 on-site
$20 by 3/23/12
$25 on-site
$20 by 3/23/12
$25 on-site
$20 by 3/23/12
$25 on-site
On your own….
Seattle is very urban and parking anywhere in the city is a challenge. Your best bet to cover a lot of ground is walking or public
transportation. No shuttles are planned to centrally located galleries, museums, outdoor piers, and theaters with exhibition facilities.
Busses, monorail, bus tunnel service are all available. Taxis need to be called, not hailed, except at hotels. Most busses stop on 3rd
Ave between Seneca and Pike…on Third Avenue or below the street in the Bus Tunnel. The monorail starts at 5th near Pine. Look UP
to find it.
NCECA 2012 Exhibition Guide as 3/12/2012
Page 1
How to Read the Exhibition Guide: the Legend
CIEs or Concurrent Independent Exhibitions are represented in red. CIEs result from submissions in response to a call for proposals
centered on the theme of the Annual Conference. These exhibitions are often small group shows involving artists who, although
working far apart from one another, are conceptually or stylistically aligned. The exhibitions listed as CIEs were successful in a
rigorous screening process that assessed the exhibitions’ articulated goals and concepts, and visuals representative of the artists’
works. As a result, NCECA’s On-Site Liaisons and members of the Seattle Host Committee worked tirelessly and creatively to secure
suitable venues for these exhibitions.
A thumbs-up icon
is being employed in the 2012 Exhibition Guide to designate exhibitions that did not necessarily go through
the CIE process but have been identified by NCECA’s On-Site Liaisons to be particularly interesting, provocative or noteworthy.
Making judgments about art exhibitions is often a highly personal experience contingent upon taste and prior knowledge. If you have
limited time to devote in a particular area, and welcome guidance from NCECA’s regional experts, you might find this symbol helpful
in focusing your exhibition tour efforts.
M is being used to designate exhibitions that have been produced by curators or curatorial teams of museums in the Seattle region and
are in a box. Through its annual conference, NCECA hopes to focus the region’s entire arts community on the vibrancy and diversity
of ceramic arts. Through their communications, efforts, and deep roots in cultural communities, museums help make ceramic works
accessible to a broad base of the regional community and cultural tourists, in addition to those predisposed to attend a ceramics
conference. In this manner, their involvement in the conference is critical to raising awareness of ceramic arts while presenting the
works to professional standards often accompanied with supporting educational content.
The designation NCIS is used for shows that have No Ceramics but art in Interesting exhibition Spaces. Thus NCIS.
Thank you to our major exhibition sponsors
Windgate Charitable Foundation
Utmost thanks to the exhibiting artists for sharing their
vision, skill, invention and resourcefulness.
NCECA is pleased to have so many artists, institutions and independent curators contribute to the exhibition program in celebration of the
46th annual NCECA conference in Seattle… artists, curators, or gallerists. All efforts have been made to assure information presented in
this document and others is complete and accurate and within the limits of volunteers, staff and technology as well as other publications and
their deadlines. Please email us at [email protected] with any concerns.
NCECA 2012 Exhibition Guide as 3/12/2012
Page 2
Exhibitions by Location
Part 1 - Seattle
Washington State Convention Center
Seattle: Within Walking Distance
Very near the Sheraton Hotel and the Convention Center
Pioneer Square
Excursion on Tuesday, departs Convention Center 2:00pm; returns 7:00pm;
Bellevue/Kirkland Shuttle on Thursday evening reception shuttle runs
6:00pm-9:00pm, separate ticket needed
Greater Area
Excursion on Tuesday, departs Sheraton Seattle 8:30am; returns 5:30pm
Excursion on Tuesday, departs Sheraton Seattle 8:30am; returns 5:30pm
including Capitol Hill, West Seattle, and South of Downtown
Variety of locations, but all not connected to each other by public transportation
Part 2 - Regional
Excursion on Wednesday, departs Convention Center, 9:00am; returns 12:45pm
Variety of locations, but all not connected to each other by public transportation
Greater Seattle
Excursion on Wednesday, departs Convention Center 1:30pm; returns 6:15pm.
Additional shuttle service Friday 4:30-9:00pm for receptions. Separate ticket is required.
Variety of locations, but all not connected to each other by public transportation
Northwest Seattle
Shuttle departs Convention Center for the Seattle Design Center Tue 1:00-9:00pm
and Wed 10:00am-6:00pm
Seattle Design Center is a two building complex located at 5701 Sixth Ave S.,
enter under the overpass on Orcas between 5th Ave S. and 6th Ave S. or
from the parking lot or parking garage.
On city bus lines, free off-street parking
Northeast Seattle
Shuttle service departs Washington State Convention Center running Wed 10am-6pm;
Thu reception shuttle service 4:30-9:00pm
Variety of locations, all downtown but not connected to each other by public transportation
Seattle Design Center
Shuttle departs Washington State Convention Center Tue 1:00-9:00pm
and Wed 10:00am-6:00pm
Also on city bus lines and easy to walk
Inner Circle
Within driving distance for self guided excursion
Special Events at Museums and Colleges
On the Internet
NCECA 2012 Exhibition Guide as 3/12/2012
Page 3
Washington State Convention Center
Kolva-Sullivan Ceramic Collection, Fifty varied and adventuresome works in clay drawn from a private collection. While
Jim Kolva and Pat Sullivan have long been closely involved with the contemporary regional and national ceramics
movement, their personal collection, compiled over more than three decades, has never before been publicly presented.
This exhibition will offer insight into their interests and methods as collectors as well as their role as patrons and
benefactors, and will feature work both by celebrated masters and lesser-known artists. Curated by Peggy Weiss and
Margaret Ford, “Kolva and Sullivan are the founders and proprietors of Kolva/Sullivan Gallery in Spokane, which presents
the work of ceramic artists and visiting artists from the Archie Bray Foundation for the Ceramic Arts. They also sponsor the
Trackside Studio, hosting resident ceramic artists on a continuing basis. Gallery and studio are located in a large Spokane
warehouse which also houses the Kolva/Sullivan residence. Jim Kolva is a former board member and an active volunteer
with the Archie Bray Foundation.
This exhibition is supported in part by the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation and by the Mayor’s Office of Arts and Cultural
Seattle Collects Clay, Michael Lucero, Akio Takamori, Robert Sperry, Kinu Watanabe, Julie Lindell, Ellie Fernald,
Margared Ford, Howard Kottler, Robert Milnes, Patti Warashina, Joyce Moty, Gerald Newcomb, Gloria Dearcangelis, Ann
Gardner, Deborah Horrell, Debra Sherwood, Patrick Siler, Robert Fornell, Richard Notkin, Glenda Scott, Joellyn Rock,
Charles Krafft...and others. Ceramic works from the Seattle and King County portable works collections. Curated by
Deborah Paine, Esther Luttikhuizen.
Akio Takamori, Duet, 2009, Lithograph and collage on photographic ink jet print, 30 x 34 inches
Courtesy of the artist and James Harris Gallery, Seattle
Marks:Sculptors Drawing, Claudia Fitch, Charles Krafft, Anne Hirondelle, Brian R. Jones, Jeffry Mitchell, Alwyn
O’Brien, Patrick Siler, Akio Takamori, Jamie Walker, and Patti Warashina. Drawings and ceramics by ten distinguished
artists from the Pacific Northwest. Curated by Vicki Halper, “Each artist has a mini-installation focusing on the relationship
between their three-dimensional and graphic work. Charles Krafft, for example, exhibits his Disasterware riffs on Delft
china; Patti Warashina sketches lunatic phases of the moon on a set of platters and Alwyn O’Brien makes dimensional
drawings with clay coils”.
This exhibition is supported in part by the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation and by the Mayor’s Office of Arts and Cultural
Above shows: Jan 26-April 9, Mon-Sun 6:30am-10:30pm.
NCECA 2012 Exhibition Guide as 3/12/2012
Page 4
Room 606-609
NCECA Gallery Expo, Exceptional finished ware from top national galleries 18 Hands, Dolphin Song, Lill Street Center,
John Natsoulas Gallery, Peter Olsen Gallery, Red Lodge Clay Center, and work from NCECA’s 2012 Emerging
*Special recognition to the Windgate Charitable Foundation for supporting the Emerging Artist program.
From the Dragon's Fire. Contemporary ceramics by renowned artists from China organized by Li Chao of West Virginia
University and Jingdezhen Ceramics Institute. The exhibition premiered at the Shared Journeys II symposium held at the
Creative Arts Center of West Virginia University in October 2011 and is traveling to different sites in the U.S. through 2012.
NCECA Emerging Artists: selected by national competition
NCECA Project Spaces: six artists creating edgy interactive time-based works in clay,
All shows: Mar 27-30, Tue, 6:30-8pm; Wed & Thu 9am-6pm; Fri 9am-5pm. Reception Mar 27, 6:30-8pm.
Room 618-620
Fifteenth Annual National K-12 Ceramic Exhibition,
Juried by Louis Katz, organized by Leah Schlief-Freese and The National K12 Ceramic Exhibition Foundation, Inc. Mar 2831, Wed 10am-6pm; Thu 10am-5pm; Fri 10am-4pm. Reception Mar 28, 4:30-5:30pm.
Resource Hall
Potters Council 2012 Exhibition: The Chromatic Edge, David Bogus, Ginny Conrow, Kevin Crowe, Amy Evans, Mark
Goudy, Douglas Gray, Seth Green, Jennifer Hill, Meredith Host, Terri Kern, Peter Pincus, Jeremy Randall, Charan Sachar,
Adrian Sandstrom, Jan Schachter, Kathleen Standen, Robin Stark, Sandra Torres, Bryan Van Benschoten, and Rimas
VisGirda. From the Potters Council membership, a group exhibition of edges and contacts between colors that can generate
emotion, create meaning single-handedly, or change what we think we understand. Color gives the “edge” to ceramists that
use it well. Co-curated by Jennifer Harnetty and Robbie Lobell,
“A showcase of color in thoughtful, subtle, bold, or innovative ways….that examines and explores the use of color in it dramatic, thought-provoking, and from the periphery of our endeavor right to the center”.
Mar 28-30, Wed & Thu 9am-5pm; Fri 8:30am-4:30pm.
NCECA 2012 Exhibition Guide as 3/12/2012
Page 5
Seattle: Within Walking Distance
ACT Theatre, 700 Union St, Seattle, 98101, 206-292-7660 x1310
Window Fronts
Identity and Landscape, Akiko Jackson and Kristin Schimik An installation of site-specific sculpture by Akiko Jackson
and Kristin Schimik located at the ACT Theatre window fronts in Seattle, Washington. Utilizing clay and mixed-media to
activate space, the artists will work with form, contrast, and absence, to engage viewers with a changing line of sight from
both the exterior and interior of the building.
Mar 26-Apr 26.
Poncho Room
Artstream Nomadic Gallery 2012 Tour: North America Studio Potters Exhibition and Sale, and on-site Barista with "the
Great Wall of Cups: 2012. Buy a cup, get bottomless coffee all week!! Jennifer Allen, Avi Arenfeld, Christa Assad, Mary
Barringer, Peter Beseacker, Andy Brayman, Doug Browe, Steven Colby, Michael Connelly, Josh DeWeese, Sanam Emami,
Julia Galloway, Lyla Goldstein, Sam Harvey, Ayumi Horie, Simon Levin, Andrew Martin, Ryan McKerley, Lorna Meaden,
Alleghany Meadows, Lisa Orr, Mark Pharis, Beth Robinson, Daniel Recardo Teran, Tara Wilson, Lilly Zuckerman.
Featuring a body of work by 26 nationally recognized and emerging potters. Mar 28-31, Wed-Fri 9am-6pm; Sat 9am-2pm.
Busters Room
Santa Fe Clay Presents: La Mesa. A National Invitational Dinnerware Exhibition of 150 place settings in a spectacular
banquet table display. Mar 28-31, Wed-Fri 9am-6pm; Sat 9am-2pm.
Seattle Art Museum, 1300 First Ave, Seattle, 98101, 206-654-3224
Here and Now, Michelle Erickson, Brendan Tang, Toshiko Takaezu,
Patti Warashina, Akio Takamori, and others. Highlighting recent
acquisitions to SAM’s permanent collection, this focused exhibit brings
together contemporary ceramics by Michelle Erickson and Brendan
Tang, whose interest in bridging the past and present as well as sampling
visual histories of Eastern and Western cultures are realized in these two
newly acquired hybrid vessels. In addition, recent works to the
collection by Ron Nagle and the late Toshiko Takaezu will be on view.
Co-curated by Julie Emerson and Marisa Sánchez, “Visitors to SAM will
also discover a selection of ceramics interspersed in the European Art
and the Ancient collection galleries, and in the special exhibition
'Gauguin & Polynesia: An Elusive Paradise'.” Jan 21-Jun 17, Sun, Tue,
Wed, Sat 10am-5pm; Thu & Fri 10am-9pm.
Admission to SAM permanent collections free with NCECA badge.
Additional fee and timed tickets required for the special exhibition: Gaugin and Polynesia.
Above: Koi Junk, 2009, Porcelain, colored earthenware (known as agateware), indigenous
clays, underglaze decoration in manganese and cobalt, overglaze enamel digital transfer print
12 ½ x 11 inches, Michelle Erickson , American, born 1960, Seattle Art Museum.
Howard Kottler Endowment for Ceramic Art, 2011.23, Copyright: Michelle Erickson. Photo:
Gavin Ashworth, NY
Lower r.: Manga Ormolu version 5.0-h, 2010, Ceramics, mixed media, 16 1/4 x 11 x 7 1/2
inches, Brendan Lee Satish Tang, Canadian, born in Ireland, 1975, Seattle Art Museum.
Margaret E. Fuller Purchase Fund, 2011.27
Copyright: Brendan Tang. Photo: Brendan Tang
NCECA 2012 Exhibition Guide as 3/12/2012
Page 6
ART/NOT TERMINAL: SubT Gallery, 2045 Westlake Ave, Seattle, 98121, 206-233-0680
Bridging the Gap, Matt Allison, Bruce Amstutz, Joseph
Batt, Colleen Gallagher, Larry Halvorsen, Liza Halvorsen,
Lars Husby, Thom Lee, Rick Mahaffey, Dan Neish, Reid
Ozaki, Sam Scott, Jane Stone, Melissa Tomlinson-Newell,
William Vokolek, Marie Weichman. Unique works by 15
artists representing eight community colleges from around
the Puget Sound area. Organized by Marie Weichman,
(Work right)
“Puget Sound has been home to artists working in clay for
decades. Some have spent a lifetime of focus on function while others focus on process. And some educate. Many of those
talented ceramists are teaching new generations of clay-based artists in community colleges all over the Puget Sound area.
For decades they quietly share the knowledge, passion and enrichment that was passed down to them. Among these
educators are artists who take their students to other parts of the world or put them on a path to self-enrichment by helping
them become self-sustaining artists. Others pass on regionally ethnic traditions that have become the heart of the Pacific
Mar 3-Apr 4, Sun 1:30-5pm; Mon & Wed 11am-6pm; Tue, Thu, Fri 11am-9pm; Sat 1-6pm. Reception
Mar 29, 6-9pm.
Barnes & Noble, 7th & Pine, Seattle, 98101, 206-264-0402
Disambiguous: Drifters, Paul Metivier. Installation of human heads. “The physiognomy of each piece is translated
through the faces of family, friends, and strangers. I rely on the surface to conclude each piece and trust that the viscerally
carved clay diverts the origins of the material giving each piece its own tale of creation and demise”. Ongoing, Mon-Thu
9am-10pm; Fri-Sun 9am-11pm.
Barney's Window, Pacific Place- 600 Pine St, Seattle, 98101, 206-622-6300
Soybeans/Edamame/Mao dou/Grain de Soja, Beth Lo. Shown left, these porcelain
plates tell stories we all know. “This piece makes reference to a child's first exposure to
numbers and learning to count. It is also about food and hunger, worldwide. Each of the
porcelain plates uses texts in of different languages, and images of soybeans ( a staple of
foods in many cultures) in increasing numbers”. Ongoing
4 for 3, Eric Newman, Mark Strom, Gretchen Siegrist.
Be Luminous Yoga Studio, 900 Lenora St, Seattle, 98121
Clover House, 900 Lenora St, Seattle, 98121
Scraps Dog Bakery, 900 Lenora St, Seattle, 98121
Whole Foods, Westlake, 2210 Westlake Ave, Seattle, 98121
Four shops display ware of three potters chosen to augment the aesthetic of each space: yoga studio; pet accessory store; gift
shop; flower department. Organized by Eric Newman, “We wish to explore the perceived boundary (edge) between the
discrete grouping of a show's objects and its surrounding retail venue. In fact, we
hope that a careful choosing of the objects erases (or at least blurs) the edge
separating shop from show.” Mar 24-Apr 1, Mon-Thu 9am-9pm; Fri 9am-7pm;
Sat 9am-6pm; Sun 11am-6pm. Reception Mar 26, 5-7pm.
Right: Single cup. Mark Strom, Bird Cups: Gretchen Siegrist; Pet Urn, Eric
NCECA 2012 Exhibition Guide as 3/12/2012
Page 7
Facere Jewelry Art Gallery, 1420 Fifth Ave, #108, Seattle, 98101, 206-624-6768
CIE A Feast of Beads, Megan Bogonovich, Pattie Chalmers, Kristen
Cliffel, Debra Fritts, Leah Hardy, Linda Huey, Jacqueline Johnson
Hughes, Nicole Jacquard, Yevginaya Kaganovich, Randy Long,
Karen T. Massaro, Jenny Mendes, Kathryn Narrow, Joan TakayamaOgawa, Claudia Tarantino, Billie Jean Theide, Joanie Turbek, Blake
Jamison Williams. Exceptional ceramic jewelry by ceramic artists
and jewelers. Curated by Gail M. Brown, “Ceramics as body
adornment is as old as history and can be as new as today. The pairing
of clay and beads is an ever-enticing fit. Beads can have limitless
forms, personalities and possibilities. The tactile nature of the material
and the form equally entices our touch: as makers, wearers and
Above: Karen Massaro, porcelain with onyx beads, 20.5" in length. Photo credit: Paul Schraub
Mar 27-Apr 16, Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 10am-6pm; Tue 10am-7pm; Sun 12-5pm. Reception Mar 27, 4-7pm.
Fancy, 1914 2nd Ave, Seattle, 98101, 206-956-2945
Cascadia Now!, Charles Krafft, Jeffry Mitchell, Jesse Edwards, Garth Johnson, Aaron Murray, Kristen Loffer Theiss, Zoe
Garred, Erich Ginder, Kate Greiner, Chris Theiss, Claire Cowie, Garrick Druss, Matthew Cox. A group exhibition from a
mythical place in the future. Organized by Arron Murray, “Although Cascadia is a mythical place, this show represents a
variety of artists who live in what would be considered Cascadia at large. This show of the humor, history, and nature of
contemporary northwest culture into a place called Cascadia”. Mar 2-Apr 5, Tue-Sat 12-6pm. Reception Mar 30, 6-9pm.
{far4}, 1020 First Ave, Seattle, 98104, 206-621-8831
Disasterware, Charles Krafft. Delft inspired porcelain pieces by Charles Krafft that will stretch, confuse and insult the
viewer's imagination. Co-curated by Jenny Klimenkoff and Yuri Silagin. Note: this gallery will also have additional
surprises and treats to boggle the imagination, in design and aesthetic realms. Ongoing, Sun 12-5pm; Mon-Sat 10am-6pm;
Tue 10am-9pm. Reception Mar 27, 10am-9pm.
Friesen Abmeyer Fine Art, 1210 Second Ave, Seattle, 98101, 206-628-9501
Re-Objectification, Christa Assad and Jessica Hess. These artists examine the re-interpretation
and re-contextualization of objects and icons of American Industry. Assad brings urban detritus to
the level of monumental beauty.
r. Assad: Painted Wood Burner.
Jason Walker-Painted Porcelain. Superbly crafted and finely painted porcelain sculptures
confront environmental issues head-on. Walker's highly imaginative work is playful and disturbing
all at once- drawing the viewer in with bright colors and intriguing characters before surprising them
with what they find within the painted narratives.
below: Capsized.
Above two shows organized by Friesen Abmeyer Fine Art
and Ferrin Gallery
Ann Mallory-Casings and Contemplation Vessels Drawing heavily from
nature, Ann Mallory's ceramic sculptures provoke reflection. Microcosms
become monumental as Mallory borrows imagery from
insects and eddies in her deeply meditative work.
l. Casing 43.
Organized by Jonathan Wood.
Three shows above: Mar 22-Apr 21, Tue-Sat 10:30am-5:30pm; Thu 10:30am-8pm. Reception Mar 29, 5-8pm.
NCECA 2012 Exhibition Guide as 3/12/2012
Page 8
Lisa Harris Gallery, 1922 Pike Pl, Seattle, 98101, 206-443-3315
Remnants, Dane Youngren. Paintings and ceramic sculptures. Architectural and
industrial in nature, these pieces reflect our built environment and the traces of wooden
structures once useful turned obsolete.
l. Dane Youngren
“There is a certain beauty we find in older structures as they reference the picturesque,
idealized landscape as well as the ruin. This type of fascination and initial captivation
with beauty is interrupted by a forlorn and melancholic aura of the work where there is
evidence of destruction and abandonment”.
Mar 27-Apr 7, Mon-Sat 10:30am-5:30pm; Sun 11am-4:00pm. Reception Mar 29, 4-7pm.
Mithun, Pier 56, 1201 Alaskan Way, #200, Seattle, 98101, 206-623-3344
Pots on the Pier, Adam Helenske, Noah Riedel, John Arnold Taylor. New and smart pots and presentations by three artists
working at Pottery Northwest. Mon-Fri 9am-5pm.
Jeffrey Moose Gallery, 1333 Fifth Ave, Rainier Square,
Second Level, Seattle, 98101, 206-467-6951
Instrumental Divide / Mariachis, George Rodriguez.
Nine large ceramic musicians assembled into a curved
wall in the lobby on the second level of the Rainier
Tower lobby. On loan from Alison and Glen Milliman,
courtesy of Foster-White Gallery.
“In my family, the mariachi is a symbol of
remembrance and celebration. If you want to make an
event special, then you get a mariachi band. Every
Mother's day, my sister and I would get a mariachi
band. We also have a birth in the family- mariachi
band, milestone birthday- mariachi band, weddingmariachi band, funeral- mariachi band. I wanted to
capture that feeling and share it with others. I try to
focus on illustrating moments of joy, celebration and
happiness. I hope that you hear music when you enter
my work. " George Rodriguez – 2009.
Curated by Jeffrey Moose, Ongoing.
Geoffrey Pagen and Rick Stafford. Signature glazed and textured wall-mounted panels with functional and decorative
Neriagé and Nerikomé porcelain vessels and objects.
Curated by Jeffrey Moose, “I have known these two ceramic artists for decades and watched as their careers developed.
Both artists have solid West Coast pedigrees. Mr. Pagen studied at RISD with Jun Kaneko, among others, and Mr. Stafford
with Richard Fiarbanks at Central Washington University. Both are masters of technical matters yet offer startling, original
visions”. Mar 15-May 18.
Both shows: Mon-Wed 9:30am-6pm; Thu & Fri 10:30am-8:30pm; Sat 10:30am-5pm. Reception Mar 29, 5:30-8:30pm.
NCECA 2012 Exhibition Guide as 3/12/2012
Page 9
Nordstrom, 500 Pine St,, Seattle, 98101, 206-303-4054
Feet of Clay: Nordstrom, invitied artists: Susan Balshor, Inge Roberts,
Randolph Silver, J.J. McCracken, Carol Gouthro, Rosette Gault, Jen Mills,
and a selection of juried artists. Curated exhibition in Nordstrom
showcases downtown. Co-curated by Sandra M Farmer and Liz Duarte,
“Feet of Clay references fatal flaws or secrets; unexpected vulnerable
points in a hero or admired person. With this theme in mind we are asking
artists to create shoes and accessories to reflect this characteristic in an
Shown right: shoes by Charan Sacher
Mar 1-31, 24 hrs/day. Reception Mar 29, 5:30-7:30pm.
Northwest Woodworkers' Gallery, 2111 First Ave, Seattle, 98121, 206-625-0542
The Clay Edge, Ruth Allan, JK Blackburn, Ginny Conrow, Gina Freuen, Rosette Gault, Terry Gieber, Carol Gouthro, Larry
Halvorsen, Liza Halvorsen, Lois Harbaugh, Lin Holley, Mark Horiuchi, Mary Hosick, Lars Husby, Paul Lewing, Loren
Lukens, Paddy McNeely, Carol Milne, Jack Osier, Inge Roberts, Sam Scott, Kathleen Skeels, David Traylor, Ken Turner,
Beth Wyatt. A juried exhibition of ceramic works by the artists of Northwest Designer Craftsmen. “The Clay Edge marks a
natural collaboration between two Northwest organizations dedicated to the promotion of excellence of design and
craftsmanship.” Mar 22-Apr 22, Tue-Fri 10am-6pm; Sat & Sun 10am-5pm; Thu 29th 10am-9pm. Reception Mar 29, 59pm.
Paper Hammer, 1400 Second Ave, Seattle, 98101, 206-682-3820
Lilly Zuckerman. Zuckerman's functional pots explore and
record pinching as a communicator of touch and the clay vessel
as a place where the physical hand and the intellectual mind
can coexist. “Lilly Zuckerman seeks to translate the emotional
senses of curiosity, sincerity, and generosity into tangible form.
With pinching as a communicator of touch and the clay vessel
as a place where the physical hand and the intellectual mind
can coexist, moments of touch can be experienced today or in
thousands of years.” Mar 1-31, Tue-Sat 11am-6pm. Reception
Mar 30, 5-8pm. left. Simple form, Lilly Zuckerman, 2011
Patricia Rovzar Gallery, 1225 Second Ave, Seattle, 98101, 206-223-0273
The Human Condition, Nancy Kubale. Ceramic and mixed media figurative sculpture.
Natural Elements, Vicki Grant. Ceramic & mixed media vessels and wall sculptures inspired by nature.
Both shows: Mar 1-31, Sun-Sat 11am-5pm; Tue 11am-8pm. Reception Mar 27, 11am-8pm.
SAM Gallery, 1220 3rd Ave, Seattle, 98101, 206-343-1101
Clay: 24/7, Ginny Conrow, Carole Gouthro, Larry Halvorsen, Liza Halvorsen and Julie Lindell. Five Northwest ceramic
artists fill gallery’s windows visible from the street 24/7. Curated by Barbara Shaiman, “Of particular note is Lindell’s work,
"Flexible Flyer", a mixed-media installation representing a working studio on wheels. Its shelves hold the tools and materials
of the pottery trade. Their precarious balance reflects the give and take existence of the artist and the clay. "Flexible Flyer"
defies gravity and encourages a certain socio economic free association that is both contemporary and humorous”. Mar 2431, Tue-Sun 10:30am-5pm.
NCECA 2012 Exhibition Guide as 3/12/2012
Page 10
Sisko Gallery, 3126 Elliott Ave, Seattle, 98121, 206-250-7810
Clay Creatures, Bill Evans, Sandra Farmer, Allen Moe, Meg Murch and
others, Contemporary expressions of figure and animal forms in clay.
Curated by John Sisko
“Creation myths from Africa, Asia, the Middle East, the Pacific and the
Americas have gods making humans (animals) from clay. Is it devotional
or parallel when man makes creatures from clay?”
Mar 8-Apr 22, Sun-Sat 11am-5pm; closed Mon & Tue.
Reception Mar 30, 6-9pm.
r. "Rhino", Bill Evans, 13.5" X 19" X 7", Ceramic with pigment
Suyama Space, 2324 Second Ave, Seattle, 98121, 206-256-0809
Uprising, Rick Araluce and Steve Peters. An elaborate network of historic pipes erupt from the gallery floor; live and
recorded ambient building sounds are acoustically projected from hidden speakers. Curated by Beth Sellers.
Ongoing, Mon-Fri 9am-5pm; Sat 12-5pm.
“Rick Araluce usually works in miniature, but his plumbing-pipe installation crisscrosses the
entire gallery space, snaking along overhead support beams, and disappearing into gaps in the
wood-plank floor. The pipes (ranging in diameter from thumb-thick to a nearly a foot) are black
and grey and mottled with what looks like years of rust and hard use. With hundreds of elbow
joints splayed in all directions, the room feels heavy.
Viewers can walk between the pipes, which mass in the gallery center in a right-angled tangle.
Just don't touch the sculpture, as touch will ruin the illusion. Spoiler alert: the pipes are not
heavy cast iron as they appear, but plastic painted to resemble metal. Somehow this knowledge
revokes some of the charm and weight of the work. Stop and listen though, as Steve Peters'
moody, ambient music emanates from the sculpture in a way that seems to slow time.”
Traver Gallery, 110 Union St, Suite 200, Seattle, 98101, 206-245-6829
3D4M Department Faculty Exhibition, Doug Jeck, Amie McNeel, Akio Takamori, Jamie Walker, Mark Zirpel. A
selection of ceramic, glass and mixed media sculpture by University of Washington 3D4M Department faculty. Curated by
Sarah Traver. Feb 16-Apr 1, Tue-Fri 10am-6pm; Sat 10am-8pm. Reception Mar 31, 5-8pm.
l-r, Walker, Takamori, McNeel
Clay Cache: or The Firm Ceramics on Facebook
The four members of the Firm exhibit their work in a non-traditional venue. Shane Christensen, Stephen Heywood,
Brian Jensen, Michael Schmidt. For exact coordinates to the Clay Cache exhibition, visit or The
Firm Ceramics on Facebook. Organized By: Stephen Heywood, [email protected], 904-620-3815 or 951-756-3263
Mar 28-Apr 30, hours during NCECA : 24 hours
NCECA 2012 Exhibition Guide as 3/12/2012
Page 11
Pioneer Square
Shuttle departs Washington State Convention Center Tue 1:00-9:00pm and Wed 10:00am-6:00pm
Gallery 110, 110 3rd Ave S., Seattle, 98104, 206-624-9336
ReConfigured: Becky Frehse and Jane Kelsey-Mapel. Two artists collaborated by
working together in each other’s studios to create ceramic and mixed media
constructions about older women’s beauty and power. “In order to collaborate, one
must be willing to change. Becky Frehse, a painter from Tacoma, Washington and
Jane Kelsey-Mapel, a ceramic sculptor from Phoenix, Arizona challenged their
creative fears and desires by working together to create mixed media, figurative pieces
that explore the realms of alter egos, matronhood, and sexual fantasy.
Moving Along, Monika Dalkin. “When I was younger, the content of my work
focused on the immediate concerns and considerations of being a working parent as
well as a mother. As the years passed, the content continues to be about my immediate
concerns and considerations, but the context has changed. Not only am I older and
hopefully wiser, but I am able to slow down and consider what is most important, what
I really believe and the kind of person I am trying to be. This body of work is a celebration and acknowledgement of this
phase of the journey, as well as a celebration of the medium of clay and its versatility. Monika Dalkin is an artist residing in
Seattle. She has worked in clay for fifteen years and continues to explore the medium and its possibilities”.
Through the Clouds, Eva Funderburgh. Window installation of myths, monsters, and travel. r. detail, The Beauty
Lamenting, by Jane Kelsey-Mapel and Becky Frehse, 2011, Above shows: Mar 1-31, Mon-Fri 12-6pm; Sat 12-5pm.
Reception Mar 27, 5:30-9pm.
ArtXchange Gallery, 512 First Ave S., Seattle, 98104, 206-839-0377
Beyond the Borders, Graduates and instructors from the National Centre for Ceramics, Wales, Adrien Miller, Nicole
“Three exhibits investigate international aesthetics and experience. Nicole Hoiland
explores Moorish pattern aesthetics as seen in Spain and the role of the screen as it
pertains to society. Adrien Miller presents figurative sculpture capturing spiritual
essence within ceramic material. An international group of artists from National
Centre for Ceramics in Wales present works exploring the potential for the ceramic
medium to be transnational and operate beyond geographical borders”.
r. Kate Murtagh Sheridan, Leath Luain (Half Moon)
Mar 1-31, Tue-Sat 11am-5:30pm; Thu 11am-8pm. Reception Mar 29, 5-8pm.
Azuma Gallery, 530 First Ave S., Seattle,, 98104, 206-622-5599
Pacific Rim Connections, Nattinee Sattawatthamrong, Somchai Charoen, Vipoo Srivalasa, Barbi Lock Lee, Michaela
Kloeckner, Tamison Pepper, Greg Daly, Christine Crisp, Ginny Conrow, Janet
DeBoos, Du Le, He Yan. An international collection of work from China, Thailand,
and Australia. Organized by Ginny Conrow,
r. Du Le
“In travel to China, Thailand and Australia, I have met wonderful artists and learned
about their work...and they have become friends. In this show, I share with you their
variety of styles and content.” Mar 26-Apr 21, Mon, Wed & Sat 10am-6pm; Tue,
Thu, Fri 10am-9pm. Reception Mar 27, 5-9pm.
NCECA 2012 Exhibition Guide as 3/12/2012
Page 12
Davidson Gallery, 313 Occidental Ave S., Seattle, 98104, 206-624-1324
Collaboration, Frank Boydon and Tom Coleman. Large ceramic vessels, thrown by
Coleman and drawn by Boydon. Curated by Sam Davidson.
Clay and Prints: Eight Artists: Two Mediums, Rudy Autio, , Bob Sperry, Patti Warashina,
Jenny Lind, Bob Arneson, Peter Voulkos, Sergei Isupov, Bart Johnson. Pairings of ceramic
and prints by the eight artists. Curated by Frank Boydon, “A presentation that reveals how
versatility in both media can help produce stronger and richer imagery and how each discipline
adds strength and sureness to the other”.
r. Rudy Autio, Electra , stoneware, , 3.5" X 28"
l. Sergei Isupov Lift, 2011, Ceramic, 14 x 16 x 5 in.
Both shows: Mar 1-31, Mon & Wed 9am-6pm; Tue
9am-9pm; Thu & Fri 10am-9pm; Sat 10am-5pm.
Reception Mar 27, 6-9pm
Foster/White Gallery, 220 3rd Ave S., #100, Seattle, 98104, 206-622-2833
CIE Table of Content, Nicholas Bivins, Jeff Campana, Andrew Casto, Alanna DeRocchi, Jana
Evans, Kenyon Hansen, Sean O'Connell, Lindsay Pichaske, Jonathan Read. Residents from the
Archie Bray Foundation seamlessly combine beauty with utility, showing us how interesting our
everyday lives can be.
The Archie Bray Foundation for the Ceramic Arts is a public, nonprofit, educational institution
founded in 1951 by brickmaker Archie Bray. Its primary mission is to provide an environment
that stimulates creative work in ceramics. Curated by Emily Free Wilson.
r. Nicolas Bivins, 12
CIE Prey/Captured, Beth Cavener Stichter, Alessandro Gallo, Myungjin Kim, Steven Young Lee, Adam Shiverdecker, Shay
Church. Sculpture by Archie Bray Foundation affiliated artists. They will transofrm the gallery into a world of creatures and
machines. A larger than life sea wall, animal/human hybrids, a military drone and fighter planes all converge to demonstrate
the limitlessness of clay. Co-curated by Emily Free Wilson and Phen Huang.
l-r., Alessandro Gallo, Myungin Kim, Steven Young
Both shows: Mar 1-31, Mon-Wed 9am-6pm; Thu 9am-9pm; Fri & Sat 10am-6pm. Reception Mar 29, 6-9pm.
Fraker/Scott Gallery, 121 Prefontaine Place S. The Tashiro Kaplan Builiding, Pioneer Square, Seattle, 98104
The Edge of Here/The Salish Sea. From Fired Up! Contemorary Works in Clay: Gordon Hutchens, Alan Burgess, Cathi
Jefferson, Susan Delatour LePoidevin, Meira Mathison, Gary Merkel, Kinichi Shigeno, Pat Webber, Marlene Bowman,
Glenys Marshall-Inman, Meg Burgess, and 34 Juried Members of The B.C. Potter's Guild.
NCECA 2012 Exhibition Guide as 3/12/2012
Page 13
Forty-five artists from British Columbia speak to our shared location on the edge of the Pacific Northwest.
r. Gordon Hutchens, " Storm on the Salish Sea", White Stoneware, Porcelain slips, Wood
Fired, H- 11.5" X W- 9", Photo by Gordon Hutchens
Curated by Nora Vaillant: “The meaning of “here” is explored through 34 small-scale
functional and sculptural works referring to natural, urban and personal environments. Eleven
members of the Fired Up! collective honor the history and bountiful ecosystem of our
common watershed, recently recognized by both the United States and Canada as the Salish
Sea”. Mar 1-31, Tue-Sat 11am-5pm; Thu 11am-9pm. Reception Mar 27, 6-9pm.
G. Gibson Gallery, 300 S. Washington St, Seattle, 98104, 206-587-4033
Saya and Gala. New ceramic work by Saya Moriyasu and new painting and drawing by Gala Bent. Curated by Gail
Gibson. Mar 1-Apr 14, Wed-Sat 11am-5pm. Reception Mar 27, 6-9pm.
Gallery 4 Culture, 101 Prefontaine Pl S., Suite 111, Pioneer Square, Seattle, 98104, 206-296-8674
(Residing)(Displaced)(Movement), Brian Benfer and John Grade. Sculpture and site-specific installation by leading
edgy artists. Curated by Ben Waterman. Mar 1-31, Mon-Fri 9am-5pm; Sat 12-5pm. Reception Mar 27, 6-9pm.
Gallery I|M|A, 123 S. Jackson St, Seattle, 98104, 206-625-0055
Three Views of the Figure in Clay, Jason Huff, Paul Metivier, J.D. Perkin. Figurative ceramic
sculpture by Northwest artists. Curated by Young Chang. Mar 1-Apr 1, Tue-Sat 10:30am-5:00pm;
Sun & Mon by appt. only.
r. Jason Huff, Mr. T Pot, 13 x 8 x 5 inches, ceramics
Greg Kucera Gallery, 212 3rd Ave S., Seattle, 98104, 206-624-0770
Midnight Lullaby, Ben Waterman. New objects, questions, and occasional answers from an aesthetically well-traveled
artist. Curated by Greg Kucera. Feb 23-Mar 31, Tue-Sat 10:30am-5:30pm. Reception Mar 27, 6-8pm.
Grover/Thurston Gallery, 319 3rd Ave S., Seattle, 98104, 206-223-0816
Three Artists, Adrian Arleo, Judy Hill, Jeffry Mitchell. Sculpture by three Northwest leaders in ceramics. Curated by
Susan Grover. Feb 23-Mar 31, Tue-Sat 11am-5pm. Reception Mar 27, 6-9pm.
James Harris Gallery, 312 2nd Ave S., Seattle, 98104, 206-903-6220
New ceramic sculpture: Alwyn O'Brien. Slip cast and hand built vessel shaped forms out of porcelain of forms and ideas
that have evolved slowly and deliberately in tandem with the artist’s working process. Thinking about the accretion of
history, memory and the residue of experience, O’Brien makes lacey vessel from hand rolled coils. Irregular in shape and
chaotic in the way the coils are used to construct volume; each vessel becomes an organic mass of tendrils, while taking on
classical historical forms. Pinching, rolling and fingerprints show signs of the hand and connect the material and shape to
bodily memory.
l. Alwyn Obrien, Story of Looking, 2010 Porcelain and glaze,
Two Pieces 12 1/2" x 14" x 5"
“In one work, two vessels sit side by side, their tops linked together by a delicate
tangle of ropelike form. They communicate with each other through a sinewy of
synapses, both pushing and pulling. White is the primary color for the glaze, which
lets the forms speak for themselves. Alwyn O’Brien was born on Salt Spring Island,
B.C. She received her MFA in 2010 the University of Washington in Seattle and her
BFA from Emily Carr Institute”. Mar 22-Apr 28, Thu-Sat 11am-5pm. Reception
Mar 27, 6-9pm
NCECA 2012 Exhibition Guide as 3/12/2012
Page 14
KOBO Gallery (at Higo), 604 S. Jackson St, Seattle, 98104, (206) 381-3000
An Ocean in a Cup, Peter Callas, Jeff Shapiro, Judith Duff, Elizabeth Kendall, Lucien Koonce , Stephen Mickey, Hank
Murrow, Shozo Michikawa, Shiro Otani and more. Contemporary sake ware highlighting contemporary ceramic artists
particularly active in that field. Both Japanese and American potters are featured, representing a wide range of approaches
from traditional to decidedly contemporary. Curated by John Dix, Japan, “Sake ware occupies that fluid emotional terrain
halfway between daily use cupboard items and sacred ceremonial vessels, and when potters turn their attention to them, ideas
seems to flow as smooth as the elixir itself. Connoisseurs say that a good sake cup or bottle
captures better than any other form the essence of the clay, the fire, and most importantly the hand
of the potter. When the edge of a cup touches the lips, an intimate bond between humans is formed”.
Reception Mar 27, 6-8pm.
r. Judith Duff
What's the Use: Pots From the University of Montana, Julia Galloway, (work shown right),
Beth Lo, Trey Hill (faculty); Nathan Tonning, Randi O’Brien, Sarahjess Hurt, Sarah Tancred,
Suzanne Lussier, Dean Foster (graduate students), plus selected undergraduates. Functional
ceramics and ceramics about function from the faculty and students of the University of Montana.
Organized by Beth Lo and Julia Galloway, t-pot shown right Reception March 29, 6-8pm
Both shows: Mar 29-Apr 21, Mon, Fri, Sat 11am-6pm; Tue & Wed 11am-8pm; Thu 11am-9pm; Sun
Laguna Pottery, 116 S. Washington St, Seattle, 98104, 206-682-6162
Peacock in the Mirror, Alya Khan. Ornamental and functional ceramic vessels with decorative motifs influenced by the
traditions of the Middle East against a background of 20th century modern table ware. “I have
responded to the color and vibrancy of the Laguna Pottery with a corresponding palette of my own.
The same color resonates differently on production and one of a kind ware. This work plumbs that
crucial difference, the maker's hand and the intention it brings with it”. Mar 12-Apr 14, Mon 11am3pm; Tue-Sat 11am-5:30pm; Sun 12-4pm
r. Alya Kahn, Peacock in the Mirror,
Linda Hodges Gallery, 316 First Ave S., Seattle, 98104, 206-624-3034
Piper Snow Sculpture. Figurative ceramic sculpture by Piper Snow. “My sculpture derives from
the imagination and memory. Rarely is the work predetermined, and at times my figures will
unexpectedly resemble somebody in my life, as though glimpsing at them through the framework
of remembrances”. Curated by Linda Hodges. Mar 2- 31, Tue & Wed 10:30am-5:30pm; Thu &
Fri 10:30am-9pm; Sat 11am-5pm.
Millstream, 112 1st Ave S., Seattle, 98104, 206-623-1960
Artistic Hands of Washington, Paul Lewing, Cascadia Stoneware, Michele Mccarter,
Steve Dalton, Brunning Pottery, Judith Bushnell. Showcasing six Washington ceramic
artists. Co-curated by Fred Johnson and Chereyl Spink, “Millstream is proud to feature
ceramic artists from Washington as well as other art and artisans from the Pacific
Northwest”. Mon-Sat 10am-6pm; Sun 10am-5pm.
r. Karen Miner fish
NCECA 2012 Exhibition Guide as 3/12/2012
Page 15
Paul D. McKee Studio and Gallery, 312 S Washington St, WA, Seattle, 98104, 206-223-8505
Morphallaxia, Ted Adler. A one-person exhibition of wood-fired vessles and sculture. Curated by
Paul D. McKee, “In using clay as both a material and a metaphor, Ted Adler capitalizes on clay's
melleability and fluidity. By using the velles as an anaology for selfhood, Adler elicits a sense that
our relationship to ourselves, and to the world around us, is more complex than we ordinarily liek to
admit”. Mar 1-30, Mon-Sun 12-5pm.
Platform Gallery, 114 Third Ave S., Seattle, 98104, 206-323-2808
New Work, Lauren Grossman. Grossman continues her wrestling match with the ever-shifting
meanings of Judeo/Christian imagery in contemporary culture. She uses clay in combination with other
materials including glass, steel, plastic, and cast iron. A graduate of the University of Washington
ceramics program, Lauren has worked in and out of ceramics throughout her long career. Mining the
borders between beautiful and grotesque, (as well as sacred and profane), her work is known for its
elegance and wry humor. Mar 22-Apr 28, Mon-Sat 11am-5:30pm; Tue 12-9pm. Reception Mar 27, 69pm.
l. Lauren Grossman, Torso of Job, 2011, glazed stoneware, cast iron, epoxy
Pratt Fine Arts Center, 312 S. Washington St, Suite A, Seattle, 98104, 206-328-2200
Earth and Fire: Materials and Methods, Jessi Li, Crista Mateson, Carol Milne, Patricia Haase,
Nancy Blair, Julie Lindell, Sue Rose, Granite Calimpong, Judy Hill and Susan Balshor. Unique
works in clay and glass, originating in similar materials, are brought to life by fire. Organized by
Susan Balshor, “Materials and process often fuel the artist’s need to create work that is rich in
speaking with a particular vocabulary”.
r. Nancy Blair
Mar 1-31, Wed-Sat 12-5pm. Reception Mar 27, 5-8pm.
Punch Gallery, 119 Prefontaine Place S., Seattle, 98104, 206-621-1945
Solo Exhibtion, Sarah Haven. The ceramic work of Sarah Haven depicts her struggle to come to grips with the
increasingly deafening tic-tock of her biological clock. In today's world of rising expectations, Haven is somehow
overwhelmed by what she has yet to achieve in her role as a female. She wonders whether she is a passive empty vehicle
through which wider cultural influences can inject a particular want, or an active individual who is making choices and
fulfilling personal desires. Mar 1-31, Thur-Sat 12-5pm, or by appt. Reception Mar 27, 5-9pm.
Shift Collaborative Studio, 306 S. Washington St, Suite 105, Seattle, 98104, 206-694-3770
Memory/Folio, Yun Hong Chang/Sharon Birzer. Two shows in one gallery: “Memory”: Using porcelain, fabric and her
own hair, Yun Hong Chang presents series of delicate porcelain sculptures to visualize the fragility of memories and
emotions. “Folio”: Sharon Birzer shows a series of woodblock monoprints/paintings and drawings inspired by observations
of nature. “Shift Collaborative Studio is a collective of Northwest independent artists committed to the development and
exhibition of engaging, innovative work in a variety of media. Shift member artists are involved in exchange and education
programs with other artist collectives, galleries, and non-profits to promote, share and evolve an understanding of
contemporary artists practices”. Mar, Wed-Sat 12-5pm. Reception Mar 31 12-5pm.
SOIL, 112 3rd Ave S., Seattle, 98104, 206-264-8061
Open for Construction, SOIL artists. A participatory and constantly evolving clay installation.
Visitors are invited to build, play, and contribute to a changing landscape of clay in the gallery. Co-curated by Timea
Tihanyi, Ben Hirschkoff. “Using props of a stereotypical office space, Soil gallery transforms into a space of creativity and
play where unfired clay takes the center stage. Visitors, in collaboration with Soil artists, become active participants,
reshaping the existing landscape of clay daily. The resulting installation is a collective record of the handmade”. Feb 29-Mar
31, Mon-Sat 12-6pm. Reception Mar 27 6-9pm.
NCECA 2012 Exhibition Guide as 3/12/2012
Page 16
TK Angle Gallery, 312 S. Washington, Seattle, 98104, 206-223-8505
Edge to Edge, a panorama of tiles, Mara Adelman, Debra Bacianga, David Blad, Laura
Brodax, Mary Lynn Buss, Barb Clark, Carol Rose Dean, Clare Dohna, Jan Edwards, Paula
Gill, Terri Goodwin, Sallie Herling, Iris Jewett, Kimmi Kerns, Dianne Kimball, Gail Glosser,
Marguerite Goff, Terri Goodwin, Paul Lewing, Edwin Mighell, Steve Moon, Allison Moore,
Karen Morrice, Kristin Ohberg, Renee O'Connor, Jaki Reed, Claudia Riedener, Glenda Rieck,
Maggie Roberts, Maria Root, Richard Scott, Irene A. Wytzka Lawson. The dual nature of tile:
as individual art piece, and architectural installation. Organized by Carol Rose Dean.
r. Nevermore by Jaki Reed
“This will be a pair of exhihibits: one consisting of individual tiles by the many artists who live in the Pacific Northwest.
And specifically are members of the handmade tile association called Each artist will be hanging their
individual tiles in a way to show off the diversity of modern art tile. The second of half of the show will be of larger scale
pieces. Showing a more formal exhibit of architectural pieces, side by side, or from edge to edge”. Mar 1-31, Mon 9am6pm; Tue 9am-9pm. Reception Mar 27, 5-9pm
Lawrimore Project, 117 S. Main St., Suite 101, Seattle, 98134, 206-501-1231
Contact, Susie Lee. A large notion in a small space by an artist who works in concepts, relationships, and queries. Curated
by Scott Lawrimore. Mar 8-30, Wed-Sat 11am-5:30pm. Reception Mar 27, 6-9pm.
NCECA 2012 Exhibition Guide as 3/12/2012
Page 17
Inner Circle
Shuttle service departs Washington State Convention Center running Wed 9:00am-6:00pm;
Thur reception shuttle service 4:30-9:00pm
Venues marked with a are not open after dark: (7:35 pm sunset)
Pier 61-63, 1951 Alaskan Way, Seattle, 98104,
Weather or Not. An outdoor dynamic exhibition of collaborative temporary installations and works using clay in a way that
interacts with the weather. . .or not.
Curated by Charlie Bigger, “Daily climate and weather in Seattle, on two large piers in downtown Seattle, on the EDGE of
the Puget Sound is dynamic and we have invited individuals and groups to create something EDGY and with a potential to
withstand the weather. . . or not, and celebrate our collective adventures and fascination with clay”. Ongoing, 24 hrs/day.
Olympic Sculpture Park of the Seattle Art Museum, 2901 Western Ave, cor.
Broad, Seattle, 98121, 206-344-5275
M Mark Dion: Neukom Vivarium. A sixty-foot-long "nurse log" in an
eighty-foot-long custom-designed greenhouse. Set on a slab under the glass
roof of the greenhouse, the log has been removed from the forest ecosystem
and now inhabits an art system. Its ongoing decay and renewal represent
nature as a complex system of cycles and processes. Illustrations of
potential log inhabitants - bacteria, fungi, lichen, plants, and insects decorate blue and white tiles that function as a field guide, assisting
visitors' identification of "specimens."
“This signature work by Mark Dion was conceived and approved by SAM
in 2004 and its fabrication completed in 2006. One component of the
Vivarium is the presence of one of a team of 25 volunteers clad in orange
vests serving as educators and field guides to the ever changing installation.
This team periodically returns to the original forest home of the nurse log
and suppliments the envoronment with new critters and actively decaying matter, supporting the system of living and
decaying that all may wittness. Neukom Vivarium is the artist's first permanent public art work in the United States.
Twenty and Twenty First Century Sculpture by Claus Oldenberg,
Richard Serra, Alexander Calder, Teresita Fernandez, Roy
McMaken, Tony Smith, Claus Oldenberg, Louise Bourgoise,
Roxy Payne, and others in an environmentally sensitive
location on the waterfront..
Ongoing and free, dawn to dusk. (7:35 pm sunset)
NCECA 2012 Exhibition Guide as 3/12/2012
Page 18
Pottery Northwest, 226 1st Ave N., Seattle, 98109, 206-285-4421
BodyInstallation, Sadashi Inuzuka. Sculpture about experiencing the world
from the margins of sight and the line where separate identity meet and has been created
in collaboration with a dancer. The work explores aspects of blindness and visual
impairment through ceramic objects that engage visitors’ touch, hearing and
imagination.The interactive dimension of this exhibition represents a return to the
fundamentals of clay and its leading edge. “Body is about my separate identities in the
worlds of sight and blindness, art and education and how they overlap”. Mar 27-Apr 15.
Down Under / Over There,
Artists from two distant continents will
show new work to compliment their
NCECA program prticipation. Nichols
and Keeler, from Australia and the
United Kingdom respectively, are two of
the most accomplished clay artists working with vapor
firing today, creating complelling forms and survaces.
Mar 23-31.
l. Gail Nichols, r. Walter Keeler
Both shows: Daily 10am-6pm. Reception Mar 29,68pm.
St. James Cathedral, 804 9th Ave, Seattle, 98104, 206-382-4874
Stations of the Cross, George Rodriguez and Jessi Li. Recreation of
the 14 Stations of the Cross installed in the small chapel in Saint
James Cathedral. Curated by James Savage, “George and Jessi
combine their talents to recreate the Stations of the Cross. Both
interested in narrative ceramics and embelished surface, they bring a
unique perspective merging their Mexican, Catholic, Chinese, and
Jewish backgrounds.”
Shown right, in process
Installations at St. James Cathedral, Jeffrey Mongrain and Nicholas
Kripal. Site specific installations interacting with spiritual spaces.
Organized by Nicholas Kripal, “Jeffrey Mongrain generally sites
works in spiritual spaces but also creates sculptures that are
reductive and reference iconic forms with a compelling oblique
narrative that reflects an autobiographical politic. Scientific findings
and religious philosophy are the conceptual foundation of his
emotive forms. Nick Kripal's studio practice has been an
investigation of site-related/site-specific installations within sacred
spaces. Kripal is interested in the history of the site, the religious
rites therein, and the architectural iconography of the location”.
Both shows: Ongoing, Mon-Sat 9am-5pm; Sun best time for viewing
is 1:30-3:30pm.
NCECA 2012 Exhibition Guide as 3/12/2012
Page 19
Harborview Medical Center, Norm Maleng Building 410 Ninth Ave (between Jefferson and Alder St), Seattle, 98104, 206-795-3039
Contemporary Northwest Ceramics Collection at Harborview Medical Center, Robert Sperry, Margaret Ford, David
Shaner, Howard Kottler, Nancy Blum, Charles Krafft, Eric Nelson and Paul Bonifas. . .and more. Ceramics collection
in a major trauma center on First Hill. Curated by Peggy Weiss, “The cornerstone of the Harborview Ceramics Collection
was established when Anne Gould Hauberg, one of Seattle’s most devoted patrons of the arts and a central figure in the craft
community, promised her outstanding collection of works in clay to the medical center. The Contemporary Northwest
Ceramics Collection at Harborview Medical Center showcases the Northwest’s distinguished contribution to the national
contemporary ceramics movement, which emerged in the late 1950s.. Tours begins in the lobby of the Norm Maleng
Building”. Adjacent to the Maleng building, Harborview's 9th & Jefferson building has Eric Nelsen's 'Memory, Myth Motif',
2009, on display.
Frye Art Museum, 704 Terry Ave, Seattle, 98104, 206-622-9250
Susie J. Lee: Of Breath and Rain. The installation Rain
Shower, 2007/2012, immerses us in a virtual storm of sound
and light. Still Lives: Exposure, 2010, is an intimate video
portrait of thirty minutes in an elderly woman's life.
Curated by Robin Held who says: “A 2010 Stranger Visual
Art Genius, Susie J. Lee uses a range of new media tools to
explore the sensory richness of human existence. The quiet,
meditative quality of Lee’s work enables an experience that
is far more than purely visual. Of Breath and Rain, Lee’s
first solo museum exhibition, features signature works, very
different in material and scale but sharing a focus on lived
time”. Feb 18-Apr 8.
r. Li Chen
Li Chen: Eternity and Commoner. This exhibition
showcases his exceptional clay sculptures, molded over
wooden skeletons and conceived of by the artist as living
bodies often revealing their revealing the wooden skeletons
and ropes underneath the surface. Curated by Jo-Anne
Birnie Danzker,
“Regarded as one of the leading sculptors working in Asia
today, artist Li Chen creates monumental figurative
sculptures informed by a mixture of Buddhist philosophy
and contemporary art practices”. Feb 18-Apr 15
Both shows: Tue-Sun 11am-5pm; Thu 11am-7pm. Reception Mar 29, 6-9pm. Free admission.
Glenn Richards: Asian Antiques & Furnishings, Lower Level Gallery, 964 Denny Way, Seattle, 98109, 206-287-1877
VESSELS, Matthew Allison, John Benn, Britt Dietrich, Robert Fornell, Brendan Fuller, Colleen Gallagher, Damian Grava,
Jeff Johnston, Hank Murrow, Reid Ozaki, Kenneth Pincus, Dan Schmitt, and others. Functional sculpture by Northwest
ceramic artists. Mar 25-31, Mon-Fri 10am-6pm; Sat 10am-5pm; Sun 12-5pm. Reception Mar 27, 4-8pm.
NCECA 2012 Exhibition Guide as 3/12/2012
Page 20
Patricia Cameron Gallery, 234 Dexter Ave N, Seattle, 98109, 206-909-9096
In the Middle on the Edge, Amber Aquirre, Brad Taylor, David Kuraoka, Maile Yawata, Suzanne Wolfe, Yoko Haar,
Jennifer Owen, Will/ Kate Jacobson, Jennifer Hill, Emily Herb, Shige Miyamoto, Esther Shimazu. Small scale ceramic
sculpture from artists with Hawaii connections. Curated by Patricia Cameron,
“On the Edge...this implies US mainland is geographically on the edge. Many would contend that Hawaii is actually "on the
edge" of North America and Asia, making it in the middle, with the greatest variety of cultures and new land being built by
volcano on it's southern edge. Selected artists from Hawaii will address this theme in their works”. Mar 26-Apr 27, MonWed 9am-6pm; Thu & Fri 10am-9pm; Sat 10am-5pm. Reception Mar 29, 5-9pm.
Lundgren Monuments Boutique, 1011 Boren Ave, Seattle, 98104, 206-782-9077
The Potter and the Urn, Evan Blackwell, Wally Bivins, Laura Brodax, Jesse Edwards, John
Ellefson, Tim Foss, Lauren Gallaspy, Charles Krafft, Marge Levy, Jeffry Mitchell, Andy
Nasisse, Peter Olsen, George Rodriguez, Deborah Schwartzkopf, Sylvia Tur, Patty Warashina.
An exploration of the cremation urn as sculptural object. Curated by Greg Lundgren,
“This exhibition challenges our ideas of the cremation urn as vessel, opens up a new
conversation about the roles between art and memorialization and re-imagines our cultural
practices of grieving and remembrance. This contemporary collection showcases the works of
region master potters working with thrown and hand-formed objects”. Mar, Mon-Sat 11am6pm.
r. Lauren Gallaspy
Wright Exhibition Space, 407 Dexter Ave. N. Seattle, WA 98109 Phone: 206-264-8200.
Collecting Art is a Slippery Slope, curated by Merrill Wright who invited people to show their collections of art, objects,
personal objects, some ceramics and kitchen mixers.
“This looks like a potential sleeper hit. Collecting: Art Is a Slippery Slope, curated by Merrill Wright with Greg Kucera and Ed
Marquand, focuses on low rather than high. Each local collector (artists or dealers with a side interest in, say, vintage mixing machines or
NASCAR memorabilia) were given an eight-foot shelf and told to go wild.”
Hours: 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Thursday and Saturday.
NCECA 2012 Exhibition Guide as 3/12/2012
Page 21
Seattle Design Center
►Seattle Design Center, 5701 Sixth Ave S., enter on Orcas between 5th Ave S. and 6th Ave S., Seattle, 98108 or from the
parking lot or parking garage. All shows open Mar 26-31, Mon-Sat, 9am-5pm. Receptions Mar 27 & 30, 5-9pm
Ikebana-Gama, Colleen Gallagher, John Benn. Woodfired pottery by Colleen Gallagher &
John Benn of Harstine Island Wood Kilns. Ikebana Floral Arrangements by Gallagher, Benn and
other members of Tacoma/Olympia Chapter Ikebana International. Organized by Colleen
Gallagher, “Ikebana-gama” joins the art of wood-fired pottery with the art of Ikebana. The kiln
on Harstine Island built by John Benn and Colleen Gallagher has a hybrid design. It incorporates
elements derived from Japanese anagamas with elements of American train and groundhog kilns .
The work produced in this American kiln (the Mongrelgama) has a natural wood-ash surface that
marries well with the esthetics of Ikebana, which requires a container that enhances but does not
overwhelm the arrangement. The subtle ash-glazed surfaces of the vases and basins invite
interaction with flowers and other plant materials”.
r. Ikebana-Gama vase by Colleen Gallagher and John Benn
National Porcelain Invitational, Nick Bivins, Doug Peltzman, Matt Towers, Melissa
Mencini, Ben Krupka, Jen Allen, Kate Maury, Sam Chung, Julia Galloway, Steve
Godfrey. Work in porcelain by artists from across the country. Organized by Steve
Godfrey, “The artists selected for this exhibition utilize porcelain to convey their
unique perspectives on design and material, providing exciting new chapters to a rich
ceramic history”.
r. Matthew Towers, Tea Set, 2011, Reduction Fired Porcelain
Stepping Back For the Long Look, Rob Fornell, teacher; Kathleen Skeels, resident
artist; Sequoia Miller, workshop presenter. Seward Park Clay Studio has been
promoting the growth of the ceramic arts for over 40 years. Curated by Peter Olsen, “Paradigm shifts can occur over a long
period of exploration. Working in clay lends itself to theme and variation; stepping back for a 'long look' can reveal what
movement has occurred”.
A Great Place to Make Art: Seward Park Clay Studio A celebration of work by Seward Park Clay Studio resident artists
and teachers who have helped promote the growth of the ceramic arts for over 40 years. Rabih Aboujaoude, Matt Allison,
Peter Avriett, Joey Chiarello, Vida Collery, Jacob Foran, Robert Fornell, Tim Foss, Liz Garrett, Joel Gibson, Carol Gouthro,
Damian Grava, Carol Hermer, Lin Holley, Hadar Iron, Trevor Johnson, Kathleen Learned, June Lindsey, Warren Maruhashi,
Eric Newman, Craig Novinski, Liz O'Boyle, Peter Olsen, Sarah Parent, Justin Parker, Art Pasette, George Rodriguez, Hope
Rovelto, Alisa Savage, Pam Schick, Deborah Schwartzkopf, Chris Shaw, Gretchen Siegrist, Kathleen Skeels, Mark Strom,
Tip Toland, Bill Wilcox, and Miki Willis.
Invitational show of current work by artists and teachers working at SPCS plus a select number of former resident artists and
teachers who produce strong, relevant work in clay. “This show will highlight sculptural and functional clay from across the
ceramic spectrum and features 30+ local and nationally known clay artists.” Peter Olsen, curator
Clay Lives Here: Pottery Northwest Residency, Alya Khan, Adam Helenske, George
Rodriguez, Dane Youngren, John Taylor, Akiko Jackson, Yoshinaga Kawamura, Jessi Li,
Wally Bivins, David Hollander, Damian Grava, Nana Kuo, Liz Duarte, Julie Lindell, Sandra
Farmer, Anne Drew Potter, Natsue Makino, Alicia Basinger, Larry Naylor, Matt Allison,
Deborah Schwartzkopf, James Lobb, Jamie Kirkpatrick, Meg Murch, Tammie Rubin, Saly
Lee, Rick Holst, Drew Nicklas, John Ellefson, Virginia Jenkins, Karyn Knipe, Noah Riedel,
Evan Blackwell. Sculpture, objects, pottery, stories.....of imagination, narrative, myth, and
Organized by Wally Bivins, “Evidence of the burgeoning artist-in-residence program at
Pottery Northwest. Just six years old, this program has already begun to attract artists from
across the country. The work is diverse and represents the best of both traditional and
contemporary approaches to clay”.
Right: Anne Drew Potter
NCECA 2012 Exhibition Guide as 3/12/2012
Page 22
Above: Eleven Hands, David Hollander, 2007-2009.
Terra cotta, acrylic paint. Overall dimension not including base h27” x w84” x d44”
The Western Northwest, Trey Hill, Julia Galloway, Beth Lo, Randi Obrien, Suzanne Lusier, Ron Geibel, Dean Foster,
Sarahjess Hurt, Andrew Hoeppner, Ellie Weber, Rachael Jones, Christian Swanson, Gustav Hamilton, Jim Heath, Will Serba,
Robyn Lieggi, Rachel Colton, Kim West, Cordelia Raymond, Miriam Griffin, Sean Clute, Sarah Tancred, Jaquelyn Rauff,
Michelle Tanberg, and Ashley Block.
Ceramics from the students and faculty of the University of Montana. Organized by Beth Lo, “This exhibition features the
breadth of ceramic art created by students and faculty at the University of Montana. The work will be juried for entry by a
juror of national reputation from submissions from graduate students, post baccalaureate students, majors and other
Blooms from the North Country, Annette Bellamy, Denise Heimel, Marie Herdegen, Gina Hollomon, Ahna Iredale and
Lisa Wood. Vessels for flowers. Organized by Ahna Iredale, “Separation from the lower 48 keeps the wider clay
community from seeing the beautiful things Alaskans make. This showcase of six significant clay artists in Alaska is our
reaching out in friendship to lessen that distance”.
Deviations from Comfort, Inkyo Back, Dylan Beck, Brian Benfer, Nate
Betschart, Brian Bolden, Chris Bonner, Benjamin Demott, Ianna Frisby,
Brian Gillis, Maris Grosbahs, Giselle Hicks, Stanton Hunter, Gudrun
Klix, Jessica Kreutter, Janice Jakielski, Peter Christian Johnson, HaeJung Lee, Linda Lopez, Joe Madrigal, Lauren Mayer, Mathew
McConnell, Ian Mcdonald, Steve Schaeffer, Adam Shiverdecker, Julie
Schustack, Rob Tarbell, Brad Taylor, Steven Thurston, Michelle Tobia,
Kyle Triplett, Ben Waterman, Matt West, Brian Widmaier
Edgy...on the edge...the central aspiration of this show is to display
artists who’s work is not bound by style, notoriety or process but rather
includes artists who are consistently changing their process and content.
Their work resists the idea of conformity and establishing any given
“style', moving beyond the edge. Organized by Nathan Betschart, “The
commonality between the artists in the exhibition is their refusal to
accept comfort as a suitable place from which to make their work from.
In short, Deviations From Comfort. The show is intending to exhibit the
resilience, inventive and unexpected nature of work by these artists”.
NCECA 2012 Exhibition Guide as 3/12/2012
Peter Johnson, Yellow Turbine
Page 23
Jacob Foran Large-scale ceramic sculpture built while a graduate student at the
3D4M: ceramics/glass/sculpture program at the University of Washington.
“Sculptural depictions of nautical exploration embody themes of desire and fantasy
with their bold, humorous and imposing forms and surfaces”.
r Headscape by Jacob Foran
Distillations and Eruptions: New Installation Work, Tina Aufiero, Patsy Cox,
Priscilla Hollingsworth, Jen Mills, Catherine Paleczny. Five installations by five
different artists using clay and additional media. Joining them is the notion that
theories of nature are tempered by human experience and perception. Organized by
Priscilla Hollingsworth, “Each of the artists will build an installation composed of
dozens to hundreds of parts, for an overall exhibition comprising thousands of
individual units. The primary materials used will be fired clay, with some additions
of other materials and digital media”.
Above left to right: Tina Aufiero, Jen Mills, Patsy Cox, Priscilla Hollingsworth, Catherine Paleczny.
Wall-Paper, Aurora Hughes Villa. This show is one large ceramic installation
exploring objects and images relating to domestic space and the body, with
references to the "Yellow Wallpaper", a novella written in 1892.
Show of Heads, Tom Bartel, Tanya Batura, Thaddeus Erdahl, Arthur
Gonzales, Judy Fox, Doug Jeck, Jacob Foran, Cristina Cordova, Tip Toland,
Roxanne Jackson. Contemporary figural ceramic sculpture. Organized by Jacob
Foran, “The human head provides the obvious link between the work of 10
prominent ceramic sculptors featured in "A Show of Heads".
A more subtle unifying factor is the way in which these artists employ
the head in their sculptures: essentially as a departure point for
inquiry into thorny issues of human social identity, psychology and,
ultimately, mortality. Where beauty arises in the exhibition it is
tempered by frank acknowledgment of the liabilities inherent in the
human condition. Where humor emerges, it tends to be black. ~Glen
left: Doug Jeck, Lord Graystoke
NCECA 2012 Exhibition Guide as 3/12/2012
Page 24
Evidence, Shanna Fliegel. Forms suggestive of ancient artifacts and tablets reveal a
series of pictorial interpretations of contemporary society, particularly the uncanny
encroachment of technology upon nature.
r. Flying Technology
To Wander Out of Place: Artists and Asia, Daniel Bare, Sin-Ying Ho, Ayumi
Horie, Yuichiro Komatsu, Hoon Lee, Jae Won Lee, James Makins, Paul Mathieu, Lee
Somers, Hirotsune Tashima, Shoko Teruyama, Masahiko Toide, Valerie Zimany.
(work shown below)
Ceramics that consider the roles of cultural background, place, and globalization, creating an
insightful dialogue investigating the intersection of aesthetic, structural, and conceptual concerns of
artists and Asia. Organized by Valerie Zimany.
“To Wander Out of Place casts a lens upon vibrant and varied perspectives of Japan, China, and
Korea through residency programs, education, and emigration. By examining artists with connections
to Asia, it aims to develop a critical consciousness of work that addresses both direct and oblique
exchange, and explores the roles of insider and outsider, kinship and alienation”.
LH Project: A Decade of Distinction, Ryan LaBar, Jason
Segall, Brian Kakas, Peter Johnson, Trey Hill, Ryan Mitchell,
Steven Brahn, Karl McDade, David Bogus, Micki
Skudlarczyk, Tara Wilson, Gerit Grimm, Giselle Hicks, Lauren
Lavato, Miranda Howe, Al Tennant, Xu Hongbo, Dean
Adams, Ted Juve, Thomas Orr, Ted Adler, Josh DeWeese,
Jakob Hasslacher, Christina Antemann. Organized by Jacob
Hasslacher and Ryan LaBar,
“The LH Project is, quite literally, On the Edge of the state
and Hell's Canyon, on the edge of the populace, far removed
from any "civilized" urban center. The physical edginess of the location serves only as an
entrance for the show's representation of work and ideas that are on the edge of our field. In
addition, our tailored residency program is peripheral as it brings a collaborative approach to the field, nurturing dialogue
from artist to work to audience, and on to the edge of the traditional role of the artist residency experience. As Kurt
Vonnegut wrote: "Out on the edge you see all kinds of things you can't see from the center."
The LH Project relishes its lead role out on the fringe, a base for the vanguard of pioneering perspectives that bridge
[central] historical and contemporary disceptation”.
l. Ryan LaBar, r. A King’s Cabinet, Chris Antemann, permanent collection LH Project
Fragile, Thérèse Chabot, Benjamin DeMott, Lauren Gallaspy, Kristen Morgin, Thomas
Muller, Julie Schustack, Linda Swanson. The objects in this exhibition draw on the
inherently uncertain permanence of ceramics to engender a sense of the delicate,
vulnerable and precarious. Organized by Linda Swanson.
r. Fragile by Ben Demott
Finding Place, Adrian Arleo, Renee Brown, Julia Galloway, Trey Hill, Beth Lo, Jill
Oberman, Shalene Valenzuela, Films by Doug Baldwin. Selected works by Missoula
area artists who maintain a studio practice outside of a school or residency setting. Organized by Shalene Valenzuela, “In
Missoula, there is a vibrant arts community that has been here for some time. Due not only to the fabulous landscape, but
also, the programs at the University of Montana and more recently, the Clay Studio of Missoula, this small city continues to
attract emerging and established ceramic artists into the area. Though the common bond is clay, the forms and methods these
artists use vary greatly, demonstrating that diversity in this medium is alive and well in Missoula”.
NCECA 2012 Exhibition Guide as 3/12/2012
Page 25
Mapping Authorship, Shawn Spangler and Bryan Czibesz. A map of artistic authorship made by recontextualizing
objects, traditional hand-forming ceramic methods, and digital 3D modeling techniques.
“Ceramic history is implicitly tied to ideas of culture, technology, labor, art, utility, and human survival. As our means of
producing functional vessels has evolved, technological development has always defined an edge, or boundary, of old and
new. Mapping Authorship explores the ways a source object can be interpreted through both traditional methods and the
introduction of new tools. The resultant objects present a spatial map of artistic authorship, through object transformation and
re-contextualization from a point of origin. Video documentation provides a secondary artifice and didactic complement to
the range of practices necessary to trace this interpretive boundary”.
Natural Macabre, Roxanne Jackson, Shay Church, Kate MacDowell. Work that
explores images of death and transformation and values macabre sensibilities. As
death beckons rebirth, the real becomes surreal, the natural world a fantastic one.
Organized by Roxanne Jackson.
r. Roxanne Jackson , The Precious Object
Breaking Ground, Alison Reintjes, Audrey Rosulek, Danny Crump, Eva Champagne, Hannah Fisher, Jayson Lawfer, Jill
Oberman, Joseph Pesina, Larry Phan, Lauren Sandler, Lilly Zuckerman, Perry Haas, Renee Brown, Ryan Mitchell, Shalene
Valenzuela, Steve Wicklund, Tai Rogers. This exhibition features work created by all long-term resident artists from the
Clay Studio of Missoula, and demonstrates a wide range of approaches to the ceramic arts. Organized by Jill Oberman and
Shalene Valenzuela,
r. Bird Basket, Renee Brown
“Founded in 1998, the Clay Studio of Missoula was established to fill a void in
Missoula’s growing community—the need for a comprehensive ceramic center. The
establishment of an artist residency program in 2004 created an opportunity for an artist
to work at the Clay Studio. Our program quickly grew into five long-term residencies,
including a specialized year–long wood fire residency. The selection of residents
considers a wide range of approaches to the ceramic arts. With the wealth of young
emerging talent, the Clay Studio of Missoula residency program is truly breaking ground
in Montana. This exhibit showcases the diverse talents of the Clay Studio's history of
long-term residents”.
Lavish & Lush, Susan Beiner, Jason Briggs, Erin Furimsky, Mandy Greer, Rain Harris,
Julie Moon, Tammie Rubin. The works in this show in
clay and other materials straddle the edge with an
opulent surplus of form and surface. Organized by
Tammie Rubin and Erin Furimsky,
r. Julie Moon, l. Susan Beiner
“Each artist in this exhibition possesses a lavish and lush aesthetic, creating prolific works wrought with sumptuous
surfaces, ornate renderings, and sensual textures that are both visual and tactile feasts. Like feast on food, one feels
comforted and nourished, but if the consumption continues the experience shifts uncomfortably to one of over consumption
and repulsion”.
NCECA 2012 Exhibition Guide as 3/12/2012
Page 26
Precipice Earth, Aislinn Caron, Alex Hibbitt, Bethany Krull, Kate MacDowell, Anna Metcalfe, Laura Primozic, Jasmine
Wallace. Art that thematically addresses the environment as a critical frontier. Organized by Anna Metcalfe,
“Environmental issues are mounting with each passing year – climate change, habitat loss, species endangerment,
unsustainable farming practices and clear cutting are all real concerns.
l. "Exercise #3" Alex Hibbitt r "Gun shy" Kate MacDowell
What does the future of our earth look
like? Multiple themes are addressed in
the show – nostalgia for the past,
optimistic and dystopic visions of the
future, and perspectives on our earth
in the present. By placing our
understanding of the environment on
this continuum - past, present and
future - we hope to give context to the
state of our natural world and
highlight art as a vehicle for social
Well Served, Julia Galloway, Deb Schwartzkopf, Jen Allen, Ingrid Bathe, Andy Brayman, Marc Digeros, David
Eichelberger, Mel Griffin, Michael Kline, Andy Nasisse, Liz Quackenbush, Munemitsu Taguchi, Todd Wahlstrom, Holly
Walker. Invited artists will engage a full table top with their place settings, serving vessels and centerpieces; expect
everything from intimate breakfast settings to extravagant dinner service. Organized by Julia Galloway and Deb
l: Place setting by Andy Nasisse,
r: Desert service by Deborah Schwartzkopf
Ms. Mishimas, Jennifer Ling Datchuk, Molly Hatch, Julia Galloway, Jae Won Lee, Erin Furimsky, Sara Boyd.
Pieces by lovely ladies who use mishima, a tecnique that
incises line and color, to decorate the surfaces of their work.
Organized by Jennifer Datchuk, “Beautifully constructed
ceramic form desperately seeks carved, incised lines of
design for mishima. Searching for inlay with a contrasting
slip color and requires the process of removing excess
material. Enjoys sharp carving tools, patterns, drawings and
the anticipation of the perfect design. With a little bit of time
and patience, this is the perfect marriage of form and
l..Jennifer Ling Datchuk
NCECA 2012 Exhibition Guide as 3/12/2012
r. Molly Hatch
Page 27
Modularity, Dylan Beck, Del Harrow, Tyler Lotz, Matt Mitros, Jamie Walker.
Artwork which utilizes notions of mechanized reproduction in technique, or conceptual
metaphor, or in visual presentation of their work. Organized by Matt Mitros, “This
exhibition is commentary on the mechanized/automated world in which we live. The
Microsoft Corporation and the notion of ".com" are all synonymous with the West
Coast, so it seems fitting to feature an exhibition that elicits a discussion on the
significance of automation in the art world in a city such as Seattle. r. Dylan Beck
Each artist addresses the interface of objects that are “handmade” vs. mechanized in a
way that is reverential to ceramics as a material without being indebted to the history of
Ceramics at large. This exhibition is intended to trigger the viewer to question ideas of personal identity, individualism, en
masse, and the role one plays in the age of mechanical reproduction”.
The Heart of Echizen, Kasatsuji Mitsuo, Yoshida Toyokazu, Ohara Taku, Fujita Juroemon, Huga Yutaka, Kondo
Mobuyasu, Kondo Sanae, Izumi Naoki, Kitajima Shigemitsu, Okubo Sakae, Matsui Katsuhiko, Baito Tetsurro, Kumano
Kuroemon, Masudaya Mitsuo, Miyoshi Kentaro, Murashima Jun, Koen Reiko, Takemoto Ikuo, Oya Uichiro, Hattori
Yasumi. Twenty contemporary wood-fired potters working in Echizen, Japan. Curated by Chris Kelly and Preston
“Echizen is located in the Fukui prefecture near the Sea of Japan, a place of an unbroken chain of pottery from families
producing utilitarian ware over the last 800 years. Each work chosen demonstrates a simple harmony between surface and
form. This exhibition made possible by the Japan Foundation, Echizen city, Bridgewater State University and Piedmont
Informal Exchange - Past Watershed Residents, Emily Loehle,
Linda Lopez, Brian Taylor, Kate Doody, Birdie Boone, Jason
Kiley, Krisaya Luenganantakul, Patrick Coughlin, John Oliver
Lewis, Michiyo Oishi, Matt Price. A connection and
reconnection of past Watershed residents in a relaxed and friendly
conversation through installation, sculpture and functional
ceramic art. Curated by Hope Rovelto.
r. John Oliver Lewis "Junior Varsity"
The Pottery Workshop-25 Years of Passion and Education, Benjamin Carter, Caroline
Cheng, Wu Hao, Sin-Ying Ho, Richard Notkin, Linda Arbuckle, Trudy Golley, Pete Pinnell,
Harris Deller, Vipoo Srivilasa, Steve Lee, David Furman, Sam Chung, Elaine Henry, Fiona
Wong, Ying Yueh Chuang, Takeshi Yasuda,
Patrick Coughlin, Eric Kao, Dryden Wells, Qi
Ming, Gao Yifeng, Jim Connell, Peter Beasecker,
Paul Mathieu. Highlights of artistic possibilities
that can happen at the "edges" of ceramic cultures
where intermixing created a new hybrid of form
and style. Organized by Benjamin Carter,
“The Pottery Workshop has grown from a small education center in Hong Kong to a multidimensional organization that
boasts numerous education centers, galleries, and an international artist residency. Through the Pottery Workshop, eastern
and western artists have the opportunity to exchange ideas about art and its creation. Our residency center helps western
artists negotiate Chinese studio methods, while our education centers expose Chinese students to western aesthetics and
teaching practices”.
l. Takeshi Yasuda, vessel, r. Caroline Cheng, Butterfly Hood
NCECA 2012 Exhibition Guide as 3/12/2012
Page 28
Art From the East Side, Washington State University
Ceramic and mixed-media artworks by current and
emeritus faculty, MFA and BFA alums and current MFA
graduate students. Io Palmer, Patrick Siler, Ann
Christenson, Marilyn Lysohir, Lin Xu, Aisha Harrison,
Daiken Asakawa, Dane Youngren, Crista Ames, Matt
Boland, Alisa Savage, Chris Stanley, Mike Richardson,
Lisa Soranaka, Issei Watanabe, and Meredith Lewis.
Curated by Io Palmer and Ann Christenson. (work shown
Cairns for Corrine, Eric Newman. Freestanding monuments of stacked large ceramic beads at Archangel Collective.
Organized by Eric Newman,
“My mother, Corrine S. Brickell, made pots in our basement when I was little; she taught
me to throw when I was 14; used my mugs and bowls every day; and died this past
August…..these cairns commemorate both my memories of her and her guiding influence
throughout my life”.
NCECA 2012 Exhibition Guide as 3/12/2012
Page 29
Northeast Seattle
The excursion on Wednesday, departs Washington State Convention Center 1:30pm; returns 6:15pm.
NOTE – Venues on next page marked with ► will have additional shuttle service Friday 4:30-9:00pm for receptions. Separate
shuttle ticket purchase is required.
Seattle Asian Art Museum - Volunteer Park, 1400 E. Prospect St, Seattle, 98112, 206-654-3100
Artful Reproductions. Since ancient times, the Chinese have mastered division of labor, which enabled them to fabricate
complex objects and in great quantity. This mode of production has led some scholars to characterize Chinese art as
This installation, from the Seattle Art Museum's Asian art collection, features
pairs and sets of similar objects that are a result of that productivity. More
important, the matching works are imbued with balance and harmony that make
the sets more visually appealing and important than the sums of the the parts.
Curated by Josh Yiu, Foster Foundation Curator of Asian Art, “Since ancient
times, the Chinese have mastered division of labor which enabled them to
fabricate complex objects and in great quantity. This mode of production has led
some scholars to characterize Chinese art as “modular.”
Right:Flask, Chinese, Jiangxi province, Qing Dynasty, 1644-1912, Qianlong
reign 1736-95, Porcelain with underglaze-blue decoration, 19 ½ x 4 in., Seattle
Art Museum, Eugene Fuller Memorial Collection, 40.96.2.
Below right:.Bukhara robe for young adult, Uzbekistan, 48” x 51”, On loan from
The Textile Museum, Washington, D.C.
Colors of the Oasis: Central Asian Ikats. Exuberant clothes were a common
sight in the Oasis cities of Central Asia. During the 19th century, patrons wore
rich colors and mysterious designs on a daily basis. Their
encouragement led to a flourishing use of ikat, a labor
intensive process that requires many stages and
layers of experience to complete. Positioned as a trading
center where goods and people flowed in from India,
China, Iran and Russia, Central Asia fostered an aesthetic
that made the most of overlapping influences.
Over 40 robes will provide a vision of the Oasis crowd.
Some feature sharp graphic designs of rigorous
abstraction, but others favor delicate harmonies with
flowing floral motifs. Scorpions and Arabic script,
paisleys and European florals, jeweled tassels and
cypress trees swirl together in a design pool that reflects
Oasis life. Curated by Pam McClusky
-Colors of the Oasis: Central Asian Ikats, on view
March 15, 2012 – August 5, 2012.
-Artful Reproductions, currently on view through June 3, 2012.
Both shows: Sun, Wed, Sat 10am-5pm; Thu 10am-9pm; Fri 10am-8pm. Free admission with NCECA badge
NCECA 2012 Exhibition Guide as 3/12/2012
Page 30
Volunteer Park Conservatory, 1400 E. Galer St, Seattle, 98112, 206-684-4745
ArtScapes - Exploring the Edge between Art and Nature, Marna Auclair, Carol Gouthro,
Breaunna Gray, Lars Husby, Sandra Jean, Kelsey Neal, Greg Pierce, Maria Root. An
exhibit of garden and architectural ceramic art, inspired by the five diverse climate zones of
a Victorian glasshouse. Curated by Giselle Blythe, “As we celebrate our 100th year in
2012, we are pleased to present this exhibit of clay art enhancing our horticultural
displays”. Mar 27-Apr 1, Tue-Sun 10am-6pm; Thu 10am-9pm. Reception Mar 29, 6-9pm.
$3.00 suggested donation.
►Henry Art Gallery, University of Washington, 15th Avenue & 41st St, Seattle, 98195-1410, 206-543-2880
Around the Bend and Over the Edge: Seattle Ceramics 1964—1977. The
Henry has invited scholar Martha Kingsbury to be guest curator for an
exhibition of ceramics culled from the Henry’s collections. “The exhibition will
showcase the exciting period when Seattle artists played an important role in the
radical revisions of what constituted ceramics and ceramic art, including the
then hotly-contested issues of the purity of clay, the integrity of the vessel, and
the validity of ceramic sculpture. Seattle ceramists c. 1970 devised weird
vessels, funky narratives, elegant formalist inventions, and oddly machine-like
explorations in clay.
r. Patricia Warashina. Serious Business. 1973. Slip-cast, slab and hand-built
earthenware with stains and luster glaze. Henry Art Gallery, purchased with
funds from Evelyn Howie, PONCHO, and the National Endowment for the
Arts, 77.44. Photo: Richard Nicol.
This exhibition will reaffirm Seattle’s key position in the development of
contemporary ceramics”. Feb 11-May 16, Sun, Wed, Sat 11am-4pm; Thu & Fri
►Jacob Lawrence Gallery at University of Washington, 1410 N.E. Campus Pkwy, Art Building, Room 132, Seattle, 98195
NCECA 2012 National Student Juried Exhibition, Michael Arnold, Rachel Ballard, Valerie Banes, Jamie Bates, Steve Belz,
Kelly Brenner, Katie Brown, Paul Callahan, Rhonda Chan, Matt Conlon, Henry Crissman, Heather Davis, Chanda Droske,
Phillip Finder, David Gallagher, Kris Grey, James Kennington, Jason Kiley, Monika Laskowska, Seungwon Lee, Cara Long,
Sarah Mcnutt, Armando Minjarez, Norleen Nosri, Bonilyn Parker, Dandee Pattee, Andres Payan, Brian Pierce, Evan
Pomerantz, Nathan Prouty, Luke Severson, Neil Simak, Duncan Tweed, Ben Tyjeski, Katherine Walton, Pei-Hsuan Wang,
Joel Weissman, Bill Wilkey, Paige Wright.
Jurors Mark Burns and Kathy King chose 39 works from the record 592 entries to create an exhibition that represents the
expansive scope of student ceramics in the United States.
“On the Edge is a particularly appropriate theme when applied to this show. The work included ranges from contemporary to
traditional, bridging (and sometimes erasing) the boundaries of materials, techniques, and concepts”.
Mar 6-31, Mon-Sat 12-4pm. Reception Mar 30, 6-8pm.
►UW 3D4M Department and Studios, 4205 Mary Gates Memorial Dr, Seattle, 98195, 206-685-2923
3D4M BFA/MFA SELECT, MFA students: Adam Matthew, Stephanie Klausing, Jared Bender, Meg Hartwig, Lacy Draper,
Tony Sonnenberg. BFA students to be determined. University of Washington 3D4M: ceramics/glass/sculpture juried student
exhibition. Juried by Doug Jeck, Amie McNeel, Akio Takamori, Jamie Walker and Mark Zirpel.
Ongoing, Mon-Fri 9am-7pm; Sat 10am-5pm; Sun 11am-5pm. Reception Mar 30, 6-9pm.
Gage Academy of Art, 1501 10th Ave E., Seattle, 98102, 206-323-4243 x18
NCECA 2012 Exhibition Guide as 3/12/2012
Page 31
The Realm of the Feminine: Interior Edge, Adrian Arleo, Aisha Harrison, Anne Drew
Potter, Christine Golden, Christyl Boger, Cristina Cordova, Kathleen Skeels, Lisa Clague, Tip
Toland. Female sculptural forms. Organized by Christine Golden, “Artists using the female figure
as a vehicle to explore an interior aspect, such as the psychological or spiritual, each create their
own distinct and emotive landscape encapsulated within a human rendering”. Mar 26-Apr 14,
Sun-Sat 9:30am-6pm; Tue 9:30am-9pm. Reception Mar 30, 6-8pm.
L Tip Toland, "Alchemist", Clay, paint, pastel, 22" H x 27" W x 20" D
NCECA 2012 Exhibition Guide as 3/12/2012
Page 32
Northwest Seattle
Excursion on Wednesday, departs Washington State Convention Center, 9:00am; returns 12:45pm
Nordic Heritage Museum, 3014 N.W. 67th St, Seattle, 98117, 206-789-5707
Here and There: Contemporary Nordic-American Ceramics, Diane Baxter, Patsy
Thola Chamberlain, Gina Freuen, Larry Halvorsen, Jeanette Harris, Lars Husby, Lena
Lönnberg-Hickling, Kicki Masthem, Anders Ruhwald, Susan Stewart, Lars Westby.
Eleven ceramic artists explore themes of place, heritage, Nordic design, craft,
technique and traditions. Curated by Kirsten Olsen.
Above: Larry Halvorsen, Ribbed Viking Bowl, 2011, stoneware. Image courtesy of the artist. Patsy
Right: Thola Chamberlain, Teapot 1883, 2009, husky white clay. Image courtesy of the artist.
Mar 9-May 6, Sun 12-4pm; Tue-Sat 10am-4pm. Two-for-one admission with NCECA conference
Salty Dog Studios, 4602 14th Ave N.W., Seattle, 98107
Three Northwest Classics, Ken Turner, Loren Lukins, Rick Mahaffey.
Functional ceramics. Curated by Charles Bigger, “Three of the N.W.'s signature potters be
will show representative work”.
r: Loren Lukens
Above: Christina Kajihara, Fumio Shimada
Contemporary Ceramics From Japan. Contemporary functional and sculptural ceramics from Japan. Co-curated by
Charlie Bigger and Rick Mahaffey, “Contemporary ceramic and sculpture from Japan's leading fine arts university Tokyo
Geijutsu Diagaku, Tokyo University of the Arts”.
Both shows: Mar 26-31, Mon-Sat 9am-6pm. Reception Mar 29, 6-9pm
Slab Art, 4917 17th Ave, Seattle, 98107, 206-412-8638
Five Potters/Coast-to-Coast, Kevin Crowe (Tye River Pottery), Reid Schoonover (Working Man
Studio), Chuck Hinds, Al Tennant, Brad McLemore. Big and little kilns. Five approaches to woodfiring. Organized by Reid Schoonover, “The historic and traditional technique of wood-firing is
presented by five well-known and respected US potters firing in different style kilns”. Mar 27-31,
Sun 11am-5pm; Mon-Fri 3-8pm; Sat 1-5pm. Reception Mar 29, 6-8pm.
NCECA 2012 Exhibition Guide as 3/12/2012
Page 33
Elroy Christenson Art Gallery, North Seattle Community College, 9600 College Way N., Seattle, 98103
r. at NSCC, Black Rabbit by K. Sullivan
On the Fringe. Students from North Seattle CC, Olympia College, Bremerton, Tacoma CC, Shoreline CC, South Pugent
Sound CC, Edmonds CC, Bellevue CC, and Everett CC. Washington Community College students show work On the Edge.
Co-curated by Brenda Anderson and Liza Halvorsen. Mar 25-Apr 27, Mon-Sun 11am-6pm; Thu 11am-7pm. Reception
Mar 29, 4-7pm.
Francine Seders Gallery, 6701 Greenwood Ave N., Seattle, 98103, 206-782-0355
Abstract Affinities, Lisa E. Conway, Anne Hirondelle, Jim Kraft, Jen Mills, Peter Olsen, Sylwia
Tur, Lilly Zuckerman. Personal and engaging abstract forms by six artists. Organized by Anne
Hirondelle, “Anne Hirondelle invites six artists to show with her who share her love of abstract
form and her desire to make work that is personal and engaging but without narrative or
representational context”.
r. Lisa Conway
Mar 9-Apr 1, Tue-Sat 11am-5pm; Sun 1-5pm.
POTS Gallery, 619 N. 35th St, #100, Seattle, 98103, 206-579-1551
One Hundred Wood-Fired Cups, Dean Adams, John Benn, Colleen Gallagher, Frank
Boydon, Josh DeWeese, Rob Fornell, Damian Grava, Chris Gustin, Mark Hewitt, Terry Inokuma,
Ben Krupka, Rick Mahaffey, Warren McKenzie, Hiroshi Ogawa, Reid Ozaki, Steve Sauer, Jeff
Shapiro, Ben Waterman, Tara Wilson (shown left). A curated exhibition by Chuck Hindes and
Peter Olsen, “The work is selected throughout the United States by curators well-known in the
wood-fire community. Their selection is made from the most reputable potters across the country”.
Pots from Down Under: Gail Nichols, new work
By appt., Mon-Wed 9am-6pm; Thu & Fri 10am-9pm; Sat 10am-5pm. Reception Mar 29, 6-9pm.
POTS Gallery, 3509 Fremont Ave N., Seattle, 98103, 206-579-1551
Eight Wood-Fired Kilns in the Northwest, Chuck Hindes, Al Tennant,
Hiroshi Ogawa, Reid Ozaki, Damian Grava, John Benn, Colleen Gallagher,
Steve Sauer, Ken Lundemo, John Harris, Susan Lochner, Michael McCullough,
Rick Mahaffey, Peter Olsen. Pots from eight Northwest kilns...each with a
personality....altogether. Curated by Michael Peck, “This exhibition will present
the numerous kilns in the region and feature the flavor and personality of each
kiln. There are many artists participating in each kiln located in the Northwest,
Harstine Island, Port Orchard, South Whidbey Island, Index, Washington,
Oregon, etc”.
David Hollander Ceramic Sculpture. Twelve hand expressions. Curated by
Michael Peck
r. David Hollander sculpture, 32” tall
Both shows: Mar 26-31, Mon-Wed 9am-6pm; Thu & Fri 10am-9pm; Sat 10am-5pm. Reception Mar 29, 6-9pm.
NCECA 2012 Exhibition Guide as 3/12/2012
Page 34
Greater Seattle: Capitol Hill, West Seattle, and South of Downtown
I-5 Colonnade Park, beneath I-5, south of E. Howe St, Seattle, 98102
John Roloff: Permanent Installation. Located beneath the I-5 freeway corridor that runs through Seattle's Eastlake
neighborhood. “An artificial microclimate with cycling light and intermittent rain that replicate the light and weather
conditions from each day in 1960, the year before work began on Interstate 5. The artist effectively eliminates the concrete
barrier created by the road overhead, taking the area back in time. The centerpiece of this simulated ecosystem is four
densely planted trees representing different climates and for their relation to the color white, a "ghostly" color meant to evoke
the past neighborhood that occupied the site. By relating the past to the present and connecting the native climate to
geographically diverse flora, The Seventh Climate spans the elements of time and distance and inspires the formation of new
chronological and spatial relationships.”
Nube Green, 921 E. Pine St, Seattle, 98122, 206-402-4515
New Uses, James Lobb. Pots touched by James Lobb’s very own hands and created with curious purposes and displayed
with or within re-purposed materials in a shop dedicated to locally and creatively-made objects for fun, fancy and fashion.
“The objects themselves are skin stretched over an interior structural space. This is something that is both inviting to touch
and comforting to hold.” Mar 25-31, Mon-Sat 11am-7pm.
Fetherston Gallery, 818 E. Pike Street, Seattle, WA, 98112, 206-322-9440
The Talking Cure, Interactive figurative sculptures by NYC artist Melissa Stern.
(work shown right)
Ten writers will interpret the inner voice of each sculpture. Viewers will access the
thoughts via QR tags. The show takes its name from Sigmund Freud's original
description of psychoanalysis. Also new work by Dorothy Rissman and Jan Hoy.
Mar 9 –Apr 6, Wed–Sat, 11am to 5:30pm, Reception Mar 29, 5-8pm.
The Piranha Shop, 1022 1st Ave S., Seattle, 98134, 425-891-8009
Duped!, Mike Simi, Tiff Pruitt, Kate Lien, Troy Gua, Jared Bender, Katy
Nakamura, Tony Sonnenberg, Josh MacCraken, Foster Turcott, Phirak Suon, Jason
Bauer, Devon Hale, Kate Clark, Nate Brumfeld, John Taylor, Sharon Swanson,
Annie Chang, Kevin Bray. Young artists from the Seattle area have been paired up
and asked to collaborate on a piece that examines the theme of duplicity. Organized by Phirak Suon and Foster Turcott, “By
taking advantage of the plastic qualities of clay, the groups of two will create work that explores how contradiction, deceit
and trickery can arise from the state of being twofold. With young artists both familiar and unfamiliar with clay, this show
will be vibrant with experimental energy”. Mar 25-31, Mon-Sun 10am-6pm. Reception Mar 29, 6-9pm.
Twilight Artist Collective, 4306 S.W. Alaska St, Seattle, 98116, 206-933-2444
Chimeras, Eva Funderburgh, Sandra Farmer, Rachel Van Wagoner, Simone Clunie, Cheryl
Robinson. Chimeras are beasts made of many parts, but that makes them more
than just monsters. Isn’t ceramic sculpture itself a chimera, of clay and fine art?
Organized by Eva Funderburgh. Mar 8-Apr 6, Fri & Sat 12-4pm. Reception Mar
30, 6-9pm.
r. Eva Funderburgh
Hopvine Pub, 507 15th Ave E., Seattle, 98112, 206-328-3120
Bottoms Up, members of the Washington Clay Arts Association. A ceramic beer stein show evolving into a live benefit
auction. Co-curated by Sharon Romm amd Liz Duarte. Steins on view for the month of March, Daily 11:30am-1pm.
Reception and auction on Mar 29, 7pm-1am.
NCECA 2012 Exhibition Guide as 3/12/2012
Page 35
The Firm, 5813 Airport Way S., Seattle, 98108, 206-696-4710
Don't You (Forget About Me), Erin Shafkind. What do you read today? In a world of digital information and internet
access what role do books play? Erin Shafkind considers the book as an object, perhaps even an inaccessible object. Using
high fire clay bodies she crafts multiple stories while pondering ideas around text, pages, binding, and symbols. Curated by
Michele McMullen. Mar 10-May 5, Fri & Sat 12-4pm. Reception Mar 27, 6-9pm.
Eidelauer Picture Club, 2200 Utah Ave S. In alley 2 blks north of Starbucks
Headquarters, Sodo, Seattle, 98134, 206-322-0739
Among Between Within, Laura Brodax, Larry Bush, Maya Bush, David C.
Kane. Four artists from opposite ends of the country collaborate through varied
approaches and techniques to explore the long partnership between imagery and
ceramics. Organized by Laura Brodax.
“Long time friends and intermittent collaborators team up to explore new
approaches to form, function and image. The resulting interplay of imagery and
technique takes collaboration to the edge. Past collaborations have gone to the
brink of disaster and beyond to find success”.
Mar 27-Apr 1, Daily 12-6pm. Reception Mar 27, 6-9pm.
Maya Bush
Seattle Pottery Supply, 35 S. Hanford St, Seattle, 98134, 206-587-0570
Raku On the Edge, Ruth Allan, Wally Asselberghs, Steve Branfman, Boni & Dave Deal, Wanda
Garrity, Kate & Will Jacobsen, Rich Lawson, Eduardo Lazo, Gale Lurie, Robert Peipenburg, Linda &
Charlie Riggs, Dave Roberts, and a few others. Diverse raku, including naked raku, from artists in the
Northwest, Britian and Belgium. Organized by Gale Lurie and Rich Lawson, The technique of Raku
originated in Japan in the 1600's. It was brought to England and the U.S. in the 1960's and has evolved
since then. It is fast fired, but different glazes and techiques produce varying results. This show will
explore them all”. Mar 24-31, Mon-Fri 8:30am-5pm; Tue 8:30am-9pm; Sat 9am-3pm. Reception Mar
27, 6-9pm.
r Boni and Dave Deal, Egret Ewer
Hedreen Gallery at Lee Art Center, Seattle University. 901 12th Ave, Seattle, 98122, 206-601-7649
The William Morris and John Ruskin Blues Band, Matthew Green. A weeklong performance examining handcrafted
objects and the psychic space of repetitive labor. Co-curated by Jessica Powers and Whitney Ford-Terry “Green will
participate in a performance-based residency examining handcrafted objects and the psychic space of repetitive labor”.
Mar 21-31, Wed-Sat 1:30-6pm
Cupcake Royale, 1111 E. Pike St., Seattle, 98122, 206-883-7656
Pots and Other Things, Gretchen Bennett, Susanna Bluhm, Klara Glosova, Amanda
Manitach, Jeffrey McGrath, Jeffry Mitchell, Saya Moriyasu, Matthew Offenbacher, Nicholas
Nyland, Tony Sonnenberg, and Joey Veltkamp. A small exhibition of ceramic works by an
eclectic mix of Seattle artists. Organized by Joey Veltkamp, this sweet show takes place on a
five foot shelf at Cupcake Royale in Seattle's beloved Capitol Hill neighborhood. Mar 1-Mar
31, Mon-Sat 7am-11pm, Sun 8am-10pm
r. Pot by Jeffrey Mitchell
NCECA 2012 Exhibition Guide as 3/12/2012
Page 36
Western Bridge, 3421 4th Ave South near Hinds, SODO, Seattle 206 838 7444
R. Mungo Thomson. April 26, 1954 (Mirror) and July 13, 1962
(Mirror) 2012. Enamel on low-iron mirrors with poplar and
anodized aluminum, 74 by 56 by 2 5/8 inches each. (Installation
Devouring Time, an exhibition of contemporary works in a private
exhibition space designed by Roy McMakin and sponsored by the
True family, includes work by Kutlug Ataman, Walead Beshty,
Raymond Boisjoly, Matt Browning, Roger Hiorns, Alex Schweder
La, Amanda Ross-Ho, Matt Sheridan Smith, Kara Tanaka, Mungo
Thomson, Dan Webb, Mark Wyse, Amir Zaki.
As Western Bridge prepares for its own conclusionof an 8 year
exhibition program in the fall of 2012, we present an exhibition of
works whose overlapping themes and subjects invite thoughts about
the end: the persistence of art, the mystery of death, and the marks
and time, death, shrouds, flowers, traces.
Duration of exhibition is February 17 - April 7, 2012 .
Hours: Th – Sat, noon to 6, admission free
NCECA 2012 Exhibition Guide as 3/12/2012
Page 37
Excursion on Tuesday, departs Sheraton Seattle 8:30am; returns 5:30pm
The Gallery at Tacoma Community College, 6501 S. 19th St, Bldg 4, Tacoma, 98466, 253-566-5260
Invitational Tea Ware Show, An international show of Tea Bowls featuring work from Korea, Japan, the UK, and the USA
Among the 36 people participating are Phil Rogers, Lisa Hammond from the UK, Tusjimura Shiro, Ohi Toshio, Inayoshi
Osamu from Japan, Lee Kang Hyo and Ryu Tae Kwon from Korea, Jeff Shapiro, Peter Callas, Richard Milgrim, Chuck
Hindes, and Richard Bresnahan from the USA.
This promises to be an exciting show for those who love ceramics and tea bowls. Organized by Rob Fornell and Rick
Mahaffey. Mar 26-30, Mon-Thu 10am-5pm; Fri 10am-5pm. Reception Tuesday Mar 27 from 3-6pm
Kittredge Gallery, University of Puget Sound, 1500 N. Warner, #1072, Tacoma, 98416, 253-879-3701
Brian Benfer. Large-scale ceramic installation with associated works in other media. Organized by Brian Benfer &
Margaret Bullock.
20th Century Northwest Ceramics, Betty Feves, David Gilhooly, Howard Kottler, David Shaner, Paul Soldner, Peter
Voulkos, Patti Warashina, and others. Selections from the university's collection of Northwest ceramics from the 1960s
through 1980s. Curated by Margaret Bullock.
Both shows: Feb 20-Apr 7, Mon-Fri 10am-5pm; Sat 12-5pm.
Fulcrum Gallery, 1308 Martin Luther King Jr. Way, Tacoma, 98405, 253-250-0520
Creatures of Habit, Spencer Ebbinga and Heather Cornelius. Animal forms that explore
personal narratives and transformative experiences in individual ceramic sculptures. Curated by
Oliver Doriss. Mar 15-May 12, Tue-Sat 12-6pm; closed on Wed. Reception Mar 27 daytime call for time.
r. work by Ebbinga and Cornelius
Clay Art Center, 2636 Pioneer Way E., Tacoma, 98404, 800-952-8030
Centered on the Northwest. An invitational show featuring Northwest clay artists. Co-curated by Kim Lyle and Joe
Brecha, “Clay Art Center has been involved with the clay community since 1972. We have selected artists that have been
and continue to be influential in the Northwest”. Mar 26-Apr 5, Mon-Fri 9am-5:30pm; Sat 10am-2pm. Reception: Mar 27,
Throwing Mud Gallery, 2212 N. 30th St, Tacoma, 98403, 253-254-7961
Pots with a Purpose, Mark Hudak, Don Sprague, Loren Lukens, James Brooke, Sam Scott,
Dan Barnett, Charan Sachar, Charles Piatt, Richard and Robin Sanchez, Carol Ann Bauer,
Andy Lewis-Lechner, Quinn Bougher, Lonnie Tosch, Ron Carson, Dan Anderson, Jeff
McDougall, Susan Thompson, Jeff Tinius, James Diem, Marissa Motto, Andrew Deem,
Michael Scrivens. Featuring beautiful well-crafted functional pottery by Northwest ceramic
artists. Organized by Mark & Eileen Hudak, “Throwing Mud Gallery's mission is to
encourage creativity and an understanding of quality handcrafted art through its retail gallery
and pottery programs.” Ongoing, Mon-Fri 10am-5pm; Sat 10am-4pm. Reception Mar 27, til
The Art Stop, 940 Broadway, Tacoma, 98402, 253-274-1630
Washington Clay Arts Association Annual Juried Exhibit. Juried selection of works from members. Co-curated by Josh
DeWeese and Beth Cavener Stichter, “The Art Stop is proud to host our sixth annual juried exhibition of work from members
of WCAA”. Mar 3-Apr 18, Tue 9:30am-7pm; Wed-Fri 9:30am-5:30pm; Sat 9:30am-4:30pm. Reception Mar 27 daytime call for time.
NCECA 2012 Exhibition Guide as 3/12/2012
Page 38
Tacoma Art Museum, 1701 Pacific Ave, Tacoma, 98402, 253-272-4258
Howard Kottler. Selected works by Howard Kottler from their collection. Curated by Tacoma Art Museum. Ongoing.
HIDE/SEEK: Difference and Desire in American Portraiture to the West Coast,
Thomas Eakins, John Singer Sargent, Georgia O'Keeffe, Andy Warhol, Jasper Johns,
and more. The exhibition debuted at The Smithsonian Institution's National Portrait
Gallery in 2010 and is the first major exhibition to address the question of how gender
identity and sexual orientation have dramatically shaped the creation of modern
American portraiture. HIDE/SEEK offers an unprecedented survey of nearly 150 years
of American art and includes more than 100 works by masters. Curated by Tacoma Art
Museum. Mar 17-Jun 20.
r. Photo of Janet Flanner by Bernice Abbott
The 10th NorthWEST Biennial. The exhibition will examine the vital questions of who we are
as residents of the Pacific Northwest, what we look like, and what are our aspiations for our
communities. The Biennial will seek artworks that address the critical issues that underpin the
larger issues of identity and community including the fluidity of regional identity in an age of
global capitalism, increased urban migration, and the virtual diffusion of a discernible regional
style. Because of the extraordinary complexities of these issues, The 10th NorthWEST Biennial
will focus on the newly revitalized and resurgent forms of interdisciplinary art practices.
Curated by Tacoma Art Museum. Jan 21-May 28.
Above shows: Tue-Sun 10am-5pm. Free admission with NCECA conference badge.
Traver Gallery - Tacoma, 1821 E. Dock St, #100, Tacoma, 98402, 253-383-3685
Yours, Ours and Mine, Dick Weiss, Cappy Thompson, Jeffry Mitchell. Over thirty arrestingly beautiful platters by the
individual artists and by two or three of the artists in collaboration. Curated by Sarah Traver, “Dick, Cappy and Jeff have a
tremendous love of the decorative arts, with a Pacific Northwest style”. Mar 3-Apr 15, Wed-Sat 10am-6pm; Sun 12-5pm.
l. Adam, Cappy Thompson, , slip on terra cotta, 15” wide,
r. Collaboration, Jeffry Mitchell, Dick Weiss, Cappy Thompson., stain on earthenware plate, 18” diameter
Ada Ingram Hall, Pacific Lutheran University, 12180 Park Ave S. (intersection of 121st St S. and 8th Ave. Ct. S.), Tacoma,
98447, 253-535-7150
Stone Soup. Student work selected by jury. A show of substantial bowls follows in the tradition of “Open Bowl” events
nationwide. Exhibitions of these bowls are sold to support of a project to eliminate hunger worldwide. Curated by Spencer
Ebbinga. Mar 14-Apr 11, Mon-Fri 8am-4pm.
NCECA 2012 Exhibition Guide as 3/12/2012
Page 39
Museum of Glass, 1801 Dock St, Tacoma, 98390, 253-284-2128
Tweak! Converts to Glass, Doug Jeck, Nicholas Kripal, Jeffry Mitchell, Jeffrey Mongrain, Richard Notkin, Magdalene
Odundo, Michael Sherril, Jamie Walker. Museum of Glass exhibition of its Visiting Artist Collection featuring ceramicists
who have explored glass in Hot Shop residencies and demonstrate the fluid dialogue between the two materials. For
ceramicists interested in glass, this exhibition will provide an essential educational opportunity to understand the possibilities
of the material and perhaps its relevance to individual artistic goals. Curated by Susan Warner,
“Features an installation by Magdalene Odundo inspired by an ancient Egyptian ear ornaments
created entirely at Museum of Glass in August 2011, and individual pieces by ceramists who
have boldly experimented with glass with considerable aesthetic success. “
l. Michael Sherrill (American, born 1954)
Brightly Hidden, 2010
Hot-sculpted and flameworked glass, forged bronze, and
laminated colored porcelain
23 x 19 x 18 in. (58.4 x 48.3 x 45.7 cm)
Collection of Museum of Glass, Tacoma, Washington, gift of the artist
r. Richard Notkin (American, born 1948)
Blowin' in the Wind (Study #3), 2009
Blown and hot-sculpted glass, hand-carved stoneware, and glaze
Overall: 6 3/4 x 11 1/2 x 11 1/2 in. (17.1 x 29.2 x 29.2 cm)
Collection of Museum of Glass, Tacoma, Washington, gift of
the artist
Photo by Duncan Price
“Some of the work clearly hearkens to a ceramic heritage in the choice of surface treatments, classical form and function
while other pieces fully exploit the plastic possibilities of glass”. Feb 8-May 20, Sun 12-5; Tue-Sat 10am-5pm.
Free admission with NCECA conference badge.
NCECA 2012 Exhibition Guide as 3/12/2012
Page 40
Excursion onTuesday, departs Sheraton Seattle 8:30am; returns 5:30pm
Pilchuck Glass School Gallery, 1201-316th St N.W., Stanwood, 98292, 206-621-8422 x22
Glass and Clay: Material Narratives & Metaphors, Jessi Li, Carol Milne, Granite
Calimpong, Sue Rose, Crista Mateson, Julie Lindell, Susan Balshor, Nancy Blair. A
small show of works in clay and glass at Pilchuck Glass School. Organized by Susan
Balshor, “The world of mixed media art is endless. The possibilities inherent in the
materials of glass and clay allow for a vocabulary that is infinite. These artists explore
their unique stories through combinations and parallels using these magically malleable
Mar 27, Tue 2-5pm. Reception Mar 27, 2-5pm.
r. Bummed Out, raku fired ceramic and cast lead crystal (2 shots), Carol Milne
Museum of Northwest Art, 121 S. First St, LaConner, 98257, 360-466-4446
CIE/M Tulipieres: The Tulip Vase Revisited, Damien Grava, Eric Nelson, Jen Mills, John
Taylor, Larry Halvorsen, Lars Husby, Liza Halvorsen, Lois Harbaugh, Loren Lukens, Pat
Colyar, Anne Hirondelle, Charles Krafft, Claire Prenton, Dan Barnett, Debra Swartzkoff,
Jason Huff, Jason Walker, Judy Thomas, Kathleen Skeels, Ken Turner, Linda Hughes,
Makiko Ichiura, Margaret Ford, Marge Levy, Mark Strom, Miki Willis, Patti Warashina,
Peter Olsen, Sandra Farmer, Saya Moriyasu, Terry Siebert, Vida Collery, Wally Bivins,
Wendy Gingell.
l Lois Harbaugh, r Patty Warashina
Northwest ceramic artists revisit the tulip vase. . . originally a 17th
century Delft stacking form with multiple openings for displaying tulips.
Curated by Carol Gouthro, “In 1637 Tulip Mania reached its peak in the
Netherlands with tulip bulbs trading for astronomical prices.It was there in the 17th century in the Delft Potteries of
the Netherlands that the tulip vase was born. The Skagit Valley to the north of Seattle rivals Holland in its tulip
growing fame and it is here at the Museum of Northwest Art in La Conner that ceramic artists will revisit this
unique vessel form”.
Mar 24-Jun 10, Sun 12-5pm. Reception Mar 27. $2.00 admission with NCECA conference badge.
Allied Arts of Whatcom County, 1418 Cornwall Ave, Bellingham, 98227, 360-676-8548 x5
Water's Edge, Cascade Clay Artists. Work by dedicated potters, hand builders, and sculptors who share common goals-to
explore their development as clay artists and to increase the public's perception of clay as an art form. Mar 2-31, Mon-Fri
10am-5pm; Sat 12-5pm.
Mindport, 210 W. Holly St, Bellingham, 98225, 360-647-5614
Diversity in Our Town, Anmorgan Curry, Linda R. Hughes, Cary Lane, Eugene Lewis, Ene
Lewis, Brian O'Neill, Larry Richmond. A group exhibition of committed artists...committed
to mud and to their own histories. Organized by Anmorgan Curry, Linda R Hughes
(alternate), “Using the same medium, we express ourselves in our own unique ways as we
are influenced by history, culture, technique, and just the need to have our hands in clay”.
Mar 17-Apr 15, Sun 12-4pm.
r. Linda Hughes
Good Earth Pottery, 1000 Harris Ave, Bellingham, 98225, 360-671-3998
Put a Lid on It!, Deb Martin, Linda Stone, Patsy Chamberlain, Ann Marie Cooper, Ann Marie DeCollibus, Lynn Dee, Julie
deRouche', Wendy Gingell, Kent Herschleb, Isaac Howard, Linda Hughes, Karen Jackson, Carrie Anne Keenan, Irene
Lawson, Cheryl Lee, Ene' Lewis, Eugene Lewis, Michael McDowell, Chris Moench, Patricia Morse, Jeremy Noet, Larry
Richmond, Lonnie Schang, Shelly Stark, Todd Stephens, Debra Stern, Andy Wollman-Simson. A display of juried lidded
vessels from a selection of our fifty local artists. Organized by Deb Martin & Linda Stone, “Good Earth Pottery has been an
NCECA 2012 Exhibition Guide as 3/12/2012
Page 41
artistic fixture in Bellingham since 1969 and represents only juried local artists within a fifty mile radius”. Mar 1-31, Sun
12-5pm; Mon & Wed 9am-6pm; Tue, Thu, Fri 9am-9pm; Sat 10am-6pm.
Western Gallery, WWU, Fine Arts Complex, Western Washington University, Bellingham, 98225, 360-650-3963
Soaring Voices. Recent Ceramics by Women from Japan, Kyo Tsuji, Kiyoko Koyama, Atsuko Kubota, Sachiko Shimizu,
Asuka Tsuboi, Eiko Kishi, Fuku Fukumoto, Yasuko Sakurai, Mariko Shibata, Ikuko Ando, Kaku Hayashi, Sachiko Fujino,
Kyoko Hori, Nanako Kaji, Kimiyo Mishima, Yuriko Matsuda, Masuko Emi, Takako Araki, Shoko Koike, Chieko
Katsumata, Kyoko Tokumara, Junko Kitamura, Yuki Nakaigawa, Etsuko Tashima, Ayumi Shigematsu. A portrait of the rich
and innovative ceramic culture of Japan through the presentation of 86 exceptional ceramics by 25 contemporary artists.
Curated by Hiroko Miura,
l. Sachiko Shimizu , Yakishime Ceramic Box with Silver Enamel, 1992, stoneware. Photo
© Hideya Amemiya.
“The artists are all women - demonstrating the transition in Japanese society toward
individual women artists being recognized in this creative realm traditionally held by men.
These ceramics provide contemporary interpretations of a traditonal art form through a
range of motifs that are inspired by the natural world, dance movements from Noh Theater
and kimono patterns of the Edo period. A social commentary is put forth throughout the
works, whether it is beauty defined or an exploration between East and West”. Mar 27May 12, Mon-Fri 10am-4pm; Wed 10am-8pm; Sat 12-4pm.
Whatcom Museum, 250 Flora St, Bellingham, 98225, 360-778-8966
CIE/M From the Melting Pot into the Fire: Contemporary Israeli Ceramics, Dina Shahar, Dvora Cohen, Michaela Orstav, Neta
Adan Dor, Laurie Goldstein, Michal Alon, Efrat Eyal, Shani Orstav, Michal Ityel-Sandler, Anat Bar El, Orit Ben Arie, Noa
Holzshtein, Ziona Benor, Sara Shuraki, Mirvat Issa, Rachel Elimelech Urbach, Orit Bar Dov and Doron Klinghofer, Ethel
Pisareff, Gali Grinspace, Martha Rieger, Ruth Schreiber, Anna Kirzner, Simone Solomo, Einat Cohen, Dori Zanger
Schechtel, Zipi Geva, Yael Novak, Roy Maayan and Anat Katz, Ada Yoels, Marcelle Klein and Tami Bar-Lev, Daphna
Leshem, Ruth Barkai, Ronit Zor, Avner Singer, Varda Bar Shamai, Lea Sheves.
This traveling exhibition, organized by the Ceramic Artists Association of Israel and the Mint Museum, Charlotte, NC,
features 37 artists who interpret issues of land and identity. Organized by Yael Novak, “A wide range of ideas, approaches,
techniques and forms characterize the diversity of Israeli ceramics. Issues on personal and
communal concerns are addressed from various perspectives. While some of the work is
intended as a social/political commentary, the majority of the pieces are inspired by formal,
symbolic and conceptual concerns and a
desire to explore the full material
potential of ceramic art”. Mar 25-Jul 8,
Mar 25 & Mar 27-31 12-5pm.
$3.00 admission with NCECA
conference badge.
l. Dori Zanger Schechtel
r. Yael Novak, slip-cast earthenware,
terra sigilatta, Courtesy of the artist
NCECA 2012 Exhibition Guide as 3/12/2012
Page 42
Excursion on Tuesday, departs Washington State Convention Center 2:00pm; returns 7:00pm;
Bellevue/Kirkland Shuttle on Thursday evening reception shuttle 6:00pm-9:00pm, separate ticket needed
Parklane Gallery, 130 Park Lane, Kirkland, 98033, 425-533-4783
Subtle Change, Leanne McClurg, Sam Harvey, Kim Dickey, Holly Walker, Emily Schroeder
Willis. Wonderful forms simply pinched out of clay. Diverse and touching! Organized by Emily
Schroeder Willis, “Pinching clay is often stereotyped as being a more naive way of working and
less sophisticated in concept as well is in the actual objects made.
Each artist in this group is well versed with contemporary art practices and incorporates their own
personal connection and language of contemporary art into their body of work. The history of
pinch pots spans thousands of years and as a group of artists, we feel it necessary to continue to
work in this rich tradition, while still conveying a modern approach to our work”. Mar 5-Apr 1,
Tue-Sat 11am-7pm. Reception Mar 29, 6-9pm.
r. Kim Dickey porcelain, "Rosine"
Kirkland Art Center Store, 336 Park Place Center, Kirkland, 98033, 425-822-7161 x100
Platter Tectonics/Specific Rims. Works by artists who have explored the tectonics of the serving platter; a large plate
begging to be structurally challenged. Co-curated by Ken Tuner and Betsy Smith, “Platter Tectonic/Specific Rim explores
the tectonics of the platter- a large plate begging to be structurally challenged,On the Edge. As inhabitants of the tectonically
active Pacific Rim, we are risk taker by nature. Work on view will push the structural and surface faults of the platter and
see what shakes.” Mar 2-Apr 1, Mon, Tue, Wed, Sat, Sun 9am-6pm; Thu & Fri 9am-9pm. Reception Mar 29, 6-9pm.
Kirkland Arts Center, 620 Market St, Kirkland, 98033, 425-822-7161
Clay? IV. Kirkland Arts Center is proud to present the fourth installment of its biennial contemporary ceramics exhibition,
Clay? IV. Co-curated by Jamie Walker, Akio Takamori, and Doug Jeck and organized by Jayme Yahr, “This juried
exhibition explores the versatility of clay as a medium of expression...showcasing a range of sizes, scales, subject matter, and
techniques. The artwork of this exhibition is both a testament to the enduring legacy of clay and to the future of the field.”
Mar 26-May 19, Mon & Wed 9am-6pm; Tue 9am-9pm; Thu & Fri 10am-9pm; Sat 10am-5pm. Reception Mar 29, 5:309pm.
Bellevue College Gallery Space, 3000 Landerholm Cr S.E., D-271, Bellevue, 98007,
Extreme, Ordinary & Exquisite:Teapots on the Edge, Patti Warashima, Akio Takamori, Mark Burns, Carol Gouthro,
Margaret Ford, Wally Bivens, Jacob Foran, Charles Krafft, Anne Hirondelle, Clin Cannon, Jesse Edwards, Ginny Conrow,
Betty Minkin, Saya Moriyasu, Eric Nelsen, Jason Huff, Liza & Larry Halvorsen, Paul Metivier, Kapka & Zahary Stoyanova,
John Taylor, Ken Turner, Randy Silver, Sam Scott, Matthew Patton, Steward Wong, Marie Weichman, Lois Harbaugh, and
11 more. A curated invitational exhibition of new teapots created for On the Edge: NCECA 2012. Curated by Lars Husby.
Mar 7-Apr 5, Mon-Thu 10am-5pm; Fri 11:30am-3pm. Reception Mar 28, 3:30-5pm.
Gunnar Nordstrom Gallery, 800 Bellevue Way N.E., Suite 111, Bellevue, 98004, 425-283-0461
Crude Series, Randolph Silver. Fossil fuel inspired ceramics: rusty, metallic, eternally
transformed. Curated by Gunnar Nordstrom, “Silver’s semi-functional vessels reflect our
culture’s maddening dependence on fossil fuel. His teapots (one named “Texas Tea”), jars
and vases (one named “Oil Pressure”) are highly detailed, riveted, covered in intricate,
complex machinery and encrusted in a patina of rust that has formed in the never-ending
Pacific Northwest rain”. Mar 14-Apr 9, Sun 12-5pm; Mon-Sat 9:30am-8pm. Reception
Mar 29, 6-9pm.
r. Randolph Silver, Industrial Vase, 11 x 10 x 6 “, ceramic
Hallway Gallery, 800 Bellevue Way N.E., Suite 150, Bellevue, 98004, 425-453-3244
Chris Dufala. Imitations of reality by NY based ceramic artist Chris Dufala. Curated by Erik Hall, “Chris Dufala's work
suggest a link between our impending loss of integrity and the notion of progress. His work is an imitation of reality in that
NCECA 2012 Exhibition Guide as 3/12/2012
Page 43
the steel appearance belies the actual ceramic just as the subject itself disguises needlesss consumption as needed
convenience”. Mar 26-31, Sun 12-5pm; Mon & Wed 12-8pm; Tue 12-9pm; Thu & Fri 9:30am-9pm; Sat 9:30am-8pm.
Reception Mar 29, 5-9pm.
Bellevue Arts Museum, 510 Bellevue Way N.E., Bellevue, 98004, 425-519-0756/425-519-0766
Push Play: The 2012 NCECA Invitational, features 40 works by 34 artists: Adrian Arleo, Hannah Blackwell, Rebekah
Bogard, Brian Boldon, Mark Chatterley, Caroline Cheng, Kelly Connole, Cristina Cordova, Charlie Cummings, Judy Fox,
Jessica Gardner, Arthur Gonzalez, Raymond Gonzalez, Margaret Keelan, Clayton Keyes, Henny Linn Kjellberg, Mika
Negishi Laidlaw, Sarah Lindley & Norwood Viviano, David Linge, Megumi Naitoh, Tara Polansky, Anne Drew Potter,
Derek Reeverts, Diego Romero, Sam Scott, Yoko Sekino-Bove, Kiki Smith, Chris Staley, Beth Cavener Stichter, Ian Thomas
& Ryder Richards , Christina West, Irina Zaytceva.
r. Beth Cavener Stichter, In Bocca al Lupo, Stoneware
A brilliant collection of large scale installations and intimate
investigations by 34 artists to stimulate thought and provoke
conversation about the relevance of play in contemporary life and
its connections to creativity, art, technology, individuality and
community. Co-curated by Linda Ganstrom & Stefano Catalani,
‘Push Play’ explores play from multiple perspectives: the creative
process, viewer engagement and subject matter as well as
exploring the subject of play in developing personality, gender
identification and roles, moral and ethical standards, interpersonal
relationships, social roles and education. The process of play is integral to studio practice and the exhibition viewing
experience. Here we see the role of art in change. Long in service to religion and decoration, the visual arts are embracing
an expanded role as entertainment. The museum encourages a form of play or active participation by engaging patrons in the
provocative, engrossing experience of art. On the Edge, the NCECA conference theme, interfaces with this investigation by
searching for ceramic works that go beyond the obvious to reveal underlying patterns, challenge preconceptions, expose
motivation and enlighten behavior regarding play. Through works of great power, the artists selected push play to new
heights of meaning, mystery and relevance”.
l. Swan, Awareness Series, Adrian Arleo,2011, Low fire
clay, glaze, hand built
r. Cristina Cordova, Dulce, Earthenware cone 04 electric, 25 x 36 x 10 in
NCECA 2012 Exhibition Guide as 3/12/2012
Page 44
Above: 6/12/2009 by Megumi Naitoh in Push Play
Shaping the Future of Clay, students, grades K-12. A juried show of ceramic work by K-12
students from Washington showcasing the next generation of ceramic artists. Curated by Nora
Atkinson, Robert McMinn and Randolph Silver, “Bellevue Arts Museum celebrates the
community and schools by showcasing work by students and youth in its Community Education
Gallery”. One work by unmanned student right!
Falling Feels a Lot Like Flying, Dirk Staschke. Solo exhibition of 7 large sculptural works by
Dirk Staschke, winner of the John and Joyce Price Award of Excellence at BAM Biennial 2010:
Clay Throwdown! Curated by Stefano Catalani, “Inspired by Vanitas still life paintings of 16th century Northern Europe,
Dirk Staschke's sculptures explore notions of human desire and the fleeting nature of life by capturing the precarious instant
before or after collapse or collision. Staschke's sculptures are trompe l'oeil revealing impossible instances where appearances
are very different than the reality, at times evoking an uncanny or uncomfortable strangeness”.
Above shows: Jan 19-Jun 17, Sun-Sat 11am-5pm; Thu 11am-9pm. Reception Mar 29, 6-9pm.
Free admission with NCECA conference badge.
NCECA 2012 Exhibition Guide as 3/12/2012
Page 45
Greater Area
Bainbridge Island
Bainbridge galleries are a short walk from the ferry which leaves from downtown Seattle.
The Island Gallery, 400 Winslow Way East, #120, Bainbridge Island, WA, 98110
Wood Fired Ceramics: John Neely and Dan Murphy These artists have been at the forefront of innovative woodfiring at
Utah State University for many years. Their role as mentors and guides is well known; here is an opportunity to see what all
the fuss is about, Curated by Peter Olsen at Seward Park Art Studio.
Bainbridge Arts and Crafts, 151 Winslow Way E, Bainbridge Island, WA, 98110, 206-842-3132
Reid Ozaki and Company (his former students and colleagues) Richard Mahaffey, Matt Allison, Dave Davison, Frank
Dippolito, Kazumi Divens-Cogez, Rowena Forde, Barb Gabriel-Driggers, Anthony Gaudino,Herb Hallberg, Sue Hudacek,
Irina Litvinyuk, Kate Packard, Jill Rohrbaugh, Rebecca Smart, Munemitsu Taguchi, Charles Thomas, Susan Thompson, and
Mac Ward. Curated by Reid Ozaki and David Sessions. Hours: 10 -6, Mar 2-Apr 2, Reception Mar 2, 6-8pm
Moshier Art Center, 430 S. 156th Street, Burien, 98148, 206-669-2549
Third Runway Potters at Moshier Art Center, Sandra Mander, Vicki Hamilton, Janet Crawley, Dana Lasswell, Kris Love,
Bo Choi. Current work by the studio artists at Moshier Art Center. Organized by Sandra Mander.
Work by: Sandra Mander, Dana Lasswell, Victoria Hamilton,
Mon & Tue 12-3:30pm; Wed 9:30am-6:30pm; Sat 10am-3pm. Reception Mar 24, 4-7pm.
Camano Island
Matzke Fine Art Gallery & Sculpture Park, 2345 Blanche Way, Camano Is., WA 360-387-2759
Locally Grown: Thrown and Hand-built Clay Show, Charles Bigger, Roger Cocke, Julie
Cline, Liza Halvorsen, Lars Husby, Jack Gunter, Pam Mummy, Ruth Pumphrey, Sue Roberts,
Chris Theiss, Susan Cohen Thompson, Ruth Westra, Arno Zielke and an installation by
Annette Bellamy.
Clay has been used for centuries to express aesthetic ideas. From the diminutive to the
monumental, the figure to the abstract, all can be seen in this show. Curated by Karla Matzke
Also, regional NW painters; Clayton James, Russell Frost, R.J. Nash, Anne Martin McCool,
Thomis Woods, Cheri O’Brien and Dederick Ward.
Reception March 3rd, 4:00 to 9:00. Show continues through April 8th. Ten acre Sculpture Park.
image; “Within Reach”, ceramic 24”x17”x 8”, Sue Roberts
NCECA 2012 Exhibition Guide as 3/12/2012
Page 46
The Brick Gallery, 5787 Cains Ct, Edison, 98232, 360-766-8603
Earth and Air, Patty Detzer, Anya Davis, Barbara Hathaway, Allen Moe, Margie
Firth, Ruth Pumphry, Christine Wardenburg-Skinner. Ceramics and Plein Air
Paintings. Organized by Christine Wardenburg-Skinner, “Functional and
sculptural ceramic work and plein air paintings will be featured in this exhibition.
The Brick Gallery offers an intimate setting to see and appreciate the art of Skagit
Valley artists. Worth a drive or excursion to this part of NW paradise!” Ongoing,
Sun & Thu 12-5pm; Fri & Sat 11am-5pm. Reception Mar 31, 11am-8pm.
Ruth Pumphry
Edmonds Arts Festival Museum, and Edmonds Arts Commission, 700 Main St, Edmonds, 98020, 425-244-6569
Sculptors Workshop Celebrating 45 Years, current members. A wide variety of sculptural and functional artwork.
Curated by Darlene McLellan, “Sculptors Workshop in Edmonds celebrates its 45 years as a non-profit arts organization.
Sculptors Workshop’s two groups (Pottery & Sculpture) collectively present a diverse show with all skill levels, styles and
ideas: simple to complex, tiny to large, serious to hilarious”. Mar 19-Apr 24, Mon-Fri 9am-9pm; Sat 10am-3pm. Reception
Mar 29, 6:30-8:30pm.
Gallery One, 408 N Pearl St, Ellensburg, 98926, 509-925-2670
Local Mud Slingers. A show consisting of local ceramic artists from Ellensburg. Mar 2-Apr 2.
Central Washington University Advanced and Graduate Ceramics Show. Selected students and alumni from Central
Washington University. Mar 2-31
Artstream Artists. This is a show with the artists from the Art Stream Project from Carbondale CO. It encompasses larger
scale work of some of the artists and will be a great stop off point on the way to NCECA or on the way home right off of I90 in Ellensburg, WA. Mar 2-Apr 2
Above shows: Sun & Sat 11am-4pm; Mon-Fri 10am-4pm.
Sarah Spurgeon Gallery, Central Washington University, 400 E. University Way, Randall Hall, Room 141, Ellensburg, 98926,
Atmospheric, Dean Adams, Jennifer Allen, Dan Anderson, Bede Calrke,Charity DavisWoodard, Josh DeWeese, Julia Galloway, Simon Levin, Drew Nichols, Chuck Hindes,
Dan Murphy, Peter Olsen, John Neely, Al Tennant, Brad Schwieger, Tara Wilson. A show
of ceramic artists who work with wood, soda and salt firing techniques. Ongoing open
studios, Sun 1-3pm; Mon-Fri 10am-3pm; Sat 1-4pm. Reception Mar 30, 6-9pm.
r. Donna Perugini
Schack Art Center, 2921 Hoyt Ave, Everett, 98201, 425-259-5050
Embracing the Edge: Working with Clay in the Pacific Northwest, Pat Ball, Yonnah Ben Levy, Chaim Bezalel, Patsy
Chamberlain, Roger Cocke, Pacia Dixon, Marguerite Goff, Margo Grothe, June Haddox, Bonnie Henning, Erica Herrmann,
Kathy Huckleberr, Makiko Ichiura, Catherine Kerwick, Irene Lawson, Rose Moore, Pat Morse, Donna Perugini, Phoenix
Rising, Maria Root, Dinah Steveni, Pam Summers, Greg Tate, Twila Tate, Susan Cohen Thompson, Ruth Westra, Jennifer
Yates, Teri Silva. Cascade Clay | Emerging to Established artists. Curated by Carie Collver, Ongoing, Sun 12-5pm; Mon &
Wed 9am-6pm; Tue 9am-9pm; Thu & Fri 10am-9pm; Sat 10am-5pm.
Russell Day Gallery, Everett Community College, Parks Student Union, 2000 Tower St, Room 242, Everett, 98201, 425-3889036
Earth Tones: Containing Land and Sea, Matthew Allison, Thom Lee, Jim Snitily. Exhibiton of new works by Everett
Community College faculty and staff. Organized by Thom Lee. Mar 25-Apr 30, Mar 25 10am-4pm; Mar 26-29 8am-6pm;
Mar 30-Apr 1 10am-4pm. Reception Mar 27, 3pm.
NCECA 2012 Exhibition Guide as 3/12/2012
Page 47
artEast/Upfront Gallery, 95 Front St N., Issaquah, 98027, 425-827-6230
Pulse: Rhythm in Clay, Greater Puget Sound Clay Artists. A showcase of work featuring variations on the theme of
rhythm, using frequency, modultion, tempo, symmetry, cycles, harmony, pattern and texture. Curated by Kat Morrell with
guest juror Regnor Reinholsten...” a master potter who studied at UW with Howard Kottler and Robert Sperry. He
specializes in functional work and has run an independent studio in Ballard since 1969. Regnor has been a beloved teacher
to hundreds of emerging clay artists”. Mar 9-Apr 14, Tue-Thu 11am-7:30pm; Fri & Sat 11am-8pm; Sun 12-5pm. Reception
Mar 9, 6-8pm.
Edmond Community College, 20000 68th Ave W., Lynnwood, 98036
Dinner For Two by Five, Chris Ransom, Mark Strom, Kristin Nelson, Akiko
Graham, Pat Espey. Curated exhibit of functional pottery. Curated by Daniel
Neish. Mar 5-Apr 20, Sun 10am-6pm.
Work right: Kristen Nelson
Childhood's End Gallery, 222 4th Ave W., Olympia, 98501, 360-943-3724
The Art of Storage, John Benn, Jamie Brooke, Colleen Gallagher, John & Robin Gumaelius, Larry Halvorsen, John Harris,
Chris Kroupa, Loren Lukens, Paddy McNeely, Reid Ozaki, Don Sprague. Ceramic containers for storing anything, whether
precious or practical. Curated by Richenda Richardson. Mar 2-Apr 22, Sun 11am-5pm; Mon-Sat 10am-6pm.
Seattle Tacoma International Airport, 2580 S 156th St, Seatac, 98158
Concourse A
Diversity of Clay, Rosette Gault, Corole Goetschel, Cim Hanson, Lois Harbaugh, Carol Hermer, Thorly James, Linda
Kabkjian, Karen Keating, Kathy Kirby, Kat Morell, Aaron Murray, Paige Nilles, Sarah Parent, Donna Lindeman Porter, Ann
Pot-Stanton, Kathleen Skells, John A. Taylor, Judy D Thomas. There are multiple ways in which one can express feelings
and ideas in clay. This exhibit explores a variety of ceramic work from local artists, emerging and established, in order to
demonstrate the diversity in approaches clay in the Pacific Northwest. Curated by Myra Kaha.
North Satellite
Connected by Clay. Work created by artists from Kirkland Arts Center, Moshier Art Center, Pottery Northwest and Seward
Park Clay Studio. This exhibit highlights work from four non-profit clay centers in the greater Seattle area. As these
centers support students, instructors, and resident artists, every year, they inspire thousands to explore clay. Curated by Myra
Both shows: Feb 1-Jul 30, 24 hrs/day.
Shoreline Community College Art Gallery, Administration Building 1000, 16101 Greenwood Ave N., Shoreline, 98133, 206546-4101 x4433
Drink Me: Use and Imagination in the Ceramic Vessel, Shoreline Faculty: Sam Scott, Bruce Amstutz, Laura Ward,
Brendan Fuller, Natalie Niblack. Invited Artists: Tyler Lotz, Saya Moriyasu, Ginny Conrow, Tom Colman, Elaine Colman,
John Dix, Toyoda Mokugen, Jack Troy, Robert Fornell, Jeffrey Hanks, Reid Ozaki, Judith McCarthy, Sue Roberts, Charles
Krafft, Meg Hartwig. Twenty artists respond to this provocative title, "Drink Me" demonstrating the wide range of use and
imagination involved in the ceramic vessel. This exhibition will include work from five faculty members and 15 invited
guests. Organized by Natalie Niblack, “We took NCECA as an opportunity to invite the widest range of responses around
the framework of one idea. Not wanting to tie 20 artists to one form, we chose a single function: "Drink me". There will
additional exhibitions in the College library and Art Center during the reception”. Mar 8-Apr 17, Mon-Wed 9am-5pm; Thu
& Fri 9am-8pm. Reception Mar 29, 5-8pm.
NCECA 2012 Exhibition Guide as 3/12/2012
Page 48
Stanwood House Gallery & Art Center, 9915 270th St N.W., Stanwood, 98292, 360-629-4933
On the Edge of History, Chaim Bezalel, Yonnah Ben Levy, Jack Gunter, Roger Cocke, Rose Moore. Unique works: large
bowls by Bezalel-Levy with images and text representing the 12 Tribes of Israel from Genesis; large urns by Jack Gunter
from his installation "Secrets of Mt. Vernon Culture"; pit fired work by Rose Moore; and basket pots by Roger Cocke.
Organized by Chaim Bezalel, “Exhibit refers to pre-history both real and imagined or mythologized including tribal bowls
with their spiral script resembling Incantation Bowls of 4th century Babylon, reassembled urns from an installation depicting
an imaginary ancient local culture, basket bowls, and pit fired works”. Mar 16-Apr 13, Mon & Wed 9am-6pm; Tue 9am9pm; Thu & Fri 10am-9pm; Sat 10am-5pm.
The NCECA exhibition program is sponsored by Hines and the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation. Additional support from the
Seattle Design Center, National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency, NCECA, Pottery Northwest, Windgate Charitable
Foundation, Art Exhibition Services and the generosity of artists, collectors, gallerists, curators, family and friends. Thank you all.
Special Events
March 27, Tuesday, 5-9pm
Art of the Northwest Table at Herban Feast, SODO, 3200 first Ave., South
NCECA’s Seattle Design Center Shuttle or short cab ride on Tuesday night
Event tickets and shuttle tickets must be purchased in advance and separately
A Party and Exhibition and Sale: Art of the Northwest Table for POTTERS, FUN and NCECA.
Art of the Northwest Table is a showcase & sale of sixteen of the finest potters producing table ware: Chris Baskin, Robert
Brady, Victoria Christen, Kowkie Durst, Jullia Galloway, Dara Hartman, Brian Jones, Forrest Lesch-Middleton, Robbie
Lobell, Hank Murrow, Drew Nicklas, Noah Riedel, Deborah Schwartzkopf, Al Tennant, and Sandy Simon, right.
Please join us for a remarkable evening of art
for food, food as art, and the finest of
Washington's wines & artisanal
spirits. Ongoing cooking demonstrations
featuring Cook on Clay flameware pots, meet
some of the region’s favorite Studio Potters 15
Chefs will create delicious recipes at stations
throughout the venue, Tastings of Washington
Wines, Beer, Cider, Spirits, Multitudes of
Tasty Bites & Sips. Pottery, Music,
Schmoozing, Networking . . .
NCECA 2012 Exhibition Guide as 3/12/2012
Page 49
Everyone is invited to attend this very fun evening . . . Potters, Friends, Relatives, Foodies, Connoisseurs, Collectors,
Visitors & Residents of the great city of Seattle!
Art of the Northwest Table is produced by Edible Seattle, Cook on Clay, and Herban Feast with sponsorships from Pottery
Northwest, Georgie’s Ceramic Supply, and Mudshark Studios.
A portion of the proceeds of this event donated to NCECA for scholarships.
Please join us for a remarkable evening of art for food, food as art, and the finest of Washington's wines & artisanal spirits.
Questions: contact Robbie Lobell, 360-678 1414
More information:
IMPORTANT: Please get tickets ahead of time at,
Tickets $35.
Special Events at Museums and Colleges
March 26, Monday
Creating the Sense of Play: a tour and panel discussion at Bellevue Arts Museum
Join us for a special evening that explores three large-scale ceramic installations in Push Play: The 2012 NCECA
Invitational. This event will begin with a private tour through the show with the exhibition curator Linda Ganstrom.
Immediately following, a panel discussion with artists Rebekah Bogard, Charlie Cummings, and Anne Drew Potter, will
focus each artist’s process to creating a ceramic installation that would evoke a sense of nostalgia, role play, or fantasy for the
viewer. 6pm, tour; 7-8pm, panel discussion. Fees: $5 for BAM members, $10 for non-members. RSVP required, please visit to register and for more information.
NCECA 2012 Exhibition Guide as 3/12/2012
Page 50
March 26, Monday
Why do we make things?
The Project Room hosts a conversation in the St. James Cathedral Chapel with ceramicists Nicholas Kripal and Jeffrey
Mongrain, whose site-specific work is temporarily installed as a response to the imagery and architecture of the Cathedral.
Joining the conversation is St. James Cathedral Director of Music Dr. James Savage, 2pm, St. James Cathedral, 804 Ninth
Avenue, First Hill, Seattle. Free, no reservation required.
The Project Room presents creative projects with a contemporary perspective. As a multidisciplinary art center, The Project
Room provides a platform for the exchange of ideas within the intersection of different artistic disciplines. The project aims
to be inclusive in all of its endeavors, featuring different points of view and areas of expertise in all areas of creativity and
community that carry meaning for anyone. In addition to the arts, programs will touch on technology, culture, history,
geography, industry, and other areas that intersect with the specific question in focus.
March 28, Wednesday
Teapots: Artful, Eloquent and Worldly
A special presentation by Sonny and Gloria Kamm on the occasion of the opening of the Bellevue College Gallery exhibition
Extreme, Extraordinary & Exquisite: Teapots on the Edge.
The Kamms will discuss the formation of their creative teapot collection, their nine museum travelling Artful Teapot exhibit
(seen in 2003 at the Bellevue Arts Museum) and the eventual museum home for their teapot collection at the Fuller Craft
Gloria and Sonny Kamm of Los Angeles were early collectors of contemporary glass and ceramics. During the past 30 plus
years they have formed the largest (17,000 !!!) and most comprehensive collection of teapots in the United States. Their
collection includes artist created teapots in all media—ceramic, glass, wood, fiber, metal and other media. Also included is an
extensive and important international component of antique teapots dating from the early 1700s
Wednesday, March 28, 2:30 PM, Bellevue College, Carlson Theater, E-Bldg, #105 (adjacent to the BC Gallery, 3000
Landersholm Circle SE, D-Bldg., #271, on the 2nd level). For specific directions call Public Safety, 425-564-2400, as they
give directions and handle parking.) Bellevue, WA 98007 Free, no reservations necessary.
NCECA 2012 Exhibition Guide as 3/12/2012
Page 51
March 29, Thursday
Meet the Artists: Michelle Erickson and Brendan Tang discuss their work at the SAM
Conversation with the artists and SAM curators
Sánchez, Associate Curator of Modern and
Contemporary Art and 2011 Patterson Sims
Fellow, and Julie Emerson, The Ruth J. Nutt
Curator of Decorative Arts, on the occasion of
these two new acquisitions from Michelle
Erickson and Brendan Lee Satish Tang.
Thursday, 7 PM, Seattle Art Museum Downtown,
New Acquisitions Gallery, top of escalator, free
admission with NCECA badge.
Left: Koi Junk, 2009, Porcelain, colored
earthenware (known as agateware), indigenous
clays, underglaze decoration in manganese and cobalt, overglaze enamel digital transfer
print, 12 ½ x 11 inches. by Michelle Erickson American, born 1960, Seattle Art Museum.
Howard Kottler Endowment for Ceramic Art, 2011.23, Copyright: Michelle Erickson.
Photo: Gavin Ashworth, NY
Right: Manga Ormolu version 5.0-h, 2010, Ceramics, mixed media, 16 1/4 x 11 x 7 1/2 inches, Brendan Lee Satish Tang,
Canadian, born in Ireland, 1975, Seattle Art Museum. Margaret E. Fuller Purchase Fund, 2011.27, Copyright: Brendan Tang.
Photo: Brendan Tang.
March 29, Thursday
How Long It Takes to Breathe: the Long Sentence and the Work of Susie J. Lee by Rebecca
Brown at the Frye Art Museum
In a free-ranging presentation, author Rebecca Brown talks about duration and impermanence,
meaning-making and memory in the art of Susie J. Lee and in the literature of Gertrude Stein,
Samuel Beckett, and the Christian Mystics. Susie J. Lee will be present. Thursday, 7 PM,
Frye Art Museum, First Hill, free admission. Susie J. Lee: Of Breath and Rain, the artist’s
first solo museum exhibition, and Li Chen: Eternity and Commoner, the first U.S. museum
exhibition of work by the exceptional Asian sculptor, will be on view in the Museum galleries
until 9 pm. Free admission and parking.
Susie J. Lee. Still Lives: Exposure, 2010. HD video portrait in framed, matted LED monitor. Courtesy of the artist and
Lawrimore Project. Photo: Ryan K. Adams.
March 30, Thursday
“The Renaissance of Mata Ortiz” Film
Friday night, while you are on the UW campus for the NSJE and the Henry ceramic show,
drop by the Burke Museum for a special film. See “The Renaissance of Mata Ortiz” and
meet with film maker Scott Peterson.
“The Renaissance of Mata Ortiz” is the inspirational story of how an intrepid American
adventurer and a brilliant self-taught Mexican artist transformed a dying desert village into
a home for world-class ceramics. When anthropologist Spencer MacCallum walked into a
second-hand store in Deming, New Mexico, in 1976 and bought three pieces of pottery, he
had no idea that he was about to embark on a journey that would lead to the revival of an
ancient art form and change thousands of lives.
This is the story of artists who overcame extraordinary poverty to become recognized
NCECA 2012 Exhibition Guide as 3/12/2012
Page 52
worldwide for incredible creativity and ingenuity. Not only did MacCallum help Quezada create great art, but Mata Ortiz,
with a population of 2500, now has 400 working potters. The economic development that has occurred in the village has
allowed parents to climb out of poverty and send their children to school instead of work.
Burke Museum of Anthropology, University of Washington campus, Corner 45th and 15th Street NW, Fri., Mar. 30, | 7 pm,
$5. Free for Burke Members.
March 31, Saturday
European, ancient and contemporary Ceramics+Meet the Curators at the Seattle Art Museum in downtown Seattle
Visit the Seattle Art Museum's Porcelain Room with Julie Emerson, The Ruth J. Nutt Curator of Decorative Arts; tour newly
acquired contemporary ceramics with Marisa Sánchez, Associate Curator of Modern & Contemporary Art; and view a range
of works from the Ancient and Islamic work with Sarah Berman, Research Associate. Seattle Art Museum, 1300 1st Avenue,
Seattle, WA 98101, 2pm - 3pm. Free, no preregistration required.
March 31, Saturday
Asian Ceramics+Meet the Curators at the Seattle Asian Art Museum in Volunteer Park
Join Mimi Gardner Gates, Director Emerita of the Seattle Art Museum, and Josh Yiu, Foster Foundation Associate Curator of
Chinese Art, for a private tour of Asian ceramics at the Seattle Asian Art Museum. Seattle Asian Art Museum, 1400 East
Prospect Street, Volunteer Park, Seattle, WA 98112, 4pm - 5pm. Free, no preregistration
NCECA 2012 Exhibition Guide as 3/12/2012
Page 53
On the Internet
Clay Cache: or The Firm Ceramics on Facebook
The four members of the Firm exhibit their work in a non-traditional venue. Shane Christensen, Stephen Heywood,
Brian Jensen, Michael Schmidt. For exact coordinates to the Clay Cache exhibition, visit or
The Firm Ceramics on Facebook. Organized By: Stephen Heywood, [email protected], 904-620-3815 or 951756-3263
Mar 28-Apr 30, hours during NCECA : 24 hours
Above: work by Michael Schmidt, Shane Christensen, Stephen Heyword, and Brian Jenson.
NCECA 2012 Exhibition Guide as 3/12/2012
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