Conference Program & Exhibition Guide
National Council on Education
for the Ceramic Arts
Seattle, Washington
March 28–31, 2012
Published in Partnership with
Square and
Seattle Design Center
Denise Heimel, Marie Herdegen, Gina
Hollomon, Ahna Iredale and Lisa Wood.
Organized by Ahna Iredale.
CIE “Deviations from Comfort.” Edgy.
On the edge. The central aspiration
of this show is to display artists who’s
work is not bound by style, notoriety or
process but rather includes artists who
are consistently changing their process
and content. Their work resists the idea
of conformity and establishing any given
“style’, moving beyond the edge. Inkyo
Back, Dylan Beck, Brian Benfer, Nate
Betschart, Brian Boldon, Chris Bonner,
Benjamin Demott, Ianna Frisby, Brian Gillis, Maris Grosbahs, Giselle Hicks, Stanton Hunter, Gudrun Klix, Jessica Kreutter,
Janice Jakielski, Peter Christian Johnson,
Hae-Jung Lee, Linda Lopez, Joe Madrigal,
Lauren Mayer, Mathew McConnell, Ian
McDonald, Steve Schaeffer, Julie Schustack, Adam Shiverdecker, Rob Tarbell,
Brad Taylor, Steven Thurston, Michelle
Tobia, Kyle Triplett, Ben Waterman, Matt
West, Brian Widmaier. Organized by
Nathan Betschart.
CIE “Jacob Foran.” Large-scale ceramic
sculpture built while a graduate student
at the 3D4M: ceramics/glass/sculpture
program at the University of Washington.
Jacob Foran.
CIE “Distillations and Eruptions: New
Installation Work.” Five installations by
five different artists using clay and addi-
Pioneer Square
tional media. Joining them is the notion
that theories of nature are tempered
by human experience and perception.
Tina Aufiero, Patsy Cox, Priscilla Hollingsworth, Jen Mills, Catherine Paleczny.
Organized by Priscilla Hollingsworth.
CIE “Wall-Paper.” An installation consisting of clay wall pieces and hand-printed wallpaper panels. Aurora Hughes Villa.
CIE “Show of Heads.” Contemporary
figural ceramic sculpture. Tom Bartel,
Tanya Batura, Thaddeus Erdahl, Arthur
Gonzales, Judy Fox, Doug Jeck, Jacob
Foran, Cristina Cordova, Tip Toland, Roxanne Jackson. Organized by Jacob Foran.
CIE “Evidence.” Forms suggestive of ancient artifacts and tablets reveal a series of
pictorial interpretations of contemporary
society, particularly the uncanny encroachment of technology upon nature.
Shanna Fliegel.
CIE “To Wander Out of Place: Artists and
Asia.” Ceramics that consider the roles of
cultural background, place, and globalization, creating an insightful dialogue
investigating the intersection of aesthetic,
structural, and conceptual concerns of
artists and Asia. Daniel Bare, Sin-Ying Ho,
Ayumi Horie, Yuichiro Komatsu, Hoon Lee,
Jae Won Lee, James Makins, Paul Mathieu,
Lee Somers, Hirotsune Tashima, Shoko
Teruyama, Masahiko Toide, Valerie Zimany.
Organized by Valerie Zimany.
CIE “LH Project: A Decade of Distinction.” Selected works of the LHP staff,
board and resident artists will be on
display. Ryan LaBar, Jason Segall, Brian
Kakas, Peter Johnson, Trey Hill, Ryan
Mitchell, Steven Brahn, Karl McDade,
David Bogus, Micki Skudlarczyk, Tara
Wilson, Gerit Grimm, Giselle Hicks, Lauren Lavato, Miranda Howe, Al Tennant,
Xu Hongbo, Dean Adams, Ted Juve,
Thomas Orr, Ted Adler, Josh DeWeese,
Jakob Hasslacher, Christina Antemann
Organized by Jacob Hasslacher and
Ryan LaBar.
CIE “Fragile.” The objects in this exhibition draw on the inherently uncertain permanence of ceramics to engender a sense
of the delicate, vulnerable and precarious. Thérèse Chabot, Benjamin DeMott,
Lauren Gallaspy, Kristen Morgin, Thomas
Müller, Julie Schustack, Linda Swanson.
Organized by Linda Swanson.
CIE “Finding Place.” Selected works
by Missoula area artists who maintain
a studio practice outside of a school or
residency setting. Adrian Arleo, Renee
Brown, Julia Galloway, Trey Hill, Beth Lo,
Jill Oberman, and Shalene Valenzuela,
Films by Doug Baldwin. Organized by
Shalene Valenzuela.
CIE “Mapping Authorship.” A map of
artistic authorship made by recontextualizing objects, traditional hand-forming
ceramic methods, and digital 3D modeling techniques. Shawn Spangler and
Bryan Czibesz.
CIE “Natural Macabre.” Work that
explores images of death and transformation and values macabre sensibilities. As
death beckons rebirth, the real becomes
surreal, the natural world a fantastic one.
Roxanne Jackson, Shay Church, Kate MacDowell. Organized by Roxanne Jackson.
CIE “Breaking Ground.” The Clay
Studio of Missoula residency program is
truly breaking ground in Montana. This
exhibit showcases the diverse talents of
the long-term residents. Alison Reintjes,
Audrey Rosulek, Danny Crump, Eva
Champagne, Hannah Fisher, Jayson Lawfer, Jill Oberman, Joseph Pesina, Larry
Phan, Lauren Sandler, Lilly Zuckerman,
Perry Haas, Renee Brown, Ryan Mitchell,
Shalene Valenzuela, Steve Wicklund, Tai
Rogers. Organized by Jill Oberman and
Shalene Valenzuela.
CIE “Lavish & Lush.” The works in this
show in clay and other materials straddle
the edge with an opulent surplus of form
and surface. Susan Beiner, Jason Briggs,
Erin Furimsky, Mandy Greer, Rain Harris,
Julie Moon, Tammie Rubin. Organized by
Tammie Rubin and Erin Furimsky.
CIE “Precipice Earth.” Art that thematically addresses the environment as a critical frontier. Aislinn Caron, Alex Hibbitt,
Bethany Krull, Kate MacDowell, Anna
Metcalfe, Laura Primozic, Jasmine Wallace. Organized by Anna Metcalfe.
“Well Served.” Invited artists will
engage a full table top with their place
settings, serving vessels and centerpieces;
expect everything from intimate breakfast
settings to extravagant dinner service.
Julia Galloway, Deb Schwartzkopf, Jen
Allen, Ingrid Bathe, Andy Brayman, Marc
Digeros, David Eichelberger, Mel Griffin,
Michael Kline, Andy Nasisse, Liz Quackenbush, Munemitsu Taguchi, Todd Wahlstrom, Holly Walker. Organized by Julia
Galloway and Deb Schwartzkopf.
CIE “Ms. Mishimas.” Pieces by lovely
ladies who use mishima, a technique that
incises line and color, to decorate the surfaces of their work. Jennifer Ling Datchuk,
Molly Hatch, Julia Galloway, Jae Won Lee,
Erin Furimsky, Sara Boyd. Organized by
Jennifer Datchuk.
CIE “Modularity.” Artwork which utilizes
notions of mechanized reproduction in
technique, or conceptual metaphor, or in
visual presentation of their work. Dylan
Beck, Del Harrow, Tyler Lotz, Matt Mitros,
Jamie Walker. Organized by Matt Mitros.
CIE “The Heart of Echizen.” Twenty
contemporary wood-fired potters working in Echizen, Japan. Kasatsuji Mitsuo,
Yoshida Toyokazu, Ohara Taku, Fujita Juroemon, Huga Yutaka, Kondo Mobuyasu,
Kondo Sanae, Izumi Naoki, Kitajima Shigemitsu, Okubo Sakae, Matsui Katsuhiko,
Baito Tetsurro, Kumano Kuroemon,
Masudaya Mitsuo, Miyoshi Kentaro, Murashima Jun, Koen Reiko, Takemoto Ikuo,
Oya Uichiro, Hattori Yasumi. Co-curated
by Chris Kelly and Preston Saunders.
CIE “Informal Exchange—Past watershed residents.” A connection and
reconnection of past Watershed residents
in a relaxed and friendly conversation
through installation, sculpture and func-
tional ceramic art. Emily Loehle, Linda
Lopez, Brian Taylor, Kate Doody, Birdie
Boone, Jason Kiley, Krisaya Luenganantakul, Patrick Coughlin, John Oliver Lewis,
Michiyo Oishi, Matt Price. Curated by
Hope Rovelto.
CIE “The Pottery Workshop—25 Years
of Passion and Education.” Highlights of
artistic possibilities that can happen at
the “edges” of ceramic cultures where
intermixing created a new hybrid of
form and style. Benjamin Carter, Caroline
Cheng, Wu Hao, Sin-Ying Ho, Richard
Notkin, Linda Arbuckle, Trudy Golley,
Pete Pinnell, Harris Deller, Vipoo Srivilasa,
Steve Lee, David Furman, Sam Chung,
Elaine Henry, Fiona Wong, Ying Yueh
Chuang, Takeshi Yasuda, Patrick Coughlin, Eric Kao, Dryden Wells, Qi Ming, Gao
Yifeng, Jim Connell, Peter Beasecker, Paul
Mathieu. Organized by Benjamin Carter.
“Art from the East Side, Washington
State University.” Ceramic and mixedmedia artworks by current and emeritus
faculty, MFA and BFA alums and current MFA graduate students. Io Palmer,
Patrick Siler, Ann Christenson, Marilyn
Lysohir, Lin Xu, Aisha Harrison, Daiken
Asakawa, Dane Youngren, Crista Ames,
Matt Boland, Alisa Savage, Chris Stanley,
Mike Richardson, Lisa Soranaka, and
Meredith Lewis. Organized by Io Palmer
and Ann Christenson.
“Cairns for Corrine.” Freestanding
monuments of stacked large ceramic
beads at Archangel Collective. My
mother, Corrine S. Brickell, made pots
in our basement when I was little; she
taught me to throw when I was 14; used
my mugs and bowls every day; and died
this past August….these cairns commemorate both my memories of her and
her guiding influence throughout my
life. Eric Newman.
3 Herban Feast, 3200 1st Ave S; Seattle,
206-932-4717. Tue Mar 27 5–9pm. $35.
“A Party and Exhibition and Sale: Art
of the Northwest Table for Potters, Fun
and NCECA.” A showcase & sale of 15 of
the finest potters producing table ware:
Chris Baskin, Robert Brady, Victoria Christen, Kowkie Durst, Julia Galloway, Dara
Hartman, Brian Jones, Forrest LeschMiddleton, Robbie Lobell, Hank Murrow,
Drew Nicklas, Noah Riedel, Deborah
Schwartzkopf, Sandy Simon and Al
Tennant. Along with ongoing cooking
demonstrations featuring Cook on Clay
flameware pots, guests will enjoy a local
tasting menu prepared by chefs at multiple stations, paired with Washington
wines & Northwest artisanal spirits. Art
of the Northwest Table is produced by
Edible Seattle, Cook on Clay, and Herban
Feast with sponsorships from Pottery
Northwest, Georgie’s Ceramic Supply,
and Mudshark Studios. A portion of the
proceeds of this event go to NCECA for
scholarships. Questions: contact Robbie
Lobell, 360-678-1414. Please get tickets
ahead of time at $35.
Square and
Seattle Design Center
3EATTLE$ESIGN#ENTERShuttle Tue 1-8:30 pm and Wed 10am-5:30pm. Reception shuttle Fri 4:30pm to 8:30pm..
.ORTHWEST3EATTLEExcursion Wed 9:00am–12:45pm. Combo ticket Northeast/Northwest excursion Wed 9am–6:15pm.
and Everett CC. Co-curated by Brenda
Anderson and Liza Halvorsen.
!Noteworthy Exhibition
5 Francine Seders Gallery, 6701 Green-
CIE Concurrent Independent
M Museum Curated
NCECA Organized by NCECA
1 Nordic Heritage Museum, 3014 N.W.
67th St; Seattle, 206-789-5707. Mar
9–May 6. Sun 12–4pm; Tue–Sat 10am–
4pm. Two-for-one admission with NCECA
conference badge.
“Here and There: Contemporary
Nordic-American Ceramics.” Eleven
ceramic artists explore themes of place,
heritage, Nordic design, craft, technique
and traditions. Diane Baxter, Patsy Thola
Chamberlain, Gina Freuen, Larry
Halvorsen, Jeanette Harris, Lars
Husby, Lena Lönnberg-Hickling,
Kicki Masthem, Anders Ruhwald,
Susan Stewart, Lars Westby. Curated by Kirsten Olsen.
wood Ave N.; Seattle, 206-782-0355. Mar
9–Apr 1. Tue–Sat 11am–5pm; Sun 1–5pm.
“Abstract Affinities.” Personal and engaging abstract forms by seven artists. Lisa
E. Conway, Anne Hirondelle, Jim Kraft, Jen
Mills, Peter Olsen, Sylwia Tur, Lilly Zuckerman. Organized by Anne Hirondelle.
6 POTS Gallery, 619 N. 35th St, #100;
Seattle, 206-579-1551. By appt. Mon–Wed
9am–6pm; Thu & Fri 10am–9pm; Sat
10am–5pm. Reception Mar 29, 6–9pm.
“One Hundred Wood-Fired Cups.”
A curated exhibition by Chuck Hindes
and Peter Olsen. Dean Adams, John Benn,
Colleen Gallagher, Frank Boyden, Josh DeWeese, Rob Fornell, Damian Grava, Chris
Gustin, Mark Hewitt, Terry Inokuma,Ben
Krupka, Rick Mahaffey, Warren McKenzie,
Hiroshi Oga Ried Ozaki, Steve Sauer, Jeff
Shapiro, Ben Waterman, Tara Wilson.
“Pots from Down Under,” Gail Nichols.
New Work.
Exhibition Listing Key
7 POTS Gallery, 3509 Fremont Ave N.;
Seattle, 206-579-1551. Mar 26–31. Mon–
Wed 9am–6pm; Thu & Fri 10am–9pm; Sat
10am–5pm. Reception Mar 29, 6–9pm.
“Eight Wood-Fired Kilns in the
Northwest.” Pots from eight Northwest
kilns each with a personality altogether.
Chuck Hindes, Al Tennant, Hiroshi Oga
Reid Ozaki, Damian Grava, John Benn,
Colleen Gallagher, Steve Sauer, Ken Lundemo, John Harris, Susan Lochner, Michael
McCullough, Rick Mahaffey, Peter Olsen.
Curated by Michael Peck.
“David Hollander Ceramic Sculpture.” Twelve hand expressions. Curated
by Michael Peck.
2 Salty Dog Studios, 4602 14th
Ave N.W.; Seattle, . Mar 26–31.
Mon–Sat 9am–6pm. Reception
Mar 29, 6–9pm.
“Three Northwest Classics.”
Functional ceramics. Ken Turner,
Loren Lukins, Rick Mahaffey.
Curated by Charles Bigger.
“Contemporary Ceramics From
Japan.” Contemporary functional
and sculptural ceramics from
Japan. Co-curated by Charlies
Bigger and Rick Mahaffey.
3 Slab Art, 4917 17th Ave; Se-
attle, 206-412-8638. Mar 27–31.
Sun 11am–5pm; Mon–Fri 3–8pm;
Sat 1–5pm. Reception Mar 29,
“Five Potters/Coast-to-Coast.”
Big and little kilns. Five approaches to wood-firing. Kevin
Crowe (Tye River Pottery), Reid
Schoonover (Working Man
Studio), Chuck Hinds, Al Tennant,
Brad McLemore. Organized by
Reid Schoonover.
4 Elroy Christenson Art Gallery
at North Seattle Community
College, 9600 College Way N.;
Seattle, 206-853-5064. Mar 25–
Apr 27. Mon–Sun 11am–6pm;
Thu 11am–7pm.Reception Mar
29, 4–7pm.
CIE “On the Fringe.” Washington Community College
students show work On the
Edge. Students from North
Seattle CC, Olympia College,
Bremerton, Tacoma CC, Shoreline CC, South Pugent Sound
CC, Edmonds CC, Bellevue CC,
4ACOMAExcursion Tuesday 8:30am-5:30pm
Exhibition Listing Key
!Noteworthy Exhibition
CIE Concurrent Independent
M Museum Curated
NCECA Organized by NCECA
1 The Gallery at Tacoma Community
College, 6501 S. 19th St, Bldg 4; Tacoma,
253-566-5260. Mar 26-30. Mon-Thu
10am-5pm; Fri 10am-9pm. Reception Mar
30, 6-9pm.
“Invitational Tea Ware Show.” An international show with a primary focus on
Japanese Tea Ceremony supplemented
by work from potters who work in other
traditions. Reid Ozaki, Steve Sauer, Rick
Mahaffey, Wasaboro Takahashi, Takahito
Sekiguchi, Rob Fornell, Zehra Cobanli,
Fumio Shimada. Organized by Rob Fornell
and Rick Mahaffey.
2 Kittredge Gallery, University of Puget
Sound, 1500 N. Warner, #1072; Tacoma,
253-879-3701. Feb 20-Apr 7. Mon-Fri
10am-5pm; Sat 12-5pm.
“Brian Benfer.” Large-scale ceramic
installation with associated works in other
media. Brian Benfer. Organized by Brian
Benfer and Margaret Bullock.
“20th Century Northwest CeM,
ramics.” Selections from the university’s
collection of Northwest ceramics from the
1960s–1980s. Betty Feves, David Gilhooly,
Howard Kottler, David Shaner, Paul Soldner, Peter Voulkos, Patti Warashina, and
others. Curated by Margaret Bullock.
3 Fulcrum Gallery, 1308 Martin Luther
King Jr. Way; Tacoma, 253-250-0520. Mar
15-May 12. Tue-Sat 12-6pm; closed Wed.
Reception Mar 27 daytime—call for time.
“Creatures of Habit.” Animal forms that
explore personal narratives and transformative experiences in individual ceramic
sculptures. Spencer Ebbinga, Heather
Cornelius. Curated by Oliver Doriss.
4 Clay Art Center, 2636 Pioneer Way
E.; Tacoma, 800-952-8030. Mar 26-Apr
5. Mon-Fri 9am-5:30pm; Sat 10am-2pm.
Reception Mar 27, 5:30-8:30pm.
“Centered on the Northwest.” Invitational show featuring Northwest clay artists.
Co-curated by Kim Lyle and Joe Brecha.
5 Throwing Mud Gallery, 2212 N. 30th
St; Tacoma, 253-254-7961. Ongoing.
Mon-Fri 10am-5pm; Sat 10am-4pm.
Reception Mar 27, until 6pm.
“Pots with a Purpose.” Featuring beautiful
well-crafted functional pottery by Northwest ceramic artists. Mark Hudak, Don
Sprague, Loren Lukens, James Brooke, Sam
Scott, Dan Barnett, Charan Sachar, Charles
Piatt, Richard and Robin Sanchez, Carol
Ann Bauer, Andy Lewis-Lechner, Quinn
Bougher, Lonnie
Tosch, Ron Carson,
Dan Anderson, Jeff
McDougall, Susan
Thompson, Jeff Tinius, James Diem,
Marissa Motto,
Andrew Deem,
Michael Scrivens.
Organized by Mark
and Eileen Hudak.
6 The Art Stop,
940 Broadway;
Tacoma, 253-2741630. Mar 3-Apr
18. Tue 9:30am7pm; Wed-Fri
Sat 9:30am4:30pm. Reception
Mar 27 daytime—
call for time.
Clay Arts Association Annual Juried
Exhibit.” Juried
selection of works
from members.
Juried by Josh DeWeese and Beth
Cavener Stichter.
7 Tacoma Art
Museum, 1701 Pacific Ave; Tacoma,
Ongoing. Tue-Sun 10am-5pm. Free admission with NCECA conference badge. All
exhibitions curated by the museum.
M, CIE “Howard Kottler.” Selected works
from the Howard Kottler collection.
Mar 17-Jun 20.
“HIDE/SEEK: Difference and Desire in
American Portraiture to the West Coast.”
The exhibition debuted at The Smithsonian Institution’s National Portrait Gallery
in 2010 and is the first major exhibition
to address the question of how gender
identity and sexual orientation have dramatically shaped the creation of modern
American portraiture. HIDE/SEEK offers an
unprecedented survey of nearly 150 years
of American art and includes more than
100 works by masters. Thomas Eakins, John
Singer Sargent, Georgia O’Keeffe, Andy
Warhol, Jasper Johns, and more.
Jan 21-May 28.
“The 10th NorthWEST Biennial.”
The exhibition will examine the vital questions of who we are as residents of the
Pacific Northwest, what we look like, and
what are our aspirations for our communities. The Biennial will seek artworks that
address the critical issues that underpin the
larger issues of identity and community
including the fluidity of regional identity
in an age of global capitalism, increased
urban migration, and the virtual diffusion
of a discernible regional style.
8 Traver Gallery-Tacoma, 1821 E. Dock St,
#100; Tacoma, 253-383-3685. Mar 3-Apr
15. Wed-Sat 10am-6pm; Sun 12-5pm.
“Yours, Ours and Mine.” Over thirty
arrestingly beautiful platters by the individual artists and by two or three of the
artists in collaboration. Dick Weiss, Cappy
Thompson, Jeffry Mitchell. Curated by
Sarah Traver. Dick, Cappy and Jeff have a
tremendous love of the decorative arts,
with a Pacific Northwest style.
9 Museum of Glass, 1801 Dock St; Ta-
coma, 253-284-2128. Feb 8-May 20. Sun
12-5; Tue-Sat 10am-5pm. Free admission
with NCECA conference badge.
“Tweak! Converts to Glass.” MuM,
seum of Glass exhibition of its Visiting Artist
Collection featuring ceramicists who have
explored glass in Hot Shop residencies and
demonstrate the fluid dialogue between
the two materials. Doug Jeck, Nicholas
Kripal, Jeffry Mitchell, Jeffrey Mongrain,
Richard Notkin, Magdalene Odundo,
Michael Sherril, Jamie Walker. Curated by
Susan Warner.
10 Ada Ingram Hall, Pacific Lutheran
University, 12180 Park Ave S., Intersection of 121st St. S and 8th Ave. Ct. S in
Parkland/Tacoma; Tacoma, 253-5357150. Mar 14-Apr 11. Mon-Fri 8am-4pm.
“Stone Soup.” A show of substantial
bowls follows in the tradition of “Empty
Bowl” events nationwide. Exhibitions of
these bowls are sold to support a project
to eliminate hunger worldwide. Student
work selected by jury. Curated by Spencer Ebbinga.
Exhibition Listing Key
the public’s perception of clay as an art
form. Cascade Clay Artists.
!Noteworthy Exhibition
5 Western Gallery, Western Washington
CIE Concurrent Independent
M Museum Curated
NCECA Organized by NCECA
1 Pilchuck Glass School Gallery 1201-
316th St N.W.; Stanwood, 206-621-8422
x22. Mar 27, 2-5pm only.
“Glass and Clay: Material Narratives
& Metaphors.” A small show of works in
clay and glass at Pilchuck Glass School.
Jessi Li, Carol Milne, Granite Calimpong,
Sue Rose, Crista Mateson, Julie Lindell,
Susan Balshor, Nancy Blair. Organized by
Susan Balshor.
2 Museum of Northwest Art, 121 S. First
St; LaConner, WA, 360-466-4446. Mar
24-Jun 10. Sun 12-5pm. $2.00 admission
with NCECA conference badge. Reception
Mar 27.
M,CIE “Tulipieres: The Tulip Vase Revisited.” Northwest ceramic artists revisit
the tulip vase. Originally a 17th century
Delft stacking form with multiple openings for displaying tulips. Damien Grava,
Eric Nelson, Jen Mills, John Taylor, Larry
Halvorsen, Lars Husby, Liza Halvorsen, Lois
Harbaugh, Loren Lukens, Pat Colyar, Anne
Hirondelle, Charles Krafft, Claire Prenton,
Dan Barnett, Deborah Schwartzkopf, Jason
Huff, Jason Walker, Judy Thomas, Kathleen
Skeels, Ken Turner, Linda Hughes, Makiko
Ichiura, Margaret Ford, Marge Levy, Mark
Strom, Miki Willis, Patti Warashina, Peter
Olsen, Sandra Farmer, Saya Moriyasu, Terry
Siebert, Vida Collery, Wally Bivins, Wendy
Gingell. Curated by Carol Gouthro.
University (WWU), Fine Arts Complex,
WWU; Bellingham, 360-650-3963. Mar
27-May 12. Mon-Fri 10am-4pm; Wed
10am-8pm; Sat 12-4pm.
M “Soaring Voices. Recent Ceramics
by Women from Japan.” A portrait of the
ceramic culture of Japan through the presentation of 86 works by 25 contemporary
artists. Kyo Tsuji, Kiyoko Koyama, Atsuko
Kubota,Sachiko Shimizu, Asuka Tsuboi,
Eiko Kishi, Fuku Fukumoto, Yasuko Sakurai,
Mariko Shibata, Ikuko Ando, Kaku Hayashi,
Sachiko Fujino, Kyoko Hori, Nanako Kaji,
Kimiyo Mishima, Yuriko Matsuda, Masuko
Emi, Takako Araki, Shoko Koike, Chieko
Katsumata, Kyoko Tokumara, Junko Kitamura, Yuki Nakaiga, Etsuko Tashima, Ayumi
Shigematsu. Curated by Hiroko Miura.
6 Whatcom Museum, 250 Flora St; Bell-
ingham, 360-778-8966. Mar 25-Jul 8. Mar
25 & Mar 27-31 12-5pm. $3.00 admission fee with NCECA conference badge.
M,CIE “From the Melting Pot into the
Fire: Contemporary Israeli Ceramics.” This
traveling exhibition, organized by the
Ceramic Artists Association of Israel and the
Mint Museum, Charlotte, NC, features 37
artists who interpret issues of land and identity. Dina Shahar, Dvora Cohen, Michaela
Orstav, Neta Adan Dor, Laurie Goldstein,
Michal Alon, Efrat Eyal, Shani Orstav, Michal
Ityel-Sandler, Anat Bar El, Orit Ben Arie,
Noa Holzshtein, Ziona Benor, Sara Shuraki,
Mirvat Issa, Rachel Elimelech Urbach,
Orit Bar Dov and Doron Klinghofer, Ethel
Pisareff, Gali Grinspace, Martha Rieger, Ruth
Schreiber, Anna Kirzner, Simone Solomo,
Einat Cohen, Dori Zanger Schechtel, Zipi
Geva, Yael Novak, Roy Maayan and Anat
Katz, Ada Yoels, Marcelle Klein and Tami
Bar-Lev, Daphna Leshem, Ruth Barkai, Ronit
Zor, Avner Singer, Varda Bar Shamai, Lea
Sheves. Organized by Yael Novak.
7 Mindport, 210 W. Holly St; Belling-
ham, 360-647-5614. Mar 17-Apr 15. Sun
“Diversity in Our Town.” A group
exhibition of committed artists. Anmorgan Curry, Linda R. Hughes, Cary Lane,
Eugene Lewis, Ene Lewis, Brian O’Neill,
Larry Richmond. Organized by Anmorgan
Curry and Linda R Hughes.
3 Good Earth Pottery, 1000 Harris Ave;
Bellingham, 360-671-3998. Mar 1-31. Sun
12-5pm; Mon & Wed 9am-6pm; Tue, Thu,
Fri 9am-9pm; Sat 10am-6pm.
“Put a Lid on It!” A display of juried lidded vessels from a selection of our 50 local artists. Deb Martin, Linda Stone, Patsy
Chamberlain, Ann Marie Cooper, Ann Marie DeCollibus, Lynn Dee, Julie deRouche’,
Wendy Gingell, Kent Herschleb, Isaac
Howard, Linda Hughes, Karen Jackson,
Carrie Anne Keenan, Irene Lawson, Cheryl
Lee, Ene’ Lewis, Eugene Lewis, Michael
McDowell, Chris Moench, Patricia Morse,
Jeremy Noet, Larry Richmond, Lonnie
Schang, Shelly Stark, Todd Stephens,
Debra Stern, Andy Wollman-Simson. Organized by Deb Martin & Linda Stone.
4 Allied Arts of Whatcom County, 1418
Cornwall Ave; Bellingham, 360-676-8548
x5. Mar 2-31. Mon-Fri 10am-5pm; Sat
“Water’s Edge.” Work by dedicated
potters, hand builders, and sculptors who
share common goals-to explore their development as clay artists and to increase
"ELLINGHAMExcursion Tuesday 8:30am-5:30pm
"ELLEVUE+IRKLAND Tuesday Afternoon Excursion, 2-7pm and Thursday Evening Shuttle 6-8:30pm
M Museum Curated
Jacob Foran, Charles Krafft, Anne Hirondelle, Clin Cannon, Jesse Edwards, Ginny
Conrow, Betty Minkin, Saya Moriyasu, Eric
Nelsen, Jason Huff, Liza & Larry Halvorsen,
Paul Metivier, Kapka & Zahary Stoyanova,
John Taylor, Ken Turner, Randy Silver, Sam
Scott, Matthew Patton, Steward Wong,
Marie Weichman, Lois Harbaugh, and 11
more. Curated by Lars Husby.
NCECA Organized by NCECA
5 800 Bellevue Way N.E., Bellevue, WA
Exhibition Listing Key
!Noteworthy Exhibition
CIE Concurrent Independent
1 Parklane Gallery, 130 Park Lane; Kirk-
land, 425-533-4783. Mar 5-Apr 1. Tue-Sat
11am-7pm. Reception Mar 29, 6-9pm.
CIE “Subtle Change.” Wonderful forms
simply pinched out of clay. Diverse and
touching! Leanne McClurg, Sam Harvey,
Kim Dickey, Holly Walker, Emily Schroeder
Willis. Organized by Emily Schroeder Willis.
2 Kirkland Art Center Store, 336 Park
Place Center; Kirkland, 425-822-7161
x100. Mar 2-Apr 1. Mon, Tue, Wed, Sat,
Sun 9am-6pm; Thu & Fri 9am-9pm.
Reception Mar 29, 6-9pm.
“Platter Tectonics/Specific Rims.” Works
by artists who have explored the tectonics
of the serving platter; a large plate begging
to be structurally challenged. Co-curated
by Ken Tuner and Betsy Smith.
3 Kirkland Arts Center, 620 Market St;
Kirkland, 425-822-7161. Mar 26-May 19.
Mon & Wed 9am-6pm; Tue 9am-9pm;
Thu & Fri 10am-9pm; Sat 10am-5pm.
Reception Mar 29, 5:30-9pm.
“Clay? IV.”
Kirkland Arts
Center is proud to
present the fourth
installment of its
biennial contemporary ceramics
exhibition, Clay? IV.
Organized by Jamie
Walker, Akio Takamori, Doug Jeck,
and Jayme Yahr.
Gunnar Nordstrom Gallery, Suite 111;
425-283-0461. Mar 14-Apr 9. Sun 125pm; Mon-Sat 9:30am-8pm. Reception
Mar 29, 6-9pm.
CIE “Crude Series.” Fossil fuel inspired
ceramics: rusty, metallic, eternally transformed. Randoph Silver. Curated by Gunnar Nordstrom.
Hallway Gallery, Suite 150; 425-4533244. Mar 26-31. Sun 12-5pm; Mon &
Wed 12-8pm; Tue 12-9pm; Thu & Fri
9:30am-9pm; Sat 9:30am-8pm. Reception
Mar 30, 5-9pm.
“Chris Dufala.” Imitations of reality by NY
based ceramic artist. Curated by Erik Hall.
6 Bellevue Arts Museum, 510 Bellevue
Way N.E.; Bellevue, 425-519-0756/425519-0766. Jan 19-Jun 17. Sun-Sat 11am5pm; Thu 11am-9pm. Free admission
with NCECA conference badge. Reception
Mar 29, 6-9pm.
“Shaping the Future of Clay.”
A juried show of ceramic work by K-12
students from Washington showcasing
the next generation of ceramic artists. Students, grades K-12. Co-curated by Nora
Atkinson, Robert McMinn, and Randolph
Silver. Bellevue Arts Museum celebrates
the community and schools by showcasing work by students and youth in its
Community Education Gallery.
, NCECA “Push Play: The 2012
NCECA Invitational.” A brilliant collection
of large scale installations and intimate
investigations by 34 artists to stimulate
thought and provoke conversation about
the relevance of play in contemporary
life and its connections to creativity, art,
technology, individuality and community.
Features 40 works by 34 artists: Adrian
Arleo, Hannah Blackwell, Rebekah Bogard,
Brian Boldon, Mark Chatterley, Caroline
Cheng, Kelly Connole, Cristina Cordova,
Charlie Cummings, Judy Fox, Jessica Gardner, Arthur Gonzalez, Raymond Gonzalez,
Margaret Keelan, Clayton Keyes, Henny
Linn Kjellberg, Mika Negishi Laidlaw, Sarah
Lindley & Norwood Viviano, David Linge,
Megumi Naitoh, Tara Polansky, Anne Drew
Potter, Derek Reeverts, Diego Romero, Sam
Scott, Yoko Sekino-Bove, Kiki Smith, Chris
Staley, Beth Cavener Stichter, Ian Thomas
& Ryder Richards, Christina West, Irina
Zaytceva. Co-curated by Linda Ganstrom
and Stefano Catalani.
“Falling Feels a Lot Like Flying.”
Solo exhibition of 7 large sculptural works
by Dirk Staschke, winner of the John and
Joyce Price Award of Excellence at BAM
Biennial 2010: Clay Throwdown!. Dirk
Staschke. Curated by Stefano Catalani.
4 Bellevue College
4-mile gap
Gallery Space,
3000 Landerholm
Cr S.E., D-271;
Bellevue, . Mar
7-Apr 5. Mon-Thu
10am-5pm; Fri
Reception Mar 28,
Ordinary & Exquisite: Teapots on the
Edge.” A curated
invitational exhibition of new teapots
created for On the
Edge: NCECA 2012.
Patti Warashima,
Akio Takamori,
Mark Burns, Carol
Gouthro, Margaret
Ford, Wally Bivens,
'REATER3EATTLE!REAANDINTHE2EGIONfor self guided auto excursion at your leisure
M Museum Curated
6 Schack Art Center, 2921 Hoyt Ave;
!Noteworthy Exhibition
NCECA Organized by NCECA
1 Moshier Art Center, 430 S. 156th
Street; Burien, 206-669-2549. Mon & Tue
12-3:30pm; Wed 9:30am-6:30pm; Sat
10am-3pm. Reception Mar 24, 4-7pm.
“Third Runway Potters at Moshier Art
Center.” Current work by the studio artists
at Moshier Art Center. Sandra Mander,
Vicki Hamilton, Janet Crawley, Dana
Lasswell, Kris Love, Bo Choi. Organized by
Sandra Mander.
2 The Brick Gallery, 5787 Cains Ct; Edi-
son, 360-766-8603. Ongoing. Sun & Thu
12-5pm; Fri & Sat 11am-5pm. Reception
Mar 31, 11am-8pm.
“Earth and Air.” Ceramics and Plein Air
Paintings. Patty Detzer, Anya Davis, Barbara Hathaway, Allen Moe, Margie Firth,
Ruth Pumphry, Christine WardenburgSkinner. Curated by Christine Wardenburg-Skinner.
3 Edmonds Arts Festival Museum, and
Edmonds Arts Commission, 700 Main
St; Edmonds, 425-244-6569. Mar 19-Apr
24. Mon-Fri 9am-9pm; Sat 10am-3pm.
Reception Mar 29, 6:30-8:30pm.
“Sculptors Workshop Celebrating 45
Years.” A wide variety of sculptural and
functional artwork. Current members.
Curated by Darlene McLellan.
4 Gallery One, 408 N Pearl St; Ellensburg,
509-925-2670. Mar 2-Apr 2. Sun & Sat
11am-4pm; Mon-Fri 10am-4pm.
“Local Mud Slingers.” A show
consisting of local ceramic artists from
“Artstream Artists.” This is a show
with the artists from the Art Stream Project from Carbondale, CO. It encompasses
larger scale work of some of the artists
and will be a great stop off point on the
way to NCECA or on the way home right
off of I-90 in Ellensburg, WA.
Mar 2-31.
“Central Washington University Advanced and Graduate Ceramics Show.”
Selected students and alumni from Central Washington University.
5 Sarah Spurgeon Gallery, Central
Washington University, 400 E. University
Way, Randall Hall, Room 141; Ellensburg,
509-607-9726. ongoing open studios.
Sun 1-3pm; Mon-Fri 10am-3pm; Sat
1-4pm. Reception Mar 30, 6-9pm.
“Atmospheric.” A show of ceramic
artists who work with wood, soda and
Everett, 425-259-5050. Ongoing. Sun
12-5pm; Mon & Wed 9am-6pm; Tue
9am-9pm; Thu & Fri 10am-9pm; Sat
“Embracing the Edge: Working with
Clay in the Pacific Northwest.” Cascade
Clay | Emerging to Established artists. Pat
Ball, Yonnah Ben Levy, Chaim Bezalel,
Patsy Chamberlain, Roger Cocke, Pacia
Dixon, Marguerite Goff, Margo Grothe,
June Haddox, Bonnie Henning, Erica
Herrmann, Kathy Huckleberr, Makiko
Ichiura, Catherine Kerwick, Irene Lawson,
Rose Moore, Pat Morse, Donna Perugini, Phoenix Rising, Maria Root, Dinah
Steveni, Pam Summers, Greg Tate, Twila
Tate, Susan Cohen Thompson, Ruth
Westra, Jennifer Yates, Teri Silva. Curated
by Carie Collver.
7 Russell Day Gallery, Everett Commu-
nity College, Parks Student Union, 2000
Tower St, Room 242; Everett, 425-3889036. Mar 25-Apr 30. Mar 25 10am-4pm;
Mar 26-29 8am-6pm; Mar 30-Apr 1
10am-4pm. Reception Mar 27, 3pm.
“Earth Tones: Containing Land and
Sea.” Exhibiton of new works by Everett
Community College faculty and staff.
Matthew Allison, Thom Lee, Jim Snitily.
Organized by Thom Lee.
8 artEast/Upfront Gallery, 95 Front St
N.; Issaquah, 425-827-6230. Mar 9-Apr
14. Tue-Thu 11am-7:30pm; Fri & Sat
11am-8pm; Sun 12-5pm. Reception Mar
9, 6-8pm.
“Pulse: Rhythm in Clay.” A showcase of
work featuring variations on the theme
of rhythm, using frequency, modultion,
tempo, symmetry, cycles, harmony, pattern and texture. Greater Puget Sound
Clay Artists. Curated by Kat Morrell with
guest juror Regnor Reinholsten.
9 Edmond Community College, 20000
68th Ave W.; Lynnwood, 425-640-1197.
Mar 5-Apr 20. Sun 10am-6pm.
“Dinner For Two by Five.” Curated exhibit of functional pottery. Chris Ransom,
Mark Strom, Kristin Nelson, Akiko Graham, Pat Espey. Curated by Daniel Neish.
10 Childhood’s End Gallery, 222 4th
Ave W.; Olympia, 360-943-3724. Mar
2-Apr 22. Sun 11am-5pm; Mon-Sat
“The Art of Storage.” Ceramic containers
for storing anything, whether precious or
practical. John Benn, Jamie Brooke, Colleen
Gallagher, John & Robin Gumaelius, Larry
Halvorsen, John Harris, Chris Kroupa, Loren
Lukens, Paddy McNeely, Reid Ozaki, Don
Sprague. Curated by Richenda Richardson.
11 Seattle Tacoma International Airport, 2580 S 156th St; Seatac, WA. Feb
1-Jul 30. 24 hrs/day.
Concourse A
“Diversity of Clay.” There are multiple
ways in which one can express feelings
and ideas in clay. This exhibit explores a
variety of ceramic work from local artists,
emerging and established, in order to
demonstrate the diversity in approaches
clay in the Pacific Northwest. Rosette
Gault, Corole Goetschel, Cim Hanson,
Lois Harbaugh, Carol Hermer, Thorly
James, Linda Kabkjian, Karen Keating,
Kathy Kirby, Kat Morell, Aaron Murray,
Paige Nilles, Sarah Parent, Donna Lindeman Porter, Ann Pot-Stanton, Kathleen
Skells, John A. Taylor, Judy D Thomas.
Curated by Myra Kaha.
North Satellite
“Connected by Clay.” This exhibit
highlights work from four non-profit clay
centers in the greater Seattle area. As
these centers support students, instructors, and resident artists, every year,
they inspire thousands to explore clay.
Work created by artists from Kirkland
Arts Center, Moshier Art Center, Pottery
Northwest and Seward Park Clay Studio.
Curated by Myra Kaha.
Seattle Area
CIE Concurrent Independent
salt firing techniques. Dean Adams,
Jennifer Allen, Dan Anderson, Bede
Calrke,Charity Davis-Woodard, Josh
DeWeese, Julia Galloway, Simon Levin,
Drew Nichols, Chuck Hindes, Dan Murphy, Peter Olsen, John Neely, Al Tennant,
Brad Schwieger, Tara Wilson.
Exhibition Listing Key
12 I-5 Colonnade Park, beneath I-5,
south of E. Howe St; Seattle, WA.
“John Roloff: Permanent Installation.” Located beneath the I-5 freeway
corridor that runs through Seattle’s
Eastlake neighborhood. John Roloff. An
artificial microclimate with cycling light
and intermittent rain that replicate the
light and weather conditions from each
day in 1960, the year before work began
on Interstate 5. The artist effectively
eliminates the concrete barrier created by
the road overhead, taking the area back
in time. The centerpiece of this simulated ecosystem is four densely planted
trees representing different climates and
for their relation to the color white, a
“ghostly” color meant to evoke the past
neighborhood that occupied the site. By
relating the past to the present and connecting the native climate to geographically diverse flora, The Seventh Climate
spans the elements of time and distance
and inspires the formation of new
chronological and spatial relationships.
13 The Piranha Shop, 1022 1st Ave
S.; Seattle, 425-891-8009. Mar 25-31.
Mon-Sun 10am-6pm. Reception Mar 29,
“Duped!” Young artists from the Seattle area have been paired up and asked
to collaborate on a piece that examines
the theme of duplicity. Mike Simi, Tiff
Pruitt, Kate Lien, Troy Gua, Jared Bender,
Katy Nakamura, Tony Sonnenberg, Josh
MacCraken, Foster Turcott, Phirak Suon,
Jason Bauer, Devon Hale, Kate Clark,
Nate Brumfeld, John Taylor, Sharon
Swanson, Annie Chang, Kevin Bray. Organized by Phirak Suon, Foster Turcott.
'REATER3EATTLE!REAANDINTHE2EGIONfor self guided auto excursion at your leisure
Seattle Area
14 Twilight Artist Collective, 4306 S.W.
Alaska St; Seattle, 206-933-2444. Mar
8-Apr 6. Fri & Sat 12-4pm. Reception Mar
30, 6-9pm.
“Chimeras.” Chimeras are beasts made
of many parts, but that makes them
more than just monsters. Isn’t ceramic
sculpture itself a chimera, of clay and
fine art. Eva Funderburgh, Sandra
Farmer, Rachel Van Wagoner, Simone
Clunie, Cheryl Robinson. Organized by
Eva Funderburgh.
15 Hopvine Pub, 507 15th Ave E.;
Seattle, 206-328-3120. Mar 29 only.
Daily 11:30am-1pm. Reception Mar 29,
“Bottoms Up.” A ceramic beer stein
show evolving into a live benefit auction.
Members of the Washington Clay Arts
Association. Co-curated by Sharon Romm
and Liz Duarte.
16 The Firm, 5813 Airport Way S.; Seattle, 206-696-4710. Mar 10-May 5. Fri &
Sat 12-4pm. Reception Mar 27, 6-9pm.
“Don’t You (Forget About Me).”
What do you read today? In a world of
digital information and internet access
what role do books play? Erin Shafkind
considers the book as an object, perhaps
even an inaccessible object. Using high
fire clay bodies she crafts multiple stories
while pondering ideas around text, pages, binding, and symbols. Erin Shafkind.
Curated by Michele McMullen.
17 Shoreline Community College Art
Gallery, Administration Building 1000,
16101 Greenwood Ave N.; Shoreline,
206-546-4101 x4433. Mar 8-Apr 17.
Mon-Wed 9am-5pm; Thu & Fri 9am8pm. Reception Mar 29, 5-8pm.
“Drink Me: Use and Imagination
in the Ceramic Vessel.” Twenty art-
ists respond to this provocative title,
“Drink Me” demonstrating the wide
range of use and imagination involved
in the ceramic vessel. This exhibition will
include work from five faculty members
and 15 invited guests. Shoreline Faculty:
Sam Scott, Bruce Amstutz, Laura Ward,
Brendan Fuller, Natalie Niblack. Invited
Artists: Tyler Lotz, Saya Moriyasu, Ginny
Conrow, Tom Colman, Elaine Colman,
John Dix, Toyoda Mokugen, Jack Troy,
Robert Fornell, Jeffrey Hanks, Reid Ozaki,
Judith McCarthy, Sue Roberts, Charles
Krafft, Meg Hartwig. Organized by Natalie Niblack.
18 Stanwood House Gallery & Art
Center, 9915 270th St N.W.; Stanwood,
360-629-4933. Mar 16-Apr 13. Mon &
Wed 9am-6pm; Tue 9am-9pm; Thu & Fri
10am-9pm; Sat 10am-5pm.
“On the Edge of History.” Unique
works: large bowls by Bezalel-Levy with
images and text representing the 12
Tribes of Israel from Genesis; large urns
by Jack Gunter from his installation
“Secrets of Mt. Vernon Culture”; pit fired
work by Rose Moore; and basket pots
by Roger Cocke. Chaim Bezalel, Yonnah
Ben Levy, Jack Gunter, Roger Cocke, Rose
Moore. Organized by Chaim Bezalel.
19 Nube Green, 921 E. Pine St.; Seattle,
206-402-4515. Mar 25-31. Mon-Sat
“New Uses.” Pots touched by James
Lobb’s very own hands and created with
curious purposes and displayed with or
within re-purposed materials in a shop
dedicated to locally and creatively-made
objects for fun, fancy and fashion. James
Lobb. “The objects themselves are skin
stretched over an interior structural
space. This is something that is both inviting to touch and comforting to hold.”.
Terracotta by David Hollander, 36 in. (91 cm) in height, on
view at POTS - 3509 in Fremont.
20 Bainbridge Arts and
Crafts, 151 Winslow Way
E; Bainbridge Island, 206842-3132. Mar 2–Apr 2.
Sun 11am-5pm; Mon-Sat
“Reid Ozaki and Company.” Work by Reid Ozaki,
his students, and colleague
Richard Mahaffew. Reid
Ozaki, Richard Mahaffey,
Matt Allison, Dave Davison, Frank Dippolito, Kazumi Divens-Cogez, Rowena
Forde, Barb Gabriel-Driggers, Anthony Gaudino,
Herb Hallberg, Sue Hudacek, Irina Litvinyuk, Kate
Packard, Jill Rohrbaugh,
Rebecca Smart, Munemitsu Taguchi, Charles
Thomas, Susan Thompson,
Mac Ward. Curated by
David Sessions.
21 Eidelauer Picture
Club, 2200 Utah Ave S. In
alley 2 blks north of Star-
bucks Headquarters, Sodo; Seattle, 206322-0739. Mar 27-Apr 1. Daily 12-6pm.
Reception Mar 27, 6-9pm.
“Among Between Within.” Four
artists from opposite ends of the country
collaborate through varied approaches
and techniques to explore the long partnership between imagery and ceramics.
Laura Brodax, Larry Bush, Maya Bush,
David C. Kane. Organized by Laura
22 Seattle Pottery Supply, 35 S. Hanford St; Seattle, 206-587-0570. Mar 2431. Mon-Fri 8:30am-5pm; Tue 8:30am9pm; Sat 9am-3pm. Reception Mar 27,
“Raku On the Edge.” Diverse raku,
including naked raku, from artists in the
Northwest, Britian and Belgium. Ruth
Allan, Wally Asselberghs, Steve Branfman,
Boni & Dave Deal, Wanda Garrity, Kate
& Will Jacobsen, Rich Lawson, Eduardo
Lazo, Gale Lurie, Robert Peipenburg,
Linda & Charlie Riggs, Dave Roberts, and
a few others. Organized by Gale Lurie
and Rich Lawson.
23 The Island Gallery, 400 Winslow
Way E., #120; Bainbridge Island, 206780-9500. Hours Sun 12-6pm; Mon-Fri
11am-6pm; Sat 10am-6pm. Reception
Mar 25, 1-6pm.
“John Neely & Dan Murphy Wood Fired
24 Hedreen Gallery, 901 12th Ave; Seattle, 206-601-7649. Mar 21-31. Wed-Sat
“The William Morris and John Ruskin
Blues Band.” A week-long performance
examining handcrafted objects and the
psychic space of repetitive labor. Matthew
Green. Curated by Jessica Powers and
Whitney Ford-Terry.
25 Fetherston Gallery, 818 E. Pike St.,
Seattle 98112, 206-322-9440. Mar 9-Apr
6, Wed-Sat 11am-5:30pm, reception Mar
29, 5-8pm.
“The Talking Cure”, interactive figurative
sculptures by NYC artist Melissa Stern.
Ten writers will interpret the inner
voice of each sculpture. Viewers will access the thoughts via QR tags. The show
takes its name from Sigmund Freud’s
original description of psychoanalysis.
Also new work by Dorothy Rissman and
Jan Hoy.
Online Only. or
The Firm Ceramics on Facebook. Phone:
904-620-3815 or 951-756-3263. Mar 28Apr 30. 24 hours
“Clay Cache” The four members of the
Firm exhibit their work in a non-traditional venue. For exact coordinates to
the Clay Cache exhibition, visit or The Firm Ceramics on
Facebook.Shane Christensen, Stephen
Heywood, Brian Jensen, Michael Schmidt.
Curated/Organized By: Stephen Heywood, [email protected]
Seattle Area
A m y S a n d e r s sD e b o r a h S c h w a r t z k o p f sM a r k Pe t e r s
S a n d i P i e r a n t o z z i sS t e p h a n i S t e p h e n s o n sC u r t B e n z l e
E r i n F u r i m s k y sG u y M i c h a e l D a v i s sPa u l L e w i n g
A n g e l i c a Po z o sPa u l A n d r e w Wa n d l e s s sN a n R o t h w e l l
Something for Everyone
c e r a m i c a r t s d a i l y. o r g / b o o k s t o r e
0#"<&.#J2'F11$'K"#[email protected]'()"*2''+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++L4
K%[email protected]"='T9)8''+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++,U#"8<98.'/.$.#2'F")).#*''+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++34
F11$'K"#[email protected]'G1==.#*''++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++34
[email protected]"=.#'()"*2''++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++A3
X$*))B9)$'!#=2''[email protected]'(+'(";IW.))'U1)&'/<@11)''+++++++++++++++++++++++++++:,
O9$Z/[email protected]'(.#";9<'/HII)*''++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++:>
[1#[email protected]#8'()"*'(=#''++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++AN
?98E2'C'[email protected]'`@1).2").''++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++:3
/"8$9'G9.#"8=1aa9''+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++:/<@11)'16'[email protected]'!#='X82='16'(@9<"E1''++++++++++++++++++++++++:>
/@"&.#"E'`1#&[email protected]''++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++AR
/;[email protected]/@"#I.'U9#.'0#9<&''++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++::
7O"225'P"#=;[email protected]''++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++A3
\!'(1;;18B.")[email protected]'789%''+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++AA
Spectrum Glazes
Continuing to lead the way
#=B6AC!F$JL>_B#[email protected]"
See Tom and the new
kiln at the Skutt Booth
Front Loade
Get a peek at Tom’s new glazes and
see what he has to say about Skutt’s
New Frontloading Kiln at
Artist: Tom Turner
Photos: Gary Rawlins
For more information on Skutt Kilns or to find a distributor, visit us at or call us directly at 503.774.6000

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