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VOLUME 6, ISSUE 4, 2013
Building Healthy Businesses
ne of the great things about owning an Amway™ independent
business is that you decide what goals you want to reach.
You set the vision for where you want to go. Success means
different things to different people. But one thing is for sure:
Successful Amway Independent Business Owners share the
strong, common set of values that have been a part of this business for
more than 50 years.
Whether you’ve been in business for a while or are just starting out,
long-term growth and success are a result of the work you put in using
principles and ethics as a guide. We’re proud of our Amway IBOs who
root their businesses in ways that reflect what Amway is truly all about.
You don’t just talk about values, you live them.
At Amway, the same values that have been a part of our foundation
since the beginning guide our decisions and actions in all that we do.
These values include:
t Integrity – working honestly, reliably, and honorably
t Partnership – working effectively with others
t Personal worth – believing in others
t Personal responsibility – being accountable
t Achievement – celebrating and wanting to be better
t Free enterprise
While we work to ensure policies and rules are in place to encourage
honest and balanced businesses, we also look to you to continue to
embrace and communicate the need to conduct ourselves with these
same core values and ethical business practices.
The work you do and the way you do it continues to make Amway
the best business opportunity in the world. Thank you for all you do.
Together, we’ll build on the values that have made this business so
strong. And we’ll ensure continued growth and success for many
years to come.
Steve Van Andel
Doug DeVos
AMWAY HERO AWARDS .......................................... 08
DETERMINATION: RENEE DESILVA ....................... 10
LEADERSHIP: BILL AND PEGGY BRITT ...................18
PATRIOTISM: LYNN BURNETT .............................. 22
RECOGNITION ....................................................... 28
IBOAI ................................................................... 53
NANCY SIAT AND KEVIN WONG ...............................
Nancy Siat & Kevin Wong
nlike most people who start an Amway™ independent
business, Nancy Siat was well acquainted with the world
of direct selling. While still living in Malaysia, she was a
distributor for a direct selling Japanese skincare company.
But her experience was not a happy one. “They would
always find some excuse not to pay me what they owed me,” she says.
So when she and her husband Kevin Wong moved to the U.S., she
didn’t even think about the possibilities of working in direct sales.
Instead, she took on two part-time jobs, working mornings in a beauty
salon and afternoons in a restaurant.
In fact, it was Kevin who first decided to pursue the Amway
opportunity. “He started it on his own. I didn’t have the time or the
interest,” recalls Nancy.
But in trying to do it all by himself, Kevin was soon struggling. He
wasn’t growing his business as quickly as he wanted to. He also
owned a food import business that took his time. And, as he explains,
“I wasn’t good with people like Nancy is. I needed her help finding
customers and learning how to approach them.”
“The first time I visited the company, I met
so many professional people who had
succeeded in the business. I thought, if
they can do it, why can’t we?” | NANCY SIAT
questions instead of going to Kevin. Pretty soon,
they were coming to me for everything,” she laughs.
But that was fine with both of them because as it
turned out, Nancy had finally found a direct selling
company that was a perfect fit for her.
Ticket to paradise
He finally persuaded his wife to join him, which was
their first big turning point. The second came when
Kevin surprised Nancy with a ticket to Ada, Michigan,
where Amway was celebrating its 35th anniversary.
“When I toured the corporate headquarters and
saw all the manufacturing facilities and met so many
professional people, including doctors and lawyers,
who had become successful Amway IBOs, it really
opened my eyes. I was so impressed with Amway! It
made me feel very confident about being associated
with such a great company.”
That belief grew even stronger when she learned that
Amway offers a Satisfaction Guarantee on products.
“Knowing that I personally didn’t have to be responsible
for the products and that any refunds wouldn’t come
out of my pocket also made me feel good,” she
recounts, remembering that not all companies operate
by such standards.
Perfect fit
After she returned from Ada, Nancy’s role began to
change in a major way. “I became very knowledgeable
about the products, and people started asking me
“I really enjoyed helping people plan for their futures,”
she says. “Most people I knew were working long
hours in retail businesses or restaurants – getting
up early, coming home late, and not making much
money. I would explain to them that by using and
selling Amway™ products, they could earn bonuses,
and that they could do it part time to earn extra
money. Best of all, they could be their own boss.”
She stressed, too, that having an Amway independent
business requires hard work, but there are lasting
benefits for those who stick with it.
She found that one of her favorite parts of the
business was sharing products with people.
She enjoys comparing Amway brands such as
NUTRILITE®, ARTISTRY®, and SA8® with other wellknown brands to point out the differences.
“When I was starting out, I used all the materials
provided by the company to explain the features and
benefits of our products,” she says. Now that she’s
used practically all of them herself, she also uses her
own experience to explain what makes an Amway
product superior. “I’m very good at persuading
people to see things my way,” she adds with a smile.
“And when they find one product they like, they
always come back for more.”
Sensible weight management
She’s especially excited about the BODYKEY by NUTRILITE™ weight
management product line. “It’s such a healthy way to manage your weight,” she
observes. “Some people want a product that will help them lose weight really
fast, like you see the superstars do, but it’s not good for you to lose weight like
that. It’s much healthier to do it in a way that helps you reduce fat, not muscle.
I always tell people the test is clothes: When they start feeling looser, you know
you’re losing weight.”
Over the years, she’s realized that the things she likes to do
most in life nicely complement her Amway™ business:
She enjoys meeting people and sharing ideas with them,
and she loves to cook, often doing demos using
iCook® products. “It’s so easy to combine my
hobbies with my business,” she states. “I’m
very proud of our products and it’s fun to talk
with people about them.”
“It’s so easy to combine my hobbies
with my business. I’m very proud of
our products and it’s fun to talk with
people about them.” | NANCY SIAT
There to help
Nancy advises new IBOs to be sure they thoroughly understand
any products before introducing them to friends or relatives. “I tell
people if they have any questions or are confused about anything
to get in touch with me right away. I’m here to help them.”
She credits her own mentors for helping her and Kevin rise to
each new level. “I feel so lucky and am so grateful to those who
answered all my questions at the beginning and taught me the right
way to do things,” she states, adding that both upline and downline
IBOs contributed to her success. “Without their support, we would
not be where we are today.”
Her goal now is to keep helping others succeed.
With the large group they’ve developed, that keeps
her very busy.
In their spare time, Nancy and Kevin like to hang
out with their 15-year-old son, Victor. “He’s a very
talented badminton player and is taking lessons
from an excellent coach right now,” says Nancy. “His
dream is to compete as a professional, but he’s very
good in academics, too. Who knows, maybe he will
end up going to business school and starting his own
Amway™ business someday.”
family would have this kind of life,” she says about their
beautiful seaside home and its gorgeous surroundings.
“It’s so comfortable and peaceful here.”
Nancy says no matter what Victor decides to do, as his
mom, she just wants him to be happy and successful
in life, like she and Kevin are. “I never dreamed our
It’s certainly a much different life than when she was
working two jobs to make ends meet. “In that world,
everything was so unstable, you never knew how much
money you would be taking home each
week,” she notes.
As for where they are today, Nancy says,
“It is all thanks to my husband, who had
the foresight to believe in this business;
to Amway, who provided everything we
needed to be successful; and to the
many friends we have made who helped
us continue moving forward.”
“To others who are on the same journey,
I say set your goals high and aim to be
recognized with a new pin every year.”
The average monthly Gross Income for “active” IBOs in Canada was $198.
Approximately 48% of IBOs in Canada, were “active.” IBOs were considered “active” in
months in 2010 when they attempted to make a retail sale, or presented the Amway IBO
Compensation Plan, or received bonus money, or attended an Amway or IBO meeting. If
someone sustained that level of activity every month for a whole year, their annualized
Gross Income would be $2,376. Of course, not every IBO chooses to be active every
month. “Gross Income” means the amount received from retail sales, minus the cost of
goods sold, plus monthly bonuses and cash incentives. It excludes all annual bonuses
and cash incentives, and all non-cash awards, which may be significant. There may also
be significant business expenses, mostly discretionary, that may be greater in relation
to income in the first years of operation. For the purposes of the calculation in Canada,
individuals who were IBOs for less than the entire year in 2010 were excluded.
Independent Business Owners are a special lot,
so it was no simple task selecting the recipients of the
fourth annual Amway Hero Awards for Determination,
Generosity, Leadership, and Patriotism.
Drawing strength from her family,
friends, and faith, this IBO resolved to
be an inspiration and hope to others.
For Renee DeSilva, family has always been a source
of strength. She credits her deep connection with
her sister Jennifer Smeenk and her brother Reggie
Nicolas with making it through the untimely losses of
both of their parents.
“Our parents instilled a bond between the three of
us,” says Renee, “and it was only made stronger
after we went through the experience of losing both
of our parents together. We’re even closer now.”
Her family was also there to help when Renee’s
husband Alan died in a car crash just a few months
before the couple’s fifth wedding anniversary – a
tragedy that Renee says she couldn’t have managed
without her faith and the support of those around her.
“I had a choice of whether I’d let this end my life,”
she says. “Whether I’d do nothing and let it defeat
me. But I want to be an example of being able to
overcome. I want to be strong.”
For her persistence in the face of personal loss,
Renee DeSilva is awarded the Amway Hero Award
for Determination.
A journey together
A few months after her father passed away, Renee
attended the 2002 World Youth Day in Toronto – a
global festival for young Catholics. That’s where she
began spending time with Alan DeSilva, a boy she
had grown up with in Edmonton, Alberta, and knew
as a distant acquaintance.
Six months after the friends returned from Toronto, Renee’s
mother had a stroke. “I remember praying to God, ‘I just lost
my dad. If it’s your will, please give us more time,’” Renee
says. “And my prayers were answered. My mother lived
exactly one more year before passing away.”
Alan was at her side through it all. “We became best friends
over the course of a year and a half,” she says. “We grew
together, and he helped me walk that journey.”
Their friendship blossomed into romance and after dating for
four years, the couple married in May 2008. They became
Independent Business Owners the same year.
Strength to carry on
Together, the DeSilvas built a successful Amway™
independent business while raising two children, 4-year-old
son Gabriel and 3-year-old daughter Anjali. But Renee’s
world changed after Alan’s accident in February 2013.
“I knew I could not have handled this tragedy without
God’s grace and love,” she says, “and without the amazing
people in my life who opened up their hearts to grieve and
walk this journey with me.” Many cared for her in practical
ways: cleaning the house, watching the kids, praying, and
just being there. “I didn’t cook a meal for two months!” she
says. “It truly is a success story of people’s amazing hearts,
compassion, and love.”
Renee was also heartened by the fond stories that she
heard from the students and colleagues of Alan, who had
been a biology professor. “It helped me to know that he
effected change in the world,” she says, “even though he
was only 30.”
Renee is determined to be a source of inspiration for her
own children. “I’m going to have to rise up from this, so my
kids can rise up, too,” she says.
Network of support
Before Alan’s passing, the DeSilvas were working toward
their dream of attaining Diamond; after, Renee let the
business slow so she could concentrate on grieving and
healing. Then, she says, participating in the BODYKEY
by NUTRILITE™ 90-Day Weight Loss Challenge gave
her a positive goal to focus on and a chance to reconnect
Renee was the winner of the 2011 IBO Talent Show.
Her original video submission can be viewed at:
with others. Her team lost a collective 69 pounds and
138 inches, winning a prize for their success.
“I’m happy that this award honors Alan, his story,
and all his hard work toward our dreams.”
“The challenge kept me in touch with my team,” she says.
“Now that I’ve reinvented my role, I’m re-fired up to get my
business going again.”
Now Renee is sharing her story to empower those
around her. “It feels good to instill hope,” she says,
“and be future-focused. When I do that kind of
work, I feel a closeness to Alan. Our dream was
together, and I feel him very near to me, still
helping with that journey.”
As a couple, Alan and Renee each had their own
strengths in the company: Alan was out in front, presenting
the IBO Compensation Plan, while Renee made sure all
the pieces came together. Now she’s overcoming her fears
and presenting the Plan on her own.
“I’ve made a commitment to become a Diamond,”
Renee says. “I found inspiration by looking through issues
of ACHIEVE® magazine for single women who have
made Emerald or Platinum. If they could do it, I knew I
could do it, too!”
An inspiration to others
Renee’s business team has seen her through these hard
times, too. She notes the significant help of her sponsors
Frank and Lorraine Mikolas, who are “amazing people
with huge hearts for my family and the team,”
as well as her uplines Mike and Lori Bourgeois. “I’m
really thankful for their friendship and for their help in
keeping a positive attitude,” she says.
One way she shares this positivity is through her
voice – Renee is a talented singer. “I’ve always
enjoyed singing,” she says, “and performing at
church. It’s a lot of fun for me! Music can lift people
up, and it keeps them going.”
Renee says spreading this joy is what means the
most to her. “For me, a hero is someone who is a
source of inspiration and hope to others,” she says.
This second-generation IBO
couple gives generously around
the world and at home.
Talking about their charitable work makes Amway™
Independent Business Owners Jody and Kathy Victor
somewhat uncomfortable. “We don’t give back for the
recognition,” Kathy says.
Instead, the Victors have made generosity a way of life. Over
the years, they have supported a number of diverse causes,
including the American Heart Association, a scholarship
fund at The Ohio State University, and the Back to the Wild
wildlife rehabilitation center. Jody even received the Polish
Heart Award from the government of Poland in concert with
the Roman Catholic Church for his work overseas – creating
free enterprise business opportunities for people and helping
build public recreation facilities throughout the country.
But as often as they make personal donations, they also
contribute to causes anonymously, wherever they see a
need to be filled. “That’s just how we do things,” says Jody.
“We’re here to help.”
For their decades of quiet philanthropy, Jody and Kathy
Victor are the recipients of the 2013 Amway Hero Award
for Generosity.
Giving that lasts
As Crowns Jody and Kathy explain, generosity is about
making a lasting difference, and that kind of giving means
the most. “We like to create things,” says Kathy, “instead
of just donating.”
Those efforts began in 1981, when they were approached
to help fund a baseball field for youth in their community
who needed a place to play. A former baseball player
himself (he was an all-star second baseman) with a lifelong
passion for the game, Jody leapt at the opportunity
and together the couple financed Crown Field in Ohio –
complete with an electronic scoreboard, dugouts, fencing,
sod outfields, and bleachers.
A community that cares
While they support national organizations, Jody and Kathy
say they feel a responsibility and true conviction to give back
within their community. This extends to helping even at the
individual level.
The Victors have continued to support Crown Field for
30 years while expanding its facilities. Now the field even
offers youth events and an XStreme Baseball Academy –
a program where kids can hone their skills while learning
valuable life lessons.
“It teaches them about character while they play the
game,” says Jody, “about having a good self-image, and
overcoming obstacles like fear and procrastination.”
The Victors are also actively involved in the U.S. Dream
Academy, empowering at-risk children through innovative
after-school and mentoring programs that incorporate
technology. One of the founding members, Jody serves on
the board of directors, and both of the Victors donate their
time and resources to helping children succeed.
“We just wanted to find a way to stop this cycle,” says
Kathy, “of each generation of at-risk kids following the next.”
Above all, Jody and Kathy say they cherish being able to
provide others with so much joy.
“God has blessed us greatly,” Kathy says, “and when God
has given so much to us, it’s our duty and our pleasure to
give back.”
In 2011, Walter Kobak, an 87-year-old man with disabilities,
was having trouble getting a wheelchair ramp built for his
house. Walter couldn’t get down his front-porch steps on
his own and had to ask the local police force for assistance
whenever he wanted to leave his house. The city told Walter
he needed to apply for a zoning variance before he could
build the ramp. The application cost $200.
“We read about Walter’s problem in the local paper,” says
Jody, “and we immediately knew we wanted to help.” On
the day Jody arrived at Walter’s house to drop off the funds,
a local news crew was filming Walter’s story, and they asked
to capture Jody’s act on camera. “It was pure chance,”
Jody laughs.
Soon, the Victor’s gesture sparked an outpouring of support
from the Danbury Township community in Ohio. The local
Home Depot offered the necessary building materials for
the ramp at a discount, and employees donated their time
to help with construction. Even the police who had carried
Walter down the steps showed up to swing hammers.
Jody explains that just one small gesture has the power
to inspire a greater impact. “Walter didn’t realize that other
people cared so much,” says Jody. “And it was made
possible out of everyone’s generosity – whether money,
time, or elbow grease.”
Watch WKYC Channel 3’s story on Walter at:
Photo below: Angela Wilhelm
Family legacy
“We hope we’ve taught our children the importance of giving
to others without expecting anything in return,” says Kathy.
For the Victors, the Amway™ business and giving back are
true family values. Jody’s parents were among the first three
IBO couples when Amway was founded in 1959. All of their
children are also IBOs – son Joe and his wife Kelli (Founders
Platinum); son Steve and his wife Marcia (Sapphire); and
daughter Terri and her husband Greg Fraumann. Along the
way, generosity has always been emphasized, and they’ve
all taken that to heart.
“Giving back is a necessary part of being human,” says
Kathy. “It doesn’t matter if it’s a little or a lot. It makes a
difference in your life – and in the lives of others.”
This IBO couple mentored
and supported others
worldwide, creating a legacy
of leadership that lives on.
Bill Britt lived by three mottos.
“One was ‘May the work I have done speak for
me,’” says his wife, Peggy. “The second was
‘Honor and courage’ – that was the patriotism one.
He appreciated the freedom in his country. And last,
‘The Lord is my shepherd.’”
After Bill passed away in January 2013 at age 81,
Peggy placed these three sayings in a shadow box
in their home, displaying the values that guided the
couple to their success in both life and in work. The
Britts are Founders Crown Ambassador, the highest
achievement in Amway. Independent Business
Owners for 43 years, Bill and Peggy made a career
of helping other IBOs succeed, creating a network
of support around the world and instilling in others
the values needed to become leaders themselves.
For a lifetime of guidance, Bill and Peggy Britt
are the recipients of the 2013 Amway Hero Award
for Leadership.
A born leader
As Peggy recalls, Bill was a leader from a very young
age. He was one of eight children and took on
responsibility to help the family get by – doing things
like managing two paper routes to provide extra
money. “He always had to work hard for anything
he got,” says Peggy. “It was out of necessity that he
drew from his inner being to rise to the occasion.”
Time and again, Bill’s leadership shone. As a young man
enlisted in the Army – Bill served in Korea – he was chosen
to go to cavalry school. He finished second in his class,
despite having no prior college education. Later, after
meeting and marrying Peggy, Bill spent just a year as
assistant to the city manager of Raleigh before he became
a manager himself: first in Sanford, North Carolina, and
then in Goldsboro, North Carolina.
Alongside Bill was Peggy. Where Bill was outgoing and
engaging, Peggy was calm and gentle, supporting him
from the wings. Everyone knew that Peggy was Bill’s “quiet
strength,” a hand of support that made sure every detail
was just right.
“We started the business jointly,” says Peggy, “and he
progressed and was very, very busy. He showed the Plan
a lot. He traveled a lot, and at the same time held down his
position as city manager in the little town we lived in.”
And wherever they took the business, success followed.
“Bill had no problem in creating a lot of activity and
excitement in people,” says Peggy. “He was ‘Mr.
Motivator,’ and I was his helper, staying home and tying
loose ends together.”
Bill and Peggy grew their business as a team, eventually
making it their full-time jobs and establishing BWW, one
of the largest global IBO organizations in Amway, with
networks spanning five continents.
Throughout, Bill and Peggy focused on helping others
succeed. “You could not outgive him,” says Peggy. “Bill
always said the meaning of success was if one person, or
a situation, was better off because he was there.”
A perpetual legacy
What mattered most to the Britts was ensuring that the
IBOs they worked with were not only good businessmen
and businesswomen, but strong leaders in their own right.
“Bill was always in the spotlight,” says Peggy, “and that was
fine with me. He was always a leader, a born leader.”
Team effort
When Bill heard about the Amway™ opportunity, he
was balancing several commitments. He was a city
manager, a student pursuing his master’s degree in
public administration, and an officer in the National
Guard. But after many discussions with Peggy, they
both recognized an opportunity for self-fulfillment and
financial freedom that they couldn’t pass up.
“Bill would say a good leader would be one who could
be depended upon, who was
trustworthy,” says Peggy. “Who was
honest. Would stand on his word.”
Bill lived by these values and
helped the IBOs he worked with
understand their importance.
“Always take care of the people
in the field first before yourself,” says Angelo Nardone,
Executive Diamond and member of BWW’s Management
Operating Committee. “Always put yourself last in everything
you do. That’s a lesson we’ve always learned.”
The Britts also encouraged those they mentored to
appreciate other key aspects of life. “You learn about
relationships, and you learn about health,” says Shivaram
Kumar, Double Diamond and fellow Management Operating
Committee member. “You learn about having fun, laughing
all the time, and uplifting people.”
Peggy explains that anyone can make a difference if
they put their mind to it. “It’s very, very humbling,” says
Peggy. “People look up to us, but we feel that we really
have not done that much at all. It’s not that unusual.”
Peggy believes that if Bill were here today, he would
share her feeling that this award reflects not simply a
personal success, but the success of many IBO leaders
around the world. “He would accept it very humbly and
thank everyone,” says Peggy. “He would say, ‘This is not
my Hero Award, it comes from my heroes. And I have
many heroes in this business.’”
After a distinguished career as an
Army Ranger, this IBO has found
new purpose in defending the
American dream – through Amway.
When Lynn Burnett enrolled in the United States
Military Academy at West Point at age 18 to join
the Army, he didn’t know what to expect. While he
came from a military background – his grandfather
served in World War I, his great-uncles fought in
World War II, and his father served in Korea and
Vietnam – much of his family had been members of
the Air Force, not the Army.
After a while, some difficult experiences at the
Academy left Lynn questioning if the Army was what
he wanted to do. “I was young,” he says. “I assumed
that my experiences at the Academy represented
exactly what the Army would be like after graduation.
And at that time, I couldn’t see myself going through
that for six more years.” So, in what he now describes
as a moment of immaturity, Lynn dropped out of
school and found a job at a local restaurant.
But a couple of years later he realized he wasn’t
living up to his potential. He enlisted as a private
and joined the U.S. Army Rangers. Lynn rose
through the ranks during a distinguished 13-year
career where he served in the 3rd and 2nd Ranger
battalions. He was a machine gunner, platoon
leader, combat patrol leader, Ranger instructor, and
the first black Ranger officer in the 2nd Battalion,
75th Ranger Regiment.
For his humble service to America, Lynn Burnett
is the recipient of the 2013 Amway Hero Award
for Patriotism.
‘A patriot, but not a hero’
“I was willing to put my life in harm’s way to protect this
country,” Lynn says, “to protect our freedom. As they say,
‘Freedom isn’t free.’ We have the obligation to protect it
with our lives, or our children will be in bondage. I never
paid that cost, but I’ve risked it. I think a patriot is someone
who does that.”
But despite risking his life, Lynn insists that he’s not a hero.
“A hero is someone who dedicates their life to helping
lift people up and allowing them to become greater than
they could become on their own. Someone with selfless
sacrifice, who changes the lives of other people.”
“It’s difficult to feel like I deserve this award,” Lynn says.
“Mike Carroll? He’s a hero.” (Mike Carroll was awarded the
2012 Amway Hero Award for Patriotism.) “Rich DeVos and
Jay Van Andel are heroes. Their great-grandkids will know
what they did. They’re leaving a legacy.”
Finding purpose again
After he left the military, Lynn spent time in corporate
America, working as a financial manager at a company
in Seattle. He had a desk, a 90-minute commute, and a
90-hour work week, but no higher purpose – until a client
introduced him to the Amway™ opportunity in 1994.
Lynn had seen the Amway IBO Compensation Plan before,
and had always turned it down. But this time, something
spoke to him. “I’m a man of faith, so I don’t think I was led
to this business by accident,” Lynn says. “I was introduced
to it 19 times, and God said ‘I’m going to give this guy one
more chance.’”
This time, Lynn took the chance – and thrived. Currently an
Emerald, Lynn is in qualification for Founders Emerald and
expects to qualify for his Diamond pin within a year. He lives
in Seattle with his wife, Jo, and his two daughters, Grace (12)
and Hannah (8).
For Lynn, the Plan was a way to regain the purpose he had
felt when he was a Ranger. “I wanted to impact people’s lives
in a positive way and serve my country again,” he says.
Giving back
As an IBO, Lynn says he now has the time to volunteer with
Jo and their daughters at their local USO, where they support
soldiers and their families through
activities like providing meals
before deployment, organizing care
packages, and recording messages
and videos for loved ones.
“Since I can no longer serve,” says Lynn, “the next best thing is
helping those that keep us free. It’s the least we can do for the
people that put their lives on the line to preserve our freedom.”
Lynn also says his kids love being able to help out and say thanks.
“It means so much that my kids are learning the importance of
serving their country at such an early age,” says Lynn, “and the
importance of giving back. I want them to continue the tradition of
service that their great-grandfather started.”
Amway and patriotism
“Amway: The name says it all,” he says. “When Rich and Jay
started The American Way Company, they wanted to give
others an opportunity to participate in the American dream.”
According to Lynn, people lose track of the American dream –
they think it’s a house, a white picket fence, a dream car, and
2.3 kids. “The American dream is freedom,” he says. “That’s
why people come here. That’s why this country was founded.”
But personal freedom is only one part of the American dream.
“You can have personal freedom, like we do in America, yet not
have the economic freedom to take advantage of it. You need
to have personal freedom and economic freedom. That’s what
Amway is all about.”
“I’ll be in Amway for the rest of my life,” Lynn says. “This is all my
wife and I want to do. To help people understand and engage,
help them start the business and build it. It’s close to my heart.”
‘Tis the Season to be Giving
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Since 2003, Amway, its employees, and its IBOs have helped to provide hope
and opportunity to 10 million children; donated $190 million to children’s causes
worldwide; and logged more than 2.7 million volunteer hours.
Reaching Emerald is a significant achievement, the result of sustained effort and successful
leadership. As Emeralds, IBOs have demonstrated their ability to sell, recruit, train, motivate,
and teach others to do the same. They have built healthy organizations and are reaping the
rewards of their hard work.
Roger Cui | New York
Living the dream: “Growing up in this environment (as a second-generation IBO)
made me feel like life is full of options,” Roger says. “I can genuinely say I want to
pursue medicine because it interests me, not for the money. My Amway™ business
will always be there for me and gives me plenty of financial stability, so I don’t have
to worry about school loans.”
Looking to the future: After completing his medical schooling, Roger plans to
do clinical work, research, and community service in the field of oncology. He
already volunteers with the American Cancer Society and Asian Americans for
Hope. “Amway doesn’t just teach you how to be a successful entrepreneur; it also
teaches you how to be a contributing member of society. I’m also looking forward
to a great retirement, thanks to my business!”
Thelma and Francisco Domínguez | Dominican Republic
Living the dream: “By the grace of God, the debt from our computer business is
history!” Francisco says. “The most precious gift our Amway business has given us
is freedom from that hectic pace of life.” Now instead of waking to an alarm clock,
he and Thelma wake up when the kids – Sebastián José (4), Shantalle Marie (2),
and Sarah Marie (10 months) – do.
Looking to the future: “Our desire is to be with the people in the business –
those who brought us in, those already on our team, and those yet to join us,” he
continues. “The example we see in our Diamonds is what we would want to be
for other people.” Thelma adds, “We also dream of a beautiful house and traveling
around the world with people from our team.”
Menranda and K.C. Kwan | Texas
Living the dream: “K.C. and I have learned the meaning of life is to offer a
hand up to others, which is a beautiful thing,” says Menranda. Their Amway™
independent business, of which their daughter Amorette (25) is a part, “has
brought our family closer together,” he says. It has also provided a sense of
security for the couple, who’ve faced some health challenges in recent years.
“I don’t worry about money,” K.C. says. “It’s given me peace of mind.”
Looking to the future: “We feel so fortunate to have found this business and for
the loving guidance of our upline,” Menranda says. “We need to advance to the
Diamond level so that we can show people: You can do it!” Adds K.C., “I like having
control over our time, our income, and where we live. It’s total freedom!”
Read more about each new Emerald qualifier at:
Living the dream: Hari (a business development manager) and Jayanthi (a
registered nurse) are passionate about traveling with family and friends. Thanks to
the income from their Amway independent business, one of their dreams came
true this summer when they visited the Taj Mahal in India with their college-aged
children, Akash and Preethi, and upline mentors. “Seeing our kids’ expressions
was worth every effort we’ve put into this business!” declares Jayanthi.
Hari and Jayanthi Narayanan | Massachusetts
Looking to the future: “In 2016, our plan is to take our children on an Alaskan
cruise to celebrate their graduations,” Jayanthi adds. “But we always keep in mind
what our upline mentors have taught us,” says Hari. “‘Success is how many people
are better off because of your influence.’ Once we leave our corporate jobs, our
mission is to influence many more people to succeed in Amway.”
Adan and Mayi Ordoñez | Florida
Living the dream: Forced to leave Venezuela due to a political situation, Adan (an
engineer) and Mayi (an accountant) overcame many obstacles to build a successful
landscaping and housekeeping business. While it provided a good income, “We worked
Monday to Monday,” he says. Since discovering the Amway business opportunity,
they’ve surpassed their previous income, allowing them to sell their traditional business
and find “more balance in life.”
Looking to the future: “The best advice we’ve received is to keep learning – don’t stay
put,” Adan says. “The enemy of success is believing this is as good as it gets.” He and
Mayi, along with their children Adan Jr. (17), Valentina (15), and Kamila (10), yearn to see
more of the world and contribute to making it a better place. “We want to convey a vision
of a different life and the transformation that is possible through Amway,” Mayi notes.
María Luisa Silva and Joel Ordoñez Petit | Florida
Living the dream: “Amway is the complete package: the best corporation, the
best products, the best educational system,” proclaims Joel, who worked with
his brother Adan in traditional business and later followed him into the Amway™
business. “When I heard we could have more control over our time and finances
and keep our kids (Luis Fernando, 9, and Alejandro, 1) out of day care, I was sold!”
he says.
Looking to the future: “If someone told me I could continue building my Amway
business but not make a single dollar, I’d find a way to do it!” Joel states. “I cannot
explain the depth of love and appreciation we feel, not to mention the satisfaction
of continually growing.” For María Luisa, the prospect of “helping people on all
levels” fuels her desire to keep reaching out with the Amway opportunity.
José Manuel and Rosa Ramírez | Dominican Republic
Living the dream: “This business is like a new adventure every day!” José Ml.
says. “As you help people live a better life, your business grows.” So do your
options. Last year, José Ml. sold his store. “I’m really happy he’s home now and
has more time with our son (José Ml. Jr.),” says Rosa, a financial supervisor who
is expecting their second child in December. (José Ml. also has another child,
Federico, 14.)
Looking to the future: “The liberty an Amway™ business offers is incomparable,”
Rosa continues. She’s looking forward to experiencing more of it when her
maternity leave arrives and she leaves her job permanently. Then they can spend
more time at the beach with the kids and travel more. “We also want to build
schools here where kids can learn about entrepreneurship,” he says.
The average monthly Gross Income for “active” IBOs in Canada was $198.
Approximately 48% of all IBOS in Canada, were “active.”
Babu and Anu Mangipudi | Arizona
Living the dream: “The annual Achievers Invitational trips are our favorites
because of the way we’re treated,” says Babu, who loves globetrotting with Anu.
Daughter Neha (10) and son Dhruv (4) also enjoy the travel associated with their
parents’ Amway independent business. Whether it’s a weekend getaway or a trip
to India (where they have family, business associates, and family members who are
business associates), seeing the world never grows old.
Looking to the future: “Our next goal is to free Anu from her job (as a database
administrator),” says Babu, a former electrical engineer. “Then we’ll have even more
time for travels. We also want to provide a better lifestyle for our parents and a
good education for our kids.” Adds Anu, “This business is the best opportunity to
achieve what you want out of life and help others.”
Paramesh and Bharathi Nalval | New Jersey
Living the dream: “Changing pin levels makes life more exciting,” Paramesh
declares. “It validates that this business works.” For the couple, who originally were
poised to go Emerald 10 years ago, the taste of triumph is sweet. “People [on their
team] lost their dream and quit,” Bharathi recalls with tears. “But we didn’t give up
on our dream,” Paramesh adds gently. “That experience taught us to keep going,
and I’m proud of that.”
Looking to the future: Now they’re looking forward to spending increasingly
more time with their family here (son Thejas and his wife Christina, and son
Thushar) and in India, and getting to all those places on their travel wish list.
“Definitely London, Paris, and Venice,” Paramesh says. “And definitely first class!”
Bharathi adds. Paramesh also plans to reduce his hours as an IT consultant.
Dileep and Chitra Pargaonkar | Georgia
Living the dream: “Because of our Amway business, we can make frequent
trips to India,” Chitra says. “We were also able to put our sons (Rajas and Tejas)
through exclusive colleges.” Moreover, Chitra did not have to return to work as
originally planned. “I cannot imagine our life without Amway,” Dileep says. “Not just
financially, but the whole package.”
Looking to the future: That “package” includes exclusive, high-quality products,
personal development, and many new friends. “We want to help a lot of families
succeed in Amway,” Chitra says. “We also want to travel more, support more
charities, and spend more time with our family.” Adds Dileep, “This business has
taught us an unwavering optimism and the dogged determination to succeed, not
only in the pursuit of our Amway goals but in all aspects of life.”
Sitti Sereethoranakul | New York
Living the dream: Sitti knew the drawbacks of traditional business ownership
from listening to his dad, the owner of a traditional business: “Unending
responsibilities and limited freedom.” So as a college student, Sitti began actively
looking for a different business model – and found it with Amway. “You don’t have
the headaches of staffing, accounting, and inventory. The Corporation advertises
nationally, and experienced IBOs mentor us at no cost!” Simply put: Amway equals
ability plus opportunity.
Looking to the future: When he eventually takes over his dad’s business, “I will
use whatever I learn from building my Amway™ business to help improve it,” Sitti
says. “My goal now is Diamond so that I have the time and money to dedicate to
church ministry,” he adds. He’d also like to travel to Bangladesh to meet the child
he sponsors through World Vision®.
Read more about each new Emerald qualifier at:
Haiyan Xu and Helena Kang* | Michigan
Living the dream: “I lost my job in mechanical design in the economic
downturn,” Haiyan states. After a highly satisfactory experience with NUTRILITE®
supplements, she decided to build an Amway independent business, “because
I felt comfortable sharing the products with people,” she says. Now, thanks to
training from her upline, she’s also comfortable sharing the Amway opportunity
with others and teaching them to succeed in turn.
Looking to the future: “My daughter (Helena), who’s in college, has joined me
and is great at sharing the products with her peers,” Haiyan says. “I’m hoping
through our business to help my husband retire sooner so we have more time to
travel and spend as a family.” Learning to interact with others has been a challenge
for the former engineer. “But it’s a good challenge. I’m very much enjoying it!”
Anatoliy and Olga Yena | California
Living the dream: “Amway has brought to our lives the freedom to be at home
in the world and still build our business,” says Anatoliy, who started his Amway
independent business as a college student in Ukraine. He and Olga reached
Platinum before graduation and Emerald by their first wedding anniversary.
Currently Diamonds in their homeland, they decided a few years ago to enter the
Russian-speaking immigrant market in the U.S.
Looking to the future: Daughter Sofy (6) is a world-class traveler like her parents.
Says Anatoliy, “We’re enjoying going first class now to bring the Amway opportunity
to others.” The couple is grateful for the example of their upline (including Anatoliy’s
mom, Founders Crown Ambassador Natalia Yena, and Double Diamond Zbig and
Sophia Rek) “and to the business partners who’ve become our family,” Anatoliy says.
Jayoung Yoon and Jay Ahn | New Jersey
Living the dream: Jayoung, an opera singer, and Jay, a cancer researcher,
started their Amway independent business to make extra money. “But we’ve
gained so much more than that,” the vocalist from Korea says. “We have
made precious friends we love like family. I also love the personal development
aspect of the business. And I’ve learned to prioritize my time well, proving you
can have a successful Amway business and career.”
Looking to the future: “Jay has a mission in life: to help orphans,” Jayoung
shares. “When we heard about this opportunity, it renewed his hope of seeing that
dream realized … In time, we’d like to see Italy and Vienna. I’d also like to publish a
CD of my music.” More than anything, “I want to share this feeling, this hope, with
other people,” she says. “Hope empowers people.”
The average monthly Gross Income for “active” IBOs in Canada was $198.
*Not pictured
Approximately 48% of all IBOS in Canada, were “active.”
Achieving Sapphire exhibits dedication to building a sustainable
balanced business and mentoring others to do the same.
Roger Cui
New York
Thelma and Francisco Domínguez
Dominican Republic
Paramesh and Bharathi Nalval
New Jersey
María Luisa Silva and
Joel Ordoñez Petit
Mairielys and Adan Ordoñez
Jayoung Yoon and Jay Ahn
New Jersey
Attaining Ruby reflects a strategic investment in time
and effort to produce significant financial rewards.
Gary Ka and So King Ng
Reaching Platinum is an important milestone in building a profitable and
sustainable Amway™ business. When you achieve Platinum, you have built
a strong foundation and demonstrated the ability to build a successful
enterprise with great growth potential.
Ricky and Joy Buckelew
Samer and Mariana Mikhail
Monica Bustamante and Michael Boza
Meetika Jindal and Anurag Chawla
Omar Hernandez and Viviam Lopez
Ravi Chawla and Charmy Kapil
Elizabeth Gonzalez and
Juan Carlos Cedeno
Juan J. Nolasco
Carlos Nuñez and Veronica Ramirez
Rider and Fatima Ordoñez
J. Guadalupe Chavez and Angelica Hernandez
New Jersey
Jose Quintero and Claudia Cardenas
Francisco Rodriguez and Ady Martinez
Jacinto Quintero and Janeth Alvarez
Alan and Adriana Sanchez
Nijib Shakya and Manisha Kansakar
Feliciana Soto
Mario Moreno and Alma Zazueta
Vikram and Sheeba Manne
Maria Luisa Silva and
Joel Ordoñez Petit
Jee Song
Derek and Valerie Stein
Jill and Robert Triplett
Sandie Yang and James Fan*
New York
Min Young Song and Ted Moon
Richard Bianchi
Chris and Melody Farrell
Lei Zhang and William Shi
Reinel Martin and Judith Gonzalez
*Not pictured
Sponsors in italics.
Lucina De Lopez and
Jose Eleno Lopez
Margarita and Jose Salazar
Samuel and Juliana Diaz
Serfina Cruz and Javier Gonzalez
Adan and Mairielys Ordoñez
Achieving Gold or Silver Producer is an important step toward Platinum qualification. When
you reach one of these levels, you are on your way to building a strong and lasting business.
Mireille Alexandre
Juan Antonio Olguin and
Milian Daisy
Heliodoro Valladares
Miguel Angel and Noemi Gongora
Abbygail Allas
Alberto Gonzalez and Belinda Moya
Luis Ortega and Rosalia Romero
Ariel Velazquez
Byungran An
Angel Guevara and
Maria Elena Velasco
Silvia and Armando Pablo
Esha Verma
Ed and Bethany Page
Jorge Vidal and Yanelis Rosado
Perla Heredia Aranda and
Eduardo Hernandez
Maria Del Carmen Paladines
Pablo Ramon Vidal
Suryanarayana and Sridevi Palepu
Erika Hernandez and Carlos Benitez
Cheng Wen Wang
Ravikumar and Niveditha Pare
Margarita Hernandez
Yin Zhen Wang and Xu Gui Ying
Hannah Park
Hee-Kyoung and Soo-Sik Hong
Yun Hao Wang
Lisa and Chang Jin Park
Qing Yi Huang
Zhu Wang
Quintila Pascual
Xuanzhe and Xianglan Jin
Zuyang Wang
Adonay Perez and Yeni Avila
Lamar and Danielle Jones
Teresa and Jim Wassermann
Gregorio Perez and Honorina Tello
Kai Kang
Larry and Karyn Wheeler
Lance and Karen Bodnar
Jorge Luis Perez
Diana Kim
Ricky and Caitlyn Winters
Delaney Bonish
Lisette Perez and Yoel Matos
Jessica Kim and Kil Yeong Heo
Ling Li Wu
Marcos and Gina Bracho
Deping Kong
Yan Wu
Adalberto and Marcia Brea
Luz Celeste Perez and
Argenis Lopez Perez
Herbert Breitsamer
Katie Kory
Mario and Betsy Perez
Ramon Cabrera and Oraliz Aguero
Cynthia Lau
Gary Plunkett
Roy Canedo Caliz
Leona Lee and Challen Yee
Jorge and Lilian Quintana
Fermin and Petra Cazales
Cuiping Li
Maria Elena and Anibal Chadan
Kai Li
Sampath Kumar Raghavan and
Ramya Narayanan
Manhong Li
Min Yang
Joyce Chan
Anuratha Ramakrishnan
Min Li
Shaofeng Yang
Yan Chang
Anjanie Ramharrack
Qing Li
Tiffany and Weming Yang
Roberto Chavez and Tania Martin
Cort Ratliff
Xin Li
Marcel and Julia Reinosa
Xiaolan Yang
Qinlin Chen
Simon Lim and Polly Xiao Yu Guan
Victor and Maria Yamilet Rodriguez
Xingfeng Yang
Shuyi Chen
Xue Rong Lin
Wing Man and Wing Ning Cheung
Yun Lin
Mauro Romero and
Floriela Martinez
Zhu Ying
Yufang Chen
Haibo Zhang
Yoke Fun Chew and Tuck Wah Lai
Feng Ling Liu and
Arpitkumar Varma
Dorian Rosario and Juan Martinez
May Rum and Ksaing Aung
Jian Hua Zhang and Lun Hoi Cheung
Lucy Liu and En Shu Chang
Jose Saco and Zaida Chiqui
Irina and Rostislav Samoylich
Juan Juan Zhang and
Chun Sheng Ji
Qing Yan Deng and Cao Zheng
Xu Ying Liu
Veronica M. Lopez
Juan and Laura Sandoval
Li Zhang
Amit Desai
Alfredo and Josefina Mandujano
Yi Zhang
Sheetal Desai
Luis and Maria Santacruz
Eliane Manuel
Yingxia Zhang
Ge Ling Dong
Hua Dong
Santo Mariano and Eustoquea Ruiz
Benedien and Marileine Jean
Caiyun Zhao
Nanjing Dong
Gertrudis Martinez and Urias Lopez
Carlos and Olga Lucia Severino
Jie Zhao
Xiong Dong
Jon Martinez and Christine Ortega
Fengqin Shi and Jackie He
Yueshan Zhao
Domingo and Magdaliza Duluc
Shannon McPherson
Qiyao Shi
Ling Zhou
Juan Duque Jr.
Luis Mejia and Julieta Leticia
Shan Shan Shi and Simon Huang
Xiuli Zhu
Audelio and Elizabeth Esquivel
Socorro Mendez Vasquez and
Ismael Lopez Contreras
Ishwar Sieulal
Carole Desloges
Eric Zuniga and Saidy Silva
Francisco Israel and Sandra
Gabriel Avila Molina
Rosa Balderas
Austen and Emily Banks
Sergio Barajas and Araceli Carrillo
Hilda Batista and Lucas Marte
Jorge Luis Blanco and
Claudia Villanueva
Efren Contreras and
Margarita Vasquez
Lilibeth and Jimmel Fabra
Lalo Vazquez
Zhen Xie
Fei Long Xing
Yong Xing
Loria Yan
Hongming Yang
Jie Yu
Ziyun Zhang
Ya Meng
Lauren and Anthony Smith
Chin Yee Mok
Omar Soria and Alma Mejia
Daphnie Mondestin
Jose and Librada Sosa
Pierre Philippe and Lhouise Abellard
Emilio and Monica Montenegro
Nu Chun Su
Julie and Javier Acevedo
Luis Moreta
Eduardo Acosta and Anuvys Castillo
Julio Fuentes and Yeni Cordova
Xiuxia Sun
Choi Ng and Nam Fu
Marleny and Luis Acosta
Xiaoping Gao
Arturo Garcia-Sanchez and
Claudia Vasquez-Jeronimo
Thao Nguyen and Dan Ngan Ma
Guru Switzoor and
Shobana Janaharaja
Jenniffer Tejeda and Gilbert Aponte
Kaveh Aflaki and Nastaran Khodaie
Timothee and Yendi Gerve Fenelus
Ariel Flores and Jessy Perez
Ismael Fuentes and
Adriana Beatriz Calmo
Julio Gomez and Ania Cartaya
John and Michelle Nudson
Lou Tran
Soetanto Adi and Shelley Siawira
Michael Braun
Carlos and Jose Brescia
Ariel Cuevas and
Maritza Arano Cuevas
Yokasta German
Faure Aguilar Rodriguez and
Sandra Fuentes
Tanessia Bryant
Diego and Nora Cuevas
Walfre Godinez
Feliciano and Imelda Aguirre
Richard Cabreja
Isai Cuevas
Julio Gomez and Ania Cartaya
Emma and Emil Alde
Heraldo A. Cabrera and
Lissett Borrell Galan
Marcos and Cecilia Cuevas
Guillermo and Patricia Gonon
Lauds Farah Daniel
Alberto Gonzalez and Belinda Moya
Enma Marlenis Alfaro and
Mauricio Guillermo Rivera
Jacqueline Cabrera
Lilan Davis and
Leonardo Lopez De Rodas
Claudia and
Jose Guadalupe Gonzalez
Ana Alfonso
Melody Cai
Loreta Alfonso
James Caicedo and Maria Tola
Kelvin De La Rosa Mateo and
Elvia Severino Baez
Edgar Gonzalez and
Edgar Gonzalez Jr.
Maylin Alfonso and
Daniel Rodriguez
Ruben Caixba and Nicolasa Garcia
Karelia Del Rosario Toruno
Eva Gonzalez and
Humberto Angulo Jarquin
Nila and Angel Alegre
Emily Cai and Kim Lee
Luz and Elias Cajamarca
Monica and Antonio Delgado
Martha Godines and Abizai Buriel
Gregorio Calles and Hilaria Ventura
Natanael Delgado and
Norma Rivera
Mayra and Eduardo Gonzalez
Pei Zheng Cao
Hilaria and Catier Delossantos
Wenwen Cao
Diana Grajales
Marthe Renee Denis
Maribel Castillo
Jessica Grandel
Steve and Brittany Digmann
Pedro Castro
Adam Greiner
Jose Alvarado and
Maria Flor Ramirez
Prashant Doma
Miguel Andres Ceballos
Man Yu Guan
Gabe Dominelli
Juana Alvarez and Manuel Gomez
Sandra Guan
Jinrong Du and Mark Ho
Reinier Alvarez and Yanet Vega
William Cerdas Garro and
Maria Suarez Rodriguez
Zeller and Alourdes Guerrier
Lily Han Duong
Aurelia Amarante Ayala
Pom Seng Chan
Kandis Haliburton
Rey Luis and Emilia Aquino
Betty and Eric Chang
Ly Duong
Xiaojun Han
Alina Arcia and Luis Hernandez
Qing Chang
Freddy Duque and Claudia Rosero
Charles and Tanya Harris
Jairo Arevalos and Carmina Mendez
Yaqing Chang and
Man Chang Wang
Xiu Wei E and Zhao Hua Wang
Kevin Hejducek
Brandon Elkins
Adrian Hernandez and
Ramona Peguero
Tania Alfonso and Sahily Serradet
Dusty and Kimberly Allen
Roilan Almendro and Magaly Acosta
Javier Alvarado and
Susana Gonzalez Ramirez
Luis Arias and Angela Galvez
Osman and Aura Gonzalez
Roberto Chavez and Tania Martin
Pilar Encarnacion
Kunlachon and Kanhathai Aunjai
Santiago Chavez and
Elena Barrientos
Jose Manuel Enriquez and
Alma Rojas
Servando Avellaneda and
Nancy Benitez
Cheng Huan Chen
Cesar Estevez and Linnette Garcia
Heping Chen
Belanne Estime and Yolette Remy
James and Ru-Chi Chen
Kevin Eusebio
Tania Hernandez and
Arnaldo Benitez
Liling Chen and Junru Xue
Xiang Fei
Telma Hernandez and Juan Barrillas
Maggie M. Chen
Janice Feng
Mei Qin Chen
Cliff Fernandez and Maria Perez
Tomas Hernandez Espinoza and
Miriam Sotelo
Qinping Chen
Bryant Fidele
Xiaozhen Chen and Bing Yun Li
Oberlan Figueroa
Yan Chen
Thelma Figueroa and
Obando Mendez
Nakul Dipak Arora
Julio Avendano and Marlene Roncal
Sandra Avila and Ramon Calix
Juan Azcuy
Kyungjin Bae
Fernando Balbi
Ray Bales
Alan Banks
Chris and Briana Banks
Emigdio Banuelos and Julia Ruiz
Gabriel Barrales Ortega and
Zoila Garcia
Jorge Ian Barrera
Orlando Barrios and
Amarilis Escalona
Gladys Chery Moise and
Hans Mary Moise
Imilka Chirino and Randy Alvarez
Hyun Cho
Tae Ho Cho and Ryoo Jin Kim
Eunggil Choi
Steven Bartz
Juhee and Chris Choi
Hilda Batista and Lucas Marte
Yoonjung Choi and Jungkun Seo
Roberto Behar and Maria Ysla
Hitesh Chudasama
Ernie and Elmina Beiler
Bhavya Chugh
Thalia Bellido De Luna
Ayahi Cisneros
Michael Bellino Jr.
Nadie Clervaux
Arcadio and Maria Teresa Bermudez
Dave and Valerie Coleman
Aura Bernard
Efren Contreras and
Margarita Vasquez
Prakash and Arti Bhanshali
Jayro Blandon and
Byron Montenegro
Jose Anibal Bonilla and
Faustina Velasquez
Ruben Botello Ceja
Sergio Courel and
Carolyn Byrne-Courel
Mariana Cruz and Antonio Mejia
Samuel Cruz and
Claudia Vasquez Rivera
Teofilo Cuautle and Julia Teles
Elier Aguiar
Coral Hernandez
Osmani Hernandez and
Hazel Espinoza
Becky Herring
Ryan and Kameo Hosley
Tsung Hsieh
Yafen Hsieh
Alberto Flores and Marta Vento
Angie Hsu
Andres Flores Jimenez and
Blanca Hernandez Abila
Liping Huang
Natacha Fontil
Armando Huanosta
Teck M. Foo
Jenny and Brian Hudson
Wayne Frie
Jose Huerta and Efigenia Gonzalez
Nu Fu
Sthefany Hung and Jonathan Godoy
Julio Fuentes and Yeni Cordova
Elaine Fung
Santiago Hurtado Tarrillo and
Gioconda Solis Ulloa
Enriqueta Galaviz and Fredy Erives
Angela and John Hwang
David and Stacey Garcia
Adnel Iglesias and Darays Perez
Eduardo Garcia and Veronica Huizar
Claudelina Iserne
Manuel and Lourdes Garcia
Mahesh and Ruta Iyer
Yosvany Garcia and
Yudeisy Campez
John Jacobs and Annie Corbett
Daniel Garcia Hernandez and
Paula Torres
Yanna Jiao
Arturo Garcia-Sanchez and
Claudia Vasquez-Jeronimo
Maria Jimenez Rodriguez and
Rolando Barrera
Ann Marie Geeban Nagassar
Lamar and Danielle Jones
Shuzhen Huang
Junghyun and Yeongnam Jang
Daniel Jimenez and Victoria Morales
Arisa Jornmanee
Alberto Lopez
Dat Nguyen
Jean Juig and Gipsys Corona
Berta Lopez
Nhu Nguyen
Punjapon Jureegasa and
Paradee Piyanantawarin
Julian Lopez
Jinhong Niu
Llinay Lopez and Luis Diaz
Hee Young Kam
Oscar and Margarita Lopez
Rafael Orlando and
Jacqueline Nunez
Erin and Philip Kang
To Loan Luong
Saritha Katumalla and John David
Chunyan Ma
Jongsam Kim
Kelly and Charles MacGregor
Kevin Kim and Hwa Soo Kang
Alberto Machin and
Dayami Guevara
Mihye Kim
Fabian Oliva and Kenia Oliva Paiz
Fernando and Letty Olivares
Maria Clara and Paul Oprea
Jesus Manuel Rivera Ibanez and
Lorena Tellez Lopez
Roni Rocha
Caridad and Carlos Rodriguez
Carlos Rodriguez and
Yenisel Alvarez Artiga
Esteban Rodriguez and
Eunice Brown
Manny Rodriguez
Jinet Orta
Pam and Chad Klinger
Providencia Maleno and
Jose Dominguez
Katie Kory
Dinesh Maraj
Rich and Katherine Krenn
Jose and Carmen Marino
Edggar Ortiz and
Maria Pena Encarnacion
Yaite Marrero and Ricardo Ruz
Artemio Ortiz Z.
Yuniel Rojas and Yasleydi Del Sol
Murali Kulala and Kalpana Murali
Mirielva and Hifno Martina
Qingmei Pan
Felicitas and Jose Luis Romero
Vernave Lagunas and Maria Mora
Diana and Carlos Lahitte
Addiel Martinez and Grensy Lima
Becky and William Park
Cheng Man Lam
Ana Lilia and Juan Martinez
Hwa Deok Park
Juan Pablo Romero and
Veronica Rincon
Huy and Jenny Lam
Cris Martinez
Jung and Young Park
Emilio Landeiro and Caridad Ramos
Gertrudis Martinez and Urias Lopez
Leobardo Paz and Mayra Rivera
Jean-Louis Rougess and
Guerrier Clotilde
Luisel Lara and Tania Rodriguez
Isidoro Martinez and
Angelique Rivera
Bo Pei
David Rubio
Jie Pei
Cirilo Ruiz and Romualda Morales
Jorge Martinez and Mary Acosta
Greg and Ruth Pells
Claudia Sabogal and Luis Salazar
Luis Martinez and Rusminy Valdes
Donna and Christopher Pengelley
Surjit Sahoo and Arati Baral
Margarita Martinez
Erickson Perado and Ampy Amparo
Atikarn Sakamornlertsakul
Vicente and Margarita Martinez
Adonay Perez and Yeni Avila
Marilyn Salbaluco and Hilda Bello
Joshua Mascol
Elidio Perez and Victorina Juarez
Yoojin Lee
Aravind Mathsyaraja and
Shweta Padaki
Jorge Luis Perez
Siva Sampathkumar and
Brinda Palanisamy
Cai Dong Li
Yuray Perez Santiago and
Yalian Sanchez Diaz
Olegario Sanchez and Rosa Urena
Nathan and Sarah McAtee
Chujian Li
Daylin Mendez and Jorge Garriga
Luis Petit
Meixue Li
Tina Pham
Anggie Sarapura and
Raydel Gonzalez
Wen Qin Li
Socorro Mendez Vasquez and
Ismael Lopez Contreras
Antonio Mendoza
Rolando Piedra and
Maria Isabel Hernandez
Chetana Sathaporn
Xue Xin Li
Yan Li and Armin Pfaender
Ernesto and Rosalba Mendoza
Bettie Fayette Pierre Michel
Michael Liang and Ingrid Sin
Yordan Menocal and Yenisei Inclan
Jose and Cecilia Pineda
Benedien and
Marileine Jean Senatus
Anthony Richard Lim
Yunfen Miao
Tu Poe
Suleman Shaik
Dong Lin
Johane Michel and Lony Annilus
Maria Shelton
Jian Lin
Brian and Helene Middleton
Oscar Ponce-Pliego and
Claudia Perez
Mingfang Lin
Blanca Minchala and Jorge Zumba
Kevin Poon
Yongfeng Shi
Qi Lun Lin
Cristina Miranda
Raul Porras and Griselda Carrizales
Tom and Debbie Sieverding
Qinfeng Lin
Lazaro Miranda and Ehileen Garcia
David Prieto
Aman Singh
Su Lin
Hetal and Kavin Mistry
Thanh Ngoc Quach
Jerry and Caitie Smith
Wen Jing Lin
Qingyue Mo and Wenjuan Luo
Alex Ramirez
Dariel Soriano
Xiu Feng Lin
Zaheera Razia Mohammed
Dulce and Jose Ramirez
Timoteo and Catalina Sosa
Yu Mei Lin
Nithin Mohan and Nandana Rao
Elaine Ling
Gaby Montenegro
Jose Leonida Ramirez and
Maxima Nunez
Tomas Sotelo Manzanares and
Eva Flores Hidalgo
Ding Yu Liu and Chun Pu Chao
Yari Montoro and Yasser Lorenzo
Alexis Ramos and Astalicia Rosario
Manuel and Margarita Soto
Ginny Liu
Melissa and Mikell Mooneyham
Juan Jose Raya Padilla
Qiaoyan Liu
Santos and Carmen Moraga
Casimir Junior St Jean and
Giovannie Felix
Qiongfang Liu
Mario Moreno and Yerena Vera
Xiao Mei Liu
Yan Ching Muk
Yaimara Reid Hechavarria and
Jonelle Hope
Fernando Llanes
Thomas and Jillian Munro
Anthony Ren
Vladimir Llanes and
Marlene Cordero
John Murray
Juan Reyes
Shuxian Na
Felix Rivas and Rosa Miranda
Odalys and William Lledo
Pedro Narez and Rosa Meza
Pabla Rivera and Enrique Carrillo
Mike Lobue
Chandu and
Vinoda Lakshmi Tatavarti
Juan Manuel Mazola and
Tania Negrete
Eduardo Rivera Florentino
Patricia Teyssier and Denis Puentes
Ling Whak Kiong
Anallely and Israel Larios
Pal Lau and Robert Shea
Hyewon Lee
Irene Lee
Jane and Johnny Lee
Siheon Lee and Sora Kim
Henry and Meei-Ing Loh
Aracely Ochoa and Maria del
Rosario Alfaro
Marcial Rivera Garcia and
Beatriz Plancarte
Luis Ortega and Rosalia Romero
Laxmi Prasad and
Laxmi Devi Regmi
Moises Rodriguez and Janelys Pers
Israel Rojas and Patricia Acosta
Jose Rojas and Sara Rosales
Antonio and Maria Guadalupe Rosas
Yulki Sanchez
Mary Lynn and Dan Schmid
Kan Shen
Hunter Stine
Emily Su
Ines Su
Rattanon Suntivich
Luis and Elizabeth Talavera
Jianping Zhang
Harris and Jennifer Mak
Founders Diamond
Ahfong Tham
Jushun Zhang
Shouying Pan and Rui Yu Gao
Nanda and Sangeetha Sringari
Jennifer Ann Tiu and Wycliffe Osoro
Xiaohui Zhang
Oscar Rosas
Shaun and Katia Tompkins
Xiaoyan Zhang
Maria Luisa and Joseph Sullivan
Margarita Torres and Dennis Corona
Zheyan Zhang
Pedro Tellez and Rosy Medina
Adolfo Torres Hernandez
Hong Zhao and Guoqing He
Esperanza Urazan and
Jorge Sabogal
Yuhui Zheng
Armides Umanzor and
Noemi Rodriguez
Junlin Zhou
Faye Wang
Javier and Vilma Urbina
Junping Zhou
Paola Uribe and Miguel Flaquer
Ren-Jun Zhu
Humberto Valenzuela and
Susana Bojorquez
Abraham and Reyna Alejo
Robert and Laura Baron
Jose Otazu and Escali Gonzalez
Nitin and Parul Soni
Founders Emerald
Nagina and Vikas Sharma
Bryan Burke
Carlos Valladares and Lilia Pantle
Executive Diamond
Jose and Jeritza Gomez
Prudhvinath Vasireddi
Wayne and Suzanne Callender
Nolvia Velasquez and
Candido Bonilla
Jose Gutirrez Hernandez and
Carolina Murillo
Edgardo Guzman and Wilma Lozada
Daniel Velazquez
David Bedard and Kathleen Riley
Perla Heredia Aranda and
Eduardo Hernandez
Founders Emerald
Isaias Hernandez
Sonny and Kimm Cray
Arturo Herrera and Erika Aguilar
Carmen and Jorge Raizman
Bili Huang and Ren Yi Hua
Linda Shirely
Maricela Jimenez
Maivy Villares and Hector Villarez
Mago Villeda and
Fernando Pacheco
Xochilt Leon Garcia and
Hector Ramirez
Justin Vincent
Lance and Michelle Yen
Qiang Liu and Weiyuen Loo
Ka Chun Patrick Wai and
Lai Ling Sophia Wong
Juan Lopez Colon and
Patricia Lopez
April and Jim Bean
Sandra Murillo and Fernando Ibarra
Richard and Katherine Park
Vivian Wai
Juan Bravo and Sonia Iturralde
Kwan and Hyerim Oh
Koon Sang Phoon
Tyler Wallace
Leo Cid and Lisa Di Meglio
Jesus and Anabel Partida
Adan and Silvia Santana
Brock and Ashley Waluk
Jitu and Neelam Gowda
Yasniel Pina and Maria Antuna
Ai Wang and Xingwu Zheng
Kanth and Shaku Miriyala
Gustavo and Norma Pulgarin
Martina Vasquez and
Rodolfo Hernandez
Jennie Wang
Founders Sapphire
Mei Chih Wang
Juan and Socorro Olivas
Fidencio Quinones and
Manuela Salinas
Yu Wang
Tim and Rochelle Schiebout
Jorge Quintero and
Yosbany Gutierrez
Zhao Yong Wang
Ryley and
Ana Dominique Renneberg
Guillermo Agramonte
Julia Rodriguez and Jorge Arellanes
Rongfang Liu
Alan and Adriana Sanchez
Mike and Janell Russell
Anabel Valido
Ricardo Velazquez
Alma Velez and Alejandro Suarez
Jorge Vidal and Yanelis Rosado
Lilia and Jorge Villa
Guadalupe and Veronica Villanueva
Nilesh Vyas
Danny Wang
Yishu Weng
Tanya Wiebe
Susan and Tiger Wilson
Eunock and Eonjoo Lee
Phil and Domenica Tartaglia
Marty and Karen Waugh
Jenny Wong
Jonathan Woodard
Founders Platinum
Diana Flores and David Contreras
Hanxiang Song
Ruth Wang and Kevin Li
Chunmei Wu
Marco and Luz Barbosa
Yan Wu
Ke Wu and Mei Wang
Ravi Bhakthavatchalam and
Vidhya Bhaktha
Zhen Xie
Yuan Wu
Yun Wu
Zhi Wu and Yufei Zhang
Zhuo Liang Wu and Yan Mei Li
Guoxiu Xie
Hui Qin Yang
Qiuchan Yang
Shuyan Yang
Jessica Yearwood
Armando Castro and Rosario Garcia
Chiu Chin Chen
Jose Cornejo Sanchez and
Jose Alberto Cornejo
Vidal Cruz and Francia Acosta
Jon Demuth
Rafael and Juana Dominguez
Mario Gil and Gabriela Vegas
Ai Ai Thai and Kenneth Chan
Mark and Barbara Boyson
Lingyu and Qian Zhang
Founders Platinum
Ramona Ayala and Adrian Garcia
Richard Carter and Pohlin Ho
Jin Li and Zhen Hao Chen
Mingwu Chen
Chiu Chin Chen
Dick and Michele Dudas
Sue Lee-Jung and Jim Lee
Hui Chu Liao and Ming Chun Ku
Yan Ting Liu
Naruss Mahakkapong and
Samornsri Klungsupavipat
Harris and Jennifer Mak
Zuliang Weng
Jin Zhuang
Jingzhi Cao
Scott Bares
Samuel and Juliana Diaz
Robert Gonzalez
Gold Producer
Oticio Herrera and Juana Gonzalez
Mireille Alexandre
Rodolfo Macias and Alberta Aparicio
Maria Del Carmen Paladines
Cristian Rodriguez and
Marisol Alcantara
May Rum and Ksaing Aung
Jin Song and William Chiang
Silver Producer
Yu Mei Lin
Gold Producer
Terry Lee Murphy
Maria Del Carmen Paladines
Nathan and Carie Nelson
Hyun Yoo and Miran Lee
Ranjan Joseph and
Mariena Anton Joseph
Youngsook Yoon
Kuldeep Lakhesar
Jia Yin Yu
Min and Isiah Lee
Kai Yuen
Crown Ambassador
Hong Liu and Jin Di
Bob and Joyce Schmidt
Rossy and Calixto Zambrano
Ranny Luk Wong and Wai Luk
Silver Producer
Dave and Valerie Coleman
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Marina Allakhverdova
Kugan Arumugam and Sagaja Kugan
Narinder and Jasvirpreet Atwal
Rafael Avelar and Ana Pineda
Qushen Bao
Hilda Batista and Lucas Marte
Pedro Beltran and Sabina De Paula
Mario Borjas
Bienvenido Calvo and Ivelisse Matias
William Capellan and Jacqueline Pagan
Leonardo Carrera
Maria Soledad Casillas and
Eduardo Castro
Leybi Castillo and Marianela Guevara
Roberto Chavez and Tania Martin
Jinrong Chen
Lang Ping Chen
Qinlin Chen
Xiao Dan Chen
Yanfang Chen
Xiuqing Cheng
Gladys Chery Moise and
Hans Mary Moise
Chiu Ling Chih
Jiyoung Choi
Alfredo Cienfuegos
Leosmany Corcho
Lauds Farah Daniel
Idalmis Delgado
Camita Devalcin
Sandy Diep and Sonny Chan
Luis Dominguez
Feiyuan Du
Elvire Eugene and Jean Paul Edmond
Anay Fernandez and
Hermes Hernandez
Angela Fernandez
Isaac Firmin and
Elucienne Firmin-Laine
Mayelin Flores
Jorge and Gavi Fuentes
Dildeep Gill
Julio Gomez and Ania Cartaya
Yakayra Gonzalez and Jesus Cespedes
Yaya Gonzalez and Rey Caicedo
Yosdel and Mairove Gonzalez
Roger Hernandez
Edward Ho
Monica Ho
Baoyue Hou
Shu Jie Huang
Sthefany Hung and Jonathan Godoy
Chonarop Jamroendararasame
Lucy Jimenez and Renier Rojas
Carlos Jin
De Kai Jin
Jean-Willer Joseph
Ramarao Kalaga
Khursheed and Jasmine Khan
Jessica Kim and Kil Yeong Heo
Deping Kong
Lourdes Labori
Tianwang Li
Xingying Li
Cuiying Lin
Hai Ping Lin
Ruo Chen Lin
Yi Chuan Liu
Jesus Llamosa
Jinjin Lu
Haoyou Ma
Danae Martinez and Rommel Suavedra
Deisy Montano
Hong Ngo
Alejandra Ornelas
Bettie Fayette Pierre Michel
Rafael Pravia
Ricardo Jose Quintero Noa
Musa Rahman
Xi Hui Ren and Yazhuo Tang
Jesenia Rios
Sira Rivero
Luciano Rodriguez and Glendy Flores
Claudia Sabogal and Luis Salazar
Dmitry Serdobolskyi
Nima Serh
Fritz-Gerald Simon
Huiqing Situ
Leo and Yasmin Sootim
Alba and Felix Tapanes
Meifang Teng
Ealing Tuan
Sheander Tuo
Felipe and Raisa Urena
Douglas and Carmen Varela
Hailu Vu
Lianrong Wang
Qin Wang
Yue Wang
Bo Wu and Simone Wang
Melissa Wu
Linxin Yang
Liqing Yang
Xu Yang
Saiyu Ye
Candy Zhang
Jian Guo Zhang
Zihe Zhang
Zeying Zhao
Chongming Zhen
Ren Zheng
Yuhui Zheng
Daniel A. Zorrilla
Malinee and Phaisan Ampornaramwet
Enrriqueta Antonio
Lazaro Arrieta
Lucas Arrieta and Alina Pupo
Bipin Attavane
Baskar Baskaran and
Srilakshmi Pandurangan
Maria Bello and Felix Ramirez
Vera Bernal Curiel
Yaima Borges
Wilfredo Botero
Ingrid Burgos
Charity and Israel Cabreros
Claudia Cabriales
Neptali Casaretto
Ana Casas Viscaino and
Roberto Delgado Pereda
Maria Castro
Joselier Cerutti and Belkis Prieto
Helen Chang
Rain Chao
Ji Qi Chen
Yi Chen
Wayne Chi and Qixuan He
Lian Chu
Paul Chung
Carlos Cisneros
Ty and Venessa Crandell
Yajaira De La Cruz and Andres Mota
Elbis De La Rosa Paulino
Mario and Dorgedys Del Valle
Amy and Dustin Delay
Mirley Delgado and Eugenio Mantilla
Natanael Delgado and Norma Rivera
Norma Denis Martin
Indira Diaz
Leonel A. Diaz
Adrian Domiguez and Patricia Laza
David Dominguez
Yi Xin Dong
Linlin Du
Freddy Duque and Claudia Rosero
Marlenis Feliz and Antonio Brito
Chevonese Fender and Marvin Bartley
Aura and Mariel Fernandez
Hazel Fernandez and Kevin Acosta
Rolando and Denisse Figueroa
Miriam Flores
Erick Fonseca
Niroshini Francis
Theo and Maribel Galan
Adis Garcia
Jose Gomez
Juan Carlos Gomez
Rosa Maria and Jose Guadalupe Gomez
Cristina Gonzalez and Gerardo Calderon
Eduardo and Miriam Gonzalez
Marilyn Gonzalez Rodriguez
Zeller and Alourdes Guerrier
Gisselle Gutierrez and John Mollica
Jeejee Hanjenlak
Tania Hernandez and Arnaldo Benitez
Cesarina Hiraldo and Anthony Bramtot
Jacy Hoa
Tony Hong
Ernesto Horruitiner and Ada Mazola
Yifei Hu
Debbie Huang
Fam Iang and Ngun Hu
Montifiore and Lourdes Jacobus
Dong Ji
Hui Xiu Jin
Lex Jin
Ranjan Joseph and Mariena Anton
Chiu Yu Lam
Bingsan Liao
Chan Lin
Ivy Liu
Maria Lopez
Morgan Lu
Raj and Manjit Madhar
Amada Manzueta
Elda Martinez and Annabella Caraballo
Jon Martinez and Christine Ortega
Richard and Lee Anne Martinez
Yoner Matos and Belkys Posada
Ana Maura
Henry and Guerly Morales
Jesus and Obdulia Moreno
Govindan Neelamegan and
Rangasridevi Parthasarathy
Wei Niu
Hector Peralta
Rolando Piedra and
Maria Isabel Hernandez
Rosena Pierre Durosier
Niurka Pupo
Jialin Qiu
Briseida Ramirez and Lian Arieta
Jordan Ramos
Clara Acota
Doudou Venette Amboise
Amit and Vinita Bhatnagar
Roselor Marlene Brevert
Johnny Cai
Jose Antonio and Maria Julia Castro
Debbie Chan
Qing Chang
Taiqing Chao
Enel Charles and Joctride Joseph
Da Hua Chen
Jaden Chen
Jun Chen
Shuang Xin Chen
Kali Chih
Beibei Chow
Al and J. Thessa Colas
Crowe Family Legacy
Dario De Los Santos and Rajel Valerio
Pingping Ding
Diego Dominguez
Xiao Jie Dong
Belkis Encarnacion
Xin Feng
Jake Fu
Jay Fu
Shuqin Gao and Shunli Zhang
Bernardo Garcia and Alfane Vargas
Eddy and Mirian Gonzalez
Alexandra Guevara
Charles and Tanya Harris
Stephen Haynes
Rebecca Heung
Nicole Heyaime and
Jose Guerrero Zorrilla
In Mei Ho
Nike Hsu
Hai Xiao Hu
Shuzhen Huang
Punjapon Jureegasa and
Paradee Piyanantawarin
Lian Kim
Dan Kou
Derek and Robyn Krueger
Joyce and Chi Wing Lai
Phung Lam
Bwe Lar and Htee Nay Htoo
Sammyle Le
Mary Lee
Hsu Mei Ling And Lee Li
Xue Xin Li
Yanqing Li
Zhongyu Li
Hsing Ping Liao
Shang Yi Liao
Xiang Lin
Xingping Lin
Xueyun Lin and Zhiteng Ma
Chen Gzi Liu
Babu and Anu Mangipudi
Kevin Moonsee
Elvira Morales
Kras Nelly
Debbie Ottey-Golding
Maria Perez De Leon
Roseline Pierre Louis
Tu Poe
Garcon Carline and
Joubert Junior Pollas
Victor and Maria Yamilet Rodriguez
Biaggi Rosa
Amanbir Sandhu
Esan Seevaratnam
Suleman Shaik
Ji Shan
Raj and Sonali Singh
Casimir Junior St Jean and
Giovannie Felix
Jason Sun
Rosalba Tejada
Pedro Tellez and Rosy Medina
Nicole Thompson-March
Shane Tian
Quang Trieu
Armides Umanzor and Noemi Rodriguez
Liya and Daniel Velichko
Guoying Wang
Michelle White
Rojchana Wu
Jonathan Xie
X. Si Xie
Mei Ya
Michael Yang
Qingsheng Yang
Fang Yuan
Huang He Zhang
Linxi Zhang
Lixin Zhang
Qi Zhang
Wen Ba Zhang
Wen Yi Zhang
Zuosheng Zhang
Yang Zhao
Yu Zhao
Yunlian Zhao
Ziqi Zhao
Hai Yan Zheng
Qingfeng Zheng
Jiajun Zhou
Zack Zhu
Sonya Abrams
Felix and Miladys Abreu
Tulsi Ram and Sunmaya Acharya
Ariel Acosta
Marisela Acosta
Clara Acota
Hanna Admassie
Harinder Aggarwal
Elier Aguiar
Karthik Akinepalli
Andres G. Alamo
Adriel Alfaro and Yulena Yebra
Taurien Alleyne
Erve Alliance and Nadia Dumond
Roilan Almendro and Magaly Acosta
Esteban Rodriguez and Eunice Brown
Alberto Rojo and Belkis Padron
Josh and Cila Romans
Maria Jose Rosendo
Eric and Nancy Ruiz
May Rum and Ksaing Aung
Argentina Saavedra
Miguel A. Saavedra
Joy Saken
Marilyn Salbaluco and Hilda Bello
Gurmeet and Jasbir Sanghera
J. T. Santana and Gloria Coste
Sombat Satitpitakul
Raimel Segredo
Benedien and Marileine Jean Senatus
Linfeng Shen
Harcharn Singh and Sukhdeep Dhillon
Varinder Singh
Joel Muestre Smith
Eduardo and Mabel Solano
Hanxiang Song
Qinghong Sun
Juan Taveras and Yesenia Segura
July and Matias Tejada
Yayi Tong
Jin Ho Tsai
Marchelle Turner-Pitt and Graham Pitt
Jerry Wan
Torres Wang
Susan and Tiger Wilson
Vergilly Winklar and
Nancy Winklar-Rodrigues Pereira
Chris Wu
Tamson Wu
Jing Jing Xie
Cai Ping Xu
Wusi Yee
Aihua and Bo Yu
Josie Yu
Rachel Yu
Matilde Zamora Santiago and
Maria Zamora
David Zhang
Shu Rong Zhang
Tianfeng Zhao
Feng Zheng
Josh Zhu
Jin Zhuang
Daisy Almodovar Rodriguez and
Alejandro Sierra
Reynaldo Almonte and
Mariely Cedeno
Ana Alvarado and Alex Pinto
Marisol Alvarez
Pascual Alvarez
Rosnier Alvarez
Wahab Amusa and Kudirat Wahab
Isaias Anaya and Reina Jovel
Camille Andrews and Kirk Alfred
Juan Angel
Angela Antigua
Fernando Arango
Stephanie Arellanes
Carolina Arguello
Cecilia Arguello
Daliza Arias and Luis Arias F.
Yaimel Arias
Diana Arpi
Lucas Arrieta and Alina Pupo
Jose Francisco Arzon and Isaura Rivera
Richard and Jenn Asato
Wossenyelesh Asfaw
Tess Auker
Aye Aung
Norema Avalos Martinez and
Senovia Martinez
Victor Ayala and Margarita Montoya
Fares Bader
Ivrose Badette Cardella
Kyungjin Bae
Yeily Baez
Zoraida and Aridio Baez
Kulvir Kaur Bal
Chendurn Balachandran
Avtar and Swarnjit Banwait
Yaima Barban and Mercedes Hernandez
Arceli Barcarse
Marisel Barrera
Eloisa Vianey Barrios and
Jose Rodrigo Moreno
Randeep K. Bassi
Van Bawi
Eric Beaubrun and Taina Camy
Chimene Garnel Beausejour
Amiris Bello and Ismelis Yzquierdo
Abraham and Maria Bermudez
Carlos and Aury Berrios
Ralf Bertrand
Xian Binh
Angela Bocardo and Demeny Alavez
Inderjit Kaur and Baljit Singh Boparai
Josh Bott
Dominic Brandt
Stewart Braxton
Jose Manuel Brito and Sugery Garcia
Michel Brito
Juan David Bruno
Gina Bueno
Paula Juliana Burgos Bautista
Heraldo A. Cabrera and
Lissett Borrell Galan
Javier Cabrera
Octacilio Cabrera Grullon
Ramon Calderin
Gilma Calderon and Osman Carias
Alma D. Canizales and Julian E. Torres
Hui Cao
Jack Cao
Ying Cao
Danny Capellan
Leonidas Carela Bautista
Angel and Ashley Carias
Leonardo Carrera
Yusimit Casanas
Francisco Casas and Carmen Cabrera
Ana Casas Viscaino and
Roberto Delgado Pereda
Concepcion Castaneda and Juan Torres
Dagoberto Castaneda
Maira and Manuel Catala
Catalino Cateyano Rodriguez
Maia Cejas and Daniel Perez
Sildia Ceron and Edgar Jasso
Marguerite and Raphael Cesar
Michael Cespedes
Janya Chaiwiset
Feiyin Chan
Wing Nga Chan
Yan Chao
Fabiola Charles
Harminder K. Cheema
Chanjuan Chen
Hui Shi Chen
Joyce Chen
Juanyuan Chen
Logan Chen
Michael Chen
Peter Chen
Rui Ming Chen
Shu Chen
Xiaolei Chen
Yi Chen
Liu Yi Cheng
Shing Cheng
Lai Cheung and Siu Sui Lo
Carlos Chica
Jose Chicas and Glenda Romero
Su-Hui Chien
Kali Chih
Ravinder and Harkanwal Chohan
Yisel Chong and Milagros Castro
Yueling Chou
Alfredo Cienfuegos
Arnoldo Cifuentes and Marta Gomez
Bertil Hule Cinna and Carone Charles
Olena and Ivan Ciobotar
Victor Hugo and Sandra Cisneros
Elaine Clavijo
Genat Clervil and Smith Wilner Joseph
Enos Coeuranor
Leosmany Corcho
Marivel Cortina
Angel Cruz
Jorlin Cruz and Berkis Nunez
Maria Cruz
Yenitcey Cruz and Lazaro Pino
Alex Cruz Romo
Jorge L. Cuesta
Tiaozhan Dai
Elizabeth and Michael De Castro
Nicolas De Jesus and Magdalena Adan
Yajaira De La Cruz and Andres Mota
Enrique De La Torre
Dario De Los Santos and Rajel Valerio
Armando De Varona
Claudia Delasota
Idalmis Delgado
Osmany Delgado and Lidia Aragon
Vicky Delva
Oscar Denis
Hardeep and Jasbir Deol
Talwinder Kaur Dhaliwal
Leonel A. Diaz
Maykel Diaz
Ruben Diaz
Rodelio Dimalanta
Graciela Dionicio and Cesar Patri cio
Phuong Doan
Luis Dominguez
Hongli Dong
Feiyuan Du
Ana Duran
Jose Luis Duran
Maria Elizabeth Dzib Cohuo
Jared Elaraj
Enrique Enriquez
Martha Escobar
Anderson Espana
Violeta Espinoza
Elvire Eugene and Jean Paul Edmond
Juvenal Farias
Erica and Scott Faso
Lucas Felix and Beatriz Valenzuela
Phomas Feng
Angela Fernandez
Ariela Fernandez
Cliff Fernandez and Maria Perez
Irene and Fernando Fernandez
Jose Luis Fernandez and Alicia
Ana Ferrufino Castillo
Marielys Finalet
Armando Vladimir Flores and
Yurai Chaviano
Mayelin Flores
Niroshini Francis
Mercedes Francisca
Marcus Freeman
Jake Fu
Aaron Fullerton
Simon Fung
Eugenia Gallardo
Xiaojuan Gao
Jatinder Garcha
Adela Garcia
Antonia and Leonardo Garcia
Bernardo Garcia and Alfane Vargas
Inalbys Garcia and Josefa Del Valle
Kellin Garcia
Veronica and Richard Garcia
Yesenia and Martin Garcia
Chris and Leighann Garland
Tolcha Gemechu
Linda Geraci
Claudio Germain
Gisselle German
Britt Gill
Jagjit Gill and Japnam Kaur
Kanwardeep Gill
Navkiran Gill
Glaudie Glaude
Jefferson Godoy
Merl Godoy
Jhon Gomez and Melissa Canas
Leandro Gomez
Pablo Gomez and Amalia Sanchez
Mairene Gomez Pinto
Angela Gong
Carlos Gonzalez and America Vazquez
Miriam and Edith Gonzalez
Pedro Gonzalez
Susana Gonzalez
Theresa F. Gonzalez
Willie Gonzalez
Clarence and Juliet Gravesande
Harjit and Gurjas Grewal
Catarino Grijalba and Ana Duran
Miae Gu and Sang Uk Ahn
Man Yu Guan
Yonghan Guan
Juan Guerrero and Yadira Gomez
Marie-Carmen Guerrier
Jahima and Tobias Guevara
Rose Celine Guillaume and Adlin Pierre
Shenling Guo
Xue Fu Guo
Amish and Smita Gupta
Pedro Gustamante
Dilcia Gutierrez
Adam Han
Xing Ru Han
Zhen Zhen Hang
Adam and Lindsay Hardage
Karl Harrigan Ja
Syed Hassan
Cao He
Luo He
Yunfang He
Jasvir Heer
Hirayda Henriquez
Chiang Her
Yanet Heras
Alfonso Hernandez and
Mayra Rodriguez
Benito Hernandez
Hector Hernandez
Idel and Mayra Hernandez
Julia Hernandez
Roger Hernandez
Lucila Herra
Arcelia Herrera
Claudia and Julio Herrera
Edward Ho
Jacy Hoa
Tony Hong
Lily Hsu
Nike Hsu
Yifei Hu
Chao Huang
Dong Feng Huang
Huiyi Huang
Jia Li Huang
Miki Huang
Mingyong Huang
Poetry Huang
Qixing Huang
Xi Xi Huang
Claudia A. Huerta
Chirlie Hung
Maryury and Michael Iglesias
Rafaela Inzunza and
Mario Mercado Sanchez
Matthew Jackson
Layla and Ashraaf Jacobs
Magdalla Jacques Borgella
Felicia N. James
Smith Jean and Martha Jean Dalizien
Myriam Jean Lamour and
Erick Acelhomme Jean
Sunsim and Yongjin Jeong
Dilip Jha
Yong Ku Ji
Alvin Jiang
Anayanci Jimenez and
Roberto Martinez
Claudia and Santiago Jimenez
Emilio and Zorayda Jimenez
Evelin Jimenez
Luis Jimenez
William Jimenez
Lex Jin
Yi Jin
Abia Jiu
Kawui Joa
Hyeon Sook Joo
Emardwine Joseph and
Johnson Bessard
Evens Joseph
Vanette and Louis Mary Joseph
Maria E. Joya and Felix H. Loja
Yrance Jules
Marisel Junco
Punjapon Jureegasa and
Paradee Piyanantawarin
Ming Liu
Wenrou Liu
Zhi Liu
Jesus Llamosa
Oslien Llamosa
Suset Llorach
Alberto Lopez
Alfonsa Lopez and Mario Chavez
Juana Lopez
Marvin and Natalia Lopez
Pedro Lopez
Jose Lopez Huerta and
Olaya Agapito Cruz
Alexander Lopez Salinas and Ingrid
Reyes Marroquin
Hugo Lopez Serrano
Lina Lopez-Hochet
Martin and Alaida Lorenzo
Lingdi Lu
Ye Lu
Angelica and Jose M. Lugo
Zuleka Lugo and Morys Mendoza
Emilio Lujan and Alma Vazquez
Pri Lum and Brang Ra
Linh Luong
Claudia Macias
Sang Mai and Dawng Lian
Pallavi Mangalvedhekar and
Abhishek Sharma
Mamatha Mannava
Joselito Marte Rodriguez
Alexis Martinez
Alma Delia Martinez
Arturo Martinez and Sonia Pitones
Blanca Martinez and Efrain Guzman
Dayami Martinez
Jorge L. Martinez
Jorge Martinez
Nohemi Martinez and Aniceto Ruiz
Yosvel Martinez
Yovanny Martinez
Jimmy Mata
Alicia Matos and Oslirio Gigato
Belkis Maura
Marsha McDevitt
Loan McGrory
Damilka Medina and Idelgrade Mora
Marilexis Medina and Freddy Mendez
Roger Medina
Maria Menchu
Daylin Mendez and Jorge Garriga
Elia Mendoza and Amalia Carranza
Rui Hua Meng
Xi Rui Meng
Xiaohui Meng
Susana Mercado
Fabiery Mercedes and Wuaskal Kery
Tyler Merry
Sandra Metellus
Pingming Mi
Qiaowei Miao
Magdala Michel
Ileana Mila
Melida Milian
Rodriguez Miriam
Maria Mishchenko
Focion and Patricia Mogrovejo
Amaury Molina Carela and
Santa Ysabel Ciprian
Deisy Montano
Leonela Monterrey
Gloria Montoya and Eugene Rodriguez
Melissa Mooneyham
Noelia Mora and Ronney Hierrezuelo
Daniel Morales
Elvira Morales
Erika Morales and Jean Pierre Losada
Flavia Morales
Roberto and Doris Morales
Vitorina Morales
Jose Morel and Rosario Tejada
Cecilia Moreno
Yinet Morillo
Maria Morocho
Judy Mu
Johnson Myrtil
Laura Najera and Gregorio Ruiz
Akshay Nanda
Ibis Naranjo
Lamar Nathan
Nelson Navarro and Lissette Vasquez
Neel and Susmita Nayeem
Kras Nelly
Brady Nicholson and Kayla Hoch
Omar Nicolas
Jason Nii
Tsarita Nkrumah
Guarina Noa
Lahmer Nori
Jovany Nunez and Rossemary Rojas
Maria D. Nunez
Angel Ocampo
Maria S. Ochoa
Lizymar Ochoa Mosquera and
Miguel Escobar
Jose Olimpio Quintero
Arturo Olivares
Ivon Orduna
Margarette Orelus
Javier and Mireya Ornelas
Maria Orozco and Mario Abarca
Shankres Ortega
Hilda Ortiz
Jorge and Sonia Ortiz
Maribel Padron and Carlos Luis Leon
Roberto J. Palomo and Maria Elena
Lan Ying Pan
Licheng Pan
Marymeilee Pan
Junior Pando
Jainendra Pannu
Jung and Young Park
Juan Parra and Tatiana Romero
Adriana Paula
Deirel Paz
Shayna Pazyra
Marina Pelaez and Benjamin Lopez
Victor Pena and Edili Pena Garcia
Xiao Hong Peng
Griselide Peralta Fernandez
Darcy Perez
Gerardo Perez and Maria Torres
Maria Perez
Matilde Perez and
Ramon Rodriguez
Neida Perez
Orelbi Perez De Prado
Bree Perreira
Williamson Petit-Phard
Caliph Phils and Anne Desormes
Gisselene and Elie Pierre
Josue and Giralda Pierre
Judith Pierre
Raschad Pierre
Yolette Pierre
Roseline Pierre Louis
Jordanes Pierre Saint and
Marjorie Francois
Maria Pinto
Maria Portillo
Siva Prakasam
Rafael Pravia
Indra Puvanenthirakumar and
Puvanenthirakuma Gunarathnam
Yumo Qin
Chaoyao Qu
Feng Quan
Colleen Quinn
Ubaldo Quintanar and Evodia Gordillo
Anay Quintero
Maria Adriana Ramirez and
Carlos Aguirre Vargas
Mirta and Florencio Ramirez
Sheila Ramirez Mendoza and
Roberto Murillo
Miguel Ramos and Tereza Tavera
Santa Ramos
Jose Manuel Ramos Barreto
J. Carmen Rangel and
Veronica Almendarez
Maria Remedios
Anthony Ren
Yilin Ren
Belmarie Reyes
Virginia and Arturo Rezendiz
Seion Richardson and Kaylene Brazh
David Rincon
Manuel Rivas
Ernesto Rivera Florentino
Sira Rivero
Puspa Rizal
Rosalva Robles
Karen Rodney-Cox
Alcides Rodriguez
Gualberto and Yuri Rodriguez
Javier Rodriguez
Karina Rodriguez
Karla Rodriguez
Mariandy Rodriguez
Sridevi Kalaga
Sasiwan and John Kamthong
Dong Han Kang and Debbie Lee
D.J. Kar
Harpreet Kaur
Kashwal Kaur
Maninderjit Kaur
Navneet Kaur
Ding Ke
Zeng Ke
Esa Kyaw and Nathan Keh
Fatir Khan
Ruth Khang Hti
Suggam and Supriyaa Khanna
Thang Khup and Ngin Dim
Jessica Khurana
Grace H. Kim
Jongsam Kim
Young Myung Kim
Carey Kimberling
Dan Kou
Xiuna Kou
Tyler Kruskamp
Greg Kuebler
Yogesh Kumar
Marco and Carmen Lainez
Martine Lamour
Branggam Lamung and Jessica DD
Lambo Lan
Ybet Languren Ambrosio
Keilan Lauzurique
Brent Lawrence
Annie Lee
Gar Lee
Jae Lee
Sylvia Lee
Wen Yu Lee Tung
Ana Lemus and Edwin Escobar
Claudya Leon
Poo Keen Leon
Tammy Leung
Eustolia Leyva
Quxin Li
Yufeng Li
Ji Liang
Hui He Liao
Shang Yi Liao
Baoyi Lin
Binling Lin
Dan Lin
Haer Lin
Hai Ping Lin
Liqiang Lin
Long Lin
Miao Ke Lin
Qiong Lin
Xingping Lin
Yuying Lin
Claudel Lindor
Linton Linton
Bao Zhu Liu
Jian Liu
Reinaldo Rodriguez
Margarita Rodriguez Castillo
Elvin and Pascuala Romero
Mariana Romero
Ricardo Romero
Sandy Romero and Jorge Zavaleta
Biaggi Rosa
Yuliety Rosales
Elbin Rosario
Julian Rosario and
Griselda Azcona Rivas
Feng Zhen Ruan
Claudia Ruiz
Nicolas Ruiz Munos
Aleandro and Amalia Salinas
John and Binsi Samuel
Cristal Sanchez
Estrella Sanchez
Miguel Sanchez and Karla Acte
Nayner Sanchez
Ricardo and Aleida Sanchez
Fernando Sandoval
Alberto Santana
Yubendis Santiago and Neftali Oviedo
Bably Saraan
Yasser and Sheila Sarante
Alejandro Sardinas
Apichat Satitpitakul
Pisake Satitpitakul
Christopher Schotanus
Juan Carlos Segarra
Marco Segura and Aimee Edwards
Bijay Shah
Hitesh and Prerana Shah
Hussein Shaikh
Linfeng Shen
Manting Shen
Liya and Dmitriy Shkolnik
Li Liang Si
Amatullah Siddiqua and Naji Akbar
Jass Sidhu
Jorge and Yanira Silva
Rafe and Wendy Maria Simon
Shwe Sing and Awm Ma
Lovepreet Singh
Navjot Singh
Troy Singh
Varinder Singh
Chao Situ
Gartick Sivanandan
Thomas Smith and Jesula Petit Homme
Oliva Solis
Onel Solis Diaz and Elviva Park
Juan Sosa and Amada Palacios
Jeyson Sotelo
Gleidys Soto
Jaime Soto and Adilene Reyes
Joanne Stephens
Angie and Scott Stine
Ann and Ivan Stoltzfoos
Valeriy Studentsov and
Antonina Studentsova
Aixin Su
Amy Su
Arami and Blanca Suarez
Jose Suarez and Estrella Blanco
Josue Suarez
Samuel Suarez and Brenda Marquez
Jinglian Sun
Rattanon Suntivich
Carlos Suriel and Denisse Grullon
Everton Sylvester
Chelsea Tamashiro
Charanjeet and Surinder Tamber
Alana Tang
Carey Tang
Wendy Tang
Alba and Felix Tapanes
Blanca Tapanes
Leticia Tapia H. and Juan Cespedes
Sasha Tarasov
Carolina Taveras
Rosalba Tejada
Federico Tenorio
Ma Than and Win Htay
Shwe Than and Yen Mar
Rachata Thananchai
Mang Thang
Waraporn Thawonkhajonsiri
Ed and Amy Thierry
Yolanda Thomas
Ronghai Tian
Geof and Mags Tio
Andranika Tkachuk
Julio and Maricel Torres
Angel L. Torrez
Luis Tovar and Yesenia Galvan
Van Tran
Michel Travid
Jorge Trujillo
Jeff Tsac
Ealing Tuan
Sheander Tuo
Veda and Headley Turner
Indira Unap
Fotima Usmonova and Firdavs Usmonov
Miguel Uzhca
Nestor Vagar
Kulbhushan Vaid
Martina Valderrama and Juan Camacho
Blanca N. Valdes
Walkiria Valdes and Leonel Calas
Jorge and Martha Valencia
Ana Valle
Leonardo Vallejos
Ashley Vance
Gustavo Vargas
Aparna Varma
Silvia Vazquez and Jose Cuellar
Gilbert Vega
Arturo Velazquez and Apsara Valentin
Analeidy and Jose M. Velez
Claudia Velez
Maria Viola Payano
Diana Chi Vo
Anh Vuong
Minh Vuong
Phuong Vuong
Sergiy Vyborny
Riza Wan
Jia Jian Wang
Jin Jin Wang
Mike Wang
Yu Wang
Craig O. Watson
Brittney Wegener
Norman Wilder Jr. and Tahnee Wilder
Kendall Williams
Whitney Williams
Mya Win
Doug Wong
Garp Wu
Hing Hing Wu
Jack Wu
Xiaoke Wu
Cong Xie
Jing Jing Xie
Shuosuo Xie
Suchen Xu
Cheng Yang
Jin Juan Yang
Jing Yang
Liqing Yang
Xin Yang
Wusi Yee
Hing Ying
Maura and Agusto Yong
Hyung Yoon
Luis Yrma and Yadira Cardentey
Fei Yu
Melody Yu
Arnold Zabala and Michelle Gomez
Veronica Zavala and Antonio Moreno
Xiaoxian Zeng
Ailing Zhang
Chang Fa Zhang
Huang He Zhang
Jian Guo Zhang
Linli Zhang
Lixin Zhang
Nan Zhang
Qi Zhang
Wen Ba Zhang
Wen Yi Zhang
Ruirui Zhao
Jingmen Zhe
Guzeng Zhen
Ren Zheng
Shoufeng Zheng
Anna Zhong
Ming Hua Zhou
Ren A. Zhou
Hengqi Zhu
Heping Zhu
Joy Zhu
Wenjian Zhu
Xiaowen Zhu
Daniel A. Zorrilla
Liubov Zueva
Paloma and Ivan Zuniga
Jocelyne A. Jean and Monyse Jean
Annie Aaio
Caleb Abuhl
Angelo Adside and Ronda Ross
Jeyleen Aguilar
Ke Ai
Veera Venkata A. Akey
Benigno Alcantara and Erika Vizcaino
Adrian Aledia
Ana Aleman and Ernesto Machado
Idelcita Alexis Joseph
Victor Almendarez and Antonia Rangel
Julio and Vanessa Alonso
Damaris Alvarez
Elizabeth and Omar Alvarez
Lucia Alzate
Urbano Rodney Amador
Kahlon Amarjit and Pritam Kahion
Henry Amaya
Paco Amaya
Doudou Venette Amboise
Lumene Ambroise
Sergio Luis and Denise Amores
Sally Ang
Xun Ang
Elizabeth Aquino and Josue Solorzano
Christian Ardila and Luz Marina Alfonso
Juliana Ardila
Javier Arias Barajas and Maria Arias
Ines Aristigui
Abraham Ariza
Sabina Ariza
Lazaro Arrieta
Raidel Arrieta
Wendy Arteaga
Stanley Artis
Bipin Attavane
May Aung
Carol and Cliff Baca
Dunia Baez and Dairon Roque
Emayakumari Balasingam
Luxy Balasubramaniam
Fernando Balbi
Evelin Barcenas
Enrique Barreira
Arianna Batista
Yerlyn Batista and Laura Santos
Antonia Bautista
Celia S. Bavrilovich
Abel Bazail and Barbara Yera
Pavel Bazan and Yanelis Vargas
Alexandra Bello and Gessell Del Rosario
Kasterine Beltre and
Juan Garcia Sanchez
Xiu Mei Chen
Xixi Chen
Yinyan Chen
Yiping Chen
Homai Chih
Peng Chin
Stella Young Cho
Cheryl Chow
Larry Chu
Lian Chu
Kyvi Chung
Patricia Cipriano
Kathy Cirivilleri
Carlos Cisneros
Gabriela Clara
Dustin Clark and Desiree Stant
Tim and Amanda Clark
Catarino Mateo Colaj
Jonal Collin
Roxanne and Arnoldo Contreras
Ynginio Contreras and Gabriela Fabian
Hairon Contreras Gonzalez
Horace Cooke and Kareeha Singh
Ira Cooper
Yontuet Cordero and Hallesk Vitier
Betto Cordova
Silvia Corrales
J. Antonio Cortes and Reyna Garcia E.
Diega Coyotl
Celestina Cruz and Juan De La Cruz
Jhoselin Cruz
Marco Antonio Cruz and Pilar Gopar
Maribel Cruz and Ivan Alvarez
Silvestre Cruz and Anny Urena
Luz Maria Cruz Gomez
Reyna Cruz Zavala
Bertha Cuellar
Victor Cuervo and Nury Chilmaza
Maricel Cumerma
Roberto Cumerma
Julieta and Efrain Custodio
Laxman Dahal
James Dao
Ocerneau Darismond and
Rose Aliance Laguerre
Julia and Mark Daurity
Petro and Svitlana Davydenko
Tieneka Dawkins and Danvalyn Harris
Carlos De La Cruz and Evelina Duran
Elizabeth De La Cruz
Luis Alberto De La Cruz
Sandra De La Cruz
Gleidy De La Mota
Tyler Debeer
Kyle Defauw
Teresa De Jesus Del Rosario and
Pedro Neyra Valdez
Dallas Delacruz
Maday Delgado and Orelvis Casanova
Leidys Delmas
Reinaldo Delvalle and Jessica Guzman
Norma Denis Martin
Bhupen Desai
Sukhvir Dhaliwal
Casey Dial
Andileinny Diaz
Gilberto Diaz
Isael Diaz and Lily Mendoza
Jose Diaz and Adriana Aguilar
Luseiry Diaz
Norma Maritza Diaz
Jimmy Ding
Khin S. Dingra and Bawk J. Hkyet
Luis Alberto and Moraima Distrubell
David Dominguez
Qisheng Dong
Weiya Dong
Xiao Jie Dong
Yifu Dong
Yishun Dong
Wilderme Dorsainvil
Morgan Doting
Jun Du
Aida Duarte Martinez
Hou Dugu
Lumami and Rhodora Dumapat
Rodriguez Dumeus and Johanna Floreal
Freddy Duque and Claudia Rosero
Herald Durosier and Keurline Pierre
Dasiel Echavarria and Yanely Faife
Odson Edmond and Marthe Charles
Gergens Edouard and
Magalie Alcius Edouard
Delia A. Elsharkawey
Dorothy Encarnacion Pagan and
Jose Salgado Sanchez
Luz Enciso
Alexander Escalante
Luis Fernando Escobar and
Piedad Marulanda
Jhoan Espinal
Maikel Espinosa
Edno Estigene and Phara JN Louis
Guilmy Eugene
Alejandro Evaristo Hernandez
Antonia Fabian Duarte
Ao Fan
Chan Juan Fang
Eric and Emily Farley
Marlenis Feliz and Antonio Brito
Qing Feng
Antonio Fernadez
Hazel Fernandez and Kevin Acosta
Sergio Fernandez and Angela Heredia
Nick Field and Nicole Jens
Judith Figueroa and Luis Sotelo
Rita Fiorella and Ron Houlihan
Edyt Flor
Laura Florentino
Castulo Flores
Miriam Flores
Victor and Blanca Flores
Andres and Maria Cristina Florez
Kevin Fogle
Janet Fontes
Jose Fraga
Amitha Francis
Brock and Rachel French
Fritzi Fruto
Angela Fuentes and Julio Mejias
Elizabeth Fuentes
Eva Gallo
Pastora and Nelson Galvez
Yang Gao
Adis Garcia
Ana Maria Garcia
Edecio Garcia
Erika Garcia
Guadalupe Del C. Garcia and
Juan Manuel Cadena
Jorge Garcia and Mabel Ocampo
Jose Garcia
Keicha Garcia
Melissa Garcia
Vicenta Garcia and Leobado Sanchez
Flor Y. Garcia Rodriguez and
Dario Garcia
Ana Garza and Jesus Dominguez
Jeronimo Gaytan and Juana Perez
Johan Gerard and
Migelda Anouska Goeloe
Amandeep Gill
Adays Gomez
Antonio Gomez and Yamila Sosa
Denis Gomez and Yoanka Lazo
Jose Gomez
Joshua Gomez
Juan Carlos Gomez
Mildred Gonzales and Maura Valencia
Giselle O. Gonzalez
Hector Gonzalez and Wildy Valdez
Jennifer Gonzalez
Lazara Gonzalez
Norma Gonzalez
Orelbis Gonzalez and Yanet Silva
Pablo Gonzalez and Raquel Gazo
Rosa Elena and Raul Gonzalez
Stephany Gonzalez and Irvin Alvarado
Susana and Antonio Gonzalez
Susana Gonzalez
Yan Carlos Gonzalez
Yanela Gonzalez
Yovana Gonzalez
Eugenio Gonzalez Fernandez
Marilyn Gonzalez Rodriguez
Santos Aracely Granados and
Ruben Alexander Rivera
Ajit and Raman Grewal
Leonardo Grisanty Cosme
Johanna Rosaly Grullon Brito
Otilia Guadarrama
Shenqi Guan
Carlos Guardado
Jose H. and Jeanetres E. Guardado
Gregory Gue
Sonia Guerra
Jose Guerrero and Socorro Bojorquez
Kailun Guo
Xiao Qing Guo
Jasvir Kaur Benipal
Maria Benitez and Pedro Antonio Lara
Maite Berez
Juliet Bermudes
Sonet Bethleem
Xiaolin Bi
Gong Bing
Zack Bing
Hua Binh
Cherylann and Regan Bolondia
Donna Bom
Elisa Borbon and Leonaldo Torres
Diocelina and David Bostick
Steven Bouchard
Jessy Bowing
Emanuel Bratini Guzman
Laura Antonia Brito
N. San Bu
Ingrid Burgos
Neisser Burgos
Sugehidy Burgos
Demetric Burt
Herminio Bustos and Alicia Gonzalez
Antonio Cabote and Julia Ojeda
Blanca A Cabrera
Emily Caceres
Zhiyou Cai
Pedro Camacho
Felipe Camargo and Maria Escamilla
Fernando Campos
Luis Fernando Campos
Vladimir Campos
Virginia Camps
Keila Canals
Adayn Cao
Melba Caraballo and Luis Raul Molina
Rafael Carballo Rodriguez
Doraly Cardozo Gonzalez
Jose Carpio
Reidel Carrandi and Yisenia Silva
Maria Elena Carrillo
Karla Carrion
Meylin Carrion
Rolando B. Casa Del Valle and
Claribel Zaldivar
Neptali Casaretto
Jaccius Castil and Elkine Pierre
Jose Castillo
Mahirobel Castro
Otniel Castro
Hipolito Cazales
Enrique and Marisela Ceja
Marianne Celestin and Zico St-Vil
Yuet Kiu Chan
Nika Chavla
Can Chen
Da Hong Chen
Eric Chen
Gigi Chen
Jie Chen
Jing Jing Chen
Ken Chen
Xiao Yun Guo
Yi Zhao Guo
Dayami Gustamante
Carmen Gutierres
Jessica Guzman and Jesus Dominguez
Viridiana Guzman
Binh Le Ha
Hai Hai
Larry Handy
Sharon Haynes
Jiawei He
Wenpin He
Xiu Qun He
Ysabel Henriquez
Marisela Hernadez
Bernardo Hernandez
Daniel Hernandez
Diana Hernandez and Antonio Reyes
Lucia G. Hernandez and Luis R. Noriega
Mario Hernandez
Martin Hernandez and
Elizabeth Custodio
Reyna Hernandez and Alfonso Evaristo
Adrian Herndon
Kevin and Kari Hettinger
Jean Alex and Marie Josee Hippolyte
Samrit Hiser
Shwe Hlaing and Nang Kham
Vania Ho
Pan Hong
Carl Hop
Teron Howard
Vivian Hsieh
Fei Hsu
Jack Hsu
Aung Htay and Moe Khaing
Ming Husi Hu
Sandie Hu
Ruolan Hua
Debbie Huang
Melody Huang
Qingqing Huang
Sandy Huang
Sofie Huang
Yanyan Huang
Zhong Hui Huang
Nick Hughes
Iliyas Hussaini
Moise Iraus and Kettelene Beauvais
Sumbal Ismail
Marilyn Jaimot
Mark Jamorabon
Caridad Jazmin and Manuel Santana
Hantz-Richard Jean Philippe
Catia Jean-Baptiste
Mei Xiu Jiang
Tiantian Jiang
Liba Jie
Alvaro Jimenez
Francisco and Sara Jimenez
Jesus R. Jimenez
Leonardo Jimenez and
Nelly Dominguez
Hui Xiu Jin
Ya Xuan Jin
Armand Jocelyn and
Margella Joseph Jocelyn
Kulvir Kaur Johal
Kim Jung
Yama Kan
Sandeep Kang and Jarnail Dhaliwal
Rajdeep Kaur
Ramaneet Kaur Deol
Jensen Kenn
Mohammed Khaled
Saw Kheing
Chang Yong Kim
Hee Sook Kim
Lian Kim
Okhee Kim and Daeil Won
Ravi Kim and Kayla Ormsby
Sungae Kim
Josh and Megan Kirsten
Jenny Kiv
Trevor and Stephanie Klock
Ian Kobler
Sudha Kumar
Joyal Kurian
Claude Lafosse and Blaise Merline
Guito and Leslyne Laguerre
Chiu Yu Lam
Phung Lam
Raquel and David Lara
Pooja and Sheldon Lastique
Aaron Lee
Becky Lee
Brushy Lee
Jeong Shik Lee
Kathleen Lee and Kenvis Ngow
Nunu Lee
Fara and Geraldy Leo
Carlos Leon
Liudmila Leon
Ronnie Lesaldo
William Lewis
Cas Lex
Graciela Leyva
Curt Lez
Alex Li
Bei Li and Yiming Wu
David Li
Doris Li
Jiamin Li
Lily Li
Qin Tan Li
Sandie Li
Yi Fang Li
Yi Yi Li
You Zhen Li
Yu Li
Nu Lian and Tun Naing
Like Liang
Bingsan Liao
Cynthia Licona and Hector Carranza
Eun Mi Lim and Sang Young So
Youngsook Lim
Maura Lima Martinez
Ming Lin
Wanyu Lin
Yu Lan Lin
Alice Y. Liu
Hai Long Liu
Ivy Liu
Lily Liu
Xiaoyan Liu
Vladimir Llanes and Marlene Cordero
Angelica Lopez
Angelica Lopez
Diego Lopez
Hector Lopez and Dora Denis
Lilian Lopez
Vivian Rosa Lopez
Wendy Lopez
Martha and Jose A Lorenzo
Josette Louis
Onsime Moie and
Andrus Maurice Louissaint
Chanh Lu
Ling Lu
Xi Lu
Aracelis Lugo and Miguel Ozuna
Ting Luo
Margarita Mendez
Ling Ma
Jasmany Machado and Yadira Vargas
Alma Elia Magana Salmeron
Christine Mah
Kim Mah
Shin Shin Mah
Mohan Mahabir and Trisha Maharaj
Durga Prasad Mainali and Chhali Aley
Maria Maio
Lang Mang
Aegis Marceli
Jennifer Marin
Kittie Marshall
Alexandra Martinez
Angelina and Martin Martinez
Blanca Martinez and Oscar Trochez
Elda Martinez and Annabella Caraballo
Eliana Martinez
Maria Altagracia Martinez
Maura Martinez el Pascual
Pedro Martinez
Hoyuky Mateo Mendieta
Yoner Matos and Belkys Posada
Ana Maura
Boin May
Stephen McAtee
Candice McCalla
Austin McMahon
Ashley Meaux
Idania Medina
Rosa Medina and Jesus R. Caruajal
Ah Mee and Sut Zau
Jun Mei
Jose Melgar and Reina Jimenez
Ismael Mendez Eliacin Ortiz
Manny and Nancy Mendoza
Senia Mercado Calvo and
Milciades Perez Matos
Jorge Luis Merida
Humberto Merino-Hernandez
Kirenia Mia
Wen Wen Mia
Yu Yu Mia
Tasha Miller
Luciano and Marisol Miranda
Abdul Rahman Mohammad
Angela Moldoche and Enrique Piedra
Emmitt Monslow
Brian Montero
Ansy Montrose
Romanie Moonsee
Ruben Mora and Maria Camacho
Bertha Morales
Jorge Morales and Vivian Aguilar
Susana Morales
Jesus Moreno
Maria De La Luz Moreno Cabrera
Juan Isaac Moreno Moran
Dennis Morter
Viviana Moscarella
Mercedes Mota and Jose Campos
Roxana Moya
Khaled Muhammad and
Kamrun Nahar Dolly
Alba Munoz
Consuelo Munoz and Jose Recendiz
Luis Munoz
Diane and Robert Musselwhite
Esmeralda Mutueel
Kamal and Nitya Naiker
Alexis Naranjo
Maribel Naranjo
Hermilo Nasario
Maria Del Carmen Navarrete
Ofelia Navarrete
Farzana Naz and Abdul Asifuzzaman
Roy and Rhea Nazareno
Columban and Madalayna Nba
Libua Ng
Huong Nguyen
Zuo Ni
Maria Del Carmen Niebla
Angeli Nihoitial and Linda Thahleipar
Chun E. Niu
Precious and Onyebuchi Obi
Kelsie O'Day
Bisi Odeyale
Silvia Oduardo
Ana Mercedes Ordonez Hortua
Vilma Janette Orellana and
David Sanchez
Miroulie Ornondieu and Frantz Etienne
Javish A Ortiz
Jesica Ortiz and Juan Carlos Lazo
Barbara Ramos Hernandez
Shana Rasiah
Ashish Rathi
Carmen Rayo
Desiree and Abraham Redwan
Rebecca Reginorld
Idania Reinosa
Jose Remy and Odile Chery
Matthew Restad
Niurka Reyes and Gaby Rodriguez
Yoyibeth Reyes and Jose Alfaro
Ramona Reynoso and Joel Ynfante
Dolores Riano
Manuel Riano
Harry Riemer
Yoenny Rigo Mendoza
Mayudith Rincon
Maggy and Barbaro Rio
Daniel and Yumi Rivas
Erica Rivas and Jose De Leon
Maria Rivas and Alex Castro
Armando Rivera and Karina Alejo
Rosalba Rivera
Louis and Andrea Rivers
Amparo Robledo
Margara Rodrigues
Berta Rodriguez
Brenda G. Rodriguez and
Martin O. Munoz
Felix Rodriguez
Juan Carlos Rodriguez and
Johana Vigoa
Leonel Rodriguez
Nivian Rodriguez
Reidel and Sissi Rodriguez
Roberto Rodriguez
Rudy Rodriguez and Berenice Garcia
Sergio Rodriguez
Jhonathan Rodriguez Ynfante
Fidel Rojas
Juan Romero
Yhanny Romero and Rudelania Bautista
Jacobo Romero Zaragoza and
Irma Rosio Flores Sanches
Jarrod Romine
Nicolas Roques Acosta
Crystal Rorie
Xiomara Rosero
Anthony Rotondo
Rigoberto and Guadalupe Ruiz
Yadira Ruiz
Yeny Ruiz and Alfredo Andrade
Alfonso Ruiz Hurtado and Liduvina Ruiz
Argentina Saavedra
Arnoldo Saavedra
Francisco Saavedra
Miguel A. Saavedra
Mandeep Kaur Sahi
Jacky Sainthe
Joy Saken
Martha Salazar
Alfie and Kelli Saligumba
Elvin David Salmeron
Ana G Sanchez
Gabriel Sanchez
Hector Sanchez
Luis Sanchez
Maria V Sanchez
Maritza Sanchez
Noelia Sanchez and Sergio Scacchi
Patricia Sanchez
Melba Sanclemente
Evelyn and Bill Sandford
Daisy Sandoval and Carlos Romo
Dianne Sandy-Jacob
Lian Sang and Dim Cing
Parbhjit Singh Sanghera
Guillermina Santiago
Rey and Maria Santiago
Juana Santos and Milton Lemus
Ruth Santos Reyes
Suchat Satitpitakul
Laura and Hank Savage Jr.
Eh Say and Ger Gaw
Julio and Sharine Schotborg
Chris Schwuchow and
Arisleidy Gonzalez
Brittany and Ramila Sebastiampillai
Raimel Segredo
Rajpal Sekhon
Maria Sellan
Roseline Serboni and Roxanne Maria
Andrea Severino and
Jose Manuel De Leon
Ezio Sha
Deval and Jigar Shah
Syed Shah and Yasmin Khan
Zijian Shangguan
Anuprabha and Rohit Sharma
Arjun Sharma
Harjeet and Ashok Sharma
Yogesh and Shalini Sharma
Mazi Sharper
Jingming Shi
John and Christine Shwetz
Rosalina and Hernando Sierra
Michael and Aissa Silva
Belky Silverio
Celia Silvestre
Bernabe Silvia and Leyva Julio
Gabriel Simeon and
Marianie Simeon Moncher
Braedon and Teresa Simpson
Anmol Singh
Kulwinder Singh
Sharanjeet Singh and Parvinder Ghotra
Srilata Singh
Darunee Siriko and Peerapong Hinkaew
Jennis Sivagunam
Indo Sky
Amanda Slaughter
Joel Muestre Smith
Suresh Somasundram and
Sinthuja Suresh
Vipol Sophonwatthanawichit
Irving Sosa
Vicky Sosa
Miguel Sotelo and Luisa Cervantes
Francisco Soto and Yris Mercedes
Narmphone and James Sprinkle
Cliff St. Jean
Jerry and Cathy Stauber
Amanda Steffes
Mathias St-Hilaire
Shermaine Stone
Joseph and Keisha Stretch
Ben Ming Su
Jose Suares
Dayli Suarez
Lawrence Suen
Sonia Sui
Angel Sun
Jason Sun
Rani Surendra Babu
Blaine Sweatt
Xiu Ling Tam
Wei Tang
Andre Tate
Brent Tate and Connie Smith
Isabel Tello
Lionel Thompson and Kameca Gordon
Toshane Thompson
Panya Tiarakul
Kevin Ticas
Gina Tiempo
Antonia Torres
Betania Torres
Violeta Tosco
Sean Tran
Roylandys Travieso
Gabriel Trejo and Angeles Lazaro
Claudio Trindade and
Maria Del Pino Lopez Santana
Luis Daniel Trujillo Conde
Austin Tsai
Jin Ho Tsai
Alba Turcios
Sulma Turcios
Gladis Yamileth Umana Quintanilla
and Michael Horton
Ravi Uppal
Ligia Urrieta
Ari Ursua
Arulchelvam Vairamuthu and
Dilani Arulchelvam
Judith and Jesus Valdes
Denny De Jesus Valerio Almonte
Gabriel Valet
Nancy Valles
Violeta Van Petten
Alberto Vanegas Jimenez
Claudia and Yitzhak Varela
Jomeiny Vargas
Juan Jose Vargas
Susana Vargas
Jose Vasquez and Rosa Gomez
Derqui Vazquez and Marines Marrero
Jose Vega
Cody and Jacquelin Veldhuizen
Diana Vele
Grenvi Ouyang
Nasen Oz
Belkis Milagros Padron
Alfredo Padron Hernandez
Mildred Pagan
Mike Paguia
Jesus Palafox
Shouqi Pan
Yanheng Pan
Zen Zen Pan
Alexander Panda
Jungsoon and Yong Dong Park
Shiralee Patel
Thomas Pay and Precious Wah
Ryan Payton
Araceli Cruz Paz Perez
Claudia Pedraza
Erika Peirce
Tania and Juan Antonio Pena
Yojany Pena
Ana Peralta
Stalin Peralta and Wanda Mendez
Alina Perdomo
Fernanda Perez
Jose Manuel Perez
Marvin Perez
Miriam Perez and Danilo De La Barca
Migdalia Perez Cuevas
Yohamna Perez Sanchez
Joy Peter and Walter Kyer
Kerlande Philemon
Armando Piedra
Elisee Pierre
Jamesly Pierre
Mavis and Edmundo Pieternella
Jose and Cecilia Pineda
Su Fang Ping
Gracelyn Plenty-Williiams and
Tobias Williams
Tai Xi Po
Dilenia Polanco
Sonia Argentina Polanco
Rodolfo Ariel Ponce
Chung Ching Poon
Yolaimy Porto and Angel Vega
Jean Came Poulard and Hortense
Maribel Prado
Fritz Previlon
Alberto Pupo
Niurka Pupo
Tintin Pyone
Lei Qin
Leah Qing
Jialin Qiu
Jorge Quintero and Alina Vazquez
Galen Rader and Kortney Balmer
Aurora Ramirez
Fanny and Cuco Ramirez
Jose Carlos Ramirez
Yuderka Ramirez and Silvano Herrera
Marlue Ramiro
Rosa Ramos and Savino Bonilla
Chandramouli Venkatesan
Saul Ventura
Jose Gabriel Ventura Martinez
Virginia Verdera
David Vidal
Edicita Vidal
Miguel and Victoria Villegas
Natalia Volkova
Mochou Vu
Aaron Wacker
Betty Wakjira
Ge Wallace
Kai Wang
Ling Wang
Lipping Wang
Mike Wang
Shaw Wang
Shelly Wang
Shi S. Wang
Torres Wang
Wen Hsiu Wang
Harry Warren
Pauline Wei
Balwinder Welkhu and Gurvinder Kaur
Hua Weng
Michelle White
Stanley Williams
Suprya Ashley Williams
Yovana Wilson
Sugeidy Windster
Ronald Womack
Chris Wu
Da Hua Wu
Dai Mo Wu
Jenny Wu
Wei Wu
Willard Xavier and Lourdena Antenor
Wuanji Xi
Zuo Ni
Qiona Xia
Zhen Xie
Sunny Xu
Weili Xu
Yanxin Xue
Benjamin Yadaicela
Ramachndra Rao and
Vijayalaxmi Yalamanchili
Qingsheng Yang
Yang Yang and Cuiping Xu
Zhen Yang
John Yap
Dao Fei Ye
Danny Yeh
Eduardo Yelpo
Simon Yeon
Mark Yepez
Lay Chin Yeung
Shi Ying
Areum and Young Jong Yoon
Helen Young
Josie Yu
Mi Ju and Tae Song Yu
Monica Yu
Hong Yuan
Pamela and Davy Zamora
Belen Zelaya
Ying Zeng
Jia Ying Zhang
Luwen Zhang
Yimin Zhang
Yu Zhao
Feng Zheng
Hai Yan Zheng
Xiu Zheng
Jen Zhong
Candy Zhou
Cody Zhou
Jo Zhou
Joyce Zhou
Sandy Zhou
Zack Zhu
Bridget Abbot
Camille Abbot
Juan Abreu and Yuderky Hidaka
Julio Abreu
Eldieu Absalon and Paulette Jean
Abdulaziz Adam
Angela Adams
Candance Adolph
Magdalena Aguilar
Maria Aguillon Guevara and Jorge
K.D. Ahmed and Nasima Junejo
Zhen Ai
Lisa Aiello
Gaspar and Connie Alarcon
Wilber Alcindor and Sandrine Blaise
Carmen and Arlene Alfonso
Faeza Ali
Rebeca Almonte
Stephanie Almonte
Esther Alonso and Francisco Valverde
Maricela Alvarez and Amaury Santiago
Marina and Abigahil Alvarez
Wilder Alvero
Wilnouce Ambroise
Lourdes Angel and Jesus Vazquez
Jude Antenor
Kesner Apo and Saintana Lahens
Francisca and Julio Arias
Wendy Arias
Margarita Arocha
Martha Arredondo and
Francisco Beltran
Octavio Arriaga Maya and Anahi Alvarez
Mekala Arulalagan
Susan Ascoy
Kanet Aspilaga
Juan Ramon Asturias and
Reina Cristina De Asturias
Karen and Rufino Atriano
Ken Au
Ronald Augustave
Nadege Augustin
Rose-Ires E. and Odvelt Augustin
Javier Avalos and Martha Gutierrez
Sergio Nicolas Avila
Gladys Ayala and Josue Pineda
Shirley Aybar
Asma Azam Noor and
Muhammad Azam Noor
Tyson Babcock and Katherine Tries
Akshay Badhan
Amalia Badillo and Honorio Perez
Ying Bai
Anita Baker
Casimiro Balbuena and
Corina De Leon Hilario
Luis Banega and Rosalidia Banegas
Abhirup Banerjee
Trinidad Barajas Luna and
Antonio Jimenez Orozco
Sheyly Viuque and Juan Barcelo
Eleagne Barcenas
Brent Barker
Roberto Barrabi and Yenisley Gonzalez
Antonieta Barrientos
Imani Barton
Julia Bedolla and Pedro Garcia
Sony Belizaire and
Melencia Belizaire Seriphin
Noah Bellavance
Caliz Bellorin and Regulo D Aubeterre
Ivenyse Belony
Yuzai Ben
Maria Magdalena Benito Pineda and
Jaime Nunez
Maribel Bermudez
Sahyli Betancourt
Aishel and Anoushka Betrian
Michael and Rachel Beverly
Madhu Bhatnagar
Rosenie Bien Aime
Lulu Binh
Nathan and Kaitlin Blakeley
Jayro Blandon and Byron Montenegro
Xiaoxian Bo
Freisy Bobadilla and Marcelle Soto
Nicanor Bonilla and Nancy Almonte
Champadevi Bridgemohan
Ramratty Bridgemohan
Enid and Ray Bridgewater
Richard and Deborah Brooks
Ashley Brown
Codie Bryce
Alberto and Carolina Bustamante
Abigail and Hector Bustos
Supreeya Butsamongkon
Leila Cabrera
Jean Cadet
Nancy Cai
Erick and Kathleen Calderon
Juan Callejas and Reyna Ortiz
Antonia Camacho
Mirna Campos and Alejandro Limon
Gil Canales and Sabina Gonzalez Pulido
Yasmine Canel
Arnulfo Cano and Maria Mendoza
Juan Cano and Claudet Salazar
Vaughn and Joyann Canoville
Jinping Cao
Martha Capetillo
Miguel Carbajal
Irma Cardenas and Pedro Cruz
Alison Carlis
Guadalupe Carrera
Johnny and Sandra Castillo
Mariana and Ramon Castillo
Janet Castro
Minoly Cedeno
Lourdes M. Celia
Isabel Cervantes and
Onesimo Rodriguez Rodriguez
Nelta Cesar-Dameus and Ernst Cesar
Chris Chan
Ruan Chan
Hui Chang
Jiaming Chao
Pi Chao
Enel Charles and Joctride Joseph
Mirna Rose-Lorva Charles and
Samuel Alcime
Hamel Chauhan and Tripti Mehta
Dazen Chen
Hua Chen
Huaming Chen
Jane Chen
Jia Long Chen
Jin Yu Chen
Jun Chen
Lin Lin Chen
Sang Chen
Yidi Chen
Zhi Jie Chen
Guozi Cheng
Fresner Cherimond
Tim Chernetskiy
Claudia Chevez and Carlos Cerna
Lu Chi
Adam Childs
Yongsoon Cho
Fahmida Choudhury
Kevin Christofalos
Abbey Chu
Mi Fay Chueng
Simon Clarke
Jared Close
Ashlatha Coleman
Placide Colin
Rosely Colon and David Serrano
Docteur and Fenise Compere
Erin Cooke
Alexander Cordero and Hanasesy Vitier
Ramon Corrada Rivera and
Marieli Guzman
Justina Crisotomo
Yissell Fernandez Espinoza
Annabel Ferreira
Adeline Ferret and Alejandro Perez
Alma Delia Flores
Angeles Flores and Armando Diaz
Dario and Amanda D Florez
Bienvenida Florian and
Mercedes Suazo
Manuel and Marcela Foronda
TJ Foster
Fauvette Francois and Reinaldo Jean
Maria D Fuentes and Lazaro Mesa
Rene Gaitan
Alla Galuzinskaya
Natividad Gama
Hernandez Gamaliel
Hong Bin Gao
Emma Garces
Alexis Garcia
Elsa Garcia
J. Concepcion Garcia and
Maria Blanca Rosales
Milagros Garcia
Odalys Garcia and Francisco Oramas
Olga Garcia
Salvador Garcia
Sandra Maria Garcia
Eva Garcia Araiza and Manuel Araiza
Pedro Garcia Zamora
Yaniel Garriga and Roxana Galindez
Yovanie Garth
Shawntes Gary and Kayla Kelly
Eduardo and Lydia Garza
Shihua Ge
Nathan Geeban
Karolina Gelsomino
Zili Geng
Miguelina German
Jill Ghouralal
Tenee Gibson and Josh Gibson Sr
Sergio Gil
Harpreet Gill and Ramandeep Kaur
Karamjeet Gill
Kulwinder and Pardeep Gill
Julius Gines
Yohusy Godinez
Edith Golding
Alicia Gomez
Luisa Gomez and Emil Mateo
Orestes Gomez and Yolana Del Nodal
Xi Gong
Alex Gonzalez and Maria Fernandez
Ana Josefa Gonzalez
Clara L. Gonzalez
Crystal Gonzalez
Edith Gonzalez
Estrella Gonzalez
Gretell Gonzalez
Ignacio Alejandro Gonzalez and
Mariluz Valdes
Maria Elena Gonzalez
Roberto and Maria Gonzalez
Rosario and Seferino Gonzalez
Shirley Gonzalez and Darvin Munoz
Yoniel Gonzalez
Rani Gopireddy and Narendar Rachur
Reina Granado
Samuel Gray
Jason Green
Denise Greenwood
Jason Greig and Paw Gay
Zhen Gu
Jose Luis Guerra
Shamsa Guled
Long Guo
Karna and Pampha Gurung
Jean Victor Gustave and Valerie Viaud
Veronica Gutierrez
Susan Guy
Johanna Guzman and Marcial Brujan
Andrew Ha
Fengyue Hai
Liyue Hai
Francheska Hall
Mary Hall
Hoa Hang
Jimmy Harris
Denise Hazel and Ron Henry
Hai Qing He
Ivy He
Qing He
Shan He
Juan Antonio and Mary Luz Henriquez
Lorena Hernandez
Marvin Herrera and Linda Rosales
Rebecca Heung
Alicia Heywood and Klyde Von Gremli
Mei Lan Hiao
W Hiao
Carlos Hidalgo and Elena Brawn
Pee Hko and Ko Naing
Bao Ho
In Mei Ho
Kin Keong Ho
Xindy Hoa
Shi Chou Hong
Yu Hong
Annette Hooper
Entao Hsu
Lnda Hsu
Marry Hsu
Lay Htoo
Paw Htoo
Ha Hu
Jerry Hu
Adrian Song Huang
Bella Huang
Jiahua Huang
Lingshan Huang
Shan Shan Huang
Xiaoling Huang
Yanjing Huang
Michael and Mary Hunter
Matt Huo
Pen Huo
Christine Huynh
Wilmine Hyppolite
Eulise Iacobelli
Antonio Ibarra
Amanise Israel Davilmar
Kindra Jackson
Vincent Jackson
Jeffrey Jacobs
John Jacobs and Annie Corbett
Rashesh and Nidhi Jain Jain
Merline Jean Philippe
Suphakit Jeensopa
Aishu Jiang
Hai Xia Jiang
Fengti Jie
Zoraida Jimenez and
Fernando Santiago
Zoey Jin
Adam Jorgensen
Clunie and Philogene Joseph
Kanjana Judefredrick
Liya Jun
Wilda Juste
Paramjit and Harminder Kalirai
Saideepak Kandibanda
Nikhil Karkare
Amandeep Kaur
Surinderjit and Baljinder Kaur
Amol Kaveeshwar and
Surbhi Khargonkar
Juan Enrique Kelner
Wannipa Khaengkit and
Chakrit Hildebrand
Wapee Khaiphaiwan
Lian Kham and Ciin Lun
Andrew Kim
Dong Ho Kim
Hony Kim
Jung Mi Kim
Kwon Hwan and Jeom Kim
Kyung Kim and Danny Hughett
Sei Hon Kim and Jeong Yean Jang
Guy Kokou and Elizabeth Anderson
Rudy Kong Tin Lun
Sreekar Kothamachu
Yang Ku
Yan Kuang
Peter Kun
Bunty and Gurleen Labana
Vijay Kiran Lagadapati
Mandeep and Kartar Lakhesar
Moe Moe Lama and
Patrick Marip Aung Aung
Marcos Lamarche Arias and
Clarisa Almonte
Murline Lambert
Ji and Aung Lamung
Terra Lan
Anallely and Israel Larios
Santasabina Larioschat and
Perez Zacarias Santosnoe
Andy Lau
Maggie Le
Ngoc Le
Edgar Croes
Geraldo Cruz and Fredelyne Jarbath
Rogelio Cruz and Yaima Espinosa
Rosa M Cuello
Yingji Cui
Dwight Cummings
Pablo and Martha Cutino
Betty D. Sanchez and
Jose Guadalupe Sanchez
Lingling Dai
Ming Dai
Julio Dalias
Saul De Jesus
Lorenza De La Cruz
Marcia De La Cruz
Santiago De La Cruz
Antonio De La Luz Gumercindo
Humbertina De Paula
Mariselva Del Valle
Lori Delashmit
Richard Delcy
Brett Dense
Ramanjeet Deogan
Denis Deza
Anterpreet Dhaliwal
Manik Dhawan
Savik Dhawan
Orlaidy Dias and Jorge Lisardo Montero
Doris Diaz and William Harrold
Tom Dinse
Tian Dizhi
Tawk Doi
You Dong
Carl Aubain Dorvil
Johnny Dorvilus
Jasleen and Malkit Dulku
Ismiralda Dumond
Sharon Dunn Peters
Arjun Dutta
Taciana Duveau and Brusly Nezil
Gaurav Dwivedi and Neha Tewari
Elaine Eleanor
Shanmukh Krishna Emany
Belkis Encarnacion
Brenda Escobar
Dora Escobar
Juan Escobar
Jose Espinal and Emelania Jimenez
Joynett Espinal
Rosa Espinal
Genderson Espinosa
Voong Eva
John and Cheanelle Exama
Luz Maria Fajardo
Dwight Fan
Yin Fan
Samuel Fayette
Si Fa Fei
Victoria Felix
Jun Feng
Madelin Fernandez
Oscar Fernandez
Ramon Fernandez
Sammyle Le
Arizona Lee
Chin Lee
Sammie Lee
Sanders Lee
Shu Lee
Hsu Mei Ling And Lee Li
Maria Mercedes Lema Michirumbai and
Manuel Lligicota Caguana
Jose A Leon
Justin Lezama and
Bille Jackson Lezama
Barbara Li
Brian Li
Fred Li
Gail Li
Gary Li
Jia Li
Ling Fang Li
Mei Yu Li
Mingli Li
Ren Fu Li
Ruo Hong Li
Xianwei Li
Xiao Meng Li
Xin Ling Li
Yanqing Li
Yong Chun Li
Zhongyu Li
Kuan Liang
Susanna Liang and Alen Wei
Ting Liang
Zhen Tao Liang
Chenxing Liao
Hsing Ping Liao
Angela Lin
Justin Lin
Liqin Lin
Xiang Lin
Xuewei Lin
Yunguo Lin
Rolando Linares
Jared Lindsey and Kayla Lee
Nelda and John Linton
Karren and Chris Little
Bei Liu
Benwei Liu
Dan Liu
Junli Liu
Shu Fei Liu
Tana Liu
Xin Liu
Zhan Liu
Paula Lizaso
Vicente Lopez
Minerva Lopez Ramirez
Jude and Marie Dominique Loriston
Karina Lozano
Feng Lu
Jianyan Lu
Shuping Lu
Evaristo and Reginalda Lucia
Marcene Lucien
Aaron and Amelia Lundy
Chase Ma
Kai Ma
Zubia Mahmood
Martha Maldonado
Gia Malik
Vener Malimban and Percy Andora
Subbarao Mangipudi
Miguel Alberto Marron
Amilcar and
Angelika Marroquin Salinas
Nestor Martella and Mariela Heffel
Alejandro Martinez and Kesly Ramos
Benjamin Martinez
Gustavo and Dulce Martinez
Jamie Martinez
Kerlin Martinez and Cesar Buelto
Sunem Martinez and
Alexander Gonzalez
Yagna Martinez
Julian and Claudia Marulanda
Diego Matayoshi
Linda Dorcelus and Emmanuel Mathieu
Wendy Matos
Sugeiris Matos De Leon
Cherylann and Stephen Maxime
Arturo Maya
Felix Roberto Mazola
Donna and Bill McDonald
Arturo Medina and Christina Roman
Jose Medina
Nelly Medina and Manuel Martinez
Francisco Mena
Eduardo Estelin Mendez
Deovito and Edna Mendoza
Francisco Mendoza and Martha E.
Melesia Mendoza
Elianne Menelus
Jacqueline Mesa
Yudaisy Miranda and Andres Sanchez
Sultana Mohammad
Neil Karan Mohindra
Maria and Alfredo Molina
Mona Mondestin
Fernando Monroy and Kerin Pavon
Dagoberto Montano
Arturo and Mary Montelongo
Jose Morales and Manley Martinez
Juana Morales
Noel Morales and
Maria Del Carmen Herrera
Francisco A Moralez
Antonio Moreno
Juan Moreno
Leonardo Morla Moscoso
Ruben Moroyoqui and Catalina Noriega
Lee Mosler
Virgilio Mota Roman
Maria G. Munoz
Shina Nan
Leo Naranjo
Maria Nava
Maria Navarro
Achyu Naw Naw and Lahpai Nang Ja
Manuel Nazario
Parto Nemati
Sandra Neu
Phat Nguyen
Erge Ni
Matt Nichols
Zaida and Angello Nicolaas
Raul Nieves
Chaitanya Nitta
Tial Zakai Niuk
Alejandro Nivar
Brittany and Claude Norris
Claudia Nunez
Martha L Nunez
Rafael Orlando and Jacqueline Nunez
Nelly Nunez Almonte
Narpinder Singh Oberoi
Leilanie and Gian Ocampo
Dorothy Ogega
Juan V. Olguin Sanchez
Carlos Olivares and Isabel Palacios
Carmen Olmeda and Donald Yates
Heriberto Ona
Alexander Osorio and Claudia Madrid
Dinora Osorio
Edgar Osorio and Tania Fernandez
Maria C Osorio
Carlos Osuna and Elisabet Cabrera
Orfilia Pacas
Antuaney Padilla and Junior Garlobo
Mary Padilla
Martin Palacios
Aravind Palepu and Sowjanya Amirapu
Tara Pam
Vivian Paradoa
Jongsun and Jihee Park
Miae Park
Sharmila Parvenn
Alberto Pascual Juan and
Petrona Andres Andres
Alex Patapis
Sachin Kumar and Monaliben Patel
Parshwa Patwa
Roosevehlt Paul and
Marciene Paul Pierre
Roberto Paz and
Maria De La Luz Beltran
Marielena Paz-Pineda and
Agus Coronilla
Myriam Pean
Juan Luis Pelaez
Julio Pelegrino and Ozaris Ferrer
Roxanne Pellon
Dilia Esmeralda Pena and
Juan Carlos Vargas
Cheng Peng
Gladys Peralta
Angela Percel and Dennys A Rosario
Dayma Perez
Nimia Perez
Rene Perez and Irenia Garcia
Rocio Perez
Shopak Perez and Kenia Pozo
Sulema Perez
Wilfredo Perez
Alma Jessica Perez Castaneda
Maria Perez De Leon
Dania Maria Perez Peralta
Ophnie Phanord
Nopparat Phaypim
Jose Picado Castillo and
Ivania Centeno Romero
Raymond Piedra and Elizabeth Vega
Audette Pierre and Napoleon Jean
Elifranc and Fernande Pierre
Elites Pierre and Jesulene Saintilmond
Fristzner and
Marie Emmanuelle C Pierre
Marc Andre Pierre-Noel and
Lynda Mergenat
Laura Pilchuk and Nathan James
Daniel Pineiro
Gladis and Casimiro Ponce
Ruben Prado and Lilia Gonzalez
Enock Prevalus
Maya Pupala
Susma Puri
Banhuo Qian
Haifeng Qiu
Dolores Quende
Ana and John Quintana
Melissa Quintero
Nusrat and Shah Farooq Qureshi
Jiden and Sita Rai
Sukhwinder Rai
Brenda Ramirez and
Telesforo Hernandez
Eleisida and Pascual Ramirez
Luz Maria Ramirez
Eduardo Tomas and
Marcelina Lourdes Ramos
Javier Ramos
Maribel Ramos
Sangeeta Rani and Narinder Singh
Aida Raymundo
Fernando Reinoso and Kirsis Ortega
Esmeralda Renderos and Henri Cardona
Jing Chen Ri
Eduardo Rivera Florentino
Vladimir Rivero
Ernesto and Teresa Rocha
Jorge Eliecer Rodrigues
Brenda Rodriguez
Carlos and Mery Rodriguez
Daisy Rodriguez
Larry and Rosemary Stewart
Ryan Stollmeyer and Kristen Telles
Natalie Strzelecki-Shutov and
Aleksey Shutov
Shengye Su
Susana Su
Xi Su
Thanakumar Subramaniam
Chanjuan Sun
Lihua Sun
Steve Sun
Xin Sun
Xue Sun
Yaling Sun
Christine and Kenny Sung
Kantimoy Sur
Wilner Syrius and Edmonde Enefort
Armando Takamoto
Tribhuvon Tallapragada
Salvador and Flora Tamayo
Thomas Qun Tang
Yongxin Tang
Youke Tang
Richard Tapia and Elidelma Villar
Aracely Tapia Hernandez
Corina Tavara
Mike and Raven Taylor
Raja Thambu
Sawitree Thangsaiklang
Charley Threet
Liza Tia
Clem Tian
Feng Tian
Ke Tian
Sa Tin
Radelky Ysabel Tineo
Farshad Tirgaryan
Eric and Estrella Torres
Jose Alfredo and Beatriz Torres
Maria Torres and Wbistano Sanchez
Miladys Torrez and Pablo Henriquez
Jackcina Towns and Jean Paul Edmond
Dayaris and Felix Brayan Travieso
Felix Travieso and Josefa Hernandez
Stephen Trinh and Van Nguyen
Juan Trujillo
Jamel Turner
San Twin
Prasad and Krishna Upreti
Ariel Urrelis
Sameer and Charu Vaid
Marianne Valdes
Lidia Altagracia Valdez Matos
Rosa G. Valdovinos
Juan Carlos Vargas
Gita Vasan
Sandra Vasquez
Daniel Vazquez and Ziuryx Felpeto
Miguel Angel Vazquez and Cecilia Rojas
Ramon Vazquez and Marina De Leon
Elvira Velasquez and Jesus Martines
Yicel Ventura De La Rosa
Manuel and Niurka Vergara
C. Vichot and Lucrecio Aleman
Telesfora Victoriano Perez
Alex Vile
Dorcas Villacorta and Arnaldo Iglesias
Juan Viscarra
Kefan Vu
Sonja Wan
Chunmei Wang
Feng Wang
Grace Wang
Guoying Wang
Ling Wang
Min Wang
Qun Wang
Thalia Wang
Tony Wang
Xinglou Wang
Hassaya Wangprapha and
Norbert Sienko
Kevin Waters
Anthony Watson
Giselle Weaver and Anthony Torresi
Tian Wei
Zarree and Hsar Wei
Jazzy Welkhu
Brett and Anna Williams
Tamara Wilson
Pink Wo
Sanmei Wo
Babs Wong
Kelly Wong
Ting Wong
Kelly Wood
Wiley and Antenita Wright
Charlie Wu
Haitao Wu
Mingming Wu
Taoyan Wu
Wayne Wu
Zheng Wu
Mengjie Xia
Mengpeng Xiao
Jonathan Xie
Rongfeng Xie
Tian Xie
David Rodriguez and Daniella Diaz
Felix and Silka Rodriguez
Hector Rodriguez
Itzel Rodriguez
Omar Alberto Rodriguez Gonzalez
Maria Romero
Yudieth Romero and Carlos Betancourt
Esteban Roque Ruiz
Pedro Rosa and Yaneth Salmeron
Gil Rosales and Vilma Castro
Yann Rousseau and
Melissa Paris Desilets
Napas Ruangdech
Franklin and Lesly Ruiz
Diane Ryan
Aman Saini
Junie Saint Pierre
Nelly Salazar
Ronald Salazar
Ren San
Carlos Sanchez
Idania and Iraldo Sanchez
Selyna Sanchez
Miriam and Luis C Santa Maria
Rosa Santana
Carolina Santana Rodriguez
Zahira Santiago
Jonathan Santos
Juana Santos and Gerony Santana
Vijay Sarma
Jorge Sarmiento and Rosa Narvaez
Stacey Sewell
Basherunnisa Shaik
Nero Shan
Sli Shang
Wen Feng Shang
Biao Shang Guan
Hui Shao
Yelena and Vadim Sharikov
Casey Sheffield and Michaella Turner
Jake Sheldon
Rei Shen
Sheriff Shepherd and
Rose Manning-Shepherd
Mei Mei Shih
Simun SHR
Salma Siddiqi
Osman Sierra and Myriam Pena
Maria Silverio Salas
Trustin Simpson
Duoduo Song
Mingming Song
Moonhee Song
Iliana Sorensen
X. Si Xie
Xihuan Xie
Renne Xu
Yehong Xu
Yue Ya
Shaoli Yan
Shaoting Yan
Xue Ying Yan
Hsiu Li Yang
Shuyan Yang
Xiu Ping Yang
Xiuming Yang
Xiuzhen Yang
Yu Ting Yang
Heyi Yao
John Ye
Maozi Ye
Coco Yee
Bulbul Yesselbayeva
Jia Yi
Shi Yong
Sonia Young
Truman Young
Ashirley Yu
Zahui Yu
Zhimei Yu
Edwin Zaldivar
Fenggui Zhang
Huiqun Zhang
Jay Zhang
Meng Zhang
Xiaohui Zhang
Xin Zhang
Yan Zhang
Yu Zhang
Yunchun Zhang
Zuosheng Zhang
Ziqi Zhao
Feng Ying Zheng
Judy Zheng
Mei Fang Zheng
Nengli Zheng
Bing Zhou
Jiajun Zhou
Xiao Jing Zhou
Cora Zhu
Endian Zhu
Guo Feng Zhu
Queenie Zhu
Wen Zhu
Maria Zorrilla
Utkarsh Zoting
Haishan Zou
Fabian Zuniga
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Events Calendar
Diamond Dreams: Custom-designed incentive trips from January to December.
Executive Diamond Club/
Diamond Club
Kona, Hawaii
Founders Memorial
Scholarship Program Opens!
MAY 14–16
Amway Regional
Founders Council
IBO Talent Show
Contest Opens!
Amway New
Platinum Conference
Prague, Czech Republic
Ada & Grand Rapids,
MAY 16–18
North American
Growth Council
Amway Achievers
(closes May 23)
MARCH 10–13
New Platinum Conference
Ada & Grand Rapids, Michigan
Las Vegas, Nevada
Munich, Germany
A Winning Combination
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Executive Diamond Club/
Diamond Club
Maui, Hawaii
Amway Achievers
Orlando, Florida
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Just search for “Achieve Magazine” in the
iTunes® App Store and you’re on your way to
a whole new interactive experience!
s we look to our future and developing
the next generation of leaders, we are
proud to announce the latest news
regarding the Founders Memorial
Scholarship Program awards.
The Founders Memorial Scholarship Program, in
honor of our first Amway Independent Business
Owners – Jere and Eileen Dutt, Fred and Bernice
Hansen, and Joe and Helyne Victor – was established
in early 2013 to keep these pioneers' names,
leadership, and legacy in front of new generations
of IBOs. More than 50 years after they started their
Amway™ businesses, we see the impact of their work
and leadership in the lives of their families and of
every IBO who embraces the Amway opportunity as
a way to reach his or her own American dream. The
scholarship program is one more way of helping IBOs
and their children reach their dreams.
During this inaugural year, the IBOAI and the families
of the IBOs for whom the scholarships are named
– the Dutts, the Hansens, and the Victors – have
each partnered with Amway to generously match
the original amount, raising the value of each award
to $15,000. A big and heartfelt "Thank you!" goes
out to the IBOAI Board, Jody and Gina Dutt, Karen
and Jerry DeBlaay, Susan and Skip Ross, and Jody
and Kathy Victor for such a generous gesture in
supporting this important program.
Learn more about each of this year's scholarship
winners and about their reactions to learning they
had been selected to receive an inaugural Founders
Memorial Scholarship at:
Start thinking about your application for next year's
program. The 2014 program will opens for entries on
February 3, 2014.
Congratulations to this year's award recipients:
at Rider
New Jersey,
majoring in
Senior at Illinois
Institute of
majoring in
student at
King's College
London, London,
England, studying
Heroes for Giving Voice to IBOs
Heroes reveal themselves in many ways. Who they
are, what they do, and the people they influence may
differ, but all are distinguished by their profoundly
selfless actions and unwavering commitment. For
IBOs past and future, the founding members of the
American Way Association will always be heroes.
In 1959, Rich DeVos and Jay Van Andel, along with a
few top IBOs, established an organization that would
serve as the voice of Amway’s Independent Business
Owners, promoting their interests and protecting their
rights. To this day, this “voice of the IBO,” represented
by the IBOAI®, is a vital component of the Amway™
independent business opportunity and is what
makes it unique in the direct selling industry. For
this, we have Jere and Eileen Dutt, Fred and Bernice
Hansen, and Joe and Helyne Victor to thank. They
served as role models for putting people and their
needs first, working hard to achieve success, and
structuring their businesses to involve their families.
now, their leadership continues to impact the lives
of their families and every IBO who embraces the
Amway opportunity as a way to reach his or her
own American dream.
In honor of their contributions, the IBOAI, Amway,
and the founding families have established a
program to help develop the next generation of
leaders. The Founders Memorial Scholarship
Program offers the:
· Jere and Eileen Dutt Memorial Scholarship
· Fred and Bernice Hansen Memorial Scholarship
· Joe and Helyne Victor Memorial Scholarship
These three scholarships will be awarded
annually to IBOs or their children. Each serves as
a testament to the heroic work of the founding
families, as well as encouragement and support
for the leaders of tomorrow.
The IBOAI is guided by an elected Board of
Directors and continues to thrive as it interacts with
Amway on the development of products, programs,
and events. The association’s strong partnership
with the company is proof that the founding
members were visionaries. For more than 50 years
Determination: Josh Kennison
Generosity: Beverly Sallee Ophoff
Leadership: Valeriy Solodyankin
Patriotism: Jeremy Wojdan
Since the Amway Hero Awards program began in 2009, you’ve
shared remarkable stories about some remarkable people.
Stories about IBOs serving their countries, communities,
businesses, families, and friends, and doing amazing things
that have earned them the honorary title of “Hero.”
Determination: Stephen Willoby
Generosity: Tim Foley
Leadership: Ulises Feliz
Patriotism: Michael Schindler
We know there are many, many more everyday “heroes,” quietly
following the directions of their hearts and passions, all to help
others lead better lives. Help us shine light on the good things
happening in the world.
Determination: Frank Morales
Generosity: Jim and Nancy Dornan
Leadership: Mark Schaible
Patriotism: Mike Carroll
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Return Undeliverable Canadian Addresses To Amway Canada Corporation
375 Exeter Road P.O. Box 7777 London Station Main London ON N5Y 5V6
©2013 All rights reserved. Printed in Canada. L3657CU
Nominate your hero or heroes today at:

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