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From the Helm - Bradenton Yacht Club
P oop D eck
The Monthly Newsletter •
From the Helm
Calling all
the Bradenton
make a New
Years resolution
to participate and enjoy our
Club! 2010 is here -- a new year
with some exciting events coming
up, including new menus, specials
and many attractions guaranteed
to bring you here. While our
revenues for the months of
November and December were
behind budget, your Board of
Directors and Management Team
are not sitting back and blaming
the economy. We are charging full
steam ahead and will continue
to be creative in our offerings,
events, and improving amenities
to our members. In the insightful
words of Past Commodore
Bill Baker, “This is your Club;
come use it!” And as always,
we welcome your feedback and
suggestions to drive participation.
Our keys to success this year will
be increasing member utilization
and membership growth. You
can help us with both!
amenities, we are moving forward
Ron Delavan
with an enhanced website for the
BYC. We expect to “go live” in the
first quarter of this year. Features
will include user friendly online
chit detail, bill pay options,
profile updates and much
more! Thanks to Judy Engberg
and Jeanne Reeves along with the
Publicity Committee for making
this project a reality. Back by popular demand!
Saturday, January 23rd, the
Florida Cracker Party returns
and Saturday, February 27th,
the second BYC Crab Races are
scheduled. Find more details on
these events and more inside the
Poopdeck. Mark your calendars
now for two important Bradenton
Yacht Club events and traditions.
The Annual Membership Meeting
will be held on TUESDAY, APRIL
27th, at 7 pm followed by our
Saturday, May 1st, Memorial
Service, Blessing of the Fleet and
Member Appreciation Party. I
encourage all of you as members
of the BYC to be present for both,
and show your support and
appreciation for the volunteer
members who have served and will
serve on the Board of Directors of
our Club. Gary
36’ Nanny
took first place
in the Lighted
Boat Parade.
Look for more
Boat Parade
January 2010
Commodore Deborah Ross
12th Annual Holiday Boat Parade
Committee and participants! For
once we can truly say the weather
was beautiful, and as always the
parade was spectacular. We can
all be proud that the BYC took the
reins on this event and provided
a show for all of Manatee County
to enjoy. Congratulations to our Harbor
Lights Winners! First Prize Food – Joe and
Casey McClash’s Bananas Foster First Prize Beverage – Steve
and Joy Fredrick’s Red, Red Wine
Decorated Boats – First: Nanny,
Gary and Carol Alderman; Second,
Knot at Work, Bill and Mary Beth
Westbrook; Third, Bimini Twist,
Mike and Jeanne Reeves Happy New Year everyone! I’ll
see you at the Club.
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Yacht Club
2009-2010 Officers,
Directors & Committee Chairpersons
Flag Officers
Commodore.................................... Deborah Ross
Vice Commodore............................ Harry Blenker
Rear Commodore............................ Rick Shaurette
Past Commodore............................. Joe McClash
Secretary......................................... Linda Howe
Treasurer........................................ Jim Freeman
Fleet Captain Sail........................... Gerald Baily
Fleet Captain Power....................... Wayne Duckstein
Fleet Captain Fishing..................... Mike Reeves
Director (House)............................ David Bailey
Director (Publicity)........................ Judy Engberg
Director (Membership)................... Evan Guido
Director (Entertainment)............... Michael Messer
Director (Long Range Planning).... Susan Tibbits
Director (Basin)............................. Tony Toledo
Junior Director . ............................ Summer Smith-Pope
FCYC Representative...................... Jack Gorman
President - Great Mates.................. Susan Vorpahl
Bradenton Yacht Club
4307 Snead Island Road
Palmetto, FL 34221
OFFICE (941) 722-5936 • FAX (941) 723-6639
E-mail: [email protected]
Office Hours: Tues - Fri 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
WEBMASTER: Douglas Peck
[email protected]
[email protected]
Please call ahead to reserve your table
Tuesday-Thursday: Lunch Menu 11:30 am to 9:00 pm,
Dinner Menu 5:30 pm to 9:00 pm
Friday & Saturday: Lunch Menu 11:30 am to 9:30 pm,
Dinner Menu 5:30 pm to 9:30 pm
Sunday Lunch: 11:30 am to 6:00 pm
Tiki Bar: 4:00 pm to 11:00 pm, Friday; Noon to 11:00, Saturday;
Noon to Dusk, Sunday. Weather Permitting
Visitors by the Sea
Bradenton YC
Carlouel YC
Charlotte Harbor YC 5
Davis Island YC 1
Florida YC
Ft. Walton YC
Isles YC
Pasadena YC
St. Petersburg YC
Tampa YC
Total Number of Visitors
Total Power Boats
Total Sailboats
Diesel Fuel Sold
Gas Sold
3,618 gallons
3,402 gallons
Attention All BYC Members...
Two (2) members’ names will appear hidden
within the Poopdeck. If you find your name
(with a star next to it), you will receive two (2)
complimentary bar drinks, one time during the
month, on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday
evening. Please let your server know that you are
one of the chosen ones for the month.
BYC Phone Extensions
Phone # 941-722-5936 • Fax # 941-723-6639
Dockmaster Cell # 941-374-2310
Accounts Payable
Accounts Receivable
To Go
Controller/Office Manager Alice
Dining Rooms Manager
For Assistance
General Manager
Podium (making reservations after 5 p.m.)
Tiki Bar
Bridge Club
Carl Kramer
Now that all the excitement and parties are
over, we can concentrate on our Spring Tournament
starting on February 4th. All the sharpies are back
from the North, their claws are sharpened and we’re
ready to roll.
Nov. 19th
David Tyler & Chris Grubaker
Bill & Sandy Boyce
Joan & Mike Simms
Dec. 3rd
David Tyler & Chris Grubaker
Mary & Newell Yaple
Dixie Keeney & Eilene Pierson
Dec. 10th
Bessie Sands & Freda Logan
Carla & Gary Morgan
Mary & Newell Yaple
A new year is here. PLAY MORE BRIDGE!
Employee of
the Month
The BYC’s employee
of the month is the
kitchen’s very deserving
Carlos Morales. Carlos
was born in Morelos,
Mexico and moved to
Florida at the age of
4. He graduated from
Bradenton’s Southeast
High School, then
joined the Marine Corps
in 2004. With the Marine Corps, Carlos was able
to travel to Guam, Hawaii, Singapore and Australia. Carlos served two tours of duty in Iraq in 2006 and
2007. We are honored and proud to have a member
of the United States’ most noble brotherhood on
staff at the BYC. When asked about his service to
our country, Carlos responded, “If called back
to duty, I would do it in a heartbeat!” Thank you,
Carlos for your service and contribution protecting
all Americans. Carlos was married in 2006 and he
and his family now live in the Bradenton area.
Regular Membership
Karl & Deborah Reekstin
2186 Centerview Ct. N.
Clearwater, FL 33759
(727) 725-1092
“Liberty” - 60’ Sea Ray
Richard & Chloe Fargione
1887 Nuthatch Way
Palm Harbor, FL 34683
“East Coast Xpre” - 39’ Sea Ray
David & Linda Disesa
525 Crystal Dr.
Madeira Beach, FL 33708
(727) 397-0363
“Esperanza” - 46’ Hatteras
In Memoriam
Beth Harsch
BYC Member
Appreciation Night
Friday, January 29th
6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Free Draft Beer
while it lasts
Special Buffet prepared by the
Chef $14.95++
Reserve at 941-722-5936
The Judges
Lighted Boat
Club Manager
Happy New Year everybody; I
hope your night of festivities New
Years Eve was enjoyable and safe! Whether you were here at the
Club, or out and about, I hope you were with loved
ones, and your ‘09 ended well and 2010 began with a
bang! I have to thank our entertainment committee
because our Club looked great through the Holidays
and for New Year’s Eve. It is they who organized the
decorators, purchased the decorations, raised funds
for the decorations, displayed them beautifully and
then put all of the decorations away. It is a labor of
love for these members who selflessly give of their
time, money and their talents. I want to thank them
personally for making our Club a beautiful festive
place for the holidays. For all of our new members who joined during the
last year, we are having a Newer Member Orientation
on January 30th from 10 a.m. to noon! This will
be a great opportunity to come in and chat with
the Board, with Committee Chairs and Department
Heads, and have any questions you have answered. Plus, the Membership Committee will pick up your
breakfast tab! This is totally win/win. You will
receive an invitation in the mail after the first of the
year; a timely RSVP will be appreciated. Thank you to all of the members who supported
our employee Holiday Fund! Because of your
generosity, our employees were provided with an
envelope of Holiday Cheer at our Annual Holiday
Employee Party! We are truly blessed to have such
giving members! Even in this economy, our members
gave generously to our Holiday Gift Fund. Speaking
of our Employee Holiday Party…again, our members
have outdone themselves! A very special thank you,
from all of our Crew, to all of the volunteers who
came to the Club to cook, clean, serve and bartend
for us at our party. The BYC Team so appreciates the
opportunity to enjoy this event, and get treated like
members for the day!
As to the business of 2010, your Management
Team has been watching the trends in our revenues
vs. expenses. We know there are choices to be made
on where people spend their money when it comes
to dining, entertainment, and recreation. Believe me;
I have spent much time with my department heads,
committees and our Board of Directors developing
ways to make the BYC your destination of choice. One thing we have learned in the past, for some
members it’s about the price, for some members it’s
about the experience, for some members it’s about the
Ken Nyhus
camaraderie, for some members it’s about the FCYC
and for some members it is about the entertainment. For some members it’s a combination of two or more
of the aforementioned items. So, while we have
our work cut out for us in the new year, we are busy
devising new menus, fun new activities and bringing
back some requested events as Commodore Ross
stated in her article.
As I speak with my peers at other yacht clubs
in the area, the number one question for 2010 is
will we be in survival mode, revival mode, or can
we as managers develop a program that will allow
our clubs to continue to thrive. To that effect, I will
be sending out some electronic surveys to several
targeted groups of members, asking for opinions
about our operation to help plan our direction for
the future. As our Club has a diverse member base
with many different wants and needs, it is challenging
at best to put a plan into place that pleases everyone. Several years ago in an effort to offer finer dining, we
developed menus that featured higher end products
that warranted somewhat higher prices. We alienated
and aggravated members who wanted the Club to be
more casual with more modest price points.
As the economy has shifted, we have targeted
more affordable menu items, and it seems we have
alienated and aggravated the members who prefer
finer dining. It is our goal to develop menus that
are pleasing to all of our members. We may without
intention remove one of your favorite menu items. I thank you all in advance for understanding that
this is a work in progress, and as Commodore Ross
stated in her article, “We are not going to blame the
economy,” rather we are going to figure out how we
can better market to and please all interests of our
members. I know our members love and support our
Club, as do I. Together, we will outlast the situation
we find ourselves in, and not let the negative fallout
of this situation grind us down.
God bless you and yours. I want to wish you and
your family a happy, safe, PROSPEROUS New Year
in 2010. Remember to come out to the Club for a
safe haven of fun and camaraderie in January and all
of the New Year! Check out the new menus we’ve
assembled, try a new event, or just come meet your
friends for a smile and a drink. See you all around
the Clubhouse!
Visit the BYC website at
Fleet Captain Fishing
December was a challenging
month. Even the weatherguessers couldn’t figure out what
was going on. Not the near
perfect conditions that we are
accustomed to. Hopefully as you are reading we’re
back to our winter norm of several good weather
days followed by a few slightly flawed, and then
back to great days again. Not a bad way to spend our
seventy-five day winter. Now to my problem. The
editor says she needs a couple hundred words. My
old brain won’t come up anything relevant. Almost
nobody, including me, has been doing a lot of
fishing. Last month’s rough and tumble conditions
gave up a few snapper, grouper and kingfish. Each
trip was followed by at least four Advil. The fly
rods sit gathering dust. Yes, we are a little spoiled. I am going to take the notebook into the den and
watch the outdoor channels for a while – hopeful for
some inspiration.
Now I am engulfed by my big old chair, magic
clicker in hand and tuned into the Fishing Network. Oh, oh, not a good start, the current show is some
Bassin Bubba catching 6-pound fish on 60-pound
line; yard work is better than this. Wait a minute
-- Jimmy Houston is not pond poking with the good
old boys this week; he is fishing the flats down
in the Keys. Sit tight, I’ll be back in 30 minutes. That was pretty good. He was fishing with a guy I
know from Bud’n Mary’s on an old Hewes. I was
vicariously right there. I’m a little tired but didn’t
get too much sun. Jimmy caught six big bonefish
in 11 minutes, giggling the whole time like a school
girl with a hormone rush. Now the clicker takes me
to channel 318 where Sportsman’s Adventures is
in the Gulf catching wahoo. Six monster hoos in
four minutes – these guys are really good! Another commercial; some way too handsome guy is talking
about a new and improved Calcutta Baitcaster. Back
to the action and one second later a big fat grouper
is in the boat, another commercial, (same reel - I’ve
gotta have one!). Now they are hooked up with a
little blackfin. Man, would I like to have a wahoo,
grouper, blackfin honey hole. OK back to ESPN and
whatever is on. Jose Wejebe, all right! Life is good.
He is not in the Keys but way down south fishing
out of La Guiara, with mates Speedy and David. It’s
giving me goose bumps. I am right there trying to
remember my Spanish. It kind of comes out gringolingo. I swear that I smell the Venezuelan breakfast
that Olga is cooking and can almost taste Grand
Mike Reeves
Reserva Selectro that is waiting at the end of the day. Now another commercial with that same darn reel
but this time they give an 800 number. ....”my
expiration date is 11/2045 and yes I will pay $989
for overnight shipping.” Nothing is perfect. We
must now endure some guys duck hunting in a cold
wet muddy swamp. There is no way in the world
my princess of a lab would do what these dogs are
doing. Next up Fly Fishing the World is in South
America catching all kinds of exotic stuff. This is a
pretty cool show. We need to see how many air miles
it takes to get to the Amazon. I would name the fish
for you but my spell check won’t help and I don’t
have a clue. This is dangerous; I could turn into a pale, lard
bellied, button pushing armchair angler. One look
out the window and I know that won’t ever happen. What a place to live! Well, just like in high school
I have been counting the words as I type. Just a few
more and I am out’a here. This has not been a bad
90 minutes though, with sensational fishing right at
my finger tip. But doing is a heck of a lot better than
watching. So, out of the comfy chair, e-mail this
to the editor, hide the clicker so Jeanne can’t find it,
grab Sunshine, get two cold ones, grab the good rod,
find my best mirrorlure, fire up the skiff and boy I
love life. Hope I see you out there somewhere in our
little piece of heaven.
Anglers please watch your BYC e-mail this
month for an important announcement.
Catch of the month. While free diving (no scuba) in
about 45 feet of water off Anna Maria, Taylor Chadsey
III speared this thirty pound Kingfish. I am guessing
that it took him for a bit of a ride. That is Taylor Jr. silently counting his son’s fingers to
see if there are still ten of them.
Visit the BYC website at
Fleet Captain Sailing
Since the last issue, we have had
several new and interesting sailing
related events. We now have two
of our JY-15 sailboats ready to
sail. Ted Weyhrauch of Innovative
Marine and I put two of the boats together and
replaced defective equipment. Ted supplied the lines
at a discount. Sunrise Sails checked the sails, did a
few small repairs at no charge, made the new hiking
straps and supplied tiller extensions at a discount.
Now we have boats to use and Joe McClash or I will
check out our members who want to use the boats
during Club hours. We have check out and sign in
and out sheets in the dockmasters office. The boats
are near our beach on the river. Call me to arrange a
check out.
Ravi Parent, who was sailing Opti’s in Scotland last
summer, won the District 13 Laser Championships
on December 5th. He finished with five first place
races and a 4th place throw out race to win over 17
other boats. Way to go, Ravi !
On Thanksgiving weekend, Regatta Point Marina
hosted the Turkey Run regatta. The race was a reverse
handicap from just off Regatta Point to Emerson
Point and back with a few other marks to go around
Jerry Baily
along the way. In a reverse handicap, the boats have
different starting times depending on their handicap
and in a perfect race all would finish at the same time.
Midnight Sun with Greg Knighton sailing finished
second, Killer Tomato was third, and Catastrophie
and Mischief had a very close race. Caliente and Lil
Gringo also sailed with us. The Regatta Point Marina
staff put together a really great buffet and wonderful
service. Thanks to Peter and Ben and all their staff for
a great event. If you are near the marina and hungry,
stop in; you will not be disappointed.
On Saturday December 5th, the Around Egmont
Race was sailed. There was some confusion about the
date and day for which I am responsible. The weather
was so cold, rainy, and windy, for which I was not
responsible. Rather than the 20 boats we expected,
we had only three boats, each in a different class. The
plan is to resail the regatta in the spring.
We will have a sailing committee meeting in late
January with sailors from Tampa Bay and Sarasota
Bay to work out racing schedules for the rest of the
year. If you are interested in attending, please let me
I hope your Christmas season was truly blessed.
Evan Guido
Membership continues to go
We are seeing many members return from the frosty
well in terms of bringing in new
snow covered North. So make sure to welcome them
members. After speaking with
back into the swing of things as well.
others in the club community
The Club has many unique groups and
and reading the surveys Ken
committees that are looking to INCLUDE YOU. My
brings back from his continuing
wife Brittany and I have made many close friends
education courses, I am happy to report that we are
through participating in committees, which has
“Leaps and Bounds” ahead of many other clubs in
made the Yacht Club a meaningful part of our lives.
terms of the value the BYC offers for the nominal cost
Please participate by joining an event planning group
of membership. Even more important is that we have
or a committee to help ensure your BYC experience
better retention rates and continue to bring in new
is even better. Simply contact me at 941-906members constantly. This can be directly attributed
2829 - [email protected] OR any board member
to the hard working office staff, in particular Alice
to get involved.
McCann, Jenifer Gordon, and Debbie Hemmerly.
THANK YOU for all you do behind the scenes to
BYC New Member
support our committee and make the Club a great
place to belong. Orientation Breakfast
As many of you are aware, the “30 Day Test
Saturday, January 30th
Drive” Membership is a great way to include friends,
colleagues and neighbors in the BYC Experience.
10:00 a.m. to Noon
With that said, you will continue to see new member
If you are a new member who joined within the
pineapples throughout the Club. Having spoken to
last year, expect to see an invitation to our New
many of the new members, I assure you they are
Member Orientation in the mail
“ready and waiting” for you to introduce yourselves.
Look for More Events Elsewhere in the PoopDeck!
Harbor Lights
Michael Stowe
Look for More Events Elsewhere in the PoopDeck!
Florida Cracker Party
January 23rd
6:00 p.m. Cocktails featuring Jack Daniels and cases of Miller Lite
7:00 p.m. Conch Chowder, Florida Citrus Salad, Paiela, Shrimp and Cheese Grits, Rustic
Roasted Chicken, Dry Rubbed Pork Ribs, Ocala Prime Rib
$19.99 + +
Music for Dancing and Entertainment by Southern Spice
Dress is Red Neck Casual • Reservations please, 941-722-5936
Gourmet Wine Dinner
Saturday, January 30th
6:30 Champagne and Amuse Bouche
Crab and Shrimp Cocktail with Remoulade Sauce
7:00 Dinner Commences
Balsamic & Mushroom Panini Amuse Bouche
Venetian Crab Soup
Spicy Green Salad with Manchego & Pears
Seared Duck Breast with Cherries and Port
Sauce with Grilled Asparagus and White Bean
and Roasted Garlic Puree
Sundried Tomato & Garlic Crusted Rack of
Lamb with Pommes Parisian and Ratatouille
Coffee-Caramel Crème Brulee $50.00 + + per person for
Wine Society Members
$70.00 + + per person
Non-Wine Society
Reservations please,
New Years Day 2010
Tiki Squeaky
Noon to 6:00 p.m.
Watch the big game, have some hair of the
dog that bit ya, enjoy a little Tiki in your New
Parades, football, food and beverage!
Sliced Ham, Fried Chicken, Black Eyed Peas, Collard
Greens, Potato Salad and Cole Slaw
$10.99 + +
BYC Chili Cook-Off
Sunday, January 17th
2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Bring a pot, pan or crock-pot of your favorite
home-made Chili and enter our contest. Bring
enough to be judged, and to share. Bring a
Recipe, and we can compile
a delicious dossier for all to
take home! After the tasting, stay
and watch Football in
the Clubhouse, or at
the Tiki Bar!
Look for More Events Elsewhere in the PoopDeck!
Valentines Sweetheart Dinner Dance
Saturday, February 13th
Dinner Reservations start at 6:00, and are every ½ hour until 8:30 p.m.
Dance the Night Away with The Venturas!
She Crab or Beef Lentil Soup Bistro Salad of Mixed Greens, Walnuts, Apples, Blue Cheese, Cranberries & Balsamic Vinaigrette
Fire Roasted Filet Mignon, topped with a Maryland Crab Cake & Béarnaise Sauce, or
Cornish Game Hen with Amaretto Stuffing & Honey Glaze Bananas Foster Prepared Tableside
$29.99 + +
Regular menu available in the lounge
Chocolate Tasting Saturday night, February 20th • 8:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.
Taste 7 kinds of Chocolate and experience some
of our most decadent Chocolate Concoctions,
including a Chocolate Martini!
$10.00 + + per person for Wine Society Members
$20.00 + + per person Non-Wine Society Members
Reservations please!
Crabby Saturday
Saturday Night, February 27th
BYC’s Crab & Slab, all you care to eat Crab Legs & BBQ Ribs
$19.99 + +
$1 Draft Beer & 2 for 1 Well Drinks 5 - 7 p.m.
Crab Races!
Reservations please 941-722-5936!
Look for More Events Elsewhere in the PoopDeck!
Outdoor Adventurers
The BYC Outdoor Adventure group will be getting
the New Year off to a great start with a BYC first our own onsite US Coast Guard Captains course
where you can earn your OUPV (six pack) license.
The course will be taught at the BYC by Captain Jeff
Stephens of the well known SEA School. As some
of you heard Captain Jeff describe at our November
meeting, the course will be held on weekend days
in January and February. (January 30 and 31, and February 6, 13, 20 and 21 to be exact), followed by
the final test on February 27. The cost of our class
will be $450.00, a $100 saving from regular tuition.
So not only will you be able to take the course in the
comfort of your Yacht Club, you’ll save substantially.
Brian Smith
You must enroll before the first class meeting on
January 30. Please contact the Sea School directly at
800-237-8663 for details and enrollment. If you’ve
been wanting that Captains license but have been
putting it off because it was too much trouble, don’t
miss this special opportunity. We have many exciting adventures planned for
2010 including a concealed weapons permit course,
a skeet shooting trip, tailgating at a polo match, a
basic SCUBA course, a boat cooking demonstration
by the author of Yachting Cookbook, and, of course,
more kayaking. If there’s something else you’d like
to see us do, please get in touch with me or come by
our meeting on January 26th.
Cocktails & Candlelight
Look for More Events Elsewhere in the PoopDeck!
Fleet Captain Power
I would like to wish everyone a
wonderful New Year. As we move
into the month of January, our
first cruise is at the Yacht Club.
We will be staying on the wall
and in the basin at BYC. The dates for the cruise are
January 22-24 and if you would like to join us, call
the Dockmaster to see if there is room on the wall. If
you want to join us for dinner on Friday evening,
send me an e-mail; all land cruisers are welcome. The February 19-21 cruise is to St. Pete Yacht
Club and there is still space available. We will be
going to Sarasota Yacht Club March 26-28; e-mail
me if you are interested on going on the cruise. My
Wayne Duckstein
e-mail address is [email protected]
Power Fleet Dinner
January 12th
6:00 p.m. Cocktails, 7:00 p.m. Plated Dinner
Cup of Soup du Jour • Southwest Rib-Eye Steak
with roasted corn and black bean salsa • Teriyaki
Salmon with Gingered Edamame & fire roasted
tomatoes • Rice Pudding
$16.99 + +
Please make entrée selection when
making reservations
Brunch with Santa
Look for More Events Elsewhere in the PoopDeck!
Holiday Party
A Remembrance
Past Commodore
Dave Wilson
In 2009 we witnessed the passing of some very
remarkable, wonderful women members of our
Club. Many felt that their passing should not go
unnoticed. These women worked hard, along side
other members, to shape and preserve the Club
which we all enjoy today.
On December 10, 2009, Beth Harsch, member
#657, passed away. Beth was preceded in death by
her beloved husband Past Commodore David Harsch
who passed in April. Beth was a Past President of our
Great Mates, and she and Dave were always a shining
light in making new members feel welcome to the
BYC. Beth and Dave were high school sweethearts
and enjoyed 68 years of a wonderful married life
together. Both Dave and Beth were 90 years of age
at their passing. They will be sorely missed by many
BYC members and friends. Beverly (Bev) Holmes, member #582, joined our
club in November of 1974 with her late husband
Chuck, a highly decorated Viet Nam veteran. Bev
served on Club committees and was a Great Mates
member for many years. She was the sister of Past
Commodore John Norrie.
Joyce Duckwall, member #362, joined our Club
in September of 1971. She was a past President of the
Great Mates. Joyce still preferred the original name
“Galley Maids” which was changed some years
ago. She, along with Bev Holmes, always had a warm
smile and a hug for this member when I had the
pleasure of seeing them together at the Club.
Teri Kirkpatrick, member #1502, joined us at
the BYC in August of 1994 with her husband, Past
Commodore Sherman Kirkpatrick. Teri was very active
on many committees at the Club as well as serving
as Honorary President of the Great Mates. She
chaired the 2006 Community Outreach event and
was involved every year since its beginning. She was
a great asset to the BYC; her decorating talents were
seen throughout the Club on holidays, as well as on
most special events. Teri was taken from us too soon;
we will miss her.
Roberta Cole, Member #992, was a member since
1982 and was one exceptional lady. Roberta served
as President of the Great Mates in the 1986-87 year,
and I do not believe that she ever missed an annual
members meeting. She was a woman with strong
opinions and was, to her last days, very willing to
share them. It is fair to say that Roberta feared no
one. She was somewhat of a historical figure to our
area. She was born in 1910 on the Island of Egmont
Key. Her father was the resident engineer on Egmont
for many years. She left Egmont when her family
moved to Bradenton. The year was 1924 and Roberta
was 14. Her only return trip to Egmont Key was in
1998 when my late wife, Judy, and I had the pleasure
of taking her and a news crew from Channel 8 there
on our boat for a short feature which they did on
Egmont Key and her family. Roberta passed away in
October, at the age of 99. Her mind was still clear,
even at that advanced age.
Our Club also lost Gail Gross, #2272, and Susan
Keen, #1521, last year.
We sometimes, I feel, tend to forget the hard work
and contributions of those who went before us. We
were truly blessed to have had these wonderful ladies
as friends and fellow members of the Bradenton
Yacht Club.
Thursday Night
Mongolian Sautee
Sunday Brunch
You choose any combination of:
Beef, Chicken, Pork & Shrimp, then pile on:
Broccoli, carrots, sprouts, garlic, cilantro, baby corn,
cabbage, jalapenos, mushrooms, onions, peppers,
tomatoes, hot chili peppers, pea pods, and eggs,
paired with a sauce: Ponzu, Buffalo, mojo, marsala,
chimichurri, Sweet & sour, teriyaki, Thai peanut,
BBQ, Marinara, or piccata served with:
Rice, Pasta, or Tortillas, with a salad bar
for only $12.99 + + for 1 time,
or $16.99 + + for unlimited.
Every Sunday
Brunch Buffet 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
Lounge Menu Noon to 6:00 p.m.
Chef’s Carvery, Entrée du Jour, Smoked Salmon,
U-Peel-Um Shrimp, Oysters Rockefeller, Salad
Bar, Eggs Benedict, Omelets made to order, Crepe
Station, Biscuits & Gravy, Soup Station du Jour,
Bacon & Sausage, Home Fried Potatoes, Cheese
Grits, & Chef’s accompaniments & more….
$19.99 + +
Visit the BYC website at
Michael Messer
The spotlight in January is
on the “Cracker Party”! If you
missed this last year, you don’t
want to miss this one. The staff
skit, beer pong and cow paddy
bingo were some of the crazy party fun activities.
This year come scoot a boot to the music of Southern
Spice. So throw on your best Cracker duds and get
down to the Club on January 23rd for a guaranteed
good time at the second annual “Cracker Party”!
Check your Poopdeck or the BYC website for the
Friday night band line-up! We are bringing in a few
new bands over the next several months, along with
some familiar favorite bands. Always a good reason
to come to the Club to kick up your heels or just
kickback and enjoy the music.
We are looking forward to February with two great
parties! A Valentines dinner and dance on the 13th
and the “Crab Races” are back on the 27th. More to
come in the February Poopdeck……
Congratulations to our half tree contest winners
last month! Seychelles spa was awarded first place,
the Bridge Club took second, membership took third
and honorable mention went to the Commodores
Club. Thank you to all who participated in this
special BYC tradition!
A very special thank you is extended to all
those who worked hard to deck the BYC halls in
December. Joining Christy and me were Richard
and Deborah Ross, Pam Burghardt, Cindy Rhategan,
Karen and Carl Patton, Jane Fultz, Brian Smith, Rick
Hoffmeister, Tom Farmer, Ryan Ross, Susan Vorpahl,
Charlene Hoffmeister, Pat Wolcott, Caroline and Jim
Freeman, Nancy Schofield, and Randy and Pauldie
See you at the BYC!
Raw Bar &
Seafood Buffet
Friday, January 22nd
6:00 to 9:30 p.m.
Raw Oysters, Steamed Clams, Crab Legs, Fried
Calamari, Mussels in Garlic Wine Butter, Oysters
Rockefeller, Steamed Shrimp, Seafood Newburg,
Chef’s Fresh Catch and more.
$26.99 + +
BYC Outdoor Adventure
Group Meeting
Tuesday, January 26th
6:00 p.m.
Order dinner on your own, then meet and
greet our other adventurers!
Ever wonder what you should
take when you have a headache
and you are taking meds for
another condition? Or, perhaps you are not sure
when you should toss that bottle of aspirin.
Chat one-on-one with a registered pharmacist
and get answers about your prescription and
over-the-counter medications.
TOP 10
Regular Dinner Menu available also
Thursday, 21st
11:30 Social, Noon Lunch
$11.85 + +
Reservations please, 941-722-5936
Rph, PharmD
FEBRUARY 18, 2010
Great Mates Luncheon
Lobster Bisque en Croute • Wild Mushroom &
Asiago Quiche with Cranberry Spinach Salad
Chocolate Satin Tart • Coffee, Tea & Decaf
With more than 20 years
experience in financial
planning and a Certified
Financial Planner for the
last nine years, Karin’s level
of expertise is widely recognized. She currently writes a
financial planning column for The Bradenton Herald and
serves on BYC’s Finance Committee.
Securities are offered through LPL Financial, member FINRA, SIPC.
Great Mates
Great Mates Luncheon Guest Speakers are subject to change. Every effort will be made to make each member aware of any
changes to the speaker schedule. As a BYC member you are encouraged to bring a guest. Reservations are required.
Visit the BYC website at
Great Mates
Well, here is to another year of
good clean living under the belt. My sincere wish is for a healthy,
happy and prosperous new year
for everyone.
Thursday, January 21, will be our first Great
Mates Luncheon of the new year. Our speaker will
be Christopher Laird, a registered pharmacist from
CVS in Tampa. He will be presenting a program on
“Medication Management Strategy” - what better
way to start out the new year than by taking stock of
the medications we take. Christopher will answer
questions regarding medications and the different
interactions that can happen if you are not aware of
what medications you can or should not mix. I would like to thank everyone for your continued
support and generosity of all the goodies and gifts
you donated to our “Bundles for Babies” campaign. As always, the BYC members showed their generosity
and came through with flying colors. North River
Pregnancy Care is always so appreciative for all the
Susan Vorpahl
help that they can get. Also, it is so much fun to
shop for those really cute baby items. If you haven’t already, please mark March 6th
on your calendar and plan to attend our annual
Community Outreach fundraiser that evening. Not
only does the fundraiser support a great organization
– this year it is Family Promise of Manatee County
– but the entire evening has always been a very fun,
interactive event. This year’s theme is “All Dat Jazz”. As the planning progresses over the next two months,
more details will be shared.
I do want to share with you something wonderful
that happened at the November meeting. Three new
BYC members joined us for their first ever Great
Mates luncheon and each made purpose to tell
me they had a fabulous time and will definitely be
back. So, if you have never attended a Great Mates
luncheon please come and see what you have been
Visit the BYC website at
Robert Burns Night
and Scotch Tasting
January 16th
Single Malt Scotch Tasting starts at 6:00 p.m., enjoy
up to 8 different varieties. Then feast on a Scottish Buffet, for only $18.95 +
+, and yes, there will be Haggis!
This will be a really fun event,
don’t miss it!
Winter Tiki Bar Hours:
The Tiki Bar
will close during
an electrical storm!
Fridays, 4:00 to 11:00 p.m.
Saturdays, Noon to 11:00 p.m.
Sundays, Noon to Dusk, Regular
Menu last call is 5:30
Yes, we have heaters!
Trivia Tuesday & Pizza Bar
News Flash!!!!! Trivia is now on Tuesday Nights!
Sunday Tiki-gate Party
So you think you are SMART? Well, let’s see just how smart you
are…and we’ll let you use your friend’s brain power too! Bring
your team, join your friends, and enjoy dinner at the Club, while
stretching the brain waves!
Hot Dogs, $2.99 • $.50 wings
$1.00 Drafts, $10.00 Buckets of Beer!
Dinner starts at 5:30 and the Trivia starts at 7:00. Watch the game on our 52” flat screen Every Sunday
BYC Lunch Bar
For the quickest lunch in Palmetto!
Tuesday through Friday,
11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Enjoy fresh greens, garden fresh veggies,
house made salads, fresh dressings, and
2 delicious soups and sandwich fixins.
Eat a little, eat a lot, only $8.99++
Wednesday, the middle of the week, hump day,
as far from last weekend as it is to next weekend! What to do on a Wednesday Night? Come to the Club, and eat some Pub Grub!
Our thanks for
sharing the water
with us and we look
forward to serving
your boat purchasing
service or storage
MarineMax Sarasota
1601 Ken Thompson Pkwy. • Sarasota, FL 34236
(941) 388-4411
Next to Mote Marine at New Pass
Fresh & Salt
Free Salsa & Chips, special prices on Nachos,
Fried Cheese Sticks, Calamari, & 50¢ Wings!
Boston Whaler 32 Outrage
Wednesday Night,
Pub Night,
new concept!
2 for 1 Pints & Well Drinks
MarineMax Sarasota
has been serving the
boating community
for over 30 years and
we look forward to
the next 30 years!
Sea Ray 350 Sundancer®
The Winning team gets a Trophy to brag over, and $50.00 bar
tab Second place will receive a certificate for Free Dinner the
following week to try and dethrone the champs (limited to 4 Trivia
Pizza Buffet) Third place will get 1 right answer the following
week, to give them that little boost they may need!
The Chef will put on a Buffet of Assorted Pizzas, a
Pasta Dish, and a Salad Bowl, only 9.99 + + Our Regular Menu is available too
5:30 to 9:00 p.m.
BRA 1 First Street Eas 08
m en
Harken, Lewmar, Ronstan, Samson & Others
Visit the BYC website at
Family Owned and
Operated by
William “Billy” Baker
for over 28 years
• Personal and Insurance Work
• Three Genesis 2 Laser Unibody Frame
Measurement Systems
• In-House Dupont® Paint mixing and
matching system
• Four Continental Unibody Bench Systems
• In-House 4-wheel alignments
• 5-10 day repair on most major collisions
• We work with all major insurance
• Fast “on-line” estimating
Car Rental
For Wrecker
Service call
725-4449 or
Flat Bed &
Wheel Lift
2 locations in Manatee County
Hours: Mon–Fri 8:30 - 12:00 and 1:15 - 5:00
BRADENTON - 2903 9th Street West Palmetto - 903 3rd Avenue West
(941) 750-6360
Managers - Tracy Baker-Glasgow
and Pat Cline
(941) 722-1692
Manager - John Duquette
From a simple helping hand with housekeeping and meals, or help
with personal care and hygiene, appointment accompaniment, to
full, skilled nursing care as needs may change 4 to 24 hours per day. Flexible and affordable. Short term services after a hospital stay or
long term care due to chronic issues. Contact Joyce or Ron Rowe today for a confidential, no obligation discussion and assessment. See us on the web at
Personal AssistantsSkilled Nurses
Call anytime (941) 751-8055 or ask Joyce & Ron Rowe
Dr. Jack E. Beal, Jr.
8:00 a.m.—5:30 p.m. M-F
8:00 a.m.—12:00 p.m. Sat
220 7th Street West
Palmetto, FL 34221
Visit the BYC website at
Pre-Srt Std.
U.S. Postage
Manasota, FL
Permit #160
Bradenton Yacht Club
4307 Snead Island Road
Palmetto, FL 34221
For more information, visit our website at
Bradenton Yacht Club Board of Directors
deborah ross
Jerry Baily
Fleet Capt. Sail
Harry Blenker
Vice Commodore
Rick Shaurette
Rear Commodore
Past Commodore
Fleet Capt. Power
Mike Reeves
Fleet Capt. Fishing
Susan Vorpahl
President, Great Mates
Susan Tibbits
Tony Toledo
Evan Guido
Jim Freeman
Summer Smith-Pope
Junior Director
david bailey
Linda Howe
Jack Gorman
FCYC Representative
Michael Messer
r ~:"
Many thanks to all of the Bye Members
who gave, so that our great, dedicated crew
could have a Holiday Bon s! ~
~ ,~
c,cJ.o~ .
AI ~~
M .\~~
.F~m all of us, to all of you, thank you!'i}
~ We wish you a Happy New Year! ~

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