Gabby`s Corner - Michigan District of Key Club



Gabby`s Corner - Michigan District of Key Club
Gabby’s Corner
August 2015
As the summer is coming to the
end, I hope everyone has had a lot
of fun! School is right around the
corner, so that means Key Club is
too! I can’t wait to meet all of the
officers at my ZOTC in September.
Also, please make sure you read
everything in this newsletter
because there is important
information that can help your
Table of Contents
• Summer Board
• ZOTC Plans
• New International
Trustee and Sister
• Project Committee
• Dues
• Youth
Opportunities Fund
• New Club Building
• Remind 101
• Kiwanis Family
In your service,
Gabriella Byars
Contact Information
Name: Gabriella Byars
Phone #: (586) 216-2722
Skype: gabby6886
Facebook name: Gabby Byars
Summer Board
From August 7th to August 9th in
Lansing was when the Michigan
District Board met for Summer
Board. Some major things that we
discussed are Eliminate Ball, dues,
price for SLC, and Fall Rally. Eliminate Ball
The board decided that we will
not be doing E-Ball this year, but
instead doing Zone events. As
soon as there is a plan for our
Zone I will let you know the
details as soon as possible.
Fall Rally
The district board is hard at
work for Fall Rally. The theme
this year is Shooting for the
Stars. So I hope you love
space! SLC Price
Also, the price for the SLC
(or DCON) is being raised to
$205, so the District will not
have to pay as much.
When: Saturday, September 19th
Time: 12:00- 3:00
Where: Clinton- Macomb Library 40900 Romeo Plank
Rd, Charter Twp of Clinton, MI 48038
Who: All officers
This is a reminder that all officers must attend this
event. The ZOTC will help you in your upcoming year
of being an officer for Key Club. Please RSVP by
September 4th through this link.
New International Trustee and
Sister Districts
Our new International Trustee for the year is
Heather Farley from the New York District.
She is very eager to be working with us and
our sister district. She has great goals and
you will have the chance to meet her at Fall
Rally! Our sister districts are the Rocky
Mountains and the Southwest Districts. One
of her goals is to increase communication
between the sister districts this year, one
way to accomplish this is this Facebook
page, so please join.
Project Committee
One of my duties as Lieutenant
Governor is to be part of a committee,
which is Projects. Since Spring Board we
have been working on the Service
Directory. We are asking every club for
ideas to put in it and also for pictures.
Please send me pictures of your Key
Club, so we can put them in!