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Finding business partners in Norway
Presentation by Astri Sophie Platou,
Director International Business Section, Oslo Chamber of Commerce
Contents of presentation
 A few facts about Norway and its industry, trade and
Starting a business in Norway – some important
Norwegian business culture
Some advices and contact points for doing business
in Norway
How can Oslo Chamber of Commerce assist you
Some facts about Norway:
 Norway is the 4th largest country
in Europe by area – population
4,9 mill.
5 geographical regions: Eastern,
Southern, Western, Middle and
Northern Norway
Divided into 19 counties
Less than 20% fertile soil
Currency is Norwegian Kroner
(1 EUR = approx. 7,8 NOK)
Norwegian industry
 Norway is the world’s 6th largest
exporter of oil and 2nd largest of
gas - Crude oil, gas and pipeline services
account for approx 50% of the export
 Other profitable industries: Fishing,
shipping, forestry, metallurgic industry
 Norway’s main trading partners:
Sweden, Germany, England, USA and China.
Companies in numbers:
 Number of companies in Norway
approx. 486.000
 90% of Norwegian companies have
less than 10 employees
 Only around 650 companies have
more than 250 employees.
 Oslo region has about 25% of all
Norwegian companies.
Foreign work force in Norway:
 Every 8th worker in Norway is a
foreigner – 330.000 (13% of total
work force – doubled since 2003!)
 27,5% of Oslo’s 585 000 inhabitants
are immigrants
 Largest group: 120 000 Polish
 Foreign workers from EU/EEA can
stay in Norway 3 months without
Types of business enterprises:
 Branch (Filial); - registered office of a foreign
company (reg. cost EUR 240)
 Private Limited Liability Company (AS); - min.
share capital 100.000 NOK (reg. cost EUR 600)
 Public Limited Liability Company (ASA); - share
capital 1.000.000 NOK (reg. cost EUR 600)
 Sole Proprietorship (reg. cost approx EUR 300)
 General Partnership (reg. cost approx EUR 300)
The Norwegian Register of Business Enterprises
Key numbers – taxes/duties in Norway:
 Corporate income tax 28%
 Individual income tax 28% - 48%
- Top rate 55%, incl. national insurance
 VAT 25%
- Reduced rates and exemptions on some
goods and services
- Treshold for registering for VAT – NOK
50,000 (approx 6000 EUR)
What do the Chinese associate with Norwegians:
Said about Norwegians: J
 Cold on the outside – warm on
the inside
Blue eyed / naive
Loners – nature lovers
Norway closes down at 4
Not very responsive
Prime interest – the weather!?
Tips for business meetings and negotiations:
 Punctuality
 Small talk – brief!
 Communication style:
informal, transactional, direct
 Egalitarianism – Jante’s Law
- don’t be too self promoting
- flat business organizations
 Back up arguments with
facts&figures – don’t exaggerate
 Quick decisions – (Norwegians often
bring contracts ready for signing)
Things to consider before you start:
 Which part of Norway is most
interesting for your business?
 Sales channels: agent, distributor,
branch office… ?
 Competition – price structure
 Market study!
Useful organizations and door openers to the
Norwegian market:
 City of Oslo www.oslo.kommune.no
 Oslo Teknopol www.oslo.teknopol.no
 Innovation Norway www.innovationnorway.no
 The Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise
 Norwegian Register of Business Enterprises
 The Federation of Norwegian Commercial and
Service Enterpises www.hsh-org.no
 Oslo Chamber of Commerce www.chamber.no
Useful websites in English for business in
 www.bedin.no and www.brreg.no
Information on starting and running a business
Customs and taxes/duties
Company information – industry
www.gulesider.no and www.purehelp.no
Business search – retail and trade
www.messe.no Major international exhibitions
www.careernorway.com Work in Norway
What can
do for you?
 We can find a business partner through our
matchmaking programs
Provide tailor made market reports
Provide company information – lists of importers /
distributors etc.
Hold matchmaking seminars for foreign business
Connect you with the relevant organizations /
contact persons and answer questions related to
import and export
Provide assistance to expats in Norway
We are at your service and look
forward to hearing from you!
Astri Sophie Platou
International Market Manager
Oslo Chamber of Commerce
Tel: +47 22 12 94 04
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.chamber.no