Example Tutorial - High End Systems



Example Tutorial - High End Systems
Encoding Content for DL.3 and
Axon Media Servers
High End
TMPGEnc Video Mastering Works 5.0
1) After opening TMPGEnc
Video Mastering Works 5.0,
select the New Project
2) After selecting the New
Project button, the “Source
Wizard” will appear. Select
the “From Files” source
which will open a File
Browser window. Find the
content to be encoded and
select “Open”
Rev A
3) Video Master Works will
analyze the clip and display
the information it has found.
Verify that the clip is correct,
then select OK
4) Select “Format”
5) In the Output Format
Selection window, select
“Browse...” at the bottom to
browse to a preconfigured
template, or select “MPEG
file output” from the list.
6) If you are using a
preconfigured template, skip
to step 8. Otherwise, in the
Video Box, select the
required settings. These
settings can be found on the
High End Systems website
7) In the GOP frame, set both
the “Normal number of
Frames in a GOP” and
“Maximum number of frames
in a GOP” to 1.
Set “Number of B Pictures in
a GOP” to 0, and select the
“Output bitstream for editing
(Closed GOP)” check box.
When your settings are
finished, select the “Encode”
box at the top of the page.
8) When your settings are
finished, select the “Encode”
box at the top of the page.
Once on the “Encode Preview
screen”, click the “Browse…”
button to select where your
clip will be outputted and
what its name will be. Then
Click “Export” to begin

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