70000 - Our Lady`s Primary School



70000 - Our Lady`s Primary School
December 3, 2014
Dear Parents, Carers and Friends of Our Lady’s Primary School
Next Wednesday we celebrate the reason for the season with our
annual Christmas Carols evening. You may have seen our school
badges with our theme for Advent this year: ‘Jesus is the reason
for the season.’
The children have been practising their carols and obviously their
dance moves. All children are aware of their dress requirements
for the evening and I can feel the excitement building as we move
closer to the evening.
Members of our school choir gave a sneak preview of their talents
at Craigieburn Central on Wednesday. Looking forward to seeing
you all on Wednesday night for a fantastic night of Christmas
carolling and entertainment.
Class Organization 2015: On Friday, when you receive your child’s report there will also be a letter
informing you of your child’s grade and teacher for next year. The school spends a great deal of time
organising the class structures and each child’s needs are discussed and considered when selecting classes
and teachers. At the end of the day we ask our parent community to support our decisions regarding school
organisation. On Monday 15th December the children have an opportunity to meet with their 2015 teacher
and classmates.
Parent Talks: Thank you to the 200 families who have booked their times to meet next Wednesday.
Interviews will take place on 11th December : 1.30pm- 7.00pm. This is a pupil free day when staff will
be ‘handing over‘ students to their 2015 teachers. You can book interviews at times that suit . Go to
www.schoolinterviews.com.au and enter this school event code. 2N2PR, and follow the instructions.
Birthday wishes to all of these children who have celebrated their birthday last week and this
week: Abigail 2S, Grace 3C, Niah 2A, Derek 6G, Mimmy 6V, Emily 3M, Kelsey 6T,
Zechariah 5T, Marco Prep C, Giselle 2S, Tayla 6T, Natalie 5R, Lachlan 4C & Metodio 4A.
Have a great weekend, and I will see you all next Wednesday evening at the Carols Night
Paul McEntee
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Tuesday 9 December
Wednesday 10 December
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Friday 12 December
Monday 15th December
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Thursday 29 January
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End of Year Reports Go Home
In Our Lady’s Care Vacation Care Bookings (Until Friday 12th December)
Year 5 excursion to Melbourne Sports & Aquatic Centre
School Carols
2015 Book Pack Collection Day 8:00am – 5:00pm
Parent / Teacher Interviews –
Year 6 excursion to Funfields
Year 4’s visit Colton Close Nursing Home to sing carols
Meet the Teacher Day 11:30am – 1:00pm
Last canteen day for 2014
Year 6 Graduation
Last day of Term 4 –
Term 1 Resumes
Canteen re-opens
Student Free Day (School Closure)
1:00pm finish (Casual dress – bring a gold coin donation)
Religious Education News
Mary McCormick, R.E. Leader
The following dates have been confirmed for
the 2015 Sacramental Celebrations. If you
have a child who will be in Year 3, 4 or 6 next
year, these dates are important for you to add
to your diary.
First Eucharist (Year 4)
The program will be taught in
Term 2 and will be celebrated
June 21st
Reconciliation (Year 3)
The program will be taught in Term 1 and will
be celebrated on either:
March 16th or 17th (There will be 2 classes at
each session – more details early next year)
Confirmation (Year 6)
The program will be taught in Term 3 and will
be celebrated on:
August 30th
Advent and Christmas
We began Advent with a fantastic whole school mass. This Friday, we will mark the
coming of the Second Week of Advent with another whole school mass.
All of the staff at Our Lady’s are really proud of the respect and reverence that our
students show during mass. Last week, the singing was great and we are aiming to do
even better this week.
At Our Lady’s we are asking the question ‘Is Jesus the reason for
the season?’ and this week at mass, every child will receive a
badge, which has a message on it –
JESUS is the REASON for the
Each child can wear their badge proudly and let all of Craigieburn know that there is more to this Season
than ‘buying’ and ‘giving’ is the essence of Advent and Christmas. Everywhere, our children are the
secular images of GIVING and RECEIVING, with receiving being the important message of Christmas. As a
Catholic community, it is vital that we acknowledge the true meaning of the Christmas season and that
we help our children to see that it is a religious celebration, and a time to be looking outwards to help
others not inwards to see what they can ‘get’ for Christmas.
Many classes are well on the way in bringing their ‘Advent Action’ to life and next week’s newsletter will
have some students reflections on how this ‘giving of themselves’ has affected the students.
School Masses:
All families welcome to attend these masses. Morning tea is available after mass.
December 5th
Second Week of Advent Whole School mass
December 12 Third Week of Advent Whole School mass
December 17th End of School Year Mass
A reminder to year 6 families that orders & money for the Year 6 yearbook must
be returned to school by tomorrow at the latest. Also, unless the amount of
children who are attending the Year 6 graduation party increases, we will have
to cancel the event. Please send your acceptance & money back to the General
Office as soon as possible so that we can confirm the booking.
School hats are now available from the General Office for $15.00. Hats must be worn
outside at all times during this term and term one next year. Also if you ordered sports
uniform recently, please come to the office and collect before the end of next week. There
are quite a few uncollected/unpaid orders awaiting collection. After next Friday 12th, any
sports uniform that is not collected will be put back into stock and will have to be re-ordered.
We are expecting our final back order of size 10 polo tops and jackets early next week
Student Wellbeing
@ Our Lady’s
Congratulations to the following children for displaying positive behaviour at Our Lady’s
Nathan Kakoz Prep S Andree Danial Prep S Sarah Leahy 1B
Mia Asaad 1R Emilia Xiong 1B Mason DiMartino 1L Sanjana Viswanath 1R Ava Mete
1R Kiran Thomas 1L Julian Tarantello 2M Janet Jomy 2M
Kumbi Chikanya 2M Christopher Scarmozzino 2M Rita Odish 4A
Terese Shamoon 4A Maral Wanees 5R Sandy Butrus 5R
Rehan Fernando 6G Rachelle Moso 6G Kiara Peiris 6G
Curtis Kilpatrick Prep S Samarth Kurl Prep C Kaitlin Andree Danial Prep S Ryder Agius
Prep M Emma Aodish Prep M Bethany Parente Prep M
Teresa Mansour 2M Isaac Grouios Prep M Benedict Goreal Prep M
Chloe Tortolani Prep M Jackson Broderick Prep M Damian Brigante Prep M Philippe
Icho Prep M Sandushi Fernando PrepM Ricardo Sawa Prep M Marvin Zaito 1L Vincent
Winch 1B Neha Kumaradas 1B Joslin Mikhael 1R Angela Bayliss 1R Isaac Krslovic 1R
Nathan Ganegoda 1R
Noah Alicata 1R Elton Matambanadzo 2M Brody Kelly 2M
Beau Edgell 2S Michael Maslac 2M William Charlesworth 2M
Orlando Shamo 2M Samantha Yousif 2M Christian Gerwagis 2M
Owen Fowler 3C Nandun Wijeweera 3D Molly Coco 4A
Jhanvi Chauhan 4A Nicholas Thalasinos 5R Jack Esho 6T
Lachlan Liberatore 6V Daniel Sinni 6V Meena Hana 6T John Keisoglou 6V Kelsey
Opyrchal 6T Liana DeCarli 6V Mathew Zanella 6G
Valentina Al-Gaznakhi Prep S Monica Sulaiman Prep C
Joshua Micallef Prep C Maryana Slywa Prep C Daniella Pethyo Prep C Teresa
Mansour Prep M Omar Batarseh 1B Mason DiMartino 1L
Stella Shamoon 1B Aidan St Mart 1L Alyssa Baccari Prep M
Virren Sharma 1R Jensen Sem 1R Dante Bottaro 1R Marlet Younus 3D Dakota Vella
3C Jordan Butler 4A Ravini Epa 4A
Lorjel Osmund Sia 4A Metodio Soares 4A Mikey Assad 5T Mark Isho 5R Natalie
Ishow 5R Fadi Suliman 5R Thomas Hyland 5R Claudia Cawen 5R Alicia Lupone 6V
Vanessa Brigante 6G Layla Lopez 6G
Davina Gunasekera 6G
We are so proud of the following children. They have been successful in showing that they can be SAFE,
When you get a chance come to visit our Wall of Fame for these children who are our School Expectations High
We are looking forward to seeing more and more children represented on this wall.
The following children have shown that they are
Nathan Kakoz Prep S
Andree Danial Prep S
Tanish Jaswal Prep M
Kiran Thomas 1L
Mason DiMartino 1L
Ava Mete 1R
Mia Asaad 1R
Sanjana Viswanath 1R
Jessica Van Schellan 1B
Christopher Scarmozzino 2M
Aishma Mahapatuna 2E
Sienna Mignogna 2E
Lucas Berry 2E
Shanelle Burlat 2E
Cecilia Sako 2E
Makayla Salazar 2E
Advait Shidid 2E
Meron Shaman 2E
Shane Hettiarachchi 5R
Montel Telepe 5R
Brody Kelly 5R
Rachelle Moso 6G
Rehan Fernando 6G
Kiara Peiris 6G

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