Kawaii Tokyo Experience Itinerary for 3



Kawaii Tokyo Experience Itinerary for 3
Nippori Fabric Town for
Kawaii Fashion Lovers
If you love doing Kawaii DIY or interested in
fashion design, Nippori Fabric Town is your heaven in Tokyo! You can buy lolita-inspired textiles, original and high quality Japanese fabrics, #OnlyInJapan craft materials, and so much
This area is easily accessible by using the Yamanote line.
Use Hyperdia.com for navigation help!
Around the area, there is also a Fujiya Restaurant!
Make sure to roam around too after shopping!
You can find more Nippori-related info from this
tag collection.
Sakura / Cherry Blossom
Blooming Forecast 2015 +
How to Enjoy Hanami in Japan
Infographic based on the predictions from JNTO
Illustrations by our dear friend, Little Miss
Welcome to Our Kawaii
Konnichiwa minna-san and welcome to OurKawaii.Tokyo!
Some of the pages here and there are still under
construction so please bear with the rawness of
everything as of the moment.
For the meantime, please do let us know what
you’d like us to share information about. We’ve
gotten accustomed in living in Japan (like locals) that is why we feel that your insights as a
wandering wide-eyed tourist would be so helpful!
Feel free to comment on this welcome post for
your suggestions! If you have other questions
that are not travel-related like how we met
(lololol), that would be fine too! ^_^
Please watch out for the following blog entries:
Where to stay in Tokyo
How to get pocket wifi / Where can I get
free WIFI~
Simple Japanese lessons
3-day / 5-day itinerary suggestions
iPhone / iPad apps for the kawaii traveler
Tokyo travel essentials
Recommended travel guide books & websites
Where to shop for kawaii fashion, resale &
vintage clothing, toys & collectibles
Our favorite shops (actual stores + online
Purikura / neoprint machine reviews & recommendations
The four beautiful seasons in Japan (how to
maximize your trip based on the season)
… and more!
Thank you so much!
Love, Ashley & Kaila

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