Moomin Anti-Loneliness Café



Moomin Anti-Loneliness Café
Moomin Anti-Loneliness
Not a big fan of dining at fancy restaurants
alone, I picked Moomin Café because it’s said to
be the anti-loneliness café. Perfect! Just what
I needed most at that time..
Here’s what it looks like inside.. full of happy
people and moomins!
Since I was alone that time so Stinky accompanied me for a light after lunch meal. Yup,
that’s his name.
From 8:00am to 10:30am (can’t vividly remember
the exact time), you can just get some bread
from Moomin bakery and dine in. Then after that,
they’re going to have the most-awaited lunch
menu until 2:30 ish. This is the time the line
goes bonkers! When I’ve arrived at around
3:30pm, they’re offering light meals with buffet
The interiors are lovely, don’t you think?
I’m guessing that it’s Snorkmaiden?
Try Finnish ruislimppu (rye bread) and hapanlimppu (sour rye bread).
Address: Tokyo Dome City, 1-1-1 Kasuga, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
Telephone number: 03-5842-6300
You can get off at either Suidobashi station or
Korakuen station and walk to La Qua for about
5-10 minutes (depends on your speed). Here’s a
guide on how to travel around Tokyo easier.
What else to See/ Do Nearby?
1. Play around La Qua
2. Check out the plum blossoms at Ushi Tenjin
Temple (during Spring)
3. Explore Tokyo Dome area and watch concerts.

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