Where to Stay in Tokyo this Fall: ANA



Where to Stay in Tokyo this Fall: ANA
Kawaii Cafe: Cinamoroll x
The Guest Cafe & Diner
I am about to cry while uploading these photos
for this post.. Cinamoroll Cafe? Sounds like a
dream to me. I’ve been out of Tokyo for a month
now but thanks to Kaila for always filling up my
Tokyo love tank full. We both wish to live in
and out of Tokyo / Japan someday. The dream is
to be able to fly back to our home (Manila) and
go back to Tokyo any time we want. Sounds like a
good plan? Well I certainly don’t want to miss
out on all the good stuff – like this Cinamoroll
Cafe at Shibuya Parco.
Cinamoroll prints were hung on the wall
Photo booth area is TOO pretty – I can relate
with the tan Cinamoroll *my skin color*
Cinamoroll curry (¥1,480 with mug, ¥1,180 with-
out mug) and Cinamoburger (¥1,480 with balloon)
Tea party set (¥1,880
Cinnamon hot latte (¥680)
Fuwa-fuwa cake (¥1,580 with mug, ¥1,280 without
Cream pasta (¥1,080)
Cinamoroll Soft drink with key holder (¥980) ;
Cinamoroll latte with expresso (¥780)
More info at The Guest Cafe & Diner Facebook
You can also watch some Tokyo features at Tokyo
Extra YouTube
I’ll be part of the show this Sunday as posted
previously here on OurKawaii.Tokyo – Ashley
My Little Pony Café In
Chanced upon My Little Pony Café Harajuku while
shopping. It’s actually a pop-up café in collaboration with SUNDAY JAM and it’ll end on November
29th, 2015. I was actually super excited to see
this since it’s filled with cute pastel colors,
macarons, pancakes, and other yummy looking
The prices are not too steep either.
Everything looks so pretty and kawaii.
I was supposed to go in and try but I don’t
have anyone (who likes cute cafés) with me at
that time.
Oh well, maybe next time!
Follow @mylittleponyjpn on twitter for more info.
Where to Stay in Tokyo
this Fall: ANA InterContinental Tokyo
Living in Japan has it perks but it has it cons
too like we can’t really do a review about hotels for you guys (before) since we haven’t
stayed in one. Although we made a budget-friendly hotel list as suggested by our friends
(here), we can’t really elaborate much about it.
On my recent trip to Tokyo after my 6-month stay
in Manila, I’m happy to share that we’ve stayed
at (not one but) two hotels! Honestly I felt really excited not just for myself but for you
guys because now I could finally share a legitimate experience and a review.
Photo taken in Hakone (a good side trip destination when in Tokyo) by Ashley
Before I begin with my hotel room review, here’s
a short list on why I loved my stay in ANA INTERCONTINENTAL TOKYO:
1. It’s a close walk to Tameike-Sanno and Roppongi-itchome Station. This is very important! When you have to maximise your time
in Tokyo since there are so much places to
go, destinations to see, foods to try – you
can’t waste so much time on transportation.
2. It’s also near to the must-see sights in
the center of Tokyo such as Tokyo Tower, Imperial Palace, Senso-ji Temple and Mori Art
Museum. We actually walked to Tokyo Tower.
3. Breakfast at Cascade is awesome. We stayed
for four days and we always looked forward
for their breakfast.
4. They accept major credit cards such as VISA, JCB, American Express, Diners Club,
UC, DC, Bank Card, Million Card, Master
Card, Saison, ANA. I know this is an important information for tourists because Japan
is (still) generally a cash country.
5. According to tripadvisor, it’s the top 17th
hotel in Minato area of Tokyo. Other people’s review about this hotel helped me a
lot so make sure you read reviews before going!
Now onto the rooms..
We got a classic room on the 14th floor and
since Tokyo has tall buildings and infrastructures, we can’t see much view on this level. The
bed is nice and soft but their comforter could
get too hot after a while. Their bathroom is also kind of old looking. There’s a desk, refrigerator, two single sofas, iron and water heater inside the room. You can also request for a humidifier if you prefer. For more info about their
rooms, click here. Their check-in time starts at
3:00 pm and check-out time is at 12:00nn. If
you’re staying in Tokyo for a short time, I really suggest that you stay in a budget hotel since
you won’t be able to maximize the hotel amenities. I only stayed for 8 days this time and I
still feel like I wasn’t able to cover every-
thing. I was torn in between enjoying my hotel
stay and going around the city (or even side
trips outside the city). By the way, they have
an outdoor pool that’s only open during summer.
ANA InterContinental Tokyo
12-33 Akasaka 1-Chome, Minato
+81 3 3505 1111

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