UC14 Entry Instructions



UC14 Entry Instructions
Entering the PRSA-OKC Upper Case Awards
Who can enter:
Entries come from all sectors including agencies, corporations, media, government, non-profits, small businesses and
freelancers. Work must have been completed between July 1, 2013, and June 30, 2014. A PRSA membership is not
How to enter (new requirements):
We strongly urge you to submit your entry on a flash drive in an effort to make the Upper Case awards more green
and reduce shipping costs. Please submit each entry on a separate flash drive in a manila envelope. In the envelope
include two printed copies of the entry form. All materials must be labeled with the entrant’s name and entry category.
On the flash drive include an entry summary (no more than two pages, no larger than 8.5 x11 inches with 1-inch
margins all around, and font size no smaller than 12 points). Summary should include an introduction to your project
and paragraphs explaining the entry’s purpose, research, planning/objectives, tactics, budget, results and other
relevant information. The flash drive should also include any supporting materials: planning documents, research
analysis, survey results, complementary materials, media clips, etc.
If submitting a binder, your entry must be limited to one hardcover, stiff-spine, three-ring, clear-view binder no more than
three inches thick or pocket folder. The binder or folder should be free of lettering, labels, drawings or other artwork.
Entries will be judged on an 80-point scale and judging forms are available as an additional preparatory resource.
An Upper Case Award will go to the highest scoring entry in each category that receives at least 72 points. The Award
of Merit will go to the next highest scoring entry in each category; or the highest scoring entry if the total points are
between 71 and 64 points. The Honorable Mention will go to the third highest scoring entry in each category; or the
highest scoring entry if the total points are between 63 and 57.4 points.
After all entries are judged, the Category 4: PR Program with the highest point total in any category will be designated
as a Best of Show. Also the entry from Categories 1-3 with the highest point total in any category will be designated as
the second Best of Show.
Award submissions/delivery:
Mail or hand-deliver entries to:
Staci Johnson PRSA-OKC Upper Case Awards Co-Chair,1406 Asp Ave., Norman, OK 73069. Mailed entries must be
postmarked no later than the Friday of the week you’ve submitted it. To qualify for the early bird rate your entry must be
postmarked Friday, July 18. To qualify for on-time rate entry must be postmarked by July 25. In order to be judged the
entry must be received by August 1.
1. If your entry needs to be returned, please include a self-addressed envelope or box with appropriate postage
from Memphis, Tennessee.
2. Payment/purchase orders must accompany all entries. Payments can be made by check payable to PRSA-OKC
or online at prsaokc.com. If you pay online the entry must be received by the deadline in order to qualify for the
early bird or regular rate. Entries submitted without payment check/online receipt or purchase order will be
disqualified. Entry fees are not refundable.
Awards Entry Form
Two copies of this form must be placed in the each entry envelopes along with the flash drive. Please print
legibly or type.
Award Category
II. Title of Entry
III. Nam e and Title of Entrant(s)
IV. Com pany/Organization of Entrant(s)
V. Street Address, City and State
VI. Phone (xxx) xxx-xxx
E-m ail Address
Please check enclosures:
_ Entry From (2 copies)
_ Flash drive which includes a two-page sum m ary of entry and any supporting m aterials
_ Check/Online Paym ent Receipt/Purchase Order (Verify Am ount $________)
This form may be photocopied if you are submitting multiple entries. Payment/online payment receipt/purchase
orders must be received with entries. Please make checks payable to PRSA. The PRSA-OKC Chapter Federal ID
Number is #23-7149297.
All information submitted is accurate and truthful. I have read the instructions and agree to abide by the rules of the