“Land that will produce a crop for agriculture



“Land that will produce a crop for agriculture
“Land that will produce
a crop for agriculture
should produce a
crop of ducks.”
Photos by Fred Greenslade/Delta Waterfowl
— H. Albert Hochbaum, Delta Waterfowl’s
scientific director from 1938 to 1970
The Duck Hunters Organization™
The Duck Hunters Organization™
From the
Chairman of the Board
Research Drives Delta’s
Duck Production Programs
As a duck hunter, I am constantly
monitoring spring nesting conditions
for signs about the impending
fall flight. Whether it’s the spring
sheet water on the prairies or the
permanent pothole I often drive
past, my reaction is always the
same: I have to take a look.
Water conditions and changing
landscapes certainly influence duck
production, and we must be ready
to respond to the challenges.
Throughout Delta Waterfowl’s
history, we have conducted
extensive research on what
produces more ducks. We know
that good science is at the heart
of waterfowl management.
As a result, much of our new
strategic plan is based on two
fundamental waterfowl programs
that support the needs of
North American duck hunters:
Hen Houses and Predator
Management. These two proven
programs require our focus and
your support to sustain and
increase duck production in
Canada and the United States.
The tremendous support of
every member has galvanized us
on our mission to produce ducks and
secure the future of duck hunting.
We look forward to sharing the
results of Delta’s duck production
programs as they continue to grow.
On behalf of the Board of
Directors, I want to thank all of our
donors, sponsors and contributors
for your ongoing support.
Larry Kaumeyer
Chairman of the Board
Board of Directors
Larry Kaumeyer Chip Pitfield William M. Yandell III Charles C. Hager Jr. Chairman
Edmonton, Alberta
Vice Chairman
Memphis, Tennessee
William M. Mounger II Treasurer
Flowood, Mississippi
Toronto, Ontario
Past Chairman
Bozeman, Montana
John H. Dobbs Jr. Memphis, Tennessee
George C. Freeman III Richmond, Virginia
Daniel C. Hughes Jr. Jackson, Mississippi
R. Parker LeCorgne New Orleans, Louisiana
Donald W. Morrison Calgary, Alberta
Charles S. Potter Jr. Lake Forest, Illinois
From the
Thank You For Supporting
The Duck Hunters Organization
James Ford Bell, the founder of
Delta Waterfowl, was one of the
great conservationists and wildlife
philanthropists of the early 20th
century. Bell wanted to put back
two ducks for every bird he shot.
He initiated active waterfowl
management in the Prairie Pothole
Region in the 1930s, while
recognizing that management
should be based on sound science.
Today, Bell would be inspired
by how Delta is impacting
waterfowl management. I am
sure he would be honored, like I
am, to offer heartfelt thanks to
you for helping Delta Waterfowl
support what we love: Ducks
and duck hunting. Delta is
funded by passionate, committed
waterfowl hunters — by you.
Delta members support the
core principles behind Delta’s
duck production work. First, we
focus on the breeding grounds,
because duck numbers are driven
by breeding-season events. Hunters
are doing a terrific job of managing
migratory and wintering habitats
My sincere thanks for your support.
Frank Rohwer, Ph.D.
President and Chief Scientist
where they pursue ducks, and
don’t need our help there. Second,
we are 100 percent committed
to use your contributions in
the most cost-efficient ways to
help ducks. Research has shown
that Predator Management and
Hen Houses are the most costefficient management tools for
adding birds to the fall flight.
Numbers of ducks produced — not
wetland acres — is how waterfowl
management is evaluated.
Rest assured, Delta will
continue to seek ways to
increase the return on your duck
investments. Meanwhile, I want
to thank you and other hunters
for stewardship of the resource we
treasure. Nobody steps forward
like hunters to help wildlife.
I hope you are proud of the
conservation legacy you have
helped to create. I urge you to
pass on your passion for the
outdoors by introducing another
person to the great rewards
of a crisp autumn morning
highlighted by decoying ducks.
Roll Call
Major Donors
Delta Waterfowl is grateful for the generous support of the organization’s major donors in 2014.
$100,000 and Above
John W. Childs, Waltham,
Carter Harrison (deceased),
Modesto, California
William Deupree Jr., Memphis,
Lakeside Foundation,
Lafayette, California
Mary Barnes Donnelley
Foundation, Chicago, Illinois
Mississippi State Department
– License Division,
Jackson, Mississippi
George C. Freeman III,
Richmond, Virginia
Richard E. Jacobs Group,
Cleveland, Ohio
Frischkorn Charitable Trust,
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
The Murphy Foundation,
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Ron Mannix, Calgary, Alberta
Thomas P. McDonnell,
Ridgeland, Mississippi
Prairie Pothole Joint Venture,
Denver, Colorado
Donald W. Morrison, Calgary, Alberta
Gene Olsen, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Shreveport/Bossier City Investment
Group, Shreveport, Louisiana
Pioneer Gentlemen’s Club,
Calgary, Alberta
Henri and Marsha Wedell,
Memphis, Tennessee
Pleasant River Wildlife Foundation,
Addison, Maine
Wisconsin Department of Natural
Resources, Madison, Wisconsin
Prairie Grass Duck Club Investment
Group, Jackson, Mississippi
$50,000 - $99,999
$10,000 - $24,999
Busted Shoulder Investment
Group, Calgary, Alberta
A.R.I.O., Guelph, Ontario
Mississippi Department of
Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks,
Jackson, Mississippi
The W. Garfield Weston Foundation,
Toronto, Ontario
Waterfowl Research Foundation,
Morganville, New Jersey
Wildlife Habitat Canada,
Ottawa, Ontario
Edward Rogan, Jacksonville, Florida
Cabela’s, Sidney, Nebraska
The Azby Fund, New
Orleans, Louisiana
Dallas Ducks 100 Investment
Group, Dallas, Texas
Bryan/College Station Investment
Group, Bryan Texas
Dallas Safari Club, Dallas, Texas
Donald J. Douglas, Calgary, Alberta
Illinois Department of Conservation,
Springfield, Illinois
Paul Tudor Jones II, Greenwich,
Minnedosa Duck Club Investment
Group, Memphis, Tennessee
Minnesota Department of Natural
Resources, Saint Paul, Minnesota
BAWD Foundation - David Elliman,
New York, New York
Buchanan Family Foundation,
Lake Forest, Illinois
L. Lane Grigsby, Baton
Rouge, Louisiana
The Guilford Foundation,
Richmond, Virginia
Charles C. Hager Jr.,
Bozeman, Montana
$25,000 - $49,999
Brian Hastings, Winnipeg, Manitoba
David Winton Bell Foundation,
St. Louis Park, Minnesota
California Department of Fish and
Wildlife, Sacramento, California
Daniel C. Hughes Jr.,
Jackson, Mississippi
William P. Kelly, Memphis, Tennessee
Douglas R. Krause, Hinckley, Ohio
Sage Foundation, Arlington,
Wolf Creek Charitable Foundation,
Wolf, Wyoming
William M. Yandell III,
Memphis, Tennessee
$5,000 - $9,999
Charles Foundation,
Abbeville, Louisiana
John Dobbs, Memphis, Tennessee
David Fite, Shreveport, Louisiana
Robert F. Fogleman II,
Memphis, Tennessee
Christian B. Frierson,
Shreveport, Louisiana
G. Archer Frierson II,
Shreveport, Louisiana
John Frierson Jr., Shreveport,
Huntly Gordon, Vancouver,
British Columbia
Why I Give “I’ve been an avid duck hunter all my
life. Giving to Delta Waterfowl is money well spent.”
Henri Wedell, Delta donor from Memphis, Tennessee
Gregory G. Hall, Oil City, Louisiana
Ricky Heros, Memphis, Tennessee
Orrin Ingram, Nashville, Tennessee
Larry Kaumeyer, Edmonton, Alberta
Louisiana Department of
Wildlife and Fisheries,
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Ken Lowery, Bossier City, Louisiana
James D. Maddox, Memphis,
Manitoba Habitat Heritage
Corporation, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Worth and Marge Mathewson,
Amity, Oregon
Jeff Monsour, Shreveport, Louisiana
National Fish and Wildlife
Foundation, Washington, D.C.
North Dakota Industrial Commission,
Bismarck, North Dakota
Northeast Texas Investment
Group, Yantis, Texas
Ontario Nature, Toronto, Ontario
Ontario Wildlife Foundation,
Calgary, Alberta
W. Clinton Rasberry Jr.,
Shreveport, Louisiana
Daniel F. and Ada L. Rice
Foundation, Skokie, Illinois
The Rosewood Foundation,
Dallas, Texas
Mark Sealy, Shreveport, Louisiana
Soderglen Ranches Ltd.,
Airdrie, Alberta
John and Anne Stokes,
Memphis, Tennessee
Stuart and Company Limited,
Calgary, Alberta
Tiger Works LLC, Memphis,
Ward W. Willits, Olympia, Washington
$2,500 - $4,999
Phillip W. Bowman, Ridgeland,
Ron A. Brenneman, Calgary, Alberta
Charles T. Cannada, Ridgeland,
Colt Christian, Bedias, Texas
William D. Cox Jr., Chicago, Illinois
Walter Edge, Memphis, Tennessee
Larry Edwards, Ridgeland, Mississippi
Douglas W. Ferris Jr.,
Memphis, Tennessee
Cedric A. Gall, Lloydminster, Alberta
Ray Gill, Memphis, Tennessee
Bruce C. Gottwald Jr.,
Richmond, Virginia
Why I Give “Supporting Delta Waterfowl and
funding nest site management projects are the best
ways to increase the number of waterfowl we see.”
Ken Lowery, Delta donor from Bossier City, Louisiana
B. Bryan Jones III, Ridgeland,
Paul Kennedy, Calgary, Alberta
Dudley Lee, Memphis, Tennessee
William M. Mounger II,
Jackson, Mississippi
Bradley Muchow, Bryan, Texas
Richard E. Nichol Jr.,
Memphis, Tennessee
Clinton D. Oldham, College
Station, Texas
Ontario Federation of Anglers and
Hunters, Peterborough, Ontario
Richard L. Powell Jr.,
Memphis, Tennessee
James A. Richardson,
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Glen E. Rumpel, Calgary, Alberta
Gary Stavrum, Memphis, Tennessee
J.H. Thames Jr., Jackson, Mississippi
Chip Triplett, Ridgeland, Mississippi
Trip Trippeer, Memphis, Tennessee
Don D. Valentine, Steamboat
Springs, Colorado
George Von Hoffmann Foundation,
Chesterfield, Missouri
John P. Weitzel, St. Cloud, Minnesota
J. Brooks Yates Jr., Dallas, Texas
Roll Call
Lifetime Members
Richard Adkerson
Dennis G. Anderson
Kathie Anderson
Bain Farms
Peter Barrett
Beaird Family Foundation
William C. Beall Jr. *
S.D. Bechtel Jr.
Calvin Beisswanger Sr.
Cecil H. Bell
Charles H. Bell *
David Bell
William W. Bond III
The Bone and Joint Center
Richard A.N. Bonnycastle
Kevin Booth
Richard Borden *
Grant R. Brees
Forrest W. Brehm
Brittingham Conservation
Ric M. Brooks
Mrs. Sheldon Brooks
Steve C. Brothers
M.O. Buder
Lawrence D. Buehler
Walter E. Bundy III
Lucius E. Burch III
Adolphus A. Busch IV
Adolphus A. Busch V
Stephen D. Busch
Chris Bushart
Fred J. Cadham
Charles T. Cannada
Brent L. Canup
David B. Carlson
Joseph and Torri Carlson
Henry T. Chandler
Cherek Group
Edward L. Clarke
Charles Close
Norton “Trey” Colvin
Charles E. Commander III
Angus Cooper III
Cortopassi Family
William D. Cox Jr.
Scott A. Crosby
John P. Cullen
John S. Dale
Dana A. DeGeorge
John L. Devney
John G. Dill Jr.
Wesley M. Dixon Jr.
John H. Dobbs Jr.
Lance Doerr
Tom and Patsy Dufour
Donald J. Douglas
Larry W. Edwards
W. Mac Elliott
Clarence Engwall
EYAS Foundation
Fairweather Foundation
Daniel R. Ferry
Christian Finkbeiner
Alan Fisher
Jim Fisher
Mike Fortney
George C. Freeman III
Scott Galloway
Ron Gard
Go-Devil Manufacturers
of Louisiana Inc.
Ernest N. Godfread
Bruce C. Gottwald Jr.
Gerald W. Gray
Skip Greenberg
Crawford E. Grigsby
L. Lane Grigsby
Oliver Steele Grigsby
Todd W. Grigsby
William Lane Grigsby
Richard S. Grimm *
Greg Grinder
David F. Grohne
Charles C. Hager Jr.
John A. Hagle
Paul J. Hanson
Shareque Haque
Jerrold B. Harris
Carter Harrison *
John A. Hastings
Robert C. Hastings *
Grayson G. Heard
Robert A. Hieb
John A. Hipp
Neel Hipp Jr.
Andy Hodgman
Craig J. Holderness
Bruce Holladay
Kylie Howard
Daniel C. Hughes Jr.
Thomas and Katie
Robert Ingstad *
Stephen R. Intemann
Jesperson Orthodontics
Keith A. Johnson
Robert D. Johnson
Brady C. Johnstone
Michael W. Jolley
Bryan Jones III
Larry Kaumeyer
Fred P. Keck
William P. Kelly
Carter T. Kennedy
James C. Kennedy
Thomas J. Kennedy
Kenneth A. Kershaw
John J. Kinsella
Roger H.W. Kirby
Mark Knaupp
Douglas R. Krause
D. Dean Kumpuris
Carl Kurz
Sonja and Luke
Laborde Jr.
Gary Lasko
Mark C. Lemp
Christian A. Lie
Frank R. Liggett III
J. Gardner Lile
James C. Loden
Steven E. Lohr
William D. Long
Mark R. Loyd
Frank Lyon Jr.
Clifton Machado
Mack’s Prairie Wings
Sal Maleti
Patrick Malouf
Mallard Retreat
Ron Mannix
Pat Manuel
Mark A. Mattox
Gustaf W. McIlhenny
Carey McLeod
Carroll M. McLeod
R. Jason McMahon
Lewis McMurran
Dwight L. Merriman Jr. *
Timothy S. Merry
Dorothy A. Metcalf
Corporate Sponsors
Haas Outdoors
Inc. (Mossy
Heavy Hauler
Outdoor Gear
Retriever Club
Lowe Boats/
Brunswick Boat Arms Company
Rig’em Right
Sitka Gear
The Grind
Waterfowl TV
Zink Calls/
Avian X
Mark L. Miller
Mississippi Valley Duck
Hunters Association
Jack A. Moore
Brady E. Moran
Mike Moran
Patrick M. Moran
Thomas M. Moran
Devereux P. Moring
Daniel Morrison
Donald W. Morrison
Steve Morrow
William M. Mounger II
William O. Naegele
Lawrence P. Neal
Daniel R. Needham
Dan L. Nelson
George S. Nolte Jr.
Paul M. O’Hara
Peter F. Olsen
Rob and Tess Olson
Cliff Olson
J.G. Ordway Jr.
R. Donald Overby
Victor Parachini
Jack and Kristen Paris
Mike Pearce
James H. Perry
Douglas R. Peterson
Dan Phillips
Tad Phillips
John Plante
Pleasant River
Foundation – John
and Anne Marshall
Charles S. Potter Jr.
Daniel Rathe
Remington Arms
Kenneth D. Reno
Troy Reno
Foundation Inc.
George T. Richardson*
James A. Richardson
Chris Robertson Sr.
Gerald P. Rodeen *
Edward Rogan II
Frank and Liz Rohwer
Dexter C. Rumsey III
Joseph V. Russell
Michael Ruth
Patrick Rutherford
William and Susan
Thomas W. Ryan Sr. *
Jonathan Sampoerna
Chuck Sanchez
Keaton L. Sanchez
Parker R. Sanchez
Jonathan Scarth
James Scheer
James M. Schloeman
Richard T. Schroeder
F. Patrick Schultz
Charles P. Schutt Jr. *
Don R. Seaman
George B. Secor
Karl H. and Lorraine
Jim R. Sefert
Timothy D. Sheahan
Gary Shipley
Raegen Siegfried
Ray H. Siegfried II *
Robin Siegfried
C. Birge Sigety
John Simpson
Planned Gifts
Grant R. Brees, Benedicta, Maine
Al Dubiak, Shoreview, Minnesota
George C. Freeman, III,
Richmond, Virginia
Larry Kaumeyer, Edmonton, Alberta
Michael Leipsic, Winnipeg,
Melvin Skeeles
Robert D. Skoronski
David E. Snowden Jr.
J. Howard Sparkman
Drew K. Steadman
Witt R. Stephens Jr.
Jay D. Stewart
John and Anne Stokes Jr.
Lee K. Storbeck
Harold C. Stuart *
Susman and Asher
Gary A. Suttle
Terri Thompson
Norwood C. Thornton Jr.
Thomas Trentman
Richard Trethewey *
Robert H. Truitt *
Charles A. Tuppen
Lloyd Underwood
Charles T. Urban
Adrian P. Villa
*Denotes a
Dominick S. Villella
Brad Vollrath
Robert A. Vollrath
Peter Von Gontard
Connie Wagner
James W. Wallace
Samuel K. Wallace
William B. Webster III *
Henry and Marsha Wedell
John P. Weitzel
Frederick T. Weyerhaeuser
B. Brisco White III
Patrick M. WilloughbyMcCabe
Eric S. Wilson
Robert Winthrop II
G. Spence Wise Jr.
Wolf Creek Charitable
Coleman Wortham III
Worth and Marge Mathewson,
Amity, Oregon
Louis S. Pope, Collierville,
Mark L. Miller, Salina, Kansas
John C. Ryan, Murphysboro, Illinois
Peter F. Olsen, Salt Lake City, Utah
Jim and Estelle Shuttleworth,
Hamilton, Minnesota
Darrell Ostrowski, Winnipeg,
Pleasant River Wildlife
Foundation, Addison, Maine
Robert Vonoepen,
Spring Grove, Illinois
Henri Wedell, Memphis, Tennessee
Roll Call
Top 25 Chapters
Delta Waterfowl recognizes outstanding chapters for their 2014 fundraising success.
Total Members
Gulf Coast/Calcasieu,
Lake Charles, Louisiana
Memphis, Tennessee
Abbeville, Louisiana
Nashville, Tennessee
Greater Longview,
Longview, Texas
Leon County,
Centerville, Texas
Full Limits Chapter,
22. Northwest Louisiana,
Bossier City, Louisiana
15. Eunice,
Eunice, Louisiana
Forked Deer,
23. Wild Wings,
Jonesboro, Arkansas
16. Lake Norman,
North Carolina
24. Southeast
Dakota Puddlers,
Sioux Falls, South Dakota
25. Mount Pleasant,
Mount Pleasant, Texas
Single Net –
Existing Chapter
17. River Bottom,
El Dorado, Arkansas
18. Arch Chapter,
St. Louis, Missouri
19. Houston Chapter,
Houston, Texas
Eunice, Louisiana
20. Atchafalaya,
Morgan City, Louisiana
Triangle Delta
21. Northwest Louisiana,
Bossier City, Louisiana
Delta Waterfowl,
Raleigh, North Carolina
14. Whistling Wings,
Edmonton, Alberta
21. Windy Wings of Delta,
Casper, Wyoming
Hardcore Waterfowlers,
Fremont, Nebraska
Memphis, Tennessee
Abbeville, Louisiana
Raleigh, North Carolina
10. Northeast Louisiana,
Monroe, Louisiana
11. Backwater Chapter,
Magnolia, Arkansas
Gulf Coast/Calcasieu,
12. Iron Range Flyers,
Hibbing, Minnesota
Leon County,
13. River Bottom,
El Dorado, Arkansas
Lamar County,
14. Thousand Lakes,
Grand Rapids, Minnesota
West Dakota
15. Central Louisiana,
Alexandria, Louisiana
16. Baton Rouge Area,
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
17. Arch Chapter,
St. Louis, Missouri
18. Three Rivers,
Muscatine, Iowa
19. Acadiana,
Lafayette, Louisiana
20. North Houston,
Spring, Texas
Nashville, Tennessee
Lake Charles, Louisiana
23. Backwater Chapter,
Magnolia, Arkansas
24. Central Louisiana,
Alexandria, Louisiana
25. Hardcore Waterfowlers,
Fremont, Nebraska
Centerville, Texas
Paris, Texas
Minot, North Dakota
22. Lancaster,
Lancaster, Pennsylvania
North Houston,
Spring, Texas
10. Northeast Louisiana,
Monroe, Louisiana
11. Greater Longview,
Longview, Texas
12. Texas Hunting
Flower Mound, Texas
13. Mountrail
County Fowlers,
Stanley, North Dakota
Single Net – New Chapter
Alamo, Tennessee
10. Southwest Mississippi,
Liberty, Mississippi
11. Bristol,
Bristol, Tennessee
12. Hatchie Town,
Bolivar, Tennessee
13. Two Rivers,
Brussels, Illinois
14. Birmingham,
Birmingham, Alabama
15. French Creek Valley,
Franklin, Pennsylvania
16. Garrison Greenheads,
17. University of
Starkville, Mississippi
18. Middle Tennessee,
Spring Hill, Tennessee
19. West Valley
Buckeye, Arizona
20. Prairie Lakes Chapter,
Estherville, Iowa
Back Bay Chapter,
21. Wasatch Wigeons,
Ogden, Utah
Calgary Wild Wings,
22. Beehive State,
Bountiful, Utah
Three Rivers,
Mount Pleasant,
24. Williamson Woodies,
Marion, Illinois
Elkhorn Valley,
25. Spadra, Clarksville,
Rogue Outdoors,
Katy Prairie,
Virginia Beach, Virginia
Calgary, Alberta
23. North Branch
LeRaysville, Pennsylvania
Newport, Arkansas
Mount Pleasant, Texas
Norfolk, Nebraska
Canton, Texas
Katy, Texas
Note: The 2014 fiscal year ran from March 1, 2014 to Feb. 28, 2015.
Mitchell, Nebraska
Royalties and Advertising
Major Gifts
Endowment and Investments
Events and Membership
Total: $7,890,000
Total Net Income
Memphis, Tennessee
Abbeville, Louisiana
21. Atchafalaya,
Morgan City, Louisiana
Triangle Delta
22. Northwest Louisiana,
Bossier City, Louisiana
23. Lancaster,
Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Raleigh, North Carolina
Nashville, Tennessee
24. Backwater Chapter,
Magnolia, Arkansas
Gulf Coast/Calcasieu,
Lake Charles, Louisiana
Leon County,
Lamar County,
West Dakota
25. Central Louisiana,
Alexandria, Louisiana
Centerville, Texas
Paris, Texas
Net-Gross Over $20,000
16. Lake Norman,
North Carolina
17. Backwater Chapter,
Magnolia, Arkansas
18. Northeast Louisiana,
Monroe, Louisiana
19. Whistling Wings,
Edmonton, Alberta
20. Memphis/Mid-South,
Memphis, Tennessee
21. West Dakota
Erie, Pennsylvania
10. Two Rivers,
Brussels, Illinois
11. Big Muddy Mallard,
Murphysboro, Illinois
12. Jim River Marsh
Calgary Wild Wings,
Three Rivers,
22. Three Rivers,
Muscatine, Iowa
Elkhorn Valley,
10. Northeast Louisiana,
Monroe, Louisiana
23. Katy Prairie,
Katy, Texas
Puddle Jumpers,
11. Greater Longview,
Longview, Texas
24. Lamar County,
Paris, Texas
Peninsula Pintails,
12. Texas Hunting
Bottoms Up,
25. Vermilion,
Abbeville, Louisiana
Norfolk Delta,
Coastal Carolina,
Puget Sound,
Dakota Puddlers,
Cupped Up Crew,
Old Hickory,
12. Lancaster,
Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Full Limits Chapter,
18. River Bottom,
El Dorado, Arkansas
13. Winnipeg,
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Pin Oak,
19. Arch Chapter,
St. Louis, Missouri
14. Gulf Coast/Calcasieu,
Lake Charles, Louisiana
24. North Shore,
Mandeville, Louisiana
20. Houston Chapter,
Houston, Texas
15. North Houston,
Spring, Texas
Lower Yazoo River,
25. French Creek Valley,
Franklin, Pennsylvania
Minot, North Dakota
North Houston,
Spring, Texas
Flower Mound, Texas
13. Mountrail
County Fowlers,
Stanley, North Dakota
14. Whistling Wings,
Edmonton, Alberta
15. Eunice,
Eunice, Louisiana
16. Lake Norman,
North Carolina
17. Back Bay Chapter,
Virginia Beach, Virginia
Calgary, Alberta
Newport, Arkansas
Norfolk, Nebraska
Bismarck, North Dakota
Soldotna, Alaska
Wilton, North Dakota
Port Rowan, Ontario
Bayboro, North Carolina
Sioux Falls, South Dakota
10. River Bottom,
El Dorado, Arkansas
11. Mid Shore,
Laurel, Delaware
Minot, North Dakota
Net-Gross $10,000
to $20,000
Issaquah, Washington
Starkville, Mississippi
Jennings, Louisiana
Lebanon, Tennessee
Mitchell, Nebraska
Conway, Arkansas
Birmingham, Alabama
Yazoo City, Mississippi
Delta Waterfowl’s membership and events system continues to grow. In 2014,
Delta had 330 chapters and 42,176 members across the
United States and Canada.
Programs (Ducks & Duck Hunters) 83%
Management and General
Charity Ratings
Delta is a highly rated charity by Charity
Navigator, with an 88.49 overall score.
Delta has a 5-star user rating on GuideStar.
Aberdeen, South Dakota
13. Jefferson County,
Pine Bluff, Arkansas
14. Northeast
Clarks Summit,
15. Trinity Valley,
Dayton, Texas
16. Sullivan County,
Sullivan, Indiana
17. Sunken Land,
Lake City/Monette,
18. North Sunflower County,
Drew, Mississippi
19. Bengal Tiger (LSU),
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
20. Calhoun County,
Homer, Michigan
21. Hatchie Town,
Bolivar, Tennessee
22. Livingston, Denham
Springs, Louisiana
23. South Texas,
San Antonio, Texas
Delta Waterfowl
is The Duck Hunters
elta Waterfowl programs
continue to evolve to meet
the needs of ducks and
duck hunters across the United
States and Canada. Delta works
for you — the duck hunter — in
four key areas: Duck Production,
Habitat, Hunter Advocacy and
Hunter Recruitment/Retention.
Duck Production
Delta Waterfowl has pioneered
the use of two cost-efficient tools
to put more ducks in the air.
Predator Management and Hen
Houses produce ducks for you.
Predator Management boosts nest
success in areas of the
U.S. and Canadian prairie
where nest cover is less plentiful
and duck production is chronically
low. The program has proved
to increase nest success up to sixfold, and also aids duckling
Hen Houses, used primarily
by nesting mallards, dramatically
increase the chances of a successful
hatch in intensely farmed regions
by keeping the hen and her eggs
away from many predators.
Nest success in Hen Houses
has reached 80 percent, clearly
adding ducks to the fall flight.
Delta Waterfowl works with
agricultural producers to ensure a
strong future of duck production.
Programs such as ALUS and
U.S. Working Wetlands conserve
breeding duck habitat for you.
Alternative Land Use Services,
or ALUS, partners with landowners
in Canada to protect and conserve
breeding duck habitat. ALUS works
at the agricultural producer level,
offering incentives for wetland habitat
enhancement and conservation.
The U.S. Working Wetlands
program works with landowners to
protect critical duck breeding habitat
Why I Give “Delta Waterfowl is there for hunters. There
is nobody else out there who will work on our behalf to
preserve our sport. There are a lot of groups that will preserve
wetlands, but won’t work for hunting. It’s absolutely critical
that waterfowlers have a voice, and that voice is Delta.”
Douglas Krause, Delta donor and avid Ohio duck hunter
through voluntary, incentive-based
measures. Delta is launching habitat
programs in North Dakota and
California to boost duck production.
Hunter Advocacy
Delta Waterfowl works to protect
waterfowl hunting rights and
ensure places to hunt. As the
voice of North American duck
hunters, Delta stands up for hunters
anytime, anywhere, to enhance duck
hunting opportunities for you.
Delta’s broad network of local
chapters serves as the eyes and ears
of the organization, alerting Delta’s
policy leaders of threats to duck
hunting. Delta supports hunters on
access issues, regulation changes
and a host of other concerns.
Delta works proactively to
expand hunting opportunities,
both locally and on a national
level. Delta was instrumental in
relaxing goose harvest regulations
in Canada, as well as in the ongoing
work to repeal Sunday hunting
prohibitions in the United States.
Hunter Recruitment/
Delta Waterfowl has long made
recruitment and retention of duck
hunters a priority. Through First
Hunt, Delta has added duck hunters
to our ranks and continues to ensure
the tradition of duck hunting for you.
Delta’s First Hunt, the largest
waterfowl-specific recruitment
program in North America,
continues to grow and introduce
the next generation of duck
hunters to the tradition we love.
Delta’s is working to retain duck
hunters through ongoing research
aimed at better understanding the
needs of modern waterfowlers.
The quest for answers will not only
benefit today’s duck hunters, it will
help Delta protect the legacy of
duck hunting long into the future.
Why I Give “With ALUS, Delta makes a compelling
case for private landowners to set aside land to foster
breeding habitat. Fortunately, Delta’s efforts have been
well received and ALUS has been recognized as a model
partnership between government and private landowners.”
Roger Kirby, Delta donor to Alternative Land Use Services program

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