Golden Hinde Information Sheet



Golden Hinde Information Sheet
Globe &
Golden Hinde
Shakespeare’s Globe and the Golden Hinde
have teamed up to offer a unique experience
for your school group!
Globe Exhibition
audioguide supplied by
John Wildgoose; Golden
Hinde Educational Trust
The Shakespeare
Globe Trust is a limited
company registed in
England No. 1152238
and a registed charity
No. 266916.
All information is
correct at time of going
to press (April 2015).
Globe Exhibition
The Globe Theatre, founded by
Sam Wanamaker, is a faithful
reconstruction of Shakespeare’s
Elizabethan playhouse. The Globe
Exhibition explores the remarkable story
of the theatre, and brings Shakespeare’s
world to life using a range of interactive
displays, live demonstrations, and a
handheld audioguide. Visitors can
discover how shows were produced in the
playhouses of Shakespeare’s time, from
writing and rehearsals to music, dance and
Globe Theatre Tour
A visit to the exhibition includes a 30minute guided tour of the Globe Theatre.
Our expert guide-storytellers provide
fascinating tours of the auditorium, vividly
recreating colourful stories of the 1599
Globe playhouse, the reconstruction
process in the 1990s and how the ‘wooden
O’ works today as an imaginative and
experimental space for performance.
Elizabethan Dressing Demonstration
Our guides explain the intricacies
of dressing and the significance of
clothing in Elizabethan society. Do
you know the origin of the phrases
‘straight-laced’, ‘loose women’ or ‘pin
money’? And what did Shakespeare’s
contemporaries use as a stain
remover? Find out as we dress you as
a character from a Shakespeare play.
The Golden Hinde
The Golden Hinde is a fully-working
reconstruction of the Tudor warship in
which Sir Francis Drake circumnavigated
the world between 1577 and 1580. Having
circumnavigated the globe and sailed
over 140,000 miles – many more than
the original – she is now berthed in St
Mary Overie Dock, a short walk from
Shakespeare’s Globe.
Costumed educators bring The Golden
Hinde and its history to life with tales of
Drake’s voyage around the world, and life
on board the ship for officers and ordinary
sailors. You will walk amongst the
cannons, the anchors and also see Drake’s
sleeping quarters. The Golden Hinde is
visited by thousands of visitors each year,
with equal appeal to those interested in
Tudor life at sea, and Sir Francis Drake.
Globe & Golden Hinde Schedule
10.45 Explore Globe Exhibition
11.30 Globe Theatre Tour
12.15 Globe Shop
12.30 Lunch
13.15 Elizabethan Dressing Demonstration
13.45 Walk to Golden Hinde
14.00 Explore Golden Hinde
This package includes Globe Exhibition entry and
a private guided tour of the Globe Theatre and a
Elizabethan Dressing Demonstration, lasting about
2hours. Please note dressing demonstration
takes place in a public area, and benches will be
reserved for your group. Plus a private guided
tour of The Golden Hinde, lasting another hour.
Altogether, this visit lasts approximately 4½
hours including a 1-hour lunch break.
A lunch space is available at The Golden Hinde
for schools (subject to availability and maximum
group size of 25 people)
This package is available for school groups only.
Preferred days: Monday, Wednesday and
Thursday. Booking is essential and must be paid
for 28 days prior to your visit. Conditions apply.
To make a Globe & Golden Hinde booking:
Telephone: +44 (0)20 7902 1500
Fax: +44 (0)20 7902 1515
Email: [email protected]
We will then forward you a booking request
form to complete and return.
The Globe & Golden Hinde package is not
available between 23 December 2015 and
4 January 2016, and is subject to
availability at other times.

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