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‘The Bell Ringer’
Wednesday, 17th June 2015
Principal: Gayle Andriske
email: [email protected]
Year 5/6 Excursion to Albury
Important Dates
Term 3
Responsible Pet Ownership Program K/1/2
Mon 13
Mon 22 - Thu 25
Year 5/6 Melbourne Excursion
Tue 14
All Students K-6 First Day Back
Thu 25th
Student Reports sent home
Fri 17th
Round Robin at Mulwala Year 3/4/5/6
Last Day of school for Term 2
Thu 30
Wed 17
Fri 26
Staff First Day Back Term 3
School Athletics Carnival
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Berrigan Public School
Principal’s Report
Yesterday Year 5/6 travelled to Albury to watch the stage
production ‘The Last Soldier’ at the Albury Civic Centre.
Thankyou to our P&C for this wonderful opportunity to
follow up on the ‘Monkey Baa Theatre’ workshop that the
5/6 students participated in. The 5/6 students picked up
some tips from the live performance yesterday that they will
use in their drama production, ‘The Magical Land of Oz’,
next term.
Riverina Cross Country Recount
On Thursday morning my family and I had to wake up at
4am to get ready to leave at 5am in the morning, we were
driving to Gundagai for the Riverina Cross Country. We
only had time to have showers not breakfast because we
were getting breakfast on the way. When we got in the car
we went to sleep because it was too early in the morning.
We arrived at Gundagai Sports Ground and went and
registered for our races. Caleb race started at 11.30am and
my race was at 12.15am. I was feeling nervous the closer
my race came. I made my way to the starting line and did
some stretches. There were 42 girls in my age group. I
came 20 and raced the best I could and was exhausted at
the end. Caleb came 23 out of 46. We both had a great
By Allyssa Thornton
Peer Support
During Peer Support this week, the children will be
discussing and developing ways to be responsible. The
activities will reinforce the concept that being responsible
is doing what we say we will do and to the best of our
Jump Rope for Heart
On Friday the children demonstrated their skipping skills
at a Jump Rope for Heart exhibition. The audience was
entertained by class performances and individual and
pair skipping routines. The school raised $71.00 in gold
coin donations for the Heart Foundation.
Fruit Break reminder
Just a reminder that all our school from Kinder to Year 5/6
has daily fruit breaks each morning. Students are
encouraged to bring a piece of fruit to eat every day. The
natural sugar in fruit will give students a boost, especially if
they have had an early breakfast.
Work Experience Student
Tom Loats joins us this week from Finley High School as
part of his school's, work experience program. Tom is
enjoying working with our students and staff and being
back in his primary school setting.
P&C Meeting cancelled
Please note, tonight’s P&C meeting has
been cancelled. Next P&C meeting will
be Wednesday 15th July 2015.
Gayle Andriske
School Reports
Next Wednesday first semester school reports will be sent
home with the students. Teachers have spent a lot of time
preparing the reports for you about your child's progress.
Please read them carefully and if you need to follow up with
an interview please contact the school and make an
Notes required to be returned
Round Robin permission note
School Voluntary Contribution/P&C Donation
Text Books
If you require copies of these notes please contact the office
Quote of the Day
Your children need your presence
more than your presents.
Jesse Jackson
Cross Country Training
& Buddy Reading
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Berrigan Public School
to the following
‘Students of the Week’
Kyden Wellman for detailed reflections on learning.
(from last week).
Darcy Pyle for great Maths leader.
Jye Litchfield for great work in Maths groups.
Caleb Thornton for excellent effort in Homework.
Mrs Arnold:
Mrs Tait:
Xavier Chapman for working well with ipads.
Sophie Agnew for working well with ipads.
Grace Cameron for her impressive writing
vocabulary. (not in picture)
Ms Outram:
Lucy Phillips for a very entertaining ‘Ginger Snaps’ blog.
Max Cameron for effort with handwriting.
(from last week)
Piper Mills for an excellent ‘Ginger Snaps’ blog.
Mitchell Spunner for being a spelling whizz.
Nick Arnold for terrific ‘order of operations’ persistence.
Zak Johnson for terrific maths work – in groups.
Darcy Owen for great maths work in ‘order of operation’.
Mrs Sneddon:
Jack Mcglory for Braggin’ Dragon story.
Michael Sharp-Shorney for fast and furious skipping.
Isabel Sierra for excellent work in reading groups.
Logan Agnew for excellent reading at home.
Mrs Andriske/Mrs Cameron:
Tess Middleton for excellent effort in Spelling.
Nicholas Arnold for an excellent attitude.
Gracie Rice for having a lovely attitude at school.
Ariarna Barker for excellent effort in spelling.
Rosie Phillips for effort in Maths.
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Berrigan Public School
Canteen Roster - Term 2
22nd June
23rd June
Arlena Pyle
17th June
24th June
18th June
19th June
C Alexander
25th June
Korina Barry
26th June
Sandra Fox
Bec Ware
Canteen Roster - Term 3
20 July
C Renneberg
21 July
15th July
22nd July
16th July
17th July
Korina Barry
23rd July
Kim Arnold
24th July
Emma Phillips
Amy Baxter
Thank you to all our canteen helpers. Please remember if your day(s) are not suitable
to organise your own swap and please notify the office.
Please do not order snacks, lollies or icy poles with your lunch orders.
PLEASE NOTE: Students are NOT to bring food to school for lunches etc. that
requires heating up in the canteen, as this is an OH&S issue.
26 June
O’Dwyer family/
Steel family
10th July
Pyle/Mills family/Jeffress family
24 July
Alexander family/Doug Cameron family
Readers for Year 3/4 & 5/6 - Morning Reading Program
Years 3/4 & 5/6 students are continuing a morning reading program. We would like the
students to read for 10-15 minutes each morning.
To ensure the success of this program we are looking for listeners for the students’ reading.
If you are able to pop into the school on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday morning
for any length of time between 8.30ish and 9.30am to hear students read it would be much
Thanking you in anticipation.
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