Case Study: Hoyts Charlestown, VIC



Case Study: Hoyts Charlestown, VIC
Case Study: Hoyts Charlestown, VIC
Energy Management
01 Project Summary
Hoyts are one of the major cinema chains located throughout Australia. The complex in
Charlestown has 6 cinemas. Each served by a large DX Packaged Air Conditioning Unit and
some additional units that serve the foyer and ancillary areas.
The site had an ageing Building Management System (BMS) installed. The BMS had a
Graphical User Interface (GUI) installed allowing excessive operator control, resulting in
manipulation of plant operation. This resulted in air-conditioning running for extended periods,
inappropriate temperature settings and in-efficient operation due to operator intervention.
Critical failure of the main GUI then led to no vision of plant operation whatsoever.
The main priority for the client was to restore plant control and
obtain a simple easy to use interface, so that the on-site staff can
efficiently manage the air conditioning and that senior management
could also manage and monitor remotely.
02 The Solution
Airmaster Australia (The incumbent mechanical maintenance contractor) offered the Ecobee
EMS as the solution.
The Ecobee (IDT) Devices were installed in the BioBox so that the projector staff could change
occupied/temperature settings according to the movie running schedules and respond to
customer complaints/feedback.
Significant energy savings were observed almost immediately as the local staff were able to
more effectively manage the air conditioning. The Ecobees also provided improved
temperature control and assisted with diagnosing any mechanical faults.
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Energy Management
03 Project Outcomes
Since the Ecobee devices were installed in March 2011, an instant
reduction in energy use was apparent. We continued to monitor
these values for 6 months in order to produce the graph shown
After 6 months, it was obvious that the thermostat control had
impacted the operation of the climate control significantly with an
average energy reduction of 22%.
The energy consumption trend has
continued to retain an average of
22% each month
-22% -11% -20%
kWh 2010
kWh 2011
The graph above shows a monthly comparison between 2010 and 2011. The Ecobee EMS were installed
and commissioned in March 2011.
06 Conclusions
The staff at Hoyts now have full control over their
airconditioning settings, allowing them to manage energy
consumption without the need for technical expertise.
Average Annual
Energy Saving
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