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Finance Your Education - Louviers Federal Credit Union
Finance Info For All Life
Louviers FCU’s website now has several online
tools to help our members with their financial needs
through all life stages. Go to and
check them out.
● Googleplex — Site for students that will teach
them important financial concepts through
interactive games, stories and calculators
● Guides to Independence — Geared toward
teaching money management skills in an online
tutorial format that’s both quick and fun. The
tutorials cover topics such as buying a car,
shopping, paying for school and more!
● MoneyMix — Read up on current issues and
trends, as well as tried and true methods
related to earning, spending, borrowing,
investing and more! Be sure to check out the
blogs and contribute on various financial hot
● Home & Family Finance Resource Center — A
one-stop financial information center packed
with consumer news, how-to videos, articles
and audio files. Topics covered include
everything from retirement to small businesses!
● Anytime Advisor — Seven coaches with topics
covering major financial decisions: home buying
car buying (used and new), identity theft,
checking account, credit management, couples
and money.
● Plan It: Retire Ready Toolkit — Complete online
toolkit to aid in planning for and achieving
financially secure retirement years. Choose
formats that fit your learning styles and needs
on retirement planning, create a personal
profile, track savings, print personalized charts
and make retirement
to-do checklists.
Rate Schedule
Share (Savings)
Holiday Club
IRA Accumulation
Share Draft (Checking)
Money Management
Share/IRA Certificates**
12 Months
18 Months
24 Months
30 Months
48 Months
$500 required minimum deposit. Penalty for early withdrawal.
*Annual Percentage Yield. **IRA certificate minimum length is 18 months.
New Auto
24 Months
36 Months
48 Months
60 Months
72 Months
Share Secured
Line of Credit
Visa Platinum Card
Visa Classic Card
Used Auto
Fixed Mortgages
1st Mortgage (15 years)
2nd Mortgage (5 years)
2nd Mortgage (10 years)
2nd Mortgage (15 years)
Adjustable Mortgages
1st Mortgage (30 years/1 Year Fixed)
1st Mortgage (30 years/5 years fixed)
Home Equity (15 years)
*80% of SRA appraisal. **75% of SRA appraisal and $99,000 maximum.
Rates are subject to change. Please call the credit union for
current rates or visit our website at
Louviers Federal Credit Union
302-733-0426 •
Newark Offices
Mon.-Thurs., 8:00 a.m.–4:30 p.m.
Friday, 8:00 a.m.–6:00 p.m.
185 Elkton Road
Newark, DE 19711
1st floor fax: 302-731-2461
2nd floor fax: 302-731-2460
Saturday, 9:00 a.m.–1:00 p.m.
2612 Kirkwood Hwy.
Fax: 302-733-0631
Wilmington Offices
Mon.-Fri., 8:00 a.m.–4:00 p.m.
City Center at Nemours
Fax: 302-571-9519 • Spring/Summer 2011
Let LFCU Help You
Finance Your
Before you take the important step of figuring out
how to finance your college education, it’s important
that you have all the information to help you make the
right choices. The options available to you are significant
and range from scholarships and grants to federal and
private student loans.
Louviers FCU’s student loan partner, Education Loan
Source, has a free counseling tool to help you better
understand the features and benefits of both private and
federal student loan programs, as well as your rights and
responsibilities. It also offers access to a glossary of
terms and information regarding many of the required
disclosures which are associated with education loans.
LFCU provides this important tool to help you become a
wiser consumer.
Also, Louviers FCU provides privately funded student
loans in partnership with Education Loan Source. Loans
are available for both undergraduate and graduate
programs at certified
educational institutions. Go to to
check out the
counseling tools and
private student loan
401 Maryland Avenue
Fax: 302-695-0001
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An Information Publication
for the Members of the
Louviers Federal Credit Union
at My Credit Union
Louviers FCU participated in the National Youth
Savings Challenge from April 17 to 23, 2011, by
helping our members under the age of 18 to open
credit union accounts and save money for their
futures. In just one week, 32 young members
generated total savings of over $19,300, and we
also had five new youth members join the
credit union during this time.
The Credit Union National
Association reported “In the strongest
year yet, $28,545,722.81 was deposited
in 146,002 youth accounts. Also, youth
opened 9,058 new accounts at the
305 participating credit unions that
reported results to CUNA.” While the
Challenge has ended, it’s never too
late to start saving for the future.
Join Louviers FCU in encouraging
youth to continue saving.
Scholarship Winner
Announced at 43rd
Annual Meeting
At our 43rd Annual Meeting on
April 19, 2011, Louviers FCU and Mitch Duling
announced the winners of the 2011 Gladys R. Duling
Memorial Scholarship. Congratulations to all the winners
and best of luck in your future college careers.
Scholarship Winner – Natalie Hines, seen pictured
with Mitch Duling and her mother, Bernadette Hines
Other Recipients – Benjamin Quinn McCartney, Sean
Burger, Tyler Carpenter and Kerry Ferber
All Louviers FCU branches will be closed in
observance of the following holidays:
Independence Day — Monday, July 4
Labor Day — Monday, September 5
Account Overdraft
Protection News
At Louviers FCU we do our best to serve our members and
offer them overdraft protection in the event of an
unexpected circumstance or a checkbook miscalculation.
However, as the number of overdrafts incurred continually
increases, our members may experience a delay in the
processing of their ACH, check and debit card
transactions if the required amount exceeds the amount
available in their checking account. Additionally,
remember that money management and share savings
accounts are not transaction accounts and activity is
limited. To avoid future delay, negative balances and
returned items, check the balance of the appropriate
account PRIOR TO paying a bill or making a purchase.
Please have any required funds moved into your checking
account if you intend to write a check. If you need to
transfer funds, use online banking at or
call us at 302-733-0426 so we may assist you.
Play Your Cards RIGHT!
When you make monthly credit card payments at a
high interest rate, you’re getting a bad deal. If you’re a
Louviers FCU member, there’s a way out.
Start by paying off your high-interest credit card debt
with a new Visa credit card from LFCU. An LFCU Visa card
offers the same convenience and acceptability as other
cards, but usually with lower interest rates, lower annual
fees and better service. With an LFCU Visa card, you can
pay your bill and manage basic account information
online and request a balance transfer from another credit
union account. We have no annual fee.
Stop in to one of our branches
or go to
and fill out an online
application. Pay off your
debt at our rate and save
more money on
future buys.
Remember, when it
comes to credit, it
pays to play your
cards right.
Traveling Abroad?
Did you know that your Louviers FCU Visa credit or
debit card is equipped for use all over the world? Your
money will travel with you on your adventure abroad!
While this is a great advantage for our members, we still
need your help to prevent any interruption of service while
you are away. In order for us to serve you better and
protect your money, please contact us in
advance and let us know where and
when you will be traveling. This will
prevent our fraud department from
placing a hold on your card while
you’re away. You can contact us at
302-733-0426 to notate travel
arrangements on your account.
Are you getting social
security, VA or other federal
benefits by paper check?
Direct deposit is safer, easier
and more convenient. Americans
who enroll for federal government
benefit payments on or after May 1, 2011, will receive
them electronically from the U.S. Department of the
Treasury. Louviers FCU is a selected Community
Ambassador encouraging our members to “Go
Direct.” Go to and take action today
to learn how easy it is to arrange for direct deposit.
Need a New Car? SAVE BIG
on a New GM Vehicle with
Invest in America
Thanks to our partnership
with Invest in America, LFCU
has two ways for members to
save on a new vehicle. First, GM
offers valuable discounts on
most new vehicles. Second, LFCU provides you with great
rates and quick approval. Depending on which GM vehicle
you choose, you could drive away saving thousands of
dollars! Visit to get details.
Saving is that simple.

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