For Sale - Jabiru ST



For Sale - Jabiru ST
For Sale - Jabiru ST
(1994 Jabiru ST with a Jabiru 1600 engine)
The ST is an honest little plane. It has been carefully
maintained, but flown very little in the last few years. It
would suit someone looking for a reliable little plane to
fly solo around the place and keep their skills and hours
up, or would be fun to fly further afield by a couple of
fliers - as long as they were not too beefy and heavy ....
The ST is for sale as the elderly owner can no longer fly.
TTIS is 973 hours, the engine TSO (full Jabiru zero time
overhaul) is 416 hours. The aircraft is in full flying condition.
The aircraft is currently at the SABC airfield at Serpentine, Western Australia.
For more details, please call Wayne Patterson
on 0411 788 148.

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