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Business - Lakenheath FSS
Family Child Care Is Always
Recruiting Providers For All
Types Of Care
• Full-time
• Before & After School
• Swing Shift
• Evening Shift
• Extended Duty
• Weekend Duty
• Hourly
• Infant & Toddler
• PCS/Volunteer
• TDY & Return Home Care
• Special Needs & Chronic Health Problems
(children with asthma, cerebral palsy,
physical impairments, etc.)
• Affiliate (providers not residing in
base housing)
We also welcome providers and staff
with special needs or chronic health issues.
Family Child Care
Provider Perks
• Own your own business and make money as you raise your own children
• All required toys, equipment, safety and
health supplies needed to begin your business
are provided to you free of charge
• Resume and career builder
• Opportunity to receive education leading to
National Accreditation
• Introduction to a new career path in
Early Childhood Education
• No licensing fee
Your Own
Become A Family
Child Care Provider
For additional information on starting your
FCC career call for an appointment:
Phone 01638 52 2170
DSN 226-2170
Email [email protected]
RAF Lakenheath
RAF Mildenhall
RAF Feltwell
Being an FCC Provider
This is more than being a “babysitter”. You are a
professionally trained child/youth caregiver in a
continuously growing, high demand career field.
As a business owner, you will experience the
challenges and rewards of being self-employed
while receiving support and guidance by the
FCC Office with 48th Force Support Squadron.
The Basic Requirements To
Become An FCC Provider:
• Be 18 years of age or older
• Be an Active Duty or retired
military dependent
• Speak, read and write English
• Live in the military community
• Attend 36 hours of orientation
• Have a high school diploma or equivalent
• Proof of immunizations
• Certification in FA/CPR Infant/Child
Getting Started
If you meet these basic requirements, then you can
begin your career as an FCC Provider. The FCC
office will guide you through the licensing process
and assist you with establishing your business. All
training requirements mandated by Air Force
Instruction 34-276 for FCC Providers will be
provided prior to the home being licensed. Training
will include child abuse identification and reporting,
appropriate guidance and discipline techniques,
food handlers, medication administration, CPR and
first aid, FCC business administration, basic child
development and learning environments, and safety,
health and fire regulations. In addition, you will
complete 15 specialized modules that will educate
you on everything from home safety and health
to setting up your environment during your first 18
months of license.
Is Family Child Care the career for you?

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