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Campus House
Purdue Christian
Fall 2009
Starry Night
We closed the street outside Greyhouse this month for an outdor music and arts festival to support literacy.
ne night every Fall, for the past 5
years, we have closed the block in
front of Joshua House to put on a music and
arts street festival called Starry Night.
It’s a way to use the common language
of the arts to reach out to our community
and form relationships. The vision for it is so
similar to that of Greyhouse, we thought it
made sense this year to move the event right
into the cultural heart of campus, in front of
We also wanted to do more than just put
on another street festival with some good
music. We wanted to use the opportunity
to open students’ eyes to see the world a
little more the way we think God sees it, but
we wanted to do it in a way that fit art and
Much prayer and thought went into how to
do that the right way. We realized, “story”
was the common link. Campus House has
always been about the ongoing story of
God told through the lives of each of our
students. And in some ways the event has
also been about stories since the beginninga story sung by a musician, or painted by an
artist, or woven into a bracelet.
Furthermore, I believe celebrating the
power of story is the first step to literacy.
Learning to read, in turn, leads to education.
And with a long-term perspective, education
can change the world. Next to the gospel,
there is probably no greater gift you can
give someone than that of literacy.
Story > Literacy > Education > Change
So we partnered with Literacy Evangelism
International, set up 8 bands on two stages,
a dozen artists making and selling their
creations, hands-on crafts, live glass-blowing,
a book drive, and a bunch of local, national,
and international agencies supporting
We estimate that over 2,000 students
came to hang out and get to know us. It
was an amazing evening, and a testament
to what can happen when a group of Christfollowers desire to reach out and serve.
Thank you for being a part of it all. I
wish you could have been here! See the
back for some images, or check out www.
Jason Tennenhouse
On behalf of the Campus House Team
1000 West State St. West Lafayette, IN 47906 765-743-3612 [email protected]
Mike Altman is a well-known artist who stopped by
Starry Night to draw charactures for the crowd.
There was a variety of art for sale from many local artists as
well as numerous opportunities to create your own artwork.
Deas Vail was here in July and stopped by once more to entertain enthuiastic fans. They performed songs from their new album.
Latte art and henna tattoos were only a few of the hands-on
art opportunities available during Starry Night.
The photo booth was a popular destination that allowed
participants to dress up in costumes and have their picture taken.
see more pictures at

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