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Letter from the editor
Elizabeth Harris
Although we all quite frequently say “I hate everyone in my
grade” or “I cant wait to get out of here,” we all know for the
majority of us that isn’t true, well at least for the most part. We
have all made amazing friends and memories at Seneca Valley
that have touched our hearts forever. I’m going to miss my best
friends dearly, Randi, Kristen, Courtney, Mckenna, Shannon Juliana; I love you guys. I know everyone else in the senior class has
friends they will miss dearly too.
We have all had amazing teachers who have impacted our lives
in one way or another. Mrs. Zewe taught me its always best to
be a “super listener;” Mr Pysher, my favorite teacher ever, taught
me to never let the petty drama affect my life; Mrs. Russell
taught me how to write a proper essay; Ms. Hazen instilled in
my head the difference between good and well; and Mr. Lucot
passed along more knowledge to me than any other teacher
ever has.
I would like to graciously thank Mrs. Narcisi, Mr. Stebbins, and
Ms. Rice for teaching me everything I know about journalism.
Because of all of you, I cannot wait to become a journalist - you
have all made my high school journalism experience amazing.
Without our teachers, we would not be where we are today,
yes some of them may have tortured us with hours of pointless
homework, and we may not have gotten along with all of them,
but in the end - they have made a difference in our lives.
Therefore, I want to end my high school journalistic experience
with a poem. Yes, I know it’s pretty sappy and un-original, but
I believe this poem truly relates to saying “thank you” to all of
our friends and educators who have touched our hearts forever.
My grandmother actually wrote the poem; when she passed
away, I was going through her things and found it written in her
high school scrapbook. When you read it, think about all of the
teachers who made a difference in your lives, the memories you
have shared with your friends, all of the times they were there
for you when you need them the most, the hard times that
brought you closer together and most of all, the memories you
made together that will last a lifetime.
Thank you, friends
Most Athletic
Most Artistic
Mr. Naylor and Miss Orend
Miss B and Mr. Nagel
Teacher’s Lounge Clown
By Charlotte O’Neill
As things go wrong,
And life goes on, a disappointing trend,
I do not sigh or weep,
But I, remember you, my friends.
I keep my courage, and my strength,
Because I know that you, have showed me,
Mrs. Finch and Mr. Stebbins
Best Dressed
Most Intelligent
How the grayest sky can turn to one of the
You smiles have illustrated that this world is
not in vain,
And confidence is all I need to keep away
the rain,
I contemplate the kindly words that you
have to me,
And measure every moment small against
And then, I feel as though,
My heart has reached its rainbow’s end.
And all the gratitude in me,
Belongs to you, my friends.
Mr. Magill and Miss Halliday Mrs. Schuster and Mr. Lucot
Top News Stories
Casey Anthony Trial
The six week trial of Casey Anthony
brought out the worst public outrage since
the OJ Simpson trial in 1995. Even Time
magazine described the case as “the social
media trial of the century”.
Casey Anthony, a 25 year old single
mother, was charged with first degree
murder after her two-year-old daughter,
Caylee had gone missing for 31 days back
in July of 2008. Cindy Anthony, Casey’s
mother, was the one who reported Caylee
missing and claimed the Casey’s car “smelled like a dead body.” Casey
Anthony pled not guilty. Not until December 11 were Caylee’s skeletal
remains found with a blanket inside a trash bag in a wooded area near
the family home.
Between the months of May and July of 2011, all eyes were on the trial. Many protestors and others would even gather outside the court house
waving signs with pictures and statements about Caylee. The media dissected everything that happened.
Finally on July 5, the jury found Casey Anthony not guilty of first
degree murder, aggravated child abuse, and aggravated manslaughter of a
child. But she was found guilty of four misdemeanor counts of providing
false information to a law enforcement officer.
The public went into a roar of rage. When Anthony was released from
custody, she had to be put under protective serves because of threats
made on her life. Most believe that she was found not guilty due to the
lack of evidence the court had. Time magazine stated, “The Casey Anthony trial offered few answers. It provided neither justice nor clarity.”
Occupy Wall Street
From the protesters in New York, L.A., and Pittsburgh to the violent
riots in Oakland, Occupy Wall Street protests swept across the nation’s
media this last year, showing America what some people think about the
wall-street bail outs.
This Epidemic began September 17, 2011, in Zuccotti Park, located in
New York City’s Wall Street financial district.
Hundreds of people showed up to support the cause, holding signs saying things such as “We are the 99%” and “Wall Street is our street.” A lot
of protests and events have taken place over the last few months, not only
in Wall Street but in city streets all over the country.
Many want to know what the Occupy Wall Street protesters stand for.
The web site states, “As one people, united, we acknowledge the reality:…
that our system must protect our rights, and upon corruption of that
system, it is up to the individuals to
protect their own rights…We come
to you at a time when corporations,
which place profit over people, selfinterest over justice, and oppression
over equality, run our government.”
The members of this protest want
justice for what they think was a waste
of government money, the corporate
The Royal Wedding
Early morning of April 29th, 2011, many Americans woke up to watch
the wedding of the century between the dashing Prince William and
Kate Middleton. All eyes were on the royal couple as they said their I
The couple met while attending school at the University of St. Andrews
in Fife, Scotland. Many conversed over the fact that Kate was just a
“commoner” compared to the royal status of William. But their engagement on October 20, 2010, was publicly announced on November 16,
The wedding was widely broadcast on television, Internet, and radio in
as many as 180 countries. CNN, BBC, and the UK’s ITV were the main
stations that covered the ceremony. Youtube even had a channel that
had coverage of the wedding streaming live. The ceremony was viewed
live by tens of millions more around the world, including 72 million on
the YouTube Royal Channel. In the United Kingdom, television audiences peaked at 26.3 million viewers, with
a total of 36.7 million watching part of the
coverage. Over one million people lined the
streets between Westminster Abbey and
Buckingham Palace.
Now the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge,
William and Kate are happily married and
living their lives still under the watchful eye
of the media.
Death of Osama Bin Laden
“Justice has been done,” President Barack
Obama said the night of May 2, 2011, as
crowds formed outside the White House
to celebrate the death of Osama Bin
Laden. Many people remember waking up
the next morning with almost every news
station covering the ground breaking story
and celebration, especially the hundreds
who waved American flags at Ground
Zero in New York.
Osama Bin Laden, the master mind
behind the horrific 9/11 plane crashes, was killed after a gunbattle with
Navy SEALs and CIA paramilitary forces at one of his compounds in
the city of Abbottabad. “The team returned to Afghanistan after, with
Bin Laden’s body,” U.S. officials said. They later reported that Bin Laden’s
body was then buried at sea.
In news of Bin Laden’s death, many are afraid that tension has been
raised between the U.S. and Bin Laden’s followers in al-Qiada. One U.S.
official from Homeland Security told MSNBC, “In the wake of this operation, there may be a heightened threat to the U.S. homeland.” They state,
“The U.S. is taking every possible precaution.”
Even with the terror alert so high, many of people are still celebrating
justice and victory to this day. Former President George W. Bush was
quoted saying this after being personally informed about Bin Laden’s
death by President Obama: “This momentous achievement marks a victory for America, for people who seek peace around the world, and for
all those who lost loved ones on September 11, 2001...The fight against
terror goes on, but tonight America has sent an unmistakable message:
No matter how long it takes, justice will be done.”
of 2011-2012 year:
by: Megan O’Leary
Sandusky-Penn State Scandal
In 2011, PSU former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky
was arrested. He is under investigation for sexually assaulting or having inappropriate contact with at least
eight underage boys on or near university property,
dating all the way back to the 1970’s.
The investigation officially started in 1994, after several mothers came forward, reporting that their boys
had been sexually abused by Sandusky. Most of the
boys were part of a program called “The Second Mile,”
which Sandusky founded back in 1977.
In November 2011, after a long investigation, PA Attorney
General Linda Kelly indicted Sandusky on forty counts of sex
crimes against young boys. Sandusky was arrested on November
5 and charged with seven counts of involuntary deviant sexual
intercourse, as well as eight counts of corruption of minors, eight
counts of endangering the welfare of a child, seven counts of indecent assault, and other offenses.
After the media broke the story, Penn State University board of
trustees fired long-time coach Joe Paterno and President Graham
Spanier. Athletic director Tim Curley and a vice
president Gary Schultz are accused of perjury and
failing to report suspected child abuse. Both have
now stepped down from their posts.
The local response to the scandal was chaotic. After
Paterno’s rumor of firing was confirmed at a television press conference, students and non-students
protested near the Penn State campus. About 4,000
students and non-students gathered to support Paterno, with some tipping over a WTAJ news truck.
Some police officers used a “chemical spray” to disperse the
demonstrators. Approximately $200,000 in damages resulted from
the riot, and two students were sentenced to up to 23.5 months in
Penn State responded in various ways, such as removing Sandusky’s image from a mural near the college and renaming an ice
cream flavor which they had been created in his honor.
Sandusky is scheduled to go on trial sometime in June of this
year. Remember the Stars:
1963 -2012
Joe Paterno
1926 - 2012
1919 - 2011
1929 - 2012
1978 - 2011
1983 - 2011
1955 - 2011
1932 - 2011
1977 - 2011
All Photos: provied by Google Images
Top So
ngs of
“Young Wild & Free” by SNOOP DOG & WIZ KHALIFA Featuring BRUNO MARS
“Set Fire To The Rain” by ADELE
“The Motto” by DRAKE Featuring LIL WAYNE
“Take Care” by DRAKE Featuring RIHANNA
“Rack City” by TYGA
“Rolling In The Deep” by ADELE
“Dance (A**)” by BIG SEAN Featuring NICKI MINAJ
“Moves Like Jagger” by Maroon 5 Featuring CHRISTINA AGUILARA
“Not Over You” by GAVIN DEGRAW
“Make Me Proud” by Drake Featuring NICKI MINAJ
“Make It Nasty” by TYGA
“Wild Ones” by FLO RIDA Featuring SIA
“Levels” by AVICII
“Faded” by Tyga Featuring LIL WAYNE
“Headlines” by DRAKE
“Good Feeling” by FLO RIDA
“We Found Love” feat. CALVIN HARRIS / RIHANNA
was voted a top song by SV student
Elizabeth Harris
WAYNE was voted a top song by SV
student Kyle Findlay
Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2
American Pie 4 (American Reunion)
Paranormal Activity 3
The Vow
The Devil Inside
The Hunger Games
The Hangover 2
The Change-Up
Project X
21 Jump Street
Titanic 3D
This Means War
The Lucky One
Morgan Midkiff voted The
Vow to be one of her
favorite movies for the
2011-12 school year
Zach Creedon voted
Project X as the top movie
for the 2011-2012 school year
Dakota Fanning
Emily Wahlstrom
Adam DeVine
Dan Bezila
Mr. Clean
Coach Holl
Woody & Buzz
Ceh & Korcinsky
Denzel Washington
Erick Lee
Mark Henry
Michael Fleming-Brown
As spring nears, many seniors are thinking one thing, senior trip. The excitement of
thinking about being with your friends for a
whole week at the beach is simply unbearable
while sitting in class all day. Senior trip just begins of what most people say, the best summer
of their lives. The usual spot for most seniors
from Seneca to vacation at is Ocean City, MD.
However, some groups venture out and go different to different beaches. Ocean City seems to
be the number one choice because it is one of
the closest beaches to us, a nice beach, and more
than enough to do whether it’s day or night. The
first two weeks of June at OC are called “Senior
Week,” the beach is filled with seniors from all
over the east coast.
Every senior group that comes back
from Ocean City, strongly recommends going.
With the rates to rent out condos not being very
high, it’s not too hard to talk the parents into
paying. The experience is definitely worth paying the few hundred dollars to spend a whole
week with some of your best friend’s before
everyone goes their separate ways for college.
Laying out on the beach all day and exploring
the board walk at night, who wouldn’t want
seven days of that?
Activities to do:
• Lay out on the beach/ bring games,
balls, frisbee, etc.
• Shop
• Jet ski
• Explore the boardwalk
• Golf (for the boys)
• Fishing (probably for the boys…)
“We’re going to Deep Creek, MD for
3 days, it’s a little different, but it’ll be
“We’re going to Ocean City, MD!
There’s about 40 of us going.”
“My friends and I are going to Ocean
City, MD.”
“We’re going to Ocean CIty, MD!”
Fun In Florida
B a n d Tr ip
By Leanne Schwartz and
Gabriella DeSimone
Staff writers
This past April, Seneca Valley
Band students packed up their
suitcases, slathered on the sunscreen, and hopped on a bus
to the Sunshine State. Many
students who attended the trip
would most likely agree that
the estimated 24 hour excruciating bus ride was totally worth
This trip to Disney is extremely special to students because
the band only makes the trip
once every four years. Students
who had the chance to go on
the trip this year felt extremely
privileged. The Seneca Valley
Band traveled to Orlando,
Florida April 25 through April
30, 2012. The band departed in
the early evening to embark on
their exciting adventure to Disney World. The trip included
many activities for the students
such as a dance workshop for
the Pom Pons, parade, amusement park visits, and many
other fun filled activities. The
band stayed in the Buena Vista
Suites in Orlando. Many banders and auxiliary members
were thrilled upon arrival no
matter if it was their first time
to the Magic Kingdom or not.
The Seneca Valley Jazz Band
and Wind Ensemble attended
ajudication in Disney World.
They all did such an amazing job, and recieved superior
awards from the judges. Wind
Esemble won Best in
Class, and Jazz band finished
runner up in Best in Class.
They should be proud of their
While the band members
enjoyed Epcot, the auxiliary
members attended a Disney
dance work shop. This entailed
the members of color guard
and Pom Pons going through a
fake tryout that the dancers in
the Disney shows would have
to go through. The class was
pretty intense, but still a lot of
fun and interesting to see if you
had what it takes to be a dancer
in the shows at Disney. At the
end of the workshop, the girls
got a surpirse visit from Goofy!
Another activity that the
Band members got the chance
to take part in was a parade
in Disney World. Many band
members have said that it is a
wonderful feeling to be part of
a parade and feel the energy
from the crowd, but just imagine how exciting it would be to
take part in a parade at Disney
After all their hard work was
done, they got down to the
import stuff: the rides. Many
students enjoyed exciting rides
such as Sapce Mountain. This
portion of the trip was most
likely the favorite part for most
of the students.
On the return home many
students dreaded going back
to school and getting into the
normal swing of things, but
many enjoyed their time on the
trip and felt extremely lucky to
have been given such a wonderful experience. It was a trip
that no one would soon forget.
Fun In Flord a
Chorus Trip
between eleven different schools. The Seneca
Staff Writers
Valley Chorus was more
The Seneca Valley Chothan ready to make
rus members warmed up
an impression on the
their vocal chords, and
judges. As always, the
hopped on the bus going
Seneca Valley Chorus
straight to the Magic
members did an aweKingdom.
some job and received
On April 25, the chorus
superior awards from
packed up and embarked
the judges. They should
on their trip to Florida.
be extremely proud of all
The students had to last
their hard work because
many long hours on a
it has certainly paid off.
crowded bus. However,
It certainly was rewardonce the students arrived
ing to receive such high
at their destination, they
praises from the judges.
knew that the trip was
After all of their hard
well worth the suffering.
work, they were able
The students visited
to start the fun again.
many of the parks in
The students hit up the
Disney. Some of the
amusement parks again
parks they visited infor an exciting time.
cluded Animal KingChorus students truly
dom, Magic Kingdom,
enjoyed the experience
and Hollywood Studios.
and had the time of their
Many students would say
that their favorite rides
As the trip came to a
would include Expediclose, all of the students
tion Everest, Tower of
were sad to return home
Terror, Space Mountain,
and get back in the
Haunted Mansion, Big
routine of school. HowThunder Mountain, and
ever, the chorus students
many more exciting
felt extremely lucky and
privileged to have been
Even though the chorus
able to go on the exciting
came to have fun, they
trip. They all certainly
had to get down to busihad a great time soaking
ness first. The Seneca
up the sun in Florida.
Valley Chorus competed in a competition
By Leanne Schwartz and Gabriella
The Seniors of the Seneca Valley Band enjoy thier very
last Band Trip.
photo Courtesy of Facebook
Mickey makes a surprise appearance at the award
Photo Courtesy of Leanne Schwartz
The castle in Magic Kingdom lights up during the
Electric Parade
photo ourtesy of Leanne Schwartz
Chorus students stand outside the Tower of Terror.
photo courtesy of Facebook
One of the favorite characters of Disney!
Photo Courtesy of Facebook.
Chorus students were spooked in the Haunted
Photo Courtesy of Google
Meet your “Final Four”
#4 Brendan Thomas
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 185 lbs
Class: Senior
Description: The King’s right hand man,
the “enforcer.” Leader of the “Shout”
#3 Tyler Gilbert
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 150 lbs
Class: Senior
Description: Mr. Gilbert is often seen in
the front row, painted up going HAM.
#2 Spencer Sonson
Height: 5’8”
Weight:155 lbs
Class: Senior
Desscription: Don’t let his size fool you,
our runner up is 155 lbs of painted up
Raider Pride.
#1 Mason Pynos
Height: 6’0”
Weight: 165 lbs
Class: Senior
Description: The holder of the crown, the
leader. The King.
1. Frequency of Attendance
2. How “hard” did they go?
3. Face Paint, Body Paint, Dress Up, etc.
4. No getting in trouble while at the game
5. No underclassmen in the tournament
Pictures courtesy of Alex Bilka
**Disclaimer: The participants and their seeding were
chosen and reviewed by a group of your peers and
have been generally accepted
Top Ten Seniors
Name: Matt Smith
Rank: #1
College: Georgetown
Major: Business
Quote: “You miss 100%
of the shots you don’t
take.”-Wayne Gretzky
Name: Cara Lucas
Rank: #2
College: Notre Dame
Major: Business
Quote: “Don’t give
up; don’t ever give
up.” - Jimmy V
of 2012
Name: Brandon Nicklas
Rank: #3
College: Penn State University
Major: Chemical Engineering
Quote: “One cannot
really argue with a
mathematical theorem.”
-Stephan Hawking
Name:Loren Ball
Rank: #6
College: Juniata
Major: Undecided at this
Quote: ”Good is the enemy
of Great” ~Voltaire
Name: Kelsey Wirth
Rank: #5
College: Duquesne
Major: Pharmacy
Quote: “The only place
where success comes before
work is in the dictionary.”
-Vince Lombardi
Name: Ryan Nuzzo
Rank: #7
College: Oral Roberts
Major: International
Business and Engineering Physics
Quote: “Every man
dies; not every man really lives.”-Braveheart
Name: Christy Lucas
Rank: #4
College: University of Pittsburgh
Major: Pre-Med
Quote: “Give the world the
best you have and it may
never be enough. Give your
best anyway . For you see,
in the end, it is between you
and God. It was never between you and them anyway.”
-Mother Teresa
Name: Maya Evanitsky
College: Penn State University
Quote: “Fairy tales are
more than true; not
because they tell us that
dragons exist, but because they tell us that
dragons can be beaten.”
-G.K. Chesterton
Name: Michelle Botyrius
College: Pitt
Major: Engineering
Quote:”Enjoy it, because it’s happening.”Stephen Chbosky
Name: Katie Willard
College: University of
Major: Chemical Engineering
Quote: “The truly happy
people are those who
have a source of happiness too deep to be
seriously disturbed by
ordinary troubles.”
- Marion K. Rich
Jasonia Braxton
Allegheny College
Caroline Baker
Molly Brinser
Michaela Cowden
Ian Edwards
Anastasia Georgiades
Hailey Marthaler
Annamarie Testa
Andrew Wolfe
American University
Andrew Lowery
Arizona State University
Brett Gadberry
Morgan Schall
Art Institute of Pittsburgh
Adam Shank
Eric Vigus
Ashland University
Julianna Hritz
Baldwin Wallace College
Nicholas Traverso
Bethany College
Frank Salopek
Bowling Green State University
Hunter Timko
Bradford School
Alison Noble
Brandon Wehner
University of Pittsburgh- Bradford
Joseph Giancola
Brigham Young University
Jaelyn Arrington
Taylor Lantz
California University of Pennsylvania
Kristen Gorman
Shannon Rhea
Carlow University
Raegan Dobbins
Kathleen Riley
Demi Somple
Carnegie Mellon University
Troy Witt
Case Western Reserve University
Robert Campbell
Josie Krome
Central Michigan University
Andrea Delong
Cheyney University
Matthew Edmondson
Clarion University
Bridgette Bertoti
Matthew Koerpor
Arianna Latess
Tori Mroch
Clemson University
Jamie Harding
Cleveland State University
Rebecca Coffy
Community College of Allegheny College
Paul Griffin
Taylor Russell
Rebecca Stewart
Duquesne University
Daniel Bezilla
Emily Bintrum
Gabrella Desimone
Marykate Fullerton
Erica Hetzel
Nickolas Hoch
Jane Lemmo
Kailey Lucchi
Ryan Patrick
Mikayla Pollaci
Logan Rose
Joseph Scott
Colin Staudt
Delaney Stengel
Courtney Stephany
Laura Thomas
Julia Vandrak
Kelsey Wirth
Christine Yakich
Edinboro University
Megan Buletko
Saadia Channaj
Robyne Dulski
Joesph Gualtieri
Deanna Magiske
Ashley Olinger
Erik Wiegel
Houghton College
Graham Bitzer
Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Andrew Bell
Emma Cassese
Zachary Creedon
Gage Decampli
Seth Dehart
Zachary Detillio
Melanie Dunbar
Vance Embry
Karlei Fronzaglio
Matthew Hochberg
Hannah Huber
Wayne Jelinek
Noel Kalnas
Edward Kremmel
Evan Larkin
Ashley Marker
Whitney McMullen
Alexis Phillips
Andrea Siess
Butler County Community College
Jazeel Abdallah
William Andrews
Christopher Aunspaw
Claire Bauer
Richard Becker
John Benkart
Zach Blystone
Sara Boss
Nicole Brescia
Tyler Brunner
Jonathan Calhoun
Amanda Chivington
Brianna Ciccozzi
Chelsea Concelman
Charles Conway
Danielle Costello
Destiney Deemer
Christopher Dixon
Nicholas Donatelli
Leah Eichenauer
Luc Eppinger
Karris Feeney
Joseph Ferrick
Mirrissa Fleming
Allison Frayer
Chad Henchar
Justin Hoffman
Staci Humble
Alyshea Hunyadi
David Johnson
James Limbacher
Hunter Loomis
Miranda Lutz
Connor Mack
Jamie Maniet
Jordan Matulevich
Tasia McCullough
Brad McElheny
Aura Mello
Taylor Mesina
Kelsey Moore
James Nguyen
Sara Norris
Stacy O’Shea
Dom Pecora
Andrew Pegg
Ashley Reba
Marisa Rinere
Derek Scheller
Tyler Scheller
Emily Schoeffel
Keirstin Smith
Vanessa Somerville
Molly Sweeney
Alexandra Thayer
Wesley Theberge
Kayla Weisser
Greg Yobp
Robert Yousko
Slippery Rock
Michelle Baxa
James Begley
Alexander Horace Berner
Jake Bible
Minh Bright
Krystal Budzynski
Stephanie Carney
Hannah Christy
Rachel Dadey
Andrew Double
Kenneth Farinelli
Kelsey Graham
Derek Grence
Kaisha Jantsch
Michael Kernan
Rachel Kerr
Jenna Klingensmith
Steve McConahy
Kristen Mckinney
Tyler Painter
Austin Perry
Oliver Philogene
Kimberly Rape
Abby Rohm
Randi Schaub
Nathan Scherer
Sierra Stewart
Corey Symons
Chelsea Vazquez
Angelo Visco
Nicole Weaver
Ohio University
Cody Baker
David Brunette
Kelly Cundiff
William Dixon
Elicia Gibson
Elizabeth Harris
Mike Hildum
Lauren Kumper
Morgan Midkiff
Mason Pynos
Blake Restelli
Alyssa Staniland
Spencer Strayer
Katherine Tlapa
Penn State -University Park
Cole Bondo
Oleg Boychenko
Michael Chowansky
Brendan Craddock
Meghan Drambel
Kyle Findlay
Kelly Gagnon
Tyler Gilbert
Paul Harting
Vincent Iachini
Cory Jordan
Jordan Kelly
Joel Krause
Travis Lommock
Brent Mosier
Nicole Mineweeser
Brent Mosier
Brandon Nicklas
Zachary Panos
Tim Pecora
Thomas Pochatko
Jesse Prisby
Kathryn Rose
Kara Ross
Anne Ryan
Bradley Snyder
Brendan Thomas
Tara Wilson
University of Pittsburgh
Kelsey Allen
Michael Argyros
Michelle Botyrius
Laura Byko
Max McCloskey
Corey Moniot
Michael Pantis
Brian Pudlo
Shelby Resch
Charles Schade
Courtney Slack
George Totolos
Shelby Underwood
Juliana Warchola
Taylor Williams
Troy Abbott
Elizabeth Buechele
Krystina Rothhaar
Kerry Uram
Joshua Wentz
Emily Williams
Robert Wright
Robert Morris University
Nathan Babusci
Ryan Bunni
John Camus
Jared Domhoff
Tyler Galat
Diane Gorog
Brittany Illingworth
Madison Kozlowski
Thomas Pirrello
Evan Pucci
Rochester Institute of Technology
Marcus Aromatorio
Kurt Brandby
Katherine Brittner
Dennis Krevokuch
Paul Krevokuch
Samantha Miller
Tara Rae
Courtney Zarnick
Penn State Behrend
Meghan Dittrich
Tyler Dorsch
Taylor Francis
Christopher Grayburn
Matthew Johnson
Tyler Katich
Austin Lucci
Austin Martini
Matthew McGee
Mark Mosso
Mathew Myers
Nathan Piedmonte
Tyler Sammons
Sean Sandherr
John Warren
Iowa State
Katie Rutledge
John Carroll University
Kevin Locke
Jake Musiol
Taylor Vanhoose
Kent State
Jenna Chambers
Jamie Ferry
Courtney Goodzinski
Sarah Holzer
Kelly Kress
Justin McKinney
Mackensie Miller
Laura Murray
Kristen Parry
Hanny Richani
Savannah Shreve
Rebecca Smith
Messiah College
Brady Marburger
Anna Polite
Michigan State University
Jillian Ciccero
Mary Rekuc
LaFayette College
David Miller
Liberty University
Austin Bream
Jordan Speicher
Taylor Walsh
Muskingum University
Sarah Francino
Naval Academy
Alex Karika
Gabe Edwards
Ohio State
Bria Davis
Carly Hogan
Sydney Rasp
Louisiana State
Haley Johnson
Mansfield University
Maria Cuccaro
Marshall University
Gavin Evans
Brennan Clouner
Ian Frerich
Leah Hogan
Breanne Kennelty
Natalie Richard
Oral Roberts
Ryan Nusso
Otterbein University
Abigail Kalnas
Penn State Altoona
Eric Speicher
Penn State Beaver
Nathaniel Jewell
Brandon Ross
Bethany Ruder
Penn State New Kensington
Andrew Dersak
Caleb Galvin
Ben Mooney
Yesina Opperman
Point Park University
Lucas Carter
Erin Doms
Conner Gillooly
Nicholas Turgeon
Purdue University
John Kelleher
Radford University
Rebecca George
Saint Francis University
Erin Sager
Saint Mary’s College
Teagan Burkey
Seton Hill University
Hannah Brichasek
Thiel College
Hannah Conville
Timmy O’Shea
Towson University
Erica McGoogan
University of Kentucky
Carly Johns
Sarah Chase
University of Maryland
Kaitlin McDermott
University of North Carolina at
Courtney Matessa
University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg
Aaron Neu
Ryan Oakley
Garret Urban
Matt King
University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown
Zachary Muto
University of Utah
Vanessa Robinson
Emily Wahlstrom
University of Washington
Samantha Potter Virginia Tech University
Audrey Semmel
Washington and Jefferson College
Joseph Duggan
Spencer Sonson
Jake Succop
Emily Watson
Waynesburg University
Hannah Hixon
West Virginia University
Kylie Case
Cassondra Henderson
Tyler Newpol
Grove City
Josh Funyak
David Hall
Adam Speicher
Conner Foley
Caitlin Goncz
Nick Wargo
Tom Kocur
Matthew Leatherow
Division-1 Athletes
Alex Karika-Naval
Seneca Valley has been a dominate
powerhouse in volleyball for the last few
years. Both women and men’s volleyball
seem to be getting better every year. One
stars on the 2011 WPIAL championship
volleyball team is Alex Karika. Karika was
a senior this past season and stood out to
many recruits. So much so, she had the
opportunity to accept a scholarship for volleyball to the Naval Academy.
Karika started playing volleyball in the third grade when she lived in
Texas. Ever since she picked up a volleyball
she was addicted to the sport. Alex plays
volleyball pretty much all year round. If
it wasn’t the school season, she had club
volleyball. Alex plays on the Pittsburgh
3 Rivers Volleyball Club in the offseason.
During club volleyball she would train two
and a half hours, three times a week. During the school season she had practice five
times a week. Karika mentioned that for
school volleyball, the girls had to do a ton
of running, more than people expect them
to be doing.
Karika chose Navy over her many
other choices for a couple different reasons.
One reason was that she really liked their
coach and the team is consistently good.
Another huge reason why she chose Navy
is their academics. She is aware that Navy
is one of the best engineering schools in the
nation and that’s what she wants to major
in. When asked about her feelings on serving five years in the Navy after graduation
Karika replied with, “I am kind of nervous
about it, but I think it will be a neat experience.” Karika ended the interview with,
“Go Navy beat Army!” Everybody from the
Seneca Valley newspaper staff wishes
her good luck in her future endeavors at
Sam Potter-University of
Washington (Rowing)
One of Seneca Valley’s rowers to
get a division 1 scholarship is Samantha
potter. Potter will be attending The University of Washington next fall to participate on the crew team. Potter visited
5 other schools and chose Washington
for a number of reasons. Washington is
completely different than Pennsylvania
with its mountainous terrain, lakes, and
pine trees. The beautiful campus scene
was a huge part in potter`s decision.
Samantha started rowing the summer
before her eighth grade year. She chose
to pick up the sport because she loved
the team atmosphere that comes with
rowing. She also thought it was cool
that she would be able to row on the
river in downtown Pittsburgh.
Samantha has a very unique job
on the crew team. She doesn’t actually
row. Samantha is the coxswain on the
team. Since she is little and loud, her
job is to steer the boat, coach, lead, and
motivate the rowers in the boat. Samantha, however, works out with the team
when they are not in the water. Samantha is a member of the Three Rivers
Rowing Association. When asked if she
had any last comments, potter replied
with, “rowing is a great sport to get
into and it teaches you many important
qualities to have in life.” She also added
that she has met some of her best friends
through rowing and it has given her
many opportunities to be grateful for.
Potter will surely succeed at her future at
Catie Seman-University of
Rhode Island (Volleyball)
The second player to go Division-1 from the girls’ volleyball team is
Catie Seman. Seman has played volleyball
since 5th grade when she was enrolled at
St. Alphonsus and was a member of the
WPIAL championship volleyball team for
Seneca Valley. Seman will be attending
the University of Rhode Island in the fall
of 2012 and be a member of the women’s
volleyball team there.
Seman chose the University of
Rhode Island for a few different reasons.
One big reason was that she knows the
university is a good business school and
that is the field she would like pursue.
She also mentioned that she wanted to be
out of state for a change and experience
something different. When she visited the
school she really liked the coaches of the
team and the girls all seemed really nice.
Another reason why she chose Rhode
Island is because they are in the Atlantic
10 Division. “Competition in the Atlantic
10 is very competitive,” Seman mentioned
in the interview. She only plays volleyball
competitively but will play anything for
Seman does not know exactly
what she will end up doing with her future
but she mentioned she really would like to
coach volleyball, travel around the world,
and work with a successful business. She
really emphasized the fact that she would
like to stick around volleyball for as long
as she can. The future looks bright for
Catie Seman and best of luck to her at The
University of Rhode Island.
Matt Smith-University of
Abi Palmer-University
of Alabama (Rowing)
Abi Palmer will be attending
the University of Alabama on a scholarship for rowing. She is one of the few
athletes going Division I for a sport here
at Seneca Valley.
Abi has been rowing since
September of 2007, she was 13 years old.
When asked the question, “Why did you
start rowing?” she answered, my good
friend, Sam Potter, who is also going
Division I and will be attending the University of Washington asked her to join.
“They said they needed people who have
swam, ran cross country before, and I
did both.” Abi practices every Tuesday
to Saturday, 3 pm-7:30 pm. Due to the
fact that rowing is an Olympic sport,
I asked her about her future plans as a
rower. “If I make U23’s during college,
which is the World Championship of
rowing, then yes I will try for the Olympics!” Knowing all the great sporting teams at the University of Alabama,
there are many to choose from, such as
football, the most recent NCAA Champions, baseball, the top team in women’s
softball, and volleyball. Rowing is also
at the top of their game. When she decided Alabama, I was curious as to why
she chose it. Palmer replied “They’re
Division I, stellar program of studies,
rowing of course, and the scholarship
offer. When asked the question “What’s
the hardest part about rowing?” Palmer
replied, “What isn’t hard about rowing?
There is mental and physical pain every
day, it’s cut throat!” Congratulations and
good luck and the University of Alabama.
Matt Smith will be attending the
University of Georgetown, in Washington
DC on a scholarship for baseball.
Smith has been playing baseball
ever since he was 5 years old. When asked
the question “Why did you start playing
baseball?” he answered “I love the game
and always had a special feel for the sport;
it will always be a part of me.”
Matt is a very dedicated athlete
and player to the game, he practices 5 to
6 days a week “depending how busy I am”
says Smith. Matt has aspirations to take
his career to further levels and I asked
him what his thoughts are about it. “I am
hoping to get a degree in business from
Georgetown and continue my baseball career for as long as I can.” I also asked Smith
why he chose Georgetown: “everything
about the school felt right. The coaches,
the campus, the team, and the competition
all played a role along with the education.”
Matt has not only got offers from
Georgetown, but many other schools
as well. “Wake Forest, William & Mary,
Columbia, UPenn, Harvard, Vanderbilt,
Mount St. Mary, Davidson, Cincinnati,
Louisville, Stanford.” Smith has had many
influences on his life to make him the
player he is today, and he answered “My
parents have pushed me from the very
beginning and I am very thankful to have
them in my life.” Congratulations Matt and
good luck at the University of Georgetown.
Austin Bream-Liberty
Austin Bream will be attending
the Univerisity of Liberty, Virginia on a
scholarship for baseball. Liberty is also
Division I for baseball and Austin has
been more than willing to talk about his
Just like all of the other kids
who have played baseball, Austin has
been playing baseball since he was
5 years old for the Zelienople T-ball
League. When asked the question “Why
did you start playing baseball?” he replied, “because my dad and brothers installed the game into my system. Baseball
is all I have ever known.” Austin is also
a member of the varsity baseball team
and has been for two years. I asked him
“How many days a week he practices?”
“Besides practicing for Seneca, I try to
go hit and field with my dad at least 4-5
times a week.”
In order for Austin to follow
his dad’s and brothers’ footsteps, he has
some future plans. “I have an ultimate
goal, and that is to play professional
baseball.” Liberty has had a tradition in
the Bream household. His mother, dad,
and brother have all gone to Liberty. I
asked Austin why did he choose Liberty.
“Because my dad played there and so
did my brother. It has pretty much been
the school my whole family has gone to.”
Austin has had many influences on his
life, but only a couple really stand out,
“My dad and my brother, both were there
to support me and give me the insight
needed to become a better player.” I
asked Bream if he is ready enough to
carry the “Bream Tradition” at Liberty?
“I cannot wait! I have a lot to live up to
but I think I can do it.”
Blast From Student Baby Pictures
This junior is a soccer and lacrosse
player, and is a member of the student
Senior volleyball and football player and
great student, attending Penn State in the
The Past
Teacher Baby Pictures
Senior volleyball captain, and leader on
the soccer team.
New english and speech teacher, Penn
State graduate.
This junior plays lacrosse and is a member of the student council.
Spanish teacher who was a chaperone on
the trip to Spain last summer.
11th grade history teacher and Penguins
ABC’s of
Apple creator Steve Jobs dies
Boys’ basketball team makes PIAA state playoffs
Chad Albert breaks Seneca Valley single season dunk record.
Dogs woddle through school looking for drugs
Eli Manning wins his second Super Bowl
Football team makes it to second round of WPIAL playoffs
Girls’ Volleyball team wins WPIALS
How many security guards do we need?
I want to buy a hoagie
Joe Pa, you will never be forgotten
Kaufman House burns down in fire
Letters of intent signed by six seniors to participate in Division 1 sports.
March weather reaches record highs
No snow days this winter
Ohio University Bobcats reach Sweet 16
Paying an arm and a leg for parking
Quiet student section silenced by
state officials
Seneca Valley
Rowers accept division 1 scholarships
Stebbins takes over the library
Timmy O’shea: new varsity baseball team manager
U txt u drive u DIE
Volleyball tournament for gym class
Winter… what Winter?
school is almost
Year 2012, what’s going to happen…
Zoo’s 18 year old Komodo Dragon dies
now you
What are you looking forward to
most about senior year?
Ali Zorn
“Senioritis, prom, sleeping in during
PSSA’s, getting out of school earlier,
and being able to drive to school.”
What advice do you have for
sophomores coming into a new
Kyle Lewis
“Don’t stand in the middle of the hallways, and start your Junior Graduation Project assignments early.”
What are you looking forward to
the least for next year?
Ally Sanderbeck
“I am not looking forward to the
stress that comes with Senior
J U n i o r
What is your favorite junior year
What will you miss most about
junior year?
Healy Hindley
Jake Gondringer
“Going to Kountry Kitchen with
Kaitlyn Eagle, Caroline Baker, and
Ali Zorn!”
“I would just rather be a senior.”
How did you like the SHS as
compared to the IHS?
Brandon Hayward
“The SHS is much less strict than
the IHS when it comes to using your
phone in school.”
What was your favorite class
throughout all of high school?
Sarah Holzer
How are you going to spend your
last day of high school?
Patrick Hunter
“Art- it’s the only thing that gets me
through the day!”
“I am just going to hang out with
friends and prepare for senior trip to
the Outer Banks on June 9th.”
S e
What is your best high school
What was your favorite thing
about Seneca Valley?
Caroline Baker
“Going on the chorus trips with my
friends and having a grand time.”
Hunter Loomis
What are you looking forward to
the most about college?
David Glas
“The freedom; it’s a fresh start, and
you can pretty much do what you
o r s
“The options of classes they have to
What are your plans for after
high school?
MaryKate Fullerton
“I will be attending Duquesne University and majoring in business.”
Cars of Seneca Valley
Spencer Strayer: (left)
By: Kyle Findlay
2008 Volkswagen GTI, 4-cylinder,
1.8t, fwd, 6-speed manual
Notable Mods: Airbag suspension,
BBS Super RS 19”, window tint
Cody Baker: (left)
2004 Volkswagen .:R32, awd, 3.2 liter 6 –cylinder n/a, 6-speed manual
Notable Mods: Airlift Bag Suspension, Zauber Monoblock wheels,
Chad Hixon: (right)
1990 Volkswagen Corrado, fwd,
5-speed manual
Notable Mods: Neuspeed springs,
Bilstein shocks/struts, Raderwerk
mten 80s wheels, sub woofers
Cole Bondo: (right)
2005.5 Audi a4, 2.0t, 4 cylinder
Quattro, 6-speed manual
Notable Mods: Koni Coilovers,
AWE performance exhaust,
VMR wheels, rs4 brakes
Kyle Findlay: (left)
2001 BMW 330i, rwd, 3.0 liter
6-cylinder, n/a, 5-speed manual
Notable Mods: 7 Series Style
wheels, sport suspension
Joey Sanislo: (left)
2012 Volkswagen GTI, 4-cylinder, 2.0t, fwd, 6-speed
manual, HID headlights
Matt Smith: (right)
Dave Brunette: (right)
2003 Mercedes-Benz ml320,
awd, 3.2 liter 6-cylinder,
6-speed manual
Notable Mods: tinted windows,
22” Mercedes-Benz rims
2012 Golf .:R, 2.0 liter
Supercharged, 4-cylinder, Allwheel drive, navigation, 6-speed
Images courtesy of: Kyle Findlay, Facebook,
Google Images
Top Five Hangouts and
Restarurants By Mitchell Schall
3.) Ross Park Mall
Now for our 3rd place finisher, I chose Ross
Park Mall for a good solid couple of reasons. Like
how basically whenever you get bored on a Friday night, or even a Saturday night, you and your
friends can go all the way up in that North Allegheny
Tiger territory, and do some nice, relaxing shopping,
as well as you will be able to grab some food while
you’re enjoying your endless hours of shopping with
your girlfriend or even your best buddies.
1.) Kountry Kitchen
I chose the KK as my number one hangout and restaurant because of a couple of good
qualities. One, it has great food for very affordable
prices. So that means High Schoolers who are tight
on money and want to go before school and grab a
good breakfast can certainly get one here.
4.) Eat N Park
As well as another good reason it is number
one is everyone in the hallways is talking about the
KK and how awesome it is so since it was so popular, it just had to be number one!
2.) Nextier Stadium
For my number two pick, I say it was a strong two, maybe even a one in someone else’s top five,
but the KK was just too strong. Anyway for my number two pick I chose Nextier Stadium, and here
is why. During the fall season, Nextier Stadium is the place to be on a Friday night, supporting your
favorite High School football team, as well you can grab an ice cold drink, some good snacks, and of
course hangout with your friends. Now you may be wondering why is this number one then. Well here
is why! One, it is only the place to be during the fall season with soccer games, football games. Well
what happens in the winter? No one is there anymore until the spring which there is of course lacrosse
or track and field. That’s its only downfall that’s why it is not number one because of the fact you can’t
have fun there all year round.
5.) Moe’s
Eat “N” Park was my number four choice, it was
a strong candidate for the top three but there was just
no way it could have beaten out Ross Park Mall for the
number three spot, but as a number four it still has a lot
of good things to how whenever you get bored
and your either having a sleepover with your friend or
your girlfriends, and if you are eighteen and you get
those midnight munchies. Everyone can go get a very
cheap and delicious meal over at Eat “N” Park.
Finally, at the number five seed, or last place we
have Moe’s. Now I bet some of you guys are like what
how he could put Moe’s at number five!?
Moe’s was my number five seed because of a good
couple of reasons. Yes they do have delicious handmade
Mexican food, but it is very expensive! I mean we already
have to pay for gas and car insurance, and our girlfriends,
or boyfriends, and yes those lovely iPhone bills as well.
Moe’s is just too expensive to go there all the time but it
is still one of the top hangout spots among Seneca Valley
The graduating class of 2012 passses on the
I, Oliver Philogene do We, Katie Riley, Erica McGoogan, and
hereby leave For-
rest Barnes
my swag and pee
wee, and will
Hook to please get
faster for the team
next year.
I, Shannon Howley, do
hereby leave Evan Turner,
Brad Gresock, Easton Ba-
zzolli, and Carson Kessler
my comedic timing and
ment skills.
Kristen McKinney to
hereby leave Maggie Goodman the
I, Jamie Vinski, do
hereby leave Alyssa
Melhorn my kick
butt softball skills,
my batting gloves,
and my master
pranking skills.
I, Taylor Lantz, do hereby
leave my sarcastic
swim humor to Jess
Morris, Sarah Ritchie, Katie Gutmann, Jackie Curtz,
and Carley Belsterling
and will Jess Morris my
I, AJ Gilmore
do hereby leave
Jordan Brown
awesome skills
so she may succeed in evmy throwing
erything she does.
I, Julia
do hereby
leave Alexis
my love and
intensity for Seneca
Valley Girls Tennis and my amazing AP
Calculus skills for her future in the medical field.
I, Gabe Edwards, do
hereby leave Jordan
all my
and will
Conn my
hair clippers for camp
Kon O Kwee.
I, Tom Pirrello,
do hereby leave
Brian Todd my
classy tie collection, so he can
impress the ladies.
following things and memories to the junior class
I, Brandon Nicklas,
do hereby leave Katie
Burkett my swimming
cheers and Ryan Cwik
my phrases, “Gurl
I, Troy Witt, do
leave Brad
my good
looks and
will Ryan
Conn my
rolex to
use at the
I, Paul Griffin, do
hereby leave my
great looks and personality to Eric Lee.
I, Stasia Georgiages, do
hereby leave my yearbook making skills and
unending yearbook
antics to Sarah Ritchie,
Elyse Mastrostefano,
and Jake Shearer, and
will Ashley Blazewick
and Tony Acquaviva my
never ending hatred of
I, Andrew Schroder to hereby
leave Forrest
Barnes my swag
on the track.
I, Hannah Huber, do hereby leave my
tendencies to the
I, Erica Hezel
will Audrey Nicwell-known hipola all of my friends.... ster, Ali Stanley.
I, Randi Schaub, do
hereby leave Britta-
ny Larkin the study
hall table in the library
with Mr. Stebbins.
I Evan Pucci, do hereby
leave Chess
Eonta my
lucky pencil.
I, Zach Creedon,
do hereby leave
Stephen Driscoll
Berns basement
and will
absolutely nothing.
Meet The Editors
Elizabeth Harris – Editor-In-Chief
Without Elizabeth Harris, the newspaper class would
be nothing. She is in charge of the editors and makes
sure they get their articles done on time. She also puts
the articles into the newspaper layout. Elizabeth likes
to spend time with her family and friends. She also
likes shopping, writing, and volunteering. She claims
to be unathletic, even though she plays softball for
CTAA. Elizabeth plans to go to Ohio University’s E.W.
Scripps School of Journalism to study journalism. She
is a member of NHS and SADD and loves newspaper
Mason Pynos – Chief Photographer
Mason is a renowned student and a very important
part of the newspaper class. When pictures need taken,
Mason is on it. He enjoys long walks on the beach and
curling up by a fire and reading a nice novel. When
we thought Mason couldn’t be any more American,
we learn he can bake a mean apple pie. Mason plays
lacrosse for the school and plans to go to Ohio University for a secondary education.
Leanne Schwartz – Entertainment Editor
Leanne’s job in the newspaper class is to keep the readers interested by producing entertainment articles. She
enjoys dancing, spending time with her family and
friends, and shopping. Leanne used to play softball for
CTAA, is a captain of the Pompon squad, and has been
dancing since she was three years old. She plans to go
to Clarion University to study speech pathology.
Katie Willard – Layout Editor
Katie’s job in the newspaper class is to put the student
articles into the newspaper layout. She enjoys hanging
out with her awesome friends and family, skiing, being
outside and laughing. She played soccer for the school
and played for a cup team too. When you thought she
couldn’t be more skilled, we found out she can lick her
elbow. Katie plans on attending the University of Dayton, Villanova, or Lafayette to study chemical or civil
Gabriella DeSimone – Opposites Attract Editor
Gabriella has a very important part in the school
newspaper. Her job is to write the “Opposites Attract”
article for every month’s newspaper. She enjoys dancing, shopping, spending time with family and friends,
and tweeting. Gabriella also likes to watch Jack Bauer
kick butt in the television series, 24 in her free time.
She is a captain of the Pompon squad and is a lifeguard
and swim instructor at the YMCA. Gabriella plans to
attend Duquesne University to double major in education and communications.
Tyler Gilbert – Sports Editor
Tyler Gilbert is also a very important part of the newspaper class. He is responsible for editing the sports
articles. With his expertise, the sports articles in the
paper are top notch. Tyler isn’t just a hard working
student, but also he enjoys snuggling with puppies and
eating ice cream. He has been called the songbird of
his generation. He plays varsity golf for the school and
plans to go to Penn State or Ohio University.
Student & Teacher Pictures
Natalie Roche: D
Misha Demchuk: A
Mr. Hanlon: F
Tim Pecora: B
Ethan Huhn: C
Senora Coates: G
Miss Smith: E

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