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◆I would like to introduce more world entertainment into Japan.
Yoshito Yamazaki:
President and Representative Director of Kyodo Tokyo Inc.
During the last two summer holidays, Hall A was filled with smiling, excited children. “The Lord of the Rings” the film that won 11 Oscars in 2003 including Best P icture and Musical Score.
Events for November and December
◆The National Teatre in Brno Hansel and Gretel
◆The Leningrad State Ballet Nutcracke
◆C hung Myung-Whun with Tokyo P hilharmonic Orchestra - C hristmas C oncert
◆C hie Ayado “SEVEN” 2004
◆TAO LIVE 2004 ‾ BUON NO TSUC HINARI ‾ Theater Version
◆Symphony No. 9 “C horal” and P iano C oncert No. 5 “Emperor”
◆The 58th C ongress of C linical Ophthalmology of Japan - Open Seminar “Are Your Eyes All Right?
Myodesopsia and Retinal Detachment”
◆The 14th International Meeting Expo (IME 2004)
◆The 2nd Kyoto Antique Fair at Tokyo International Forum
◆The 7th Nomura Asset Management Fair
After-Hours’ C lassics‘Music Oasis’
Tokyo Millenario
◆La Folle Journee Experience Note
By Yuiko Ishitoya
◆Turn the Gathering into a Joy
P hoto by Hitoshi Iwakiri
Ground Space Expanding Festivity -Showing Various Faces
・On Air Location Information
・Forum News
・Town News
◆Project Note A Z
◆Shopping & Restaurants November and December
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During the last two summer
holidays, Hall A was filled with
smiling, excited children. “The Lord
of the Rings” - the film that won 11
Oscars in 2003 including Best
Picture and Musical Score. The
great musical pieces used in the
film were reconstructed as a
symphony with six movements. A
total of 200 entertainers performed
together while the original film was
being shown on the screen. Such a
presentation was completely novel.
Yoshito Yamazaki, president of
Kyodo Tokyo, introduced the
innovative performance to Japan. He
saw such a performance in Europe
and “experienced a deep feeling
such that he had never before felt.”
Kyodo Tokyo, a leader in the
entertainment industry, offers a
varied series of popular events that
fill the many concert halls including
the Tokyo International Forum. Mr.
Yamazaki, the representative
director of Kyodo Tokyo, continuously presents a significant number of performances in
Japan and does so in spite of his busy schedule. During an interview, we asked him, “What is
the source of your commitment?” Mr. Yamazaki answered our question during an interview:
Yoshito Yamazaki : President and Representative Director of Kyodo Tokyo
From business with the U.S. Military Forces to a company offering real nationwide
“Let’s talk about Kyodo Tokyo, Inc. The company was incorporated 47 years ago as the
current organization, but the business originated as entertainment for U.S. Military Forces
after the war. Thirty-three years have passed since I joined the company. When I was a
newcomer to Kyodo Tokyo, I used to produce the artist’s show at the “New Latin Quarter”
from Monday to Thursday. The quarter was in Akasaka. It was the hottest nightclub in Japan.
Such entertainment was produced at the U.S. Military Base three times a day from Friday to
Saturday. On Sunday, artists performed concerts at halls such as Sankei Hall and
Kouseinenkin-kaikan. After the performance, the artists left Japan. Such circumstances
continued until the 70s.”
“The 70s was a time when the number of musical associations such as Rouon, Onkyo, and
Min-on rapidly increased. Kyodo-Tokyo offered international artists opportunities to conduct
concert tours through such associations. At that time, I invited The Ventures and conducted
regional tours in Japan with a schedule of 120 performances a year. During that period, I
also went on tour with the Ventures for four months. Since then, artists I have invited
also went on tour with the Ventures for four months. Since then, artists I have invited
include Nini Rosso, the late trumpeter; the Brothers Four; Claud Ciari, the guitarist; and
many others. Through such activities, I feel that international artists have gradually become
recognized in Japan.”
“In the 80s, Kyodo Tokyo ceased its coordination work with music associations and began to
provide entertainment itself as an independent business. Kyodo Tokyo played a role in
offering entertainment for concert halls built by local governments all over the country.
During such activities, Kyodo-Tokyo formed a franchise chain based on Kyodo Group in Japan
from Kyusyu in the west to Hokkaido in the north.”
Basis for Entertainment
“The way I joined this business was a little unusual. Though I studied theatrical design at
Musashino Art University, I felt that I had reached the limit of my talent. Yet I loved being a
part of a theatrical group, so I worked for a puppet drama group performing shows at
kindergartens. I did that as a part time porter and driver. The puppet drama group
performed at kindergartens during the daytime, but at night, it changed from puppetry to
erotic play performances at nightclubs.”
“One day, it was decided that the puppet drama group would join the Eastern Asia
performance tour as a member of the Japanese review team to be produced by Jiro Uchino,
my senior and counselor at Kyodo-Tokyo. This happened while the university was closed for
six months because of a university dispute. I went with the review team to East Asia as a
housekeeper and porter for the six months.”
“So, my first task in this business was to collect the scanty clothing that the stripper had
dropped onto the stage during her Eastern Asis tour performance. I realized then that the
purpose of the industry was to entertain people, and our task as part of the industry was to
support artists. In this sense, when I am asked, “What was your first job?” I always answer,
“It was picking up a stripper’s underwear.” All people including Americans and Europeans
say, “You had a good start.”
There is a hall, but no theatre
“Currently we divide our business into four categories - music (including concerts),
performing arts, sports, and miscellaneous. A decade ago, music accounted for 95% to 98%
of the business. Recently the percentage of music has decreased while the percentage of
performing arts has increased. ”
“Lord of the Rings - the concert” held in Hall A was not a concert but performing arts.
Performing arts have the power to engage both the ears and eyes. I think this is the new
challenge of the summer, large-scale art. I anticipate that such kinds of art will continue to
“It seems that Hall A at the Tokyo International Forum was initially designed for music. The
designer could not imagine the hall being filled with an audience enjoying the performing
arts. In this sense, there is a hall in Japan but no theatre. Though I cannot explain the
difference between a hall and a theatre, I think that a hall is a place for expressions of
auditory sensations while a theatre is for visual sensations.”
“The Tokyo International Forum began as a hall but does not function as a theatre. The
facilities’ fees are calculated by the day and not designed for performances for a longer
period of time.”
“I recommend that Hall A, B, etc. of Tokyo International Forum be changed to Theatre A, B,
etc. Such a change would provide the impetus for more Forum innovations. I keenly desire
such change. I think that the existence of a special theatre will raise the status of the Tokyo
International Forum. Tokyo has only a marginal image as a cultural city because the
entertainment market has not yet matured. This can be seen from the fact that there is a
hall but no theatre.”
I want to show Japanese people more
“Since Kyodo Tokyo brings various kinds of entertainment from everywhere into Japan, some
people say that we should reverse the plan and create something to entertain the world.
Though I am interested in such planning, I still have more to introduce into Japanese. I think
the mission for my generation is to bring international entertainment to Japan. The task of
the next generation is to introduce Japanese entertainment to the world.”
“I want to show various kinds of excellent international entertainment to the Japanese
people. It is my task. Meanwhile, the next generation will not be satisfied with the situation.
They will start to introduce the entertainment of Japan to the world. This is what I believe.”
“If possible, I want to lease Hall C for the year and present exciting international
(C over) Lord of the Rings -the C oncert- ■ 8/30 Mon and 8/31 Tue ■Hall A
The Trilogy of the Lord of the Rings (i.e. “Fellowship of the Ring,” “The Two Towers,” and “The Return of the King”),
originally The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien, was an historic film series that won 11 Oscars in 2003 including Best
P icture and Musical Score for “The Return of the King.” This concert is a live performance in which the great musical pieces
of the film have been reconstructed into a grand symphony with six movements by the musical composer, Howard
Shore. John Mauceri, the master orchestra conductor, creates a great auditory impression. At the same time, the original
film is shown on the screen to reproduce the film’s grand-scale world. The two elements - the concert and the film -create a magnificent impact. The production received glowing accolades everywhere including New Zealand, C anada,
Europe, and the U.S.A. It was subsequently shown in Japan.
Yoshito Yamazaki:
President and Representative Director of Kyodo Tokyo
March, 1971- Graduated from College of Art and Design,
Musashino Art University
April, 1971- Joined Kyodo Tokyo Inc.
Based on his motto “entertainment is the public’s possession,”
Mr. Yamazaki produces a variety of musical styles: rock, the
Boston Pops, and classical music. He created a huge musical
success with the performances of the Backstreet Boys and Paul
McCartney. Mr. Yamazaki made the local performance right
contract with the Broadway and created a Japanese production,
which was the foundation for today’s Japanese entertainment
field. Mr. Yamazaki is a driving force behind the popularity of
musical performances. He helped to make Japanese people
recognize the existence of the musical in the entertainment
industry, and he produced a number of outstanding works:
“Chicago,” “Fossy,” “Big,” “Full Monty,” “VILLA VILLA,” “On Your
Toes,” “Blast!,” and “Cabaret.”
In February 1999, Mr. Yamazaki became president and
representative director of Kyodo Tokyo. In spite of his
responsibilities with Kyodo Tokyo, he invited entertainers from
outside Japan to come to Japan. He produced a substantial
number of entertainment events. All of his events have become
successful events.
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◆The National Teatre in Brno Hansel and Gretel
◆The Leningrad State Ballet Nutcracke
◆C hung Myung-Whun with Tokyo P hilharmonic Orchestra - C hristmas C oncert
◆C hie Ayado “SEVEN” 2004
◆TAO LIVE 2004 ‾ BUON NO TSUC HINARI ‾ Theater Version
◆Symphony No. 9 “C horal” and P iano C oncert No. 5 “Emperor”
◆The 58th C ongress of C linical Ophthalmology of Japan - Open Seminar “Are Your Eyes All Right? Myodesopsia and
Retinal Detachment”
◆The 14th International Meeting Expo (IME 2004)
◆The 2nd Kyoto Antique Fair at Tokyo International Forum
◆The 7th Nomura Asset Management Fair
◆The National Teatre in Brno Hansel and
■ Dec 17 (Fri) and 18 (Sat)
■ Hall C
■ 17th (Fri) Doors open: 18:30, Performance
starts: 19:00
18th (Sat) Doors open: 12:30, Performance
starts: 13:00 / Doors open: 16:30,
Performance starts: 17:00
■ Admission
S-¥12,000, A-¥10,000, B-¥8,000
(All seats assigned, inclusive of tax)
No preschoolers admitted
■ Contact
Ticket Space
TEL: 03-3234-9999
Traditional Christmas Opera from its Home
The National Teatre in Brno, Czech which has a more than 120-year history will perform
“Hansel and Gretel” which is one of the masterwork operas of German composer,
Humperdinck and known as a traditional opera for Christmas. Powerful soloists who belong
exclusively to the theater, a beautiful ballet company, and an internationally known choir
and orchestra will give a joint performance. The Christmas opera will open with a starstudded cast.
◆The Leningrad State Ballet Nutcracker
■ Dec 18 (Sat), 19 (Sun) and 23 (Thu, National
■ Hall A
■ 18th (Sat) Doors open: 13:15, Performance
starts: 14:00
19th (Sun) Doors open: 11:15, Performance
starts: 12:00 ¥ Doors open: 14:45,
Performance starts: 15:30
23rd (Thu, National Holiday) Doors open:
13:15, Performance starts: 14:00
■ Admission
S-¥13,000, A-¥11,000, B-¥9,000, C-¥7,000, D¥5,000
(All seats assigned, inclusive of tax)
No preschoolers admitted
■ Contact
TEL: 03-3943-9999 (10:00 - 18:00)
Holy Night Fantasy - Snow and Nymphs are Dancing
A “Fully Transferred Performance” by the Leningrad State Ballet which is praised as the
highest corp de ballet in the world for its elegant and beautiful rendering is now a Japanese
seasonal tradition in winter. This year again, they will beautifully color the Forum at
Christmas and at New Years. The play to be performed at the end of the year is
“Nutcracker”, one of the Big 3 Ballets of Tchaikovsky.
The play is of a fantasy a little girl Marsha experiences on Christmas Eve. It is one of the
best plays to enjoy at Christmas time.
◆Chung Myung-Whun with Tokyo
Philharmonic Orchestra - Christmas Concert
■ Dec 24 (Fri)
■ Hall A
■ Doors open: 18:00, Performance starts: 19:00
■ Admission
S-¥8,000, A-¥7,000, B-¥5,000
(All seats assigned, inclusive of tax)
■ Contact
Tokyo Phil Ticket Service
TEL: 03-5353-9522 (Weekdays 10:00 - 18:00)
http:// (at all hours)
Dreamy Gorgeous Christmas Concert
Dreamy Christmas concert performed by the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra with gorgeous
soloists headed by Maestro Chung Myung-Whun, a super star conductor from Korea. Please
enjoy the beautiful sound of the orchestra on opening night of the festival of light, “Tokyo
Next year is Japan-Korea Friendship Year 2005, 40th anniversary of the normalization of
relations between Japan and Korea. As a pre-event of the anniversary, the concert is taking
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◆The National Teatre in Brno Hansel and Gretel
◆The Leningrad State Ballet Nutcracke
◆C hung Myung-Whun with Tokyo P hilharmonic Orchestra - C hristmas C oncert
◆C hie Ayado “SEVEN” 2004
◆TAO LIVE 2004 ‾ BUON NO TSUC HINARI ‾ Theater Version
◆Symphony No. 9 “C horal” and P iano C oncert No. 5 “Emperor”
◆The 58th C ongress of C linical Ophthalmology of Japan - Open Seminar “Are Your Eyes All Right? Myodesopsia and
Retinal Detachment”
◆The 14th International Meeting Expo (IME 2004)
◆The 2nd Kyoto Antique Fair at Tokyo International Forum
◆The 7th Nomura Asset Management Fair
◆Chie Ayado “SEVEN” 2004
■ Nov 3 (Wed, National Holiday) ‾ Nov. 5 (Fri)
■ Hall A
■ 3rd (Wed, National Holiday) Doors open: 16:00,
Performance starts: 17:00
4th (Thu) and 5th (Fri) Doors open: 18:00, Performance
starts: 19:00
■ Admission ¥7,000
(All seats assigned, inclusive of tax)
No preschoolers admitted
■ Contact
Koinuma Music
TEL: 03-3404-6890
A gorgeous memorial pamphlet (not for sale) will be
presented to all visitors!
Enjoy energetic jazz!
Chie Ayado, with her energetic Kansai accent, has made numerous television appearances.
It has been 7 years since her debut as a jazz singer. While focusing on jazz, she is expanding
her repertoire to include pre-WWII Western hit tunes, 70’s pops and Japan-pops. Amazingly,
even Bob Dylan’s “Blowin' in The Wind” was recently added to Ayado’s World. Please enjoy
the lively concert of Chie Ayado - “A Challenger for Life.”
Co-performers: El Negro & Robby Band
Horacio El Negro Hernandez (ds. per)/ Robby Ameen (ds. per)/ C arlos Del P uerto (b)/ John Beasly (p)/ Yosvany Terry
(sax)/Brian Lynch (tp)/ P edro Martinez (per)
* P lease note the co-performers may be changed.
■ Dec 24 (Fri) ‾ 26 (Sun)
■ Hall C
■ 24th (Fri) Doors open: 18:30, Performance
starts: 19:00
25th (Sat) Doors open: 12:30, Performance
starts: 13:00 / Doors open: 17:30,
Performance starts: 18:00
26th (Sun) Doors open: 13:30, Performance
starts: 14:00
■ Admission ¥7,350
(All seats assigned, inclusive of tax)
■ Contact
Disck Garage
TEL: 03-5436-9600 (Weekdays 12:00 - 19:00)
Once We Start Dancing, We can’t Stop
SUPER DANCE BATTLE which took root as “a dancing event which is stylish and comical and
catching on with the audiences” will take place in the Tokyo International Forum at
Christmas time. A special world has been created starting with Papaya Suzuki, collaborating
with a Principal Ballet Dancer and a jazz dance unit. Their SUPER DANCE BATTLE which has
been praised as, “Amazing!”, “Fun!”, “This is real entertainment!” has now reached its final
concert. More powerful dancing will be presented in the last chapter of the series! Please
come and enjoy the fantastic stage which is entertaining for audiences from children to
P erformers: P apaya Suzuki, Kazuhiro Nishijima, Bugs Ubder Groove, Yuma Miki, Shinya Masuda, Shinsaku Hashiguchi
■ Dec 21 (Tue)
■ Hall C
■ Doors open: 18:30, Performance starts: 19:00
■ Admission
Super Seat-¥7,350,S-¥6,300, A-¥5,250
(All seats assigned, inclusive of tax)
* No children under 4 years old admitted.
■ Contact
Kyodo Tokyo
TEL: 03-3498-9999
Memorial Concert by Japanese Drum Group TAO who Made a World Debut
The Japanese drum group Tao made a simultaneous debut in Japan and abroad in August
2004 at Hall D7 of the Tokyo International Forum and at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. They
performed 5 concerts at the International Forum and tickets for all concerts were sold out.
At the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, they reached an amazing milestone by becoming the No. 1
ticket seller among more than 1,000 groups of participating artists.
TAO, who made a debut in 2 groups in August, will perform memorial concerts with all
members this time. This is real Japanese entertainment accepted by the world. Please enjoy
the new musical scene of Japanese drums.
◆Symphony No. 9 “Choral” and Piano
Concert No. 5 “Emperor”
■ Dec 17 (Fri)
■ Hall A
■ Performance starts: 18:50
■ Admission
Royal-¥12,000 (Special Seat),Royal Pair¥18,000 (Special Seat x 2),Royal Triple¥26,000 (Special Seat x 3),S-¥6,500,
Nonreserved Seat-¥4,500, Junior (Junior High
School Students and younger)-¥2,600
(inclusive of tax)
■ Contact
Sido Music Planning
TEL: 03-3465-6115
● Conductor: Hiroshi Kumagai
● Peformer: Symphony Orchestra “Great Artists” in Japan
● Choir: Tokyo Philharmonic Chorus / Symphony No. 9 Chorus
Would you like to join in the singing of Symphony No. 9 at Hall A?
Symphony No. 9 “Choral” and Piano Concert No. 5 “Emperor” is one of the annual year-end
events of the Tokyo International Forum. This year again, Symphony No. 9 Chorus is seeking
participants to sing Symphony No. 9 with the professional choir, the Tokyo Philharmonic
Chorus. The Symphony Orchestra “Great Artists” in Japan is an orchestra specially organized
by first-class active players who are at the forefront of the music world. You will surely be
satisfied with singing “Ode to Joy” with a professional choir. Anyone can participate. Even
beginners can learn to sing with the help of experienced teachers. Why don’t you
experience the sublime world of Beethoven’s No. 9 by participating in a professional choir?
■ Contact
Sido Music Planning
TEL: 03-3465-6431
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◆The National Teatre in Brno Hansel and Gretel
◆The Leningrad State Ballet Nutcracke
◆C hung Myung-Whun with Tokyo P hilharmonic Orchestra - C hristmas C oncert
◆C hie Ayado “SEVEN” 2004
◆TAO LIVE 2004 ‾ BUON NO TSUC HINARI ‾ Theater Version
◆Symphony No. 9 “C horal” and P iano C oncert No. 5 “Emperor”
◆The 58th C ongress of C linical Ophthalmology of Japan - Open Seminar “Are Your Eyes All Right? Myodesopsia and
Retinal Detachment”
◆The 14th International Meeting Expo (IME 2004)
◆The 2nd Kyoto Antique Fair at Tokyo International Forum
◆The 7th Nomura Asset Management Fair
◆The 58th Congress of Clinical Ophthalmology of Japan
- Open Seminar
“Are Your Eyes All Right? Myodesopsia and Retinal
■ Nov 14 (Sun)
■ Hall A
■ 13:30 - 16:00
■ Admission Free
■ Contact
c/o Japan Convention Services
The 58th Congress of Clinical Ophthalmology of Japan Open Seminar about Eyes
TEL: 03-3508-4421
Learn More about Your Eyes
The Congress of Clinical Ophthalmology of Japan will meet for the 58th time this year which is
one of the largest academic congresses in Japan. Every year more than 6,000
ophthalmologist, nurses and ophthalmic trainers gather and give presentations and hold
discussions with the purpose of seeking better Ophthalmology.
As one of the activities of the congress, they will hold an open seminar for the general
public to make people correctly understand eye diseases starting with retinal detachment.
At the seminar, there will be a lecture by Yoichi Masuzoe, a member of the House of
Councilors and explanations about myodesopsia and retinal detachment by a retinal
specialist. In addition, an “Eye Consultation Office with a Long Queue,” a corner where eye
specialists answer various questions from participants, is planned.
Please take this opportunity to expand your knowledge about your precious eyes. We are
sincerely looking forward to receiving you.
◆The 14th International Meeting Expo (IME
■ Dec 7 (Tue) and 8 (Wed)
■ Exhibition Hall 1, Hall B5 (Lectures)
■ 10:00 - 17:000
■ Admission Free (Pre-Registration)
■ Contact
Japan Congress and Convention Bureau (JCCB)
Office of the 14th International Meeting Expo
TEL: 03-3212-1371
All Information about Conventions
The International Meeting Expo is the sole general exhibition for conventions. Cities from all
over Japan who actively hold conventions, convention bureaus, various companies of travel,
transportation and hotel and convention operating companies will set up booths and
provide information to academic conference, groups and companies. In addition to
conventional lectures, individual negotiations with exhibitors and consultation corners of
“donation and subsidy business” by the Japan National Tourist Organization (JNTO), events
with the theme of “something you cannot experience without coming to the venue” are
planned this year. Please take this opportunity to gather information and know-how on
holding conventions by experiencing various things. For further details, please go to the
JCCB web site Above!
◆The 2nd Kyoto Antique Fair at Tokyo International Forum
■ Nov 6 (Sat) and 7 (Sun)
■ Exhibition Hall 2
■ 10:00 - 18:00
■ Admission ¥1,000 (Free if you bring the invitation postcard)
■ Contact
TEL: 077-522-2307
Antique Fans! Must-See Antique Show from Kyoto
This is a special spot sale exhibition where 36 merchants selected from the Antique Grand
Fair in Kyoto will exhibit fine articles and antique articles which have been treasured in old,
established families in Kansai and Hokuriku areas. For the clientele of the monthly antique
exhibitions and the other people, various must-see antique articles will be on display. It is an
indoor exhibition, so it will be held even if it rains. Please come and enjoy it.
◆The 7th Nomura Asset Management Fair
■ Dec 11 (Sat) and 12 (Sun)
■ Exhibition Hall, Hall C (Lectures)
■ 10:30 - 19:00 (The time may be changed.)
■ Admission Free (Invitation for lectures are subject to application and drawing.)
■ Contact
TEL: 0120-00-8657 (Hello Corner)
One of the Largest Money Events in Japan for Personal Investors!
A money event for personal investors presented by Nomura Securities Co., Ltd. Famous
lecturers from various industries will talk about overall economical prospects, timely
investment information and meaningful topics for senior citizens. Various events will he held
at the exhibition hall. “Company IR Exhibition Booth” by listed companies,
“Exhibition/Presentation” by world-famous fund operation companies, “Asset Management
Seminar Room” by Nomura Securities, “Nomura Home Trade Experience Corner” where you
can learn using the PC, and “Helpful Complimentary Corner for Stock Holders” where
companies who give preferential treatment to stockholders are introduced.
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After-Hours’ Classics
‘Music Oasis’
■ Oct 4 (Mon) Vol. 2 “Joy of Love”
Organization: Trombone Quartet
Tunes: Bach “Aria on G-String”, Schumann “Traumerei”,
From Fillmore “Trombone Family” and other.
Nov 4 (Thu) Vol. 3 “Scene of Colors”
Organization: Cello Quintet
Tunes: Fitzenhagen “Ave Maria”
Popper “Polonaise”
Dec 20 (Mon) Vol. 4 “Winter Romance”
Organization: String Quintet and singers
Tunes: Mozart “Ave Verum Corpus”
Handel “Ombra Mai Fu”
Rossini “String Sonata No. 1-1” and other
■ Lobby Gallery
■ Everyday 18:00 (for about 40 minutes)
■ Admission Free
Enjoy a quality moment on the way back from work
Some members of Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra, one of Japan’s leading
orchestras, will present classical ensembles in the glass wing of the Forum. Please drop in
on your way back from work and enjoy a luxurious and relaxing time with classical music
during the turn of the season.
■ Contact
Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra
TEL: 03-3822-0727
Host: Tokyo Metropolitan Government Personnel Welfare Foundation
Cooperation: Tokyo International Forum
Tokyo Millenario
■ Dec 24 (Fri) - Jan 1, 2005 (Sat, National
■ Illuminating Time
Dec 24 (Fri) - 31 (Fri): 17:30 ‾ 21:00
Jan 1 (Sat, National Holiday): 0:00 ‾ 3:00
(The time may be changed.)
■ Venue
Marunouchi Naka-Dori, Marunouchi Exit of JR
Tokyo Station, Tokyo International Forum
This year again, the light sculpture will color the town of Marunouchi.
The light sculpture will illuminate the night of Marunouchi from Christmas time to the year-
end. This is the 6th year after starting the “New Festival of Tokyo” in 1999. It has become
the seasonal tradition to illuminate the year-end night.
Next year 2005 is “Japan-EU Year of People-to-People Exchanges,” and the Tokyo Millenario
this time will be held as a pre-promotion event.
The Tokyo International Forum will hold “Forum Millenario Club” and will provide a relaxing
space for visitors by serving hot drinks and selling snacks and preparing rest corners.
Further details will be provided in the next issue.
“Tokyo Millenario”is a new festival of Tokyo where people meet and communicate in the illumination of lighting sculpture,
“P aratura” created by Valerio Festi, an Italian art director and Hirokazu Imaoka, a Japanese art producer. � Valerio
Festi/I& F Inc
■ Contact
Office of Tokyo Millenario Executive Committee
TEL: 03-5447-0955
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“Enthusiasm” swept me away
It takes about 2 hours by train from Paris. When
getting closer to the Atlantic Ocean, there is a
town called Nantes. The specialty in this area is
delicious oyster and aromatic dry white wine. Once
upon a time, the town flourished as the center of
the Principality of Bretagne, and it still has
remnants of medieval days with the magnificent
castle of the Grand Prince.
As I heard that the most popular musical event in
France was being held in Nantes, I went there.
This year, it was held from January 28 to February
1, out of which, 3 days from Friday to Sunday was
the main event. Although I gained some
information before I went there, what I heard and
what I saw was totally different. It was the most unique and most enjoyable festival I have
ever experienced.
The venue is a gigantic congress center. Once you step into the center, people are
crowded in and it is like a trade show or a gala. Exactly as the title of La Folle Journee, I was
swept away with “enthusiasm.”
Surprising price of concert tickets which enable you to participate in several
There were many large and small halls at the
congress center, and 50 to 70 concerts were
being held in one day from early morning to late
night. A concert was 45 minutes long without a
break and the average ticket price was 1500 yen,
therefore, you can go to several concerts by
yourself. Although I could not get used to the
atmosphere, I gradually got caught up in the
enthusiasm of the people. I desperately opened
the program and made a plan and went to listen
to many concerts by running around the venue.
One of the most interesting ones was
Mendelssohn’s “Midsummer Night's Dream”
performed by the Orchestre Lamourex headed by
Maestro Yutaka Sado. As it was accompanied by
readings by famous actresses, the children were
very much excited with joy. Ms. Sayaka Shoji
performed a sonata with a pianist, Mr. Akira
Wakabayashi, and they received great applause.
In addition, a galaxy of stars including Barbara
Hendricks (soprano), Nelson Freire, Nikolai
Lugansky (piano), Renaud Capucon (violin),
performed and I wanted to listen to everything.
This unique music festival was realized by a
charismatic music director, Rene Martin. He broke
down the barrier of classical music and aimed for
“democratization of classical music” so even
beginners can enjoy it. The artists who were
inspired by the concept and his enthusiasm
agreed to perform for much lower fees just for one time a year, and the price-slashed
tickets became possible. 120,000 tickets were sold in 5 days.
Joy of spending time at the theme park of classical music
In fact, I was most impressed with the theme of
this music festival. It changes every year, and this
year’s theme was the “1810s”. Composers who
were flourishing during this period, Chopin,
Schumann, Liszt and Mendelssohn were featured.
There were also many elaborate concert
programs, and what may be the secret to its
popularity is that included were satisfying
contents not only for beginners but also music
Another thing I was impressed with was that the
venue was becoming like a “classical music theme
park.” People enjoyed themselves at cafes or
restaurants between concerts and stepped into
booths of record companies or CD shops. For one full day, you can enjoy “A Day of
Enthusiasm” of only classical music at the venue. This is what I mean by saying “the scales
fell from my eyes,” and since returning home from Nantes, I talk to everybody I see about “A
Day of Enthusiasm.”
Yuiko Ishitoya
A freelance music journalist. She writes for music magazines such as “Ongaku no Tomo”, “Mostly C lassic” and “Monthly
P iano” as well as “Mrs.”, “Waraku” and “Fujin Gaho”. She is the author of “C heers for Maestro”, “Opera can be enjoyed
after seeing it”, “Why are opera singers popular?” and “General Knowledge about Opera”, etc.
● Dates and Time: Apr 29 (Fri) to May 1 (Sun), 2005 9:00 ‾
● Theme: Beethoven & His Fellows
● Venue: Tokyo International Forum (all halls) and the
surrounding area
● Performing Artists: 500 (Asian 300 / European 200) (To be
● Number of Concerts: 150 concerts in 3 days
● Admission: Average ¥1,500 for 1 concert
● Host: Tokyo International Forum
The program will be announced in early October!
For further details, please see
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The ground space provides leafy shade as a city oasis between the glass wing and each
wing of halls. Do you know that it has many faces?
Neo Food Stand Village - Super Night
“Neo Food Stand Village” providing the joy of having meals in the leafy shade of elm trees
on a clear day.
Many gathered at “Food Stand Village” which has taken root as the “hot spot” at lunch
time of the Forum in commemoration of the 1st anniversary of privatization of the Tokyo
International Forum, and “Neo Food Stand - Special Night” was held on July 8 (Thu) and 9
(Fri). In 2 days, with high temperatures and unbroken fine weather, about 8,500 people
gathered in the ground space which became a large scale open air beer garden and it was
a great success.
Then, to respond to an encore, a follow-up event, “Neo Food Stand - Super Night” was held
on September 2 (Thu) and 3 (Fri). This was even more successful than the first one. About
11,500 people gathered in 2 days.
This time about 20 catering cars got together at the ground space, and well-known original
ethnic foods at Neo Food Stand Village were arranged as snacks for beer. The food price
was 300 to 500 yen. Beer, the main item was just 300 yen. A live jazz performance was
added to the stage built in the stone circle of the ground space, and more lively joy was
“Oedo Antique Fair”
Various antique articles displayed all over the
ground space on the 3rd Sunday of every month.
The Oedo Antique Fair has become very popular
among holiday antique fans. About 250 shops are
lined up, making this one of the largest street
vendors in Japan.
It is fun just to see antique articles on the way
back from browsing through the Marunouchi
boutiques. If you can chat with the shop manager,
it is more fun and your intellectual curiosity is
satisfied. [It will be held on 17th (Sun) in October
and 21st (Sun) in November.]
Best Flea Market in the Tokyo International Forum
On November 7 (Sun) and December 5 (Sun), “Flea Market” will be held as a new event to
further expand the festivities of the ground space.
The host is “Citizens Recycling Society” who has 24 years experience after holding their
first flea market at Yoyogi Park in 1980. About 200 shops open stalls and about 10,000
visitors are expected. The “Best Flea Market” was named with hopes of proposing a
creative, stylish, and unconventional flea market, doing away with the image of the
conventional flea market and creating the image of a western flea market instead.
● Time: 10:00 ‾ 15:00 Canceled in case of rain
(For confirmation, please call 0180-99-3355 after 7:00 am on each day.)
● Admission: Free
● Contact: Citizens Recycling Society
Tel 03-3226-6800 (Weekdays 10:00 ‾ 16:00)
E-mail: [email protected]
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At the Tokyo International Forum, shooting with TV dramas, films, TV commercials, fashion
photos for magazines and catalogues can be arranged. For more details, contact the
number shown on the below.
Informations/questions regarding filming
( Enquiry for shooting and filming )
Reservation Management Group
Recent filming
● Shooting for front cover (Oct. 1 issue) of Nikkei Adole by Nikkei Home Publishing Inc.
● Shooting for “Saison” Card birth campaign by Takashimaya
● Shooting for ”MEN’S EX” Oct. 2004 issue “Featuring Coats” fashion by Sekaibunka
Publishing Inc.
● Shooting for “Grazia” (Sep. 1 issue) “Cara O Cruz” worn by Ms. Takami Matumoto by
● Shooting for digital camera, “FinePix” work model by Fuji Photo Co., Ltd.
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Forum Goods on Sale
For visitors to the Tokyo International Forum, shopping
bags which can serve as a memento of your visit to the
Forum were prepared. It was designed by Mr. Kijuro Yahagi
who also designed the new sign, art panel and the lighting
pole of the ground space. The color pattern using 12
colors creates the image of the forum as a festive space
where people from various fields can come together,
gather information and play joyful harmony.
P aper Shopping Bag On sale at the Forum Art Shop on the 1st floor at 300
Why don’t you participate in the Forum Diary?
On our renewed website, a corner where readers can participate was created.
“Forum Diary” is a posting page where anybody can join. With postings from readers, daily
events of the Forum will be written there. Please enjoy the forum page.
Anybody can contribute any number of times. Please e-mail your posting together with
pictures taken by mobile phones or digital cameras. Every month, a unique posting is
selected from all the contributions as the “Forum Grand Prix.” For the winner, some original
goods of the Tokyo International Forum will be presented. Please come and participate.
Application contact: [email protected]
Tokyo Garden Jewelry
“Tokyo Garden Jewelry 2004,” where life style with the theme of flowers and greenery is
proposed, will be held from Marunouchi Naka-dori to Hibiya Park. The area between MaruBuilding and Marunouchi Naka-dori will become the “Space with Chairs and Greenery” with
gardens created by famous English gardeners and gardens selected in a competition. Joy of
walking up to Hibiya Park will be created. Please include it on your visit to the Forum.
● Date: Oct 16 (Sat) ‾ 24 (Sun)
● Contact:
Tokyo Garden Jewelry 2004
Executive Committee Office
TEL 03-3267-4855 (Hibiya Park)
TEL 03-3265-8300 (Marunouchi Naka-dori)
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T. I. F. Stories
By Tatsumi Shinoda (Selection Director for Tokyo International Forum Artwork)
Artworks Gathered in “Ship of Diversity”
Richard Deacon
There is a dully shining cloud, colored silver at
the wall of the entrance. When you take a closer
look, you see it is Deacon’s work made of
I have seen a very similar work in his work
references. It was a smaller shape linearly dividing
the ameba-like aluminum board of the
International Forum’s.
There was also an aluminum piece that floats on
the surface of a river. Why doesn’t it flow? It is
because a wire is connected to a weight at the
A mosaic carving which makes people unconsciously notice the forest and surrounding
view - I actually saw it in Germany. There was a piece consisting of a wooden border
attached to an old stone coffin on which an image is engraved.
I was looking for Deacon’s aluminum small pieces of work in London. I happened to see
large ameba-like board pieces at his studio. I thought I should bring it to Tokyo.
Deacon made his illustrious debut on the world stage before the generic term “British New
Sculpture” was used. Since then, he has been a leading sculptor.
The large aluminum board work in Tokyo used to be on the floor. It was put on the wall with
some devices. If it is put on the floor, you have to assume that the work is stepped on. I well
understood his original intention to make such an unconventional sculpture to put on the
Deacon understood my intention to put it on the wall and agreed to do so immediately. It
shows the candid fun of the form and material. The reason I proposed to put it on the wall
was because I wanted to show the entirety of the work.
When I looked at his work of the flowing river and forest scene, I understand this sculptor is
interested in sculpture which pays attention to the surrounding nature and existing form.
That is, it is sculpture that spotlights its surroundings rather than itself. His work becomes a
supporting player to the environment. Deacon himself is a person of few words.
The aluminum sculpture placed alongside the wall is interesting both in its form and
surface. On the other hand, it also reflects people coming in and going out and the bustling
in the center of Tokyo as if it is a supporting player.
[Something to make me feel like this……(B)]
Location: Glass Wing B1 Yurakucho Side
P hoto: Sadamu Saito + Toru Misawa
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Shops & Restaurants
Cafe & Restaurants
BAGEL&BAGEL(Bagel cafe)
8:00-20:00 (weekdays)
10:00-18:00 ( Sun, Sat &
holidays )
Tel: 03-5219-3155
Limited time bagels November “Maple
Walnuts Bagel” and December “Xmas
Forum Art Shop(Graphic Station)
Tel: 03-3286-6716
Offers a variety of popular
artists’ original fabrics.
am/pm(Convenience store)
Tel: 03-5252-5100
Try our safe and healthy products
including soft cream.
Cafe de Moi(Cafe & bar)
10:30-18:30(Sat, Sun, holidays)
Tel: 03-5223-2332‾moi/
Various seasonal desserts.
Enjoy your teatime at our terrace seats.
La MER RICHE (European Dining)
10:00-22:00(Sat, Sun,
11:00-22:00(Sat, Sun, Holiday)
Tel: 03-3211-3111
Try sweets and dishes using fresh autumn
ingredients based on an autumn theme.
Kissho(Shabu-shabu, Japanese
Tel: 03-3215-1811
Started a new Soba menu “TenmoriSanryoku-Seiro” (2500 yen)!
Now is a Soba season. Try it!
Toh-Ten-Koh(New-Style Chinese
FORUM Ticket Center(Pia Station)
Tel: 0570-02-9999
Handling various tickets (Pia online
tickets), including film tickets and TOTO!
JTB Traveland(Travel agency)
10:00-19:00 (closed
Tel: 03-3283-1320
Autumn travel plans for autumn leaves
watching, hot springs and gourmet.
We hope you try!
ISA Career College(PC school)
Mon.-Tue.-Thu. 10:30-21:00, Wed.
13:00-21:00, Fri. 13:00-17:30, Sat.
10:30-17:30 (closed Sundays &
Tel. 03-3201-1010
Can’t you decide what you start?
Come and up your PC skills this autumn!
TERRACE(Relaxation plaza)
11:00-21:00 (weekdays)
Toh-Ten-Koh(New-Style Chinese
Tel: 03-3211-1015
Please call to make reservation at the 7F
view space. Shang-hai Crab dishes are
Levante(Beer & Restaurant)
Levante Specialty, “Oysters dishes” (18
menus) starts from October.
Royal Cafeteria(Restaurant - Cafe)
Tel: 03-3211-2205
Suitable for various parties like social
gathering, welcome and farewell parties,
etc. 10 ‾ 250 people.
Sanbei(Sanuki udon noodle dishes)
Tel: 03-3214-2260
Try our dishes through which you
can enjoy autumn, the season of
the pleasures of the table.
Trattoria Papa Milano(Italian
Tel: 03-3211-0606
Enjoy our Italian cuisine after the
conference or other Forum
Takara(Homemade Japanese cuisine)
11:30-23:00 (weekdays)
11:30-22:00 (weekends/ holidays)
Tel: 03-5223-9888
From lunch to dinner.
Healthy and various Japanese cuisine.
Enjoy our well-selected Japanese Sake
and Shochu.
UCC El Patio(Caffe&Restaurant)
Tel: 03-5252-5045
Autumn fair now underway!
Various dishes menus.
11:00-20:00 (Weekends
Tel. 03-5224-3211
You can reserve from 30 minutes’ body
Mitsuo Aida Museum(Art Museum)
10:00-17:30 (closed on
A museum with peaceful mind where you
can see the heart of Mitsuo Aida. Museum
shop is admission free.

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